Just Coffee, not a Pitch

February 01, 2018:

Scott and Nate meet with Monet it is interrupted by Friends of Humanity. Coffee fixes all things though.


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Columbia U has many after school classes and clubs including a NMRF sponsored and organized "Extranormal Outreach" group. A collective of progressive thinkers and the open-minded, also a few mutants, a recently 'birthed' inhuman and a handful of wannabes.

It's today a guest speaker is showing up, more strings pulled by representatives in the NMRF that are tied to the D.E.O. the purpose met by the X-Men in a new approach to get out there more, let it be known that mutants and humans, those different from the expected normal can live together and even forge a better future. High minded typicals.

Today also is an unconventional and unplanned 'father-son' day for Scott Summers and Nate Grey. "Quick stop and we'll go get some coffee and talk about, Genosha, Lorna and everything else that is happening." Campus vendors are littered everywhere, corner shops and cafes offering plenty of options.

The big meet today is not televised, it's not even announced off the Columbus U grounds but there is an area opened for it, a podium, stand and chairs set out. As the snow has broken it's no longer frigid, deathly cold and horrible. It's just on the side of chilly and today, has actual sun, clear skies and barely any breeze. Jackets, gloves, all set.

There is the unfortunate counter-to the progressive of course, young and old alike stand in the park area where the event is taking place, picket signs that show Brotherhood with slashes through them, #mutantmenace, Humanity Must Stand, all manner of ridiculous propaganda and protest slogans. Friends of Humanity has grown, exponentially popular again. Armbands of black with the red gold FoH logo very popular, its even being branded to shirts.

Scott blows past them, a long legged stride with eyes forward, they're ignored for the most part. He's a public mutant, he has been for almost two years now and the leader of the X-Men, these are reasons why the Department of Extranormal Operations has been reaching out to him so often lately, trying to forge a picture for the rest of the United States. It would look bad on him to refuse cooperation.

Nate knows they have to talk about Genosha and Lorna and Magneto. Particularly Magneto. Now, getting pulled to college was a surprise. Nothing against colleges, some of his best friends go to college. But he is… well, this is kind of an alien setting for him.

Also, open spaces are not good. Not when Scott is a known mutant activist. And Nate himself considered 'person non-grata' by the D.E.O.

At least the weather is just normal winter, and not crazy magic-cold. This means he is wearing what look like jeans, a pullover and a leather jacket. Sunglasses hiding his eyes and some of his scars. "Wonderful, all the circus and all the clowns are here. Not enough cops. If someone starts something we will have a riot. Again."

For her part, Monet is not at all interested in this circus. There is far too much going on with her at the moment for her to really want to actively sign up for all of this. However, to get to where she needs to go she has to wapk through this circus. Unfortunately, with her usual strut and attitude, she attracts attention. So as Scott and Nate go by they might notice the model like girl in designer clothing…

"No, I don't want one of your trashy armbands, but you are more than welcome to shove it up your ass," she growls at one of the jock like guys pushing HoF crap. "Hey, come on baby. You don't want people thinking you are some kind of muti…err mutant lover." He calls at her and she thrns to glare at him before putting on a smile and stepping back to him before saying, "Aww, you sound bitter, did a mutant girl snub you due to some…inadequacy…and you decide to hate?" Already attention is starting to turn.

"Thats always a possibility, Nate. It's just our lot in life." His own glasses are red-lensed, they cast the world in a permanent color codified haze. Scott's very own particular mutant 'stigmata'.

"Nowhere does it say we are going to hide away and not try to live or show others it's possible to. Right now, it's just harder." Much. Due to so many factors it is near pointless to even try making a mental checklist.

"A small turnout unfortunately." The X-Men's team lead acknowledges.

Which, it is. The inhuman not even present, what is likely just the 'Wannabes' a trend, a new subculture in a world that wants to embrace but cannot. Wannabes is a once offensive term thats been embraced, like Hipsters, the idea of a Wannabe is they're open to molding themselves in to something metahuman and mutant, even alien. Often even undergoing expensive cosmetic surgery or genetic modifications to exhibit physical characteristics common or witnessed. A big rave is Catgirls or Neko-something or others, Scott forgets these things. Doug Ramsey showed him an entire documentary on it once.

The olive drab fatigue jacket Scott is wearing cuts a stark contrast to the nicely tailored suit he is wearing underneath, visible hit and miss as they walk.

"Mutie lovin' bitch." A redheaded man wearing a beanie with FoH on it spits out at Monet, actually spits as she passes the crowd. Boos and shouts coming from the clustering of bodies, pickets raising high. "NO MORE MUTANTS NO MORE MUTANTS GIVE BACK GENOSHA NO MORE MUTANTS MAGNETO GOT AWAY WITH MURDER!"

"Lovely." Scott remarks.

"They might shut this down before it is even allowed to happen. Might not be the worst idea considering the turnout compared to the opposition."

Monet definitely catches Nate's eye. There is something familiar on her, something that tugs at half-forgotten memories from other Earths. Oh, and she is gorgeous, that is maybe important too if the riot is avoided.

Nice attitude, too, he approves. Which of course means Monet is likely to be the -cause- of the riot. His approval usually means… things like that.

"What did you expect, boss," growls Nate. "To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it is a trap." It is not paranoia if they are out to get you. "Maybe I can do something telepathically. But this kind of scene is more Jean or Xavier's show."

Nevertheless he lowers his shields and reaches with his psychic senses, trying to gauge the mood and thoughts of the crowds and see if he can influence them to be less aggressive or something.

Ping. Another telepath in the crowd. And it is the gorgeous girl. « Scott. That woman. She is a psychic too »

A roll of her eyes and Monet lets out a sigh as she shakes her head, "Morons." She turns to walk away from tuis when she notes people are in her path and behind her. Now shouting and chanting. She puts a hand to her face and states, "Really don't have time for this." Then she blinks and turns her gaze around. She looks for someone or something. Finally her gaze goes to Nate and Scott.

She looks from one to the other and gestures around. It isn't like asking for help though, kore as if she expects it as she watches them. Of course than the jock starts getting in her face shouting. The eay her fist balls up looks like she is about to do more than talk or walk.

"What I always expect." Scott says, being called boss by someone other than Illyana makes his lips quirk in what might be amusement.

"A poorly planned trap." The man says then waves at the student aid who was supposed to be in charge of this, the young man in glasses hurrying over, "Mr. Summers."

"I am going to cancel this, it's cold, turn out is small and I'll call our guy with the the NMRF. Let them know whats going on." Scott informs.

A quick serious of nods, the kid doesn't say thank you but the relief is evident.

"Anyone up for some coffee? It's on me. I know how broke you college kids are." A wry grin, Scott's voice has lifted to project and carry at the small gathering that is at the podium. Waiting on phones and in shivering huddles. Some of these teenagers and young adults should consider more clothes…

"Same goes for you?" The red shades direct to Monet. He got Nate's message.

Not a single hitch in the man's step and he is veering off on a sidewalk, through the trees and towards one of the cafe's.

There is whispers among the 'Wannabes' and those who had been there for the talk, eager to actually meet a real life mutant X-Man. Yet only three are following, a kid with obvious applied latex for ears and ridging, making him look like something out of Star Trek, a girl with brightly colored hair and a thats equally colorful, hard to tell if it's real or not and a brawny kid, with a backwards cap on, piercings and bright golden eyes, snake-like.

A cheer and threats rise up from the gathered Friends of Humanity protestors, objects lobbed, empty cups, pinecones, trash, a frisbee. Nothing harmful. Nate can sense its a lot more bark than bite in this horde, but a mob can become a mob fairly quickly.

"Good call," offers Nate, looking at the FoH crowd with warily. A few years ago he would be stepping forward, looking for a confrontation. He is not so angry nowadays. Or at least he has learned some restraint.

"Ah, they have not planned to get violent," he adds, mostly for Scott. "I guess many of them are students here and they could get expelled." They should get expelled as members of a hate group, but looks like the FoH has avoided the classification so far. At least the Purifiers are now technically illegal. Right?

He steps forward, to meet Monet, directing a glare to the jock brigade. Despite the long hair Nate looks more like a soldier than a college jock. "I'm Nate," he greets, offering a lopsided smile, "you are not from around here, are you?"

Her accent an odd sort of French, she shakes her head. Monet just lets out an annoyed sigh before saying, "About time that was dealt with. Those type of people are scum." She nods her head and turns her gaze to Scott a moment before saying, "And sure, you two may buy me some coffee." She nods and turns with them, "I would not only be late for class now but also in no mood for it." She nods her head.

"Hello." Scott offers those joining them. A round of friendly enough greetings and they're overlooked for Nate and Monet, "Safer bet anyways. Let them freeze their asses off, I prefer not to."

M and Nate already getting their hello-how-are-yous in, "They are." Scott agrees with Monet, "And we may have already offered." The brunette with the red shades teases the Algerian.

"He means he is paying," 'translates' Nate. Also because he is even more penniless than usual, after two months spending most of his time in Genosha and not doing any stage magic shows.

"So where is the good coffee around here?" He asks the other students, letting them to pick the place. College areas, not his territory. Slums like Mutant Town are where his survival (and coffee-finding) skills shine.

Monet smiles back at Scott and nods, "Yes, and I'm allowing it." She turns, causing her hair to foick behind her as she confidently walks toward a nearby shop. She looks back a moment and gestures to it, "I have found this shop to be passable." She nods her head before saying, "I am Monet St. Croix, and you are?" She looks aroubd casually at the pair as if no other people were following them.

"K.O.'s. is the best." The rainbow haired girl with the tail says, agreeing with M. Scott doesn't say a thing as to what they pick, hes looked back once at the Friends of Humanity protest group to make sure they're not tailing. Thankfully they have settled on their small victory of stopping the public speak.


The rainbow haired girl and the kid with the bad makeup both go on to explain how K.O.'s came from Portland Oregon and is a big deal in the coffee business. Trendy forward thinking stuff. ALl ground with bike parts and natural home grown and brewed everything.

"Sounds like fun… " The X-Man says with feigned interest, "I am Scott Summers."

The brawny kid with the yellow eyes shouts, "I knew it! TOld you both. It was him, he's the guest speaker… does that mean this guys an X-Man too?" Nate gets a fingerjab pointed at him. No answer from Scott, Nate has his own mouth. The tall man just holds the door open for them all to file indoors. Warmth, hot beverage, bore the 'Wannabes' maybe try to figure out more about M. Thats the goal here it appears.

Meanwhile… give the Friends of Humanity time to disperse.

Nate shrugs before grumbling a "sometimes." Still reluctant to call himself 'officially' an X-Men even after three years. But at least he is not denying it outright anymore. Small steps.

"Anyway. The Friends of Humanity this open in Columbia is worse than I expected," he comments, trying to lead the conversation somewhere else than semi-illegal mutant vigilante groups that should not be talked about. "How are you guys dealing with them?" Definitely more willing to hear about mutant college life than to talk about the X-Men.

The trio are more than eager to spill, talk about college life, politics, the social and mental woes of being a mutant or a mutant-wannabe to sympathizer. Friendly, each of them. Yet clueless. The rainbow girl might be a mutant but it is hard to tell, if she is, shes got no powers beyond physical alterations of tail and hair. The brawny kid is in this lighting definitely just sporting contact lenses.

Scott is patient, he humors them for a while, talks with, exchanges, lets them update him, tell him about tons of 'sites' he has never seen, information, answers questions about what it might take to be an X-Man and in general, plays as passive-friendly as possible until it's time they depart.

"Miss St.Croix? I'd prefer if you stayed and talked a bit or at the very least took my number, gave it a call sometime we can arrange another meeting."

"I need to go." Nate says curtly, clipped and Scott assumes it is a telepathic thing. A nod given to the young man, the elder Summers looking back at Monet for a response before making a choice himself.

Having sat back the entire time they act out, she picks up her coffee and sips. As they filter out, her coffee is nearly empty and she looks to Scott, "You want me to stay because…?" She asks and tilts her head as she settles in. She was looking rather, annoyed to say the least. She wasn't really looking for her afternoon to be like this but here she is. Either way, she does settle in a seat nearer to Scott and sets down her coffee, "I have a little bit of coffee left so I suppose I have a little bit of time." She nods her head and then looks at him, "So, what is it? You want to try to pitch something to me?"

"You're an actual mutant, unlike the rest." Scott says, pretty clear and easy across the board there. "Or at the very least something close to, my so-friend there, he intruded. I apologize on his behalf of course."

Scott is not moving from his spot, as Monet sits down he actually nudges her chair out for her just a little with his foot, "Are we wrong? Your timing also, coincidence or looking for others like you? Maybe something?" Reflective red lensing hides his eyes but it's obvious she has his focused attention.

"A pitch? I come off that much like a salesman?"

"Everyone has something to sell." She nods her head, "It's just the nature of things." She picks up her coffee and takes a sip before saying, "And what if I am?" She asks and tilts her head as she looks toward the exit where the others went, "And what I was doing there…was trying to get to class." She nods her head, "Not looking for anyone, just trying to get somewhere when some dumbass felt that he could impress a girl by being an asshole." She laughs a little, "Did him a lot of good." She takes another sip, "So, what is it you were looking for?"

"I really don't care for the comparison. Salesmen, no insult to the profession but ouch." Scott is trying for some humor, "If you are then, you may find yourself in a place where you need friends. If you are, well, I want to know more about you. " Studying her as always, fingers tapping the rim of his own coffee cup, "What I am looking for is a broad question, a lot of answers and more questions inside of that. Right now, I am looking to try and see if you're in need of help, maybe you do not even know it."

"Hmm." She looks distant a moment before saying, "I'm not really thinking I'm in deep need of much." She chuckles as she shifts in her spot, "These clothes are designer, my father offers me quite a bit, and frankly I'm enjoying my time away." She then looks down a moment before looking back to Scott with a hmm, "Though, there is one thing I'm kinda interested in." She nods her head, "I have heard of these X-Men." She nods again, "And from what that little pack of people said…" She looks at him, "You lead them." She nods her head, "So perhaps I will hear you out. If only a chance to see what all of you are about." She nods her head, "And to see if you need me."

"Material isn't really on my sale list." Scott remarks about the designer clothes, "Money, also, really not what I am talking about here." Though he figures Monet knows as much, "Columbus University is a great school, its showing a lot of growth but it's not exactly one that can help someone like you, not actual mutants or even metahumans."

A recline back, his fingertips still tapping his mug in drumming tumps.

"I do, for now. The X-Men if that is something you're truly interested in."

"If we need you?" There is a rich chuckle from the man. "Perhaps we might. Where shall I begin? What has piqued your 'kinda interest' with us?"

A chuckle and she looks at him with a hmm, "Well, it's one of the top school's in the country, but I wonder what kind of help you want to offer?" She hmms and nods her head, "What interested me initially is really well, the action." She chuckles and nods her head as she takes the last sip of her coffee, frowning as it finishes up before looking back at him, "I rarely get a chance to cut loose and show off…it's part of the reason I was excited to come to this country and specifically this city." She nods her head, "I am curious what kind of things you can offer though." She nods her head, "What do you have? I doubt my father would be super excited about leaving Columbia for somewhere else after what he did to get me here."

"Cut loose?" Scott is growing even more curious as Monet unravels, "Action… ahh." A shove of the cup away from him and his arms rise up to slide across his chest, pausing only to adjust the deep gray tie he is wearing.

"With a first, hi, how are you and knowing so little it is hard to just divulge as much, you've seen us on the news, heard about us, we're not exactly all that good at remaining secret anymore. Our intention isn't to go out and seek fights, we're peacekeepers, we want to show the world they don't have to fear mutants, we're a balance. Order." A thoughtful noise, "I promise you though, if you're up to snuff, you'll see a lot more." One foot begins to bounce, tapping under the table.

"Casualty prevention and first response where conventional fails are also things we accomplish, finding other mutants, giving them a place to grow, develop, control and the abilities to cope with the rest of the world."

Looking distant a moment, Monet hmms before looking back, "I don't mind helping people, too." She nods her head, "It's what my dad does, in a way. And frankly I do know that it can suck to feel helpless." She looks down a moment before saying, "I just don't want to sit around." She grins a little, "I don't enjoy just being on the sidelines." She shrugs, "And if you want to know more about me…" She considers, "Then you'd have to give me something to show you." She slowly stands up and nods, "Now my coffee is gone so I can't show you anything anymore." She nods her head. She looks at him, "I doubt you'd just flick your glasses off to show someone what you can do, now would you?" She hmms and tilts her head, "Well, I'm not just gonna show you either, for similar reasons I bet." She then looks at him, "So, go anything more?"

"It's no mystery what I can do." Scott says, a fingertap on his glasses rim, a crimson shine appears from behind the lenses. "My mutant gifts are rather one directional and not entirely as impressive as others I have seen out there. A lot of others."

"You want to show off a little? We can leave here. I can take us somewhere and you can put on whatever show you wish to, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see what you're capable of."

"Fair enough though, more the action and display type. Less for words." Scott considers, "Westchester, theres a school there, I'm associated to it but it's honestly the main reason I approached you, not the X-Men. We sort of… skipped frames to that, didn't we?" A friendly smile.

Looking back at him, Monet nods her head, "Ok." She nods her head, "I'll come see your school." She then takes a breath and looks at him, "But before I go how is your electrical engineering and computer program?" She hmms and tilts her head at him, "I do still need my degree. I can't just switch to a school because they have mutants." She chuckles and nods her head.

"Good. Give me your number, I can set up a day to show you around."

"Both are exceptional and accredited, of course. We've expanded for college levels in the past few years. We are online. Xavier's School for the Gifted."

Scott isn't moving from his seat, just watching M for now, arms remaining across his chest, curious.

A nod and then she looks back at him, "If this was some fancy way to get my number, then you had better watch out." She grins, "Cause I don't play nice." She then writes the number down and slides it across to him. She smiles as she finishes up and then turns away for a moment before looking back at him, "I look forwad to hearing from you almost as much as I'm sure you look forward to seeing me again." She chuckles and then starts toward the exit and nods as she heads that way.

"No, not for those reasons." Scott promises, not at all that sort of man. His eyes are one color and one directional, symbolic in a sense.

"You'll fit right in with so many others."

"Maybe, we'll see won't we?" A lift up of the empty coffee cup as she departs, her name already being thumbed in to his phone and their database before she leaves the K.O. completely.

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