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February 06, 2018:

Thor is summoned to Genosha.. accidentally.



NPCs: None.

Mentions: Magneto, Marcos


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Fade In…

Genosha. Early morning in whatever passes for the Central Government Offices; The Magneto Sphere as Darcy calls it because even though it's a tower with spires, cracking an astrophysics joke is HILARIOUS. Darcy has been up for a few hours already. A shower was had, clothing changed, and now Darcy moves into Lorna's suite with a breakfast tray, hoping… No, praying, that today will be the day that Lorna's little ldoestone baby lets her actually hold down a breakfast. Darcy looks out the window, prayer a formless and meandering thing in her mind. The tray is set gently on a table as Darcy looks out over ever brightening sky.


Lorna was on the bed, dressed and curled up on her side and flipping a few steel darts to the ceiling and catching them. Clearly bored. A mug of tea sat cold and forgotten on the rich wooden dresser beside her. Marcos had gotten up early and left to work on something, she barely remembered. Only that she'd already dry heaved a few times that morning and was otherwise miserable.

Darcy's arrival had Lorna lifting green eyes toward the woman with an arch of her brow. "You don't have to bring me anything, you know." She sighed and dragged herself upright. A simple black tank top and shorts made up Lorna's 'I'm not dealing with people' outfit. She had been up late the previous night talking to her father.

Still, she grabbed a bit of toast and nibbled on it, hungry despite her stomach's temperment. "Magneto wants the Genegineer to poke at me. After I've already sat still for Moira Mactaggart. He thinks that his knowledge on magnetism and Ryan's notes from the previous wackos might help." She grumbled, another irritated bite of the toast, crumbs tumbling.


It wasn't a surprise that Lorna finally went to see a doctor. She was waiting for the best time to get her hands on the test results too, so that she could try to continue to help her friend. Not that Darcy was an expert. She was just tenacious. Tenacious, and settling back as Lorna began to eat.

That prayer's form takes on a decidedly concerned and wanting Lorna to stop being ill tone.

"And what do you think about it?" Darcy asks lightly, head on tilt.


Lorna reached for the cold and forgotten tea, thirsty as she nibbled away on the toast in her other hand. "I hate it. Moira poked and hummed and prodded me for hours. Only to tell me. 'It's too early to know much else, but yeah it's the baby'. Also that I can have a glass of red wine from time to time, to avoid cheese and dairy products. And to take some multi-vitamins if I'm not already. Also rest." She snorted and shook her head.

"Moira said that short of locking me in a padded room without metal for however long, there's not much to do. I'm a having a third generation Mutant. There aren't really many of those out there yet. And the fact that it's.. showing itself through my powers.. is complicated." She muttered. Her lips twisting.

"I do not want to be another lab rat for several hours and be splayed out on some table while someone exclaims how 'new' and 'interesting' my baby is." She growled.


"Then don't," Darcy replies, shoulders coming up in a shrug.

"Fuck them all. Tell your Dad no, and if you gives you lip, call me. I'll kick his ass," replies the human to the mutant of her father, an even more powerful mutant. Darcy isn't hte least bit intimidated by this fact.

"The doctor confirmed that Lodestone's making your powers go weird. Can't be any different than a human baby making human mom's sytesm go insane-o. Minus tht this comes with explosive sheet metal instead of explosive body functions…" Darcy speeds right on through, eyes flicking to Lorna to make sure that this new delfection keeps her from thinking about explosive diaherra. Must not instigate Lodestone JUST yet. That's later, when the titel of AUNT is added to Darcy's name.

"But that's not the point. Point is, we know that you should rest as much as you can, and that no one knows what the fuck is going on. So, right now, You're the fucking expert, and everyone else can kiss Thor's ass."


The initial 'summon' of prayer did go out…. Ages ago. Sort of, it was meandering and unimportant. But not every message actually gets through, or has quite the appropriate urgency to be a full call to land on a god's ear. Finally, though, a response comes. It helps to invoke his name, as well. A glittering streak of gold and bronze through the sky, the pulse of air being moved. And this is subtle. Very subtle, really, for the broad shouldered god that lands at the balcony and hurls the balcony doors open. Fortunately not unlocked or that would be a particularly big mess.

"Darcy, innocent maid! Your call for rescue from torment has reached me! What is your dire circumstance?!" Thor demands loudly, seeking her out, voice a booming challenge to any and all foes that are picking upon the poor maiden. He clearly was doing something else entirely, as he is NOT dressed for this at least visually: unimpressively in casual attire, but the hammer is out and ready, so, well: the functional part of her new defender is apparent, at the least.


Lorna's lips twitched at the usual Darcy-ness of the response. "My father thinks it's my duty as the mother of a soon to be third generation mutant and that I need to figure out what's going on for all the other soon to be existing mothers of the future." She made a face. "And that … he actually seems to care about the health of the baby or something.." She grumbled.

Of course, then Darcy was continuing on and she arched a brow at the mention of Thor, how strange.. But then again, Darcy had been Thor in that other world. Had she even told Darcy that?

Anything further was broken off at the thunder clap and sudden explosion of power that sent her balcony doors slamming open and … and… what the hell was that?

Lorna was jumping off her bed, breakfast forgotten as skidded on the polished wooden floors, bare feet smacking against it as her hands glowing with magnetic energy. She fumbled and stared, gaping at Thor, god of thunder.


My father thinks it's my duty… Darcy rolls her eyes, hand coming up to puppet as Darcy wags her head from shoulder to shoulder. Which fades away as Lorna mentions that Magneto is taking some interest in the baby's, and thus by extension Lorna's, health.

Further conversation halted by…

"Thor?" Darcy says, turningto face the balcony as the Thunderer happens. It's worrying to Darcy that Lorna moves to protect her. Not that Lorna moved to protect, really. No, that's sweet of her green haired friend. Rather, the worry is because a fight between these two would be Bad News (TM). Darcy rushes forward to both herself between friend and friend.

"Calm down. Both of you," she states, looking first to Lorna.

"It's fine. it's fine," she repeats a few times, adrenaline riding high in her blood.

"Thor? What the fuck are you doing here? I mena… I'm fucking happy to see you, I really am. I was just thinking about you. Lo! You appeared and shit, but wow that was an entrance," Darcy ends in a ramble, stepping toward the Lord of Storms without fear so she can lean to peer around him at the balcony doors. A blink, a smile, and Darcy rocks back to her bare-footed heels to smile up at Thor.



Thor clearly came ready to do battle. He stares at Darcy - after having first looked around, ready for the walls to crawl with demonic foes that might choose any instant to crawl out of the molding along the edges! He doesn't immediately aggress even a little bit against Lorna though: it appears, actually, that he lumped her in with maidens needing help. "Worry not, sorceress of the green, I come to aid you," Thor cleanly announces to Lorna and her magnetic energy, making an assumption, obviously. Thor is good at assumptions.

He then turns his full attention onto Darcy as she seems to not exactly have a problem. He moves out of his battle stance and gives her a very stern stare, perhaps disappointed in her. Or in not having things to mash. He frowns, flips the hammer once in his hand end over end, and sighs heavily. "You have no emergency, then," Thor asserts, dryly. He has a pack on his back, and he slips the hammer away for now. "Your prayer suggested you were being torn asunder, and I did not wish you to part with your delicate limbs."


Lorna' s powers fizzled out and were gone as soon as they appeared. Darcy's figure flailing between them and over to Thor, back to her and then back to the tall Thunder God had Lorna standing awkwardly. She shifted her feet, finding her balance again and staring. Then blinking again. "Oh shit. My father is gonna be so pissy. Aquaman, Iron Man and now Thor. What the-" She broke off, and muffled her voice behind her hand. Still staring.

How was it that her life kept getting more and more crazy? She'd had a very low profile three years in college. How had she gone from that to this so fast? Was it because of Magneto? It had to be because of Magneto. Yep. Blame him. Out of the Mansion that explodes every few weeks to an Island that is visited by the world's most famous super heroes. And none of them here to attack and or arrest her father. What had her life come to?

Even so, Thor's greeting, green.. what? Her jaw dropped along with her hand as she continued to stare. "Uhm… Darcy? .. uhm.. Maybe swear a god's name that doesn't do house calls next time?"


The word 'prayer' has Darcy blushing enough to hint at the freckles on her cheeks.

"Ah! I… No it didn't!" Darcy starts with a stammer, losing her cool for a moment.

"It… I … I've just been worried, and then I was annoyed and…" Darcy flails mentally until she latches onto Thor's comment about delicate limbs. Darcy switches gears completely, turning to plant her shoulder against Thor, leaning lightly, and batting eyelashes up at him.

"Aw! You DO love me. You're so sweet," she coos at the Thunder God before looking back at Lorna. The earlier 'oh shit' speech was lost in Darcy's mental flailing, but she heard the swearing part. It has the human cackling.

"Yeah. Sorry. I didn't think he'd answer. Come to think of it, I never assume you're going to answer," Darcy turns back to Thor, looking up at him.

"Honest. I've just been worried about my friend, that's all. I'm sorry if I bugged you?"


"Going forward, that is going to be a good assumption," Thor says to Darcy with mild dismay, brows up as she sidles up and leans on him. He doesn't particularly react beyond that, letting her do what she will, as if she sort of puzzled him with her behavior: but harmlessly, like a pet might. In fact, he lifts a broad hand and gently pats her shoulder once, as if she were made of glass. There there?

"Is your friend in danger of dismemberment, then?" Thor asks, immediately looking to Lorna, full bore focus on her now, which is probably not the thing she most wanted. "Or perhaps another malady? Is your mane normally so verdant, dear friend of Darcy?" Thor questions, clearly intending to be helpful, but extremely directly doing so.


Lorna relaxed slightly, a glance over her shoulder toward the direction she knew her father's suite was in. No sudden appearances. That was good. No Acolytes storming in yet. Also good. She exhaled a breath, and as Darcy leaned against Thor, batting her eyelashes, Lorna goaned and rolled her eyes. Then Thor was talking to her, and her eyebrows climbed high on her expression.

"Yeah, I was born with it. Thanks.." She came up to Darcy, and by extension, Thor, slowly, with measured steps.

"I'm … fine. No dismemberment at the moment. Though I know a guy if you really want to go fight someone." She drawled, sick Thor on Zealot? She was sure her father would be pissed that it would ruin all of his carefully laid plans. Hmm. Tempting.


"oooohh! Yeah. Fuck yeah," Darcy says of Lorna's drawled thought, jumping on THAT bandwagon before she remembers something called Manners.

"OH! umm. Thor, This is Lorna. My friend, a mutant, and soon to be mom. Lorna, Thor McThunderpants." And Darcy smiles angelically.

"My worry was because Lodestone hasn't been letting her eat well, and I REALLY wanted Lorna to, i dunno, like EAT breakfast this time!"


"It appears lovely and refreshing to the eye in pigmentation," Thor compliments Lorna's hair simply when she clarifies. But then a firm look about 'knowing a guy.' "I do not simply pick fights; foes must be deserving of justice. Is that the description that has been presented of me?" Thor questions, with a second dismayed look at Darcy. She is letting him down over and over today. He also checks his pants, considering her designation.

"These pants are indeed thunderous, however, that is not my preferred title," Thor concurs, accepting the compliment that it clearly is, but perhaps questioning Darcy's memory. And then he fully faces Lorna, extending a hand in warm greeting.

"Well met, Lorna, of eminent mutant childe; may your offspring be blessed with hair such as your own," Thor says, with a brilliant flash of godly smile. "May I inquire, is Lodestone your husband?" Thor questions, with dismay. "If so, he should bring you all the feasts you could desire…"


Lorna coughed lightly, attempting to hide the sudden coloring that dusted her cheeks."Uhm.. thank you.." Oh man, that was certainly a compliment she'd never heard before.

Still, his words about picking fights had her pausing. "It was a joke.. sort of. There's a man named Zealot, he captured me this past Christmas and tried to use me against my father and friends. Threatened to kill me." She sighed and shrugged, "He's still loose." She pushed her hair back behind and ear and as Darcy introduced her and Thor came up to a formal greeting back came the faintest hint of color to her cheeks as she took the offered hand.

"Uh.. no Lodestone is Darcy's nickname for the baby. I have magnetic powers.. and I've had.. some troubles with the baby making my powers unstable recently. Among more regular issues with motherhood I guess.. My boyfriend.. is uh.. else where at the moment. Darcy tries to help me where she can. It's uhm… nice to meet you.." Thor? Thunder God? Your highness? How did someone address him?


Darcy still gets riled up when someone hurts people she's come to care for. Zealot is firmly in that category, and has been an act of god that she hasn't gone after him herself.

Thor replies about his pants, and Darcy giggles, reaching up to pat him on the elbow.

"I know, I know," She replies, falling quiet as Lorna and Thor talk. She nods when Lorna mentions she's been helping.


"Thor Odinson, Prince of Asgard and god of Thunder, are my most known titles," Thor clarifies for Lorna, since she was clearly questioning exactly what to call him. "Ahhh. The trials of motherhood are not an area with which I am familiar, but I respect the weight of the difficulties the honor brings upon you," Thor says gracefully sliding out of that particular conversation topic. Nope.

"This man kidnapped you, and has not yet been found by your people? Hm," Thor says, considering that. "Once you discover him, I may be available to help with making sure he is brought to justice. But I lack information for now to lend aid."


Lorna glanced at Darcy, arching a brow upwards briefly and then back to Thor. "Alright, well it was nice to meet you Thor. And I wouldn't suspect a God of Thunder of know much about motherhood and babies. I'll have to.. uh.. look into who's more knowledgeable about that. I think that was supposed to be the uh.." Whatever she was going to say broke off as her stomach rumbled and she pressed hand against it.

Her lips twisted.

"As far as I know Zealot is underground. We're trying to drive him above. Erm.." She coughed, clearing her throat as and grimaced. "Excuse me.. I uhm.. gotta er.. go." She turned and fled back toward the bathroom.

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