We Never Sleep

April 19, 2015:

Hank and Jean discuss the meeting with FitzSimmons.

Hank's Lab


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As usual, Hank is in his office doing something or another. Papers need to be graded, lessons need to be planned, and then he has his own research. This particular time he's flipping through test that were given last week and is working on grading them so that they can be handed back on Monday. He tries not to keep the kids waiting too long for their grades and he's not particularly motivated to work on his own research right now.

Maybe the larger meeting took wind out of his sails.

The meeting that Jean had.. did. She went there with questions, received answers.. she was still on the fence and needed a logical mind to work through it all. Yeah, logical minds..

The bike was restored to it's proper parking spot, helmet taken off and held underneath her hand as she makes her way through the manse proper. School was long out, so it was easy for her to move unnoticed, right into the lab she was in the previous nights before. "Stop what you're doing right now." Jean states, entering into the lab, stopping at the door to carefully put her helmet upon the floor and out of the way.

"You look like you don't want to do it."
Beast looks up as his office is barged into. Golden eyes blink at Jean for a moment before he asks calmly, "Who enjoys grading tests?" He does turn in his seat though as he looks at Jean, "Is everything all right? Do we need to call the team in?" Maybe she ran across something in her outings?

"Scott does." That answer came upon her quick, turning her back towards him as she undoes the buttons upon her jacket to slide it off and away, which was hung upon a hook nearby. Even the top button of her blouse was released, her hair soon let down, her shoulders working in a circle to relax muscles and a sigh let forth. "Everything is fine for now."

She even goes so far as to kick off her shoes, thankfully, there was a pair of adaptable flats underneath. Thin, yet sturdy. Something you'd wear around the house.

It was now time for her to take a seat, relaxed, casual. "I went to see Dr. Fitz and Dr. Simmons."
"'For now'? That sounds ominous." Beast can't help a little smirk at that and watches as Jean makes herself more comfortable in his office. When she states her recent outing, his eyebrows lift, "Oh? At SHIELD? Is that safe?" He knows he should be asking 'Why', but that's not what came to his mind first. "Is this because of what came out in the meeting?"

Jean cocks her head a little to the side. "Eh. Nothing we can't handle."

She smiles as she taps her fingers across the counter top. "To be quite honest, they have a pretty decent setup. The Trisk is impressive. They're pretty much better protected, almost better protected than we are." Though, she does raise a brow. "Or do you mean, is it safe for them?"

She shrugs faintly. "Either way, no. It isn't about that meeting. It was about the 'Portal Buster' that Dr. Fitz was working on."
"They all know my name, Jean…and I know you aren't in hiding as much as I am, but if they know my name, who's else can they find out? It's just a matter of 'when' and they've already leaked my name to other in SHIELD," Hank points out. "I know they're protected…but I still don't know that I entirely trust them."

He cants his head some, "What about it? Is he still going through with it? I don't see it being terribly useful except for themselves…if they encompass more area, it could have negative effect…if it even works."

"I know Hank. But you can do more for yourself than I can in a million lifetimes." She leans forward just a little. "Think about it, they're practically CIA. Homeland Security even. Possibly better than NSA. I'm sure they would possibly know who runs in and around your circles just by face alone. Unless Katherine manages to wipe us out of their systems on a daily. Besides, I didn't exactly hide who I was either. Just who I was there representing."

She does nod a little, wanting to forgo the explanation. "You know the drill, Hank. Open your mind and give me your hand." She holds her hand out now, fingers wriggling. "You know I hate repeating information outloud."

Beast just shake his head, obviously not quite agreeing with her on that firt bit. When she asks, however, for his hand to share information, he gets up from his seat and moves closer to take the hand. "All right…I just…I just don't trust them." He thought he did once, but he was obviously making things up again.

"As is your right, Hank."

Jean says nothing else, her hand grasping his own as the information of the entire time spent at the Trisk was filtered through her finger-tips and into his mind. It was as if he were standing off to the side, being a fly on the wall to the conversation. And if the view changes, he'd see what she sees. She left nothing out. Hank was a trusted source since he already knew about the weapon. There was also Scott and Ororo.

The lines of information would stop there. It would go no further than those who needed to know, which would be who the creators chosen to tell. Once it was done, she draws her hand backward, she was troubled.. still.

"He sees no other alternative. Even the vision did not scare him away from that fact."
Beast gives a little shake once the sharing is done and he lifts a hand to press briefly at his eyes. That's always kind of odd. "I'm sure he's run scenarios and reached that conclusion. I haven't seen his plans, but I'm not surprised that he won't change his mind. He has a theory and he needs to prove it." There's a shrug, "I don't really hold it against him." There's a brief pause before he asks, "Are you going to be the psychic to be a part of it?"

Once he draws his hand away from hers, she turns a little within her stool, just so that her elbow could lay upon the table so that her head could remain propped. "I didn't check." She confesses.

"But, I don't know Hank. There's time to make a decision. Even though I don't know how much time there will be needed before something else happens that'll make him in the right. Or seem to be.." Her hand draws up now, fingers twirling in a blaise fashion.

"Who else would it be, Hank? Betsy's in the wind. Xavier is retired. And the rest of the psychics that we do have, are just children." Or damn dangerous.

"Either way, I'm going to have to defer to you on this."
"Do you think that's wise though, Jean?" He knows she's been a little unstable when pressed to extremes. Hank moves to sit down near her, "I would trust you to be a part of this, but is it safe for -you-? Can they run it without a psychic? I don't like it in general and I'm not really keen on trying to make something like this happen. I don't quite see how it will work for the greater good…only the good of SHIELD. Maybe I missed that part in the relay of information."

There's another sigh then. "I also don't want them to take advantage of you. Of your skills."

"Of course not. We're never wise in the things we do." She confesses. But he was right, when gone to the extremes she explodes.. the other time quite literally. He was there when she nearly exploded across the skies..

"For once, you're asking all of the questions that I do not have the answers to." Her shoulders slump a little, nodding in agreement. "I suppose, that's what makes something like this hard. Anything could be used as a weapon, with the right or wrong person at the helm. There has to be another way for them.. or for us to convince them otherwise." She does smile a little though, especially at his concern. She didn't want to be taken advantage either. It wasn't a good feeling.
"It's my job to ask the hard questions," Beast grins, showing sharp teeth. "It's also my job to think of other solutions though. I just don't know if they'll listen to any other ideas offered to them." There is yet another sigh before he stands and begins to slowly pace around the area. "In using this, are they just hoping to protect themselves? Or is this also a tracking thing? That part was sort of unclear. Because we can find Mutants across the world with just a thought — surely we could see if adjustments to Cerebro could help with this."

"Your job sucks." Jean grins. "I don't know if they were hoping to protect themselves with it. But from the /intent/ that I felt, they believe that they're protecting the entire world." She watches him as he paces now, her lips pursed into a thought.

"So, if I'm understanding you correctly.." Jean states with a little pause. "..if you adjust and attune Cerebro, you could actually locate the Hellgates themselves? What about turning them off?" It was an idea.. a good idea. "What other scenarios and ideas have you given them?"
Beast shakes his head, "I haven't given them any ideas. I just thought of that one just now," Hank admits. "Honestly, I expressed my concerns when Fitz propossed the project to me, but I hadn't heard anything about it since. I figured that because I had concerns, I wasn't needed for any sort of creation or implementation." He pauses in his pacing for a moment, "We have information from Illyana…it probably couldn't hurt to get more, but if we know more about the gates, we could locate them and maybe close them. Surely something that can be opened can also be closed — it's a law of Physics." Or if it isn't, it really should be.

"Oh Hank." Jean rolls, no. She didn't roll, she twirled within the chair. "Do you ever stop to think just how strong of a personality you are? You may just have brow-beaten them into fear with your concern. In fact, I do have a mind to take you back to the Baxter building to give you and Reed a whirl and twirl with the schematics of the portal buster itself that I've gleamed from Jericho and Zatanna."

Her hands rub together now, the slight tease aside.. her head nodding as she reaches up to brush her hair away from her face. "This is a dark thought that I'm going to share with you and you alone." Her lips purse tightly.

"I sometimes wish that someone.. would just put an end to it all. With just one thought, wipe out HYDRA from it's existence.." That urge was there, not the urge to do what she just said.. but the urge to call down the powers that be if she could, just to feel herself upon that cusp of power. It makes her rub her neck, to the point she leaves a red mark there, near bruising.
"I'm not that strong of a personality, but I thank you for the attempt at the confidence boost. Also, Reed and I don't really get along well. I don't think he'd want me poking around in his toys." He can't help a chuckle at that before he adds, "If they have a portal-buster and we can find the portals, I don't see the problem here."

He does fall silent as the secret is shared with him.

"No, I do understand. They've brought sos much trouble and have cause so much strife, that I understand why you'd think that. But even once they were gone, someone else would seek to take their place. One day." It's another law of Physics, "There is always good and evil…they always have to balance out."

"Are you kidding me? A mere word causes people to buckle, especially from you." There was a tiny smile, very tiny. "It's because scientists, like you and Dr. Richards, are nearly, almost as nearly worse than politicians. Debating with you two could be dangerous." That was another option. Working with Reed Richards. But the problem would be.. who is the lesser of two evils?

"That reason alone is possibly why they chose to bear the name HYDRA." Jean murmurs, now rubbing a little too hard at her cheek. "Do you not think that good and evil are subjective? That people out there.. see us.." She gestures. ".. like we're banes? A horrible attempt at being Gods or what he did not create?" She didn't want to debate this. "At least in our lifetimes, it would all be over. And our childrens. And theirs.. hopefully."
Beast sort of snorts at the mention that his would could cause people to buckle, "Nice try, Jeannie. Nice try." But he's amuse that she -is- making that attempt. It helps a little, at least.

"They're insidious, that's for certain…and they seem to be able to recruit or brainwash far too easily. I'd actually be curious as to what methods they use so that we can learn and hopefully prevent it." But then comes the philosophy, "I'm sure that even those who we might label 'Evil' don't consider themselves so. They're trying to create their vision of the world and we're standing in their way. We've defined 'Good and Evil' and not everyone might share these definitions, either by choice…which would make them 'Evil' to our 'Good', or by ignorance. HYDRA does this knowingly, violating basic Human rights to life and freedom. If you want to get religious, would we have been created at all if it wasn't God's will? That argument can't hold up."
Beast adds after a moment, "What if it's all a distraction?"

She squints her eyes and scrunches her face up towards him, a little teasing smile but she lets the matter drop entirely. He was amused, a tiny bit happy. Her job was done.

"Far too easily." Jean echoes. "It almost makes me wonder if they too have a psychic as compentent as Xavier on their side as well. That wouldn't be.." Good. It wouldn't be good at all. The philosophy was taken in, nodded.. even nodded. It was true that HYDRA were the atypical evil scum. But there was almost a point of how far of a line that one would cross to defeat them.

"No. It couldn't hold up. Though Gods true image wouldn't either." She points out. His final words? It draws her brows downward in a faint scowl. Very, very good point indeed.

"A distraction from what?"
"Getting into a religious discussion might want to wait…although I'd be interested as long as my views aren't dismissed because I'm not religious," Hank offers before golden eyes look back to Jean as she comments on his last thought.

"Something they don't want found out. I mean, it may not be, but if you look at it another way — if I didn't want someone to find out what I'm doing, I'd make sure their focus was elsewhere. Hiding may not be enough, but if I can keep them busy with other things, they won't notice what I'm doing. Resources could be spent against my distractions, leaving them depleted when…or if…I am ever discovered."

"From everything I've seen.. I do not blame you. Don't tell Scott I said this." She clicks her teeth at that little revelation, then curls her lower lip to lightly chew.

"Hank.." She states, the man was brilliant really. A true genius. "Remind me to never allow anyone here to piss you off to the point that you go rogue." Her brow lifts in a sligh upwards wink, and then she stands. "It's all valid. Something to think about. It's all.. just truly sinister." She took on the casual aire that the professor has, especially when it's time to depart. Her path, it takes her straight towards the door, bending to grab her shoes and helmet, both tucked beneath her arm as her coat flies from the hook it's on to hover close behind. "See you bright and early, Hank."
"Also, don't discuss religion with Captain America. I learned that from experience," Hank offers with another sort of smirk. When she asks him to remind her not to let anyone piss him off, he actually laughs. "I'll try to remind you, sure…" the laughter quickly fades, "It -is- sinister. But I guess why all of us are trying to take them down. If we can manage to work together somehow and not try to be the first or the 'best' to bring them down, I think that we, as a whole, could be unstoppable. But egos are mighty things."

He'll let it go at that. "Thanks for stopping by, Jean. My door is always open for you. Get some sleep, all right?"

Jean.. heard it all. But that was a discussion for another day. The mention of sleep? She disappears through the threshold, a light smirk playing upon her face. The last remnants that she was ever there was a simple echo through the hallway.

"Never do Hank. Never do."

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