Hydra Data Grab

April 19, 2015:

A group of hackers go steal data from a HYDRA data facility



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It's not often that Jericho works with other hackers. He has worked with every one of these people individually, sure, but usually in the real world. Having them help while he's doing something or dividing tasks among them. Never really done something like this before. Then again, he's never really had a target like this before. The HYDRA server cluster is a veritable fortress. Layers upon layers of softerware and hardware based intrusion countermeasures, no less than half a dozen very skilled counterhackers on at any given time, dedicated hardlines that can be cut at any moment. This'll be a challenge and as Oracle has pointed out, it's not one that they can afford to fail becuase if they do it's very well possible that HYDRA will back hack them and compromise some very important secrets.

So, not only has Jericho asked every skilled hacker he knows to participate, but he's going full dive. Alone in his safehouse, where he can give his full attention to this, he opens up secure lines to the team. "Alright folks, everyone here? Here's what we've got. The server cluster has four points of entry. One secure satellite uplink and three hardlines connected to different secure, HYDRA owned traffic hubs. Those should be a bit more easily compromised since they've got to interact with the wider internet. Before we divvy up the work and get going, anyone got any preferences / anything to share?"

Melody was in New York. The kitchen broken down into nothing but a sink, fridge, stove, and whatever else it entails but the island counter top was riddled with laptops. All five of them. Screens various widths and sizes as well as tablets that were hooked up to each computer, giving her ten interfaces in all. He wanted Rant's help? He was damn sure going to get it.

"Ooh, I got nothing to share." Rant speaks up, dragging the mattress down the stairs easily enough, which was soon carted down into the kitchen and flopped upon the floor. She was busy, and it sounded as if she were, along with the sound of a kitchen fridge opening and a crack of a soda can along with glass. If anyone could see what she was doing..

A syringe was drawn from the fridge as well, loaded with something borrowed and blue, jammed right into her neck, only dosing herself a little at a time as her skin starts to rapidly glow. She had a plan, she was using the smooth to draw her nanites into over drive.. along with cocaine and.. you guessed it? Mountain Dew. What they don't know won't tarnish their image of her, right?

The sounds of sniffing is heard as she stuffs the scale into each nostril, the *glug* *glug* *glug* of the acidic, sugary treat heard as well.. and..


"WOO! Let's do this shit, I'm amped!"

Watch out for the ball of crazy at 5 o'clock.

The high stakes involved meant picking a reasonably good place to hack that couldn't be easily traced back. Neither Kitty Pryde nor Doug Ramsey wanted to risk Xavier's mansion, due to the high danger of letting HYDRA hack anything Xavier.

Roberto DaCosta would have their hides if they used the DaCosta's network, so Doug didn't even -ask-.

What they needed were access to servers poweful enough for their task, but they wouldn't shed a tear if HYDRA hacked back.

Which was why Kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey were seated in the back seats of a borrowed DaCosta car, typing away on powerful enough prototype, in the lot of a Wal-Mart, hacked into the mainframe of their servers.

Adjusting his bluetooth set, Doug calls up a simulation of the cyberspace they were about to hack into. Easy enough to install a simulation VR room for their journey. And cue up the Blue Tron avatar for himself.

About them were bags from Wal-Mart, full of sodas, chips, cookies, and an open square box containing the remaints of a pepperoni pizza.

"Okay, Kitty," Doug says, cracking his knuckles. "Ready to head into the Snake Pit?"

It was just like Xavier's again. That is, if Xavier's was the Wal-Mart parking lot and had the new car smell that somehow still permeates 'Berto's borrowed car. Being in the same room - er, backseat? - with Doug is close enough to when the two of them would hack into things for fun in high school. She is plugged in and ready. Lockheed - a sucker for the warmth - is curled up behind the screen, practically dangling off of her knees. Every once in awhile he emits a content wisp of smoke that wafts to the ceiling.

"Nope, I'm just good with figuring out their dirty little secrets." Leaning back in her chair, she blinks as she listens to Rant's introduction, shaking her head a bit, but she can't help but laugh.

To Doug, she grabs another handful of chips and adds, "Make sure you keep an eye on those servers, we want to make sure they can still output the power we need without them realizing we've slaved them all together for this."

Oracles in the Clocktower, where else would she be? Advising the Bats that she may be otherwise engaged for a while, her IDS' and Firewalls have been triply and quadruply checked, as well as more than routine checks conducted on the satellite uplinks and the connection to that data centre in Switzerland.

A complete backup of the Oraclenet systems done just before starting, taken to offline storage and sent out somewhere safe. At least she'll be able to enact the failsafes on the systems if worse comes to worse. It may take a little time to get up and running again, but protecting the secrets she keeps, is paramount.

Physical security has also been checked, and a request sent to certain members of the Bat Family - if she sends out a specific message, respond immediately, she'll be trashing the Clocktower and leaving posthaste.

As to food and drink? The redheaded hacker has barely given that a thought, there is a cup of tea on the console in front of her. That will be cold before long. It's not unusual for Oracle to take more care of her precious systems than she does of herself.

"Oracle here. I'm ready. If needed, I can likely handle countermeasures."

Skye had not slept alot the night before, the severity and importance of the situation that was to come had put a lot on her mind. It is not everday that you team up with some of the greatest hackers the world has ever known to hack HYDRA. To even be associated with the people she would be teaming with was enough to make the fangirl more that excited. However, such a task is quite sobering and Skye knew that in order to be at her best she would need to set herself up how she worked best.

Upon her couch in a t-shirt, a pair of running pants and a pint of Ben and Jerry's at the ready. She moves to toss her hair back into a pony-tail as she sits cross legged before her laptop which she has re-routed and boosted to a stronger server, but will track back Sheng Wang's Chinese Restaurant if tracked. She tosses her avatar up which is a Mongoose; how fitting..

She takes a spoonful of Cherry Garcia and states, "Ready over here. Tell me what ya need me to do. "

Jericho closes his eyes. The world seems to go white and…

He finds himself in a data hub. Which looks like a large pistine white and stainless steel version of a busy city intersection. Cars and busses made of ones and zeroes zoom back and forth while in the distance a large spider with a body shaped like the Google logo crawls over one of the sky scrapers. He takes a moment to orient himself while a little VW-bug like packet looking suspiciously like the Internet Explorer logo stutters to a halt in front of him, backfires, and gets going again only to break down about twenty feet away.

Okay… server cluster is… that way… The world goes white again and Jericho finds himself at the edge of a forest of digital trees, looking at a digital castle. Multiple walls, towering edifices behind them and, somewhere deep within the complex, cloaked in shadow, the data vaults reside. The treasure room. "Okay, this is Jericho, in position. Kitty, you and me are taking the systems directly since we're the best sneakers near as I can tell. Oracle, you've got them most processing power of the lot of us, so you're on countermeasures duty. Any counterhack they try is yours and we'll need you to provide 'covering fire' while we go. Doug, you've got software. Firewalls and encryption is all you. If it's code and not hardware, get it to stand down or let us through. Skye, you're our floater. If one of us runs into trouble I'll be counting on you to bail us out, but if none of us do, you're going to be on cracking detail with Kitty and I. I'll be running in through one of the Hardlines. Skye, I reccomend you try to own the sattelite uplink and keep it open if they cut the others. Kitty, whichever way you want in is up to you. Give me just a second and I'll give us a little bit of a smokescreen…"

It's a program really. Jericho precodes these and he's had a lot of time to since he's been fighting HYDRA for forever but the recoding of his systems in demonic gave him some new tools. In the VR world he raises a hand and a stream of digital shadow rushes out to settle in a gloom over the 'walls'. "Okay, now spoofing a high priority HYDRA data request… go."

Rant listens to the commands and… does not hear her name anywhere.

"It was the burp.. wasn't it.." She mutters into the com-link, her skin still aglow as she draws her hands upright, the computers booting up with the tip-tap of her fingers against the air. The keys upon the keyboard themselves begin to punch and move, her left hand swiping at the air as the tablets draw themselves on and unlocks with just that motion alone.

"Oh.. let's not give Rant a job. She done burped in our ears and made me sick to my stomach. Well -you- try handling carbonated drinks when you ain't had none in a while!" Oh, it was on like donkey kong.

In her background, a soft concierto begins to play, Bethooven's 5, a far cry from the wily and drugged up attitude she has. Rant was high. So high. It was starting to kick in to the point that her eyes were set a-glow. Mild effects, right?

"But you know what.. that's alright. You can't contain Rant to a simple job. Cause Rant.." She takes the moment to settle herself down upon the mattress, her legs folded indian style, her eyes closing as fingers press together as she breaks herself apart to ride the waves of the VPN that she created for herself..

"..cannot be contained.."

Her universe begins to link up, meshing and melding with the others, the avatars of her own creation were in the form of pit-bulls with spiked collars, sparkling with a dull glow. Her universe connected the others, forming a direct line so that each digital animal could be released into the fray. When you ride the waves, high as a kite as Rant? Almost anything is a possibility.

But.. there was a pause in the matrix that she built, all eyes were upon Oracle. "When this is over. I'm going to kick your ass."

Picking up a bottle of mountain dew, Doug takes a swig.

"Roger, Jeri. Firewalls for ourselves, and I'm all ready to blow up any software in our way."

With his avatar flipping a tron-esque disc idly, Doug can't help but snort at Rant. "You've got your ice programs ready to go, I see. Er, want to put aside whatever issues you got and focus on -this- mission?"

Oracle rolls her eyes at Rants rant and invitation to party later. If this wasn't so important, the redhead would simply walk away now but she trusts that Jericho trusts Rant. A big step for the disabled hacker to take, considering.

As Jericho sends out the spoofed request, Oracle watches the datastreams and visual representations of what's happening on her screens. Whilst Jericho ''see's'' things in VR, Oracle see's them in data streams being parsed by a state of the art system. Watching the high priority request go out, bounced around the world, redirected and obfuscated, she waits for the inevitable response…

Kitty's wry grin is clear, even over the bluetooth. "You realize my stealth really only works on the physical, right, Jericho?"

Of course, Kitty is just as good at keeping her hacking secret inside computers as well as outside of them. Already, she starts up a program or two meant to hide her VPN - the Wal-Mart ISP might be a little obvious. HYDRA is evil, but not that evil.

"I'm assuming that was to HYDRA," Kitty says over the link, not knowing who exactly Rant is yelling at without a visual aid. Her attention is very heavily kept to getting algorithms to hide any of her keystrokes.
As soon as Jericho's smoke screen is deployed, she is quick to be on its tail, following it through as far into the security clearance as she could get before setting herself up as an important protocol in their main systems.

Take over the satellite and make sure the link remained opened. Priority one. If that was ot of the way, then she would be free to roam to assist or aid Jericho and Kitty in their cracking attack. A bit of ice cream falls down on her: "I got Crab's at Joe's Crab Shack" t-shirt. She seldom went to Center Harlem, but if you wanted crabs..there was no better place, "Where are you? Ah there you are." The satellite is zeroed in on and the uplink begins to be secured.

Skye as never actually trained in what she does, therefore she employs a lot of backdoor off the book methods that are sometimes new to other hackers or counter hackers. She has a unique style and that style is being implemented to secure the satellite, "Satellite is ours. Just ours. I Skye'd it." She does not explain what that is exactly, but then adds, "They'll think they cut it; any attempt to access this secure satellite will re-direct them to a previously cut one. So in a sense; they are kind of screwing themselves. " She shrugs and exhales audibly, "So I guess they need to cut one for this to work…but if they do not cut one, then we do not need to worry about it anyhow."

And the inevitable response has come, "Um guys…have you started? Three Sub-satellites linked to our main has already gone dark. Damn they are fast. That's not even possible." If anyone could see Skye's face it would be clear that she was worried; and Skye never seems worried when it comes to this stuff.

There's a dry chuckle over the line at Kitty's quip as Jericho watches her avatar surge forward. Her screen briefly displays 'manacode' which is, of course, demonic. Doug might find it interesting if he has a moment to look. Very compact, efficient and ruthless code. The demon-tainted hacker follows Kitty in. The first obstacle will be a firewall and an encryption key, represented by a gate and wall in Jericho's virtual 'world'. "Doug, I've got some software barriers. Need them down before they realize I'm port-spoofing them. Getting detected this early in the game will be a problem.

Outside, the counterhackers may not realize exactly what's going on but they have figured out that something is. Rant can see them access their satellite network. Another one gets cut by some guy named 'Unicorn of Love' and immediately all of the three hardline links light up with fresh scruitiny as the incoming traffic switches from automatic monitors to live ones. Someone starts a trace on Jericho's connection but it doesn't look like a high priority one. A bit more worrying is the trace on Doug's.

"Oracle, I've got counterhack attempts incoming. Rant, they could use something else to think about right now. Kitty, I'm going to try to lock this counterhacker out of the internal e-mail routines. See if you can get in there and find a way to get some admin rights. Skye, keep that uplink open. We're gonna need it to get the data out."

"Call of Duty date. I'm going to tear that person apart. For the lulz." Rant answers, her voice digitized. For those who do not have the visual aspect that others do? It would show up as pure code.

The hounds that were currently in the tron aspect that Doug set up begin to howl in response, their digital feet beating against the ground as the companion to the howlers snarl and gnash teeth in response.

"It could be to HYDRA. Let's go with that."

Skye's call across the comms already had Rant in motion, the proverbial leash that kept the data hounds in place, howling and growling were set free, their paws beating against the ditigal path in the threes world, the lines of code that were produced from her flying upon the others screen while her own? Drew down into a series of 1's and 0's that began to blaze through.

"How big you want it gu.. nevermind. We're going big."

And big she does.

The pitbull hounds begin to pixellate; for in their charge they slowly begin to lift from the ground, dissolving into a large fist that comes down upon the lines of data directed at Doug in the form of a mighty, sparkiling fist.

Glitter bombs?


Glitter fist!

It wouldn't stop them for long, but it would stall them long enough for Oracle to do her job, and for Rant to disperse in Jericho's world to build.

"On it, boss," Doug's cheerful voice crackles through the intercom. The voice modulators should be easy enough to keep any outsider from deciphering who was who, but why worry too much about it?

Doug's fingers dance across his keyboard, as he sets off a number of grey ice programs, in the form of defensive barriers, intended more to deflect to other locales than towards their own. Sort of like playing Missile Commmand, it was… except, for the moment, Doug was putting more priority into fending others' locations than Wal-Mart's. Trusting Kitty to keep the hardware massaged enough that they could keep -going-, Doug's avatar, after setting up defensive shields, took to black ice attack- the discs going out were intended to deflect and fend the trace off…

And somewhere in the world, a spam server would end up being the new target.

Oracle finesses a tap between Jericho and the counterhacker another redirect on the redirect… if it's low priority, it will take them possibly seconds (as opposed to nano or micro seconds) to work out they've been duped. That will give Jericho a little more time.

Seeing Dougs looking after himself, Oracle holds her action there. No need to replicate work… She has something planned for the next attack on the Walmart connected hackers.

Skyes commentary about being detected so early has the redhead frowning "They've probably got someone live monitoring that satellite, Skye. Redirect your connection… If they're that quick, you should expect incoming."

"On it," Kitty tells Jericho, typing away. As she's already set up as a part of their main systems, it's easy to hop into the basic protocols to find which one they use for email and from there, figure out who is their root ssh. Despite her relatively good cover, the sniffer dogs and counter hackers are already looking for extraneous permission requests and jumps in code. In order to set up her new home base and lock out the others for a short period of time, she writes up a simple, but self-repeating code, embedding it back amongst the other protocols on a lower, but still high level permissions ask. It's meant to look exactly like a program flooding the system in the attempts for a password.

As the root user takes the bait to shut down the code on the lower level security system, she uses his diverted attention to yank his permissions out from under him, changing the passwords and granting herself control for as long as she can hold it.

"Okay, I'm on it. Though, I think that IT guy is going to be pretty pissed in about T-minus 30 seconds it takes him to root through my protocol and realize I've stolen his keys and locked him out of his own car."

"On it." Skye begins to take some counter-measures to re-direct her connection. If she hacked then the satellite for sure would be hacked and compromised, "Re-routing…and done." Skye does a lot of subnet masking and re-routing for SHIELD and it has become sort of something she has become quite good at, "There, I am now sitting in a small cafe in Pyongyang." She looks over the sub satellites and the main one once again, "You efforts are all working. The other satellites are holding…okay there goes one more. Well it's slower.

It takes about fifteen seconds, actually, before Kitty starts to detect attempts to put a new root user in place. "Standby Kitty, I'm redirecting your connection in three, two, one…" Doug and Kitty's connection shifts from one hardline to another half a second before that one vanishes entirely. Physically cut. "Whew, that one was close. Okay, Kitty, I'm going to draw fire. When I do you and Doug break into the data vaults and grab everything there and send it to Skye. Skye, we'll need it on a secure, remote server that we can all access and can't be traced. I get the feeling that we're all going to want to look at it. Oracle, might be a good idea to scan the data for worms or other nasty surprises. Rant… you'll like this. Just back me up. You'll see where I'm going soon enough."

While Rant's 'glitterfist' trojan distracts half the Sysadmin team and the other half focuses on Kitty, Jericho preloads several rather malicious subroutines. Hard encryptions, boot sector viruses and a couple of trojans. Stuff that he's used on HYDRA when he wants to simply destroy their infrastructure. These have been modified so that they won't tear down the server cluster around his friends, but they still scream 'Aspect is here' to anyone who has ever been on the recieving end of his more destructive work. Then he lets them go. In the VR world, it's like unleashing an artillery salvo that spawns locusts. That eat steel.

Doug and Kitty have their work cut out for them. They've got to bypass two more firewalls, decrypt the data, and bypass a hardware lockout before they can send it to Skye. Who has problems of her own. Someone's trying to shut down the uplink itself to Sat 1. They've just realized they lost admin permissions. Fortunately that's not something you can just pull the plug on. But turning off the satellite dish? Skye might want to start rerouting that link somewhere else.

Oracle and Rant can immediately see most of the attention to Kitty get redirected to Aspect. Keeping the counterhacks off him… might be advisable. And difficult.

The Glitterfist trojan spreads like wildfire, the sparkles soon breaking off into a swarm which begins to surround the 'bad code' (HYDRA), the little nanite figured teeth eating away at it like termites. Distraction? Rant was going for full destruction. Do not mess with her team!

"I got your back, don't worry Aspect."

For it seems she was already on to what he was doing. That was part of the reason for her being in his world right? To build. To build a better trojan that would screw up their systems for hours upon hours, possibly even a year. The construct that her avatar built completed itself in no time; standing erect only to be broken down into cubes that bounces off the ground and into a roll. The cubes themselves begin to shake and bubble, morphing into the form of worms that house thunder that wraps around their bodies.

But they aren't slow like any worms, they shoot fast upon the ground, catching up to Jericho and Kitty's avatars, slamming into the walls of HYDRA as the thunder itself rolls and crackles upon the surface.

"Project Storm Worm initiated!"

Various news outlets begin to flood across the screens of HYDRA, forcibly activating the worm, links drawn up and clicked not by their own hand.. but by Rant's.

"Risky clicks abound! We have fifty minutes to vacate!"

Those little bitches. Skye hates to be attacked on what she thinks is secure. She hates it even more when someone finds a way around what she has done, tho she expected the worst and already had a failsafe in place for just this sort of thing, "Sending you the re-routing connection." Another connection would become apparent to all of them and it would appear to the team of hackers that it is controlle dby Skye herself, "Second laptop. We can put it there. Don't want it floating out in cyber for access. As soon as it is uploaded, I am pulling the plug on it it.No more link for it then."

TA few seconds later the primary satellite has been re-routed to the secondary encytped connection, "Let them think they shut us down. Internal subnet masking with a intermittent flash ping altering algorithm." She hits a button and the encypted line becomes alive, "Trace this you dumb ass amatuer." As they attempted to shut down the primary satellite (which would be allowed), they would be met with a "Sunny sky image, that would fade to dark storm clouds"

"Ready for data." It is clear that Skye's plan all along was to get the information on a laptop that will never see internet use ever again."

After fortifying their retreat, Doug turns his attention to the firewalls, trusting in Kitty to deal with the hardware lockout. "Software firewall, keep an eye out for the hardware encryption…" Doug comments, pausing briefly to snag a bottle of Sprite and pass it over to Kitty without looking. "Hardware's yours, getting the ice ready to make a nice martini. Shakened, not stirred, right…?"

Firewall down, wait for Kitty to do her magic, get the next firewall smacked down, and then… "Firewall down, getting ready to break and snatch. Ok, Kitty, any minute now…"

"When I get access to the laptop, I'll scan the data, Jericho." Oracle will let Jericho deal with those logistics later. As for the attack on Jericho, the facility will find itself under attack from multiple services that just flood the servers with requests. A simple tactic, easy to deploy, and it could well give Kitty and Doug an edge as hardware and software systems overload.

Next, the redheaded hacker, duplicates Jericho's connection multiple times, "Re route the port you're connected through Jericho." The counter hackers now have to decide on their target and when they follow it through, there'll be a nice wormy surprise waiting for them.

Kitty takes the Sprite without looking up, letting Lockheed wrap his tail around it as a sort of dragon cup holder. He's allowed sips of it in payment. She's already working on the hardware. Everything is put together, meaning there's a crack somewhere and all she has to do is apply the proper amount of force and it should be fine. "Pryde," she quips to Doug in a really atrocious Scottish accent. "Kitty Pryde."

Copying some already prewritten code, does exactly the same thing she red-flagged before, but this time she uses something akin to the flat-head screwdriver method of sticking in a bit of code and then allowing prying it open. The string of code executes with a decisive enter: "All together now, Doug, 'Speak friend and enter….'!" After a few seconds, the process completes, overheating the hardware's memory and causing a hard reset, giving them a few minutes to smash and grab what they need. And then, she's completing Doug's sentence almost as soon as he's finished speaking it:

"…We're through! Alright Skye, we've got a bunch of information coming your way."

"Rerouting connection… now." Jericho pulls both himself and Melody out of the second hardline connection and burns it behind them, shutting it down on the public side by trashing the portal code. It'll probably take a couple weeks to untangle what he just did to that hub but since it only went to all places HYDRA no tears shed there. Once back in Jericho tosses another salvo of destructive code at HYDRA. Look at me you jerks. With Oracle making him almost impossible to trace and Rant forcing the MSCNFOXBC channel on them (all the news that's fit to print) the demon tainted hacker lets loose his secret weapon.


It looks like an AI. It's actually a demon given digital form from the literally unholy combination of dark magic and his traces. And it rips into the server, locking another counter hacker out… by scrambling his boot sector and then force rebooting him. He'll be doing Microsoft Updates for a while.

"I see the data going out. Nice work folks. Pull out now and wreck what you can on the way. I want this place to be useless to them for as long as we can manage."

The sudden jerk back, in Melody's high state causes her to actual body to tremble. There was also a gritting of her teeth and a crackle of sound but that fades almost immediately. "Not too hard, goddamn it." She hisses out, her avatar dissolving into millions of nanites, all which surround the Aspect of Jericho, for easier travel.

"Alright. You have got to take me to get some ascension gear. The mission is back on.." A hand would draw from the row of nanites protecting Jericho to give him a slap upon his back, which he would feel out in the real. That connection between them wasn't so great, but it was a faint reminder that she was there.

"Storm Worms abound, sending out a blitzkrieg, they're going to have fun with the twins."

Bits of nanites fly into the surrounding area, the thunder raining down upon the parade, launching various Sasser and Netsky viruses that would keep HYDRA guessing.

Cause they /will/ be guessing. Hoo!

At this point she was ready, while she was still rocking a smooth and fish-scale high, she could feel that control waining and slipping, but integrity and packet-loss wouldn't happen until she was completely out.

"Nice job, Kitty," Doug calls out, offering a fist for a bump before making exploding sound as he wiggles his fingers away from the dap. There's a brief pause as he considers. "Time to pull out the Balrog, right? I'll get it ready, you let him out of his cage."

Fingers dance across the keyboards. "Ok, ready to wreck and roll… hey, Lockheed, lay off the slim jims."

Oracle keeps up the brute force attacks on the facility, changing the servers they originate from and providing cover for the teams as they grab the data and retreat. "Good work, team. Jericho, get that laptop to me ASAP and I'll make sure the data is clean."

Smashing things on the way out? That is certainly up to Kitty's standards. "You're one to talk, Doug. That was some nice firewall action there." She deftly daps Doug, though she doesn't make the explosion sound. That's really just all Doug. Lockheed pulls a claw away from the bag of slim jims with a snort, still taking one more.

Executing her extraction, she waits till Doug tells the say so. Once all is prepared, she hits enter on the line she's had sitting on the screen: 'run balrog.' A macro built into the program pulls up a music cue, playing the Balrog's theme from Lord of the Rings.

Fiery vengeance falls down the veritable code hole that Doug and Kitty has unleashed in their wake. The Balrog code overheats servers, fries memory chips and changes everything - including commands - to Elvish.

"Fly you fools," Kitty cackles.

Skye can see the data rapidly flowing into the second laptop on the secure connection. There seems to be no issue with it at all as she listens to the talk of her companions, "Almost there. Almost…there…and got it. Pulling the plug on it." The external net connection is pulled from the computer renderting it completely offline and in-accessible to anyone at all.

"The chicken is in the bucket. God I could go for some KFC." Her spoon is then tosses into an empty Ben and Jerry's container as she leans back with the computer, "I'll get it to Jericho right away Oracle. Great job guys. Oh, if you're still at Wal-Mart can you ick me up some double A batteries guys?" There is a slight pause before the next words are spoken and the next words are muttered into the comms, but more so to herself, "Holy shit. What…have…we…done."

Jericho blinks at the shoulder-slap. So that connection does still work. He tries to keep out of Melody's head for the most part. Woman deserves some privacy. Still he can't help but grin. "We're all clear folks. Shutting all connections down and nuking the satellite uplink. Oracle will make sure the data looks clean and I'll be in touch with what we found. This won't take long at all." He means to go find Skye and then run the data over to Oracle tonight. They'll have their answers in a few hours. He gets the feeling they wont like their answers, but at least they'll have 'em.

"Kitty, Doug, thanks for your help and convey my gratitude to your team. Uh, if you're not going to get in trouble for it. If you are, I didn't see either of you today. Rant, I'll be in touch soon as we know more about what Shift's been up to. Or Oracle will. Skye… don't move. I'm headed your way." Then the line goes dead.

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