An End to Tears

February 18, 2018:

The Empire of Tears comes head to head with the Justice League in a final confrontation and Superman backhands a kitty. (Emits by Starfire and Green Lantern) Language Warning: Rankorr has a potty mouth.



NPCs: Atrocitus, Bleez, Soranik Natu, Dalor, Abysmal, Antipathy, Skallox, Rankorr, Zillius Zox, Ratchet, Veon, Dex-Starr, Aya

Mentions: Batman, Kyle Rayner, the Guardians, Sinestro

Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Far from Earth…

The orphan planet designated Cochran-23 years ago by Earth astronomers 'sits' outside the habitable zone of space, it has for years untold but at some point it situated near a sub-star or unknown heat source that warmed the planets core long enough to grant it's shallow watery surface a state of constant year around /warm/ temperate. A mystery itself.

This makes Cochran-23 a perfect candidate for colonization eventually. The entire surface covered in watery depths that range from ankle high to an estimated half a mile at it's greatest depth. The greater points likely caused by impacts over many years.

No intelligent life is known to exist on the nomadic planet. The idea of an almost self contained star lacking object like C-23 is still baffling to many, further research is required and intended. SHIELD's sub-division of SWORD has made declaration of erecting an outpost on Cochran-23 in the foreseeable future, as of yet it has not taken action. It's distance from Earth still an extended trip without the use of warp gates or advanced beyond 21st century tech that is employed by 99% of the /human/ world. Technology that SHIELD has limited grasp and resource with.

Science gets to lose out on this further exploration this day. The planet's unique nature will remain mystery as it has become the meeting grounds of powerful forces. It is not because this planet was chosen by Hal Jordan the Green Lantern of 2814, no, his hand was forced. It was here or closer, a point like Mars, Titan, the Moon or even Earth itself. The Martian outpost discovered by Batman prior already scouted and fortunately found deserted (a mystery that is also).

Atrocitus is no fool when it comes to strategy, fear tactics and manipulation. Somehow, perhaps simple reasoning and proximity, he knows of Earth Forces intentions on this planet. This gem in the void. The time has come for the gathering of forces.

The Empire of Tears demands audience with the Defenders of Earth and Humankind.

Of the four Javelins the Justice League employs three of them are spacefaring and capable of extended travel, assistance is required through jump halos, rings of Thangar and Kryptonian blended tech that attach around the jet shaped vessels, they boost speeds, defy physics and 21st century science expectations and turn light speed and travel across the galaxies in to a reality. Unfortunately this cannot be shared. There rules and regulations that do not allow the Justice League and it's members to share such advanced knowledge and the technology it can afford, this is further enforced by the Green Lantern Corps.

Non-Interference Rule #3 a Lantern must /never/ act in a way that will alter a world's culture, technological state, galactic stance or political makeup. Just as they can never act against the collective will of said planet's inhabitants. The League by mandate and acknowledgement of the worlds and societies outside of the Earth are likewise sworn to uphold this where possible.

A Javelin and the Interceptor are taken to the rogue planet of Cochran-23. The Interceptor due to the fact it is technically by it's very nature and construction to be considered yet another ally in a sense, it's AI "Aya" fully aware and just as capable of focusing the Will sourced electro-emotional *light* powers of a Lantern. They will need all the help they can get in this scenario.

Both vessels parked in low waters, propped up on their landing gear above the glassy surface of the blue planet, signs of life exist in the forms of algae like mossy dots that break up the placid ocean surface.

The Green Lantern Hal Jordan stands a hundred yards from both ships up to his knees in the water, arms lazily folded across his chest as he stares up to the heavens, yes, no sun, no close stars but Cochran-23's skies are a brilliant white, scattered with silvery sparks, it casts an illumination over everything that is near reflective, like the oceans, placid, flat, brighter expelling, this perhaps a reason the planet for so long was overlooked by less technological means, observations fail to think it more than a star.

No, the tail end of /The Silver Twist/ touches the space ways through here, a phenomena that defies explanation much like Cochran-23, a band of brilliant energy that snakes through the galaxy, varying in it's 'girth' but here, it's tail touches, stretches out only to vanish further off in to the darkness of beyond worlds, galaxies.

Hal Jordan always found it haunting. Menacing even. He will not voice that to his team though, right now he only awaits. That green and black uniform covering his form from neck to toe vibrant, colors look almost neon, the dark looking darker. Their reflections on the mirrored planet water surface, likewise. At the correct angle one would have a hard time telling which is reflected doppelganger and which is reality.

The explanation on why they are here was brief. The end of the Empire of Tears. Martian Manhunter has infiltrated, he is one of them, by now he has made contact with the informant who has been feeding information to the League, the Lanterns. Kyle Rayner's task at the cost of being able to occupy his own home world also succeeded, a martyr action for the other Lantern of this sector, sacrifice so he can bring aid. That hand, also to be played. Many things are in order, most if, almost all of it, one half-calculated gamble, high risk, hopefully high reward.


Doctor Strange has been quite during the trip. Reading reports. Catching up with what has been going on. Supernatural events on Earth have kept him busy and, he has to admit himself, useless for the League.

The whole Red Rage metaphysics, or that hidden connection with demon blood. Avenues of investigation not perused in time. Now he has little knowledge of wisdom to offer the gathered heroes. But the raw power of the Supreme Sorcerer is not a minor contribution if this mission turns violent.

And for this quest he is wearing the accoutrements of his office. The blue tunic with the emblem of the Vishanti, and the red and gold Cloak of Levitation. Hardly the most colorful of the League, but a long way of the typical modern suits he wears on Earth. A few simple spells protect him from those alien environmental hazards not covered by the Cloak defenses.

It was for the doctor a novel and interesting way of travel. Spaceship to an alien world. A world that might be inaccessible by his own magic since there seems to be devoid of intelligent life.

But now, despite the distance, he turns his gaze on Earth's direction, vaguely uncomfortable from being so far from the place he is charged guarding.


The cracking boom in the upper atmosphere and a flux through the immediate weather — subtle, as it then restabilizes - is the first herald to the thunder rolling in. The magical electricity flutters in the air, as the third transportation nears, and then spirals down in a rapid cone that is nearly a tornado. The air is flung aside quickly, and then the full arrival completes as the small transport lands.

Right next to the enormous interceptor and the Javelin, is now the sleek gilded chariot, with the burly pair of goats at the front, pawing and tossing their strong necks. One turns to bite briefly at the yoke at a shoulder, and then they settle. It is, visually, as ridiculous as parking a tricycle in a parking spot next to two enormous SUVs.

Thor leaps from the back, in full battle regalia save the helmet: that is on the chariot still. He strides a distance from his 'ride', and scans about quickly, alert and eager, looking for any occupants of the two other transports. "Lantern of Green! Thor, god of thunder, has arrived!" Thor announces loudly into his comm.


Syn spent most of the trip sharpening her sword. Just in case. Old-school style, with the rasp of the whetstone and stench of oil on a blade quite possibly as old as she. Not really a Leaguer, sort of, maybe? The blond former Valkyrie's there as a friend of J'onn's, and on the stubborn insistence that there was no way in hell she was being left behind.

Now here on this alien planet covered in water she stands up to her shins, regarding the surrounding land with the calculating eye of one assessing where the deep spots are, just in case she needs to know.

The crackle of thunder, now that? Is familiar to her, she might not have set foot in Asgard since the Pact was made, but still, when the chariot appears her expression settles neutral, eyes hooded as she watches with a hawkish silence.
When it was called that it was time for the Empire of Tears to come to a swift end, Kal El needs no convincing.


Simply flying on his own and not inside of a sheep, Superman keeps up well enough, flying in between the Interceptor and Javelin before making room for the Thunder God to arrive in spectacular fashion as per his usual. But what made Superman smile was that practically a strong showing of the League was in full force. Levitating somewhat, his eyes look around then…no life. Nothing was here….heartbreaking.

Alas his eyes also turn back to earth…he didn't like leaving it undefended about as much as Doctor Strange didn't like it, but they were on a mission…it must be done.

Alas, the last son of Krypton watches the area, prepared for -anything-.


Diana Prince dons unfamiliar clothing for this mission, a bodysuit designed by the techs at the Justice League's headquarters. Though it mimics the stylizations and color tones of her ancient Themysciran armor, its modernized now and advanced in ways that she doesn't normally use… but hey, they're not on Earth anymore. Time to suit up in something new.

Diana walks out of the javelin, dark blue armored legs and golden armored boots, her utility belt holds the classic Eagle Pattern on the front of her waist and her lasso is looped through a clip on her right hip. She takes a moment to adjust the black harness wrapped around her red armored torso… shield, sword and javelin shifting gently on her back in response.

Diana's hair is tied back behind her head into a tight bun, her golden tiara framing the hairline across her brow. She walks with the others, her sea-blue eyes looking around at their surroundings.


Starfire knew that this meeting was happening at Cochran-23, she read the gathered files, as well as got the mission feed.

The zipper laced shut of gathering her things from her room on the Interceptor as 'AYA'- A-I reeled a voice in tune to the sound. Koriand'r did not need to leave, it was evident in their passing conversation before the door whispers opened and closed behind her.

" There is still the mission tom-.."
"I made a promise." Kori states before she leaves the Interceptor and heads out into the vast darkness of space. Towards…
The empty opening, a hole where Tamaran once was. There she hovered upon a floating dead star, in reflection, with eyes closed.

Upon the ship hovering just between 2814 & 2813, The Strata, Soranik is preparing. Her Lanterns of the former 'Sinestro Corps' that laid out their fealty in her own view of their Ring, of Fear… Line up with the call that ends in another massive bag zipping closed over sterilized surgical needs, fingers a ruby hue patting the top as she lowers her head and exhales upon hearing the two-handfuls of her 'Team' gathering. Then she stands, her voice projecting.

"I will fight with and beside you until I need to pull back, my hands are needed for the possibility of saving a life that has nothing to do with our Belief and our Reason, but that does not mean we are to back off!
Atrocitus brings Fear into the heart and soul of people. That is not His place!

If we must, we will show him exactly where his place is - Just remember…."
A sigh passes and Soranik rises, the spires of black hair tipped over the ink lain upon cheeks in reminiscence of her Father, Sinestro himself. Arkillo may have taken his followers in opposition, but Soranik Natu stands unflinching before their smaller numbers.
No Fear.
"The Green Lanterns and who stands beside Hal, his League, our allies until this is done!"

The Strata resounds the warning sound of entering light speed to head for Cochran-23.


Jordan's focused stare out beyond the atmosphere of Cochran-23 is interrupted by the arrival of Thor Odinson, the man's loud voice not easy to miss, nor the bizarre manner in which he joins them, /goats!?/ no time to question it, that comes later. The Green Lantern offers the man a nod of his chin, "Thor." A curious glance of those mask afflicted white eyes are given Syn, wondering at her response to the Prince of Asgard, have they reunited yet or do they even know one another. Doctor Strange has been afforded his silence, what Jordan knows of magic is next to nothing, he is not about to interrupt the man's focus.
Superman and Wonder Woman both get their own lingering looks of acknowledgement. No smiles. It is game face time after all.

What information Hal Jordan has shared with the League in regards to the Red Lanterns is spotty, gained recently or collected by bending the ears of his superiors until they wish to share.

The Red Lanterns are a newborn threat in the grand scope of things. Atrocitus many years ago came in to conflict with the legendary Korugarian Thaal Sinestro, during those times a Green Lantern, one of the very best and one of Hal Jordan's own mentors.

Their battle resulted in the defeat of Atrocitus who vowed revenge of course, as these things go. Overtime Sinestro betrayed the Green Lantern Corps, formed his own Sinestro Corps and was imprisoned. Still, imprisoned and hidden away, kept a secret in location and status away from all but the most trusted of Elite Lanterns and the Guardians themselves.

Freedom afforded to Atrocitus the secrets of the Red Lanterns discovered, how the man using the blood of the other Five Inversions in blood ritual erected a power battery fo their own. A battery in the great lake of blood on Ysmault. The seat of power of the Empire of Tears. A placed none but the dead and Red Lanterns themselves have witnessed in recent years. The perfect heart of the most violent and savage of all the Corps.

The Rage Warriors that now according to Jordan's ring are about to arrive…

The silvery white skies of Cochran-23 discolor in a bleed of red, mingling with the obnoxious brightness already offered by Silvr Twist. This blood color, it turns the skies pink, a crimson that fades to a flushing coral. Above the Justice League the army of Rage has arrived. At it's forefront are it's officers. Their leader the towering pinkish skinned brute Atrocitus himself, eyes yellow enflamed and sneering jagged dagger teeth. Over one shoulder a feline, yellow eyed like it's master, black furred and collared in a red black circlet, Dex-Starr.

Flanking Atrocitus in a fan out behind him are those most proven, the blue skinned, decay winged Bleez, the goat-headed Skallox, a floating brain with jellyfish tendrils known as Ratchet, a round MODOK looking orb known as Zilius Zox, the one-eyed purple skinned Veon, flame haired, fury eyed Rankorr (the only human among them), a many tusked dogfaced creature named Abysmal, blue-skinned auburn haired Antipathy and lastly, one other one that the League may very well recognize… These are the Generals of the Empire of Tears. Their glowing red nimbus auras bright, flaring and spread out wide, a show of power that alters the entire coloration of the planet skies.

Not just the terror they present alone but the savage, animistic minded and brutish soldiers are massed behind them like a horde, dotting the skies, snarling and enraged, held in check only by the presence of the masters before them. Numbers are truly not on the side of the Justice League.

"Greetings, champions of Earth." Atrocitus' booming voice fires out over the gathered League, "I am Atrocitus and I have come to accept your terms of surrender."


Floating above the forms of Atrocitus and his crew is a tower eight foot tall RED Martian with spikes grown out of his Arms and Shoulders. J'onn J'onzz, former Green Martian, floats calmly above it all well within sight of everyone. His red orbs glow ominously, and his face remains as stoic as ever. However, for those that know him well, they can feel the impending violence in him, the barely held in check Rage that pulses out, and calls those with similar feelings. Unlike the other Reds, J'onn does not stand Behind the Red Leader but with him in a show of Respect the two have with one another.

When the speeches have begin there seems to be little recognition from the Martian when his eyes fall on his former comrades. Some, though, might notice the slightest twitch in his brow as if a thought passes through his mind.

*Soon Rage, we will be One Again. We will no longer be dual entity, but the return of J'onn J'onzz to his former stature. Know, now, that your time is limited.* And as quick as it happens, it is gone, and he waits for the Champions of Earth to respond.


Syn reaches back into the Javelin to grab her shield and jams it onto her arm with a curl of her upper lip. Whatever her opinion on Thor it seems that when it comes to matters of War the former Valkyrie's caustic tongue is being held. Delight probably isn't the right expression to filter onto her face as the Red host begin to make themselves known, but her attention settles specifically on Red J'onn with a laser sharpness.

The short blade that is a Valkyrie's wont isn't held guard high, but rather point almost at the water line. She's comfortable, poised and unphased despite the numbers wavering into view. In fact, given the way she wets her lips, possibly, just possibly, it doesn't quite occur to her to be nervous.


Thor is distracted at the beginning with greeting Superman and Green Lantern in particular, though Thor maintains high dignity this time, respectful and controlled in manner. He claims his helmet from the chariot as the sky changes tone to that foreboding saturated, bloody tone, moving to stand firm with the array of the other defenders of Earth. His pale eyes land on Syn, and take her in with a longer stare than the others, but he does not respond or linger on her at all for now. There are other far more direct items to pay attention to, and whatever might be between THAT pair can certainly be saved for later.

"Stand fast, everyone," is what Thor does project, with his confident, strong manner: the same leadership and charisma that rallies Asgard to his banner—- before the 'meeting' begins. Thor is by no means a leader of the Justice League, and does not barge into speaking for the group. …Not YET, at any rate.
Strange studies the incoming alien army with a stony expression, hiding the disquiet caused by the nearly palpable anger with disciplined calm.

Atrocitus words, however, make him narrow his eyes and direct a sharp glance to Hal Jordan. Surrender? They asked (demanded?) this meeting. Do the rage full ones believe they speak for Earth?


He should have asked some more questions to the others, clearly. Now there is little time. "Surrender? Have they approached us before with any declaration of intent?" He whispers, but his magic carries his words to all the League members. "They come in force, should we prepare for conflict or would be best if I open a way out of this reality?"

The sorcerer leaves a direct response to the Atrocious to Diana, since she is the League's leader.


Superman sees Atrocitus approach with a legion of red that comes behind him. Guess that answers the 'and what army' question.

Though what Rattles the Man of Steel is seeing J'onn among their number. He knew it would be painful and he knew the situation was needed, but he simply closes his eyes, whispering. "We're coming, J'onn…hold out for a little longer." before he lands right next to Diana, nodding to her softly before looking to Atrocitus, eyes narrowed. "We are not here to surrender." he states then. "You called us here." he states then, arms at his side as he gives no sign of attack or hostility. But he leaves the diplomacy to Diana…she was the queen of diplomacy, in his mind.

She knew how to talk to people.


Diana's right hand goes behind her back and she slides the long pole of the javelin out of its sheath on her spine and sweeps it around to clutch it up against the side of her body and up along the back of her bicep…

Her eyes stare up at J'onn, past all the monsters around him. She stares straight AT him and she notes signs of struggle within the expression on that of the Martian Manhunter… RED or not.

The Themysciran princess' attention is pulled back toward Strange, then to Superman and the others. "We have to end this, here and now. If we can isolate J'onn and keep him alive long enough to potentially capture him and free him from whatever control they have over him, then we will do it. If we cannot?"

Diana sighs softly. "Then we treat him as an enemy." He volunteered for this mission afterall.

With a raise of her spear she points it to the foes. "Your reign of terror ends here, today. It goes no further. Not. One. Step."


As the Red Martian's eyes move over the group there are a few places it stops…

Syn, Red Orbs meet her own, and there is a flash of recognition, but no further movement on his end. There seems to be a tilt to the head, perhaps a quick of the lips, but then it passes on to take in the rest.

At Kal's whisper, J'onn's eyes fall on him, and again they remain for a long moment. There's darkness in there the likes of which the Kryptonian has never seen before, but there is a flash of the Old J'onn. Perhaps, for a heartbeat, the Man of Steel hears a familiar voice in his head <Peace, Kal-El, all will be as it was.> and the Martian's gaze moves on.

To the Princess, eyes meet across the distance, and after a second she notices that J'onn's posture alters a bit. His hands move to be clasped at the small of his back instead of tight knuckled at his side. A stance she has seen a hundred times before, but he still remains with the other Lanterns.


"My barrier will hold." is Syn's assurance for Diana, confidence in her tone. Easy to believe her intentions violent with the feral way she smiles, the streaks of red painted in lines down her face, the way the shield is held and her body coiled. If it bothers her that as a non-flight capable one she's going to be wading through water to fight there's no sign of it. But she is holding to her word to follow the League's lead, at least. Verbally and physically.


"No. There was no talk of surrender. Very little talk honestly, Doctor Strange." Hal says back to the Sorcerer. "We can't flee. They're all gathered and we have an ace up our sleeve… "
"I hope." He whispers, super keen hearing will catch that.
"You ready for this, Thor?" Jordan grins at the man, it is a daring one. The sort he gives a mechanic who tells him to be careful and not to push too hard. A limiter on Jordan? Never.

Superman speaks up and Jordan rubs gloved knuckles in to his palms, "I like these odds." He says, excited. His heart pounding in his chest, not a thump of fear in any beat.

"Fools, the Reds have already sampled your kind Kryptonian, you were found subpar, we have the last true Martian on our side." A motion beside him, Atrocitus has no clue of any telepathic communication or hidden gestures apparently. "You have what? A meager gaggle of would be defenders. I was attempting to be merciful, give you valiant warriors a chance to become redeemers but I see that is pointless.."

Jordan looks at J'onn not exactly sure what the telepathic message meant at first, maybe his own excitement is working against his thoughts, his mental tracking of things. Right now he is waiting…

"Very well well, my legion is quiet eager for spilled blood and screams."

Atrocitus turns around and raises his arms high above his head and shouts, loudly.

"With blood and rage of crimson red, ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, together with our hellish hate," A theatric like turn around and point at the Justice League, one massive hand jabbing a claw at them all, "We'll burn you all. THAT IS YOUR FATE!"

It is sudden, a bloody ignition of FLAME and RAGE that the pink skies darken and those behind the collected officers pour forth like rain, vomiting red fire and slicing through the air like packs of ravens from a Hitchcock movie…

"Watch now, my loyal generals as the League is render limb from limb. Let our baser minded followers feast." Atrocitus is clearly underestimating them, going so far as to even fold his arms across his chest to watch. "A sad ending for such great and noble beings."


Starfire had gone radio silent for well over a day, but she needed that time, that passing silence to do what she had learned from J'onn'z. Weed out the hate, the love, the will, the /weakness/… But not the retribution in her promises..

When Star rejoins the comm-links between Interceptor, the JLA she hears Diana's call, a herald known to warrior races as well as the joining Thunder, Valkyrior Cry, Kryptonian affirmation, and Green Will…

All a wall where the ominous background herald of Atrocitus' words come in broken and hazy fragments….
.. Likely due to the comet streak across space that disappears into an opening of a Wormhole and the ~warble~ of 'space/time'.

"He…" Break. ** Crackle ** —- "No enemy…" Starfire's voice comes in and Rice Krispies out before the meteorite speed opens up at an angle behind the JLA and company, known or 'not'.

"Unless I am one as well…" Starfire is there then, just a slight distance back behind her 'Team', offering a nod to each and every one, known or not as that armor coats over tawny skin in a pixel led climb…

"On." Whispered where Purple now is melded with a coating of white to paint over her physique, her rested hands at her side emanating that Perse glow as heat rises and her hair lashes behind her in it's own gathering.


It's not a physical creation, at the leapt of the others Syn doesn't actually charge into the center, the shield hand is dropped to her sword to drag it across the blade. The drops that stain the water beneath her ignored as mentally she draws on the area surrounding J'onn. Bloody runes are etched on her sword arm with the opposite arm, not so much a necessity as a focus. To the mystical the snap of the invisible barrier crawls with Asgardian runes, binding him into a box barely larger than he is.

The grin on her face is practically incandescently /filthy/ as she raises her shield and adopts a defensive stance, no matter how much she's itching to leap forward to meet the army or the challenge offered in the thump of the flat of the blade against the shield. Her duty's to make sure that they have the time to free J'onn's spirit.


So. Jordan actually asks Thor if he's ready for this. Thor gives him a very sudden, honest, and deep rolling laugh. "What a ridiculous question! You are funny, Lantern Man," Thor says with an affectionate tone, almost, to the new teammate.

"We will see how their masses respond to all of their fire being extinguished!" Thor says, and with a dynamic lunge of body, both leaps backwards and hurls Mjolnir aloft into the sky straight up. He does not hang onto it, the hammer flies with a crack of eerie thunder across the land and low water: thrown into the air, as the Thunder God calls to the weather, pulling the moisture and drawing the skies to churn and cloud. The red is forced low in the clouds. Energy bubbles out from the hammer as it spins aloft, streaks of electricity bending air to condense, brood and ripple.

Thor focuses on the ground, hand still stretched between him and the magical artifact, streaks of tiny electrical forks flashing between the conduit.


"I can even the odds," declares Strange. "And this gaggle shall become an army," the sorcerer smiles with little humor, hovering back as the rest of the League moves forward. "By the shifting sands of Ikonn," he intones, "those who are few will become many, and confusion will reign over rage!"

And the members of the League, like stepping through mirrors, split in two, and then in four, and then in eight. Suddenly there are dozens of heroes charging on the red lantern horde. And in this case their mindlessness and lack of clarity will likely cause the massive illusion work even better.

"The Images of Ikonn," explains Strange to his allies. "The Demon Lord of Illusion is not an ally I care to summon often, but he swore many ages ago to respond to the Supreme Sorcerers entreaties as restitution for ancient crimes."


As soon as that charge begin, Superman goes to work.

With almost a sonic boom, Superman jets into the red sky, clobbering one….two…three Red Lanterns from the speed of his flight alone, and then a solid strike to a blue alien (not the general), knocking it back, then proceeding to break it's hands, effectively numbing it's ability to use it's ring.

Then he gets blasted from behind by two Red Lanterns, which Superman solves by simply using his super breath, knocking them both straight down to the ground, but not out. eye beams light the sky.

He flies then straight for Atrocitus, right hand raised for a solid punch that could shake a mountain, aimed right for his face!

A nod from the Themysciran princess is given to Syn, believing in the words that her companion says on this matter. She turns her eyes to watch the rest of her companions all rush into battle against their Red Foes, while her hand reaches down to detach the lasso of truth from her hip and a moment later she's leaping forward into battle herself…

… while mirrored versions of her start to duplicate in either direction beside her from Strange's spell!


Diana's spear rises up, the lasso in her hand flashes a brilliant golden hue and it twirls and grasps onto one of the Red Minions, snaring it up and pulling it onto the end of the spear like a kabob! The Amazon then goes about spearing another and another until they're lined up on the edge of the long pole weapon, snarling and shooting their red fire in agony at one another…

And with a heavy toss of the weapon she sends them all tumbling back toward their raging brethren to bowl them over!


As He's covered in a Barrier, the Red J'onn frowns, and there's a Red Aura of Plasma that flares up around him as he prepares to fight against it. However, Right as he begins to move there seems to be a 'hitch' in his movements, and the Martian is struggling against something other than the barrier.

With a growl, J'onn tosses his head back, and the aura flares even brighter as an internal struggle begins. The barrier is shook at the release of the Red Energy, and the Mental energy that appears to be building up from the Martian. His form shifts, changes, and seems to fight between Red and Green.

Through all this the battle rages around them, and J'onn seems to notice it not at all. His eyes lose focus, as the battle occurring to him is in his mind, and where large Red Rage version is battling the Calm and Serene Green version of the very same Martian. While the battle cannot be seen by the others, the impact is still visible to those around, and there is no telling WHO is going to win.


Further away from the Martian would have been better, but Syn wasn't going to take the risk of tipping the odds on J'onn's fight. The barrier flexing at the flare of his aura but sealed for now with her blood and will. It might gall her from the gritting of her teeth to have to hang back and hold that defensive line, but she gave her promise that she'd do her part.

For her it's a relief, when some of the Lantern foot soldiers plop into the water to avoid the cadre of airborne combatants. And an excitement to find herself flanked… well, not by other Valkyrie's, but at least other copies of herself as she shifts to meet them, careful of her footing in the shallow water.


The Storm gathers because of the man and his wielded… Mewnee'r?? Something… Thor is paused upon, a shift of gaze flickering between Syn and him, a brow slowly rising as lightning crackles around the floating planets atmosphere.

But battle cries come with a reverb that creates multiples of each of them and Starfire pushes forth to hover above them and in turn blast opposition from her Friends in a pivoting position that casts StarBolts over the attacking Reds, her brow creased in focus while she partitions off her mind to try and speak to her friend in the opposition. The "Red Martian", if he can even hear her.

«J'onn, please… Do what you must but… We.. need you..» Broken words for reasons even though she is set upon the fight before them, her form slowly becoming encompassed in an emerald glowing barrier of spiraling Bolts that buuild momentum and then blast outward towards the opposition!

A move that is multiplied!?


Cochran-23 a placid planet, a ball covered in water as it is has never before had a storm of this calibre. Thunder and lightening? It darkens the white-silver sky, adding a new color to the admixture beyond the pink-red glow the Reds are offering. Lightning arcing across the world to spark out, touch along confused Reds who, the lesser of them find their fire and flame emission being staunched by great drops of new, Asgardian mystic inspired downpour. It's a perfect backdrop. It doesn't help ease the feel of a psychedelic color scheme, that Sin City Rodriguez monochromatic with red or green splashing, now darkening, weather a thing.

Syn's barriers do indeed hold, if pierced she finds herself engaged with warriors on par with Asgardian soldiers save for their varying lack of combat skill, lack of weapons but absolute ferocity. Superman's form colliding through them, coated in flames or blasted with energy, constructs are few and far between, no Red Lanterns gifts the same as the next save for that rage flame. The water shes placing her self out in to is joined, Reds on foot and the /ground/.

Diana like Syn finds herself surrounded, a flurrying combatant with skills that the centuries from now will herald as legendary, the onset of fighters bowled over, knocked aside yet pawing, grabbing, flailing and burning with their namesake, their theme.

Absolute RAGE.

Superman in a blurr is now in front of Atrocitus, that fist colliding with the big man's chin and sending him in a backflip through the air, he doesn't respond to it, Superman will find a furry animal, A CAT running up his arm until he sees nothing but two slit-feline eyes and then a mouth opens wide, BLOOD RED FIRE VOMIT right in the Kryptonian's face from Dex-Starr, Atrocitus small fuzzy companion and also another Lantern like the others.

"Hell with this!" Rankorr says, "I want to fuck something up!" A dash through the air and he is chasing after Thor, on one arm is a red shield and in the other is a large red sword, he aims to slam in to the man, "Lets go mother fucker!" The foul mouthed Red Lantern apparently speaks very fluent English.

Doctor Strange yet untarnished by the oncoming battle raging around him finds himself enveloped in a green field, it lasts but a moment as Jordan battles away a first attack on them, "Hey Doc, can you try and get through to Martian Manhunter? Syn has him distracted but you might be the only one. We need him now. We need everyone… "

Green Lantern turns, light dances off of him and he throws a sling of 'green bolts' off towards Veon, the one-eyed purple people eater that is now after him.

This still, does not look to be going well for the Justice League. An outside perspective places the Justice League looking like the Spartans against Xerxes' army.

Atrocitus stops his momentum inspired by Superman's punch to motion, "ATTACK MY ELITE! DESTROY THEM NOW!"

A look to the encaged and self-battling Martian, "You war with yourself at a time like this? Conviction Martian, know the pain of your world. The loss of your people. Where were the Earthlings? What do you owe them? As my strongest weapon you and I can purge the galaxy, no all the galaxies, this very reality of our enemies, of any who would dare wrong a people like yours again. True justice is the Empire of Tears, we are vengeance, we are the righteous blood fire. Forsake these misguided weaklings." Atrocitus isn't fighting, no, he is pooling his effort in to backing J'onn's rage self, the red inside, that green that dares rise up needs to be put down. "Hear me warrior, you are Red now. Like your home world. Honor it with the blood it deserves!"


"SYN, OF THE VALKYRIE," Thor thunders directly to Syn. Thor is noisy in the communicator, let alone when he is TRYING, and shouting battle orders. He does it automatically, and there's a Valkyrie here. Old habits mean she has backup. So much for if she'd hoped he'd just ignore or overlook her, or that she wouldn't be interacting with him this battle. Nope, here he comes.

"Count of four, and leap, for lightning comes for your foes," Thor announces through said JLA communicator. She's getting some assistance, whether she wants it or not!

Thor calls his hammer, at the same moment suddenly dropping flat to slide under the leaping Rankorr, towards and into the shallow water. The combination? To call the hammer DOWN, spiking and pulling electricity from the growing storm above, down directly through the attacker, as Thor passes below to catch it, and smoothly wing it sideways down into the water.

The water can be a fierce conduit of the electrical blast, to surge through nearby to Syn and the foes that foolishly put their feet into the shallow water!

Thor's duplicates surge on Rankorr: Strange's boost of the team will give ideal cover for the brief moment Thor needs to send this area blast to cripple Syn's enemies, and let HER make short work of hers … well, hopefully.


The powerful invocation takes life of its own, so Strange does not need to keep focus for long. The main limit is range of the illusions. They can't move too far from the sorcerer without vanishing. They fight and hit for illusory pain, and respond to blows with great realism. How can they hold when acidic rage blood is poured on them is the question. Strange does hope they won't vanish outright, but there are no references to the Red Light of Rage in the annals of the Supreme Sorcerers.

He has other spells to try, but none as powerful. Blasts of pure force and elemental energies are fired from his hands to hit the red lanterns. Shields are raised to impair their movement or protect the Leaguers, but too often they shatter when the raging aliens strike them.

Then Hal makes his request and Strange nods. "I will do so, guard me well, my friend." He shifts to the lotus position, hovering a few feet over the waters. And his astral form flies out of his body, speeding towards the last Son of Mars, and entering his mind.

« J'onn! » Calls the sorcerer. « Manhunter. Remember who you are. Let truth prevail over rage. Vengeance is not justice. What happened to Mars so long ago can't be balanced by more acts of destruction »


What? People are probably a little too busy to notice the naked puzzlement on Syn's face as she hears that particular voice use that particular phrase. Let alone noisy over the top of thunder and battle roars, but, well, jump or fry. It's an easy choice. Choosing to settle herself again, to absorb a blow on her shield and throw the Lantern back in the water might seem like an odd choice, but it gives them a stationary target to try and cluster about in those precious few seconds before she springs free of the water, leaping after her opponent with her shield in the lead.

What's not finished off by the lightning finds little mercy at the former Valkyrie's swordpoint, or the bolts from Starfire above.

It still galls to offer the terse,"Thanks." over the communicator afterwards, and she's practically on her tip-toes with the desire to join the battle proper, throwing glances up at the battling Martian and resolving to hold her watery patch of ground.


The impact of power between Superman and Atrocitus is one that you'd see in legend. A massive sonic boom from the power of rage and Superman. As a result, the latter falls from the sky until he stops himself…and three Red Lanterns try to jump him! all of them try to push him to the ground but the Man of Steel doesn't budge! holing all three of them at bay. He lets out fly head first into the dirt by shifting his body, and hold the other two by the collars…only to smash them into the ground as well. Not killing, but leveling.

Flying back high into the sky, he lets his heat vision blast into the sky, taking out four more Red Lanterns. Then? His eyes are on Atrocitus once more, attempting to clap his hands together for that famous thunderclap-sonic boom as if to unbalance Atrocitus and those around him!


Diana knew there was a very good reason that she'd invited Thor into the Justice League, and it was displaying itself quite prominently in this very fight… just when they needed his help most!

The Princess flies past Thor and watches him work his own brand of magic, she soars past Syn and observes her and her own impressive styling of fighting. Diana DUCKS beneath Superman's heat vision and then comes back up on the other side to SPEAR a Red Devil that was lunging at the back of Superman to help cover the Kryptonian!

The Red Rager is tossed off of the Themysciran spear and Wonder Woman twirls it above her head and then TOSSES IT across the battlefield to slam it through two more of their foe's skulls!

She puts away the Lasso and then draws her sword and shield… She wants to fight a General…


The Martian continues to struggle in the barrier, the power being put out pulses heavier and heavier, and those around can start to feel the mental power of the internal fight. An alternating sense of Serenity and Rage. Calm and Violence. Hate and Acceptance.

Then, with a blinding burst of Red, the barrier is lit like a small sun from the inside. and as the light clears there will be a figure laying on the ground. Large, but not nearly as towering, and all the Red is gone… what is left behind is a figure of Emerald Green.

However, that figure is not moving…


Atrocitus is doing his best to evade around Superman's continued assault, Dex-Starr the cat is putting itself between the Kryptonian and his master yet again with a hiss and a yrowl. Laser bolts jolting off its eyes to snap at the man.

The Green Lantern nods to Strange, wincing at Thor's LOUD battle plan but it is effective, Reds who had touched down are finding themselves subject o mass 'shock therapy' thats rippling across the surface of the planet, its glowing, Cochran-23 is actually glowing light blue above and below from the Thunder God's impressive display.

Superman far outclasses Dex-Starr. It is Zox, a large round creature that is all face and mouth that joins the 'cat' in attacking the Superman, the ball shaped villain actually sailing in to take the thunderclap in a defensive block for Artrocitus, "Fight me! I always wanted to taste a Kryptonians blood." In a fash dash hes flying, trying to ram Superman, flanking him with more blasting eyeball shots is that pesky cat.

Atrocitus snarls, his hand pressed to the containment around J'onn, "BREAK FREE proud Martian. We yet win this war but you, you must prove yourself by ending those who hold your true power back. They mislead you with their fragile notions of justice and hope. Weak, complacent beliefs. Meant to turn the strong in to sheep."

Atrocitus words fall upon deaf ears, he knows this now as theres that sudden outsurge, the Martian Manhunter is free, red ring yet still attached but his skin? No longer red, his mind no longer of rage. The ring, it's actually recoiling its tendrils from his heart. It's falling off of his finger… how is that even possible? Atrocitus stares with eyes wide, "That is not… you traitor!" Atrocitus swings both hands forward and from below, out of the water pillars of rock and fire stab upwards like massive swords, ramming up to spike through J'onn J'onnz.

Skallox the Goatheaded flips in the air and then drops, a sudden descent that has him preparing to land directly on top of Diana of Themyscira. Both of his hands are tipped with bloody red talons. She is getting what she is hoping for. A fight.

"I got you Doc!" Hal says, turning to keep a half shield between Doctor Strange and any who attack, Hal is a master at quick functional constructs and quite 'tanky', his intent right now is all about defending the Sorcerer and keeping any of those who get too close beaten down enough theyre stunned and open to be taken out.

The extra surge striking through Rankorr has the man letting out a heavy metal worthy scream, then, an odd red funnel construct appears between him and Thor, a tube like construct that turns out, bends away and FIRES the lightning off to the side directly at Koriand'r. It is laced with Thors own power and the Red Lanterns, the man grins, makes eye contact with the Asgardian then turns, throwing that shield he had after the 'lightning bolt', yeah, he seen Captain America do that. "Suck it bitches!"


Here's the hard bit, at least for Syn, finally he's green. GREEN! But not moving. Her shield is slapped onto her back with the familiarity of millennia, in an act that would surely horrify her under most circumstances, abandons battling with the Reds in the water to leap and wade in the direction of the suspended Martian,"J'onn!" it's at least shouted with a thumb of the communicator, though something like 'he's green' might be more useful information, or even 'he's unconscious'.

Now it's a battle of will, will her barrier hold against Atrocitus' pillars? The grip on the sword whiteknuckled as she charges towards the Red Leader and the unconscious Martian.


So, somebody (Rankorr) decided to stop Thor from frying creatures en-masse. It was bound to happen, really. Thor smirks and stands his ground in the shallow water, and gives Rankorr a bored 'bring it' gesture and yawn, flipping his hammer once. He's well aware these are creatures of rage: so bringing them to do stupid things like charging in seems like quite a brilliant battle tactic. Raging creatures are predictable in being, well, angrily aggressive! "Try again, Little Tantrum Man," Thor baits, bored.

Thor is calling lightning down anyway, and emitting from his feet into the water… the guy probably redirect if it doesn't really come from a DIRECTION, after all. Area of Effect! The hammer is swung again in a circle by the strap as if Thor were going to throw it, trying to fake Rankorr out, and help him forget that Thor is actually /not/ the God of Hammers.


Spikes burst through the chest of the Martian as he lays on the ground! His blood sprays out in a great burst, and even more so he doesn't move. His eyes remain closed, his hands are still, and the blood continues to pool around him as the objects remain embedded in his body.

As Syn runs in the direction of the Martian, likely dead, she might notice the barest of twitches from a hand… or is it the trick of an eye? Was that a movement of his eyes? All of this while the battle rages on around him…


Starfire, Koriand'r, is… /was/ the cover fire! When J'onn shifts forms and rests limp in the anti-gravitational pull of Space her turn and fire has a /pause/…

Syn leaps forward…

Lightning Crashes… A shield resounds impact when Star seeks to didge and with a spark of a small 'nova, Star descends.


Atrocitus is distracted, slowly the approach upon Wonder Woman is halted (despite temptation), the splay of Bleez's 'Sergeants' in Antipathy and Abysmal is reigned in by a /snarling/ motion of fingers to curl into a fist redirects their attack towards… Atrocitus. "He relied on a lie, a weakness! Take him down so that the TRUTH of the RED is ANEW!" A glance towards Hal, and Bleez is taking her own action while Atrocitus is distracted by the 'reform' of The Martian!

Not a simple task as Red Flashes across the spatial distance and with the sudden appearance of Bleez and the other two, wings of Bat-Like construct tear from fold along her back to strike towards Atrocitus and pitch him in the direction of Antipathy and Abysmal, changing his course of thought/action!
… Maybe..

*Lightspeed Disengaged*

The Strata announces as it exits the warp in the Storming Atmosphere of Cochran-23, the glass of the 'Pit' reflecting the ensuing battle before them between the Reds and the JLA.

Soranik waits, her fingers drumming on the console, straddling the button to open the airlock and aid in the battle below them while lowly speaking..

".. beware your fears made into Light…"


Superman turns his head just in time for Diana to save him! Woohoo! "Thanks." He tells the Amazon Princess before he quickly returns the favor. Throwing a red lantern at a rather bulky one coming for Diana to knock it out.

Then Dex-Starr and MODOK's uglier brother are attacking Superman from both sides, using his hands to block both MODOK-bro and Dex-Starr's beams. "Not today!" And he promptly kicks MODOK-redbro like he was going for a field goal and then turns as if to slap Dex-Starr with the back of his hand. "Bad cat!" He scolds. Because that works, right?

A look to Martian Manhunter then, whispering "J'onn….time to come home."


The Martian is free. He is also technically dead, as he lacks a heart. But J'onn's phenomenal regenerative abilities are already at work, so Doctor Strange hopes they can save his life. As an astral form he can do little to help.

So he returns to his body and rejoins the physical battle. This time he gives up direct physical conflict, as most of the others are better suited for it. Instead he begins launching the Bolts of Bewilderment to the closest red lanterns, depriving them of the capacity to discern friend from foe.


The red claws of Skallox's forearms come slamming down against the cold hard steel of the Themysciran's shield! She hoists the round shield up and blocks each fierce and fast attack in a resulting cacophony of loud metalic clangs!

Diana rolls beneath the man-goat-thing and comes up behind him, causing his next attacks to unbalance him and leave him open to an armored boot to his goat-man-butt!

When he stumbles forward and turns around, she spins her sword around her wrist in a graceful display of blade weapon showmanship and then she dives toward him with a downward slash to the goat-man-thing's horny head! Battling a General is what she wanted after all… so if they were to go out in this fight? She'd at least go out with a warrior's death!


Syn is probably, in all honesty, about to receive the smackdown of her long life. Not that she shows signs of acknowledgment of that fact when she tears the shield from her back to throw at Atrocitus' pillar. At least Bleez seizing opportunity may well buy her a few seconds to try and use it as a springboard to clamber up the spike to try and reach J'onn.

Nevermind the muttering in Asgardian over the still open comm, huffed as she leaps after her shield to help propel herself up the spike. She's an easy target for Atrocitus right now, beyond a doubt, but she's, well, a little more concerned about extracting spikes from J'onn than whether or not the Red Leader might swat her like a bug.


Atrocitus has an Emperor Palpatine moment with those massive spikes, his fingers actually jerking about and encouraging their growth to spit and impale through Martian Manhunter only to turn and sneer at Syn, the barriers shes erected snapping the continuation of blade torment and disrupting the leader of the Red Lanterns focus there to cease it.

"Embrace your Rage woman, come at me!" J'onn's ring, wriggling free of his finger it starts to hover, to shine bright in that space between himself and Syn. Atrocitus is aware of it, veins like wrenching weeds recoil out of the Martian and back in to it. Yet… it's as if its waiting, homing in on the nearest most rage filled beacon it can find.

Starfire unfortunately finds herself being thumped hard with Rankorr's thrown shield, it collides with enough impact to bow her in two while shes being lit up like a bug zapper. These things happen in battle. Rankorr is proud of that, near ready to gloat as Thor calls him 'little tantrum man' his frown deepens, a blood curdling scream again rips free of his chest and he sails through the air with both fists forward aimed at Thor's chest, low as he is though, lightning kicks up from the waters of Cochron-23, Rankorr's hair shoots straight up and he yells, this time its pain though, that feint is caught in time, believed to be real and he angles his impact to evade it only to open himself up entirely…

Superman's assault sends Zox soaring high, bouncing in to one of his less intelligent red brothers and falling towards the groundwaters. Dex-starr lets out a loud "MRRROWWL" at the Kryptonian backhand, it's eye beams shooting up and wide, bouncing off the man's shoulder as the 'kitty cat' flip flops through the air in a tumble roll that then forces it to skip like a stone across the electric waves.

Skallox is a warrior himself but dazzled by Diana's footwork, behind him now he pivots, swinging those claws wide only to grunt as his hips are forced harsh forward, causing him to topple and sprawl, lightning crackling along him from the splash through waters, he aim s to pivot and lunge but the swipe of her sword clashes off of his horns, severing one and slamming in to his skull, his face disappearing under the waters, burbling bubbles churning upwards.

Doctor Strange and Green Lantern have created a nice opening around them, befuddled and warded off minor Lanterns are scattered in heaps, a wave of green occasionally rising up to toss them aside, Jonn is back, a message is incoming and Bleez is living up to her word.

"PUSHHH EVERYONE!" Jordan yells.

Atrocitus daring Syn as he is suddenly finds himself beset from behind, Bleez's words, that blue skinned bat winged traitor that she is has him turning to grab at her, hook her throat in one hand only to then be snagged as Antipathy catches him in the middle, opening his shoulders and back to Syn, "Snakes, traitorous, no honor snakes… " He roars, fingers crushing down upon Bleez's throat as fire pours form his mouth and eyes to shower her and some of Antipathy.

The thunderstorm above parts as clouds break away to reveal the incoming YELLOW energy wrapped ship, the Sinestro Corps lead by Soranik, Kyle Rayner's back up plan, they have arrived to back up the League.


No can have MARTIAN.

Syn doesn't even try to pretend like she's here for any other reason than making sure that J'onn survives, though yes, she has plenty of rage for Atrocitus right now. She's been warned, and she's trying, so trying, to keep it tamped down. It's more important to make sure that J'onn's free of that damned spike! That his regeneration has a chance!

She slams her blade into the mass below the Martian and disregards the integrity of her own sword to pry him loose. It's not ideal, and all she can do is let him slide down to the water with the intention of following him.

But the glance she spares in Atrocitus' direction, enraged and more than tempted already, finds his back facing her. And she can't, quite, resist, the desire to try and stab him in the back with all the fury bottled up over the injured Martian.


Part of the feint let the hammer wing out sideways— where it skims across the water, sparks and arcing tendrils of electricity lighting up the surface of the water as it skims almost directly over to Diana's foe, missing by a small amount as it hurtles past her and the goat-man. Hopefully he won't bean Diana by accident, but, well, he's never worked it this team before, and they don't know about the liberal high-speed hammer throwing!

The main spike of lightning from Thor comes up from the water, where Thor planted his feet, arcing up through the unprotected Rankorr. Thor moves in, immune to the electricity, and moves to disarm with both hands, with shock and force to get the shield and sword out of use, and then, with a flash of pure white electricity making Thor's eyes glow in godly sheer, adds a hard headbutt into Rankorr's nose and jaw. There's some collateral damage doing that to the powerful opponent, and Thor tosses his head in the rain to clear the blood from a cut to eyebrow that is running into his eye.

The call to push hard came through, and Thor orients to do just that, lifting a hand as he squats in the water to call Mjolnir back. He'll bring what's left of the thunder down from the waning storm.


Superman brushes himself off now that his opponents are nice and off his ass, figuratively speaking. At Hal Jordan's call to push forward, Superman jets into the sky once more, aiming right for Atrocitus!

"Lets try this again!" He follows The Red Lantern like a homing missile!!

Starfire's fall towards the face of Cochran-23 has a comet-tail of fire burning and blinking out before impact into shallow waters…

Perhaps a good thing before the arrival of the Strata and it's crew with the Sinestro's severance on board!

The battle before them is taken in, blackened lips upon Soranik thin as she pushes the control and the bass-laden alarm sounds to seal exits, entries…

And open the ull into the Sector and unto a War. "Remember what I said, remember…": .. Burn Like our Power…
Yellow Lanter's Light!

"The Green and his Allies are to remain unharmed!" Soranik calls over comms just before the Strata opens the Bay and in the empty spatial plane behind the batling JLA and Red Lanterns a Yellow Light comes in tracers across the storming backdrop.

"Let them know what it is to truly Fear.." And in those words Soranik's violet gaze shifts to a yellow of iris upon black sclera!


Thor's hammer of course bounces right off of Diana's shield!

She'd just downed the Goat Man and was in the praocess of turning around when Mjolnir rocketed past her and she reacted by deflecting it with her shield and a powerful roll of thunder echoes around them.

God weapon against God shield?

The shield lowers and her blue eyes look over it at Thor, she has a smirk briefly show across her red lips and then she turns toward Hal's presence, she darts up into the air and glides through it with her flight-power. Her gaze looks up toward the arriving Yellow Lanterns, but she doesn't linger it there for long.


"Looks like the tide is turning," comments Strange to Hal, still casting mind-confusing spells and the occasional shield of light when one of the reds comes too close. "The horde is thinning, and the enemy leaders are faltering. I think if we bring Atrocious down, they will break."

Looks like they also have reinforcements. Although that yellow light coming from the sky does not look particularly pleasant. No, it is the yellow light of fear, not the golden light of the Vishanti. "Flames of Faltine, those are not the emerald knights, Green Lantern. What alliances have we made?"


It is like slow motion that Rankorr's feet lift off the ground his head pounds backwards, blood a crescent projection in the air between himself and Thor, who is a larger man and strong as he is the auto-shields of the Red Lantern burst much like his nose! Eyes crossed, weapons thrown aside. At least he took out Starfire before the Thunderer headbutts and electrocutes him in to oblivion.

Atrocitus showers Bleez in fire only to discard her, hands wrapping viciously around Antipathy's ribs to heft her in to the air, above his head and then there's a THUNDERCLAP, a boom and Superman is colliding in to him, a freight-train of sheer power that bends him in half and sends him in a shower of debris, water and energy colors in to the rogue planet, a crater folding inwards like a banged in door panel. He disappears under there. Syn forgotten. Not only by Atrocitus in his pain and surprise but also by that ring, a ring that strobes red ones, finds a rage unlike any other and shoots off, a crimson lance that 'zips' out of sight, it's target? Why Earth of course. Where the Angriest Man in the Milky Way Galaxy hides inside the skin of a brilliant nerd.

Thors hammer is sailing somewhere, between himself and Diana it's whipping around, at his command he'll do what he wills with it no doubt.

Descent of the Yellows and their call to inspire FEAR by their leader Thaal Sinestros own daughter is a hell of a rallying call. The monochromatic colors of Cochron-23 now further more, Reds, the vibrant League and now Yellows. With that incoming ensemble is Dalor, the Green Lantern of 2813. Their neigbor. His energy adding to the Yellows and Hal Jordans.

"A very temporary one, Doctor Strange. Trust me, this is the only time in my life I have ever been even remotely happy to see the Sinestro Corps." Hal says, aware Diana is joining him in a hover, one fist extending as will is extended to snatch the falling star that is Koriand'r from midair before full collide.

Bleez is down, a smoking mess upon the ground, Rankorr lies in a pool of blood, J'onns is reforming, Atrocitus has vanished inthe planets depths pummeled by Superman, Veon and Zox are also out… the Generals of the Empire of Tears begin to ascend, slowly lifting up one by one to retreat, with their power departing and leaving their comrades behind the savage lower Reds all begin to lose rage, fall quickly to the League and their unexpected aid….


As his body is dropped to the ground it's easy to see the Martian's wounds slowly closing. Most terrifying for those who were watching would be that there appears to be no heart in J'onn's chest. The ability to see, however, closes over as the Martian's wounds begin healing an accelerated rate.

Soon there is no visible signs of his injuries, but he lays unconscious on the ground. The question is… will his incredibly healing abilities be able to compensate for both the loss of his heart AND the grievous wounds suffered by the Red Lantern Leader.

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