The True Villain

February 09, 2018:

Tony Stark and Lorna have a chat about the goings-on in Genosha



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The previous night Tony Stark and a select group of…people? Had visited the island nation of Genosha. That had ended…explosively. As most things involving one Tony Stark does. The man himself had returned just now, to the neutral area of Carrion Cover. Unarmored, unaccompined, and curiously silent.

His jet, that hypertech design that makes even some of Genosha's finest aircraft seem slow, sits on the tarmac near the SHIELD base. The inventor himself leaning against the landing strut, frowning, thinking, waiting to see if he has an escort this time or not.

And just what he's going to say to them if he does.


One way or another Lorna was notified about Tony Stark's arrival once more on the island. She didn't bother this time with suiting up into her armor, she had no intentions of going into combat when the report stated that he could be found in Carrion Cove. The green haired woman arrived in a hover car, the few still working. She got out, dressed in jeans and a tank top, sandals slapping against the road as she stepped out and an Acolyte escort followed a pace behind.

Green eyes scanned the street to rest upon Tony Stark. She hitched a brow upwards, approaching him with her hands slung into her pants.

"I tried to warn you he'd work to spin things in his favor. It's what he does." She drawled, coming to a halt before him with a sympathetic glance, her lips twisting together faintly as she looked over the jet.


There is a smirk from Stark at that. "Yeah, that much was obvious. They aren't very subtle, your family." He replies as he pushes away from the strut of the aircraft to look towards the woman and her guard. Dressed in his t-shirt and dark jeans, sunglasses perched on his nose. Trimmed beard cut just right, he looks like someone on a holiday and not someone standing in the midst of a civil war.

Out of his suit there isn't the same imposing air of iminant violence and power that he had. He's just a man, but a man whose sheer force of personality threatens to fill up the room at all times. The way he stands, hands in his pockets and unconcerned while facing something that could wrap his aircraft around like a pretzel if she felt like, is almost foolhardy.

But then again. This is Tony Stark.

"So was this all the plan?" Comes a question from him, a quirked eyebrow. "I'm guessing not, since your siblings don't really seem the planning types."


Lorna snorted lightly, rolling her eyes. "Yes, as I am continuing to find out. I don't really know them, so it's a learning experience." She drawled, and crossed her arms, shifting her weight upon her toes. Green eyes watched him, a faint furrowing of her brow as she considered him.

"I'm surprised you came back here.." She murmured softly, and looked for something to lean against besides his plane, and ended up dragging a bit of scrap from around the corner and down an alley way to her. She sat, propping up her chin and crossing her legs.

"I don't know what they plan. And until a few weeks ago, neither did they know we were related. That's my fault, I guess. I wanted to bring my family together. To try to curb their interest in blowing up people's parties. That's why I'm here.. to try to 'influence' Magneto." She shook her head and heaved a heavy sigh.


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Steve Rogers heads out to Other Continents.


There is a smirk from the inventor. "He's mad you know." He adds with a glance towards her. "Not the crazy kind of mad, or the inventive kind of mad, or the my kind of mad, he's the dangerous kind."

She knows, Stark at least thinks she does. With the way she says influence and the sigh she gives.

There is a quirked eyebrow though as she expresses her suprise and a twitch of a smile. "This place? This place is a legacy to what happens when people have uncontroled use of my designs." He glances over the buildings around, the hover car she came in. "Not just mine, but dozens of others. I can see them in every piece of tech, every weapon aimed at me. The Genoshains reverse engineered and elaborated on tech as a rate that they never should have been able to. And I had no idea they were doing it."

He pauses, glancing towards the cities in the distance, the towering buildings there visible in the mists.

"Your father killed the prisoners we had last night." More deaths on his hands. "I'm sure you don't care. They were working for the Magistrates after all. Which are a bunch of bigots, I mean they even built racist robots." A shake of his head. As if he didn't even understand it.

A smirk though before he looks back towards her. "Well they haven't blown up anything lately, so I suppose that's a start." He adds after a moment about the twins.


Lorna rolled her eyes, "I grew up knowing everything he did and got it flung back at me. I've been dealing with looks and mistrust all my life because of him. He didn't raise me, just so you know." She murmured, "I don't love my father, much less trust him. He's just the guy that happened to get my mother knocked up. But I came here to get answers.. and I'm staying for the hope that Genosha might become something better than it was.. Low bar.. but still." She offered a dry sort of smile as she considered Tony. One filled with bitter amusement.

She waved a vague hand toward the hover car and shook her head. "It's not just use. There were mutates here that they used to build their tech, ones with the power over systems, and technology, ones that could assist them in controlling their own kind. We have the refugees now. They're still not entirely.. well.." She murmured and shifted on her perch of scrap metal.

Green eyes returned to focus on Tony and she shrugged, "You're right, I don't care that they died. Those men were as bad as Nazis, and if you start telling me how they were just following orders, or going along with their society… I'll give you this city as an example to prove you wrong. Those men deserve every inch of pain my father brought down on them, and more. I don't ever feel bad about their deaths."


"I've fought Nazis. Or at least the remnants of them, masquerading as Hydra. Who are all jackasses by the way." He shifts slightly to look towards her. "…Steve was there last night. You know. Captain America. So he /actually/ fought them. No I'm not saying they didn't deserve what they got, but killing out of revenge?" He shrugs slightly. "Kid that just makes more killing. Doesn't fix anything."

A pause. A frown.

"Ugh, now look what you did you made me sound like Captain Boy Scout." Stark mutters before he shakes his head slightly. "That explains how they did it so fast. And likely without help or outside knowldge." Though someone knew. Stark knows someone knew. And someone hid it all.

He rolls his shoulders for a moment and takes a deep breath. "So, Shamrock. Here is the thing. The terrible twosome brought me here. So now? Now I know. Now lots of people know what happened here. Doesn't make it right one way or the other. But…" A quirked eyebrow. "…doesn't make what Mister Pot For A Hat is doing right either. So, if you want to /actually/ make this place better? You want to redeem it from what those bastards made of it? Fine. If that's the truth I'll help. You can forward some trade proposals to me via that drone and Pepper can talk to the UN. I'll help the neutral refugees when I can. I will be happy for you, wish you good luck."

He pauses and glances over her shoulder a moment towards her guard before those eyes flicker back towards her. "If you don't try to make things better…"

He trails off and shakes his head. "Just try to do that. Alright?" He adds as he smiles. "Ugh, making me sound like Steve. You /are/ a villain aren't ya?"

A shake of his head at that as he glances back towards his aircraft. "I should be heading back soon. I'm going to have to explain this to people, and no one is going to be happy with me. Which is pretty much usual come to think of it…"


Lorna got up from her scrap metal, her arms crossing as she frowned. "And Nazi don't deserve forgiveness. They are part of what made my father what he is. They killed my grandmother, grandfather, and my aunt. Who I never got to know. You know less than sixty Nazis saw a guilty verdict? And that was with people agreeing that what they did was wrong. There's no one in the world that would find those Magistrates guilty and give them the sentence they deserve." She exhaled a breath, pacing.

"It's not revenge when it's war, right? That's what your buddy Cap was in. A War. This is a war. I'm fighting for my home. For my future…" A hand pressed to her stomach and she glanced away, her finger tips flickering with power.

"For my baby." She whispered, her jaw tightening. "I'm pregnant… and I don't want it to grow up under a registration act. Or be afraid like I have been or others…. that's why I will do what I have to do, to make Genosha work." Her green eyes returned to Tony and she looked every inch like she would punch him if he so much as made a joke about her pregnancy.

"That's my promise." She murmured, and exhaled a breath, eyeing him as he teased her about being a villain. "You sound like Cyclops and the Professor." She snorted, rolling her eyes. "Sorry for the lecture, but you started it."


"Oh my god you are not helping matters here, kid. I already felt bad enough about sounding like Steve! Urgh. Not Cardboard Lasereyes and Baldy too." Stark shakes his head slightly before he presses his hand against the side of the aircraft. A rear hatch hisses open to allow him to enter.

He pauses a moment at her question though. "You'll have to ask him. I won't be able to get the words right. But…the point isn't that you know what the verdict would be. The point is that /you/ don't declare yourself judge, jury, and executioner. What I saw your dad do? That wasn't war. That was just murder." He glances back towards her, and at the mention of being a mom well…that is when Tony Stark just nopes right out of things.

Those are feelings and things and he will have none of it.

"Well that about sums up what I was gonna say. Congratulations and all that. Don't choose a stupid name for the kid."

And with those words of wisdom Stark starts up the ramp.

"Oh and try to get your siblings from blowing things up! They aren't helping anything!" He calls out as he hits the ramp close button.

On those many words of dubious wisdom, Tony Stark dissipears into the aircraft, and the repulsor engines soon ignite with a hum as it raises of the ground to streak away. Back towards his own home.

…to try to explain this in some way that doesn't get him killed.

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