Drones, Tea and Trade

February 12, 2018:

Pepper Potts and Lorna Dane meet to discuss a trade between Genosha and Magneto's stores of Stark tech for supplies

A nice little restaurant and tavern


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Pepper had been just finishing up a phone conference when a drone she'd not met before entered her office and gave her a message. Intrigued, she thanked the small AI and asked it to carry a reply back consisting of a date, time, and location.

Later that evening, at a quaint little inn and restaurant in the town of Montauk near the very tip of Long Island, Pepper sits at the table she'd reserved and waits for the caretaker of the little Stark-drone. She's got a cozied teapot already on the table and is sipping at a cup held in both hands. She's dressed casually for her, simple jeans and a white buttonup shirt with a forest green shawl so voluminous it almost passes for a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

One of the seats at the table is occupied by a rather plain-looking backpack, and her teal oddly-not-quite-leather shoulderbag.


Lorna had had a fun trip over from Genosha. First slipping her bodyguards and going through the portal in Westchester. And then borrowing a car out from there. She figured she could fly, if she really needed to, but there was little point in drawing attention to herself if she didn't need to. A hold over from years spent keeping her head down.

She was becoming the public face of Genosha these days, at least, if her father had his way she would be. He kept sending her to 'deal' with literally every hero that stopped by Genosha. And she supposed it made sense given his status as super villain material, but it still rankled.

But here she was, carrying out her part of it all. Make a deal with Tony Stark, Magneto had said, and then Tony had said, talk to Ms. Pepper Potts. Well, more like email her, but Lorna didn't want something as important as supplies to Genosha handled over email. And at least, it seemed neither did Ms. Potts.

The green haired woman entered uneasily, black button up shirt under a heavy leather jacket, studded with metal odds and ends. A pair of green colored slacks and flats completed her attempt at 'dressing up'. She looked uncomfortable, even as she took her jacket off and stepped inside, waved over to the red headed woman by the hostess. Lorna smiled thinly, settling down into her chair. "Hey.. thanks for the meeting."


Pepper promptly sets her tea cup down when she notices Lorna approaching, and offers the uneasy-looking woman a friendly smile and tea-warmed handshake. "I'm glad I had the time to make it out here. I'm Pepper. Your … messenger didn't give me a name."

But, she knew she could trust whomever it was as they had one of Tony's drones — essentially a sibling of Ace — carry the missive. That's a pretty huge vote of confidence from Tony, and Pepper's learned to pay attention to that.


Lorna had no idea if the drone was important or not, she barely trusted the Acolyte that told her it wasn't meant to record or spy on her. Still, the green haired woman smiled faintly as she reached out to shake Pepper's warm hand. Her own rather chilled by the winter weather outside. She heaved a sigh of a breath as she sat, and smoothed a hand over the front of her button up shirt.

"Oh. Right, ah.. Polaris. Though Stark keeps calling me Shamrock?" She grimaced, sounding rather off put by the nickname.

"I'm honestly surprised the thing made it all the way over." Green eyes dipped to the menu and she glanced over it, flipping the plastic encased page over to eye the various foods on offer.


After shaking Polaris' hand, Pepper offers to fill a cup from the teapot, the tea smelling minty and gingery and … something else. Her own menu is set to one side, likely because she's already chosen what she's going to order.

"That sounds like Tony, all right. He's not very good at remembering people's names, so he makes up nicknames for them that he can remember more easily. Like Shamrock, probably because of your hair, which I am extremely envious of."

She smiles and takes a sip of her tea. "I'm not, those little drones are very well built, and their AIs are built on the same architecture as the JARVIS application in the StarkPhones." That's about as close as she's going to admit that they are true AIs like FRIDAY. She'd been honestly worried about the little drone when it arrived, but it had seemed happy enough, so she let it leave again.


Lorna nodded toward the offered tea, gratefully taking it with both hands and warming them for a moment. As the waitress came over, Lorna ordered herself a glass of water to go with the tea, a cup of soup and the baked chicken dish they had on special that night. It was simple food, but at least she figured she could keep it down.

Green eyes returned to Pepper as Lorna blew on the tea and carefully sipped at it. "Huh. He said that he calls everyone a nickname so I shouldn't take it personally. I guess him forgetting makes that easier to deal with." She grinned faintly, and shifted on her seat, crossing her legs.

"I have a tendancy to fry most electronics these days, mostly by accident. The fact that it's still flying is impressive as hell to me."


"Well, it does eventually." Pepper says this with a hint of a wry tone, likely indicating that she's been there herself. Well, unless her first name really is 'Pepper'.

She requests soup as well, and a salad from the menu before thanking the waitress and turning her attention back to Polaris. "If anyone can make electronics capable of withstanding almost anything, it's Tony. But, I might be a bit biased."

"So," she says as she changes the subject. "How may I help you out, Ms. Polaris?"


Lorna sighed softly, seeming content to sip at her tea, adjusting her grip around the ceramic carefully. "Well, I dunno how much you're aware about what's been going on in Genosha.." She kept her voice angled low, not entirely a whisper but close.

Green eyes flickered upwards from the mug and she took another careful sip of the hot tea. "But Stark was there looking for technology that the previous regime had. My father has several stock piles of things that Stark would like it have. Given how Genosha needs all the help that it can get.. I'm hoping to trade them for supplies for the refugees. Things like medical supplies, food, blankets, clothes, clean water tablets. The basic necessities." She set her tea cup down, and lifted her gaze back up to Pepper Potts.

"I have full power to act on behalf of Genosha's council to make the trades. The problem remains the international embargo on Genosha for trade."


Pepper actually manages to smile in a rather sly manner. "The Maria Stark Foundation has already started preparing everything you've mentioned and more to send to Genosha along with as many of the Doctors Without Borders volunteers as we can muster up by the end of this week. I've already started speaking with the heads of the UN Council to receive permission to send humanitarian aid to Genosha. I'm really hoping that the first round of supplies and personnel can leave by Friday."

She takes a sip from her tea cup then refills it. "Now, if these doctors and administrators were to, say, send back crates of used supplies and packaging to be recycled, there can't be an embargo on that, can there?"


An exhaled breath of relief escaped Lorna as Pepper smiled and continued onwards with the promises of aid and supplies. Her shoulders slumped faintly, and she couldn't help the grin that echoed on her own features. It mattered, that someone was going to help with supplies. That someone was working to get the much needed results. It was one path of many that the green haired mutant had lined up for the people of Genosha, and she was happy to see it paying off.

"Carrion Cove needs all of that desperately. As does most of the island if I'm being honest. It's not right. It's a massive humanitarian crisis and we've been forced to try to manage as best as we can for months. It's a major relief to hear that you've managed to get all of that lined up."

Green eyes lowered to the soup as the waiter brought it out and carefully set a cup of soup before each woman and departed. Once he was gone, Lorna looked up and continued. "I'll have the tech that Stark wanted loaded up at a drop off point for him. I figured it's safer to allow him to handle those as he wants. Rather than trying to ship anything that… fragile."


Pepper can see the relief in Polaris' posture, and if nothing else, THAT is what makes her job worthwhile. "Carrion Cove. Lovely name. I'll cite it specifically when I return to speak with the Council tomorrow morning. And if I can be bluntly honest with you, I'm fully prepared to send the supplies with or without the UN's blessing. That would just make it easier, and provide the personnel with protection from being prosecuted for trying to help people in need."

Pepper looks up at the waiter and thanks him as the soups are set down, then drapes her shawl over the top of her bags before reaching for her spoon. "If you'll send me the coordinates of that drop off point, I'll make sure Tony gets them and that tech gone faster than you can say 'rubber baby buggy bumpers'."

Trying to not smile at her attempted joke, she then asks seemingly idly, "Have you named the drone, yet? I've found that their response systems seem to do better when they have an identifyable designation." That… sounds plausible, right? At least less suspicious than 'names make the little AIs happy'.


Lorna flashed a grin as she dipped into the soup and sipped at it, "It's the more neutral zone for supply drop offs on the island. My father.. is particular about where outsiders are allowed to land in or not. Mostly because we are technically still at war. The Magistrates would blow up relief supplies or kill those that try to get them if it wasn't at a secure location. And further in land we have to deal with a mutate named Zealot.. Who has been blowing up ships that have refugees trying to come." She murmured gently.

"Carrion Cove is the best bet. Despite the name.. If you tell Tony to land there, he should know the coordinates. He was there the other day." She grimaced as Pepper asked her about the name for the drone and she wrinkled her nose slightly.

"No, I'm… not the best at naming … things.." She hesitated, a hand dropping below the table as she released a breath. "I didn't know it needed one. I'll er… try.."


In between polite spoonfuls of soup, Pepper nods at the information about Carrion Cove. "Then I will be sure to mention that. The UN Council actually like hearing that there's a solid plan in place on where to set down and set up operations. 'somewhere over there' just doesn't seem specific enough for them, go figure."

She then smiles reassuringly as Polaris grows hesitant about naming the drone. "Think of it like naming a pet. You really can't do any worse than Tony has done in the past." Because despite every one of his endearing qualities, Dummy just has a very unfortunate name.


Lorna exhaled a breath, and smiled faintly again. "Well, I'm pretty sure the UN was just hoping to see how bad things could get so they could use it as an excuse to throw mutants under the bus some more. That or hope things remained bad enough to keep things under lock down there for longer.. But you know.. politics.." She drawled, finishing off the soup. A testament to how hungry the young woman was perhaps.

green eyes crinkled around the edges as Pepper mentioned having a solid plan in place rather than 'over there'. The mention of a pet had her lips twitching again. "Never had a pet actually.." She reached up, dragging her hand through her green locks.

Which, when Lorna thought about, made her stomach twist and knot even worse. Her mind blaring at her the reminder that, she had skipped several steps on the scale of 'responsbility for keeping things alive' and gone straight to having a baby. It all seemed rather unfair. But that was life.

And she and Marcos still couldn't agree on any names beyond 'Aurora'…

"What would you suggest calling it? Because I think Barrel Roll isn't a particularly good name for it.. but that's all I've really seen it do."


Ah, yes, politics. Pepper nods at that, knowing only too well. "It always boils down to politics. But, the UN can't really do anything about a private donation of supplies and personnel, regardless of how much they have to say about it." Because, yes, the MSF is a completely privately owned and funded charitable organization.

She smiles reassuringly again at Polaris' admitting she'd never had a pet. "I haven't had one in, oh, decades now. But really, the best pet names are the ones that they give themselves." She sits back as the waiter returns again to whisk away their soup bowls and set their meals down.

Once the water is gone again, she chuckles softly. "Barrel rolls, huh? That actually sounds like something Tony would program into a drone. Rolly might work, if you can't think of anything else. Or, um, what was the name of that fighter pilot in that movie from the Eighties?"


Lorna shrugged, even as her plate of baked chicken, rice and greens arrived. Here's hoping the kiddo liked all of the things on her plate. She thought, cutting it up and eating as Pepper continud onwards with the details in the UN and the laws there. "I'll be honest, I really need to brush up on international law better. Who knew that a geophysics degree would be so useless to me these days.." She muttered dryly, and nibbled at her food.

A hint of a smile playing upon her lips as Pepper continued on with the name thing. "Rolly sounds just fine. Better than anything I could come up with at least." She shrugged at the comment about the 80s movie. "Dunno, never was big on fighter pilots or war movies or whatever."


Pepper digs into her salad after turning the huge shallow bowl a few tmies and using her fork to mix the ingredients a little better. "If you like, I can send a few textbooks that might help get you started? Do you have a mailing address here in the US I could send them to?"

She finishes a forkful of the very colorful mixture of vegetables and greens, then smiles and nods. "I think Rolly will be ideal, then. But don't be surprised if the drone starts doing extra barrel rolls because of the new name." She knows that Ace was super proud when he got his name changed from Dunce, and she suspect that Polaris' drone is likely nearly identical in personality.


Lorna hesitated, unsure just how much she should trust Ms. Pepper Potts. Sure Tony knew.. figured out.. Oh man, how much trouble would she get if she gave the mansion's address? She mentally shook herself and nodded, Mutant Town. Jamie's apartment. He'd know where to send things on. She'd almost forgotten she'd lived there for a few months. Before Genosha had happened.. back when she wanted to ignore who was her father and wanted to keep her head down and just.. try to live.

She gave Jamie's address in Mutant Town instead, "I haven't lived there for a few months, but I'll be able to get things if you send them there." She smiled faintly, "At least that way I can say I'll have something to read to occupy my time when.." She faltered slightly. Her thoughts derailing once more. When she was too pregnant to be allowed anywhere or allowed to keep herself occupied through training, or fighting.. She knew that was coming. Given how over protective the X-men and Magneto had become with her, she knew it would be a sure thing either way.

She shook her head, holding back a sigh as she cut into more chicken. "If all the little guy does is barrel rolls, I'll call myself lucky and call it a day. I've had way too many nasty experiences with robots."


When Polaris starts offering an address, Pepper quickly reaches into her shoulder bag and pulls out — of all things — a small journal and a fountain pen. She opens it and jots the address down with a reminder note of 'send boks to Rolly's mom'.Specific enough to remind her, but vauge enough that a random person looking at the journal wouldn't know who that meant.

"If the current residents are willing to forward books to you, I'll make sure to send them well-packed and with some extra cash to cover the forwarding postage."

She chuckles. "If he's anything like some of Tony's other drones, he'll surprise you with something new every day."


Lorna arched a green eyebrow upwards as the woman brought out a journal, she'd expected some fancy Stark tech tablet or the like. The low tech solution just.. it seemed to make Pepper more real in some respects. Less the secretary to rich super hero and Avenger type perfect image the media portrayed. Though, as the green haired woman was learning rather fast, the super heroes from the Avengers onwards were nothing like she'd come to expect.

Vaguely she wondered why she didn't think that way already, given how she'd grown up with the X-men and knew the way they were portrayed on TV or the news was nothing like them either.

Still, she smiled and waved a hand at the offer of sending some more cash. "No, don't worry about the cash for it. No one ships to Genosha. If you get it shipped there, I'll get it in a rather nonstandard way." She shrugged and continued to eat her dinner.

Of course then Pepper was going on about the drone and she rolled her eyes. "Sounds like a new born—" She broke off and colored, looking abruptly uncomfortable with how easily the words had slid off her tongue. She coughed lightly, reaching for her water glass instead.


Pepper ohs and nods at the vague explanation of getting the books forwarded to her in some way other than postal service. And then Polaris gets all flustered at referring to Rolly as a newborn, and Pepper looks at her perhaps a bit shrewdly.

"It'll sure seem like it, though Rolly won't need a bottle and diaper change every two hours. In fact, he might prove really useful in simple fetch and carry tasks. I wouldn't expect him to carry more than, say five pounds or across a busy intersection, but any simple tasks around a home should be no problem." She remembers Ace bringing her her tablet one day as she was running late to a department meeting.

She finishes her tea then, and upon discovering that the teapot is empty, asks a passing waitress for a refill. She lets the young woman take the teapot away, but keeps the infuser basket from inside the pot, tapping the soggy contents out onto a napkin-covered saucer before reaching into her shoulder bag again and this time producing an honest to goodness tea tin.


Lorna cleared her throat, averting her eyes as she rubbed her forehead. "Yeah.. uhm.. plus no crying that's.. a thing." She mumbled faintly, and when she reached for her own tea cup, found it empty. She paused as Pepper too finished her own and realized the teapot was empty. An eyebrow lofted upwards at the way that the redhead took out the tea strainer and drew a tin out to refresh it.

"Well that explains why that wasn't just some random tea bag." Her voice dry as she switched topics rather steadfastly. "What was all in that anyways?" She turned her focus to her meal for a moment, picking at it. "First time in a long time my stomach hasn't hated whatever it is I'm drinking. Hot chocolate is a no go, and coffee is hit or miss."


With a smile, Pepper scoops a couple of spoonfuls from the tin into the infuser basket. "It's Peppermint, licorice root, ginger, and … wolfberry. I almost always forget the name of the berry." She offers the tin to Polaris after recapping it securely. "I discovered it on a business trip to Australia a few years back, and now it's one of my favorites. I have it mailed to me from Canberra bythe kilogram a couple of times a year."


Lorna blinked, her eyebrows remaining high upon her features as she listened to the list of ingredients. Definitely not something she'd find at a supermarket. Damn. That threw that idea out the window rather abruptly. A sigh pulled from her lips, at once wistful and defeated. A vague thought of wonder if she could convince her father to make sure she had it appeared and vanished just as fast.

"Hard to get that kind of stuff in Genosha. Hell it's hard to get Chinese take out food level of food in Genosha these days." She murmured, sipping at her water as she continued to pick at her plate.

"Not that I'm eating emergency rations.. far from it. Still.." No need to go into what she was eating. Magneto cooks me dinner most days because he's paranoid of someone poisoning him or those near him? It was too odd. Never mind how she went out of her way to avoid saying his name in public. Especially here in America.

"So… what's it like working for Stark?" She ventured, "I mean, business trips sound pretty run of the mill.."


Mentally adding the tea to the list of items to mail to Polaris' forwarding address, she offers kindly as the waitress reteurns with the not gently steaming teapot, "Why don't you take this tin with you? I have twice this much at home still, and I can mail some more to you with the text books." Because she's a huge fan of spreading the tea love. She's already managed to addict Bruce to this stuff…

"Well, working for Stark Industries in general, or Tony himself directly? Because those are two very different answers."


Lorna's expression flickered with surprise as Pepper offered the tin of tea and she balked ever so slightly, her lips parted and she sat back heavily in her chair. "You're serious.. I don't.. Look, I don't need hand outs.. I mean, I appreciate it. Really. That's—" She broke off, and exhaled a short breath through her nose and inhaled just as sharply. Trying to get her words in order. Her thoughts. It didn't work.

Instead she simply held her breath, and her tongue for a moment before she gave up. "I mean..Thanks. Sorry. You just surprised me, I guess. And I'm used to having people treat me like I'm rather incapable these days. My gut reaction is to refuse whatever it is that's on offer or that I'm being told." She grinned weakly, and shifted in her seat, recrossing her legs.

The last part from Pepper had her shrugging, pushing green locks behind an ear. "Eh, well, either one I guess. Though maybe it might be better to hear about Tony himself. For all of the two.. three? Interactions I had with him, I think there were at least as many arguments."


Pepper Potts smiles. "Oh, I fully expect reimbursement for the tea. Say, next time we get to meet up for dinner, you get to cook." She had a similar arrangement with another friend, and learned SO much about eastern European cuisine. She even makes daily use of the samovar tea … thing.

"Tony himself. Well, he is simultaneously the most generous and infuriating man you'll ever meet, though it sounds to me like you've already encountered a bit of that. And, as you've likely already guessed, there is a lot more to him than he lets just about anyone else see." She's not going to elaborate too much, Polaris — as kind and genuine as she seems to be — is still not an entirely trusted quantity.


Lorna laughed softly as Pepper promised a deal for the tea. "I'm good at baking. About anything on a cookie sheet, or pan and I'm pretty good at it." She shrugged lightly, her mood warming back again from her rather flabergasted set before. "Beyond that though I've got the skills of your typical graduate student. Ramen on a stove top." She joked lightly. "Which is really all I need when I help hand out rations. Just add water and all.." She waved a hand at the dish before her, mostly finished now.

Still, she fell silent again as Pepper continued on with the comments about Tony and Lorna nodded. "He seems pretty straight forward. More so than I expected him to be. I dunno. I guess, I was expecting to get more push back about the trade for supplies. With how ignored Genosha's situation has been.. I figured it would just be continued to be ignored. But he seemed intent on getting involved and damn the consequences.."


Pepper grins at that. "Oh, I used to make a MEAN steam iron grilled cheese sandwich. I'll admit, my cooking skills aren't considerably better, though I know how to make a quiche without ruining it too badly." At the mention of rations, she sobers a bit. "I'm going to see to it that your rations start looking better than ramen." And by the finality in her tone, she means it. Even if it's just pre-packed bags of soup ingredients, it's got to be better than rations.

She nods at Lorna's assessment of Tony, as she's pretty well spot on. "Tony used to be the sort that if it weren't directly affecting him, it might have well have not existed." She pokes at the last of her salad. "That's changed. For the better."


Lorna felt another reflexive grin tug at the corners of her lips, Pepper Potts was the sort that put a person at ease it seemed, when she wanted to. The kind of woman that Lorna enjoyed spending time with. It was strange, for the usually prickly magnokinetic to find someone that brought a smile to her lips that wasn't the sarcastic kind.

"I'm not on level with any baked quiches yet, so that's still above my culinary expertise." She murmured, and at the mention of rations Lorna waved a hand. "I don't get rations. Not with my father being who he is. He's rather.. particular about that. But I make a point to hand them out personally to people. And to help everywhere I can. And I have tried what people are getting. It's the usual emergency stuff.." Her voice was pinched at that and she shrugged, finishing off her plate.

"I'm pretty sure he got a harsh nudge about what was going on in Genosha when he found out what the previous government was using his tech. He was pretty up front about how he felt about it. Several times. Which is good on him. Better to see someone care that strongly. I can't fault him for it. It's too bad there aren't more people out there that care about how their inventions are used."


Refilling both of their cups with the freshly brewed and minty smelling tea, Pepper nods. She's never consciously thought about how she comes across to others, only that she can usually guess when someone will respond better to tea and a friendly ear or her tallest heels and an imperial demeanor. "Well, honestly, I cheat and use the pre-made crust for the quiche, and then it's just a matter of filling it with the egg and whatever else you want before leaving it in the oven for far longer than seems necessary. If you can bake cookies, you can make a quiche. It's just … slower."

"It's the 'usual emergency stuff' that I plan to help you improve upon. When was the last time Genosha received a shipment of fresh fruit?" Yes, she has every intention of making sure that each and every volunteer that goes with the humanitarian aid supplies carries at least a pound of fruit on their person. And the embargos and rules and rules mongers can let that stick in their craws. She's already started talks with some of the local grocers to help her assemble the 'soup kits'. Hopefully there will be enough to not only feed people as needed, but also send them off with at least a few days' worth of edible supplies.

"I could not agree more. There are some days when it takes all of my self-control to not slap some over-privileged rich brat for complaining that their top of the line cell phone takes a whole second longer than they want to pull up some random bit of esoteric data or other." She just knows, though, that that kind of person would NOT get a clue the way Tony did. And that's what really irks her.


Lorna gratefully took the refilled tea cup, sipping at it with care and a hint of a smile on her lips as Pepper told her how to make a quiche. She shrugged, "If I have the patience for it, sure. I'll have to try my hand at making one then." She settled back in her seat again, seeming content with the company and delightedly full without her stomach rebelling.

As Darcy would say 'The Little Lodestone approves'.

"Mmm, I think since before the civil war started this past summer. August maybe? Before the rebellion. When the other nations traded with Genosha regularly. There's not much in terms of farms still active on the island. And well, there aren't any more slaves to do the work for them. We're working with the area we have secured to start planting and gardening.. but it's not yet on the level to be able to sustain the population for rations. We've got mutants who have powers to help.. but it's limited still." She grimaced and bit back a sigh.

"Most areas don't even have running water or electricity still. We're working on getting the grid back up as fast as we can.. but.. heh. Sentinel attacks, Magistrates and a handful of snipers make that all a bit difficult." She drawled. "Every time I feel like we get a little ahead, there's something new thrown at us. There a large portion of the population living in tents still."

The green haired woman finished off her tea, as a waiter approached with their checks and Lorna reached into her back pocket to dig out her wallet to pay for it. "Too many wealth assholes out there just like that, yeah. And most of them are far too self satisifed to look beyond their own noses." She rolled her eyes in disgust, shaking her head.
"Thanks for meeting with me, Ms. Potts. I enjoyed it, and I really do look forward to working with you further."


"That is what the MSF has plans to help with, getting your people to a point where the infrastructure is self-sustaining again." Pepper finishes her tea with a thoughtful expression. "I might have to talk with Tony, but there's got to be a way to protect your innocents from those attacks."

Upon seeing the check, Pepper also brandishes her wallet, clearly intending to pay for her half of the meal at the very least. "Likewise, and I really do hope to get to talk with you again when you can. And if there's anything at all that I can include with the textbooks, don't hesitate to ask." Now that she knows there's a way to get items to Lorna despite the embargo, she can likely sneak some slightly better things with the textbooks. SI employs a courier service for a reason: some things are just not feasible to send through the postal service.


Lorna smiled again, tucking her half of the bill away and adding a tip. There was something freeing about living in Genosha. Money wasn't a stresser anymore. And she had her savings that she could afford to actually go out to eat and tip nicely. It was an odd feeling.

Even with a wedding and baby on the way to plan for.

"Most of the civilians that live in Carrion Cove are a mixture of human and mutate refugees. Though they're rarely attacked compared to other parts of the island. People don't come out during the day if they can help it. Though it's getting better slowly." She grimaced, "If Stark tried to get involved, it would sticky things with the UN even further. My father is already going to use his appearance on the island with the others as a way of saying that he has the Avenger's support. I know him.. and I tried to warn Tony. But he still went ahead with it." Her lips pursed together as she rose.

"My father isn't a good person, by any stretch. But I want to do right by the people of Genosha. They deserve that. And it's utter bullshit how the UN has willingly thrown them away on some attempt to keep my father 'occupied' and out of the way with the civil war there." She shook her head again and sighed.

A faint, ghost of a smile pulling at her lips as she dragged her hands through her hair and reached for her jacket to sling on. "If you've got any advice on planning a wedding in the middle of a war, that would be awesome to send my way. Thanks for everything, Miss Potts." She nodded and made to head out of the resturant.

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