Mo Monet, Mo Problemz

February 09, 2018:

X-Men operate a Danger Room training session to test the abilities of a new ally.

Danger Room - X-Men Base


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It's a blanket invitation to three particular individuals, five if you count himself and Nate. Scott Summers gave easy instructions and waits inside the lobby of the X-Mansion. He isn't dressed in a sweater or sensible button up, slacks, 'grandpa' shoes as the women closest to him like to claim but the deep blue near black full body suit of Cyclops, the red visor lenses gleaming. That always stylish X emblazoned across his torso one hip to the other and up to shoulders. It's bold and tacky but it's marketing. Plus the suits are incredibly useful.

It's a waiting game for him, them all showing up is step one.

The sound of a motorcycle coming to a stop outside can be heard and then it ceases. After a minute, a caramel beauty walks in. She flicks her hair back lightly and smiles as she looks at the man, "Well, what can I help you out with?" She hmms as she looks around the room. Monet idly adjusts her jacket and then looks back toward the door and tehn ahead, "Got something you need or just have more questions?"

Nate comes from the kitchen with the usual mug of coffee in his hand. A guy can't get good coffee in Genosha. (Particularly when he has no money - Nate is forever broke).

On the positive side he is not late today. Progress!

"Morning. So what is up, Scott? I want to get back to…" then he sees Monet coming. "Aha, Lorna told me you were around. Hello." And Scott in uniform, so this must be semi-official X-Men stuff, he figures.

Alex has managed to score a new outfit, and while it's an improvement over the big metal dish version of his previous containment suit, it's still a fairly simple slightly darker black. The indicator array on his chest is now more integrated into the material of the outfit, appearing as a luminous white circle.

It's not a great choice for stealth, putting a glowing circle on your black suit, but anyone with any interest in stealth is probably better off leaving Havok at home. Spotting Monet, he voices a, "Huh!" Closing to a more conversational range, he elaborates, "Surprised to see you again so soon, Ms. St… Monet."

"Miss St Croix." Scott greets with his usual formal delivery. "Locked doors have been decidedly a no concept today. You wanted to see more, now you get to." A motion in to the elevator and he is already pushing a button, down, past the listed number settings.

"Nate, Alex, join us. You especially brother. It's that time after all." The man in the uniform would like to grin or smile at that but his face just doesn't move. His mood is rather sour, it has been for days now.

The elevator ride is quick, to the sublevel hallways that are a-wash in light. Neat, clean, Spartan and basic. Two hallways down. Nate will at least know where they are headed, that open and ever enjoyable Danger Room. A place of absolute familiarity, mind-numbing levels of it for many who have been forced to train, train and train some more by the X-Men's leadership.

A look over at the other two and Monet hmms as she looks over Nate and then Alex. She arches an eyebrow at his outfit and then looks to his eyes, "Yeah?" She asks, eyes going back down to the outfit before she looks to Scott, "Well, you two are certainly dressed for…action." She chuckles and steps into the elevator. As they go down, she hmms, looking over the hallway they go into. She looks around as they walk, "Labratory chic, huh?" She then they are in a new room. She looks up as they walk in and then around, looking at the walls and such before saying, "So, what exactly is this?"

"It's always that time," Alex notes to Scott with a snort. He's been putting in as much or more training time as anyone over the past few weeks. Class, train, sleep, repeat has been the entirety of his schedule with few exceptions since the last trip to Genosha. He smirks in Scott's direction, "What's it today? Spiderbots? Weird alien monsters?"

The younger Summers has been pretty adaptable, though generally more sulky than usual under a thin guise of professional stoicism. "Swarming spiderbots, now that was fun. Especially partnering with Pete. Can just cut loose and don't have to worry about vaporizing him."

Nate rather likes the Danger Room. He even did some programming. But no one likes his scenarios much because: a) they have no logic and b) they are stupidly brutal.

Well, *he* likes them. There is no logic in the battlefield anyway. And real battles are stupidly brutal unless the enemy is very weak. In which case one can't learn anything.

"The Danger Room, hmm?" He asks rhetorically. "Cool. I think Monet needs to show us how good she really is," he grins, and his left eye pulses with light weakly. His clothes change shape, shifting from jeans and a pullover to black and gold Kevlar-like body armor. "How is your aiming now, Alex?" He asks to his 'uncle'.

Scott doesn't answer the question of 'what is this' right away, assuming first Nate might jump to that. Around some a lot of talk isn't necessary, just being a reminder or a guide.
"Uniforms are standard issue." He does address the 'actionwear' comment at least, "Protective for some of us who are not capable of withstanding the elements, gunfire or punches from Juggernaut." If she can actually withstand such a thing, it is time to find these things out.

"It is always that time. You're right." Cyclops agrees, "Putting in requests? Spiderbots and aliens are both options."

"I didn't realize you've been in already. Your specs didn't load up for me last time." Though, Scott did just return from a fishing trip. "Lets see if there in this time." No wall panel, just a 3D display of a tiny screen projected out from a barely visible lens in the floor.

"This is our training room, yes, we call it the Danger Room. It has a lot of functions. You've already been vet'd enough I figure if this is what you want… we're going to give you the trial run." Monet is being address even if he is not looking at her. His back to all three of them. The 'terrain' around them suddenly shifting, visually stretching and morphing in to a long stretch of landscape, a sky above in reds and purples with pale gray clouds. The air even starts to smell different, more charred and dry. Warmer too.

A blink as she looks at Nate and blinks, "Now that's a handy trick." She states and nods her head before she looks over to Scott and then listens to him, her arms crossing over her chest. She tilts her head to the side until suddenly the 'terrain' changes and she's staring off into the distance. She blinks as she looks around, looking up and then looking back. She considers this a moment.

"So, what is this? Hard light projection?" Monet asks of Scott, "I didn't know this was a perfected thing." She idly squats down to touch the ground before looking up and around again, "Something else? Who made all this?" She then looks up, "And does it simulate distance somehow? I mean, if I took off from you guys, would I hit the ceiling or what?" She considers the 'room' carefully.

"Not great, but I usually don't fall down anymore." admits Havok without anything in the way of follow-up excuses. He offers a grin in Nate's direction, adding some detail, "General direction is pretty reliable. Past that, just don't point me at anything you want to get any of your security deposit back on." For the time being, anyway, having a deep reliance on Alex's precision is akin to buttering one's toast with a chainsaw. It's just not the right tool for the job.

"Want me to practice shooting apples off someone's head?" The hopeful tone in his voice almost sounds sincere. As the room shifts, he gazes skyward and squints, "This is cheery."

"It is," confirms Nate to Monet's comment. "Telekinesis. And yes, it is hard light and forcefields and maybe some robots, depends on the scene. I don't think you can hit the ceiling if the Danger Room is programmed so you can't. Gravity fields and illusions will make you think you are flying up but not reaching the ceiling." He leaves to Scott to explain who built it, since the alien nature of the technology is somewhat of a secret, if he remembers correctly.

Then he nods to Alex, "well, Magik wants to go after Zealot and your name got mentioned as one of the mutants that can hit hard enough to hurt him. That is, if you want a second round against him."

Shi'ar technology, holographic hardlight with a combination of old fashioned trapdoors, flamethrows, spikes, pitfalls, moving rooms and extending walls to help with spatial confusion, a whole thing that Scott cannot or just chooses not to explain.
"It's not a perfected thing here, not mainstream for sure, maybe Stark Enterprises is the closest on that front."

The terrain stops it's warping and settles, a rocky expanse with mountains and a city in the distance, closer is a small set up of trailers, stacked or pushed together. A mess of them ringed in fence that consists of little more than rickety sheets of metal, old car parts and rusted chainlink even some old billboards.

"You'll hit if you want to but we're deep enough underground it may take you a moment and there is considerable resistance that matches Earth's gravitational pull or more, depending on where we set it." Nate hit most of it right, illusions are advanced alien technical in nature but they are do a decent job of convincing a person. A lot of it is simple trickery, masterful deception of the physical senses.

"Welcome to the playground. Show off to your hearts content." Facing them his arms are folded over his chest. No direction, no instruction, just that. Enjoy the sandbox it appears. Maybe Scott is having a lazy day.

Rogue is in the air. Black hooded cloak on, light body armored suit and reinforced metal boots… She lets her eyes scan over the horizon and looks out at the city in the distance set between the mountains.

With a slight lean forward the Southern Belle flies ahead with a silent progression toward the airspace above the trailers and 'junkyard' that rests closer than the distant city.

She's just scanning the 'playground' from above, about 35 feet off the floor.

Looking at Alex, she hmms a little, "Lets not shoot apples off the top of my head." She nods her head and then looks around as Nate and Scott both explain the place. She lifts up off the ground with ease, her feet leaving the floor as if that were just something the naturally did. She looks around a moment and then looks back at Scott a moment, "Show off and with nothing to hit?" She hmms and then frowns, "Well, I guess I can sorta show off." She then shrugs and nods her head as she looks toward the trailers.

She is just about to take off toward the trailers when suddenly there's a woman floating over head and Monet stares a moment before looking back to Scott, "So, she part of the program?" THe girl asks and gestures over to the floating woman, she herself waiting.

"Zealot?" Alex's expression doesn't change, though the softly luminous circle upon his chest slowly brightens as he clinches a fist. Sure, there are 'No Killing' considerations from Scott and many of the other X-People, but Zealot is on Havok's list to blast first and cry forgiveness and lack of control later. For an actual response, he just nods, "I might be game."

At Scott's directive, he folds his arms across his chest and looks to Monet, more curious to see her in action than he is interested in testing anything's plasma durability just yet. And maybe also to estimate just how much effort he needs to put into showing off.

"Those trucks are not full of zombies, are they?" Questions Nate with a smirk that reveals he *hopes* they are full of zombies. Alien monsters would work, too.

"That is Rogue," he tells Monet, flying after the young woman. "Although it could be part of the simulation. One never knows. But she is part of the team, so a friendly. Usually. Another thing we do here is spar with each other without caring about the environment damage and knowing the room will protect us from serious injuries."

"Find out." Scott instructs Monet. Rogue's arrival is well timed, in and flying through the scenario like she is part of it but thats something learned over time. The trailer park has people inside of it, they are pointing up and gesturing at Rogue, it is hard to see them at first, from the distance, it is also hard to read minds when they're not real and only give the impression of such. Telepathy never tests well in the Danger Room. It's meant more for the more physical unless facing live opponents.

While Rogue hovers, positioned there like Superman of the Mad Max' Americana trailerpark city a single beam of green light shoots up, fired from a crowd of clustered raggedy leather and cloth wearing people below.
A particle beam shot, one singular flicker of light that lances through the air with amazing precision. It's got the impact of a juiced up .50 cal.

There are a few who witness the bolt from among them, a scream and the clustering of people that are in what might be a market area begin to scramble over one another, knocking shacks aside, toppling old fruit stands, junk trays. It's hard to find the source of the shot though, the shooter. It's a chaotic assortment of hungry looking, parched, dirty sunken and wasted people of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages. No visible weapons at first, not without closer inspection.

"Hrm, Danger Room. What simulation is loaded?" Scott inquires the thin air. A digital inflected female voice chimes, "XMWC-DA"

"Oh that one. Not what I had in mind but cool."

Rogue's cape flutters about her body while she glides silently above the others. She's well aware of Nate and Alex, and she assumes Monet is a new recruit or a guest of some desgin.

"I feel like I've been here before." Rogue quietly comments, and she's wearing a communicator so anyone on said channel would be able to hear her southern flavored words.

"Looks like a real nice place, maybe I'll get a summe'ah hom—" When the shot rings out, the green beam flies forth, Rogue quickly cuts her words off and deactivates her flight power, she spreads her arms out and her cape forms a glider… which helps her spin/tumble out o fthe sky to avoid the blast! She rolls right underneath it and then spins through the roll and swoops down over the crowds!

"Well thats just plain rude." Rogue says now, swooping LOW over the people looking upward, she's scanning for the shooter… hoping to find them as fast as possible.

Looking over to Nate, she blinks at his explanation and nods before looking over to Scott. She tilts her head with a smirk till she suddenly hears and sees that odd shot. She stares for a moment and then shoots up with a burst of speed. She's a blur for a moment as she appears up near where Rogue was and starts scanning around. She is floating slightly sideways as she tries to find the source of the blast and then states, "Now, that's mroe what I'm talking about." Unlike Rogue, she seems to be purposefully trying to draw the attack as she flies up there, looking and scanning for any target she can get her hands on.

"That flying thing's useful. Also terrible for cover, eh?" Alex nudges Scott with an elbow, still observing. He smirks a bit, flying, super strength, invulnerability, turbo healing, telekinesis… All the cool powers on display. He scans the scene as things develop. At least one shooter, possible innocents muddying things up. Havok gives his head a shake.

"This doesn't look like one of the fun ones. Those friendlies?" He looks to be skeptical, in no hurry to start random blasting for fear of becoming a 'Do Not Roast Bystanders' object lesson that Scott would not let him forget.

"Zombies," mentions Nate, "would have been more interesting than snipers," in his never humble opinion. He reinforces himself with a telekinetic forcefield and flies after the woman, keeping an eye in Scott and Alex too. One never knows about these 'surprise' scenarios. "You okay, Mississippi?" He asks Rogue. "Did you see the shooter? I am scanning with telepathy, but the Danger Room cheats."

And Monet is making herself a target. Bad idea. But he wants to see what the young woman can do, so he says nothing.
The nudge and smirk gets a lean from Scott, a look over at his brother follows, "They make for great targets, yes. Rogue is used to it."

"You should be over there with them though, not up here with me." A hand reaches out and he clamps it on the other Summer's shoulder almost like it's an affectionate sibling thing then abruptly shoves roughly, force enough that that slope nearby that leads on down to the trailer park below will be unkind if coupled with that earlier spoken about gravity. Slope? Yes, apparently one is there or has appeared and it will feel reel. At the base of it is a garden stretch, yams perhaps or at least what looks like yams.

The people inside the trailerpark are seeking their own cover, hiding in those makeshift homes, old train cars, trailers, vans, a hollowed out Mark III sentinel.

There is a second shot, this time it makes a snap sound and a cable is attached to a claw, it's arcing up high from the inside of a half crushed El Camino near the top of one 'housing stack' elecricity courses through it and Monet is the target this time.

"Fuck you mutant!" A perosn below in clear as day English yells, two middle fingers extended up for Rogue to see. "Your kind doesn't belong here!"

Theres a sound, a chorus of cries and people are running, a van thats got no wheels and is sitting up on blocks is opened up, the back doors slung wide as an RPG pokes out, the next FWOOOSH sound is it launching, the explosive tip flashing with a bright red light and aimed directly at Rogue. Who is still close enough to ground level that civilians are an immediate concern for anyone of the 'heroic' mindframe, or should be. THen again, thisis one large simulation.

"We've all been here before. In some way or another, this ones got a particular edge to it… a divergent timeline, one that came up in theories and was a projected possible when we encountered. " Scott stops talking, "Nevermind, you'll see. Why spoil the fun. ALSO points are deducted if you harm civilians." Thats not meant for Rogue and X-Man. Even if they do have a scoreboard for the Danger Room. Scott likes statistics, points, tracking these things. It helps.

Rogue is swooping over the crowd… she spots the guy giving her the double bird and she just sticks her tongue out at him (a tongue far more dangerous than his weak little fingers ever could be).

"Right as rain, Sugh." Rogue says back to Nate over the comms. "Looks like we got ourselves a rowdy bunch here. Like a Burnin' Man celebration, except more of a Burnin' Mutant variety…"

She's well aware that the Point-deduction thing for harming civilians is ENTIRELY directed at her, or at least thats how she perceives it inside her crazy mind.

When the RPG is fired at her, she leans back and reaches her arms up to criss-cross her forearms together and try to deflect it upward into the air! (She saw Wonder Woman do it once, surely it'll work for her too! Surely…)

Monet's eyes go to where Nate goes and notes Rogue is fine but she's really focused on trying to find enemies when suddenly there's a claw cable winch electric thing of doom flying at her and she tilts her head. She doesn't move out of its way, instead she moves so it catches right on her arm and she then blinks as she didn't realize it was electrified. She lets out cry but it doesn't sound like the kind of cry you give out when being electrocuted. It's the kind you get when you touch a hot stove. She winces as electricity arcs over her and then she yanks suddenly upward trying to make the cable go taught. Her hand shoots to the cable itself next.

Staring down through the electrical surge she stares down and states, "Deal with it." She then takes the taught cable and gives a whipping yank upward and back. She then then rips the claw off her arm and crushes the end before dropping it. Her eyes follow the path of the RPG to Rogue but knows she can't get there in time so instead she simply flies right at its source. Instead of landing on the guy who did it or anything, she aims right at the ground in front of those guys and does not slow down as she hits the ground with a full force slam.

When the dust settles it becomes clear she straight up superhero landinged that hit.

"Well, I…" Alex begins to explain himself, and then is sliding and stumbling down the slope toward the trailers, changing his explanation to a brotherly, "Oh, you dick…oof." Catching his balance most of the way down, Havok stumbles, tucks into a roll, and comes up mostly unscathed aside from the damage to his dignity and likely only minor damage to a yam garden.

Scott's announcement about negative points draws a scowl. Yep. Friendlies. Abandoning his curiosity surrounding how many points would be deducting for blasting right back up the slope, Alex sprints the rest of the way to the trailers, keeping close to one for cover. He eyes the van, but from this angle he'd probably take out a handful of sim-civvies with the shot.

Nimbly enough, he climbs the side his cover trailer for a better vantage point, deeply envious of his airborne teammates.

Nate is a too far from Scott to hear about the divergent timelines, but he doesn't seek or expect detailed explanations from the Danger Room simulations. "Sentinel," he growls, flying towards the giant robot, sweeping lower than Monet's one path. Wait, it is a hollow shell, not the real thing. "What the hell?"

There are civilians, and Nate has a decent record at avoiding civilian casualties. One of the best ways to keep him from going all out and force him to be careful is putting some simulated civilian in his path. He doesn't like it a bit (cheating!) but he behaves.

The rocket is unlikely to harm Rogue, so he heads for the van, landing at the top and scanning inside. A glance is given to Alex, nodding in acknowledge.

'Oh, you dick' this finally earns a smile from Cyclops as the direct visual he last has of Havok is the mans feet flipping up in to the air as he begins his descent in to the fray.

That RPG that sails at Rogue detonates just before she volleyball serves it in to the sky, had the flashy red light at it's tip not been in place she very well would have delivered that thing in to the heavens.
"Rogue, you know those ones. Remember, the airfield in New Hampshire?" A chide from Scott over the XComms. Details. Details are a big deal. They're hidden in many of the Danger Room sims. It's the smile he is wearing that encourages him to tease the woman though. Next comes the hard part though… the ultra realism of this simulation.

A blast of fire, debris and explosive sound erupts from the point of impact that is the flying beauty's forearms and hands, it's painful, like a Blackcat firework going off in normal persons hands. A pain that makes a person's spine tingle. The radius immediately around Rogue is engulfed in a blossom of oranges, reds and immediate blacksmoke, the makeshift 'homes' stacked up around the X-Woman toppleinwards, crash down upon her and the civilians that are alive or severely injured nearby. Rookie move. Cyclops knows Rogue's game has been off since Genosha. These are those times it shows…

The cable that latched itself to Monet released a lot of kick to it, clamped down then wrenched free by her strength, that El Camino it is attached to actually lurching out, jerked forth to pull free of it's own tower, it starts to fall as well, like a Card Palace so do things underneath it, just falling off in heavy slats and rough debris.

As Nate lands upon the top of the van Monet's shockwave of force obliterates the back doors, bolts the thing upwards and assists it in a hop, one that Nate, likely now a rodeo champ experiences. The men inside jostle around, the one with the RPG falls out of the back. They're too stunned to attack just yet. Scanning as Nate is he finds the three men.

Havok's first person view at his vantage can see the toppling caused by the yank of that cable fired grappler, it's falling debris and the possibility that it could harm civilians below.
"Aim high, brother." Scott's voice has skipped channels, a single frequency that only super ears or Alex can hear. It's like the hoop at their old house in Anchorage, sitting above that cracked up driveway…

At the end of the day, Rogue was a college graduated FRENCH TEACHER. Sure, she'd absorbed military training out of Carol Danvers, but that training fit inside her mind about as well as a freight train fits inside of a compact parking spot!

The explosion detonates right in her face! Sort've. At least she had her arms up and crossed over in front of her nose…

The hooded/caped X-Woman is sent spiraling backward where she slams into a derelict vehicle and is then summarily crushed by falling debris to a point that even the Wicked Witch of the East would be like 'Wow, ouch.'

So for the time being, Rogue's out of action beneath a bunch of junk!

Looking over, she looks at Rogue's position and blinks a few times, "She gonna be ok?" She asks and looks back over at Nate who is on top of the van. She looks back over at teh downed men and begins to move toward them when she notices what it is that she did to the El Camino and surroundings. She frowns a little as she frankly has no idea what these people can do.

For now, she moves to the back of the van and makes sure each man inside is well inside the van. She then grabs both doors of the van, attempts to slam them shut and then crush the sides of the door to prevent it from opening again easily, "Can someone stop all that falling debris?"

Bracing his feet as he stands atop the trailer, Alex makes a quick estimate of the tumbling car and debris' trajectory. He extends both arms, grimaces, then cuts loose in pulses of heat, light, and noise. While 'subtle' is not one of them, Alex does have options. In this case of trying to minimize fallout, he cranks up the power and heat enough to vaporize his target rather than just shatter it.

The result is a blast that would cripple a Sentinel or put the Hulk on his ass… and considerably stronger than anything he's been willing to try "indoors" before. Ideally the Danger Room'll be fine with it. His showing off goal has a bit of ground to make up for after the awkward slide and tumble down the slope, after all. It's even mostly on-target.

"Oh crap," mutters Nate.

That explosion was much stronger he expected, and he instinctively raises a hand to shield himself. And then deliberately attempts to contain it to shield the civilians and protect the ramshackle refuges. For a second the three men and the rocket launcher are forgotten.

"Rogue is almost indestructible, so probably. Well, in the Danger Room she won't be hurt. In the real world she probably wouldn't have been hurt anyway," explains Nate.

As for the three guys inside, Nate tries to pin them down with telekinesis. Particularly anyone that attempts to reach the RPG.

Rogue vanishes in the pile of wreckage. Havok's shot floods the sky in brilliance, vaporizes the largest portions of the upper stacks, what falls Nate's telekinesis wraps repels easy enough, holding it there suspended above the people below atop his protective shielding. The van, doors crushed closed and further held by yet more TK has those men fully enwrapped, the RPG no longer a threat, the source of that hook cable is revealed only briefly in Havok's display of power, a mechnical looking creature, bipedal covered in sentinel stylized tech, it releases a screech then topples backwards, dropping from it's perch that was half in and half out of that El Camino.

Around them, those unshielded are upon the ground crying, moaning, and pleading for help, hands are reaching up, men, women and children alike have been injured in this, Scott gives it a once over from his vantage, lets it linger just a moment then speaks, "Remove the civilians and pause simulation." He orders. Those people pixelate, their noises ceasing immediately and where they were it's empty yet still the expected terrain.

"What, Nate said. She is fine, bruised ego probably." The X-Man is striding to join them, no point in maintaining power usage all things are 'frozen' in place.

Debris and wreckage burst up into the air as Rogue re-emerges from down below, carrying the husk of an old work-truck above her head! Her hood is back and off, laying down between her shoulders and she's panting heavily as she holds the truck high up in the air above her as far as her gloved hands can support it.

She scans around for the source of that RPG that blew up in her face, and seemingly not caring whether she harms any of the faux-civilians or not she tosses the truck in the direction of where she believes that that RPG had come from.

Her temper was on a short string lately, she was having a lot of trouble keeping it in-check.

Sim is pause, oh uh. Looks like they have failed. Too many injured probably.

He hops down the van's top. "So, flight, strength and invulnerability, Monet? I wonder how you compare to Rogue. Oh, and the speed and telepathy, so…" did Rogue throw a truck at them. Damn girl. He reaches and grabs it with his telekinesis, grunting at the effort to keep it from shattering as he stops it in the air rather suddenly.

"SO!" He shoves the truck aside; it crashes loudly against the ground. "Anything else to add to the list?" Also, what is up with Rogue lately? He directs a worried glance to the southern woman.

Looking over to see that blast from Alex, she blinks, "That's pretty cool." She nods her head at that and seems to appreciate it even as Nate helps her detain the people inside. She is about to do more when she hears the crying and such stop. She turns to see that the civilians are vanishing before looking over at Scott and is about to say something to him when she looks suddenly toward Rogue.

She turns to prepare for that when the truck stops mid-air. She looks at it for a moment and then looks back to Nate a moment. She tilts her head at him before looking to Scott, "Umm, is she usually like this?" She then walks around the truck and calls out, "Hey!" She points at Rogue, "ya know I was standing there, right?"

"Trial run. Simulation end." Cyclops says as everyone collects to the now, the Danger Room returning to that much simpler smaller structure. Those holographic projections all fading instantly.

"A small taste for all of us. You gave us some data to work with, Miss St. Croix. " The man's tone is monotone, he about matches the Danger Room's AI voice. "A lot to work with and a lot of potential. Teamwork isn't learned immediately nor is situational awareness, this was a scenario thats not mean to be won anyways. It constantly places the 'players' in lose lose scenarios where choices get harder, loss happens, each step through it gets gradually worse. I'm a little concerned you showed little reaction to the wounded and suffering but thats also probably in part due to the realization they are fake."

Scott's broad shoulders jump in a shrug, he looks over at Rogue, "Overall though, everyone did as fine as can be expected."

When the simulation fades and the proverbial dust settles, Rogue drops out of the sky and lands on her metal boots. She stares to the others, the ones she'd thrown the burnt out truck at. "I'm sorry." She says to them, the new girl obviously included in that.

Rogue's eyes sweep over to Scott when he gives his rundown of their performance. She doesn't verbally reply to that though, she just lowers her eyes and turns toward where she knows the exit to the Danger Room is. Her armored boots start to carry her in that direction as she preps to walk on out of here now.

A look over at Scott and she hmms before Monet nods, "Sure." She nods her head, "I was kind of hoping for something…bigger." She nods her head as she looks over at Rogue walking away and then looks to Scott again, "And yeah, not real simple for me to get used to people who aren't people." She shrugs, "I just figured you'd want something more." She shrugs, "Either way, glad to…umm, be of help?" She shrugs and then looks down at her clothes and grumbles, "And now I gotta get a new shirt."

Nate folds his arms, looking somewhat frustrated. He knows he did poorly, but he was not taking it too seriously. That is the problem with the Danger Room. Reality immersion is difficult for some people, himself included.

"No worries," he says to Rogue, "I don't like taking rockets in the face either. You okay?" Monet comments are replied with a fait smirk. "And tomorrow we put you in the Juggernaut simulation."

"Bigger comes later." Scott says, "Baby steps, I am sure you've heard that term. Next session we'll kick it a different directi… " A ruby-lensed look over at Nate and the Juggeraut simulation, "That is not a baby step. I suppose though, if shes going to go full tilt."

Studying Rogue as she strides out of the room the man half-steps after her pausing to clap Alex on the shoulder, "Also if either of you see Lorna before I do, which might be best. Tell her to stop recruiting Genosha volunteers off of the Mansion grounds without running it past myself, the Prof or Jean. We are not the Brotherhood, things operate differently here." This is all said very casual for Cyclops as is the jog off after the stripe-haired Southern Belle.
"Wait up, Rogue, I'd like to talk with you." The man is likewise out.


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