Pillows and Weddings Ohy My

February 17, 2018:

Darcy and Lorna have a chat and it ends in a pillow fight

Genosha, the Spire, Lorna's rooms


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Mentions: Magneto, Marcos, Scott, Jean, and Nate


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Lorna had had a busy week. Trade deals, council meetings, training with the Acolytes and her father intermittenly, and of course the assassination attempt from when she'd gone to Carion Cove to the 'X-embassy'. That had been oh so fun. Now though she was resting, or trying to. In her suite of rooms. The green haired woman was sprawled on her couch, a tablet held up in front of her.

The video she was watching seemed to be some 'promo' for Genosha. Something Doctor Huxley had put together about the state of the country. Even worse.. Lorna thought, was the expositional on her. It seemed that when she'd thrown the assasin in the air as they'd blown themselves up, someone had caught it on camera. It was all cut and pasted together to make her look like a hero. Some fearless defender of the weak and shit.

Lorna knew that it was coming, but she hated seeing her face and her powers displayed so openly. It made her feel exposed. An irritated sigh escaped her as she flicked the video off and tossed the tablet onto the end table beside her, crossing her arms and sulking.


Darcy made her way in, also reviewing the video. That last council meeting was stupid and it's grating on her that they try to dismiss what she has to say because shes not a mutant.

"It's not the most terrible piece of video editting I've seen. I know some youtubers who could probably do better, but still. It's not bad," Darcy quips as she moves to settle on the sofa at Lorna's side, her own tablet settled to her knees.


Lorna groaned and dragged her hands over her features. "I have spent most of my life avoiding the public eye. Avoiding getting linked to Magneto and being exposed… And here I am. In Genosha. And I'm a trending topic. I knew it was going to happen. But I still hate it. If Genosha fails… there will be no more keeping my head down.." She muttered and sighed heavily.

"I guess that means I'd better not let things fail here. Yeah?" She grimaced faintly, and shifted on the couch, to give Darcy more room to sit down beside her. Her head tilted back to lean against the cushions and she heaved another sigh.

"Scott is still pissed I ran off when he tried to take me to Muir Island for Moira to poke around at me.."


"Scott's a pussy that needs his dick sucked more often," comes Darcy's assessment as she watches Lorna leaning her head back. She knew what was riding on this. She's invested now, and she's trying her best. It is so easy to get discouraged.

"Yes, you've tried to keep your head down, but now you can't. You're fighting for something real and that makes people feel things. Some are happy. For them, you are Hope itself. For others, that same Hope scares them, makes them uncomfortable it's its making them have to lok at their own narrowmindedness. Whatever the outcome, I don't think it could be called a failure."


Lorna laughed lightly at the commentary about Scott. A hooked smile pulling at the corners of her lips followed. "You know, I don't want to think about what Jean and Scott get up to in private. I honestly think it might be a Summers thing. Alex has been.. well, Alex since he found out I'm pregnant." A grimace at that, "He told me that it was one of those slaps to the dream of us 'riding off into the sunset'." An eyeroll followed.

"And I know you're here to help everything." A pause as she considered and looked to Darcy. "I appreciate it. I really need the support and I love Marcos, but he doesn't .. isn't as stressed about it. He feels that we could make a home anywhere.." She smiled weakly at that, and stretched her arms out before her as she shifted on the couch.


"I'll think about it for you. Loudly. Next time I'm in a room with her. I'll make sure it's in graphic detail," Darcy promises with a mischeivous grin. And then there's mention of Alex, and Darcy rolls her eyes.

"The whole family are pussies. slap in the dream. That makes it sound like he's trying ot blame you. Fuck him. I know you still love him, but you don't need that crap," she retorts before setting her tablet down and moving to lean her shoulder against Lorna's side.

"Always here for you, girl. I think he's not actign stressed becuase you're stressed enough for you both. And he's not wrong. You CAN make a home anywhere. After all, you're his home. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, as long as he's with you."


Another laugh, high and short, escaped Lorna at Darcy's commentary that she'd think very loudly at Jean next time. Oh boy. Still, she couldn't help but continue to snicker. "Well lets see. Summers boys include: Scott, Alex, and Nate. Yeah I see a trend. Definite trend." She grinned and leaned against Darcy's shoulder in return.

"I don't want to know what trend people see in my family though, yesh.." She wrinkled her nose and her smile faded somewhat. But the mention of how she was always stressed had a slight rolling of her eyes. Even as her smile warmed and returned once more.

"That is so sweet I think I've got a cavity from it." She joked lightly. A tilt of her head followed, considering.

"So… wedding in what.. two weeks? A week? Should I wait for Illyana to put her grand master plan for Zealot into play or do it anyways? I'm sort of on a time limit for wedding dresses.."


"Oh, yeah. Totes a trend," Darcy replies, grinning as Lorna's snicker. Her laughing is good for her health. Darcy considered how to comment about Lorna's family, but seeing that the topic stresses her out and she changes it has Darcy following right along to help Lorna forget her stresses for a moment.

"Do it anyway. Illy's got a master plan? Great. If she destroys the cake though, I'm going to kick her ass."


Another snicker, "Illyana wanted me to wait for the team to take out Zealot before having the wedding. Everyone here and out for a wedding seems too perfect a chance for him to attack and ruin it all. I told her she had till the end of the month. Which is.. well, a week or two, right? Right now we're looking at her portaling Zealot away so we have a chance to get to him without him using everything around us as a weapon." A grimace followed.

"And I know Magneto has his own plans. Which involve a slower war to drag Zealot out." A sigh followed, "I just wish they could work together to get that handled. But that would be stupid and would never happen. Because working together only happens when there's no other choice. And Nate hates Magneto so much. He kept on about how he's terrible in so many ways. Does my father suck? Yeah. Is he a villain? Yeah. He's killed people. But he's still a good leader. He knows what he's doing. I can say the same thing for a ton of dictators in the past. Horrible people, but good at being in charge. Nate couldn't understand what I meant."


"The wedding would be a good lure, but that's a shitty think to go into it thinking. THose two need sat in a room and tied down with plastic zip ties until they TALK to each other. Fuck," Darcy retorts, lips pouting a bit at being unable to Do anything more about this.

"We have already established the SUmmer Boys are pusses," she adds as if to explain why nate couldn't understand.


Lorna shook her head again and sighed. "I'd say I'm paranoid, but is it really paranoia if they're out to get you?" She teased lightly. And she wasn't on her father's levels of paranoia yet either. Mister cook everything himself because people would poison you thing. Yep. Though he had a point. Assasination attempts occurred here fairly regularly.

"Plus there's the Magistrates. They might attack it too. There's always that." She murmured and grimaced, wrinkling her nose.

"So. Lets think. Wedding. Bridesmaids. A few groomsmen. Acolytes will likely handle perimeter security. We've got my dress, right? Did that come in? Seating isn't that big a deal. Uhm Jamie said he'd like to throw a dupe in to marry us or something. Or that he could. Uh… what else?"


"Just yesterday. I know enough hand sewing that I could take in some things. As long as no one looks too close. If it needs it. Hopefully not. You're gorgeous and could just do this wedding naked," Darcy rambles as she ticks off her list.

"DJ. Genosha's hella short on them. I could throw together a playlist but really? An honest ot God DJ would be better."


Lorna grimaced, chewing her lower lip. "I dunno any DJ's. I'll ask Jamie. He might know someone. Or pester the refugee camps. I mean.. hell… Genosha had to have them before, right? Someone has to know what they're doing." She leaned forward, glancing down around the end of the side table at her side. And whistled, "Rolly, c'mon…"

A little drone, a Stark drone, rolled over and floated up into the palm of her hand. She grinned, and glanced to Darcy.

"So I ended up with this little guy. He does barrel rolls. Likely can find us something for a DJ, I bet." She sighed and leaned back to the couch's cushions. "I'm not worried about having to take the dress in. I'm worried about having to let it out."


"Stark's?" Darcy asks, leaning forward a bit warily to peer at the robot.

"Hell, let's call Tony and ask him to hook us up with a DJ," she adds before chuckling.

"I ordered a size up, just in case," she says, winking slightly and ready for a pillow to hit her in the face for: "Cuz you getting fat."


Lorna shot Darcy a look, "He's not invited. He calls me Shamrock. Miss Potts though is welcome. She gave me some books on international law and sent tea that really worked out well with my stomach. I was surprised. How she works for Stark, I don't know." She muttered, and shook her head as she peered at 'Rolly'.

"Annnd, I will ask her for a DJ if all else fails. I'd rather not though." She grumbled. And then Darcy was talking about ordering a size up for a wedding dress and yep, a pillow came rounding up from beside Lorna and toward Darcy. Along with a sound of mock outrage.

"I'm not getting fat!"


Lorna is a smart girl to invite Pep and not Tony. She laughs into the pillow hit, falling back against the sofa, laughing more.

"Gonna have to rename the robot; I'm gonna call you ROllypolly soon."


Lorna twisted around on the couch and balanced on her knees a top it. Her brows shooting upwards as she held the pillow up above her head. A green eyebrow shooting upwards as she stared down at Darcy. "Oh you are a dead woman."

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