Bad Nurse... Norse... No Handshake

February 16, 2018:

Sensation gets official visitation from the Justice League and Witchdoctor after her ordeal with Professor Zoom.


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The private hospital in rural Gotham is top of the line and rather exclusive. So it is also not very big. The security is high, the food is 5 star cuisine, it's a top 1 kind of a place. And Alice has just been transferred to a room with the doctor she knows and trusts with her secret.

Despite massive internal hemorrhaging, broken bones, and a concussion Alive is looking very good. Alert and not happy she sits up in the bed. Temporary splints keep her arms and legs straight so her body heals right. Rebreaking and healing again sucks. The bruises are faded to that ugly yellow and green and she is covered head to toe in them.

The TV is on and she has a remote in one hand awkwardly. Frustration and annoyance are evident in her face which is sunken and almost corpse like. The beauty that is normally there fades as it looks like she has been starved for months. But there are five trays of food waiting to be picked up on the table beside her, so that is probably not the case.

This is the best idea. Thor has the best ideas.

Thor's in disguise! Meaning, he's dressed roughly like a medical intern. He has the light blue pants, the sneakers, the scrub top. He even found an ID tag. So official.

The PROBLEM is Thor is enormous and sticks out like few people do. The scrubs are too small, which is potentially a whole other distraction factor for the other nursing staff. He's a tree. Now, some orderlies are, but he's also really memorable anyway. So while THOR thinks all of this is working, he has fooled exactly zero people. They've just kind of gone along with him, because it's hardly a bad thing for the hero to come in and visit patients.

Thor has no idea which room the person is in. So he has, for the past two hours, been visiting them all. Which means some children have gotten a shocking fun time meeting Thor, god of thunder. He's done some autographs. They have promised not to blow his cover (as if he had any).

It's going great.

Zoom is not forgotten by the League, for several of them outside of the looming threat of Atrocitus 'Empire of Tears', he is the next biggest issue. It is not often the Green Lantern follows the news of Earth but this particular early visits to the Watchtower have pulled up designated intel points, tracking Zoom is an important matter. The biggest current lead other than a skirmish that happened yesterday in Metropolis, Alice.

Unlike Thor the Green Lantern is here on a serious note, which, his new companion may very well be as well or he is just pulling a Robin Williams and here to terrorize, amuse and make some injured and suffering children to adults smile. Could even be chasing around a particular nurse. The antics of Asgardians are something Jordan has learned not to question overmuch in recent times.

Lowering down to the helicopter pad above he nods towards the single security man present, holds up a LEAGUE Id badge and indicates he is to go inwards and question someone important to their business, it is optional if such institutions cooperate with the League and it's members but they are generally very well received just about anywhere.

The uniform Jordan wears is the typical, black on green form fitting with the green domino mask. These days he questions why he wears it, twice now in the past several months hes been found out.

A nod, a wave inwards, a security quick check and a nurses desk questioned about Alice and hes being directed towards her room. He'll make it there after an elevator ride and a some walking. This gives Thor plenty of time to be Thor before the space cop arrives.

No one is fooled by Thor, but they all have big smiles as they go about their work when he passes. As the nurse comes in to Alice's room for her trays she says with great excitement, "Dr. Walker, Thor is here! He's visitng patients. Do you want me to see if he'll come visit you?"

Alice raises a brow and turns away from watching BBC to look at the nurse. "The Asgardian? Huh…" She smirks a bit and nods. "Why not. I can bitch at him and he'll get it," There is mirth in her crisp British accent. "And would you be a dear and bring us tea and a -large- bowl of diced fruit. Not small. Large."

Rosey the nurse smirks at her patient. "Of course, Dr. Walker. I'll remind them in the kitchens again," She says as she puts the trays on a cart and pushes it out into the hallway, and almost into Thor himself. "OH! Oh my. Oh my goodness. It's him! I mean, it's you. I mean…oh my goodness can I take a picture please?" Alice can be heard laughing from insider, then whimpering in pain, hearing the exchange outside her door.

Hal, on the other hand, has no issues getting in. The hospital may have even services a League member a time or two, their facilities being that good and that private and that secretive. No longer in critical condition, she still has a very large a nicely appointed room. One would be hard pressed to really think of it as a hospital room, except for the IVs and monitors. It is done in pale woods and white. Comfortable couches sit against huge windows that let in natural light and overlook a half-acre garden on the hospital grounds. The bathroom even has a jacuzzi tub.

"Shhhhhhh," Thor says with a wince to the nurse that announces his presence. "…Quickly," Thor gives in, though, as Rosey reacts to him, scooting around the cart to help her take a selfie. "Here, I've got good reach," Thor says, as the selfie attempt mostly fails due to range, snaring Rosey's phone and holding it well away from them both for the picture.

It is during this, though, that Hal appears, to get an eyeful of scrubs-clad Thor and a nurse grinning at her phone. Thor looks at Hal and perks up immediately, giving the phone back to Rosey. He doesn't completely lose himself, though: he doesn't 'break character', he's not completely foolish. Then again, Rosey already did. So he lets the 'ruse' go. "I have found the room," Thor announces to Hal. VOLUME problems, as always.

"Good for you!" calls a patient from the next room over. Thor leans back and grins in at them in reply, then beams that smile around to Hal. Assuming Hal is here for the same thing he is… but that's a pretty reasonable assumption, given the location.

Hal is slow on entry, not because he is taking his time but because hes polite enough to nod hello or give the occasional handshake. He is doing just that when heheards the "I FOUND THE ROOM!" Which to his comrade, not loud. To anyone with human eardrums not yet ruptured by continous war cries, screaming over winds, yelling drunken matches or the how ever many slaps to the head the Thunderer has taken from Giants.

"FOR FU… Thor…" Hal's hand snaps up to his mask, gloved fingers splaying out over his ear as he winches. The EMT's had he was shaking having jumped back from Hal's sudden outburst, "Seriously, man?" Finger thrusts in and wriggles as he now fast paces his way to the big man, "I thought we turned that thing down?"

"Lead the way, I think I can hear the ocean… " He mumbles, waiting outside the door just behind the Prince of Asgard.

"Lucky me. Visitors. I wondered when capes would show up," Alice says as the men enter her room, Rosey gesturing them in. The nurse wheels her cart away with an excited little squee after taking her phone back.

"Thank you, Mister Thor!" And Rosey is off to get tea and fruit.

Alice's sunken eyes glance between the two men thoughtfully. She looks like a child in the bed, small as she already is, but the way her skin drapes is off-putting. "Welcome. Don't mind me. I'm a little on edge. Getting kidnapped by madmen does that to a person."

Very barely she gestures to the large couch and comfortable lounge chair in the room. A finger clicks the TV to mute and she puts on a vaguely pained smile. "I know you both by reputation only, Thor and Green Lantern yes?"

"We did," Thor replies evenly. "Barbara of Eye-Tee assured me that it would respond to volume levels once you get her new patch-kit. Perhaps your patch-kit has yet to be added to your earpiece!" Thor suggests, entirely positive and helpfully. "I will wait for you here, thus we can enter together," Thor adds graciously. And folds his arms, standing in the hallway with apparent patience. And then looking slowly over to Rosey, who is still standing there with her cart and looking at him, at least until she goes to fetch the objects required, that is.

Thor waited for Hal, but then will pull open the door and enter first. "No apology necessary, as you are lying wounded, please, rest and recover," Thor says kindly. "I am Thor Odinson, and indeed, this is the carrier of Green Lantern—-" a pause. "I do not quite recall which number you stated is appropriate in your title," Thor says, apologetic, to Hal. He doesn't think to sit down, he remains standing for now.

"Barbara of Eye-Tee?" Hal has no idea, he has never met Batgirl outside of costume. "Maybe, I should probably look in to that." His tone changing as they enter the hospital room.

"Just Green Lantern. Our other guy got shipped out and we're down to just me… " He will have to discuss that with the League later and of course Starfire. Not a conversation he is looking forward to on either front. It's got some current edge to him.

"Miss Walker?" He asks dipping in to the room upon Thor's opening of the door, finding room where they're comfortable to engage in dialogue, not taking a seat but standing there.

"You are now also somewhat famous yourself, I apologize about the circumstances. Which, is why we are here now, to make sure this doesn't happen again." A quick look around, "Nice room." He says quietly trying to be polite. Not really sure what state of mind the woman is in.

Alice looks vaguely amused, a little tired, and certainly in pain though she hides it well. Though she isn't able to move much yet, most of her limbs wrapped of in casts, she does manage to shit to sit up more. A button is pressed and the bed rises so she is more on an eye-level with Hal. The bed doesn't go high enough for Thor.

She looks between the two men thoughtfully. "Well, as I said, I was expecting some sort of official to arrive to ask me questions. Better you than the cops. They'd have no chance," She says with a sigh. "Do you know if that Owen fellow is okay? Zoom beat him as bloody as me if not worse."

Thor backseats to Hal now, clearly, in the questioning area. He folds his arms and listens, but does decide after a bit to take a seat on the couch. Whether it is from awareness of making Alice look up at him or not, probably hard to tell, but he simply moves over to the couch and sits, letting Hal handle the start of this. No doubt Thor will have some greatly useful interjections.

"I did not read about his death," Thor supplies. See? Useful.

Hal Jordan is no short man himself, not a towering Thor but at 6'2" he's a tall guy and build like an American Football quarterback. It's as if her very high bed is an afront to him enough that his proud chin tips up and his arms fold over his chest. Often he is more smiles than this and he realizes that, attempting a small one that fails.

"Owen? Not familiar with that name." If it struck he would call out Tony Stark's /intern/ but that requires the man has a good memory.

"We are officials of a sort, I mean, you don't get much better than a represenative of a Pantheon or an intergalactic space cop." The man half-jokes, "Unfortunately we know very little of that incident yet. We're behind on all of this, generally we act towards major crisis or individual situations, right now, considering the mass levels of terrorism and threats that the Banana Flash… sorry, Professor Zoom is inflicting we find it best to approach you, we need any and all information you could give us, anything at all." Also it is great press that they showed up to a supervillain victim to follow up. Justice League can always use that.

"Thor is like me too unfortunately, we're not the big readers of the League so you may have to speak slow and clear." A grin at her and his companion. A sky jockey and a metal god. Yeah…

Alice chuckles very gently, very softly, but cringes even then as Hal mentions Banana Flash. "You know, I do believe that Owen fellow called him that. He was able to use the speed force, but he derided himself as a class D speedster," Whatever that is. Alice leans back in her bed and eyes Hal, noting his body language and posture.

Rosey returns as she opens her mouth to say something with a tray. On that tray is a full tea service. Complete with a huge bowl of fruit salad and tier with little sandwiches and bisquits. It is a private hospital after all. Alice's eyes light up and she reaches to pull the bedtray over her lap. "Gentleman, please. There is a bit to tell, so have some tea and sit," Even broken she tries to be a good hostess like any good British lady might.

"Zoom is a threat. A big one. And if the capes hadn't come to me, I would have sent a message to you," Alice smiles as Rosey pours her tea, piles fruit on a plate as well as sandwiches, and places them where alice can reach. Though she puts a stray in the tea. Makes sense given the neck brace Alice is wearing.

Into the hospital another walks and today…she actually doesn't stand out for her attire. Her hair was pinned up as usual, but the flower pin she prefered was missing. Her usual taste for her 'witch' attire had been replaced with a set of hospital scrubs of her own that -might- be a little more convincing on her than on Thor. The woman -was- a Doctor after all, she could certainly speak the language and funnily enough? She'd treated Alice recently enough she had most of her 'file' on memory. A little talk here and there, noone had stopped her as she approaches Alice, glancing sidelong between the pair. She'd actually encountered both men before, but one far more recently than the other. Smiling a little despite herself, she looks down at the woman. "We really do need to stop meeting like this, or I'm going to start worrying if it's my turn to be injured again."

Thor clearly opting for silence has Hal exhaling, the talky guy, he hates to be that guy but it has become common for him. At least he does like the sound of his own voice, "Sit, I suppose. The rest, no thank you, for now."

Green Lantern drops in to the comfortable looking sofa, arms stretching one over back and one upon the rest as ankle rests atop knee, bouncing. "Please, go ahead with whatever you wish to share." A bump of will and a green light projects out of his hand, a tablet like 3D image appearing, scrolling appearing across it. Apparently he plans on recording this.

It is as he is getting cozy that Alyse enters, the man lifts his head up and stares at her, newest member of the League technically, as of Fat Tuesday where Hal gave her the invitation. She has yet to seen the Watchtower though. That is a tour waiting to happen.

"You two know one another?"

"I welcome your hospitality," Thor answers Alice smoothly, though. Not to worry, he'll be the one with manners, and samples some of the food, and listens to the discussion.

Thor recently sat down, after doing a (rather extensive) parade through the hospital talking to various patients and lifting their spirits. His scrubs, originally a 'disguise', aren't even remotely successful as a disguise. But now he's trying the cookies, and though he finds them small, he doesn't complain.

He will also nod to the new arrival, the woman who looks far more like a doctor, though he doesn't think to adjust to make space on the couch, at least not yet. He sat right in the center of the thing.

"Doctor Alyse!" Alice says brightly and with a wry smile, head shaking as much as it can in her collar. The bed is cushy and she has limited mobility, but is surprisingly alert and away. "I think it's your turn. I'm two to your one. Though seems we both have met the Bannana Speedo," She says, reaching to take the other woman's hand in her splinted one awkardly. "Have some tea and fruit if you like. These fine folks are here to listen to me tell the tale of my mortification…ah, kidnapping," Merry eyes twinkle.

Then she turns back to Hal and eyes the glowing construct with the curiousity of any scientist. Bright and gleaming. "I have some fancy things, but that is down right bloody brilliant," She tells Hall before heaving a sigh.

"He took me from a diner two days ago in the early evening in New York City. I am not sure where it was we were, but there were mountains. It only took," She pauses and her eyes vague as she remembers something, "Seven seconds to get from the diner to wherever he is hiding. It was cold. I only saw the outside when he dropped me off a cliff," A pause as she sips her tea.

"I'd rather pass," Alyse offers lightly, moving closer to the woman as she eats. It might seem like the Witch was staring…and she was, but she was simply checking Alice's progress. She knew a little more about the woman's unique nature than she imagined most staff in the facility. Even if it was recent knowledge. "I much prefer being on this side of the bed." A nod is offered to Hal in greeting, a friendly enough smile as she reaches a hand out towards Alice's own, likely for that same little spell she used during the woman's previous hospital visit to assess the damage. "We've met. She helped in my care after your yellow friend broke Mach speeds hurling me into a wall. Even I might have been dead without the help."

"I suppose thats not a lot for us to go off of." Hal remarks, a look at the compliment towards his construct, "Thanks, it's, minor really." No humility there. The casual wave and friendly of Alyse gets a light chuckle from the man, obviously she is concerned about her friend. The sofa becoming crowded but at the moment, Green Lantern doesn't care, this is business of a sorts.

"He talk to you? Do you know why he wanted you specifically?"

"Definitely not a friend." Lantern corrects Alyse's choice of words.
It might be freightening, or might not…. the way Batman opens a ceiling tile and just… drops in.

Yes, Batman just came into a high security hospital via the inside of the building, his cape flowing about him as those red eye lenses go to Alice and look her over. Then, he looks to Hal, Thor, and Witchdoctor.

"Lantern, Witchdoctor." Thor gets an appraisal… and a pause. "Thor." Batmans voice scrambler is in full effect here, "Been too busy to meet you since you came to the League. I'm Batman." As if that's all he needs to know.

Then, those red eyes go back to Alice, "You look well enough to talk. Are you up for discussing what you saw?" Batman inquires.
Thor will look up as Batman appears, swallow the food he had in his mouth and brush his hands off on the pants of scrubs, and stand to greet Batman in a clear, respectful warrior fashion, an offer of forearm to clasp in greeting. "Well met; glad to see you here, Bat-Man," Thor says, pleased, but serious. "We could quite use more detection prowess among us, and have just begun to learn of events."

And Thor floods his attention back to Alice, as she is the one with the story, of course. He gives her a confident 'go ahead' nod and smile. As if she needed it. "Did he say anythign during his cliff-pushing?" Thor wonders. "Often they proclaim sentiments."

Alice nods slightly with a sigh and says, "I know. He made very sure I was disoriented and couldn't really figure out where I was. I tried, trust me." As she speaks she sips and nibbles from the fruit in the bowl near non-stop. The nurse, Rosey, has since left and closed the door behind her.

As Alyse's magic sweeps through it finds that Dr. Walker is, in fact, healing very well. Most of her bones are well on their way to mending. But he body is drained of calories, her body eating itself to heal her. A side effect of her own abilities and likely explaining why she looks like a green raison instead of a person, considering the bruises are yellow and green at this point.

And then there is Batman. Alice's vague smirk fades and she doesn't quite glare at him, but does give him a look. "Oh goody, you're hear," She says in a flat tone. "You're late to the party with the rest of your crew. That must be new for you." Green eyes wrinkle slightly and a hint of a smile returns.

"Zoom has technology I have not seen before. Technology that is from another dimension, at least. He said he has travelled through time and dimensions. I have…a plethora of unique abilities that allow me to make things go faster. I was putting together robots. About a dozen of them, though there was more. And he was working on some large chassis. The things are loaded to the gills with weaponry. I…don't know how much time the cities have before he lets them loose."

She sips the tea at Thor's questioning the cliff. "I, ah, got mouthy and he was making a point. He didn't say much useful except I was a short cut," She makes a face and pops a grape into her mouth.

"Getting crowded in here." Green Lantern remarks at Batman's arrival. "You got this, Dracula? I am sure you do.' Hal remarks and pushes himself upright, standing a wave of his hand and that displayed construct tablet vanishes just as it had appeared.

"I'll read the update, I need to catch some air." A glance from one person to the next, his white eyes colored as such by the green mask on his face rest upon Alice, "Batman and Witchdoctor can collect your data, if anything take this showing as League support, anything at all will be helpful to us."

Jordan frowns, not at them but in general, readouts patching through on his power ring.

"I will be around, each of you knows how to contact me."
Thor gets a clasp on the shoulder in passing and the Green Lantern makes himself scarce, there are tasks at hand, many of them and he is about to go tackle one of the more difficult ones. He'll read the AAR of Alice Walker and stay up to date where he can.

Batman's arrival has Alyse looking up, especially when she's openly refered to as Witchdoctor despite her 'disguise' of scrubs. Not that she was ever big on the 'secret identity' thing. Seemingly satisfied with what she senses, the woman straightens up and crosses her arms under her bust while she listens. This was the longest Batman and her had been in the same space without him throwing anything at her. Maybe he'd heard of her invitation to the League? Nodding her head in simple greeting, she takes a little step backwards herself as the space gets a little more cramped before tilting her head. "Robots full of weapons?"

The arm gets a stare. A long one.

"I don't do hugs. Is that what you do in Asgard?" Batman inquires as he looks at it, up to Thor's eyes… then he looks back to Alice, "The first reported sighting of him was in Metropolis, coming out of some sort of vortex. That could be anything… but if he isn't lying, that's probably a form of time travel." A pause, "I don't know nearly enough about extra-dimensional subjects of this nature as I'd like, but I've been studying."

Batman looks over to Witchdoctor, "Can you tell if there's… a mystical component to what he does?" Batman is not saying magic.

Thor looks somewhat baffled. "It is a handshake," Thor clarifies, as if puzzled by Batman's odd assumptions about what was going on. He doens't push it, though, he takes it as a cultural misunderstanding (boy does he have a lot of those), and though mildly offended, returns to sit on the couch, in his slightly sprawled manner.

"I could," the Witch shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I certainly haven't sensed anything 'mystical' about his actions so far. Either there merely is none and he is purely focused on this science and the 'speed force' he oh-so-kindly threw me through, or he is keeping it further away. Still, thus far he has kidnapped scientists, not sorcerers, for his work. Magic may simply not be in his mind."

Alice lets out a sigh and give Batman a look. "You're not familiar with speedsters, eh?" She asks and then her eyes go to Alyse and Thor to see if they are. "Hmph. Well, if you run fast enough you can break through reality. Physics, especially quantum and relative theory, are not my specialty. But…" She trails off and realizes things might be less confusing for at least one person in the room.

Her eyes turn on Thor and she gives him a wan smile, "I'm a mutant. Been around a few centuries. Know a thing or two. So now that we're caught up." Back to looking at Batman. "It is very likely he emerged from that vortex. Also I think he is looking for speedsters. He had this big…treadmill thing. He poured energy into Owen, the other man he kidnapped," That is for Batman's einformation, "And then…seemed to drain it off him into himself while he ran. I can tell you he does not like it here and he said something about being trapped."

By now her tea and plate are empty and soulful eyes turn on Alyse. "You wouldn't be willing to refill the plate and cup would you? I can call Rosey, but would rather not disturb her from the other patients." Always the doctor, caring about others more than herself. Doctors make bad patients and she is no exception.

"I'm familiar enough with Speedsters, I'm just not an expert. The Flash gave me enough data for confirming a few things." Batman replies to Alice, before he looks to Witchdoctor, "Understood." Then, back to Alice. "Being trapped… there are a few like that." Batman notes, "Draining speedsters of Speed Force? He could be trying to amplify his abilities to leave."

Batman brings up his wrist-comp, then. "It fits, but if he only needed the energy to leave, he'd be gone by now… so why is he building robots?" Batman presses a few more buttons, "We need more information. There's more to this."

A nod, the Witch raises one hand from her resting position to snap her fingers and the tea begins to refill itself as if it were simply being repoured from some unseen source. The plate? A simple blink and the fruit was once more in place, as if it had never been touched. Magic had its uses, even if it was clearly a gateway to becoming rather lazy. "It almost sounds like a harvesting of sorts, doesn't it? Perhaps there's more to his kidnapping? If he can absorb this speed, he might be desiring to manufacture it."

Alice eyes Batman for a long moment as he speaks and then turns to look at Thor. "He has been this dry every time I've met him. It doesn't get better I don't think," She warns the Asgardian, her voice wry. Then her eyes return to Batman as she leans back. "No it doesn't. I think he may be looking to gain some other energy source through them. That's my best guess anyway. There are certainly a number of different and powerful devices on this planet that could help break the dimensional barrier."

A whince crosses Alice's face for the barest moment before a look of relaxation replaces it. The edge and irritation that was there before, though mostly directed at Batman, fades and the heart monitor starts dropping. "That's better," She murmers before smiling at Batman. "I'm sorry I cannot be more help. Once my hands are free I will get you schematics of what I saw."

"Oh, you are an absolutel delight Doctor Alyse," The bed-ridden woman with a similar name and title says. She leans forward to sip at the tea with a sigh. "I will also do my best to give you a rough sketch of the cliff he dangled me from. Perhaps you can locate it. Though I somehow doubt that will help either. I take it the subdural tracker you had that nice young woman put on me wasn't tracking?" She doesn't sound surprised.

"He was using a jammer. Your last known position was on the eastern side of New York city before you disappeared." Batman observes, "he's prepared, I'll give him that."

Then, Batman looks back to Thor, "Do the Asgardians have any means of breaching reality, besides the way you come to Earth with?"

Thor winks a little at Alice when she lets him in on the information about Batman being very dry. Thor is entirely the opposite, really: smiles and expressiveness. It's hardly a shock he's a disaster with trying to be in the scrubs disguise. Although to be fair, he stopped trying a while ago.

Thor has finished having any munchies, though he watches the magic refill the items with a sort of idle acceptance. Because it's normal.

The question, though? Thor lifts his head and angles his gaze towards Batman. Thor obviously is still offended, because the answers is moderated with it. No handshake of trust, no direct openness in return. "Many of us have artifacts and magic that can provide all manner of utility," Thor answers, coolly. "So. Yes…. many."

For her part, Alyse simply bows her head with a smile in acknowledgement to the other doctor and remains silent, watching the two juxtaposed men's exchange while she stands there with her arms crossed. It was good to have Alice back, but it seems there was little more info they had learned at this stage.

Alice starts to blink faster and faster. It is obvious whatever drug she flooded herself is making her drowsy. "We still need to have dinner!" Alice says with a shake of her finger to Witchdoctor, a smile returning to her face. "And you can come too," She tells Thor pleasantly before she eyes Batman. "You can come only if you smile." She finally decides around a large yawn. With voracity now that she is no longer speaking she eats the rest of the food on her plate and finishes the tea. "I should be able to use my hands tomorrow. I'll start working on the design specs I have…how do I get it to you?"

There's a glance given to Thor as Batman reads the Asgardian… then, he turns to Alice, "I'll be in touch." Then, without another word, he's hopping onto furniture and using that as a spring to go back into the ceiling.

At least he didn't knock anything over.

"Justice League, representing well, I hope," Thor announces after Batman disappears, though he's a little bit off-kilter. And he thought trying to sort out things with Iron Man was often odd! Thor gets to his feet, catching on quickly as well to Alice's exhaustion.

"I welcome another gathering, once you are mended!" Thor says, with his robust energy. He's a bit loud for a hospital. A /bit/. He isn't aware. "Rest well," he says, and withdraws. Via the door. And a 'scream' from the person in the hallway when she sees him. Thor beams at this new person, "Hello!" and moves out of sight with his newest startled nursing staff fan.

"I do not like that man," Alice mutters and makes a face. "A smile isn't such a horrible thing!" A groan as something shifts, possibly rapidly healing, and she leans back. "I'm sorry…I need to sleep again. Thank you for checking on me," The last bit is said to Alyse. She herself gives a tired smile to both of the remaining members of the JLA. "Go catch that mother f***er." And then she closes her eyes and is asleep. The amazing thing about being a master of your own chemical biology means if you want to sleep, a few chemicals and you are out.

"Subtle," Alyse muses as she looks upwards, but it probably means little from the woman who tends to teleport in a swarm of glowing lights. Giving a little chuckle to herself, she looks down at Alice before patting the other woman. "Heal well Alice, I believe you still owe me meal after all." With that, she turns herself towards the door. She was going to take the exit the old fashioned way…at least until she was out of sight anyway.

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