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February 05, 2018:

Checking in to see how Kitty's been recuperating, Peter Quill and his fellow Guardians have some news to spring and responsibilities to shuffle.

The Triskelion, NYC


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Fade In…

The Trisket and the Milano. A strange pairing to be sure. Though one that has strangely worked. The Guardians have had a home away from home, SHIELD has had a way to keep an eye on a bunch of crazy aliens from space…and one nutso Star-lord from the midwest.

Or so he says.

Peter hasn't gotten out that much, if anyone asks its cause he was doing super important spaceship things. Yup. Totally important. They could also be ninja things. Or Star-lord things. But they are all super important.

It totally wasn't because he was worried about Kitty after she got soul sliced.

Totally wasn't.

He promises it wasn't man!!!

…anyway. Moving on.

However after a few revelations the previous night Peter Quill had decided he should totally check on Miss Pryde. Which is why he's poking his head into the bunkrooms right now.

After the confrontation with the Demon Bear, things have certainly been different for Kitty. Not so much in situation as in feeling. She's no longer tied to the gem that she has been bound to for a year. Now she can phase without worry, go where she wants. It's a bit of a heady thought.

Of course, she also got slightly mauled in the process. While the spacesuit helped protect her to a certain extent, the stress of the magic breaking and the physical injuries have left her a bit more prone to resting. She has done a few things - while proclaiming stubbornly she is fine - however tonight she is resting in those same bunkrooms Peter has decided to check up on.

The X-Man is lying on her bed, hair pulled back into a messy braid and wearing comfortable clothes, a book dangling from her hand as she softly snores.

From a different perspective, the Cliffnotes version of the Milano's layout is a blur of metal and wire, plastic odds and ends, and worn paint jobs. But it's the warmth within the enclosed space that rings familiar to Groot, blooming into a feeling that reads as 'home' to him. And even if they don't say as much, it may be the same for the other Guardians as well.

Oh, but he's used to seeing everything at a very different, very high angle at a slower pace. The view he takes on now is lower, but there's an advantage to this: he doesn't run into the doorways. Another point is that the now-small tree can at least appreciate the colors and lights in passing…before being engulfed by the shadows of Peter Quill's jacket pocket. The sound he makes at the door of one of the bunkrooms is muffled, his little arms flailing before disappearing altogether. Voop.

Peter gives is strangely audible jacket a glower for a moment. "You gotta be quiet or its not a surprise man." He mutters towards the little pocket of plant matter befroe he looks again inside the bunk door and finds…

…ok that's kinda adorable. For a nerd.

So he steps into the room, smirking slightly towards the snoring figure on the bed. "Hey, nerd." She's reading a book its appropriate. "You awake?" A pause. "Well you're snoring so you're not awake but are you awake now I guess is the question."

The sound from Groot doesn't wake Kitty. It's soft enough that it doesn't register. Instead, as Peter approaches and starts to talk, she shifts a bit in her sleep. It takes her a few moments. The noises are enough to make her turn even more. The book slips from her fingers and slaps onto the floor. That along with Peter's talking and the footsteps make her start awake, as if she had that dream where she was falling and was just about to hit the pavement.

"WHO-WHA-HUH?" she jolts, then she jolts upward, hearing someone in her room, ready to attack. A hand reaches out to grab and phase them through the floor.

Then, though, she realizes she's in the Milano's bunks, that it's not a monster trying to kill her but a Peter trying to annoy her.

"Peter," she hisses. "What are you doing?"

This was supposed to be a fun free ride! How deep this bottomless pit goes- oh there's the end. Groot wiggles, grunting as he turns his head upward to where the light (and Quill's face) generally is. Squinting back at the Star Lord brand glower, Groot puffs his cheeks out.

A half-whispered "I am Groot" can mean many things; it may have been compliance for the idea of surprise, or it may have been a swear word. Still, he holds a finger up to his mouth in a shushing motion which is a clear sign he gets what Quill has planned for Kitty.

But being in a pocket tells him nothing of Quill already moving close enough to wake Kitty to emit that kind of reaction. He almost squeaks, covering his mouth to make sure he doesn't give himself away.

Back out in the hall, the sound of raucous laughter can be heard, belonging to the now second-to-smallest Guardian. Rocket isn't exactly trying to be quiet, it seems.

"I know, right? All this time and no one told me we hadda tip people! Now I know why they glared so much. I always thought they just had a problem with aliens," he snorts, coming by the hatch, cellphone in hand. "-yeah. Yeah, didn't I say that? No? Well- what? Yes, I do speak pretty good English, what the flark's that s'pposed to mean? What country? Wrong kind of alien, pal. -yeah, I'm sure. Okay then. Yeah you too."

He taps the red button to end the call, glancing into the other room. "Telemarketers," he says, smirking a bit as he shrugs. "Oh hey, you up, Kitty?"

And Peter gets grabbed.

So in retrospect he likely shouldn't wake up high-strung swordswomen who can phase his face though the top bunk and leave him there.

In his defense that was kinda hot.

"Woah woah there, Kitten!" He can't help using the nickname. "I'm just gettin ya up! Wanted to check on ya!" His own hand closes over hers with a smirk. "Come on now, Rocket and I have something important to tell ya…its about Groot."

A pause. "Where is Rocket anywayoh there ya aroh my god Telemarketers again? How did they even get this number?"

And yet, he does. Kitty pauses, phasing only part of Peter's legs through the floor. At that point in time, Rocket glances into the room, hanging up the phone and asking if she's up.

She blinks a few times, looking between Peter, Rocket and her bed. Steadying herself, she pulls Peter back up so that he can stand and not have his leg crushed by the suddenly substantial floor.

The squeak in his pocket is also given quite a look. "What is going on?" She shakes her head a bit. "I'm fine. Fine. I've just been kind of tired lately. Can't seem to get enough sleep." Changing the subject easily, she focuses on Rocket. The quip about telemarketers is met with a frown. "Rocket, what are you telling them?"

What is going on, indeed. Focusing on the telemarketing scheme is a good (not so good) segue into the topic of Groot.

From inside the coat pocket, Groot wants to know what was being said. But he's visibly conflicted: stay quiet and be a surprise? Or make it more obvious that he's not what he used to be?

…Of course, thinking on the decision also makes him tired. And it's oddly comfortable being stuck in a pocket. With some mumbling, the tree wriggles a bit to get even more comfortable, becoming semi-noticeable lump in said pocket.

"…I see I'm interruptin' something here. I can leave if you want," Rocket says as he eyes the two. Naturally he doesn't look to be going anywhere, if only to see how much further Kitty will throw Peter through the Milano. Maybe he'll end up in the engine room. But then she's hauling him back into tangibility, which has the raccoonoid shrugging as he looks only mildly disappointed.

"It's like they know everything, Quill. I'm sure it's some kinda conspiracy between them and the phone companies- how else would anyone get everyone's numbers?" Waving a hand at Kitty, he laughs. "Nothin'! I was just having conversation! I derailed 'em pretty good, I don't even know what they wanted me to sign up for in the first place."

"You know, if you wanted me to get closer to you," Peter drawls. "You didn't have to phase me though the floor! You could have just. I don't know. Asked or something." Then though she's pulling him out and he makes a show of leaning over to pat his legs down and see just if everything is still in its place.

"Annyway…stuff happened. Rocket and Groot went after the bear, and I stayed to make sure no demons came out of the woodwork to come after you. Since you know. Magic sucks and that could be a thing."

A glance at the Raccoon. "Which means they had all the fun…but there was some problems you know. Bucky and Jane were the wolf thing and the stupid bird…I mean why Jane got turned into a bird I have no idea she doesn't seem very birdish…"

About this point in time though as he stands, is right when Groot shifts. Which means as Peter stands up quickly…well…Kitty might just find a tiny, yet sleepy, twig flung accidentally towards her as he moves.

"Rocket, they're just people with jobs. The jobs are annoying, but it's not their fault." His defense of just having a conversation is met with a raised eyebrow. "Uh huh." Kitty shakes her head and steps away from Peter now that he's out of the floor and she only feels slightly embarrassed that she accidentally phased him through the floor because he surprised her.

With a roll of her eyes, she answers, "And if you wanted to get closer to me, sneaking up on me while I'm sleeping is not the way to do it." A head tilts. Bucky is a name that could be attributed to anyone…but in tandem with Jane Foster after that trial? She frowns. "Bucky? You mean Bucky Barnes?" No, Bucky Barnes couldn't have been involved with something like this. "No. He couldn't have. He's a war hero."

As Peter stands up and shifts the sleepy Groot out of his pocket, Kitty automatically attempts to grab at the tossed object, hands held out to catch it gently.

Downside to pocket haven: sometimes there are no covers to keep stuff inside of them.

In this instance, a dozing Groot finds himself tumbling out rather quickly, falling out and into Kitty's gentle hands like a tossed plushy. A hard, wooden plushy, small and compact for easy transportation.

And he blinks away his bout of sleepiness, staring up at Kitty while he's being held. Oh! He knows this face. This must be his cue. The shrub waves a hand, flexing his tiny fingers in greeting. "I am Groot!"

Rocket just shrugs at Peter. He can't really admit that it had been fun. The only time he'd gotten to shoot his gun had been in response to something terrible, and it hadn't even been the big rifle he'd recently cooked up. He grins over at Kitty. "Yeah-huh! It was very informative. Although I don't think they quite believed me or knew what I was talking about when I said I wasn't from Terra."

He'd moved to lean within the doorframe, but as he sees the little wooden ball suddenly flung from Peter's personage, Rocket straightens in alarm, only to sag with a sigh in relief when Kitty's quick reflexes save Groot from a tumble.

"War hero? He tried to bite me in half! He was some kind of horrible shadow wolf monster! I mean come on you don't get more evil than horrible evil shadow monsters!" A longer pause as he looks towards her as he draws a deep breath.

But then Groot goes flying and his eyes widen. "Woah! Catch him!" He calls out as he scrambles forwards to try to do just that…

…which means there might be a collision between. Well. Everyone but Rocket.

As Groot lands in Kitty's hands, she immediately cups them, like she has caught a gumball. It's only when she hears the 'I am Groot!' that she blinks and opens her hands again just in time to see him waving at her.

As Peter scrambles forward to try and catch Groot, Kitty automatically phases herself so that Peter goes tumbling through her and onto her bed. It's something that's basically a defensive gesture at this point: barely even thought about. Her eyes are still on Groot. "He literally fought Nazis in the war, Peter. He's definitely a war hero. If he was trying to bite you in half, there was a reason."

For a few moments more, she continues to blink and study the small tree in her hands now. "Groot?" She look to Rocket and then back down at Groot again. "Wait. No. Groot?" Turning her hand around, she inspects him with the total disbelief that she feels in seeing him like this. "How…what…what is going on?"

Her hand raises and she turns Groot to face the others. Then, she realizes that Peter isn't where she saw him last. Confused, she turns around. "How did you get there?" She points to Groot. "And how did this happen??"

Well. That escalated quickly.

Groot yelps, covering his eyes as he instinctively ducks down (even if it appears it wouldn't help very much in this situation). He misses the fact that Kitty phases enough so that Quill flies through her, only aware of the sensation of being bounced around enough to peek through his fingers at the results.

"I am Groot?" he asks Quill, checking to see if the other Guardian is all right. Letting his hands fall back down into his lap, he looks at Rocket, then back at a confounded Kitty.

A thoughtful expression crosses his bark-covered features, less creased than what it used to be. "…I am Groot," he attempts to explain, holding out his arms to either side of his body. "I am Groot?" He waves them a bit, then lets his arms drop again. "I am. Groot."

"Yeah, well, war hero or whatever, he and Jane weren't in their right minds- probably weren't even in their right bodies- at the time they attacked us. I'm sure you could get a better story from them but I dunno how eager they'd be to talk about it. That's assuming everything went well. I really haven't been able to check cuz I hardly 'member what happened, myself."

Rocket cringes as Peter goes sprawling past- or rather through Kitty. He looks back at the X-Man and shrugs awkwardly. "Yeah, that's… I'm not really sure. I woke up on our front lawn an' he was all …small. I don't know how he ended up from a pile of toothpicks to this."

He eyes Groot as the little one attempts to help explain before sighing. "Yeah, that doesn't really help either, Groot."

And Peter eats covers on Kitty's bunk.

"Yeah!" And his voice is muffled as he pushes himself up. "And the reason is 'he was a crazy shadow monster'!" He calls out as he shifts over and turns, sitting on her bunk as he peers at her.

"Uh you phased so I fell though you when I was trying to do something nice like catch a Groot." The man replies as he sighs and shakes his head slightly before he shakes his head. "Magic is all I know, I was here watching you."

There was a frown though as he looks to Rocket, then back at Kitty. "Yeah. Its still Groot. Not sure how that works. But…" A smirk. "…now we have a small Groot. He's still Groot. Just…compact now."

Kitty frowns. Crazy shadow monster. She remembers the demon wolf that attacked them and being terrified. That was Bucky Barnes? The man she heard stories of from when she was a kid? One of the men she idolized? If they were not in their right minds, that makes some sense. However, it's something of a disheartening thought about one of her heroes.

"Groot can get this small? Is it permanent?" She doesn't sound upset about it, just curious. As she keeps her hands perpendicular like a platform, she studies Groot again. He's just…so cute. "You are Groot. Still."

Peter gathers himself and just sits on the bed. "Well, I already caught him," she says with a grin, bouncing her hands just slighly to prove her point. Then, she blinks and tilts her head to Peter. "You were watching me?" There's a look to Rocket to see if he's actually telling the truth.

"I am Groot," Groot replies in regards to Kitty's question about growth, raising his arms up over his head. Yes, growing is still a thing he can do. He totally doesn't focus on the 'permanent' part, thinking that stretching out his arms will do just fine.

He then recognizes Quill's efforts in trying to catch him before eating bed covers, tentatively high-fiving the air before patting the general area where Quill sits. If he angles his hand just right, it will look like he really is patting Quill on the head. "I am Groot."

Kitty's smile begets a plant smile in return, one that is momentarily bounced as he rolls about in her hands. The distraction of being on her hands leads to him low-fiving her several times, disregarding the whole thiing about Quill checking in on her.

With Groot in safe hands, Rocket leans back against the wall, now within the hold rather than within its doorway. He shakes his head. "Apparently? I mean, he's small now. I've…never seen it happen before but he's-" Still alive, he almost says, but he decides not to worry Kitty further with that. "-still Groot," he nods in agreement.

He looks from Kitty to Peter and back, nodding then. "Yeah. He was keepin' an eye on you," he says. "Otherwise he woulda been getting mauled by Darth Wolfster again."

"Well yeah, someone had to make sure no more shadow things came to try to maul you again. You were on my ship. I don't want to have to clean up that kind of mess." Peter replies as he stands up again and folds his arms over his chest as he leans a shoulder against the edge of the bunk.

There is a smile though as Groot goes rolling around, a flash of a grin and a shake of his head. "He's still Groot. Still a goddamn Guardian, and Rocket put paid on the bear for messing with us. So that's a thing."

A smirk again as he glances towards Rocket. "You're gonna have so much babysitting to do."

Still Groot despite not knowing how he got there or how fast it will take for him to grow. Okay. Gently, she moves to settle him on her shoulder so she doesn't have to carry him about. He can run and jump to where he wishes. That makes it so she doesn't bounce him too much when she gestures - which she generally likes to do.

I'm glad he's still him. But…what did it take to make him like this?" She can't imagine it was anything good. Also, Peter's right. That's a lot of babysitting. Groot was already getting himself into things when he was so big they could monitor him. As a tiny sprout? That makes it harder.

Peter gets something of a grin as she steps forward and attempts to plant a kiss on his cheek. "That's sweet. Thank you."

Now on his knees, Groot puffs his chest out. "I am Groot!" Okay, so maybe he shouldn't be echoing Quill word for word.

Ooh, another shoulder to stand and sit on. With Kitty's help, Groot scrabbles onto his new perch, plunking himself down like a beanbag. The landing's a little rough, but he's happy with the arrangement. He can't help but look at Kitty's hair in the meantime, carefully reaching over to grab a small fistful. That plan sort of goes south when she steps and leans over to kiss Quill on the cheek, though, leaving him to half-dangle and cling onto her so that he won't fall off.

"Whoa, whoa- language kid!" Rocket says, gaping at Groot as he repeats Peter's words. He shoots Peter a look, both in unspoken admonishment for being a bad influence and for implying that he was to be doing all the babysitting.

"Hey, you guys feel free to step in. I mean, you did such a good job watchin' Kitty, so keeping an eye on the shrub won't be so hard either, right?"

Kitty asks the question that he doesn't want to answer, but even though he hesitates to ask, the reluctance about it shows clearly on his face. "He…got blown up. Jane or not-Jane did somethin' when he tried hugging her to keep her from doing anything to hurt anyone else and blew off his arms. …the rest of him followed."

And he gets kissed.

"It was totally boring," Peter sniffs slightly and tries to fight back that grin. Looking away the pilot smirks slightly before he frowns slightly at the question and his eyes go back towards Rocket.

That smile fades even as Rocket scolds him about language. "Shrub, twig, Groot. You're gonna have so many names." The man smirks for a moment, though that smile fades again as Rocket speaks.

He nods slowly though. "Yeah," A look towards the little green figure. "I get the picture it wasn't pleasant. For anyone involved." He smiles though back towards Rocket. "He's still here." He reassures Rocket. "He'll grow up again."

Groot's dangle from her hair is met with a bit of a wince as she attempts to gently shove him back onto her shoulder as steadier ground and not try and yank out her hair by the roots. It's not exactly the best solution, but she's trying.

Rocket has generally known what Groot is saying and she blinks. "Groot! No swearing!" she agrees. She can guess what it is he's repeating of Quill's. There's a bit of a scoff at Rocket. "I'm not a kid," she tells him. "I don't need to be looked after! Groot's different." She gestures at her shoulder. "This guy is made to get into trouble."

The explanation as to how he got this way is met with a very stoic frown. He got blown up. That is not something she wishes to hear. "I see."

Good news: along with Groot's own pushing away from Quill's face, the nudging helps Groot collect himself back onto Kitty's shoulder. Somewhat huh news: he also may or may not have smooched Quill when Kitty did. He does, however, scrub at his own face to get rid of the scratchy feeling.

His scowling intensifies a bit when Rocket and Kitty scold him about his use of language. "I am Groot!" It's not fair if Quill gets to say it. He doesn't understand.

But now he's back again, sitting there and kicking his legs lazily in the air as he puffs out his cheeks. And he nods, convinced of the fact that he'll grow again. "I am Groot."

"Yeah…" Rocket says, at least certain of that. Well, pretty certain. That's what plants do, right? Even tree people, he supposes. He'd met Groot when the guy was already grown, so it had never entered his mind the possibility of the tree being any size other than the one he had been.

There's just the smallest of smirks as Kitty anticipates trouble from the little twig, and there's absolutely no argument from Rocket.

With Groot putting forth his two cents, Rocket nods and then turns, stepping out of the room. "You will. But until then, you gotta be watched, and since you two are already there with him, I'm leaving him with you while I go see about makin' sure this new powerpack don't overload the rifle I made," he says, waving over his shoulder as though expecting no objections.

Quill just rolls his eyes. "He's going to learn it anyway!" He protests as he smirks towards the trio of them. "Urgh, fine. Fine. I'll watch it. But only because I like you guys." He replies with a sniff again, though there is a smile. "And you so need looking after." He adds towards Kitty. "…but…" A glance towards Groot. "…I'm gonna agree with you on that. He is totally going to be trouble…"

A smirk again. "Which means he fits right in."

Then he snaps his head around towards Rocket. "What? No way! I wanted to talk to Kitty about…" Pause. "…stuff!"

"Just because he's going to learn it anyway doesn't mean we should encourage!" Kitty agrees with Rocket on that one. As Groot is confident in his growth, she nods. "I agree." Whether she truly understands what he's saying is up for debate. It's leaning more toward her just garnering from context clues as she does not elaborate on that thought.

As Rocket leaves, she frowns. "That's not being a good babysitter!" She calls out after him with a frown. "Very irresponsible. I think he's doing this on purpose."

Peter's contribution is given a wary look. "What did you want to talk to me about, Peter?"

Ignoring the important part of the conversation about raising a child properly, Groot cheerily waves at Rocket as he goes to fix things. "I am Groot!"

He then looks up at his parents friends, Quill and Kitty. With a shrubby smile.

Go on, continue. He'll be right here.

"WHAT WAS THAT, I COULDN'T HEAR YOU," Rocket calls from down the corridor as he makes his way towards the hatch. Which is kind of strange considering that his workshop's usually down by the engine room. But he knows that this little bout of freedom isn't going to come very often, so he's decided to take full advantage of it. Say…start with a few drinks and go from there?

"Oh my god are you all ganging up against me?" Peter exclaims as he watches Rocket stroll off and Kitty just give him that look. The pilot smirks though, he can't help but smirk back. A glance down though towards Groot and the pilots sighs.

Then reaches up to cover Groot's eyes.

Then he leans down and kisses Kitty. Not on the cheek either. Not a long kiss. And more than half amused judging from the smile on his face. "I'll tell ya later."

Removing his hand from Groot though he turns towards where Rocket's left.

And the smirk just grows. "Whelp." A glance back down towards Groot and then back up towards Kitty. "I say. If Rocket wants to be like that. We go raid the kitchen here for pizza!"

Because pizza makes everything better.

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