Getting The Gang Together

February 12, 2018:

Dani continues to invite people to the 'front lines' as it were, to help against earth shattering situations. Also Tony NEEDS magical trinkets. NEEDS THEM.


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Tony Stark's tower has seen much activity and abuse as of late. The scars of the recent attacks are still seen across its expanse as repair crews work to undo the damage. The robots and humans doing most of the work hum along like a well oiled machine.

This isn't the first time. It won't be the last. This is Tony Stark we are talking about.

The man himself as usual is up later, up in the upper reaches of the tower, where the damage is the worst. But where all his best toys are, and indeed he does seem to be working. Putting the finishing touches not on a suit, but on some kind of heavy duty sensor unit. A round coffee table piece of technology that glows with a soft and pleasant blue light.

Dressed in his t-shirt and jeans, music of the rock persuasion blaring over the speakers, and a bottle of whiskey mostly empty on a side table.

…well this is indeed a typical night at the house of Stark.

Something is approaching the damaged, but slowly being repaired, Stark Tower. It's approaching from the air and from the east.

It's a little blip of a thing, larger than a drone, but smaller than a biplane and it's fast too. That spot of movement treks across the night sky quickly and efficiently, and dexterously as well. It nips between and around high-rises and skyscrapers quite easily. It's only as its course brings it closer to the fabled Tower, that the speed of the creature slows.

The creature itself is a winged-horse, a pegasus, perhaps a familiar sight thanks to the battle with Jane and Bucky, and that Demonic Bear. It's Brightwind and he carries his rider, Danielle Moonstar. She's already reaching for something in her pocket as the two's approach slows.

It's a phone and with a touch she initiates a call.

This visit might be a spur of the moment sort of thing, versus actual scheduled, but that doesn't mean one has to be rude about it and if there's one thing Dani has, is manners. So she calls before she even attempts to land upon the rooftop, or upper levels.

Somewhere the main line to Stark Tower rings.

A cheerful voice picks up. "Hello! I am SIRIN! How may I help you?" Says the voice on Dani's phone. Its so cheerful, but also…mechanical in some ways. An interesting counterpoint to itself.

Inside said tower…

"Sir!" That same voice comes up to alert Stark. "There is a pegasus on approach!"

"…wait like…a pegasus chopper? Or airplane? Or…what?" Comes Tony's question as he looks up.

"No sir! An actual Pegasus! Flying right for the tower!" SIRIN informs.

"…oh god. Please tell me its not asgardian."

"No way to know sir, but it does not appear drunk."

"Thank goodness for small things…um…extend landing pad and open the door. Lets go check on our guest…" And with that he's moving, wiping his hands on a grease stained rag before the doors to the balcony open and he steps outside to cant his head up towards the oncoming figure.

That chipper tone of voice earns a vague side-eye from Danielle Moonstar, faux-Asgardian. Still, her phone stays pressed resolutely to her ear, as she replies, "Hello, Sirin. My name's Danielle Moonstar and I was hoping to chat with Tony Stark."

And while she was just about to add more to that, a longer explanation of just what she wanted to discuss ready to be said, the movement at the Tower below catches both her attention and the winged-horses.

"Wait Brightwind let's -" And that's all Dani gets, before a certain Asgardian Steed makes the decision for both of them and abruptly descends to the extended landing pad. When Brightwind lands it's with a heavy thud of hooves and sound, as the horse settles quite confidently upon the platform.

For Dani, she gives the winged-horse the vaguest of cross stares, before she says for SIRIN's benefit, "Well, looks like I'm here. Thanks for helping." And with a touch of her thumb to the touchscreen the call disconnects. Then the Cheyenne dismounts with an ease of familiarity and lands with a much lighter thump than her winged companion. A small bag is pulled from a saddlebag before Dani proceeds to approach the Billionaire. "Good Evening, Mr. Stark."

"I know you're here, Miss Moonstar!" Comes a familar voice from the Tower itself. "I am one of Mister Stark's AIs." There is a sudden burst of static as the tone shifts to something sardonic and dry. "Pity me."

Stark though himself just smirks at the quip from the AI and stares at the woman on the horse with his arms crossed over his chest. A quirked eyebrow at the horse then at her. "Good evening back." A beatpause. "So. /That/ horse is from Asgard because I know that metal anywhere. You though, are not."

Dani's eyes rise upward when the voice of the AI comes from the Tower itself. Her expression shifts slightly when SIRIN offers those last words of hers. It's enough to cause a grin to quirk one corner of Moonstar's mouth upward in amusement.

"I like her." She adds, before her attention shifts back to Tony Stark.

His questions earn an automatic glance over one shoulder at Brightwind, the token Asgardian, before it's back at the man himself. "I'm not." She agrees, "The cliff notes version of how we met is pretty simple - I saved him and then he saved me, that means something in Asgard, so here we are. A pegasus in New York City." She says dryly, as she pauses a few steps away from the dark-haired man.

"I was hoping you had a minute to chat - so I could give a proper thanks, but also to make sure you were okay, and to answer any sort of questions you might have from that little adventure."

And while her tone is light it's a forced sort of thing, since everyone knows that adventure was hardly 'easy'.

"Most people do," The technomancer replies with a flash of a grin. "I do, which is why I'm leaving her with the glitch. Its pretty great really. Her explination though causes him to nod for a moment. "Well alright then Moonbeam. Come on in," A pause. "…does your horse want anything like…I don't…know…Asgardian horse? …mead?"

All Asgardians drink, thats his theory. Even the mice there are lushes he's sure.

"But yeah, come in. Though I warn you. If you're here to answer questions you're gonna be here a long time. Because I know nothing about magic and I think I need to know at least enough to stop something like this from happening again. The only way to do that is questions…" A beatpause. "…or experiments, and experiments involving magic usually end with Constatine having to come over and being /really/ upset about it."

The mention of keeping the glitch causes Dani's eyebrows to rise upward slightly. Then they rise up even further at the butchering of her name.


A soft snort of amusement might be heard from the woman, "Moonstar." She says off-handedly, even as her mouth twitches upward again at the mention of Asgardian horse mead. Her amusement is likewise echoed by Brightwind as the winged-horse whickers.

"Nah, he's good." Dani says, "Besides he's the DD tonight." And that's said with a half serious tone - because /no one/ wants to a drunk pegasus flying around.

No one.

She falls into step besides the man and with his next words her expression turns more sober. "I'll answer what I can." She states, "And if I can't answer it I have a friend who should be able to. Kind of like Constantine -" She continues, though she pauses in thought for a moment, "Though better dressed. I also brought the sacred arrow we used against it. While it no longer holds the energy it once did, perhaps we can … synthesize something similar to it. Something that can help us less magical types take down these demonic creatures when the real magical types are tied up elsewhere."

"Lunar something." Tony replies with a flash of a grin as he waves her inside and towards a sofa. "But alright then. More for me. Since I'm already home and don't have to do any driving tonight. But…" There is a quirk of his brow as he turns towards the bar in the back of the room, leaving the door open for the pegasus if he wants to come in, or just stick his head inside to look.

"Well my usual reaction when faced with something like that is just shoot it till it stops moving, then shoot it some more for good measure. That doesn't /always/ work because /magic/." There is a sour look at that. "But hold on…" A pause. "…you're wanting to make some kind of demon hunter society together?"

A pause as he snatches a glass from the bar, then a bottle without hardly even looking at said glass. Though he doesn't pour yet at least.

"…now that's an interesting idea. Constantine and Strange tend to get uppity when people mess with that sort of thing though." A smirk. "Though you're right about Mister Englishface. I mean he gives new meaning to the world rumpled."

Brightwind, for the moment, is content to stay outside, though his attention is upon the two up until they disappear inside.

While he motions for her to take a seat all Dani does is drop the messenger bag upon that sofa. Then she's pulling out one of the arrows that was used against the Bear - normal looking as arrows go, with metallic arrowhead, fletchings and lightweight shaft.

The only odd thing that might be seen is the black carbon scoring upon the arrowhead.

"Shooting doesn't always work." She agrees, her own expression just as grim, "Sometimes that just makes it worse - riling demons isn't always the best thing to do." She continues with, before she considers the thought of a society of demon hunters. "I'm not sure I'd call it a society - more like the people in the front lines. It's clear that Strange and the magical community need some kind of help here - whether that means fighting the creatures or watching our 'borders' to make certain nothing passes from another dimension to ours. Strange may see the majority of us as 'mere mortals', but he still needed our help to take down the Demon Bear. He needs us."

There's a heartbeat of pause from the woman, before she adds with just a tinge of irony to her voice, "Besides, I already told him I'm bringing everyone who fought the bear into this little group with or without his help. Thankfully that made him see reason with the idea of the group."

"You /told/ him?" Stark can only grin. "Man I'm sure he loved that. Tell me you took a picture of his face. Please tell me." The man grins as that as he strolls back over towards the woman by the couch and glances down at the arrow head itself. A quirked eyebrow and a slight frown before he tilts his head to one side.

"Carbon scoring, some time of steel alloy?" He asks of the material of the arrow head. "I'm going to take it that the carbon wasn't from some kind of traditional fire."

There is a smirk again. "What is it with mages and people getting big heads over that huh? Mere mortals and all. Its like something out of a comic book right?"

He snaps his fingers though. "SIRIN!" He calls to get the AIs attention. "Give this thing a scan, activate holosystems to full visuals for everone here. Scan for transdimentional energy residue on the shards and lets see what we are dealing with."

As SIRIN's systems get to work the man himself smirks. "You know. Everyone told me that magic just pisses me off because I don't understand it. Well might as well put that to the test. Right?"

Tony's grin is answered by one of Dani's, "I did tell him." She says, "But no, no picture evidence of his face, sorry." She continues, even as he steps closer and with those questions of his concerning the arrow, Dani nods. "Steel alloy, yes. Probably an aluminum shaft -" She adds, as she hefts the arrow in her hand, "It's not the type I typically use, but feels well made." As for the mention of traditional fire the woman smirks, "No, definitely not. Not sure how much you saw but when the arrowhead got close to the Bear it flared with magical fire. I'm assuming that's what caused the scoring upon it."

The reference to a comic book earns a brief laugh from the Cheyenne, "Right. As if we're all characters with only one particular role to play in our life. Hero, villain or victim." Those words of hers are said with some amusement, though she quiets once Tony calls for SIRIN to scan the arrow held in her hand.

The initial readings from the arrow are quite normal - aluminum, steel, feathers and other assorted inorganic material. It's only as the scans delve beyond the surface of the arrow that things begin to pop up.

There's a shift in the energy fields around it. One particular field encompasses the whole arrow whereas the second energy field only halos the arrowhead. It's the field around the arrowhead that likewise has a temperature shift of several degrees cooler than the ambient temperature in the room. That difference in temperature stays consistent too, no matter how long the arrow stays in the warmth of Stark Tower.

"You aren't the only one. Magic has so many variables -" The Cheyenne says, "That you would need /a lot/ of boxes to define it thoroughly, to actually map it to understand all the ins and outs of it. If you do that - which is a job in itself - then I believe you could define the majority of magic like any other science."

"Yeah well, if I can do that I think I might give Strange and people like him an anurism as I incorporate it all into a new suit." Comes Stark's smirk as he peers at the readings. "SIRIN, set up visuals would you?" He asks as he looks at the readings.

The AI works fast, holoimagies forming in the air around the arrow in moments. Showing the cold zones of the metal, the energy shields in an halo. The fields intersecting in different colored tangents as Stark calls up his own brand of 'magic'.

Not what he would ever call it that.

"Bah, I'll just play every role. Its more fun that way." He adds as he continues to study. "Besides I'd get bored with just one role to play."

"So. We have multiple fields, tied to the arrow somehow. So there has to be an anchor of focus. Any etchings into the metal?" He asks of Dani. "Mage people love etchings and runes. The more mysterious the better."

A pause again.

"And I'm in by the way, if that was ever a question. Who else you tagging for this?" A pause. "If Bucky is one of them it has to be some kind of 'Society' or something. Because the look on his face would be fantastic."

Dani looks to those holoimages that flare to life around them. Her gaze is mostly curious, though perhaps a bit confused too. Unlike Stark she is neither a 'technomage', nor someone who deals with a lot of holoimages.

Still, Dani isn't stupid, and she can pick out the energy fields around the arrows thanks to SIRIN highlighting them in different colors.

The mention of integrating magical weaponry into his suit and the apocalyptic fits it would likely cause earns another sound of mirth from the woman. A slightly sardonic note of amusement. "Listen, at this point I would gladly take one of your suits being capable of killing a demon like the Demon Bear with one shot. We were lucky we didn't lose anyone that night -" Well, anyone in the active fight, her parents moved on to the afterlife, after all. "- and sure, skill definitely had a place in there, but so did a lot of luck. A lot of luck."

His question of etchings or runes causes the woman to flip the arrow in her hands, her eyes looking for anything of that sort. "Not that I can see, but sometimes the runes are written magically. Invisible to the naked eye, but when viewed by another magician of sufficient skill easily seen. Sadly, my own skill in that area doesn't run that high. I can only tell you that this thing is magical and that the energy is mostly positive. Except what's on the arrowhead. That reads dark and cold to me. Like the Bear's shadow." Comes her grim tone of voice as she describes what she senses, and when her hand moves closer to the arrow that bleak field suddenly fluctuates. The energy tries to shift closer to Dani's hand and while the response is too weak to actually get to the woman's hand, it's still a noticeable change.

His pause brings her eyes up and at what he says next, about invitations, Dani nods. "Yes, that was an invitation, badly worded as it was. We need people who are going to look at a problem outside of the typical 'magical' solutions box. You, Jane, all of us, that's what I expect from us. Then once we figure out how to defeat something we go off and do that. With the help of Strange and his cohorts, too."

The mention of Bucky and society brings a vague side-eye from Dani, clearly not getting the in-joke there, "I'm going to assume he hasn't had much luck with societies."

"Naw, he's just old fashioned. It'll make him roll his eyes at the very least." Stark replies with a smirk as he concentrates on the fields. "…oh…oh now isn't that…"

Now he's distracted. Focused. "Now isn't that interesting. SIRIN isolate the second field. Expand." He calls out.

The hologram image expands for easier viewing as he watches its strange movements. A quirk of an eyebrow. "The Bear is still around I think. At least a piece of him…" He taps at the hologram, eyeing the fluxes that are extremely deliberate in nature. "…it looks like the arrow is sealing part of him in there? You can see where it tried to get to you…but couldn't because of whatever is causing this second energy field. I'd try to keep this thing intact if I were you. And in a safe place…"

A frown again as his attention turns back to the larger field. "…so…this kind of energy…this positive energy is keeping the negitive in check. If we can duplicate this energy field it might help against something like this again."

Old-fashioned. That earns an amused look from Dani.

Yes, she's seen that, or perhaps felt that from an echo when the three souls were trapped within the Bear's shadow.

The hologram that highlights the movement of the energy is likewise focused upon by Dani. "I'm not surprised." She states, even as she moves her hand closer to the arrowhead in a deliberate motion to watch how the dark energy jumps. "Something that powerful can leave an echo or an imprint of itself upon things. People. Places even."

Her eyes narrow thoughtfully, "The second field is likely the sacred energy that was infused into the arrow. I suppose Strange would simply call that magic, but there's more to it than that." She hefts the arrow up slightly, "The arrow that was originally made was touched by what most would call gods and goddesses - to me that makes it more powerful than just a spell, or rune, or enchantment." Then she turns thoughtful, "Though it's all energy, so perhaps I'm putting too much of my own personal context on this."

"Magic is almost like religion." She mutters, before she says more normally, "But I agree. If we can mimic the field upon the arrow I think it could help against other demons of that caliber. Hell, of anything below that level of demon too I'd image. Perhaps a little overkill with the weaker ones, but I think we'd all be okay with that."

"Though the question remains if this type of energy can be replicated. This is going to sound a lot like mumbo-jumbo, but when you say positive energy there's some truth to that. Most magic falls in the negative or positive side. Good typically means light, bad typically means darkness. I've a feeling we might want to get a few more magical items here for you to scan. And we should probably bring Jane in too."

"Mmmmm…that might be a bias, energy is energy. Its not really good or bad either way, it can just be used for good or bad things. See…" And Stark's hands reach out to grab the image of the field to expand it, rotate it. Almost like it was a physical thing, the hologram is increadibily responsive to his touch. "But lets go with positive and negitive, that works. But its not that thats important…"

He shifts the image again towards the edge, where the two field collide. "…this is whats important. How they interact. If we can study that and then do something to replicate the barrier effect than we have a working model on our hands."

There is a pause though as she speaks of more magic items. Then a flash of a grin. "Well I'm not going to complain about that. The more information I have about all this mess the better it'll be."

There's a light pinch of Dani's eyebrows as she listens to everything Tony has to say. And while she doesn't necessarily agree with his blanket statement of energy being energy being energy… she can understand it. It's easy to be biased when you've learned a particular way all your life.

The point where he speaks of replicating the barrier effect brings an understanding to her expression. If she had to admit it out-loud she'd have to say she never thought of it that way, but when said makes complete sense to her. "I see what you're saying." She finally states, "It's not necessarily replicating the spell in of itself, but how it acts. While that sounds much easier than trying to replicate the actual /spell/ I've a feeling it's still going to be hard."

"But when -" And that's the important distinction here, not if, but when, "We do get a working model I have a friend who has access to a little pocket dimension that we might be able to use as a testing ground. We'll just have to ask nicely and likely offer some bribes as well." And while there's a note of a jest to her voice, mostly Dani is serious here. Illyana Rasputin is not someone who gives free access to her realm.

"Do you want to keep the arrow for a few days? In the meantime I can possibly funnel a few more magical items for you to get a read on."

"If they take money I got bribes covered," Stark says with a grin. "If they don't take money I'll build something. So we still got it covered." The mechanic looks back to the image of the auras flaring against each other.

"Its not going to be hard," He adds with a wicked smile. "It's going to be a /challenge/."

This is the danger of Tony Stark. The question of /can/ I. Can I do it. He /hasn't/ done it before, so now. Well now he has to find out.

There is a grin from the man. "I can keep it, I'll lock it up nice and tight. I don't want this thing loose again. And if you can get me a few more trinkets then that should be able to accellerate things." A flash of a grin again. "You do know what you're getting yourself into don't you?"

There's a light laugh from Dani at the mention of money and the bribes being covered. For now, Moonstar doesn't elaborate. Let him meet Illyana Rasputin and see how the other woman works.

Especially when asking for access to Limbo.

The arrow is offered to the man now, as Dani flashes a grin, "Don't let them hear you call them trinkets. That's sure to evoke huffy sighs and grumbles." And while his last words are said with that flash of a grin and possibly more light-hearted than not, Dani can't help the vaguely serious note that enters her voice.

"No, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough. Besides, if this means we're one step ahead of the magical world-ending threats then I'm all for it. Just try not to get possessed by any of the magic we're trying to incorporate with our technology. We've already tried that once and I'd hate to be a repeat offender."

Tony Stark will either be fine, or he'll get turned into a newt. Time will tell.

He's betting on himself coming out ahead. Which really is what he always does. Its owrked for him so far.

He takes the arrow though, gingerly as he looks towards the auras. Testing it with his own hand before he decides just what to do with it.

…I mean. He can't just had this out to anyone. Can't leave it lying around. Right?

"Oh believe me. This is a no possession building after the last few times. I'm pretty damn tired of it now. But…you get me those trinkets." Now he's doing it on purpose. "And we'll be one step closer to figuring out a way to stop it from happening again. I think that'll be worth it."

The vaguest of hums might be felt when Tony Stark takes a hold of that arrow.

As for the auras there is a jump in the 'dark' shadow, but not as much as when Dani's hand was near it. Perhaps it's still attuned more to her than anyone else, but clearly it still senses, or is aware of Tony too. Either way he now has the arrow and at the mention of trinkets, Dani offers a crooked grin. "Playing with fire there." But there's a sense that Tony doesn't necessarily mind, or perhaps purposefully goes for that fire.

"I'll see what I can find for you and bring them over. I'll also let Jane know what you're up to, I've a feeling she can help here too." Those last words of his are nodded at, one step closer, that's what Dani wants to hear. "I agree - unless we all get turned to frogs, then I'll definitely disagree." She jokes, before she looks in the general direction of the outside, before looking back to Tony, "I should get out of your hair -" She begins, "- and get going, but I appreciate all you're doing here for us and what you did to help fight against the Bear. Thank you."

"Truth be told I was mad enough at that point I just wanted to shoot something, but you're welcome." Tony replies as he waves off the thanks with a gesture and a grin. "And I did get to shoot something." There is a pause though at the mention of Janne. "And I'm pretty sure you won't be able to keep Jane out of it. We are going to have some colossal arguments I'm sure." A flash of a grin to let her know what he doesn't mind that in the least. "I'm supprised she hasn't tried to rebuild half the city by way of apology yet."

A glance then at the arrow and one quirked eyebrow. "Oh you're a live one aren't ya?" He mutters as he hands it off to a drone to transport to a box that he'll put in one of his personal labs.

It'll totally be marked 'trinkets'.

"But take care of yourself. And your flying horse. If he ever needs a proper suit of armor just lemme know."

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