Deep End of the Pool

February 12, 2018:

Nate and Lorna chat with Monet about Zealot and decide to go practice in the Danger Room

Xavier's mansion


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Lorna had just gotten back from borrowing a car to visit Ms. Pepper Potts. It had been faster and easier, but the end result was now it was late and she was tired. Beyond tired. The time zone shift from Genosha to New York was always rough, but having to drive to Long Island and back was even worse. The green haired woman peeled off her jacket, still dressed in a button up black shirt and green slacks and a pair of dress boots.

A yawn escaped her and she went toward the kitchen, flicking on lights as she went with a wave of her hand, and shutting them off behind her.

Coffee. She needed coffee.


"Tony Stark is my hero," comments Nate, apparently reading something in the tablet and feeling the need to inform everyone around of his opinion. "But I think Mags outsmarted him, and Cap too. What the hell? The Avengers are now pro-Magneto. That gotta be bullshi… Lorna!"

Because Lorna knows stuff about Genosha. Right? Nate thought himself well-informed, but didn't expect Iron Man showing up to fight Sentinels. "What is going on, Princess?" Because yes, Lorna is going to be teased about 'the princess' thing for a while.


Appearing from a doorway, currently Monet is dressed in a pair of shorts and a simple shirt that's straps leave her shoulders and arms bare. She walks in looking rather, well, at home to a degree but then she's always had a talent for looking as she wishes. She looks at Nate and then at Lorna before nodding at both, "Afternoon." She nods her head and then looks where Lorna is going and states, "I could use some coffee as well." Then she glances at Lorna and tilts her head, "Princess?"


Lorna waved a hand toward the coffee machine, turning it on with a glow of green at her finger tips. A glance was spared in Nate's direction, followed by an eyeroll. "Well I just got through with negotiating trades with Tony Stark's secretary. Apparently the Maria Stark Charity foundation or something, is going to be bringing supplies to Genosha. Relief supplies. Fresh foods, medicines, clean water, and other assorted necessities." She lofted a brow upwards, glowering at the tablet with a scowl.

"And don't call me Princess, dick." She muttered, her voice dry as she glanced toward Monet as the other woman desired coffee too.

"Hello, and yes… Nate likes to be a dick. You can ignore him. Coffee pot should make plenty though."


Nate snickers, "you are losing your sense of humor, lady." He would say more, but Monet is here and shorts in February? Sure, if she is invulnerable to cold Nate is certainly not going to complain. "Family stuff," he mentions, not really explaining. If Monet sticks around he will find out about Lorna status in Genosha soon enough.


A look and a nod, "Sure, sounds good. And I see." She looks over at Nate and leans against the counter, "So, what is this all about? The problems in Genosha over then?" She then looks over at Lorna directly, "Seeing as you got relief supplies and all that or is it just help while things go south?" She hmms and then looks over at the coffee pot.


Lorna hadn't particularly gone into details about who she was in Genosha, much less who her father was. It wasn't the sort of 'first meeting' material that she liked to divluge. Still, the details about relief were boring enough. Lorna still rolled her eyes at Nate, leaning against the counter and folding her arms. "What humor? The kind where I throw wrenches at people and tell them if they can dodge a wrench they can dodge a Sentinel? Because.. I dunno.." She drawled.

Green eyes flickered toward Monet as she waited for the coffee to brew. The rich smell filtering throughout the room. "It's a start. I don't put all of my hopes on one foundation that promises to help out with meals. People need a lot of food. And fresh supplies don't last long."


"That is hilarious too," retorts Nate, deadpan. Okay, turning the tablet off because he is getting annoyed the newsfeed. "What the need is the embargo ending already. They have been talking about it for two months. You know what is the latest excuse? Zealot."

It is an excuse, of course. Many nations don't want to end the embargo for fear to consolidate Magneto's political position. The solution is obvious for Nate: Magneto needs to lose some face. If he is seen vulnerable and weaker, then he is less threatening.

"We need to find that guy *first*, now more than ever," he concludes.


A look over at Nate a moment at what he is saying and then back to Lorna, "Who is this Zealot?" She asks and blinks, "I mean, that seems like a rather odd name unless the person is just insane." Monet nods her head and then crosses her legs at the ankles as she leans back on the counter and crosses her arms, "I will say this place has its own problems. Some weird guy in a yellow onsie running around kidnapping people and ruining other people's clothes."


Lorna rolled her eyes again as the coffee pot chimed it was done and made to pour a cup for her and Monet. "Nate did you want some?" She ventured, arching a brow as she glanced back and then went about adding sugar and cream to her own mug. She leaned back against the counter, sighing softly as she stirred the contents of her mug around idly with a twirl of her finger directing the spoon.

"They'll have another excuse as soon as Zealot is dealt with, you know it. The UN will throw every excuse they can to block any relief coming to Genosha. Because mutants live there and people hate us. Doesn't mean I disagree that Zealot needs to be handled, he does.." She trailed off as she sipped at her drink, glancing at Monet as the woman asked who Zealot was.

"A mutate that wants to control Genosha. He's messed up alright. And extremely powerful. He's blown up ships coming to Genosha. He's dangerous. We've been trying to figure out how to handle him."


"Geokinetic, empathy, super-strong, among other things." Mentions Nate.

Then he shakes his head. "See, Lorna. You are right in part. But hatred and all there are several good reasons nations hostile to Genosha want the country to exist. Because they get Mags out of their backyards, because they can dump the mutants there and take the higher moral ground 'it is best for all' or because they think mutants will kill each other. But those politicians do not want a strong and powerful Genosha with Magneto as absolute monarch."

Surprisingly Nate can understand political issues. He is not stupid, and he knows how people think because he is a telepath. "Now, a weak, divided Genosha and Magneto facing much internal opposition? That is much better. And that will be what they see if the X-Men capture Zealot, leaving Magneto looking ineffective. Fact is the reasons of the embargo are gone, they are just delaying the end and that costs them political power."


Taking hte coffee, she nods to her and then looks over at Nate briefly. SHe hmms as she looks at him and then takes a sip before saying, "Sounds like someone needs to beat him down and leave it at that." She nods her head, "I mean, honestly, it'd be a far more enjoyable outing than dealing with hillbillies and RPGs." She shakes her head, "Scott's idea of a proper 'test' anyway." She then licks her lips and looks over at Lorna, "I can probably deal with him myself if you can find this Zealot.


Lorna snorted into her coffee mug and shook her head at Nate's words. "Why give them what they want then? The thought of scaring all of those asshole politicians shitless makes my day." She drawled, her voice clipped. But then she sighed, and grimaced, sipping at her coffee mug. "I see your reasoning.. Nate. Still pisses me off. I just want Zealot gone and dealt with. I don't care how. Once he's gone it leaves the crumbling remains of the Magistrates to deal with before Genosha is more or less secure.." She shrugged and pushed her hair back from her face, a look offered toward Monet.

"Scott babies everyone at first. Or if you're his younger brother, forever. But you know, it comes from a place of caring. I'm more of a fan of the deep end of the pool myself. We don't have time to take the shallow end sometimes." She smirked at Monet's claim that she could handle Zealot on her own.

"I don't doubt your abilities here, but the man is on another level of power. We've got an idea of a plan to deal with him. And if you want in, then by all means, join in. But yeah.. the problem remains on how to find him."


Nate stands up and decides that yes, he wants more coffee. Which should surprise no one. "They get what they want, we get what they want. I hope Magneto loses control of Genosha, too. But Xavier seems okay with it, he is not saying anything."

Which makes Nate really angry. Scott even forbade him to confront Magneto.

More coffee needed. More.

Monet said what? He glances at the young woman and smirks. "I went a couple rounds with Zealot. He is… yeah. Look, want a serious Danger Room session? Come to spar with me. If you can survive sixty seconds you can join the anti-Zealot team we are forming."


A nod to Lorna and Monet shrugs before she turns her gaze over to Nate and hmms at him, "You want a fight, I'll give you a fight." She nods her head, "I just don't know that you can stand up to it." She nods her head and then sips her coffee, "I suppose though if you think you can do it, then by all means." She shrugs and gestures, "I just hope that danger room thing can stand up to me going all out if you are as tough as you seem to think you are." She nods her head.


Lorna shrugged, and sipped at her coffee, though green eyes lingered on Nate with a thinning of her lips. "I don't care who runs Genosha, so long as it proves to be a place where mutants aren't slaughtered and used as chattel. Where we can be people. And there are no registration laws." She muttered, her voice tight. It was a touchy subject for her.

Still, as Nate mentioned the Danger Room she nodded, "You two should go at it. Good luck to both of you. Enjoy it. I've gotta head back to the island anyways."


"You are right, Lorna," offers Nate, adding a bit of everything to his mug. "But Magneto is not fit to rule anything. He is a murderer and a racist." Beat. "And I need you at the controls of the room. C'mon, it will take only a minute."

He turns to Monet, "don't worry about the room. It can stand Colossus strength and Phoenix TK, and people opening tears in space and time, and Lorna EM pulses. You won't break it even if you try."


A look over at Lorna and then she shrugs and nods, "Sounds like a good plan." She then turns her gaze over to Nate and hmms as she hears him, "Well, magneto aside, I suppose if Colossus, whoever that is, can handle be handled by it, it might be able to handle me." She shrugs and nods.


Lorna rolled her eyes at Nate again, her lips pulling back. "If we judged rulers on how many bodies were piled at their feet and how racist they are, then hoo-boy. Better start clearing out Congress and most of the rest of the world, Nate." She drawled. "Because I'm pretty sure that's one playing field where Magneto isn't actually the highest scorer. Doesn't make what he's done any better.. but still."

A sigh was drawn as she continued to sip at her coffee, making a face.

"Yeah, yeah, fine. I'll run the controls. Let me get some more coffee and I'll meet you down there."

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