Because I'm Batman!

February 13, 2018:

Scott and Rogue meet with Batman to discuss some mutant activities that are concerning the Dark Knight.


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The New York City Subway and Long Island Rail Road service both connect up at the park's northern end, it is here that the awning over benches provides more darkness and cover for clandestine meetings such as these.

Cyclops wears his visor, a trenchcoat and underneath his body suit of course,Rogue has met this Bat of Gotham before, Scott has never personally had the pleasure, it is all stories and paths that never intersect. Hands thrust in to his pockets the X-Men's leader is staring out across the expansive park grounds. It is dark out, the early mornings of around 4 AM. This provides less traffic, less possibilities of unwanted encounters and less of a headache in general.

"You sure he is not a vampire?" The man questions his companion, they have been here before, plenty of times, the Shea Stadium not far off past the fountains and walkways hosts games and Scott's favorite person to haul to ballgames is of course Rogue. Someone has to suffer American sports with him and shes his default 'lady bro'.


Rogue is wearing a black leather jacket with a green scarft wrapped around her neck and a black hoodie is on beneath that, her pants are a dark grey denim and her leather boots are tied by green and yellow laces. The young mutant's two-toned hair is tied into braided pigtails that intertwine brown/white hair throughout the braids down to their tips that hang against her leather covered chest.

Rogue's green eyes look over to Scott, black eyeliner making the pale green pupils stand out even sharper. A smile cracks across her pink lips and when she speaks, steamy breath puffs out from between them in the cold air. "He didn't ask t'suck my blood, if thats what you're gettin' at." She says in her husky southern voice, near-pitached at a whisper level though still laced with that sultry flavor of hers.


Unlike Rogue and Cyclops, Batman had been doing recon here for almost two hours before they arrived. With the Joker on the loose in New York, it would only take one mistake for him to be ambushed by the psychopath.

So, when the two finally arrived, he was up amongst the park trees, silently. After five minutes to be sure there was nothing untowards going on, his grapnel launched up into the air at a tree behind the two, and pulled him into position behind them. Then, he starts to walk over.

His black and red batsuit are silent as he keeps out of their line of sight. Until eventually he's about ten feet behind them. "Rogue, Cyclops." The Bat greets out of nowhere with his scrambled voice, his red eye lenses betraying nothing of his eye expressions, his exposed jaw locked in neutral.

If it weren't for the fluttering cape, they could easily mistake Batman for a statue.


Cyclops lips draw to one side in a tight pull, "Too much rebel in your veins maybe?" That crimson slit glides a singular red dot over Rogue while he pivots to face the source of the voice. The man's stealth acknowledged, the mutant really has no idea how long he may have been standing there or when he got within ten feet of them.

"Batman." Cyclops replies, a first time use it sounds awkward coming out of his mouth, booted feet space slightly apart and his arms fold up over his chest, the tall X-Man lifting his chin up to regard the Dark Knight, studying him s anyone would a possible threat and something new. Sizing him up as it were.

"Enjoying the change of scenery?" Monotone and mechanical sounding despite the attempt at civil.


The young woman in the black leather jacket with the pigtails can't help but just smile devilishly back at Scott. "Perhaps… I told him how my mucation towkr sthough, so perhaps he's just afraid'a me?" She teases a little further in her flirtatious tone before she realizes that 'he' has arrived and when Scott turns to greet him, so does she.

Rogue's pale greens are now on the form of the dark and menacing Gotham Detective and she just shoots him a smile as well, then lifts one black gloved hand up out of her jacket's side pocket and wavies her covered fingers at him.

"Bonjour, beau gosse." Rogue says to the Batman in her honey-hued French accented voice.


Cyclops gets his attention briefly, then Rogue speaks to him, and he looks in her direction. "Peut-tre qu'il devrait demander si vous aimez le paysage, pas moi." Despite the voice scrambler, his accent is perfect and fluent as Rogues, perhaps more so.

Then, he starts to walk around the bench, looking Cyclops over himself. Batman isn't making any sudden movements… but Cyclops can tell this is a man in supreme self control… and is an incredibly dangerous opponent with his demeanor, the way he carries himself. There's an aura of intimidation around him that he exudes almost passively, like a predator waiting to strike. "Normally, I try not to get involved in mutant affairs. I help where I can, but attaching Batman to events would imply commitments I will probably not be able to honor, with the situation in Gotham."

He reaches down into his utility belt, then tosses a device on the ground… and a holographic image of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch pops up, "Then, these two came into my city while I was handling other matters, and added more chaos to a city that doesn't need it." Batman gives a look to Rogue, then back to Cyclops.

"I'm here to get a read on the situation with these two. Your team has been known to get involved with out of control mutants, along with the ones in Genosha. I'm here as an olive branch, and for cooperation on my end."


"You bonded over being vampires?" Scott heckles Rogue with a whispered counter. Soften the severity around her mutant gift. It's when Batman speaks up that the quiet exchange for him ceases entirely. The presence Batman cultivates around his totemic attire and fear factor not unnoticed by Cyclops, it's a good tactic for the lowly, the superstitious and those easily unnerved. The X-Men gathered are no such things, nor are they enemies.

Theres a mental state cultivated by martial arts experts and discipline masters like Scott and Bruce, /Mushin no shin/ or a state of 'no mind', it is incorporated in to much of Xavier's teaching techniques and the eldest Summer's own explorations in to self-improvement, it's a quiet battle of wills, a movement through space, a practiced silent battle engaged between two men who have elevated themselves to something enlightened. Nothing superhuman about it nor extranormal.

Scott's stoic expression loosens up again, lips parting just ever so slightly, "Our worlds are bound to overlap, the Brotherhood." A nod towards the displayed images, "Have never been ones to respect any form of boundaries, implied or otherwise. I am glad to see you're taking them seriously."

"Our involvement in Genosha?" A dark brow beyond the visor inches up, thats a secret. Not a locked and sealed one but one that takes some intelligence to discern, "We're always willing to cooperate if the aims are well intended. What kind of assistance are you seeking from the X-Men?"


A glance given to Scott, a look back to Batman and a big grin given to the Dark Knight. "Perhaps." Rogue says smoothly back at the armored man's fluent French, she was impressed… but not surprised.

At the rest of the exchange between Bat and Cyke, Rogue stays quiet though she does look to the image of Pietro and Wanda… Wanda she recognaizes, Rogue had escorted her around the Mansion about a year ago… and when she DOES recognize the Scarlet Witch, she looks back onto Scott to show that she sure-enough had at least some interaction with one of the holo-imaged duo.

Rogue exhales again and she shakes her head at the very -word- of 'Genosha'. She bites down lightly on her pink lowerlip and then puts her pale grees eyes back onto the cowled Batman… wordless for now.


"You and yours like to keep it low key, but I have my sources. Because I'm Batman." Batman replies when Scott tries to play it off. "I keep up to date on most of the goings on in the world." Batman keys his wrist-comp, and the image switch to Genosha; a satellite based map of it, "I have no reason to suspect they're on the island now, but the civil war there would make it easy to hide amongst the chaos without a more hands on approach to verify… one which I am not prepared to escalate yet." Then, Batman looks back to Scott, "So, I come to you."

"Do you have any idea of their current operation, plans, locations, or safehouses? I need to have-" There's a pause. He's either searching for the right words, or giving some theatricality to it. It's hard to tell. "-a chat with them. Most of my resources lately have been tied up with the situation in Gotham."


/Because I am Batman/ Cyclop's other brow now joins the first. It's an answer of a sort. After the grid was taken out by Illyana's team satellites around the world began collecting data on Genoshan topography, a thing once never possible until the X-Men's coup. "You have an impressive resource network." The obvious pointed out and acknowledged.

"They're unlikely to hide, they're out to make statements, they want attention."

"The Brotherhood, these two especially are a massive danger and right now they're flexing, showing off just how truly terrifying unchecked mutants can be… The positive in this is when they're active you… WE will all know. Unfortunately Quicksilver, is a speedster and his sister, Scarlet Witch is something else entirely, unpredictable mutant gifts couples with the occult, I can't exactly give you specifics on their capabilities, but this says it's near impossible to track them unless you can find a pattern or they get careless and leave us a clue to where they are going or have been. So far they haven't done that."

Scott's jaw tightens in a clench then relaxes, mulling his next words, "Good luck on that chat. They'll tear you apart unless you're prepared, I can assist you with data we have collected but safehouses, locations, plans, we have none of these things and the Brotherhood is a loose tribe, it is hard to say who or what they're working through, I can give you old safehouses we have ransacked or consider but odds are they may not even belong to them."

A look over to Rogue as if staring at her is helping him think, studying the woman's face through his usual red haze, "We can inquire of several someones, what turns up we will give you alongside past research and encounters we have documented of the twins but really… legwork is heavily required as of yet and the unfortunate is, before we have anything concrete they will already be strking again."
"Hurry up and wait as they say."


Rogue couldn't help but grin at the words from the Batman, about himself. Something about that brash arrogance was charming in a way and it amused her, reminded her of herself is she had such a flare for the theatrics as this caped and cowled crusader has.

The pigtailed mutant spares a glance over at Scott and then back to Batman. "If it gets bad, all I gotta do is get one naked hand on either of'em and they'll be out like a light. Speedster or otherwise. Which means we got'em in a position t'contain them and question them when they wake up."

Her shoulders shrug inside of her black leather jacket and she glances back to Scott. "Otherwise, it just sounds like the usual Brotherhood-affair. Find powerful mutants and train'em to be a massive nightmare." She looks back to Batman and cracks a light grin. "I speak from experience on that."


"Patterns are easy if they have a goal in mind. We just need them to come out into the open more, and I'll be able to find it." Batman notes, before he keys his wrist-comp again, and a picture of the planet appears… red dots spread out over it. "This is their known timeline over the last year. They claim to be speaking for mutantkind, yet they haven't been spotted at all in the mutant communities of Gotham." Batman gives a small smirk, "It's a lovely bit of face value propaganda though, I'll give them that."

Then, Batman reaches into his utility belt, and pulls out a thumb drive, offering it to Scott, "This is all the information I have on them right now. You can count on me as an ally for dealing with them… including coming up with a countermeasure. The strategies I've prepared for Speed Force using speedsters might not work against Quicksilver, but we can try. Scarlet Witch… she's the more dangerous one, with her ability to warp reality, best as I can tell. But, her reaction time is at a human level, best I can tell. She can probably be dealt with with a stealth approach."

Then, Batman looks back to Cyclops visor, right in the 'eyes'. "Give me everything you can on them as it is, and I'll see what I can find. I usually find things others miss."


"Right, unfortunately nothing usual or typical about these two. This is a birthright for them after all."

"Rogue has your contact information, we can work through her to get you what we can release." The thumbdrive is taken up in gloved fingers, turned over slowly, not inspecting it just manuevering it between digits.

"They are not the only threat in this, we're seeing them of course, thats what they want, they're waking the dragon. The Brotherhood has been lying low, scattered and unmotivated, propaganda yes, this is them rallying the flag in addition to their mayhem. New Brotherhood are going to answer their call. You will have to consider the next you run in to them, they may not be alone. Likely not to be even… I imagine you have already deduced that though." The drive is shoved in to a hidden pocket inside his outer coat, "We're at your call though, we'll return to you what we can, exchange data we have collected and try to forumate a plan of action for when they show, the DEO is gunning for them but they won't be able to lock them down, I have my doubts that they will remain still long enough to be caught without some serious combined effort. When they are caught… "

Scott lets it trail off and looks at Rogue, "We should get back if we want to beat the morning rush, suns is going to rise soon."

A tip of his chin up to Gotham's Champion in an 'upnod', "Batman."


Rogue softly nods at what Scott adds onto Batman's rundown, she looks between the two of them. "Mystique's Brotherhood… thats what I know. Mystique was training me to be her top lieutenant… when I was with her, but that was a long time ago now. Ten years since I left. So if she is no longer running this group then, well." Rogue's shoulders shrug inside of her jacket. "I can give it my best efforts to try'n find contacts, afterall… people never change, right?" She grins softly then.

When Scott talks of them heading out she draws in a breath. "You still owe me coffee though, so we're not headed -straight- home." She has to add to him with a big grin.


There's a look to Rogue. There's a brief moment there, before he looks back to Cyclops, "The contact information on that thumb drive will be more efficient for both of us. As it is, this is an acceptable arrangement."

Then, Batman keys his wrist-comp once more, before he goes to grab his holoprojector. A few seconds later, and the two can hear the sound of a muffled stealth aircraft coming in quickly, before Batman raises his right arm… and fires a grapple into the air. "I'll be in touch."

Batman disappears into the air as the Batwing does a flyby, catching his line on a receiver mechanism that starts to pull him into the cockpit, even as it flies off south, from the city.


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