A Practice in Futility

February 16, 2018:

Cyclops and Lorna have a bit of a disagreement, broken up by an assassination attempt.

Genosha, Carrion Cove, X-Embassy


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Genosha - The Carrion Cove - X-Embassy

The weather of Genosha is decidely much better than that in upstate New York right now. The progress Magneto is making against Zealot noticable, just about every mutate on the island has started to switch allegiance, solidify their stance. The grand mixture of variety here in the Cove is a sample of what things could be, humans, mutates, mutants, everyone working together coexisting. It is a shame it is refugees, offisland opportunists and warmongers gathering.

Scott stands with his hands on his hips, staring out from the balcony, a clench of his jaw and the X-Men's brow is furrowed beyond the visor, underneath that cowl that shows only mouth and blends to his outfit, too warm, hes usually prepared for such things. This is a routine check up, a carry through and his own test at the Limbo portal. He would rather not be a constant worry and stress over everything his team employs but putting their guard down, getting comfortable… that usually is an invitation for the worst.


Lorna had every intention of heading to the X-Embassy to check through the portal if the packages Pepper had promised to send her way had arrived yet. The weather was gorgeous, and she slipped from her Acolyte guards with practiced intent. It wasn't easy, but she'd had enough practice at it. If they were particularly intent on keeping her in sight, she knew that they'd have her well and truly on lock down.

So long as she returned before too long, it rarely got reported to Magneto these days. So long as she stayed in relatively 'safe' areas in Genosha. (Mostly well away from the mountains where Zealot likely kept).

The green haired mutant barely spotted Scott above with a blink of her eyebrows. A glance around her once, and Lorna lifted herself up to the balcony. It wasn't as if she had to hide who she was. Not here. Not in Genosha.

She wore a simple black tank top and pair of green cargo pants, and pair of sandals. "Hey.. Cyclops."


"Polaris. One of the people I was wanting to see." Scott replies, not intending to sound clipped but he often does. "You look good, how is the kid coming along?" He says this before actually turning to look at her. Bad Cyclops. Distracted is an obvious but then it is hard to tell when he is looking at someone or not. This is a thing he often uses to his advantage.

"Carrion Cove looks very happy murder fun right now. At least someones decided to keep up on the flowers." A motion towards the garden outside the suite, not trampled by all the traffic of the cove. The new age ultra-modern Nasau its become lately.


Lorna arched a green eyebrow as Scott mentioned how he'd wanted to see her. Oh boy. Likely about the Tony Stark and company incident. She knew Nate had taken off to report it as soon as Tony had arrived the first time..

Still, she smiled faintly as he asked after the kid and she pressed a hand against her lower abdomen. "It's still there. I think in another month my wedding dress won't fit properly. Or rather I might need to get it let out. Maybe. I dunno how fast that all works. It's conjecture at the moment." She drawled and shrugged, reaching up to push a tangle of green hair from her features.

"There's been a real push for the garden in Hammer Bay. Mutants or mutates with powers that encourage plant growth. We should be working on mor edible plants.. but oh well…"


"When is the wedding by the way?" Scott asks, looking at her stomach then her face. His hands leaving his hips to settle across his chest in a lazy 'akimbo' hang, hands folded over biceps and forearms.

"At least you're not struggling for a budget. I don't think we have ever been able to tackle that aspect of your father, going after money for some works, bankers don't enjoy being associated with terrorists for example, your father though, sneaky, frugile." There is a grudging respect for Scott towards Erik. Always will be of course.

"How are you and Marcos?" Small talk still. The catch up. The usual… he is being polite at least.


Lorna shrugged, "I dunno. The plan had been for the end of the month, but Illyana wanted to handle Zealot before the wedding. That was her deal breaker I guess. So. Whenever he's handled. I'd rather not have him come in and ruin my wedding.. Thin time line to plan for though. Darcy has been on top of the details. I don't really know how that's going. I don't really care. I was about ready to elope otherwise.." She grinned sheepishly, shoving her hands into her pants-pocket.

"Mmm, I wonder if he got some of the gold from the Nazis he spent time hunting.. I dunno where he gets his money, honestly. He has it. And the ability to see it change hands, obviously.." She shook her head and shrugged with a short rise and fall of her shoulders. "Plus the Danes.. if I cared to invite them, had plenty of money. I just don't have jack shit personally." She grimaced and wrinkled her nose. The problems of going to college, and then working for Jamie of all people for a few short months before moving in with 'daddy dearest'.

A faint smile pulled at her lips as she glanced down at the askance of her and Marcos. "We're well enough. Our schedules are all over the place. With council meetings, and my having to handle trade deals and people.. refugees, rebuilding.. supplies.. It's been enough to make it difficult sometimes to get us in the same room for long awake and coherent."


"A good call, elope might even be easier." Scott says, a memory flickers through his mind of himself and Jean in that future far away, between Savage Land and the world of now, funny enough, the origins of Cable. A quirk of his lips and it fleets through his mind, times of past are much different from the times of now.
"Less publicity for sure. You're a celebrity here."

"Nazi gold, wouldn't shock me. They are still digging up old Polish settlements looking for that train Herbert Klose witnessed. 1944 though… a long time ago." He trails off. "You're quite entrenched. So is he." There is wariness in his tone on this subject change.

"What happened with Stark? I have to ask. I have the AAR. Just sometimes it's better to hear it from source, lets me visualize a little more."

Scott's talking to her but his head is turning, hes looking at the streets and a cart being drawn by a robotic construct, a mule. Genosha is full of advanced technological wonders where mutates weren't available to fill in. More common now with slavery abolished on the mid and southern reaches of the island nation. North of the mountains still of course Magistrate territory and strong. For now…


Another rise and fall of her shoulders as Lorna leaned back against the balcony railing and considered, her head tilting back briefly as she crossed her arms. "Marcos didn't want to. Elope that is. And it is a useful tool to bring eyes onto Genosha in a positive way. Plus I have a feeling Darcy would never forgive me." She grinned faintly at that thought, though it faded as the conversation continued.

"It would make sense at least in part. And would be fitting, I think. It was a long time ago, but he's old. He's been around a long time. And he looks young enough to be around a long while yet." Her brows furrowed faintly at that in consideration. She knew why. Magneto's ties to the magnetic fields.. Her own.. made her wonder. Made her wonder if she would live well into old age. Still physically fit and healthy.. Would she too, wield powers on that level then? Or would they be stronger?

Her hand subconciously rubbed against lower stomach in thought, a nervous tick that had developed recently. Still, as Scott asked after Tony she shrugged. "He came looking for Stark Tech here. He tracked some to the Magistrates. I tried to warn him that Magneto would spin it. I couldn't meet him in time. Report got around and before I knew it Magneto was there, and I couldn't do a thing to stop it." She sighed heavily, a grimace pulling at her lips.

"Not that Stark listened. Still. I've been working with his secretary, Miss Potts. To trade out Magneto's weapons for supplies. Not that he needs weapons." And eyeroll at that.


"The Magistrates must be getting desparate if they're starting to rely on foreign technology. They've always prided themself on their Genosha superiority. Which is leaps and bounds ahead of even a lot of our own military's hardware, in some instances. This is, in a sense evolution, I wonder how their generals and commanders felt having to suck that one up and go after Starktech of all things." Cyclops can find some amusement in that, minor as it is.

A sigh at Magneto's name again Scott looks back at that automated helper, many months ago that would be a mutate like Marr, large, muscled, bald and in a body suit hauling things around, commanded about by even children.
"It is getting harder to ignore Genosha. What is going on here should have never been ignored but now, that somethings been done… "
A twist of his lips, "We're not entirely okay, by the way, Polaris. That stunt with leaving me after I insisted we go to Moira, not cool."


Lorna shrugged mutedly at the commentary about the Stark tech. "He said they were using it as a basis, parts of it at least, to build off of. To create more. He took it personally, and wants to get it back. All of it. Regardless of who has it. I can't fault him for that. Even if it was foolish to give Magneto that opportunity." She trailed off, falling silent again as Scott spoke.

A glance was placed to the automated helper as he looked and then a green eyed glance back at the older mutant as he called her out on her previous behavior. She scowled. A fine, thin line of pursed lips followed as she pushed off the balcony.

"I said I didn't feel comfortable being a plane Scott, and you didn't listen to me. With my powers being unstable, a plane is the last place I should be in with anyone. Okay? I freaked out and you didn't listen. So I did what I had to do to calm down. I'm not sorry for that."


"And you think taking your child through a Hell Dimension is the better call? The Blackbird is prepared for all sorts of unexpected attacks, inside and out. The X-Men are prepared for these things. We've transported some ridiculous things inside of her. Hell, Rogue was there and could have carried the damn thing to Muir Island if we ran in to trouble." Scott says with a blank tone, no anger, no anything. He's already sorted that out.
"I am not expecting an apology, I am telling you right now, the X-Men and it's assets, we're a team, a team works together and is held accountable for one another, you keep denying your part of us. You're not. Play along or draw that hardline. We have your best interests in mind and are not new to this." A break, a stare at the scowl, "Danger is our purview. Sticking our neck on the line to help a friend and a child, thats exactly the sort of thing we are in this for."

An turn of Cyclops head and thrusting a hand out to SHOEV Lorna aside. A sudden KRAZZOOOOM crack of crimson red energy and a burst of concussive force around tem, an explosion rattles the building adjacent to them, a man in armor topples from the top of it, falling in a streamer of smoke, two more men leaping from the impact with jump jet assisted leaps. Near Lorna's feet there is a scorche mark, the trajectry of the burns say it was a laser shot fired from those three individuals. Two now.

"Call security forces. Two are mobile." Scott says quickly, firing another shot out quickly that goes wide. Arcs up over one of them to disappear in to Genoshan skies. They are retreating, fast, cybernetic assassins…


Lorna's scowl remained, anger rising in her expression as her arms fell to her sides and she stepped toward Scott. "And I'm telling you that it was the wrong call to put me in a plane! I can't have your death on my conscious too—" Anything further broke off as she was suddenly shoved aside and stumbled back and barely caught herself with a magnetic pull on the area around her. Her eyes going wide as explosions hit the building next to them and smoke blanketed the area. She stared, breathing hard at the scorch mark on the balcony and cursed.

A snarl pulled at her lips, a twisting of fury pulling at her expression as she flung her arms out and stretched out her powers, hoping to catch onto whatever metal the two had… Meanwhile, the little drone that Stark had given her, flew up and out of one of the larger pockets of her cargo-pants and twirled, rolling around her.

"Rolly, get the security." She called, already leaping in the air to chase after the assailants.


Magnetically held midair, defiant of gravity the female would be assassin jerks around, arms and legs kicking as components all along her battle armor are clutched by magnetic grip. A twist and a jerk, she screams out, "GENOSHA!" A loud long cry and shes pulling a pin out. "DIE GENETRASH!" Tick. Tick. A particle bomb, it's already starting to burble out in popping bursts.
"Shit, HIGHER! Throw her up! UP!" Scott shouts, dashing past Lorna to give chase on foot, running through Carrion Cove streets as he follows that rooftop leaper. No reply given to Polaris and her stubborn response, whats said has been said. Scott and Lorna are just going to remain at that state of agree to disagree. It won't stop the man from doing what he does.

The non suicidal leaper is jump boosting higher, soaring in the air and gliding towards the western side of Genosha, landing on a buidling and grinding to a stop, spinning around to splay out hands, wrist launchers firing off mini-rockets that crackle pop in the air, ejecting smoke in all directions. A smoke screen. They're still attempting escape.


Lorna's pulse thrummed in her veins, argument forgotten as she held her hands out and kept the woman on magnetic lock down. She wasn't going to be moving far when trapped by the green haired woman's fields. The pin was sensed as the woman screamed out for Genosha and hurled insults. Hands twisted in the air and Lorna threw the woman, and bomb as far and as high as she could manage in the split seconds that Scott shouted at her to do so. Old habits die hard, and the habit of listening to Scott when he told her to do something was years ingrained. Espeically in combat.

Even as Lorna flew closer to maintain control and possibly shield the rest of the population from the fall out of the blast with her magnetic fields, green flickering at her finger tips she could feel her powers wobble. Feel the first bubblings of the child's influence on her powers. Her heart was pounding, she wasn't scared, but how could the baby know that?


The toss elevates the woman free of any casualties below, the particle bomb amplified in it's destructive capabilities as not only it ignites but so does additional carry on munitions. A thunderclap followed by crackling pops. Windows near the fireflower in the sky shatter, trees bow and bend and the air glitters with particle fragments. It is an impressive explosion. One that Lorna's shields cause to push in on itself, warbling in the skies like a mirage around the churning blast. It's a lingering several seconds that it hovers there before fading entirely to a speck of dust that was once an assassin.

Scott has to actually climb to reach the rooftop and by the time he gets there, the smoke screen has already managed it's purpose and given that third attacker the option for escape. Cyclops is already patching himself in to the Genoshan SecForces line, giving a detailed report of the attack and description of the one who escaped, as well as location of the gunman. His long stride carrying him back towards Polaris, "Status?" He inquires, not bothering to head back to the first attacker, mercenary samaratins and close by Gen-SecForces are already on the man, who is still unconscious, hopefully not dead. Little time in that initial optic blast to pull it like he wanted to.


Lorna held her position for a long moment as the blast rocked through the air, the thunderclap blasting through and super heating the air around her even past her shields. Green hair flapped around her in the gusts and wind. Her ears rung from the after shock and she had to struggle to maintain focus enough to hold the shields up as the blast rocketed through the area.

But it was fast, even with her ears ringing, Lorna lowered herself down to the ground as Scott came running up along the road. She exhaled a breath, rubbing her temple by her ear with a grimace.

"I wasn't fast enough to keep her from pulling the pin. I'm fine though. We're both fine. I give it another minute before my body guards come running up in a hover craft though." She grimaced faintly at that, her nose wrinkling.


Cyclops comes to a halt beside Lorna, a hand lowering to her shoulder for support as she lowers down, "Positive?" He asks only before looking at the incoming bodyguard unit, Acolytes. Scott's first time seeing them as her entorage he stares long and hard before looking at Polaris, "How many assassination attempts they try your way in a week?" Part joke-part serious.

"Lets head inside, enough sun for me." He'll assist her up with that same hand shifting to her arm and then linking with her elbow, whether she likes it or not. They may not always see eye to eye, but thats just their way, on both sides. End of the day, Scott's very firm in his resolve she is one of /them/. Plus, he is a gentleman where it counts.


Lorna exhaled a breath, "A little more and the little Lodestone, as Darcy calls it, might've thrown a fit." She murmured, her heart rate still rocketing in her veins as she tried to slow her breathing. At least, living with Magneto meant that her powers going out of control was limited. Whenever she got pissed and reacted, or panicked.. Magneto didn't even have to lift a hand to halt the sudden heady rush of power that came to her fingertips. It was frustrating in the extreme, but a comfort. So long as she remained near him, she wasn't going to accidentally ruin any buildings or kill anyone caught in a magnetic blast.

It was part of why she had panicked so very much when Scott had tried to get her on a plane. She had killed her mother in one, according to Magneto. She didn't wan a repeat. Not that she had told any of the X-men. No one besides Marcos.

Even as he joked about the assassination attempt she rolled her eyes. "Uhh, maybe two or three times a week outside of the Spire? It's not plastic butter knives anymore.." She muttered, her voice dry even as she let Scott tug her into the Embassy and link arms with her.

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