Blue Atlantis

April 18, 2015:

Rowan, Ulani and Mera meet up to discuss the current state of things

DMD Research Facility


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Rowan often looks in on DMD even if he doens't visit it quite as much. It's… something he decided to do. Guarded these surfacers. It helps that one of his own views the place as important but even so he felt after he met them that they really did deserve protection. The waters around it are outside Atlantean borders though which make the place ideal for meetings. Like the one he's going to have shortly. Ulani of the Blue had wanted to discuss matters of the sea with him and, if he's not mistaken, also with Mera. And he himself is curious to know how things are proceeding in Atlantis. He's… mostly stayed clear, uncertain if he's welcome.

Ulani has only been to this location once before, to inspect it with Rowan. Hydraporting the distance from the Blue city to DMD, she approaches the facility making sure that she is obvious.

It's a Research facility, and unknown to Rowan and Mera, Ulani has a deep mistrust of these types of places. It was a place like this, where she lost her parents.

Regardless, the Blue Envoy swims gracefully to the entrance Rowan had shown her, in one hand is two mesh sacks. The last time they were here, Rowan had knocked on the 'door', she'll do the same.

Mera approaches from the direction of Atlantis, moving along at a good clip while having a telepathic conversation with Arthur. She slows as she reaches the Surfacer outpost and then calls a greeting toward Ulani aloud. "Ulani. Hello."

Rowan is just inside talking to the people there. The 'airlock is opened, allowed to flood with water and then closed and drained when the two women are inside. It's an odd sensation to be sure but the other Blue is right there when the inner door opens. "Glad you both could make it. The people here have agreed to let us use one of their conference, uh, bubbles."

"Hello, Your Majesty" Ulani stands in the airlock and looks distinctly uncomfortable as the water drains. "Thank you for arranging it, Rowan." The term he uses doesn't really register but she inclines her head and waits for him to lead on.

The mesh bags may be dripping on the deck.

Mera looks around as she and Ulani exit the airlock, having been inside this facility only once before, and then she'd not been all that concerned with the decor. "I got the impression that this meeting was of some urgency, Rowan." She eyes the mesh bags curiously, but only for a moment and then doesn't comment on them at all.

Rowan nods. "It is… sort of." He motions for the other two to follow him into the observation room, which has a good view of the very dark deep waters around. "I know you wished to know more of the surface world… the news came on shortly before I called you. The President of the United States, one of the more… important and powerful surfacer leaders, was killed today."

Mera's eyeing the bag in the Blue Envoys hand calls her attention to them. "These are for you both. I collected them on my way here. But they should be in water." There's a collection of delicacies, including Mera's favourite black urchins.

Turning on Rowans news, stopping her inspection of the room, Ulani frowns "That… would seem rather troubling." At least it would in the Blue community.

Mera can only appear unsettled by this news, and she's quiet for a bit as she relays the information to Arthur. Presumably. It's not like she's using a cell phone or something to converse with her husband.

Rowan sits down in a nearby seat. Oh! Snacks. Snacks are good… "We can eat them and then it won't be a problem Ulani. And it is troubling. I am given to understand that the violent removal of such a leader is not common. The nation will go on alert and the political disposition of it's people is now uncertain. Which might be problematic for Atlantis given…"

"The recent troubles." Ulani glances at Mera and sets the sacks on a table, opening them so the group can snack as they talk. Taking a seat herself, she shakes her head "I know so little of Surfacer politics. We may look like surfacers but the structure of our society appears to be very different."

Mera takes a seat at the table as well and promptly claims an urchin, but is more disturbed by this news than she openly lets on, if the way she's just plucking at the poor urchin is any indication. "Atlantis is nowhere close to recovered from the recent troubles, and this will only make matters that much worse. There were no indications of why someone would want to assassinate this president?" The ease with which she asks the question implies she was relaying it from Arthur.

"No one has said yet. It only happened a few hours ago." Rowan says quietly. "But I have no doubt it will be made more clear in the coming days." He glances at Ulani. "Is there any indication on the Blue's stance on Atlantis changing? Or…" With tensions where they are, any Atlantean move that's too aggressive, even in their own defense, might push his people toward war.

"I'm sorry to hear that, your Majesty" and Ulani truly is. Unrest due to the recent troubles must be unsettling for the monarchs and people alike. She takes an anenome from the bag and picks at it absently, considering Rowans words. "They are cautious, Rowan and I have no reason to believe they have changed for better or worse" It's one reason they've sent her out… and increased her writ … maybe the connection with the Atlantean monarch could help.

"There are groups that would prefer we have an more open and friendly relationship with Atlantis but, people are still worried." Scared more like, but she won't say that.

Mera nods. "That seems to be the general consensus. Arthur was in the process of improving relations between Atlantis and the Blue, but then all of this happened. I just hope the setbacks are not permanent." She finally starts plucking the spines from the urchin in earnest, creating a small pile of them.

"Ulani would be a better person to ask about that." Rowan notes. "But from what I hear Orm really wrecked things. The Blue are worried they'll get seconded to Atlantis, or worse, dragged into a war with the surface." No one wants that. And they're willing to fight to stay out of it. Even if it means making sure Atlantis knows it's not welcome in the Pacific anymore.

Mera shakes her head, looking at Ulani almost beseechingly. "That will never happen. Arthur has been working on restoring relations with the Blue, and now I'm worried this will make them even worse."

Still picking at the anenome she choose, Ulani nods to Rowan "Just that… the Blues are independant and want to remain so. And whilst they can make war, they would prefer not to. Particularly with a enemy they do not know and do not know, if they want to know." She looks at Mera and sighs, she knows how the other woman feels she thinks "That's why I'm here… to get to know the surface and Atlantis, in a way that 'official channels' can't." she shrugs "I won't lie, Atlantis' response to this latest surface event, will make a difference. Not the event itself, the Blue are well aware the surface is … different… but how Atlantis responds." She thinks about the invasion Orm launched against the surface recently and what that might have meant to the Blue.

The Dragon Blue feels, honestly, really bad for Mera. She's in an awful position but there's nothing he can do right now to make it better other than be her advocate. She and Arthur really are the best of Atlantis. Unfortunately, that's come to mean that all the rest of Atlantis is worse. Much worse. His opinion of their entire people has sunk pretty low.

Mera nods to Ulani. "I cannot speak for Arthur, not officially, but I suspect the reacton to this news is going to be very much like what we're doing now. Concentrating on Atlantis first, and likely only contacting the Surface or the Blue to let them know that we are recusing ourselves from the situation to avoid making things worse on all sides. There has been too much strife already."

Ulani looks to Rowan "What do you think?" She's interested, he's come from a different dimension and spent time with these Surfacers. They even seem to like him.

Nodding at Mera, the Blue Envoy considers "That… I think, is a good plan." Ulani herself will be relaying her own thoughts via her superiors. Mera has struck the woman as reasonable, more than reasonable, and the fact that she's willing to talk with Ulani and visit the surface… stands her in good stead.

Rowan hopes they're given that luxury. He suspects that if the surfacer military establishment is anything like the ones he is familiar with there was a lot of talk in their circles about how to deal with the emergent threat that Atlantis represented and perhaps more than a little speculation about… pre-emptive action. With their political structure in flux, who can say what will come next?

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