Danger Room: 60 seconds

February 16, 2018:

Nate told Monet she could come to Genosha if she was able to survive a minute of combat against him. This is the test.

The Danger Room of Xavier's School

It is the Danger Room. Desc varies with each program.


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Fade In…

Getting the Danger Room ready for the duel wasn't as easy as just walking down to the deeps of the school basement. The Room is in high demand for training and testing of both X-Men and students. Most training sessions need to be scheduled days ahead. Or done at odd times.

But finally they got a chance. Nate asked Lorna to pick a suitable simulation for a battle, nothing weird like having civilians around or enemies popping out from nowhere to interfere. Just a good place a telekinetic and a super-strong mutant can shine.

So it is New York. But ruined New York. Like a post-apocalyptic New York 50 years after a nuclear attack. Many buildings are still standing, but with the windows broken and debris all around. The skeletons of rusty vehicles dot the streets, the concrete cracked and faded. Vegetation shows up here and there. Some buildings are even covered in vines.

Monet and Nate are about 200 yards away. Which is weird because the room is not that large. But then again the illusion of a huge, ruined city is nearly perfect. "Kudos to whoever programmed this. Nice work," comments Nate. Then grins at Monet, "you ready? Show me what you can do!"

Stretching, she had purposefully dressed for this. Tight pants in leather with thicker souled combat boots. A pair of gloves and a tight shirt that leaves her belly bare. She looks across the expanse at Nate before looking around at the various areas around. She hmms as she takes in the surroundings before she just pushes off the ground with a sudden burst and calls out, "Sure!" She then rushes across the ground.

She covers the space in quite the hurry as she rushes toward him and even as she comes near to him she grabs a nearby ruined husk of a car and hefts it over her head. She uses the momentum of her running and her strength to fling it right for him.

Nate is wearing his X-Men uniform, in a classic configuration. Dark blue and brown accents. Kevlar reinforced with carbon nanotube polymer, psychoactive ceramics and some leather to look cooler. Nothing that would protect him from full force punches of a mutant of Monet's strength, but excellent for shrapnel, fire and the usual hazards of high power combat.

She comes rushing, which is exactly what Rogue and other flying bricks would do. Nate is not surprised, as closing up quickly against a psychic of his power range is pretty much the smartest thing to do. Usually. At least it would be against Phoenix and Prestige. Nate usually welcomes close combat.

But not today. He is aiming to overkill.

The second that wreck is taken, he flies up. He breaks the speed of sound pretty much instantly, shattering what few class was still on the nearby building windows.

Then stops, looks down and shoots a massive telekinetic blast at Monet from his left eye. Wide as a truck when it hits the ground with the force of a heavy artillery shell.

Pure kinetic energy, but powerful enough to blow up a large crater on the ground and cause the buildings at both sides topple, raising also a huge cloud of dust that rises high enough to clover him.

But he can still track down Monet with telepathy. In fact she can feel him pinging her. Nate is extremely easy to track down psionically himself. He glows in the mental planes like a star.

The speed catches her offguard. Frankly, Monet's greatest weakness is thinking no one is as good as her and Nate plays it without even knowing it. She flings the wreck of a car and it hits nothing. Then he is above her, firing a massive blast of kinetic force down and slamming her into the ground. Buildings come collapsing, the ground craters and everything slides down atop her. It looks like it's pretty much over for a moment until he might feel something in his telepathic mind.

It's subtle searching at first. Where is Monet? Is she ok. Of course the Danger Room would protect her from death but that still should have hurt pretty badly. What he senses though is something people in the south would call piss & vinegar. The rubble bursts apart as Monet comes flying up out of the rubble at supersonic speeds and aims what accounts to more or less a spear right toward Nate's gut. She'll then attempt to spin around mid-air with him and fly right back into the Earth with a roaring growl.

The Danger Room will protect Monet from all but some superficial wounds, indeed. All safeties are on, that was something Nate insisted because he was going to pull no punches. But the girl could still have been knocked out.

Nate is quite impressed Monet is not only perfectly conscious, but also more annoyed than hurt.

But he was waiting for her, too. Maybe not expecting Monet to perfectly well, but he put a dense telekinetic wall on her way. The glowing gold of the barrier masked by the dust cloud. Monet crashing against it, yes, he feels that impact. There might be a headache building. « Hah, you are pretty tough » He projects into her mind, quickly flying into an alleyway between buildings. « How good are your mind-shields? » He asks, hitting her telepathically a second later.

When she hits that barrier, she collapses a little against it but doesn't get hurt. Whatever she is made of, it's insanely tough stuff. She growls a little against the shield even as he flies away and then she turns to give chase.

Unfortunately for Nate, not only does she have some degree of mental shielding…he gives her warning in a way. So, when he slams her telepathically she lets out a mental scream but not one of purely pain. She definitely took the hit better than he might have expected but she didn't take it nearly as well as a building falling on her. Even as she holds her head a moment she then grumbles mentally, «Stay…out of my head!» And she'll push back even as she flies straight for that alleyway he went into.

Her words come out as verbal as she calls out, "Now, are you gonna last 60 seconds or am I gonna have to tell Scott you can't go to Genosha?" She asks even as she tries to find and punch Nate.

« Sassy. I love sass in a woman, » definitely not staying out of her head. But she blunted the psychic attack well enough. And before he can form another Monet is almost on top of him.

So, with a quick gesture, he throws a truck at her.

It was on the street a tenth of a second ago. He grabbed it telekinetically and threw it at the young woman with incredible speed and strength. It is immediately followed by two smaller cars, and then half a dozen more. A lamppost. The corner of a building. A couple stone gargoyles. A refrigerator. The eight feet bronze statue of some little known super-hero from the first half of the 20th Century. And of course the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink actually breaks the sound barrier.

A blink at this and Monet eyes him before she tries to punch him again and then a truck is coming at her. She pushes it up and ducks under it before going forward after him. She keeps trying to get to him even as he throws item after item at her. She smashes through a couple of the cars before finally being thrown back by the high amount of them. They start piling on and as they do she starts going mentally silent as thing after thing piles atop her. It appears as if she might be going down, especially after the kitchen sink slams into that pile and causes it to actually crater into the ground. There's no thoughts and no sound at all.

At least at first.

A few moments later, he'll hear a thumping sound. Almost like the power of the city were trying to come back on, or at the very least a T-Rex were walking toward him. Something heavy is shaking the ground and then, like a dolphin leaping from water, Monet comes bursting up out from under the ground.

Thing about cities, even post-apoloclypitic ones, have sewer and subway systems. She comes flying straight up from under him attempting to grab him by the leg…then treat him like the Hulk treats Loki.

And the kitchen sink. CRASH.

« Oh. C'mon. We are both telepaths… » protests Nate. So no. No surprising him by sneaking through the sewers. He flies up, firing a telekinetic bolt to Monet as she bursts up. Missing by half an inches. She is fast!

So maybe she is catching up, but not the leg, since Nate maneuvers in the air to intercept her, and attempts to counter the grab of his own. If they end up entangled Monet will discover that Nate is at least as strong as her.

Or rather that he is doing something with his telekinesis. His left eye is glowing brightly and his body seems to be telekinetically reinforced. They go crashing into a building front, but it is hard to say who is pulling and who is pushing. And the concrete and plaster walls are not slowing them much.

As they move, Monet glares at him, speaking back in her mind, <Can't blame me for trying.> She then proceeds to do the one thing she can think of while fighting up close. She suddenly goes for a bear hug. She clears through a building with him as she does and says, "Did ya know, I'm actually tougher than I am strong…are you?" And then she proceeds to whip her head back and then suddenly forward right for his face. Repeatedly. Seems like she's going for a multiple headbutt manuever.

« Trying? Won't… but I will blame you for failing » replies Nate, grinning even though they are crashing through walls. The head-butting him gives him pause, though. But the truth is his skull is pretty hard even without telekinesis. Ask anyone.

"I noticed, and *felt* that," he growls, grabbing her by the neck to prevent further head-smashing. "Not strong enough, I think." And he pushes her, trying to smash her head through one of the metal beams of the building. Check how tough she is anyway.

Still not releasing him? Then he switches to a point-blank telepathic blast.

An oof comes out of her as her head goes through the beam or at least into it and she growls. She tries to strain against his arm but then attempts to turn them into a building to smash into another one, "Yeah, well, I felt all those fuc-" and then she is cut off by a mental slam of that blast. She winces and finally loosens her grip enough that he might could pull loose. None the less she isn't down or out. She simply falls back away from him and shakes her head, "Yeah?" She holds her skull and then attempts to rush back into him to spear him into a wall again.

"Language, you are a lady, aren't you?" Taunts Nate, his eyes narrowing when she manages to shake off his psychic attack. This close it would have killed a normal human. He is pretty sure he crushed all her psychic defenses there, and still Monet is coming.

He laughs and steps back -phasing- through the wall and letting Monet crash through it.

When she does, he is waiting, punching her quickly. Head, then midsection. He doesn't have her raw speed, but he has almost ten years of intensive martial arts training and experience in real fights with super-human opponents.

And he prefers this kind of close-quarters fighting, really. It is not the most efficient way to use his powers, but he is a very good hand-to-hand fighter.


Nate stops at the announcement. "Damn, time flies when one is having fun."

Monet winces with each punch and stumbles back, shuddering as she feels the hits. She then stumbles a step and holds her head. She winces and looks to the left and right. Shaking her head as she tries to fight cobwebs and pain. She then looks up at him and then at the announcement. It's clear there's a moment when she clenches her fists and seems to be moving to a step of wanting to continue attacking. She then takes a breath and stands up straight, looking at her clothes, "My outfit is ruined." She nods her head. Before she looks at him and winces again, her head spinning a little, "Well…" She nods her head, "I suppose you can fight with me in Genosha." She nods her head and then reaches up to flip her hair back out of her face.

"It is? Hmm," Nate reaches with telekinesis, restoring the outfit to its original form without apparent effort. The dust and dirt covering them also vanishes as the buildings and streets fade away.

Some bruises, pained muscles and general exhaustion remains. Nate rubs his forehead where Monet hit him, but looks generally pleased with himself. "Damn, girl. You are pretty tough; I bet you could give Rogue a run for her money. I will tell Illyana you are coming to Genosha. Scott won't like it, but I can handle his ire. Won't be the first time."

A look to Nate, and the girl nods her head. She shifts in her spot and then nods as she turns her gaze over to the exit, "Well, if that's all." She looks down at her outfit and squints at him, "Though I'm not sure how I feel about you messing with my clothes like that." She nods her head and then turns her eyes back for the exit and heads out, "I'll see you down there then. Just let me know when you need me in advance."

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