A New Mission

February 06, 2018:

Frenzy tells Lorna that she's heading back to the states for a new mission.


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Lorna exited Magneto's suit with a sigh, a box tucked under carefully under her arm. The smells of dinner wafting from the suit as she left. Once more father and daughter had had dinner, Magneto of course cooking it himself. The young woman was wearing a loose fitting black tank top, and pair of cargo pants, and sandals. She'd been all over the place recently.

Either through training in the Acolyte's barracks, making her rounds in helping to rebuild, or even the other day, working with and handling the heroes that appeared in Genosha, such as Tony Stark.

The rebuilding of the city was going well beyond what many had expected, so much so that Magneto had started having gardens planted around the Spire. The night was warm even as Lorna made her way down to the Acolyte's suites, searching out the one that her father had told her could look through Tony Stark's drone to make sure it wasn't spying on her.

For this time of day the suites are oddly empty. Even the more public areas that the Acolytes tend to congregate in.

Only a few can be found within and none that might be capable of figuring the ins and outs of a technological drone.

For Joanna Cargill, she's just stepping out of her personal room, the door opening swiftly and silent as Frenzy appears. Over one shoulder is a duffel bag, a large thing, clearly packed to the gills, but for the woman it causes hardly any hardship upon her.

She walks down the hallway leading into on of those living areas and when she steps into it, she can't help but sight Lorna Dane. Daughter to Magneto. Automatically Frenzy alters course just enough to bring her towards the green-haired woman. "Lorna." Jo states, and while a question can be seen within the other woman's brown eyes, she doesn't quite ask it. Instead she waits to see what she says.

Lorna shifted from speaking to Chrome, the Acolyte that at least sparred with her on a semi-regular basis these days. He was a decent sort, better than Fabian in Lorna's eyes. Though that wasn't saying much. Not when so many of the group fawned over her or saw her as Magneto's second coming. Those that followed her father with a God-like reverence were down right creepy, and the green-haired woman avoided those as much as possible.

As Frenzy approached with a duffle bag, green eyebrows shot upwards. "Hey," A pause and head tilt followed. Joanna had been one of the few body-guards Lorna didn't actually mind. The woman wasn't hard on the 'Your highness' crap that others were, and besides the infuriating ability that Frenzy had in keeping Lorna out of combat.. she wasn't all that bad.

"Going some where?"

While the bag isn't heavy (for Frenzy) as soon as the tall woman stops walking that bag is silently off-loaded to the floor.

If Chrome decides to stay, or linger to be nosey, Jo quickly shuts that down with a pointed look and a scowl. It's not often people stand up to Frenzy and she uses that good to use here.

Only after their relatively left alone does JoJo finally answer Lorna's question.

"I am." Begins the Bruiser of the Acolytes, "I"m headed back to the States." She continues with, even as she looks down at the smaller woman. "The others will keep you safe while you're here." Her head tilt slightly to the side, as she allows a vague thread of amusement to be heard within her voice. "Just try not to leave them in the dust when you get into your next bout of trouble."

Lorna blinked, surprise coloring her features as Chrome took off and then her attention focused Frenzy once more. The news that the woman was moving to the States had her frowning and her arms crossed. "Wait, what? Why are you going back to the States? Don't tell me my father is already making moves against the US. We don't have a position of power here in Genosha secured. Much less ready to take on more troubles." She reached up to pinch the bridge of her nose, looking exasperated as she assumed the worst about her father.

Why else would an Acolyte be sent to the States?

Of course, then Frenzy's words had Lorna's lips twitching faintly.

"You mean not to abandon them too often and get them in trouble when I vanish for a few hours to get Chinese food and come back?" She mused, it was the worst kept secret in all of Genosha. That Lorna had ties to the X-men and somehow always ended up taking trips State-side, slipping her guards, only to reappear with food, clothes, and other goodies.

Frenzy listens to all of what Lorna has to say. Her expression reveals very little of what she's thinking, and when Lorna finishes her own thoughts, the Bruiser finally speaks.

"No." Is that initial word of hers and the pause between that and her next words might be long enough to make it seem like she's finished speaking. Though she's not.

"Though if Magneto asked us to rise up and attack the United States for their crimes against mutants I would gladly take arms." The black-haired woman says, a note of fervor clearly heard in her voice. "But no, not this time." Now Frenzy really does pause, a look of consideration upon her features, "I'm headed to the States to look after his other children. To make certain all his children are safe."

"Here at least you have a retinue of Acolytes, out there they do not. I have been tasked to watch over them."

And while the remark about Chinese food is made in jest, it only pulls forth a soft snort from the woman. "Yes, trouble seems to follow you everywhere. Try not to be too hard on my fellow Acolytes. There is only so much failure your father will allow from us."

Lorna waited as Frenzy gave a simple no and shifted her weight upon her toes, before settling back against the table, leaning with her hip. A green eyebrow rose as the woman continued on with the Pro-Magneto talk, earning a huff and a rolling of green eyes. But she didn't argue. That wasn't an argument that was worth anyone's time, Lorna had found that out the hard way sometime ago.

Acolytes weren't likely to change their views through a debate. Nor were her siblings… which given Frenzy's words, Lorna couldn't help but smirk and then outright laugh.

"Oh man, Pietro and Wanda are gonna be pissed." She grinned at Frenzy, "Good luck with my brother, he's an ass. But at least he might talk to you and not immediately speed off. Though it's possible. Oh man.. this is going to go straight to his head." She laughed again, shaking her head.

"Good luck dealing with the Brotherhood around there. Last I knew, they were hanging out in Mutant Town. And also pestered Tony Stark.." She drawled, amused in her voice still. Even as Frenzy chided her gently about her ability to get into trouble. She waved it off.

"He seemed to handle Fabian attacking my fiance just fine. The man is still alive, which is more than I can say I wanted out of that. I'm not gonna snitch on anyone."

No, Acolytes aren't one to often change their minds when it comes to Magneto, or their rhetoric.

Frenzy is no different. Or perhaps, she's the same as every other one nearby.

Whatever the case may be, Frenzy shrugs at the woman's amused words concerning her siblings. "Whether they accept me or not has no bearing on my assignment. My task is to protect them and aid them and that is what I'll do." The tall woman states somewhat formally, before she nods at Lorna's next words. Of where the twins might be found and the offer of luck for her task at hand. "I'm not worried about locating them." She allows and while she was about to say more, possibly, whatever words she has to say pause slightly at the mention of Tony Stark.

"He should never have been allowed upon Genosha." States the woman gruffly, "We can handle our own affairs without /their/ help."

The mention of Fabian brings an irate expression to Jo's features. "His life may have been saved, but he shall never be free. He has broken a trust with his fellow mutants and that is unforgiveable."

Lorna shrugged, "Pietro is a speedster. I think he's faster than you? I dunno honestly how fast he can go. Other than 'fast enough to lose the Avengers, and scattered X-men and SHIELD several times over." She muttered, and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Try to stay out of the lime light over there, yeah? My siblings like to get into the cameras.. Chip off the ol'steel block those two. I don't think it'll help anyone.." She muttered, no lecturing Frenzy. Nope. No lectures.

Though the mention of Tony Stark had her rolling her eyes.

"Father wants me to handle him and to trade for supplies past the embargo. We need supplies.. So I will." She drawled, the mention of Fabian again had her crossing her arms and she nodded. "Yeah, well, he touches Marcos, my baby, or looks at me again.. and I will kill him. So there's that. No worries."

"I'm more strong than fast." The woman says to clarify the finer points of her powers. "I would imagine he's faster than I ever will be, but stronger?" She shrugs, highly doubtful.

At the mention of limelight Frenzy cracks a grin, one of the first since their conversation began. "I won't stand or sit idly by when I encounter mutants being oppressed." And here her words are important, it's not 'should I find', but 'when I find'. There's a certainty to her voice, an understanding of just what she'll find in the States. "Whether that means I'm in the limelight or not -" She shrugs, it depends on what they're fighting against.

"It'll show the world that mutants aren't just sitting idly by allowing the injustices of the world to continue. Retribution must be sought." She continues, and while she could go onward with that rhetoric, she doesn't. Not when Tony is brought up again and the fact that they're using him for supplies.

A dangerous glint enters the woman's eyes. "There are other ways to get supplies. Easier ways versus relying upon his kind." And it's clear what Frenzy means by 'his kind'. "I shall see about setting up a network between us and the States to get needed supplies to Genosha. Without Tony Stark's help." Spats the woman, her anger sharp, sharper still at the mention of Fabian again. "If it comes down to it you will not be alone in that task."

Lorna seemed to sober some at Frenzy's words, "I wouldn't ask you to stand aside against injustice. I wouldn't ever ask anyone to go against that and sit idle when others need help." She sighed and looked somewhat apologetic.

"Merely ask that whatever hairbrained schemes my siblings get into, that it might make things more difficult for you to keep an eye on them if people catch onto you being around them. That's all." She shrugged and rubbed at the base of her neck.

"And yes, yes, yes.. I have made other plans. I gave Pietro a list of locations that might have supplies we can use. Using the Brotherhood I hope that we'll get something out of it. I'm not laying all of my cards down in one go. Tony Stark was sent over here by my siblings. So they think he has a use. Or they want to torment him. Either is possible. But I'll take what I can get. Anything that I can get that will help the people of Genosha. I'll do whatever it takes." She murmured, and clapped Frenzy on the arm.

"I'll miss having you around. Yeah? Take care in the States."

"I'm not afraid of attention." States the taller woman even as Jo listens to the rest of what Lorna has to say.

That scowl remains when Tony's name is brought up, but it lessens when Lorna speaks of doing whatever it takes for the people of Genosha to survive. That actually causes the woman's expression to soften ever so slightly.

"We will save the people of Genosha, this I know."

"And I will miss you too." That clap upon her arm earns a much gentler return, the woman quite aware of her own strength. "Be safe. Don't do anything stupid. Trust your father." Are Frenzy's parting words, before she reaches for her bag and hefts it up, "I'm sure we'll see each other soon, if you return to the States or I back to Genosha."

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