The Cleaning Crew

February 18, 2018:

(immediately following An End to Tears) The departure of the Justice League leaves the mess in the hands of Hal, Dalor, Diana and the Sinestro Corps.


NPCs: Soranik Natu

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Fade In…

The conjured storm of Thor is clearing. There is no sun shining through the clouds, glittering silver-white baths Cochrine-23.

Clean up involves gathering up, binding and properly securing the fallen Red Lanterns, they'll be transported aboard the Stratos under watch of the Sinestro Corps and Dalor's watchful eyes, they're to be brought in to custody which is going to be an interesting shuffle from Yellow Lantern hands to Green, but then, Dalor may just take full credit and confuse his fellow corpsmen.

Superman, Doctor Strange, Thor, Syn, Martian Manhunter… they have all departed aboard the Interceptor, it is faster than the Javelin, it will get J'onn back safely and in time that he will not suffer much longer.

Hal Jordan is watching the 'ass-end' of this, Atrocitus, unconscious a rare sight, his defeat not something the Green Lantern anticipated seeing quiet like this.

It is a victory for the League, the Green Lanterns but somehow, Hal Jordan is feeling empty.

Diana has been on a walking patrol with her sword in her hand and her shield returned to her back… She finds the two whom had been impaled both in their heads by her Amazonian javelin and she wraps her gloved hand around the shaft of the stave and pulls it out of their skulls.

The Princess's blue eyes turn to look in the direction that Hal was in, she moves toward him with her hair falling partially out of the bun that she'd put it in on the back of her head, with strands of black hair whipping about in the winds.

The spear in her hand is pointed at the body of this Atrocitus… she walks toward him and appears to be ready to stab the dangerous tip right into the foe's face.

"Killing is not usually sanctioned by the Guardians." Hal says watching Diana with a lack of shock at the display, in space, one sees many things, his surprise in it is that it is her but then, this is not a typical Justice League engagement, this was a fight for survival.

"Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns, they're ones we have authorization to kill."

The Lantern is numb as he says this, walking over to where Diana levels the spear on the unconscious Atrocitus

"He is pained, a monster, I am not defending his innocence but, understand, the Reds are not all evil. Atrocitus deserves a trial. We can't forget ourselves in even this nightmare."

"I would love to kill him also but we lose ourselves in those acts."

"I am not killing him." Diana says in response to Hal's words with the spear tip going to Atrocitus' face. She glides the tip down the edge of his cheek. "I am marking him." Diana tells the Green Lantern. She glances over him and there's a little twinkle in her eye for a brief moment before she looks back down to their fallen foe's face and she pulls her spear back… her symbol carved lightly into his flesh.

"It is just a reminder. An 'I was Here' sort of thing for when he looks into the mirror. If he ever does." She pulls her spear back and then glides it back up into the sheath on her spine beneath her shoulder.

With a heavy exhale, Diana turns to Hal again. "We are done here then?" She asks him.

"Once he gets pissed he'll heal that right up." Hal cannot help but grin just a small amount at the 'marking'. It is sort of like writing on someone who passes out with a sharpie. "The rings, they give a wide range of abilities, Reds are amazingly resilient Atrocitus especially."

"Nice work though, very artistic."

"We have stopped the expansion of the Empire of Tears, we'll question J'onn later when he comes fully to about what he seen, what he knows. They're something we can for the time being, worry less about at least."

Green Lantern's hands rest on his hips, looking at Diana then out at the strange waterworld. "I wonder how much we have changed, I think the algae plots are dead now. Any budding micro-organisms on this planet are probably dead."

When she speaks of the monster's healing power, she just can't help but show a sly and reserved little smirk. "Maybe." She says, parting her lips expressively to accentuate the word even more pronounced. Her black eyelashes close for a moment as she turns and faces the other direction to also look at the world, then her eyelids open once more and she stares out at what Hal speaks of.

"He'll feel the wound, regardless of his healing factor… it will be there… like a little itching sensation."

With strands of her black hair blowing across her face, Diana lowers her gaze again and once more looks back over to the Green Lantern. "This world will heal as well. Because it is at its core a good place, and good will always overcome evil."

"You're probably right." Hal replies.

"Lets finish clean up and get out of here." The Green Lantern is strutting off towards the Javelin, Starfire is inside of it, unconscious but she will be fine. Rankorr did a number on her but the man imagines it is more of her own emotional pain right now keeping her down than actual physical punishment shes suffered.

"You want to fly or am I?" He jokes back over his shoulder at her, remembering the last time she let him fly that swanky Invisi-Jet.

"I guess it is your turn around to fly mine. We'll make it a date, Interceptor could use a good test run by someone other than me. Fastest ship… ever, you'll love it."

Diana is a little slow to catch up to him, but she does disconnect her thoughts from this world and moves briefly at a quicker clip to step up beside him while he says those things and she shows a faint smirk at his words..

"I am not flying this ship. You are flying it." She says in that Greek accented voice of hers. "I fly -my- ship, which is smoky and beautiful… like me!" Diana was back to being here spirited self, because this was a happy moment. They had won?

Hal's butt receives a light thudding kick from someone behind him! It was of course Diana though… as she'd used her foot on the opposite side he was on to swing behind her up over-up to connect against him.

She then laughs and runs forward toward the ship, bounding up inside it and into the pilot's seat, apparently going to flying anyway.

"Hey! Watch it, lady! Someone might think you're trying to flirt with me."

The kick to bump gets Hal refocusing to now, having been caught up in his mind and he offers the woman a grin, "I thought I was flying us? Don't be a maniac either, seriously if Starfire is has some sort of super concussion … it is on you!"

A jog that turns in to a slow turn around, he looks at the lingering clean up, Soranik Natu and him share a stare that is neither friendly nor vicious, an understanding, a grudging respect. A gloved hand raises up and he offers the daughter of Thaal Sinestro a wave.

"You plan on lingering to help me hunt down all these stray rings now right?" He asks loudly.

Soranik gives Hal a quasi-smile,, she also nods as if indicating 'job well done' and waves in return, "Our deal was just this. The rest of this mess, that is all you Hal Jordan of Earth. Besides, your turf already lost one Lantern for interacting with us."

Dalor awaits the Sinestro Corps, having taken it up on himself to play escort and make sure they behave. Sector 2813 next stop and then…

Oa at least for himself and Atrocitus.

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