From Gotham, to the Milliways

January 31, 2018:

The Christmas Dinner Kori had planned with Kyle finally happens! From the Diamond District in Gotham to where it all began for them at a diner at the Edge of the Universe

Gotham, then Space



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The gifts are exchanged, with Kyle's suit, to match the accents of dark and greys limned in /green/, is a dress buried beneath. Starfire had seen his looks as they passed certain storefronts, as well as… .. well… … Browser history before he left for those months. Within the decollage of a dress made of stones, beads, and offering lighting refractions of green and amethyst hues is cufflinks bearing the Lantern Green Sigil, pulsing a light as soon as he touches them, reactive to heat and pulse… Starfire hunted the technological creation down, combining it with Earth acceptance. In Gotham: A restaurant in the Diamond District has them walking up the marble stairs to dine… .. to dance… Upon the rooftop, even if it is winter here, they look above to the clear winter skyline, the zeppelin ignored in passing as a far satellite blinks… "Third star to the right… Straight on until morning…" Starfire states as her lips draw along Kyles jaw, the figure bearing a texture as she aligns with him, something felt as it reciprocated the constellations above over the stones. A hook of her finger to loosen his tie-knot and drag him lower, to press her lips against his. "You deserve happiness, here." A look along Gotham skyline and in a step away she is heading into the stars, beyond atmosphere for the End of the Universe… So said a book of Earth!

The Diamond District has always been something of a mystery to Kyle Rayner. Growing up in the poorer parts of town, the restaurant was the kind of place he'd one day thought he'd qualify to work in the kitchens, but never dine. The fine clothing, the menus without prices on them, the string quartet playing dinner for Gotham's elite, normally would seem surreal to Kyle Rayner. Kori's presence changes all of it.

Kyle's suit and tie is sharp upon his body, tailored to fit him like a glove. The specks of stubble have been shaved away by a barber, and his hair has been stylishly coiffed to hang around his cheeks. Through dinner, he glances around, noticing that he's the only man present with long hair, but the glances they make towards his cufflinks and the obvious colors on himself and his date, colors of the Lanterns, make him feel like a rockstar. His date? An alien supermodel.

He can practically hear the whispers, wondering if he's one of the Green Lanterns.

He smiles through dinner, gently tapping his wine glass against Koriand'r's. It's the first time he's been in Gotham in years that didn't involve leaving flowers for the dead. She keeps Kyle Rayner thoroughly distracted with the magazine-grade smile on the other end of the table, or the dress, or the conversation about the future that never delves in the past or his ghosts.

"So says the legend…" Kyle replies, fingers held to hers in the dance. With slow, swaying steps he leads her in a circle, slowing as she pulls him by his necktie down to her lips for the softest kiss. When his eyes open, they open to hers with a tenderized quality to them. He's hit full force with her words as the reality that she's working at healing his wounds, replacing them with better memories, sinks in.

As she drifts away, lifting into the sky, his heart melts.

"I think I could be happy anywhere you are, Kori." Kyle replies, turning after her. The murmured 'oohs' and 'aahs' of the dining crowd watch as the ring on his finger glows and — as suspected — the alien supermodel and her Green Lantern boyfriend fly up towards the stars themselves.

I was looking for a breath of life… Their dance is accentuated by the small orchestra the restaurant provides them, parted… .. drawn *in*! The spin ends her back in a grasp that could have lacked gravity, gauzy fabric not with-holding the hue of tawny skin that bears overlay of emerald and amethyst in stone over her form, contouring the vey reason she is a model in this world, but it holds no bearing as the small of her back bows over Kyles hold in their dance. // .. A little touch of heavenly light..// Kori brought him here because she went through his albums, Memories Remain…! A city renown for the bleak, littered in long-wilted flowers of past needed light, one they had both discussed wanting. A night to be them truly. No image inducer, no covering like a low-brow ball cap. Let them stare… Let them learn… Happiness can come to Gotham, Earth…
So can the inevitable truth even as they depart with the backdrop of flashes in pulses from cell-phones. .. but the room was so quiet.. "Then come on, we have a greasy alien spoon at the edge of the universe to enjoy." A pause and she draws from him and the comet-trail is like their first race through space for Kyle and Kori - A race against time, into time… Yep. It is exactly what they suspected! Onlookers ignored.. Her gaze stilled for a moment, edges of eyes bowing in a withheld emotion at his words, but the smile makes it true in depth. "I just want the same for you, Kyle." The words lingering before she darted towards those stars!

Kyle Rayner floats behind Kori at first, eyes wide and visible as his shoulders are framed by stars of a different kind. He laughs at the flash photography against his back, glancing only one eye over his shoulder to peek at the halted music as the quartet, as well, has stopped playing to take pictures.

'Is the Green Lantern a Gotham Boy?'

He can almost hear the headlines now, and the way it makes his laughter lift is almost as free as the wind in his hair.

That's not the only reason he's lagged behind. The flutter of gauzy fabric around her toned legs and the sparkling, dripping fire of her hair towards him is captivating. He doesn't reach into his pocket for his own cell phone, but instead he holds a thumb and forefinger up to his eye, 'clicking' the picture of her into his mental imagery.

"Back to where it all began?" Kyle's lips deepen their megawatt smile. The ring on his finger pulses and he hurtles himself after the Tamaranean beauty up towards the sky, where the purple atmosphere fades into a twinkling darkness. "God I love that you're the only girl I know that could give me a Christmas present like this…"

Kyle Rayner's body glows with a green aura as he reaches space. The life support shield wreathes his expensive suit, tie, and vest combo as he spins after her, spiraling past the S.W.O.R.D. station and the Watchtower like a two-toned, giggling, DNA helix.

And once they have passed the safe point for the spatial warp to open, he reaches out to Starfire and threads his fingers through hers.

"Hold on tight…" Kyle calls over to her, turning their flight path into a tighter spin, now holding hands.

The emerald portal opens before them…and they're sucked through a nimbus of light, thrown out across the cosmos towards the edge of the sector.

The green and orange comet screams out across space and is spit through into the outer perimeter of the massive, mercantile space station. It's a flight path they both know by heart. He leads her down to their first docking bay shared, and they pass through the ray shield in their finery. The pressure seal locks into place and fills the room with oxygen.

Starfire and Kyle left the atmosphere and towards the stars of 2814 with the flicker of stars(struck) flashes behind them. The gown fit her form in a silhouette of precious stones sewn into a gauzy fabric that only hid from imagination by the density of the pattern that weaves from hem to the cling of straps over shoulders, some falling over the defined contours. The suit was tailored almost perfectly, the cufflinks of his Lantern emblem casting their own emerald pulse due to the alien stone that imbued the clear lining. Some things are better in memory, even if this picture was worth more than a thousand words and were summed up in a few moments later after they broke atmosphere and flew upon a familiar course. The comet-tail of spires of tracing flames rotates with that of Green just before an opening in that sparkling darkness sweeps them away as her and clasps into his. "I didn't think the handle bars were lame," A sidelong smile to Kyle and when they finally enter the airlock her hands hold his shoulders but them smooth back to lock her grip just below the nape of his neck. "They made you smile, almost like this.." The embrace is just that, tightly fitted, her cheek resting upon his collarbone as the pull of air omits around them, tugging at attire, casting dishevelled hair into further fray before the streets are to open up before them once again. "I do love you, Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern - enough to understand." Those final words holding so much more meaning than to fall flat in that echo of the airlock around them, a draw of lips along his jaw… And just like before that airlock door opens to the bustle behind them that leads to the diner.

Waiting for the airlock to cycle, Kyle Rayner visibly simmers under the pale, yellow lighting. The cuffs of his suit glow their faint green, whispering against her dress as his fingertips clasp at the
small of her back. The nape of his neck is loose, uncoiled. The muscles there aren't laced with the stress that's plagued him for so long, much like his toothy, thoughtful smile.

"Back then I didn't know if it'd be too forward to give you other things to hang onto." Kyle replies, shifting his eyes to the corner of their sockets mischievously over the top of her head. His chin slides easily into her fire-streaked hair, settling his weight against hers where his vest and necktie are pressed down into place by her body. "I thought those were so, so lame, but I like what we ended up with." He finishes, stroking her shoulder as the wind kicks his hair up, then sets it down again.

BZZZZZZRT. The airlock doors open and the din of alien conversations fill the tiny space. Bright light filters in as the diagonal doors peel apart. Dozens of aliens just going about their business, with eye-stalks and tentacles.

"I know you do." Kyle whispers into her ear, eyes lifting over her shoulder to watch the crowd pass. His arms snake up the center of her back to pull her body to his in a quiet hug; his lips press to the top of her ear. "I can feel it all around you when we're happy, even when you worry about me. I'm surprised my ring doesn't sense it." Kyle laughs softly.

Untangling from her, he laces his fingers through hers and guides her out into the walkways, dressed like humans amidst the aliens in the space station. Once through the door of the diner, he stops by her side of the booth, preses his lips to her knuckles, and escorts her down onto the seat.

Like it isn't a greasy diner on the other end of the sector.

"You know…" Kyle grins and slips into place across from her. "…I still can't order our dessert in their language. You wanna do the honors, Koriand'r?"

Which part of her statement does Kyle know? It is of no matter ot Kori, as long as he knows the truth. His words brush breath just over the apex of lobe and she is tilting her head upward… A slow smile begins to reform upon deeply painted lips, reflecting plum when lights flicker with the sound of the airlock opening and exposing them to the city beyond. "Would your ring sense it?" He can nearly see his own reflection in Kori's eyes, pupilless and reflective before they narrow in play to his earlier words, turning in his grip to exit that small space and head to their destination. "Other things? Is there something you have yet to show me?" Kyle gets a wide-doe-eyed stare before she turns and exits… .. but as she did her eyes narrow lightly with the smile in he own jest, brushing long strands of heat behind her ear.
Once they reach the diner she pauses to stare over it and the smile only wanes enough to shift from one form to another. Exhaling slowly she steps in with him, hand-in-hand to slide into the booth, the server different, the seat unchanging, the circumstance… The menu is skimmed and the dessert is pointed to… "Eeeiahh- gaahdhh- ruul." She says, the mirth in her flicker of gaze between Kyle and the server evident. Whispering lowly. "You do -not- want to order /drool/-anything… Trust me." Drinks are brought first, Kori leaning back in her booth to shift and cross legs beneath the table with a bump to undercarriage of their platform. It's adjustable! But hell if they know/care. "Is there anything else, you want of Christmas, or need?" Asked honestly now, but none of that carefree nature diminishing nor the way she watches him.


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