Beer on the Beach

February 07, 2018:

Illyana, Nate and Lorna plan about what to do in regards to Zealot



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The northern shores of Genosha are mostly controlled by the anti-mutant faction, led by insurgent magistrates. They are not safe for free mutates, much less for foreign mutants.

Nate really shouldn't be here, he shouldn't be sprawled on the sand, sunglasses on, looking at the waves and considering swimming. But it has been a *day*.

Besides he has a date with a hot blonde.

Or what comes close to a date nowadays for him. (Le sigh). Basically Illyana was supposed to meet with him at noon, after he did some scouting. His cellphone is gone, though, he ran into difficulties.

That explains why half the beach is littered by burning remains of a dozen armored vehicles, a couple hovercraft artillery platforms and a few ruined power armors. His scouting was quite successful, in his not so humble opinion.

Nate let the survivors go and take the injured with him. And he should leave before they bring reinforcements, but it is such a nice beach (or was). Besides, he is pretty sure Illy is about to show up. Unless she ran into difficulties with timing. In that case the rest of the day is likely going to be even more interesting and violent.


Lorna had been notified about the sudden violence on a beach to the Northern coast. Someone had been monitoring activity and informed her that an X-man was out there handling Magistrates. So Lorna had geared up, and made her way over. Of course, the report had neglected the part where it was 'X-man' not 'an X-man'. The specifics in this case, it would seem mattered.

So when she rolled up in an armored, hovering vechicle (because she was told in no simple terms to not try flying over that part of the island yet—people were paranoid.) It was with her usual Acolyte guard. But she waved them to stay with the car as she got out and made her way down the beach toward Nate.

A green eyebrow shooting upwards in curiousity. "So," She drawled as she approached. "Why do you get to have all the fun?"


As if on cue, when Nate's thoughts turn toward Illyana, the sorceress puts in an appearance. There's a flash of light from atop one of the burnt-out armoured vehicles as one of Illyana's stepping discs flares into existence, and when the light fades the blonde is left perched above the sand. She takes a look around at the devastation from her commanding position, then smirks and shakes her head. She really shouldn't have expected anything else.

Catching sight of the approaching vehicle - distinctive because it's the only one still capable of movement as far as the eye can see - Illyana frowns until Lorna disembarks. At which point she gets a wave, and Illyana walks to the edge of her makeshift podium and jumps down, boots thumping into the sand. She sets a brisk pace over to where Nate is sunning himself, arriving at about the same time as Lorna.

"If you ask Darcy she'll probably say it's because he's not pregnant." Illyana remarks with suspicious cheerfulness.


"Lucky break, I guess," replies Nate without moving. "Want a beer?" He offers. Apparently he found a six pack in the remains of one of the vehicles. It is German beer, too. Not Genoshan. Worth a small fortune in the black market nowadays. "If you are allowed wine, you are allowed beer," he notes. "Although maybe you shouldn't be allowed here, we are more than a few miles into the Magistrates territory."

Then he glances at Illyana, smirking at the blonde. He doesn't even ask if she wants a beer, just tossing her a can. "Right. Marcos is pregnant, I am just having fun."


A glance was spared for Illyana and a wave, a smile curving at Lorna's lips as she approached and came to a halt on the sand with a shift of her weight. Her hands settling on her hips. "Darcy is hardly a reputable source for information. She accidentally summoned Thor yesterday on my balcony." She muttered, rolling her eyes as her gaze landed on Nate drinking a beer.

"I'd rather save it for a glass of wine I can savor. Thanks though." She arched a brow, and glanced around, throwing out a hand to idly start moving the burnt out cars to clear a path for them.

"Marcos is pregnant? Lovely. Then I must only have a cold." She murmured, grinning as she glanced back over her shoulder.

"You managed to gain our scout's attention with this display. Care to share what's going on Nate? Illyana?"


Illyana's eyebrows rise a bit when Lorna mentions a visit from the God of Thunder. "At least she's keeping you entertained." Illyana remarks casually, but she's oddly impressed.

Illyana deftly catches the can of beer that Nate throws to her, although she doesn't open it quite yet. If it's come through a battle without getting shaking up that would be a small miracle, and getting covered with over-excited beer wasn't on her things to do list today. She shakes her head at Nate again. "Why does you having fun always involve things blowing up?" Still, she's smirking when she asks the question. She might be questionably in charge of X-Men operations out here, but she hasn't adopted Scott's mannerisms yet.

"This was apparently scouting." Illyana says, mock-reprovingly, giving Nate another glance and still having failed to shift that smirk from her features. "But I did want to talk to you. Both of you." But it's Lorna that Illyana's gaze settles on. "You've put us on the clock with the wedding, so we'd better do something about your Zealot problem."


Obviously avoiding beer spraying is one of the uses of telekinesis, because Nate is on his second can already. Illyana's question is given a quizzical look. "Like you don't like it too," he mutters. Nothing to add to the blonde explanation, although he stands up slowly and thumbs behind himself. "They had it coming."

They really did! Nothing to do with Zealot, though. Zealot's followers do not have armored vehicles or power armor. They are mutates, they rely on superpowers for fighting and maybe some light weapons. "Zealot, hmm? I have not been able to find him since the jailbreak. What do we know?"


Lorna maintained her attention on the distant break of the beach into grass and the alike, her gaze scanning over it all distractedly before her gaze turned back to the two before her. She shrug was offered in regards to Darcy's entertainment. "Better than nothing, that's true. But I've now had two Avengers on the island…" She muttered and shook her head.

Though as Zealot was brought up, Lorna frowned faintly. "My father has plans currently. He's using the buildings as a field distruptor to break up Zealot's control over an area. So far we haven't tested it, but he thinks it will draw Zealot out from beneath the ground and into the open. He'll have to face us or risk losing control over the island. At least… that's what Magneto claims. The other option is we get a whole of lot of heavy hitters together, and I go play bait till he comes running out. Though I'd rather not.."


Illyana just grins at Nate's muttered accusation, but it's a grin he knows well. It's the one that says she enjoys it even more when he's around to take the blame. "I'll take your word for it." She tells him, on the subject of whether his victims deserved it or not, really not sounding like she cares either way. Giving her can of beer a perfunctory tap on the top, as if that might protect her from being doused in foam, she pulls the tab and remains beer free. She even raises the can to Nate in a gesture of thanks.

"Magneto has plans?" Illyana says, sounding carefully neutral. That could make things easier for them… or a great deal harder. Her eyes narrow thoughtfully as Lorna explains, taking a small sip of her beer and looking pleasantly surprised by how it tastes. She snorts quietly at Lorna's second option. "Let's make that our last resort?" She suggests, then takes another sip of beer as she considers what's been said. "So his powers are tied to the island?" Illyana asks. "If that's the case then I don't like fighting him here, however confident Magneto is. How stubborn is he going to be if we get involved?" Illyana grimaces faintly, as if she's imagining the answer already, and shrugs. "What happens to his powers if I take him somewhere else, after your field disruptor draws him out?"


"You are not allowed to be bait until the baby is out," comments Nate, giving Lorna a serious look. "I got that Zealot has a psychic link with Genosha and the inhabitants. He draws power, but also influences them. But it is not just that. Phillip said he got through the mutate treatments several times, getting a diverse and complex power set. Separating him from Genosha might be useful, but won't make him helpless." He considers what Lorna's said about Magneto's plan. "Uh, I guess doing that is going to make Zealot very angry. That guy was insane."


Lorna shrugged, glancing toward Illyana. "That's what he told me, shocking that Magneto has plans. I know. But he seemed confident about them. "I dunno exactly, what it is.. My father thinks it has something to do with fields, and that they can be distrupted and cause him trouble. If we put Zealot somewhere else, eventually he'll get used to the area's frequency, or something like that. I dunno. Point is, he can't be left to get used to another place and break out again. He needs to be dealt with." A pause as she looked at Illyana.

"Could you portal him into space? Because that would solve so many problems." She drawled, crossing her arms as she glanced to Nate and rolled her eyes. "I'm not all that serious about being bait. Zealot would likely try to kill me before coming out of hiding. But by separating him from Genosha.. it might actually give the rest of us a fighting chance.."


Illyana doesn't get in on telling Lorna what she can and can't do, despite her earlier crack about the green-haired magnetokinetic's pregnancy. She's actually serious now, so Nate can take any baby-related flak. She does listen to what Nate has to say about Zealot. Truth be told, she listens to what Nate says most of the time. She just usually pretends not to be paying any attention. She flashes him a grin when he mentions making Zealot angry. "He'll get over it." She puts in, then folds her arms and listens to what Lorna has to add. Her bloodthirsty solution draws another grin from the sorceress.

"Yes, I could. But I'd have to move here after doing it. You know how Scott can be with murder." She purses her lips as if she's weighing up whether it's worth it anyway, then shakes her head with a faint touch of regret. "You said 'eventually'. I like 'eventually'. We put him somewhere there aren't any people except our heavy hitters and they put him down. Sound good?" Illyana kicks at a piece of junk in the sand beside her. "Of course, assuming this works? We need someone to take him off our hands." Her eyes slide back over to Lorna. "And probably not your Dad."


Nate actually would accept using Lorna as bait if she wasn't pregnant. She is tough enough, and he thinks he can protect her if he is close. And if they have a good plan. But that plan is off the table right now.

"I think a very angry Zealot will do something dumb," points out Nate. "I bet that is Magneto's plan, too. To be honest, it would be best if we take care of Z ourselves. I mean the X-Men. Your dad will make a big spectacle out of it, and if he wins he will be seen as the savior of Genosha. Again. But if we get him first… well, maybe some mutates will be more willing to listen to Xavier."


Lorna shrugged lightly at Illyana's words, "Magneto thinks Zealot will adjust to where ever he is within a year or so. Maybe. So that's not a whole lot of time to make a nice prison. Never mind what other powers the man might have. He is a major risk where ever he ends up. And just my thoughts, where would he go? There's a risk whoever takes him might try to use him. And I'd rather not face him again." She murmured and crossed her arms, sighing softly.

"Sometimes ending a threat is necessary." She pursed her lips together, green eyes returning to Nate.

"The Professor isn't likely to try to woo an island of mutates and mutants. He doesn't have an interest in running a school anymore. Much less running a country. I'm not saying that my father is a good choice, but it's not gonna be the Professor they're listening to. Maybe Scott or Jean.. sure, as a limiting influence. But that's my guess." She shrugged, her hands falling and rising with her motion. A glance back toward Illyana.

"Whatever we do, it should be done fast."


There's a look in Illyana's blue eyes that's almost measuring as she looks at Lorna, while the other woman talks about the importance of ending Zealot's threat. There's no judgment in her expression, or really any suggestion that she disagrees with anything Lorna is saying. She just nods when Lorna is finished, as if Illyana's satisfied that the other woman is sincere. "Do you want to try selling that to Scott?" Illyana asks lightly.

Nate's suggestion of Xavier gets a sharp shake of Illyana's head, but she lets Lorna say her piece first. She lets her arms drop to her sides when Lorna looks at her. "Let's be serious for a minute. The Professor, Scott, Jean… none of them are known here. They're just outsiders, telling the people what they should be doing, and we all know how well THAT works. If there's going to be a voice that ISN'T Magneto's on this island, then there's only one person it can be, and that's you." She tilts her head toward Lorna, in case that wasn't obvious, and shrugs. "And that means we make sure you get the credit for taking down Zealot."


"You are wrong, Illy," retorts Nate. "The Professor ideas are very well known to other mutants. As well as Magneto's ideas. The mutates were not allowed to learn about the world outside Genosha, but that is changing. And it is not a secret about them the X-Men were helping the Resistance and were in the final fight at the Citadel."

So yeah, if the X-Men get Zealot, big boost. Probably not enough to oust Magneto, not without a serious fight, but enough to make many people there are alternatives.

"We got to find him first, could you try with magic?" He asks.


+MEET: Illyana has arrived via +meet.


Lorna shifted her weight upon her feet as Illyana spoke, her lips twisting together briefly. "I don't care what Scott wants or not. Zealot is a broken man. He's dangerous to too many people. And Scott did tell me more than once that while the X-men don't try to kill, it sometimes happens." She settled her hands on her hips as she spoke, considering.

"I'll take the heat for it, I don't care." She fell silent as Illyana continued, a green brow shooting upwards when the blonde tried to frame her as the savior of Genosha. She glanced toward Nate as he contradicted her, her lips pursing together in thought.

"Ideas have power, it's something that no one here would argue. But what's the realistic goal to have here? The X-men aren't rulers, the goal of freeing Genosha wasn't to set up shop here. Right?" She tilted her head.

"But that's what Magneto wanted, and for all his faults.. and there are many.. He seems to be doing a fairly decent job in running things. At least for now. I want Genosha to be successful. I plan to make it my home permanently. Giving people the knowledge that there are others that care and will be there for them won't hurt things. Rulers can only rule so much by what the people allow.."


Illyana rolls her eyes when Nate contradicts her. "That's right, we were in the final fight at the Citadel, and look at the state the place is in now." She flicks her eyes towards Lorna. "No offence." Looking back towards Nate, Illyana continues. "I'm pretty sure there are about as many opinions about what we did as there are people on the island. Even some of the ones who thought we were right probably don't enjoy random metal spider attacks and civil war." It's not like it's the first time a government's been removed only for the people who did the removing to be blamed for the chaos that followed.

Illyana snorts when Lorna suggests that rulers rule by the consent of the people. "Sure. When the ruler isn't Magneto. He's powerful enough to ignore what the people want and you know it. If you don't want his job then you need to be the person he can't ignore. The one the people can look to who WILL listen to them… and who can do something about their problems."

Illyana shakes her head. At best, they're going round in circles. At worst, she's wasting her time. And when did she start caring about Genoshan power politics, anyway? She didn't ask for this job, Scott gave it to her. "Nate's right about one thing." She says, trying to change to a more straightforward topic. "We do need to find him first, and I can try to scry for him from Limbo. It would be easier if you had something of his that I could use, though." She glances between the others, in case either of them want to volunteer something.


Nate snorts at the idea Magneto could be doing a good job. He still thinks he will go 'mad tyrant king' the second he finds his position more secure. More worrisome is that Lorna's opinion of her father seems to be improving. "Don't blame me, I died here, remember? I was in no condition to… watch over the country and ensure some kind of peaceful transition. I guess Scott would say the X-Men are not supposed to do that. But were we supposed to overthrown a country government? Yes. And I think we should have stayed."

He sighs, sipping from his beer. "Too late for that, gotta own it and fix it. Phillip should have some of Zealot's personal effects since he is his younger brother," which might be news for Illyana. "Then we need to come with a way to take him down. Telepathy didn't work, but maybe it will if we take him out of Genosha. Eclipse could not blind him, and the lasers did hurt him, but not enough. What else do we have? What if the stepping circle fails? I guess Logan sticking his claws in Zealot's head will always work. Rogue's touch? But she has problems with the crazy and the powerful, and Zealot is both."


Lorna huffed a breath, pushing green locks out from her face. "Power and being able to rule are very different things. We know Magneto is charismatic enough to gain a following, obviously, but look at the network of the Brotherhood he left behind. They're still out there, still working on some level. He's not a good person, but he's been able to rule without strictly enforcing fear as his basis.. And Scott would argue against the X-men coming in to rule this place, or any, I think. So Magneto or Zealot is all people think they have." She murmured, and crossed her arms, thinking briefly.

Illyana and Nate were right about hunting Zealot though and she shifted her weight on her feet, brows furrowing in consideration.

"There's a new girl, Monet St. Claire, that Scott asked to come to the mansion. She's got some wicked telepathy or something, strength and I'm not sure what else. She sounds like a heavy hitter. Might be worth to talk to her."


Or you, Illyana doesn't add to Lorna's alternatives of Magneto or Zealot. She's made her point repeatedly, it's up to Lorna whether she wants to accept it now.

Illyana nods at Nate's mention of Zealot's brother. If it was news to her, she's not letting on. "If you can get me something, I'll see what I can do." Her quick grin is not entirely pleasant. "It's not easy to hide from me, and if all his powers are tied to this place, or the mutate process? He probably won't even know I'm watching." It'd be nice to have an advantage for once.

Nate's objections to her earlier suggestions wipes the grin off Illyana's face and replaces it with a frown. "If Logan could reliably get close to Zealot with his full powers we wouldn't be having this conversation. We need a plan if we can't move him off the island." She affects a look of distaste. "A plan that doesn't involve burying him in demons. Scott was pretty clear about that." Illyana smirks. "My pets can be pretty indiscriminate, too, and they're not very photogenic either."

"Assuming we can get him off the island? My brother wants to punch him. Maybe we should let him. While he's dealing with that, Nate, Rachel, and anyone else with more flexible morals than Jean can see if he can keep his defences up while he's distracted and away from the source of his power." Illyana shrugs. "It has some rough edges, I admit."


"St. Croix," corrects Nate quietly. Trust him to remember the name of a gorgeous girl. Then adds. "I got a brief glance to her mind. Monet is not a strong telepath. Not anywhere close to Rachel or Jean, or me. Strength too? That is an odd combination. Maybe she is telekinetic."

Maybe they shouldn't talk about involving an untrained teenager. Unless she is as strong as Colossus, then it -might- be okay.

"Well, count me in to 'distract' but yeah, Pete punches harder than I do," then he hrms. "So does Alex, but his aim sucks. In any case you can keep Logan and Piotr on top of Zealot with teleportation, right? They are more photogenic. Somewhat. Lorna is even more photogenic. Hero Princess of Genosha? Does it sound about good?" He smirks to the green-haired girl, ready to duck if she tries to smack him.


Lorna rolled her eyes, "Whatever, the woman is arrogant about wanting 'the best'" She used air quotes as she spoke and huffed another breath. "But she said she was pretty strong. That she could fly here in about three hours. That's pretty damn good speed too. I think it might be worth it to see what she can do." She shrugged, and then flashed a grin at Illyana.

"Deep end of the pool makes people learn, right?" She glanced back to Nate, hooking a brow upwards as he spoke of 'Princess og Genosha' and immediately made to thwack at him with the back of her back. Only somewhat lightly. Her grin sliding off.

"Don't be an ass." She drawled, and glanced back to Illyana and nodded. "It is a rough plan, but short of praying to the Thunder God that showed up on my balcony, I'm not sure what else we could do.." She paused, "We could ask Clarice if she wanted to play portal with you. Throw Zealot through so many landscapes, keep him moving.. and I bet he won't have all that much time to think or process his surroundings.. Might be worth. But I do agree that we need some other back up incase we can't get him off the island in time."


Illyana hasn't met Monet, but she seems to have made an impression on the others. She returns Lorna's grin. "What could possibly go wrong?" She asks, as if the answer wasn't pretty much everything. She doesn't seem averse to letting this Monet take a crack at Zealot if she wants to, however.

Considering Nate is finally saying what Illyana's been saying all this time with the 'Hero Princess of Genosha' title he bestows upon Lorna, she still leaves him to get smacked on his own. She's pretty openly smirking when it happens, too. She spreads her hands and shrugs when Lorna looks back at her. "If you think he'd help out…" She says, as if she's actually considering praying to Thor as a viable strategy. She holds the pose for a moment, then shakes her head. That's one hell of a random factor to include in their plans.

"Clarice is a good idea. What I do isn't what she does. If he can block one of us I'd hope he can't block both of us. At least, not at the same time." Illyana looks down the beach for a moment, worrying her bottom lip. "We need to speak to the others. My brother, I'm sure we can count on. The others…?" Illyana smiles. "Maybe you two should ask them, while I try to find Zealot."


Nate acks in mock-hurt at the smacking. "I'll try to get Rachel onboard. Monet too, if she is around the mansion, definitely we should evaluate her powers first. Logan should be in Genosha, somewhere. Hmm, Alex?" He looks at Lorna inquiringly. Alex has terrible aim, but he has been practicing. And his plasma blasts are far more powerful than even Eclipse's lasers.

"We got the beginning of a plan, yes?" He finishes his beer and tosses the can inside one of the totaled AFV. "Want to port me back to New York, Illy? I think Lorna's babysitters are about to call her dad to tell him about us."


Lorna flashed a grin back at Illyana. "Only one way to find out." Oh she was trouble and didn't care. It was past time for Zealot to be dealt with as far as she was concerned. A month out from her wedding, hardly anything planned, and she was throwing plans at the wall to hope something stuck. "I'll ask and see if she's up for it." Thoughts of others, like Pietro, Wanda, and the Acolytes flitted through her mind.

Life would be so much easier if the two groups could actually work together.

A glance was spared for Nate as he mentioned Alex. "I dunno. Since you blurted out that I was pregnant he's having a bender. Apparently, you crushed his hopes and dreams of riding off into the sunset all rather spectacularly Nate. If you want to talk to your depressed uncle, then yeah. Alex can come. He won't talk to me these days." She muttered and crossed her arms, her voice only slightly bitter.

A roll of her eyes followed Nate's mention about her body guard details and she made an annoyed sound at the back of her throat. "Oh get out of here already." She waved with a flap of her hand as the two portaled out.

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