Highway to Hell

February 09, 2018:

Tony Stark makes good on his word to reclaim his weapons tech from the Genoshan Magistrates. Magneto cameo by Pietro/Wanda.



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When Tony Stark decides something. It gets done. Come hell, high water, bad ideas, or interruptions. Which is how we have reached this specific scenario.

…see Tony had a plan.

This plan was for him, and STEVE RODGERS the greatest soldier alive, to go into Genosha. He had hit a few Magistrate bunkers before hand. Gotten them to concentrate his old munitions at an arsenal. Not all of them, but a good bit of them. So. Between Iron Man and Captain America. Well this was going to be easy! Go in. Stretigic strike. Get the weapons and get out. Yup. Easy plan.

…it hadn't even survived takeoff.

/FIRST/ Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster had shown up right when he was about to leave. To apologize. Or cry. Or fix Dummy. He wasn't sure just what the plan was…

SO HE SHOVED THEM ON THE PLANE! Shouting something about percussion therapy for their sadness.

Right. Ok so that was fine and suddenly just as he was punching in the coordinates. An Asgardian landed on his roof.


Tony was at this point getting fustrated. People were thinking about leaving so he was warming up the engines when an intern and a guard of the tower came looking for him and…

…yup…you guessed it.


…at least Kamala got time to change before he did.


Which is how, now in the belly of a hypersonic beast of a jet, hurling as speeds that no sane man would be going is a group of heroes that was supposed to be just two people.

This is why he doesn't plan.

"…ok. NEW PLAN. But kinda the same plan. Anyway, Cap, Bucky if you two can take the lead on the ground forces when we get there. I can crack their bunker. Jane can stop them calling reinforcements…see look. There you go. New plan!"

A beatpause.

"Oh yeah, SIRIN. Call Shamrock and tell her kinda what we're doing and if she wants to come its fine." A longer pause before he glances back at his passangers in the suprisingly comfortable hypertech jet. "Shamrock is a princess. Or something. Pretty sure she's that magnet guy's kid. So its fine. She can do the magnet thing too. Except she sometimes blows up a little."

Then he goes back to piloting…which means he glowers at the instriumints and lets Cap fly…

Yeah. It'll be fine.

Magneto had made it clear that it was her job to 'handle' Stark. How that was supposed to happen was beyond Lorna's scope or comprehension, but she would try her hardest either way. She had been planning to call him, to ask for a trade between the munitions that her father had for relief, non-war supplies. Of course when the drone that had been checked over by one of the Acolytes started to tell her that Stark was coming back.. with company, she was on the communications channel as soon as possible via the drone.

"Stark, Magneto says you're welcome to land in Carrion Cove. It's neutral ground. But any attacks on the Magistrates will draw the U.N. on your backs. It's a sticky situation for international relations. You'd be publically siding with him." A pause, "Just so you're aware. He also wants to talk a trade deal about handing over the Stark tech he's found for relief supplies for the refugees.. Course you'd have to get beyond the internation Embargo." She drawled, already moving to ready her armor and slip into it with a wave of her hands. Acolytes were summoned, alerted and told to stand down from blowing anything going super fast out of the sky. The Blackbird was what they were used to hearing about.. not the Avengers jet.

That poked a hornet's nest of activity.

"I was gonna tell you."

Kamala's actually putting on her little mask as she's getting on the plane. This whole thing was super unexpected, but at least she always has her costume, so it was just a matter of grabbing her backpack and a hoodie and jumping on to the HERO PLANE FULL OF HEROES.

She smiles weakly at Sloane, adding: "Yup. Ms. Marvel. That's me. I was probably gonna say something after midterms." That's what her backpack is full of: notebooks of study materials and a tablet. Surely the plane has wifi. SURELY.

She's saying this because Sloane is one of the few people she can look at without her eyes boggling. Not everyone here is super mega famous enough to have their pictures in fanart on freakingcool.com, but they're all REAL HEROES. Of some kind or other. She keeps sneaking looks at Cap and wishing maybe she hadn't worn her boots with the red-and-white flag stripes and blue toecaps with the big white star. Then there's Atli with her spear. Bucky with his arm. Jane. Oh! Jane she's seen around the office. She waggles her fingers and smiles weakly.

This whole business is way above her head, but in this company, she CAN'T be doing the wrong thing.

So, Bucky Barnes and Jane Foster had a plan to 'go over to Stark's, and apologize and fix Dummy, and all that.' That plan did not survive contact with Tony Stark. The moment they got there, Tony yelled something about Genosha, and tried to put them on a plane.

So, Bucky asked for a sitrep first. Once he heard Steve was joining Tony on this excursion to a literal war zone where noted mutant terrorist, MAGNETO, was up to whatever business a noted mutant terrorist gets up to in his semi-retirement from 'active mutant terrorism, Bucky had sighed and agreed to come too, if only because the reflex to watch Steve's back. Then Tony mentioned he needed to reclaim some of his weapons that had been sold to Genosha's old regime —

"So we're technically HELPING Magneto, here," Bucky pointed out, but Tony was already gone to find some interns to endanger.

Bucky exchanged a look with Jane.

Some preparations later, the former Winter Soldier is a rather grumpy presence on the quinjet, seated behind Steve in the pilot's chair. He returns hellos, but otherwise he's about as sober as one might expect an old assassin to be. He's got a mask in his lap, because 'the Winter Soldier being sighted in Genosha' is the last thing the international community really needs at the moment. The less everyone knows, Bucky thinks, the better.

"Take a guy who's half metal to magnet island," he grumbles. His right hand performs a last check of his arsenal; his left is in Jane's lap, the internals fanned open so she can work on it. Presumably towards the end of 'fixing that problem.' "Great plan."

After three months spent stripped of her soul, and nearly rewriting all the world of its free will —

— Jane Foster is a little bit repentant. And especially considering one Tony Stark. Six months ago, when she approached him to provide needed funds to bail out Bucky Barnes, on trial for vast war crimes, she had feebly brought with her a pre-witten, ten-page speech full of reasons and concessions and please-please-pleases to read from.

This time around, it's about forty pages. Forty pages of background and explanation and rationale and sorry-sorry-sorrys for all the things she did to him under the Demon Bear's thrall, namely: hacking his entire tower, forcing the destruction of all but one of his suits, corrupting JARVIS, destroying DUMMY, and, and, and —

Tony just dumps her and Bucky on a plane. Instant penance! Jane is still reeling, catching up, but it's not like she can tell him no.

Thankfully, with help of one Zatanna Zatara and the best magic phone app in the world, both she and Bucky come prepared to fight on the go.

When the others assemble into the plane, Jane Foster is already long at work, changed into form-fitting black (the same outfit she used to help the Defenders raid their prison), a VERY ORDINARY simple pair of ballerina flats on her feet, and one of Bucky's rifles at her side, spending the entire duration of the trans-oceanic flight hunkered over James Barnes's opened metal left arm, cabling it into her laptop and hitching power off the jet itself.

That came somewhat after she listened to the Story of Genosha and rightly said, tired, deadpan, "So my boyfriend with a metal prosthesis is coming to the island ruled by a mutant terrorist who does all the metal crap. OK."

Tony will have an idea what she's doing: building a mobile quantum field generator right into the arm. Instant way to stop a magnetic field from happening?

Vary the photons' spin at a quantum level.

"King Magnet's not going to be able to touch you," she mumbles, mid-engineer's field surgery. "The plan's fine."

Cap is actually having an easy time piloting at the moment. Why? BECAUSE THE AUTOPILOT ISN"T MESSED UP DUE TO REALITY WARPING DEVICES. So with the red light blinking, Rogers merely keeps his eyes peeled for action and readies for evasive maneuvers at the drop of a hat. After all, they are dealing with mutants which often have powers that defy logic and explanation. Like some can travel through time and can control the elements themselves, he's heard. And other… Grow their fingernails really quickly and have blue skin. He's hoping to deal with a lot more of the second if things become aggressive, but as usual, Rogers hopes that this trip is much more peace talks and working together with the people on this island than motions toward war.

"Why are we letting a scientist stop their enforcements? Does Jane turn into the Hulk now?" Cap inquires as he turns toward the rest of the group in the wake of the unveiled plan. "Is that why we don't have Bann-Oh, stop with 'science'."

Cap offers a friendly wave toward the 'new person'. "Hi, I'm Captain America. Good to have you on the team," he offers with a cheesy smile. Wow, the Super Speech Captain America doll was really right when they said they used Actual Cap-tions <TM>.

To Bucky's complaint and Jane's rebuttal, Cap offers helpfully, "Of course he isn't going to be able to touch you, he uses his mind to move metal." Sighing, Rogers looks ahead, "But I'm going to presume we are trying to /avoid/ provoking a walking powder keg to a fight. If Magneto truly wants peace, it shouldn't be too hard to talk to him like a reasonable human being. Err, mutant being. Err, person." He'll be ready to talk to Magneto as a heroic diplomat when they meet face to face.



Somewhere far away, clutching a pillow to her chest, Atli Wodendottir watched the unfolding of the first chapter of Tony Stark's life with great interest. Sure, his wife had an unusual nickname for him, and she did not know him to have so many children, but was not surprised to find one of them was a bastard. In fact, the only truly shocking part of this story was that one of his sons was maimed by an incestuous twin. How unrealistic! Everyone knows brothers and sisters do not.. do.. all of that! And yet, she could not help but feel her heart sink, hear her mind collapse in on itself, when this Joffrey fellow ordered his death.

The fall of the sword on screen spurred her to immediate action.

In a moment she had her spear and was on her goat, and when she arrived she moved to Tony Stark, eyes narrowed on his neckparts with the utmost suspicion. "Woe, Lord Stark, I demand answers of you! What sorcery allows you to stand before me aft-Why are you pushing me onto your airship? TOOTHBENDER DO NOT HELP HIM! TRAITOROUS BEAST!"

Then a tumble, the goat helping Tony before wandering out for some much deserved alone time, where it might seek out the nearest Five Guys trashcan to enjoy a momentous feast.


Atli shares Bucky's disposition. She did not get to interrogate Lord Stark as she had hoped. Her goat is gone to Hel knows where. All she brought to drink was a single human beverage in a can. A glance or two around the cabin and she cracked through anything approaching silence by popping the top of her can, eyes flitting from Kamala, who she did not know, to The Shilemaiden of Midgard, who she did know, to this man with an arm of metal and… wait. Is that? She looks down at the beer in her hand.


Then up to the woman most familiar, an image from a bygone timeline torn asunder, a picture from her Old King Thor's most prized possessions. It leaves her mind as quickly as it entered, leaving her looking like half a mad woman as she squints and leans to get a better look at Jane, all the while messily drinking that nasty, nasty beer.

"A the Shieldmaiden of Midgard says, Lord Stark, we shall take vengeance on this man who has wronged you so, and bring powdered kegs to bare upon their brows! For Midgard, for Asgard, for Glory!"

Then, Atli forcefully pushes what's left of her beer into Sloane's hand, figuring the Child of Wehrsweir, always so down and calling herself inhuman, could use a little pick me up.

She should have known something was up when Tony Stark, in person, decided to show up and start ushering her toward the plane under the guise of 'needing to talk about something.' She didn't go to the Academy, but this was basically SHIELD 101: Never let Tony Stark talk you into /anything/.

It starts with walking on the plane with a seemingly sheepish Ms. Marvel. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's fine. I mean— we can, but I'm guessing you'd rather talk about it somewhere a little more discreet than…" You know, in front of /everyone else/. Once they're on board, she flits those fiery orange eyes around— Bucky Barnes, Dr. Foster— a lady she's not entirely familiar with— Atli, and Cap.

"Sir," she says, nodding to the star-spangled Captain America on the way to get settled in. "Sounds like this'll be a little tense."

Finding a seat, she plucks the Icer from the holster on her thigh, checking the clip, the slide, giving it all a pretty systematic look-over before putting it away. "Either way," she continues to Kamala, "I won't say anything to anyone."

And then, booze is shoved into her hand. Merrow blinks owlishly, looking up at the spear-wielding Asgardian. "… Atli, I'm nineteen."

"Oh, uh — Atli, Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel, Atli Wodandottir of Asgard. … What, no trans-dimensional goat?"

"Technicly I'll just be doing what I always do and getting rid of my old tech. It's not my fault if they don't give it up peacefully. Or if they try to shoot itself. Not siding with anyone!" Stark replies to the inventor keys up Lora's phone call. "The rest of it is workable, especially if its actually for refugees. Forward the proposal and I'll forward it to Pepper and we'll work something out."

He is sure, somewhere, that it doesn't work like that. But the more he's found out about the Magistrates the more annoyed he's become. Slavery. Built at least somewhat on the back of his own tech. Zealotry. Hate and exploitation of mutants. Yeah. He was realizing there was a reason that SHIELD told him to stay far away from this place.

And that reason mostly was because if he knew about all this he would have been here way before now.

"And I mean look. They could totally be reasonable when I ask them for my tech back. Then I'll just take everyone out for burgers and we'll call it a day."

He's over water now, heading for an objective on a little spit of land in the north. A prison. A bunker. Who knows what it was, what he does know now is that it holds a sizeable bit of his tech.

"Right so, we should be on approach. I can set us down on the roof. We talk to them. Get my tech. Lea—"

And then there is a blinking red light. And Stark frowns. The blinking light becomes a warning siren as Stark grabs the controls.

"—or they can shoot at us! I guess that works too! So they started it!"

Also its a Stark Enterprises plane, not a Avenger's one. He's not getting the whole team involved in this idiocy.

He'll take the blame if he has too.

But still. There is a missile. And he slams his hand down on the countermeasures as flares fire off the sides of the aircraft. "New plan! Hot landing!" He calls out as he dives for the deck to try to get the bird on the ground. "So how slow do I have to be going to make sure none of you die?"

…its totally not a serious question. Right?

Lorna shook her head at the drone as she was called over reports about the plane's location. How it was not landing in Carrion Cove but going North. To attack a magistrate base. It would take her time to get there. More time than she had to interupt or lend a hand as whoever was with Tony Stark made to give the Magistrate's a taste of their own medicine.

A sigh pulled from her lips as she waved away the Acolyte that had rushed up to her.

"Internationally, that is how it will be viewed. Don't say I didn't warn you. This is otherwise a 'civil war' between Mutates and the Magistrates. You're all welcome to come back to Carrion Cove after, SHIELD has a building there I believe. I won't be able to meet you before you make landfall, and teleportation there is too risky. Magneto sends his regards." She waved away the metal of her armor, disengaging from her attempt to even meet them.

Anything further broke off at the sounds of missle fire and Tony's mentioning of them being shot at. "Good luck." And she hung up on the drone.

This sounds like so much of a mess. But there's a small amount of time before everything goes haywire.

"Honor to be on board, Captain," she manages. That's a lot better than what she expected, which was being rooted to the spot and unable to talk. Or breathe. It helps that the talking Captain America alarm clock she had as a kid used to say that same thing.

Whatever Jane does over there is met with wide eyes and interest. "What're you doing?" she inquires, as politely as she can.

And then there's Atli and Toothgnasher. In Kamala's bag there's the most unusual of things: a bag of leftovers from lunch. She unzips it and reaches in to pull out the little bag of fries she had left and looks to Atli: "Is he hungry?" Goats are always hungry.

And then? Missile. Holy CRAP. She hangs on, closing her eyes and gripping for dear life. "If the plane survives, so will I," Kamala calls. "Dunno about everyone else! Just try not to get me wet!"

Of all the weird things Kamala says in a day…

The phrasing 'King Magnet' draws a chuckle from James Barnes, as Jane finishes up her impromptu 'science genius field' or whatever it is she's installing, seals the arm back up, and disguises it under a sleeve. He might have replied to her, except Steve distracts him with his helpful comments.

Bucky suppresses a sigh with the weight of 'eight decades of exasperation' behind it.

His gaze slants over when Kamala leans in with interest. Whatever the big KILLER WINTER SOLDIER!! trial last year spun him to look like, in person he doesn't seem half as evil as all the media made him out. Especially not when he says things like, "She's making sure I'm not gonna have this arm ripped out, and my spine with it." Preemptively, before Jane can destroy Kamala with ten thousand leagues of science.

Rising up once Jane is finished, he fits on his mask and switches off its built-in HUD — he doesn't like too much visual noise, no matter how 'assistive' it's meant to be — glancing around afterwards at the assembled people. "Let's keep it quiet, if we can," he mentions, with a glance at Jane to remind her about her own identity-covering measures. "SHIELD base or no, there's nothing good of making it real obvious who's been here and why — "

And then they're fired on. Tony asks a very perintent question.

"Don't blow up the plane and we'll be fine," Bucky says, hanging onto something with his left arm, and hanging onto Jane with his right. "Can't be worse than Sicily — "

As Atli is about to dispense beer on a mission, Captain America is about to have stern words. STERN WORDS. But before he is able to say anything to Merrow or the woman from Asgard, there is a thing about missiles. Steve cries out "HANG ON" before he moves around the controls for the plane. Which doesn't heed his call. Because Stark is the one really piloting the thing. Rogers slow frowns in response, surprisingly blase as the threat of death via military assault looms. "Just get us down," Rogers offers in a dismal tone, Buckling Up For Safety as the Armored Avenger prepares for evasive action.

"Ah, yes. Ms. Marvel. Many thousands of years from now there sits a statue of you on Asgard, chiseled, it is told, by the last remaining Light Elf of his profession, Valficient Milkmane. It is said it took him twenty seven days, working only from a half burned image my grandfather saved from his precious, dying Midgard. And yet, his mastery may have captured your poise, it does not approach the bravery I see in your eyes, Lady Marvel. It is an honor to be here with you, and the Sloane, Child of Wehrsweir, poised for glorious battle…"

Then the plane jukes, though Atli, three times as heavy as the lot of them, seems to move the least. "…where Lord Stark has decided to take aggressive action against the very ground itself."

To this she cups her hands around her mouth and calls to the front of the plane. "Steven Rogers, could you please smack Lord Stark on the side of his head, if I wanted to question my destiny I would have taken the goat to get here! Speaking of which, the goat is as much a fool as my grandfather and twice as stubborn. Where he is now, I know not, except to say that he is likely putting his intestines to the task. It took him several hours to pass the remnants of one of Stark's metal men from the last time I stood at your side, Sloane. Hours of goat wailing the likes I will be happy to never hear again. But worry not, he has taken a liking to you and though his loyalty to me is always in question. I am certain should you call loudly, Toothbender will come to your side."

Finally she stands from her seat, defying all matter of momentum and gravity as the plane takes evasive action. "Nineteen? What foolish mortal has ranked you so low on this, the scale to one hundred? Nevermind. You will point this fool to me later, and I will help him correct his mistake. In the meantime, I need you to do something very important for me."

A steely looks enters her gaze, one most familiar to those who are familiar with the Prince of Asgard, the man she names as her Grandfather. It is a look that is hereditary, the look of a determined fool.

"Hold my beer."

With that, Atli hits the release on the aft compartment, thankfully at a low enough altitude that it results only in a loud roar of air and a whole lot of wind. Falling to it's embrace, she leaps into the open air, spear held high, eyes glowing with an electric power….

And then divebombs for the missiles, bolts of lightning streaking from the sky as if she had summoned a pack of wild space goats to devour her most explosive of foes!

Oh right. Atli can't actually fly.

It could be said that this daughter of Asgard did not entirely think this through.

"No, Steve, I don't turn into the Hulk now," replies Jane long-sufferingly, compiling her hastily-written program into the processor she's installed into Bucky's arm. She gives its mechanical internals a once-over and gives his left arm a declarative pat: safe to close the plates now. "And I'm not just a scientist! I do all sorts of things now. Didn't you volunteer for a war when you were my size?"

Don't even go there, Rogers! Bucky has painstakingly given her a guided tour of All the Places Steve Rogers was Beat Up in Brooklyn and Outlying Boroughs.

Setting her laptop aside, she uplinks it with her phone, remote-installing the software she's re-routed into Bucky's arm. All the while glancing up — every so often — because there's really no missing the way Atli is staring at her. Makes a girl feel a tiny bit self-conscious.

Though quiet on the plane, it hasn't taken Jane long to learn the young woman is apparently Asgardian — a lot of expats considering how much a one-horse-town Midgard is supposed to be. She labours a few looks back, a little demur from the attention, before she breaks the ice with a tired half-smile. "You're a friend of Tony's from Asgard?" she asks. "Hey. I'm an old colleague of Thor's. You probably know him?" Being price and all? Probably.

Of course, Kamala utters the secret password into Jane Foster's nerdy heart, that is to ask what she's doing. It earns a flicker of her dark eyes, and despite a shadow of sleeplessness about them, brings back a spark of life. She opens her mouth —

And Bucky answers for her. If one calls that an answer. "That's not rea—"

Saved by the missile. It punches against the jet, and the only thing that saves Jane from jostling over is Bucky's arm around her, while she grabs both of hers proetectively around her laptop. "That had better be a rhetorical question, Tony!"

Somewhere in there, before her leap into the oblivion, Atli Wodendottir would have stared at Jane Foster long and hard. It brings up all sorts of memories that she cannot bring herself to talk about in the moment. Though she does not know what the word 'colleague' means, she is certain it involves a bed, and thus, her suspicion about King Thor's collection of old pictures must be true. Lips part, as if to give a response, but in her expression there is such confusion and worry, a profound hesitation, something more than idle introduction or some Asgardian water cooler talk. How does one address this, her possible grandmother?

The answer is simple: By very quietly hitting a button on that aft door, and trying to save her life.

If she survives she can ask her the hard questions later.

Bucky comments on hiding their identities. Sloane looks slowly to the Winter Soldier, then sucking up a deep breath and shrugging. "Would love to, sir, but there was a reason I'm not normally sent on infiltration missions." Still, she at least shrugs out of the SHIELD-branded jacket, tossing it onto one of the empty jump seats. "I guess I can blame Mister Stark later." Not to mention the calls she's /already/ had to have with Coulson in the walk from the interior of Stark Industries to the hatch of the plane.

Kamala seems to be getting her nerd on; the look on the SHIELD Agent's face is the same as when Sally starts talking engineering: Confusion, though Barnes keeps it from getting /too/ nerdy. And then, back to Atli, exasperated while Jane's trying to be friendly.

"For the fiftieth time, I'm an /Inhuman/, not a " Rated nineteen out of a hundred?! " No, that's my /age/—"

Beep beep becomes honk honk. Sloane hasn't been on a whole lot of planes since becoming an Agent, but she knows what /that/ means just from watching a whole lot of movies. 'Hold on!' is the general sentiment; Sloane quickly starts clasping buckles on the jump seat and holding steady, though Atli insists she holds a beer and … Though her expression is pointedly flat and deadpan while the daughter of lightning tries to tackle a missile out of the sky, Agent Merrow scrunches her brow. "She'll be fine, I once saw her fall into a giant turbine and came out in one piece."

A thoughtful pause as the craft continues to shake, and then she adds, "… /ish/."

In the control room of the base two men stare at the screens. One of them looks smug.

"I told you that would get him. Stark isn't expecting /our/ level of tech to be as good as his. He'll come out in that power suit of his now, and we will roll him over. Capture him, then use him to regain control of /our/ country. The fool doesn't know he's playing right into our hands."

The other figure in the room gives a satisified smile as he watches the plane on the monitor go into evasive manuvers before starting to scream towards a landing on the edge of the island the fotress happens to be on.

The back of the jet opens…

"Ah this is where he comes out shooting. The foo—"

And a screaming valkyrie with a spear, shooting lighting, comes dropping like a stone out of the back of the jet. And hugs the first missile. Which explodes in a damn impressive fireball that might just fling Atli back towards the fortress.

"….." Says the first figure.

"….." Says the second.

"I'm calling reinforcements."

"A good idea."

And now there might just be some communication waves kickinng up for Jane to see on her little laptop as the people in the arsenal do just that.

Tony? He /lands/. Cause these people need to get on the ground as fast as possible. Out from under the net of missiles. "I can take care of air support! Just get inside and get the tech and get out!" The armored figure calls as he starts to stalk for the exit of the now landed jet. To hurl himself into the sky.

Exiting the jet? Where its situationed at the end of the island, one that slopes up towards a low-walled bunker squatting atop a hill, exiting the jet isn't hard.

What makes things more intresting is the fact that a metal door in that bunker is sliding open. And what comes out is…

Power armor.

Four suits, man sized figures in dun colored armor. Projectile and energy weapons attached to the arms of the suits already starting to fling solid slugs and beams of light towards the jet. Ranging shots right now, but they might not be ranging so fast.

…wait…where did other countries get power armor?!

Looks like Genosha is way more advanced that most people thought.

Missile: bad. Plane lurching: worse.

Atli leaping out from the back of the plane, screaming and firing lightning: somehow comforting.

Seeing other powered suits: the exact opposite of that.

"Oh shooooooooot!" She can't cuss. Not in front of Cap. Though she doesn't really cuss much anyway. But this is the time, right? This is the time to show that she's worthy of being in this kind of company.

Deep breath. "Let's hope this works," Ms. Marvel mutters. Then she goes sprinting for that open back door, leaping into the air and… sort of expanding, a lot like a human flying squirrel, as she wraps around one of those suits and uses some serious leverage to wrench the energy weapons from his? its? hands.

Bucky noticed Atli staring at Jane, but had assumed it was because she was obviously Asgardian, and Jane has some… history with those guys. He leaves Jane to make conversation, and contemplates the rest of the crew. They're upsetting a delicate international balance, charging into Genosha like this. Their actions, as mentioned before, could easily be construed as support for a known terrorist with the blood of countless on his hands. More than that, SHIELD has previously disavowed entreaties to intervene in Genoshan politics with any force.

The former Winter Soldier might have kept himself off the official books on purpose, but his presence here still has political implications nonetheless, and moreover he's sure there are those here whose affiliations are much more concrete than 'under the table contractor.' So he starts to speak to that —

And then there's missiles. And then there's Atli, hugging the missiles. And then there's — the fish person, who he knows was at the center of a bit of 'SHIELD hiring metahumans' debate not too long ago —

Bucky sighs again, and grabs Jane, and braces for the rough landing as Tony puts them down in such a way as to avoid the exploding missiles.

As soon as the jet settles, Bucky lets Jane go and moves up, taking position by the jet's exit to cover the others as they disembark. God bless Zatanna Zatara and her hammerspace phone app, Bucky things for perhaps the thousandth time, as he starts to spawn a weapon —

Power suits come out. Bucky squints, glances left at Jane with an 'are you seeing that?!' look, and upgrades to .50 caliber, armor-piercing. It's not a rifle one normally uses standing up, or at this kind of close range, but the Winter Soldier stopped being normal about seventy years ago. Bracing the heavy weapon on his left arm, he aims for the suit farthest from Kamala.

"Steve, go, I'll cover," he says, a familiar and rote exchange by now between them, before he fires.

And the strange young Asgardian woman holds her silence, extending it into another odd look. Jane answers it with a mild press of her lips.

Probably means she has some strange history with Thor. Definitely the case. Wouldn't be the first of them. But as Atli barrels out of the jet at full terminal velocity —

"I didn't realize Asgardians could fly," remarks Jane.

Atli very much does not fly.

"Ah," continues Jane, grimacing around the corners. Sloane's soothe does take some of the worry out of her eyes.

But as the jet is soundly, punishingly landed with a fierce SLAM, and the only thing at this point seatbelting Jane Foster in place is Bucky's right arm, at the last shuddering impact, she comes to, one eye popped open. Everyone alive?

Drawing on her own mask — it's a simple thing, black to disguise the bottom half of her face — and strapping a borrowed rifle over her shoulder, she rises, at Bucky's flank as he joins with Steve to take the lead out of the jet. With his familiar (and favourite) gun in tow.

"I have to be inside to access the tech," she speaks quickly, voice rerouted into everyone's comms. Her eyes are on those power suits, exchanging a paling glance with Bucky. Suits gone wild. Too soon. "No access point from out here. Give me a clear road inside, guys?"

As the Stark transportation is brought down somewhat safely through the efforts of a shocking woman and her direct approach, Steve is one of the many heroic souls that makes his way out of the ride. The shield is out and ready to be used, held with a proud authority at his side. "For the record, I think I've had a bit more training than you believe," he responds belatedly to Jane as he speaks toward the suits of armor.

"This is Captain America," Steve begins, calmly side stepping a beam of energy as he carves into the ground where Cap once more. The circular defense is brought up to block the bullets as the First Avenger continues to speak in a loud and proud tone as he attempts to take point as Bucky prepares to shoot what is surely high powered stun bullets. Surely jsut stun bullets. "I highly suggest for your own personal safety that you do not attempt further attacks, we have no desire to start a fight, but we /will/ finish one."

Somewhere in the back of Atli's mind, it occurs to her that this may have been a terrible decision. But only for a brief moment, the one that lingers on her conflicted emotion about speaking up to Jane Foster. The moment that makes her realize just why she lept so readily from a perfectly good flying Stark-boat, and into the danger that had come from them all.

It was because, in the far future, all that remains of these people are their deeds. Midgard is a blasted wasteland they had only just begun nursing back to health. The spiny Rhinos and Two Headed Giraffes were all quite authentic, as were the Flying Sharks. But nothing made that land the home of Humans again as much as the lakes, rivers, and monuments, all named for the heroes of Midgard. All named by their only living champion of their memory, Old King Thor. Back then, Atli did not understand why Rogers Lake and Barnes Peak meant so very much to him. Why the Foster River, Stark Ravine, Khan rainforest and Albright Sea were so very important.

But after this time on Midgard, learning of it's people, of these hero, she does now. She could not allow some fools to deny their future deeds, nor those memories that kept her Grandfather going all those long, dwindling years.

It is the very last thought she has before the missiles explode around her, the pieces of the one in her arms fluttering away as she loses consciousness for a moment….

'I highly suggest for your own personal safety that you do not attempt further attacks, we have no desire to start a fight, but we /will/ finish one.'


Atli Wodendottir impacts one of the suits just as it steps forward, cratering into the utmost oblivion and sending a small shockwave rippling over the rest of them. As the dust and dirt falls in a cascade around her, a hand meekly rises to clutch the corner of said crater, as other words flash in her mind.

'I'm an Inhuman!'

'Don't get me wet.'

"Verily, I will do my very best, Ms. Marvel, but my blood seems to be leaking from every part of me, and you may wish to mind the Child of Wehrsweir's scales, they are very oily."

'The Fish Girl of SHIELD,' if you read the Bugle — though the Daily Planet's coverage was a little less sensational. Sloane's looks aside, the only piece of SHIELD-branded attire she's got is the jacket, and that's staying inside Tony's jet. Maybe one day she'll get her hands on a proper disguise or a decent balaclava, but it /is not this day/.

This day, Sloane is quick to take a one-two step for the open back door, taking her turn to make the leap outside and … watching Kamala expand into the mighty flying parachute-girl. '/Damn/,' is her first thought.

When she hits the ground, it's with a tumble-forward before breaking into a dead-on sprint, moving at speeds befitting the inhuman name. "Understood!" she replies to Jane over comms. An icer won't do much against suits of power armor, and lord knows she's dealt with enough of these in the last month or so…

'All right,' she tells herself. 'Time to go to work.'

When Merrow reaches the first suit, she puts her shoulder down and /charges/, having had more than her fill of people shooting at her with lasers and blasters, aiming to leverage her strength and the suit's weight to stop weapons fire headed her way. Putting a hand out and down, the Agent follows it up with a heavy, firehose-like jet of water bursting down and out of her palm, adding enough spin and momentum to one-arm, awkward-angle body slam the occupant— if any— and his suit into the ground before checking positions for the next leg of her charge.

Cap calls out. There's also a whole lot of cringing when Atli lands, glancing back just long enough to see where the Asgardian lands. That girl is gonna give her an ulcer before she's 21.

Tony? Tony is taking care of the air support. Drones and suits in the sky dueling with each other to keep the heat off the team on the ground…

…a team that is dealing with their own brand of problems.

Kamala's trick causes nothing but concern among the defenders. There are shouts of 'WHAT KIND OF MUTATION IS THAT' as they turn their weapons on her. Even though she manages to disarm the one.

Then Sloane, Atli, and Bucky happen.

The suit that Atli lands on apparently was a drone. Since there is nothing leaking out of it after her crash. Bucky's round puts a hole in a second suit, one that Sloane's charge and blast finish off putting right down to the ground. The last remaining operative one seems ready to keep fighting for a moment.

Until Steve says something.

"Captain America?" Suprise? Relief? They are both there. "You are all…heroes?" A longer pause. "Oh thank the stars that means you are here to help then! The mutants have taken over! Terrorists rule this island, surely you are here to help restore order!"

Guns are lowered slightly. This sounds like a compleatly good thing right? I mean that's a natural heroic thing to do. Restore order!

"I am glad you are not so small minded to see that the mutants are not even human, just property. How can people think using them is wrong. They aren't even people, just resources. So why be angry about how we choose to use them….though…" The suits optics shift towards Kamala and then Sloane. "I still find your choice of companions odd…"

So the sergent there should likely have stopped his babbling with the first part and not the second.

Inside? The pair in the control room are still staring in shock. "Why did you promote your cousin to a guard."

"He is very loyal!"

"And stupid!"

"…agreed. But he's family."

"I don't care! Just activate it!"

…and Jane's laptop burbles a warning as a power spike suddenly appears in the waters off the shore near them.

Guns: wrenched! This is good. And given that Kamala's just dropping them, she's fairly confident that they'll break on the ground or fall into water and get generally gummed up. Either way is fine.

But then of course they start shooting at HER, and thaaaaaaaat's a problem. She unwinds from the armor quickly, holding on from behind with her hands on its shoulders and kicking her feet on its butt to push herself away from it. There! She's being propelled decently away from the armored guy and is instead safely plummetting toward the ground.


Atli's words are still going through her head. Something about a statue to her. Something else about bleeding a lot. Both of those are distressing in their own ways, and equally distressing is the fact that Kamala can either get really big like a parachute and fall slower but be easier to shoot… or get really small and be a worse target but still fall.

There's a lot of options, though. She stretches her arm up, further than she's ever had to stretch it before, and grabs on to another one of those armors. Stretch. Stretch… BAM. Once her fingers are curled around its ankle, she snaps herself back into her usual shape as quickly as she can. It should jostle him, and if it doesn't, grabbing his guns out of his hands should help as well.

"I don't… want… to hurt you! Drop your guns and stand down!"

Jane's words turn Bucky's eyes. He's silent a moment too long, perhaps wondering the same as her — these suits don't have anything to do with them, do they? — but soon enough he shakes off the doubt and nods. "Stay by me and I'll get you in," he says, shouldering his weapon and starting forward as the others take down more of the power armors.

Some of the suits, as expected, are unmanned, including the one Bucky disabled. Some of the others, it appears, are not… and they have things to say. Or… one of them has things to say. Too many things to say.

Bucky hesitates. With a wince, he swings his gaze over towards Steve. The cringe on Bucky's features just gets worse and worse as the guy continues.

"No time," he mutters lowly, over the comms to the rest of the group, but mostly to Steve. He starts to nudge forward, a clear sign to Jane that he's starting to think about just sneaking in. "We're here for a very specific purpose, and the longer we take to get to it and get outta here, the more time things have to go wrong — "

Out of the corner of his eye, the ocean starts to move in unexpected ways.

"…anyone know what that is?"

"Don't know. Don't want to know. Whatever that is, it's got a good sound," Jane answers Bucky, her eyes turned down on the unhelpful alert from her laptop. "It's tripping my signal — like it thinks it's Stark tech. So? Bad. Let's just say 'bad.'"

There's a beat, and she speaks into the comm: "Tony. You wouldn't happen to have any idea about this. Would you?"

Please no Iron Krakens. Please no Iron Krakens.

But no time, declares Bucky Barnes, and Jane immediately obeys his appraisal of the battlefield, on the ex-assassin's six with quick-footed steps, ready to follow whatever plan he has to get them inside. Still, she looks back, drawn to What Might Be Really Bad. "—Either way, it might get really hot out here really fast. I still need to get /in/. It's the only way we might have a way to get this crap under control. Do we split up?"

It's a call for any leader to make. A LEADER LIKE AMERICA.

With time, Atli rises, her eyes squinting at this metal man speaking of owning people, of controlling people, of treating them as objects. She has a sharp rebuttal ready, for she cannot understand this, the desire to conquer other people. Unfortunately she notices how wet the front of her armor and tunic are, and had thought it blood at first. There is a frown, and she brings dabbed finger to her mouth.

"Ah, not to worry dear friends, it was only my juice reserve juicebox pouch that Fair Rocket constructed for me. His face, so fierce in concentration, perfectly formed fangs gritting with his strain. I flush anew to think of it, and yet lament the passing of this beautiful thing he made for me all at once, destroyed by YOU, FOOLISH METAL CREATURE!"

It does not matter if it was the one speaking, or simply just another drone, but she takes a long swing with her spear, cleaving part of it away in a furious tumble as she shouts in it's smoking wake. "That is for being THE WORST! And this i-"

Atli's gaze finds that movement in the ocean, and of course, she knows exactly what it is.

"WEHRWEIR HAS REGENERATED AND HAS COME FOR IT'S DAUGHTER! You must fight the urge to greet your mother with sweet embrace, Sloane! While I know you think yourself inhuman, I promise you this: You. Are. Mighty! You no longer need the protection of her vile coils! Tell her yourself! BEGONE!"

None of this is likely to be true but really, Atli has little context for what else might haunt this world's waters. Other than Sloane's mom.

Not being able to 'pass' has opened Sloane up to all kinds of hatred from the anti-meta/anti-mutant community. The size of her ears, the scale coverage, her eyes and teeth, there's so much to make her stand out so much that just hearing it spoken like it's so… fact-of-matter, it hurts.

The Inhuman's head turns to the sound of rumbles and waves; Merrow starts stalking away from the forward charge to face the water. Though she's learned how to exercise /so much/ control, there's water dripping from the air in her wake; a puddle behind every step.

"Whatever comes out of there's gonna wish it didn't," the Agent says, reaching out her powers— her will— to the ocean waves. Hopefully it's just Tony bringing a Jager to the surface, but … knowing this place, it's going to get a whole lot more complicated.

The face of Captain America is currently in a slow frown as the guard speaks. To just offer such commentary without prompting. "I sense the diseased hand of Twitter behind this discourse," he mutters to his companions, as if talking about some sort of horrid elder god. Still, he doesn't attack, even as his allies are doing their thing. Mostly because he knows that they will do their own thing. Also because he knows as a symbol, he's held to a higher standard, if not by the American people and the world at large then by his own expectations of a national hero.

"I am aware of Genosha's stance on mutantkind," Steve Rogers states with a firm tone, his calm tone juxtaposition his gritting teeth. "Of how you see human beings a sign of profit and nothing more. It's not the first time it's happened nor the last time. Indentured servitude in America soon become full slavery based on race rather than a form of punishment for heinous crimes or grievous debt. It sickens me that such a thing still exist. But it's not the only one."

Personal shame muddles with righteous anger as Steve discusses the crimes of his nation, past and present, speaks of battles fought and won, conflicts of ideology and character that still rage on. He steps forward, moving a foot forward with each damning aspect of mankind's greed and lust. "Child labor, coal towns with their scrip, trafficking of women and children to serve vile desires." Now he is within arm's length, but his shield is at his side. It seems like shooting Captain America would be all too easy, but Rogers still only uses his words. "These crimes are not just ones of my nation, but of the world. Locke wrote 'All mankind? being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm one another in his life, health, liberty, and possessions'. The UN, like your nation, struggles with how to classify mutant and treat it. You should be sanctioned. You should be investigated. But it doesn't matter. Not now."

"Let it be known that I will not let Genosha do what it pleases with mutants, with humans that disagree, with the rights of man granted by God. I will not stand with Magneto and his misguided views on humanity but nor will allow a nation to profit of the suffering of their citizens."

The normally gentle blue eyes narrow into icy thin slits. "So you and your commanding officers will stand down. You will return Stark his tech, you will allow me to speak to the mutant here to ensure there is no longer any bloodshed on EITHER side. Because if this shield rises, I won't stop until it's brought down against the pillars of hate that have fueled this civil war and all who seek to profit from it, mutant or human alike."

As one guard is flung by Kamala the last one just /stares/ at the advacing figure of freedom and justice. The weapon arm raises but doesn't quite point at Steve's center of mass. Confusing is there. Suprise easily read in the motions of the armored suit. "You…only want Stark's technology? But…it is obselete now. We only have it for backup. That…" The eyes of the suit sweep around the gathering. "…that is the only reason? Not to fight against terrorists and userpers? I thought you americans approved of law and /order/. This is not /order/. This is chaos! And the mutants are not /people/. They are mutants…why can you not see this. You are just as blind as the rest. Fine though. If you just want Stark's technology take it. I won't stand agai—"

And its at this point that Atli's spear slams into the suits side and sends it spinning down the corridor to lie in a smoking pile of high tech.

…the guy isn't dead though? So that's something?

"You…you will find the Magistrates won't be as accomidating…" He says weakly from the ground, the suit ruined beyond all hope.

The only other maned suit? Oh yeah. He's surrendering. Because he has no guns and he just can't take that much America.

So the way inside is clear. The corridors are easily laid out and the way to the command center and control rooms well enough marked.

…if you speak Genoshian at least…

They don't get visitors.

There /are/ no mutants in evidence here, but the pair of guards both carry some kind of collar with them.

…but that's not the important part…

The important part would be there is a rumble from the water. Two large pools of light suddenly ignite. It seems to be Atli's prediction coming true!!!

At least until the shadowy form raises, breaks the plate of water like a titan of old. So good news…it /does/ seem to be Jager like.

…bad news is its not Tony's.

Stories tall and made of purple and blue metal, the humanoid robot glowers down as it raises up, and up, and up. Two bright yellow eyes cast beams of light though the gathering dark as its massive fists clench and unclench.

In a great booming voice that echos off the walls of the bunker the thing speaks.


Those eyes sweep back and forth again. Then slowly they turn to fixate on Kamala and Sloane. "Non-humans detected. Searching. Category Inhuman. Mission." The eyes turn red. "Collect for study."

Things are going pretty swell. Okay, down on the ground there's a lot of seriously racist (speciesist? subspeciesist?) people who would be thrilled to see her and Sloane and some others in chains, but she's up here and not falling too too fast. But she's disarmed two of those suits and sent them flying, and luckily they were apparently unmanned, so that's good, right? Right? Well, it was pretty okay until the Sentinels showed up and called them…

Inhuman? INHUMAN?

Kamala's eyes go anime-huge when she stares at that enormous jager-thing coming out of the water. "I'm more human than YOU, you pile of rusty rivets! Blow it out your ear! So's your old man!" This is when Kamala gets angry and WANTS to cuss and Captain America's in earshot so she's not going to, nope.

Well, now that she has nothing to hang onto, Kamala decides she's NOT going to get big. Not yet. She's going to get teensy. She remembers something about tiny things being a lot more able to stand up to long falls. Surely she'll be a harder target for the Sentinel to catch if she's the size of a fly?

"You okay there, Sloane? Atli? Anyone else going to plummet uncontrollably?"

"I think it's more than just Twitter, Steve," Bucky says dubiously, though he doesn't necessarily disagree that Twitter probably had a part in making everything worse.

Afterwards, Steve starts to advance. Bucky knows that walk. He starts to say something… and then he sighs. You can't stop the Speech Thing. It's just Steve's thing.

"Here we go," he says to Jane. But despite his apparent irreverence, he is listening closely… and his weapon is raised, finger on the trigger, ready to fire on anyone who aggresses on Steve while he is that close.

Nobody does, fortunately. The Speech works to dishearten the power suit guards. But they are simply guards, of course. The Magistrates within will not be so easy to deter…

…nor that Sentinel that suddenly rises up from the water behind them.

"Uh…" Bucky says, slowly lowering his rifle, already edging Jane in that direction. "Recommend we get INSIDE away from that thing, it's where we're headed anyway!"

That aside from Bucky lifts Jane's eyebrows. She's not a seasoned veteran when it comes to the realm of Steve Rogers Speeches.

But she, too, falls quiet, holding her own piece to listen as Captain American does what he does best: reason before aggression. Stating his terms, their cause — and his stance on the Genoshan Civil War. And it… works. Works well enough that she can only look on with surprise and quiet respect, as guards take a wilful surrender —

Her attention wavers down to those collars they carry, eyes narrowed pensively. With a glance to Bucky, Jane motions one out silently, question delineating along her half-masked face. The hell is that? Should they take one back to Coulson and figure this out?

But as for the Magistrates —

"I think this thing is much bigger than your tech, Tony," Jane says over the comms. "After we find it, we might need to look into — what the HELL is that?"

The Sentinel pulls free from the water and makes its declaration. Jane stares incredulously. She doesn't move until Bucky moves her, turning a glance back, especially when it announces its intentions on two of their teammates.

"Wait," she calls, "we're not taking down Racist-Bot?! Who the hell BUILT that? Is that for real? I think we could take it!"

The ground QUAKES under a single gargantuan step it takes.

"OK, inside might work. James, get us in, I'll be right behind you."

There is a long moment after striking that blow that Atli Wodendottir simply wishes to revel in victory, and not shrink from the challenge that the Retern of Wehrsweir might represent. Except, there is something else. Words that tumble from the Shieldmaiden of Midgard, words that speak to the soul no matter who you are, or where you come from. All that matters is that you have a soul at all, and it becomes clear that many of these puny mortals on this island do no. But Atli does! It invigorates her, swells within her a pride that she has not felt since Old King Thor presented her with Jarnbjorn Reforged. In much the same way the axe, so woefully shattered against Galactus' jaw, was collected together and made anew, these words, WORDS, mend the broken piece of her time-stretched spirit.

Words. Things that she hates, often printed on pitiful paper. Oh how her sister would prattle on about adventures from books, adventures she'd rather be having, than recounting. Did Steve just show her the value of words? Has she been infected by something? Indeed she has.


She raises her spear, electricity gathering in the air as she thinks to speak in affirmation of Steve's speech, but instead her face drops from the great metal beast rising from the water itself. It steals any response to Ms. Marvel, as she is forced to take in this behemoth in all it's menacing glory. Not Wehrsweir.. unless… unless Wehrsweir has obtained Stark Armor! But not, that could not be. This is different. This thing calls Sloane an Inhuman! It makes sense to her now. All this time, she had thought Sloane was down on herself, perhaps depressed, or suffering from serpent-separation-syndrome, well documented in the Nine Realms. But NO. Now she knows the truth. All this time a great metal beast has been following Sloane around, telling her she is INHUMAN.

Atli Wodendottir does not abide bullies. Certainly she hears Bucky's suggestion. Absolutely it is the prudent, and knowing the legend of this man is enough to almost give her pause.

'I think we could take it.'

Setting aside that Jane Foster might, somehow, be her grandmother, Atli often simply goes with the suggestion she most wants to hear, and so she steps forward, if only to hold the line so these heroes around her might complete their task. Also, she would deliver a message. Energy crackles in her eyes, the sky darkens again, and lightning laced with fire strikes the end of her spear to send the entire weapon aglow.

"Hear me now, great metal beast! Sloane, Child of Wehrsweir, is a great many things! She has long, ungainly ears! Eyes that, when I see them in the dark give me a fright most terrible.. and I have seen Old King Thor naked.. even with that tolerance, well. Anyway! Yes, she leaves scales behind on the toilet seat! But none of this matters! To those who rank her a mere nineteen out of one hundred, I say this to you: YOU ARE FOOLS. She she is my friend, and of all the souls I have met on this once to be blasted landscape known as Midgard, hers is the most…" Her voice falters, and.. is that a tear? "..HUMAN!!"

Then she thrusts the spear, lightning suddenly flashing out from the tip to leap with a burning ire towards the sentinel's head, right where the important stuff is!

As the men retreat under the threat of impending Cap-ness (and perhaps the more realistic fear of the other heroes getting involved more than they already are), Steve sighs. Perhaps there is a chance that there could be reasoning with these people as long as there is a very viable stick to motivate the Genoshan government toward the carrot.

Before he can figure out exactly how to get peace talks going, there is suddenly the advent of large robot. Reflexively, Steve takes a step back before he narrows his eyes. The boy from Brooklyn swells at the idea of being forced to stand down by something just because its seemingly superior size and strength. But others are making their way inside and Rogers seems more than willing to follow after.

Of course, that's when Atli is spurred into action, attacking the mechanical foe with her bolt of mystic energy. For the time being, concerned about leaving a friend behind, Steve stands his ground. "We'll be right there," he replies to Bucky and others, not wishing to hold up the mission due to one person. After all, there is science to do.

While throwing the shield against the Sentinel might be folly, he can at least wait for the powerful energy blast, odd tentacles, or whatever weapon the creature tries to launch before trying to intercept it by blocking it with a shield charge, hopefully keeping from Atli from harm. While he has no idea if the thing can hit hard enough to harm an Asgardian, Rogers has no wish to find out.

To be honest, Merrow was expecting something a little less … Godzillatron.

Sucking a deep breath in between her teeth, Sloane starts reversing course, backing away from her forward movement and heading right back to keep stride with the others, steady and slow. As the eyes reach her, scanning herself and Ms. Marvel, she is trying her hardest to not completely lose her shit— this time a little more out of worry rather than the overt racism.

Cap's got the cover right there. Somewhere, a child shed a tear that turned into a bald eagle that flew away into the sunset.

Wait— Inhuman. Kamala's an Inhuman? Her head turns for a second to look back at Ms. Marvel, a little surprise on her scale-marked face, which trades itself quickly for the necessity to focus up before something terrible happens. "Okay," she says on comms, trying to keep the ragged panic back, "so it knows what an Inhuman is. Should I be panicking, or do we know how to stop something like that?"

And then Atli… just … in the most exasperating way possible, she just /Atlis/ in a way that one day the SHIELD Agent is going to have to get it put into a dictionary. "Atli, will you—"

Oh god, lightning. Merrow's eyes widen, then narrow as she shields her eyes— then Cap steps up to take action next. That, and — she's not hearing a lot of things she likes from the other side of the team and the entrance.

"Atli, please— just /stop/— and /stop usin' my name out here/," the Agent says, letting carefully-controlled Boston drawl slip through. Her hands lift as she focuses /hard/ on the water at the shoreline, exerting will and influence and all of the training she's received in the last year. Twin geysers of water /explode/ from the sea, aiming to slam into the back of the robot's massive knees like twin pistons!

"It's Merrow!!"

"Yeah, I'm getting that idea. I'm kinda starting to see just why the mutants were mad about just about everything." Stark calls back as he loops though the air above them. "And /is that a giant robot/." A longer pause. "I want one." An even longer pause. "But I don't think it'll fit in the trunk. They got some kind of vehicles coming though. That are…really stupid looking unicycle bikes? With lots of guns? Who even makes this stuff! Urgh. I'll keep em busy."

The hallway that Bucky and Jane rush down seems clear of problems. The Magistrates and their allies are spread thin, and most of the less zelous guards have already high-tailed it to deeper parts of the compound by the time they realised he was knocking. The command room is a twenty foot high room, perfectly square and lit by banks of recessed lighting in the walls and ceiling. Ranks of computers sit in neat rows, most off. It seems that at one point this was part of a massive network, most of which is down now. Jane can tell with a glance though that the tech here is lightyears beyond even what SHIELD has access to. Genosha has made bounds ahead of the typical 20th centaury country, this is well into 21st centaury or better tech.

In the front of the room a single man stands, dressed in a pristine uniform with a hilt of some kind of weapon on one hip and a pistol on the other. "Ah. I see I have guests. Tell me, I'll give you what you want. But are /you/ two more willing to listen to reason than the fools outside?"


There is a crash of lightning that the Sentinal raises an arm to catch. Shielding dissipates much of the force but even so a rent is torn in the armor as he turns its gaze on Atli. "…hostile target added." That passionless voice thrown out before it starts to step forwards and is slammed from behind by a pair of jetstreams.

It staggers forards, crashing into the shore on one knee but catching itself with one hand. The other raises towards Sloane.

"Restraint procedures engaged." A length of steel cable launches from its palm, intending to wrap around Sloane if it can and then…well…there will be lightning of its own.

From one shoulder? A small cannon appears as Kamala falls. And /good news/ its trying to help! By firing a mass of sticky webbing towards the tiny Miss Marvel to try to cushin her fall a bit. And stick her to the ground. Its…not really sure about her powers yet. She's /strange/.

Atli? Oh she is not forgotten as the Sentinel turns its eyebeams on her.

…Steve gets nothing. Because he's human and therefor a good guy who won't hurt the robot at all!

Bucky seems well-accustomed to Steve by now — and well-accustomed to Steve actually getting results with his words. He presses himself and Jane forward as the initial guards surrender, intent first and foremost on mission.

Even as a Sentinel rises from the depths. And… of course, people shoot lightning and water and such at it. Steve, ever the protector, says he'll stay behind with the kids. "All right," he grumbles, "well, half of us will go inside, and half of us will punch a giant goddamned robot."

And now JANE seems to want to punch the giant goddamned robot, too. Bucky turns a scandalized look on her. It's not visible because of the mask, but she should know him well enough to know the look. "You are NOT taking on the racist-bot," he says. "I need you with me. Stark, we're going for the tech," he reports upwards, "and you cannot have the giant robot."

It's hard being essentially, the group chaperone.

There isn't much resistance, at the least, as he and Jane head down into the compound. Not until they reach the command room… and the man within. Who seems to want to — talk?

"You coulda stopped talking at 'I'll give you what you want,'" Bucky says dryly. The mask he's wearing chops up his voice, renders it largely unrecognizable. That, combined with the fact he's pointing a very large gun at the man, doesn't really contribute to any air of relatability. "You want to talk even more, be my guest, but do it WHILE you fetch us the tech. All of it. I don't want any 'oh shit we just forgot this crate of missiles' nonsense cropping up a month from now."

His head tilts towards Jane. Over a private channel, he says, "See what this stuff is, doll? Looks fancy as hell."

Physics is working weirdly with little Ms. Marvel today. She got small — really small! — and figured anything coming at her was going to be so big that it could easily be dodged. Of course, she didn't imagine that it was going to fire a mass of sticky webbing at her.

"Did that thing eat Spider-Man?" Kamala concentrates and takes a deep breath before she morphs again, spreading out in a still small but more useful shape. It… okay. Kamala is new to really creative shapeshifting, but it's worth a try. She turns into a red, yellow, and blue little falcon.

The less said about how accurate the anatomy or coloring is, the better.

It's taking some work, but she's at least small and aerodynamic and above all winged, and she's able to flap JUST out of the way of the websplat.

And then Bucky Barnes commits his most monstrous act in his hundred years of life, and denies Jane Foster the opportunity to go fight a giant deathbot.

Her uncovered eyes meet his look of scandal with an equal look of innocence. "But —" she stutters. "I brought my shoes and everything —"

But it doesn't take much convincing past the obvious; they are here, foremost, on a mission, and they must see it through. And he can't do this half of it without her. With a wistful look back on Steve Rogers engaging the Sentinel, Jane turns and darts after Bucky.

She follows the signal off her laptop, rerouted through her phone, to direct them down the meandering halls of the bunker, with Bucky — and his .50 AR — in point. Jane stays close, something about the scientist demonstrating she's already seasoned in combat scenarios; she keeps her steps light and her own rifle in easy access of her hands, and stays close to Barnes, shadowing his quiet steps as she remains within his periphery.

With one silent look over on Bucky — this is it — they breach to the main room… and that man who awaits them inside.

Jane remains silent as Bucky makes first contact: that being his sharp words and pointed gun. Her masked face shows little but the grimness in her dark eyes.

"If 'reason' is anything like that thing out there —" she starts to speak, but doesn't finish the thought. Her modulated voice goes silent.

Bucky over the private channel draws her attention to more pressing things. "On it," Jane answers him, running a frequency scan — her first hit is a quantum incision through the Magistrates' system, and to kill their coordinates to keep additional reinforcements from arriving. And then, to follow the code Tony gave her: time to hit on all traces of Stark.

Fortunately, Sloane is faster than the average human; depending on what the Sentinel has managed to glean from her on a passive scan— and the hydrokinesis— this may have been left out of his calculations. Unfortunately she's not /superspeed/ fast. As the cable snakes toward her, the Inhuman's weight shifts low and back, pushing off from the ground with twin jets of water pushing her back with hydro-rocket force.

The cable is able to, still, snap against her leg on the ascent.

For a split-second she seizes, eyes wide and feeling the hot snap of electricity while her limbs seize and the shock courses through her; Merrow's weight goes into an uncontrolled spin before she's tossed across the ground in a violently speedy blur that sprawls out across the ground.

Electricity and water. Bad, bad mix— at least for her.

Merrow gasps and breathes deep for a few moments while her leg continues to spasm and shake, the momentary, violent seizure from the shock reminding her of the kind of muscle pain and aches she felt for days after crawling out of that slug-sack of a cocoon.

Pushing up to her elbows and rocking onto her side, the SHIELD agent tightens her jaw and starts pushing against the ground, scrambling through the violent protests in her joints. Remember training— remember fighting, remember everything. Move. Don't think, /move/.

"Hel's Bells."

It's the only response really, as the Child of Wehrsweir shows her lineage is still true and bends the very ocean to her will. A sticky web… thing flies towards a.. is that a BIRB?! Really, she can not even right now, with such madness, as those coils lash out for Sloane she does the first thing that comes to mind and tosses her the spear she knows well.

After all, Sloane has wielded it before, and with her throw it will seek to stick into that tendril within arm's reach, and hopefully absorb the electricity running through that metal limb, to give Sloane a reprieve.

"Actually the spear's name is Jarnbjorn, not Merrow. Though that name is quite beautiful. It sounds someone like the name of a A'askvarian Sea Goddess I once knew. Ah, how she had all the right spines in all the right places, and her brother, well, together they were quite a te-"

And then Steve Rogers is there with his shield, and what she is saying is drowned out by the furious energy pummeling that vibranium. Except of course to Steve, because for him, behind the shield, the sound is mostly dampened, so he gets to hear all the details as she waxes poetic about that salacious and most of all, informative encounter.

Then she slides her fingers under the harness at Steve's back, and says ominous words. "Captain Rogers of Midgard, it is my greatest honor that you have been my shield. Verily, it is time that you have words up close with this monster!"

Then she gives Steve a running push, actually turning him away from the beams for a moment to suddenly take the brunt, but in doing so she gains the momentum to whip him around and send several hundred pounds of American Freedom hurling towards Racist Bot. After this, she calls skyward.

"Marvel Bird! Might you gather that webbing in your talons and drop it into that thing's eyes? It is most onory!"

The battle with the sentinel is one that reminds that Steve can't be everywhere at once. While he is able to defend Atli with his shield from the horror of eyebeams, he hears the pain of Sloane as the tazer cable does its thing. Gritting his teeth after the wake of the attack, Steve throws his shield toward the cable as Atli offers the idea. Regardless if the shield is enough to sever the cable in the wake of the attempted secure by the Asgardian or not, he merely looks toward Atli with a simple "Okay?" before he is thrown.

Upside of being an inspiring hero, everyone wants to work with you. Downside of everyone wanting to work with you, you haven't exactly had a chance to refine teamwork tactics. Still, he takes it all in stride, catching the shield and finding himself thrown right right for the horrible Sentinel of Anti-Freedom.

The Shield of Legend is brought to in front as the flying ramming attack makes itself known. If it hits, Rogers will take a hand and reach for a k-bar knife, hoping to use it on the way down to lodge the combat knife into the dangerous construct to slow his decent and perhaps even dangle off the creature as he tries to bring his legs up so he can prepare to leap off the Sentinel back to where he started. Not the safest idea, but rarely does safe and being thrown at enemies go hand in hand.

The Sentinal /is/ most onory.

As it struggles to its feet again the massive machine reaches one hand out towards Marvel Birb to try to close its massive digits around her and hold her fast. "Shapeshifing noted. Shifting paramaters." It intones.

It learns. That is bad right.

It raises again, and its foot comes crashing down for Atli after her mighty throw. The electrified tendril snapping out for Sloane again as the SHIELD agent starts to move. The shock isn't lethal levels, but it still hurts. It actually is trying to capture them…

…well maybe not Atli.

Steve's flight sends the Shield crashing into the bot and with that speed and force even the mighty machine staggers, unbalancing its other attacks. The k-bar is deployed and with a crash of sparks it tears though the armor, offering Steve a convienent handhold there as he dangles from the monster's chest. The robot itself looks down, almost suprised at this development. Then…

"Hostile list updated."

Oh yeah. Thats not good.

Inside? The man chuckles and touches a com system. A few low words are exchanged as he stands there, amid banks of black monitors with a superior smile on his face. "They are all being sent up. From mothboll storage of course. We don't need Stark's toys anymore. We've learned enough from them over the years. As you can see they are relics now." A quirked eyebrow. "Come now, surely you two can see the benefits of using mutants. We have created a perfect society. Benefited the arts and the sciences. Made leaps in technology that most would deem impossible beyond your friend Stark. Who is much too narrow in his scope and application."

Jane? She slices though the system…with difficulty. It doesn't go fast. And it fights back. Powerful AIs, dedicated to defense, work to keep her out of the system though her /witchery/ keeps her one step ahead of them.

Stark's tech she finds tiny hints of it everywhere. A familiar circuit pattern or energy signature. A modified or upgraded power source. Most of the dedicated tech? It actually /is/ on its way up, loaded onto an elevator for easy delivery.

"This is a sovereign nation of Genosha. Under attack by a mutant usurper that wishes for nothing more than the deaths of humans. And you seem to be helping him when you could be helping the rightful rulers of this land. Does that not make you hypocrites?"

The information in the computer banks is protected as well. So if Jane wants to get to any deeper datafiles. Well. She'll have to either stop scanning their tech, or stop the reinforcements signal.

Can Kamala grab that webbing in her… possibly talons… and drop it back onto the Sentinel's eyes? "I can try!" she calls to Atli, and it's a little unnerving looking at her more or less human (though beaky-nosed) face shouting from a birb body. Concentrate. Don't think so hard. Just BE A BIRD. You've been Captain Marvel before without even thinking about it consciously. You've turned yourself into a lamp post. You can BE A BIRD.

Kamala wings her way up and around, still clumsily given that she's never actually done this before, dodging desperately around the hand trying to close over her. You know what? Being a bird is DUMB.

So she stretches, rearranges, grows, embiggens a LOT. And now she's a Quetzalcoatlus.

A Quetzalcoatlus can DEFINITELY grab some stupid webs in its feet and fly straight for the eyes of the Sentinel. Whether the webbing will unstick long enough for her to actually smear it on the Sentinel's eyes is… is… another question. But she's enormous and moreover it doesn't MATTER if she looks super weird. She's ancient and terrifying and huger from beak to feet than a giraffe, so best not to mess with her.

"You horrible creeps!" she squawks at the Sentinel. "We're just as human as you are!"

Says the enormous prehistoric bird. Probably not the best time to say it? But she's smearing webbing on its eyes regardless.

"If there were anyone else other than us who could finish this job," Bucky sighs at Jane, "I'd let you fight the giant racist-bot. But there isn't." And that settles that.

It's an uneventful trip down to the heart of the bunker, surprisingly. And soon enough the two of them find themselves confronted with… well, what Bucky assumes is one of the Magistrates, or someone important being guarded BY the Magistrates. Whatever the man wants to 'reason' with them about, Bucky isn't terribly interested; as soon as he heard they'd cooperate, he's focused on getting the goods, getting out, and seeing how much data Jane can slice out of the system along the way.

Bucky gets even less interested in the guy's 'reasoning' once he actually hears it.

"Yeah, yeah, heard that whole spiel back in '43," Bucky grumbles. "Perfect societies built on the backs of subhuman races, et cetera. Listen, I went through this once already, so I don't wanna debate club about it. We're here to get Stark's shit and leave. No helping YOU, no helping HIM. You said yourself you don't even use this crap anymore, so it's not like we're really giving Magneto any edge by disarming you of anything important."

He keeps a suspicious eye on the man, nonetheless, covering Jane as she does her work. "Stark, your shit is being sent up, stand by to retrieve," Bucky asides into the comms up to the man in question. A pause. "This guy had some pretty rude stuff to say about it."

As Bucky speaks — or, specifically, as he grumbles — Jane works on. Slipping him a silent, meaningful look as he mentions 'going through this', she otherwise opens her laptop, finds a free surface, and trusts the former Winter Soldier to do what he does best.

He watches the unknown man before them both and covers her back, and she lets her attention sink purely into her scrolling screen. Slicing in occupies most of her attention, and she needs to roll out some of her more complex scripts — writing mathematical logic in her head and calculating to their encryption as she goes — before gaining access.

Her find brings her to frown, unseen beneath the black mask she wears. Familiar designs in unfamiliar places. She exhales.

"They've been reverse-engineering," speaks Jane over the private comm channel to everyone in congress. "They're giving it up in part because they've figured enough of it out. I'm sorry, Tony. This won't be enough."

It also leads her to a virtual crossroads of sorts, but complex enough she can only route her attention one way. A deeper cache of files. Or calling off reinforcements. What's the call?

Might be their only shot. And they have Cap out there. An Asgardian. Inhumans.

"Guys," Jane says, apology in her voice, "cavalry's coming. I might find some intel, so try to hold. We'll be as fast as we can —"

She picks the scan, as it is the mission, and goes for those files.

Overhead, Ms. Marvel becomes a most giant Lizard-Bird. There can really only be one response from the Girl of Thunder. "YAUS!!! Though, I am actually not as human as that thing is. Or you. Not that you are very human right now. Verily you are all tiny, puny things so I can't really say that I'm anything like yo-"


The foot utterly annihilates Atli, driving her into a foot-print shaped impression. As the foot rises up again, her mouth keeps moving, a hand reaching up. "How dare you step on Atli, Daughter of W-"


"…I..perhaps.. this is..


"…I have not been pounded like this since the land of V-"



The foot lifts, but it doesn't smash downward. No, that was the sound of something else. Something blurring through the air. Something scilanting, flying, powerful and bold. It's bleat paints the sky as a maddening roar. It's horns dipped, eyes wild and misshapen but full of warrior spirit. It's ass, projecting a rainbow bridge of force behind it, as it barrels into the back of the sentinel's knee.

Toothbender. Space Goat, has arrived.

Blinking the stunned pain out of her eyes, Sloane looks up, and up, and — Kamala's a big colorful vaguely-bird-shaped … thing. Well. She didn't expect… that.

While the others have the Sentinel distracted; the web-goo being repurposed to throw at the robot's eyes, sending Cap up to the machine by Atli, and Atli… Atlis!! See, it'll be a verb yet. The Agent has enough time to catch her second wind, wiggle her fingers and start shaking herself out of the pain. Trying to not let her body clench up too tightly one way or another, she starts to run back toward the Sentinel— toward the spear— and snags it with one arm, ripping it from the ground.

"Merrow is — uh— my battle-name, Atli!"

Of course, the Asgardian starts getting stomped… repeatedly. Weapons are cast, warnings are given in her ear. Merrow stops, planting her feet. This isn't exactly her forte, but she's hoping that raw force will help her out: The twist at the waist, the reeling back as achey muscles channel as much strength as they can muster, and the stars in her eyes as her body channels the excess of air in her lungs.

And then while space goat goes low, Merrow, Agent of SHIELD throws that Asgardian spear for all she's worth at the Sentinel with the most vague of hopes and dreams that it will go on-course and strike the robot true. She may not be riding Toothbender into battle this time, but by god she might be getting the hang of this government superhero gig.

Stark sounds angry as his voice cuts over the coms.

"Yeah I'm starting to realise this. This has been going on for years, maybe back during dad's time. Jane see if you can pick up tech specs. Shipping manifests. If they are selling this tech to anyone. Anything you can. If we can get at least some more information Phil might not eat me alive." The sound of repulsor fire cracks though the night as the Iron Man plays tag with the oncoming reinforcements.

Reinforcements that are getting /more/ reinforcements as they speak.

"But I'm in position. Just have them send it to the roof and I'll take care of the ordinance."

Inside the man snorts and shakes his head. "'43 is it? Ah well you must be Bucky Barnes. World famous brainwashed assassin, and that would make you…Jane Foster yes? Very intresting trial. Highly publicized. I should have guess with the quantum wave systems you're using." However he makes no move to stop either of them. "It is a shame that a man with so much experience and a woman of such knowledge seem to be as small minded as the rest of them. We built all this using a fraction of what we could, and we are decades ahead of anywhere else on earth. Can you imagine what we could do should other countries adopt this strategy? We could defend the world without the need for teams with fancy names or masks. No force would dare attack us."

A sigh and a shake of his head. "Very well though. Keep your precious ideas. Progress will win out in the end. It always does. I won't stop you from taking the old weapons."

The elevator seems to be going up towards the roof.

"Though keep in mind, you /are/ limiting our ability to defend ourselves from people that want us dead." A smirk at that. "Not very honorable is that eh?"



If there is one thing that even Sentinals can not really expect its /space goats/.

And giant bird things.

And Asgardian spears.


The goo hits its optics. One hand raises to peel it away, firing its eyebeams towards Kamala. Even though the beams are weakened due to having to burn though goo.

Its stomping of Atli continues though up until Toothgrinder slams into the back of the robots knee. Armor shatters and servos scream in protest under the assault of pure Asgardian goat.

It falls fowards just as Merrow releases her spear which flies true, slamming into the giants chest to smash a hole though the armor and internals there and smashing out its back.

…falling /into/ a thrown Asgardian spear is just a bad day.

Welp. It WAS a good idea. The eyebeams were at least temporarily gummed up and definitely aimed toward someone else! That was fantastic! It's just that Kamala made herself an ENORMOUS target in more ways than one, and as close as she is to those eyebeams, there's no way she can avoid getting zapped.

The scream of the enormous lizardbird is… unnerving. It's the sound of a way-too-huge eagle combined with the scream of a nineteen year old girl. It flaps awkwardly away, one wing in tatters, trying to descend without actually crashing down. Hurts. HURTS. The Kamalabird gets smaller and smaller as it falls, but she's not going to be able to hold cohesion for long. She's going to have to be herself again if she wants to heal up, and it's only when she's a few feet from the ground that the Kamalasaur turns into just Ms. Marvel, bloody and holding back a really unhappy series of noises.

"Okay," she mutters. "Someone needs his Legos taken away."

Somehow, Atli manages to crawl from that footprint, stumbling a bit as she tries to regain her footing, only to be nudged over by her loyal companion, Toothbender. Who promptly licks her face. There is a dull look in her eyes as she stares to the sky, goat spittle filling her senses, a mild frown of sorts. "Your breath smells of cheese dust and despair. What in the Nine Realms have you been up t-" The Asgardian turns to look at the goat.

A goat covered in Doritos seasoning powder.

"Let us pretend I did not ask."

Oh, look, her spear is inside a Sentinel. Sucks to be that thing. Her hand lifts, and she calls the weapon. Unlike Mjolnir, it does not travel as a physical, unstoppable object. Instead, Jarnbjorn travels as a rending bolt of lightning that will rip through whatever it has to on it's way back to Atli's hand.

That done, she rises, pointing Toothbender in the direction of Steve Rodgers. "Woe, Toothbender, retrieve that face down man from the sea. If he is injured, we will ask Thor to nurse him back to health with his milk. It can cure anything."

Of course she says this while approaching Kamala, a hand finding her shoulder. "Are you injured? I am unsure if this Metal Elemental has been defeated, but we must regroup. It appears more are inbound."

In one side and out the other, as they say! There's a swell of confidence in Sloane Albright as the spear does it's work in combination with Toothbender's mighty attack, but Kamala ends up getting clipped. "Sh—"

tSloane moves; the Sentinel is a priority, but getting Captain Rogers to safety is more important than that. Toothbender seems to have that part of the equation handled, at least, as far as she can tell, bringing her to hurry to the side of the Asgardian and Ms. Marvel.

"You two all right? We can't stay much longer, if they're bringing in help— we'll need to meet up with the others and then get out of here as quickly as we can before another one of those giant robomatronic guys shows up."

Her fingers go up to the plug in her ear. "Sir, uh— Mister Soldier— Winter— we're okay for the moment but we'll need to get out of here fast, are you guys ready or not?"

"Nearly," Bucky replies, as Sloane's query on their progress comes in over the comm. "Once the tech hits the roof, we'll grab and go."

He falls silent, however, as the man deduces their identities from that one dropped number. Lucky guess, he supposes. Still a bit careless of him. The pragmatic part of him, the part that spent so many decades killing, the part that is still the Winter Soldier… it whispers kill him, now that his and Jane's covers are blown. Especially since he brings up the trial. His finger twitches on the trigger.

He doesn't do anything. He doesn't want to be that man.

What he does do is say, in a world-weary tone, "If you know who I am, you know being honorable was never the point of me — "

A sudden sound overhead interrupts him. The ceiling shudders, shakes… and twists, as the bunker's very steel girders writhe in the concrete. A precise hole corkscrews open down through the many layers of the bunker, splayed open as metal bends wildly like ribs shattering out of a body.

The man is yanked skyward abruptly, towards that jagged hole. A protruding spur of twisted metal spears him clean through, and there he is left to dangle.

Bucky looks slowly skyward. "…Jane… you turned that quantum field thing in my arm on, right…?"

MEANWHILE… outside, the weakened Sentinel staggers. It starts to fall forward, its knees critically damaged, a hole blasted through its chest.

The metal doors of the bunker start to twitch. They scream in their housing as an unfathomable force acts upon them. And then, with a catastrophic shearing shriek, they rip loose and fly clear through the air.

One, hurtling through the air edge-first, slices the Sentinel's head clean from its ravaged body. The other crashes into the thing's detached head a second later, rocketing the entire ruined mess off across the Indian Ocean.

It is liable to wind up somewhere in Somalia.

A glance upwards, towards the roof of the bunker in question — what remains of it — yields the sight of Stark's promised tech, delivered neatly there in a series of stacked crates. It also yields the sight of a familiar armored figure, hovering over that pile of ordnance, cloak streaming in the wind. Even from this distance, his aspect looks irritated.

The top crate cracks open. The missiles within leap from rest, spearing through the sky many times faster than they were ever specced to go, eradicating the reinforcements dogging Stark in a shower of exploding shrapnel and short-lived flame.

Magneto turns towards Iron Man afterwards, almost as an afterthought.

"You were expected in Carrion Cove, Iron Man," Magneto remarks thinly, though amusement haunts his voice. "However, I will suffer your detour — and your interruption of my work — in return for your assistance in securing Genosha."

"Grabbing everything I can," transmits back Jane's voice, sounding a little distracted — no doubt beleaguered by realms of data.

In reality, the work isn't what's bothering her. It's just behind her soldier, being spouted off by that man who speaks on and on. A sharp man, whom in minutes can see past their masks and ascertain who they are. Her fingers twitch against her laptop, and she breathes through a sharp, white-hot stab of fury.

Mention of the trial almost breaks her focus. If that son of a bitch doesn't shut up, she will go over there and make him shut up.

Bucky speaks for both of them, as Jane fiercely finishes the transfer of the data. She glances back over her shoulder, her eyes on nothing but Barnes, when he speaks of honour —

— and balks when their hostage suddenly rips into the air and dies grotesquely, bleeding out. Jane stares in clear horror. Her eyes turn to Bucky. His question.

"Yep," she answers breathlessly.

Outside, Magneto cuts a regal sight. He wears the purples of undisputed royalty, and his cape moves on full mast, whipping around him where he holds himself neatly, efficiently, serenely, in the air. Like a landed king attending court.

And come to humour the gifts of visiting nations.

He says his piece — and in the shadow of his helmet, his pale eyes rivet far down to the ground, taking in a familiar sight. Those collars.

The surrendered guards in power armor move, not on their own will, but lifted violently by an unseen force, heralded by no more than a passing tilt of two of his fingers.

Slowly, unhurriedly, their amor begins to compress down around the bodies trapped inside. There are muted screams through the metal.

As the Sentinel lumbers onward, Captain America is able to thankfully leap off it before it is sent into, well, who knows where. Calmly, Steve turns toward the source. He opens his mouth in order to drop some AMERICAN TRUTHS on the Master of Magnets. Then he realizes that he spoke to Tony Stark instead of himself. With frustration, Cap closes his mouth and waits for Iron Man to reply.

It would have been some impressive TRUTHS though. Maybe even PHAT TRUTHS…. If people say phat anymore.

The Sentinel loses it's head, and much much more, and then there are those screams. Screams, she must assume, are of these slave-keeping locals who are so very wordy and whiny and blah blah… but then there is a man most regal, floating in the sky. Older, and yet handsome and well built for a man of any age. Strong and full of confidence, and also, clearly a great warrior to dispatch his enemies by merely looking at them.

"Hello flying man, with a cloak of such marvelous purple! I.. it is very great to see you there, and you have a wonderful helmet. Perhaps when you are done securing this island of terrible people you could help me secure something else? I have a very sturdy goat."

Atly leans on the goat, which is almost four feet tall. You see, this is her showing off how fly her car is. Or, something like that. Really, Atli has no game at all. Just an earnest smile, a hapless wave, and that super-great goat.

Then, she asides to Kamala. "Do you think he is single? Ms. Marvel? Merrow? Do you see a ring?"

And so it begins. A gossip for the ages.

Groaning, Kamala lies in her small crater. She lies there pretty dang still for a while, even when Atli shakes her shoulder. She's real busy just lying there and groaning and bleeding for a few seconds.

Slowly, though, she lifts herself with her elbows, sitting very nearly up. "Sloane?" she says first, head twisting toward her. "Are you — Atli, you're okay, too?" Honest and pure relief washes over her face. Sure, they're super-strong and super-buff, just like the other heroes. But they're still less in-her-soul terrifying than the other big guys up there. Jane Foster the super-genius. Cap and Bucky, the heroes she still has action figures of.

(The fascination will wear off eventually. When they all have burgers together. Especially if the Winter Soldier blows a straw wrapper into Tony's hair.)

She's just dragging herself to her feet (with a little help from her friends) and clutching her bloody side when… well, everything happens. When men and metal scream, and when the self-styled king of Genosha arrives, revealing Stark's weapons and then using them against the forces arrayed to take the group out.

It strikes Kamala, somewhere in a quiet voice in the back of a head that is mostly silently screaming, that this might have been Magneto's plan all along. Lure the heroes to this point with Stark's weapons. Their appearance would force a conflict, and if any of this gets made public, Magneto will look the hero. At best, Stark and his team will look like they're taking sides. Because if they fight against Magneto…

Ms. Marvel shakes her head, but she's still staring at the floating purple-cloaked mutant. She can see why people would flock to him. He has that kind of majesty you hardly ever see anymore. Captain America has it, too. They don't just fill a room with their presence: they fill every space within eyeshot.

And then Atli speaks up, and Kamala gently elbows her in the side. "I don't think you want to — "

That's about the moment that Magneto… takes care of the few remaining Genoshan troops. Kamala turns away, but too late: she's already seen what no horror movie, she realizes now, ever got quite right.

Everything happens at once.

The figure in purple calmly floating towards the building and ripping it apart with the powers of his mind. Then the dying starts. The guards. The leader. The reinforcements. Rippling explosions tearing up the night. It doesn't matter if they are active or not. If they are old or not. They still explode, flung with force that can turn battleships into tissue paper.


The shout cuts though the air as Stark tears though the sky, placing himself between the guards deaths and the pair of Inhumans on the ground. Shielding them as much as he can as he stand there, powersuit glowing with power. The wine of the chest unibeam spinning up audible to everyone within earshot. Activated by Stark's will alone, the weapon of battle glows for a moment as he faces off with the man that is just not showing what he can do to a man in a power suit.

Hands chenched into fists and energy almost leaking from the suit he has it tuned so high there is a moment as he hovers there, staring down Magneto himself. No fear. Not giving an inch. Trusting in his designs against the overwhelming power on display before him. Perhaps foolishly but that callous disregard for life just makes Tony Stark /mad/.

Even if he recognizes it as something he once had himself.

Maybe thats what pisses him off so much.

"Enough." He says as his voice quiets slightly, the glowing chest canon of the Iron Man suit spinning down. "You've made your point, jackass. And we weren't helping you. You just took advantage of my detour. I think we're done here. You two inside ok?"

His eyes though never leave Magneto, his weapon systems ready. The anti-magnetic field systems he's installed ready to deploy. But…he doesn't.

But oh. Please. Give him an excuse.

Did Atli just — /is Atli just/—

Fiery orange eyes lid halfway; the Agent's frown is both wide and a little fangy, left in dismay at her Asgardian companion as she /hits on Magneto of all people/. Never did she think she would end up face to face— or looking up, in the most strict and literal of senses only— to the Master of Magnetism himself.

"Yeah, Ms. Marvel. I'm fine." It's a lie of necessity; Merrow's going to spend all of her free time tonight trying to work the knots out of her muscles.

Sloane does briefly double-take long enough to note, "Wait, you said my— Heh!" she quietly exclaims, trying her best to keep the grin small and dry. They've got a lot bigger fish to fry, no pun intended— at least in just being able to get out of here before everything goes to all different kinds of Hell what with the man in purple and red there.

He … puts an end to the soldiers carrying collars. Sloane cringes, gaze drifting downward as they're snuffed out with little more than a gesture. The SHIELD Agent turns; Merrow's brow furrowing as she does her best to keep herself steeled as things continually lurch in a mercurial flow back and forth between 'disaster' and 'catastrophe.'

Hand at her ear, she presses at the plug, perhaps with a little more urgency in her voice. "Cap, Mister Stark, I really hope you have an exit plan."

Suddenly, Tony interposes himself between the Inhumans and Asgardian and the mutant revolutionary. Merrow stands straight— a little stiff— the unmarked black and blue suit scuffed and a little frayed on the edges.

"We're fine, Stark," comes Bucky's response over the comms. "We're heading out, with whatever we were able to get. Meet you back at the jet."

As for the standoff above ground…

Atli does not even exist to Magneto. Rejected.

His clear blue gaze rests instead on the tableau before him. A wonderful sight, truly. Iron Man and Captain America, on Genoshan soil, battling Magistrates alongside Magneto. Leagues of material for Doctor Huxley to weave into a pretty picture for the foreign press.

He would smile, if he were one to smile. And if Tony Stark were not rocketing down from the sky, placing himself between the dying and the young Inhumans on the ground, and telling him — telling HIM —

"Enough?" Magneto asks, his voice slow. "You tell me 'enough?' And what of the atrocities committed against my kind? Have not those been ENOUGH?" Power armor crumples in one last twitch of magnetic power, bodies shredded in folding metal.

"You tell me nothing on my own soil, Iron Man. I ripped the cancer from this country. I tore David Moreau from its rotted heart… root, leaf, and stem. These were merely the weeds straggling feebly in the dirt left behind."

His raised fingers lower. The corpses drop. "I passed their sentence long ago. You have merely witnessed its execution."

The Master of Magnetism turns his back. "Negotiate the return of your weapons in Carrion Cove. My daughter will see to their trade, for their equivalent value. I have a city to finish building… and you have my leave to go."

And as quickly as he arrived, drawn by that pulse of the Sentinel awakening… he takes his leave.

Blood. She's not going to forget what that much blood looked like. Kamala's face is drawn and pale, and even as the wound in her side closes, she's beating herself up inside. She should have said something. Done something. What kind of hero is she? What kind of leader? Those men were terrible, but they didn't have to die.

Would they have given you any mercy? she asks herself.

That's not the point, she answers, just as firmly.

To the world outside her own skull, though, Ms. Marvel just looks greenish and pale. And a little bloody. And shaking. She puts one arm around Merrow's shoulders, the other around Atli's.

"I think this is a good time to get out of here," she mutters.

There is a nudge at her ribs by an arm, and a scolding of sorts in the expression of her scaled friend. No matter. Atli is far to determined - and giddy - as she watches the Genoshans die in spectacular ways, blood exploding outward from their armor, collars popping their heads off like one might.. pop something. Who knows, all she knows is it's most grand to see these horrible fools perish!

"Come Toothbender, we must get closer. I wish to know what he smells like."

But then Magneto is talking again, and Atli can only but stare, mouth agape, eyes wide.

Then it's over, and as quickly as Magneto murdered his way into the life of Atli Wodendottir, he has murdered his way right back out of it.

"Verily, I may have to swim home if only to cool loins and be rid of thi-TOOTHBENDER! MY CLOAK IS NOT FOR EATING!"

There is a smack, and the goat brays. Finally it trots over to a dying man in armor to pull off a glove and eat that.

Her we go again. With the power suit eating. Atli reaches up, almost tearing at her face with a slow clawing motion that follows a facepalm.

Finally, a sigh, and a nod. "Yes, indeed, we should return home, so that I might finish watching the chronicles of Lord Stark's life. I see now, why it is called the Game of Thrones. These two will be jostling for supremacy for days untold."

Having seen his actions first-hand, heard the screaming, seen the blood, to say that she's unnerved would be an understatement, but Sloane is doing her best to stay together— she's just going to have the nightmares come later, is all. She's more worried about Kamala, right now, the way she's got an arm around her scaly shoulders and the look on her face.

It's not a good look, the junior agent concludes.

"Yeah … C'mon, let's get back."

Merrow does her best to keep Atli and Toothbender on-track; Ms. Marvel is a little easier to keep moving… even if she looks like there's a lot she's gonna have to deal with in the near future. To that effect, she offers a distraction right off the bat, looking the Jersey City Heroine right in the eye.

"When we get back, we'll get you cleaned up. Then you go home. And when you're ready…" There's no other way to put it, and no matter how she frames it, it's going to sound more serious and grave than she intends:

"We need to talk."

"Yeah well, these weeds were powerful enough that you didn't want to do the work your own damn self." Stark mutters to himself in the confines of his suit as he hovers there. Then Magneto is leaving and Stark himself lowers himself to the ground.

He looks over the carnage eyes closed as he glances towards the people he brought with him.

His fault. Its all his fault. All this mess it his fault. He couldn't just leave well enough alone could he?

Slowly he reaches hand and one metalic hand rests gently on Kamala's shoulder. "I'm sorry." Comes the muttered apology from the suit before he turns back towards the rest.

"Yeah. Time to get the hell out of here." A beatpause. "Now I remember why I hate oversea travel. Everyone is a jackass."

The jet is warmed up, left untounched by Magneto's rage. A testiment to the control the Master of Bad Hats has with his powers.

He wants to go home.

…and drink for a week.

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