'Recruiting' Sensation

February 11, 2018:

Professor Zoom needs to do more with less time. Sensation is recruited to help.

A Manhatten restaurant


NPCs: Numerous civilians

Mentions: Flash

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Fade In…

Jason smiled to Alice as they both ate at their cute little diner, a chuckle for her as she told her story. Though when she stole from him, he stole some of the eggs from her plate and ate it, grinning at her mischievously. "Heh…anyone who wears Thor undergarments clearly needs to be exposed. Wish I was there….did you get pictures?" he winks at her then as they just decided to be playful.


For her part, Monet is only just arriving at the cafe. She has on one of her more typical outfits in black. Her jacket moving around her a little as she pulls it up over her shoulders better. Monet looks around as she considers the place a moment and then shrugs, seemijgly deciding that it will do. A moment later she is being. Greeted and shown to a seat not too far frok the couple of Alice and Jason. Her eyes briefly sitting on Jason as someone familiar but forgettable.


Then, the windows for the diner blow out, the slight blur of red lightning seen for those looking outside quickly seen. A few seconds later, and that red lightning flows through the diner from table to table, the wind from going at mach 5 buffeting through the place sends all kinds of dinerware against a wall, shattering and splattering against it.

Then, a blur of a man in yellow, and red, glowing eyes comes over to stand right in front of Alices' table. "Alice Walker, I assume?" The distorted, blurred voice making Professor Zoom sound almost alien as he asks the question.


Alice recoils as everything blows out, arm coming up to protect her face from the falling shards of glass. The smile and playful atmosphere is gone as only a blink later and there is a man blurring in front of their table. From the glare she levels on him she is less that pleased with this turn of events. "Who's asking?" She snaps back.

Her hand, bleeding from scratches, reaches for her water and napkin. "Who the hell are you?" She glances around and then back at her arm. A piece of glass has left a lovely little slice in her forearm. She dips the napkin in the water and begins to clean the wound. Others are in terror or trying to flee. Other patrons are just hiding in their booths and tables.


Jason seems to take cover when the glass blows out from all the windows due to the sheer speed of Zoom. Either way, Jason is covertly using the hand that cannot be seen to reach for the pistol in his back pocket….waiting to see what will happen.

"Back off, man…just having a pleasant dinner." he looks right at the Speed Force user, his pistol -very- silently cocking…the wonders of modifications. He's ready to fire at a moments notice, knowing full well he's dealing with a speedster.

and how bad this was probably gonna hurt.


Siiiggh… Normally Monet would be app about a fight but she was in the mood for a nice meal and sitting. Nothing more and then she is standing there, eyes following the trail of a speedster over to Alice's table as various objects and glass blew up around her. She watched where Thawn was even as glass ripped into her jacket and she walked over to near him and cleared her throat, "Hey, Jackass. What the hell do you think you are doing and how do you intend to pay for my jacket? Do you jeep a wallet in your onsie atrocity?"


"I'm not here for you, boy. Keep out of this unless you want to be tossed around New York." Professor Zoom warns Jason, briefing looking at him. The Speed Force use is starting to produce red arcs of electricity that bounce around his form, the energy crackling around him, before he looks back to Alice, "You're coming with me. Do it peacefully, and no one gets hurt. Otherwise, I'm afraid I can't guarantee the safety of everyone here." Professor Zoom replies.

Monet is completely ignored for now. Professor Zoom keeps his focus on Alice.


Alice narrows her eyes at Zoom and her eyes follow the arcing red lightning. Then they snap to Jason and the fierce look grows suddenly worried. "All right," She says, reaching out with the hand holding the napkin to touch Jason's arm. "It's okay, Jason. I don't want anyone to get hurt," Especially not him, not when she was just getting to know him. Why did it always turn out this way.

A flush of anger colored her red cheeks as she hesitates and then glances at Jason. She leaves her purse in the booth, glancing from Jason to it briefly, and stands up. Zoom, like most people, is a head taller than her.

"No one needs to get hurt," Alice says boldly, holding the wet napkin to the slash on her forearm. It is already knitting together below the napkin and she needed to cover that. "But you will regret this," She promises the speedster with narrowed, angry green eyes. She is small, but fierce.


Jason narrowed his eyes at Zoom, clearly not too intimidated by Zoom's threats….he's fought worse. Though Zoom can be a -huge- pain in the ass. When Alice touches his arm, he relaxes only a little bit…but he's ready for a quick draw.

When Alice starts moving towards zoom, Red actually needs his self control today, his hand -tightly- gripping his weapon. "Hurt her, and I'll but a bullet in your knee." he threatens Zoom. He definitely wasn't gonna let go of Alice so easily, but he was going to play this smart….so he makes no moves.

But Zoom should watch the rooftops…


Well, that was bad. Monet isn't a hero. Not in the traditional sense. She's a queen bee. A head cheerleader. A stuck up bch. When Zoom ignores her, she twitches a little and glares daggers at the back of his head. She sees what he is, sees he is going to kidnap someone, and sees that he caused all this trouble. However, as her hand moves with inhuman speed to snatch at his arm, it isn't that which she states mid-move. No, her words are, "Don't you f*ing ignore me!" And then, assuming she gets that arm, she spins around and literaly attempts to fling him through the front of the building into the building across the street.


One moment he's there…. and then, he isn't.

Red lightning starts to flow around the block of the diner. Over, and over, and over. Mach 7, Mach 8, Mach 9, Mach 10, Mach 11, Mach 12.

The entire street outside is a red electrical show at this point, a couple parked cars getting blown sky high as the energy hits their gas tanks.

Then, it becomes clear why.

Red lightning bolts start to pummel inside the diner, like a storm from the outside. Electronics short out, wood sizzles and splinters from the sheer force. One of two civilians scream and nearly die from electricution… the only thing that stops them from being shocked to death is the scattered nature of the lightning. This continues for a while, with most of the red lightning being thrown at Monet.

An obvious message; Professor Zoom is not in a mood for dealing with complications.


Alice's first action is to leap in front of and onto Jason, using her body to shield him from the arcing electricity. She grunts and her body tightens up and spasms as one bolt slams into her. That can't be good.

A limp weight, though not much of one, drapes across the young man. He can see her face and it is slack with eyes closed. The napkin has fallen and the slash has since closed leaving a vibrant pink scar.


Jason is jumped on by Alice! and though he would have survived the lightning emission, he becomes rather touched as Alice risked herself to save him. Even if she didn't know who he was….he's in her debt. If Eobard comes back to gloat, Jason moves Alice and promptly attempts to shoot him in the knee with a quickshot.

Now it was his turn to protect Alis. Clicking a button on his collar, the Red Hood Helmet comes about his face to protect headshots. Good thing he added ad ensity disruptor to the emitter settings of the Helmet…excellent defense against speedsters. But getting whacked through the window was still gonna hurt like hell…..


A blink and Eobard is gone. She then blinks as she starts to see something outside and then suddenly lightning starts flying in. Monet lets out a scream as it hits her and she stumbles back. She then feels another blast of lightning, stumbling back again and then she growls as it racks her form. She falls back as another clips her arm and down toward her feet. She grabs a nearby table and throws it hard into the window where it cracks and lightning slams into the table several times. She then ducks down and gets behind another table. She winces as the lightning hits.

Monet clenches her fists hard and frowns, "Annoying…little…man…" She twitches a little and then grabs up the table and flips it over to let it take the brunts. She winces as lightning rakes around it and through her but she tries to walk it toward one of the windows to plug it up, too, near where civilians are.


Once everyone has taken cover, Professor Zoom comes right into the diner… places a friction sheet over Alice with one pass, then takes her outside over one shoulder with another, before he moves in front of the windows, and stands there, red electricity arcing around him aplenty.

"I have no time for children pretending they can intimidate me. I'm the fastest man alive, and I can easily destroy you." If Jason tries to fire his gun at him… Professor Zoom simply brings up his free hand… and smacks it off course, hitting one of the buildings behind him.


Alice suddenly gasps and her eyes flare open. They're green color gone more yellow and dangerous. The ceiling was shattered, people were crying in pain, and the lightning was arcing. "N-no, stop!" She says weakly, raising a hand. Even with her chemistry immediately righting itself after the strike, the pain and char left behind is rattling. Her left shoulder burns and her white Game of Thrones shirt was ruined for sure.

Then there is a red blur and something is wrapped around her. "Hey! Damnit!" She struggles as silent adrenaline, testosterone, and other hormones flood her body. It boosts her strength, enough to give Zoom a difficult package to hold onto. Then through the sheet she vaguely see a red hooded figure and frowns. Jason is out of sight and she breathes a little easier. "HOOD! GET THE CIVS SAFE!" She shouts at him, though her words likely muffled horribly by the sheet. Sound if a vibration after all.


Jason smiles softly to Zoom then as he speaks through a metallic voice. "Funny, isn't that the Flash's catchphrase? Talk about a rip off." He watches his bullet get pinged to a building…and Jason drops a nerve gas bomb from his sleeve….He was gonna get taken out swinging if Eobard approached him, gun still raised at the Reverse Flash's face. Though at Alice's words…he growls softly, before grabbing a table and moving it to bar the door, keeping the civilians inside. He wasn't gonna stop Eobard…the most he can do is try to make him hurt….and that's only if Eobard decides to rush him.


A grumble and Monet comes outside. She glares at Zoom as she comes out and states, "I'm not wanting to intimidate you." She nods her head, "I want snap your legs. Totally different." She nods her head. She clenches her fists lightly before pointing at him, "What do you want with that woman? Wait…don't tell me." She holds up a hand, "I don't care." She then moves toward him, "Just let her go so I can hurt you."


"The Flash is a wannabe." Professor Zoom replies, before Monet gets a look.

Great, one of *those*.

"Have a nice, meaningless, life." Professor Zoom states, before he zooms down the street, out of sight.

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