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February 05, 2018:

Thor seeks an alliance with the Justice League!

Hall of Justice


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At the desk, there's some difficulty. A particular robust, blonde visitor is trying to play nicely and diplomatically with them, but isn't quite getting what he expects. But he isn't dressed like an otherworldy superhero, either.

Hence the difficulties, to some extent. "If this were a true emergency, lunch would not be something that should be waited for!" Thor argues loudly at the front desk, where they are primarily on lunch break.

"I'm just a temp, but— I don't think there's anything open even after lunch… maybe next week," the poor receptionist says uncertainly, plugging away at her computer, clearly trying to dodge the crazy person. Security has an eye on him, but he doesn't seem violent. "So then— this not an emergency. Perhaps you'd like to leave a message?" she asks.

"My messages have not generated replies! I find your hospitality very dissatisfying," Thor answers instead.

Diana Prince exits from the library, she'd heard some gossip about a certain arrival and she was coming to check on its… validity.

Wearing a large volumous dark blue robe over her body she steps down through the Hall's large corridor and out into the lobby proper. Her blue eyes scan the room toward the receptionist area and she shows a faint smile before moving in that direction. Like a graceful spirit gliding its way across the lobby's floor, Diana approaches the God of Thunder… hoping to garner his visual attention.

She would then bow very gently out of respect.

"Thor Odinson." She tells him. "I am Diana, princess of Themyscira and daughter of Hippolyta." Her voice is accented with a flavor foreign to this country of Earth. "It is a pleasure to see you, I am sorry your inquiries have gone unanswered here-in. How might I assist you to ensure that changes course?"

"CNC, this is Captain Marvel. The aircraft has been successfully redirected, and landing gear are down safely and locked. I am returning to base. Be there in five." The voice of Carol Susan Jane Danvers comes over the positioned loudpseakers, projected from the public-access League communication channel that is reserved pretty expressly for little tidbits like this which thrill visitors to the League, letting them feel like they are getting a glimpse of the action - because they are!
The attempt to pull Thor's attention is very successful. Which is good, because he was looking like he was about to slam a hand on the counter to make another point, and Diana's arrival derails all of that. He abandons the desk and moves to approach her as well, body language shifting automatically into a return response of regal bearing. He bows back to the princess and her well-aimed greeting.

"Well met, Princess Diana Hippoly'dottir," Thor answers, smoothly, similarly respectful. "I hope I did not interrupt a…" he pauses, as the speakers interject some infrmation about the arriving ship. "…Victory feast 'lunch?', if one of your warriors is returning?" Thor asks, curious about the purpose of the announcement into the area they are standing in.

"Should she have vanquished many foes, I would honor her as well," Thor adds generously. "I am here to speak on defensive alliegences, when festivities subside."

Diana was tall with her armored boots on, somewhere around 6'1" or 6'2" so that at least helped her not be quite as short compared to Thor as most are around him. She smiles at him and his kind greeting.

"Why thank you for that, Diana is… enough for names however. I do not require long titles all the time." She showed the faintest hint of a grin on her red lips.

At the announcement of Carol's arrival she glanced away as well, then looked back to Thor. "Captain Danvers is a threat to be feared by those who'd wish to do others harms, that is quite certain… but I am not sure there is to be a feast tonight. Not that anyone has told me at least, but sometimes they forget." She whispered that last part and showed a sly little grin.

"Should there be one, however, you are most certainly invited!" Diana says next then to the Godly One. "And in that case, you made great timing on your appearance here."

"Indeed, long titles can sometimes weigh the tongue," Thor admits, "Though they give honor where due," Thor continues, tipping his head, and adjusting to, "Diana." As if partially committing her preference to memory. It will have to be seen if he doesn't end up back in titles, though.

Thor picks up on her more casual manner, and relaxes similarly on the cue. Though he looks somewhat horrified by her not being included in a feast announcement. "How could they forget to include you?" Thor asks, surprised, genuinely so. "You seem quite memorable to me," he adds, with a direct honesty, offended on her behalf.

"Well, I did not wish my coming to always be heralded by problems! Should your Jay-El-Hey only see me in crisis, I might be associated with such things. That is not my intent."

Diana's hands trossed together in front of her lap, the folds of the blue robe she wears rumpling lightly around her body as she does so and the hints of the armored bracers that adorn her wrists peak out from beneath the fabric of the robe.

"Of course." She says to him with a soft smile. "And I tease about the feasts and my not being invited. Truth is, I am -never- invited! They are strictly anti-Diana around here. It is the very worst." She was teasing again though, and the grin on her lips would likely show it.

"Would you like to walk the halls of the Hall with me a bit? You can get a better view of how things work on a whole here. And that way, if we do cross paths in crisis you will know that-much-more about us and we can hopefully work better together because of it!" She continued to smile, and it looked good on her so she likely knew what she was doing.

the Princess would turn then and start back toward the main hallway, intending for the Asgardian to follow after her.

And a minute or two later, sure enough, a golden glowing form comes down out of the skies outside and alights easily on the concrete apron around the fountain-like glass sculpture focal point of the plaza in front of League headquarters. Then Carol comes striding to and through the front doors, as her mask disassembles itself and disappears down into the collar of her Captain Marvel red and gold accented midnight blue costume.

Carol's eyes sweep the large lobby, and she offers a nod and a smile to the temp at the desk, then diverts herself towards the visible Amazon and her oversized and bombastic guest. "Good afternoon, Diana. How's your day?" She looks up - if slightly - to meet the large blonde's eyes. "Hi, Thor. Good to see you, too." There's an odd wariness as she says that, an uncertainty overridden by natural confidence and an unwillingness to surrender to the uncertainty. "I didn't miss anything important, did I?" she questions, though she doesn't just automatically invite herself along as they are working on departing the lobby together. (Hey, it could be date. She doesn't know.)
"I would be glad to be escorted by you personally through your halls," Thor says grandly. His gaze does catch in interest on the peek of the armored bracers, and he tilts his head a little at her jokes, releasing a relaxed laugh after a pause. "One would have to be quite deaf and blind to miss an Asgardian feast, for we often shake to the very heavens with revelry," Thor explains, proud.

Carol appears, and Thor is welcoming enough, though he is clearly being led somewhere by Diana. It took a moment for him to relate her to the voice over the com from before, but he gets it. "Hello, Captain of Marvels, Carol Danvers of United Airs Forces," Thor replies. Her wary quality is met with his direct, open manner. "If there was an important event, I know not?" Thor says, lookng to Diana, as if to check her for important items he may have missed out on.

A grin showed on Diana's lips again at Thor's words about Asgardian feasts. "I would very much like to be invited to one of -those- someday then. But I would never presume to suggest an invitation be given… Afterall, that would just be rude of me." She toyed back at the large blonde haired man with a continued grin before she looked then to Carol when she arrived.

"Hello there, Carol." Diana said to the expert ace pilot. "How was your flight?" She asked next. "I was just in the process of showing our guest here the grounds. He seems to have had a less than stellar dealing with our public operations thus far. I was hoping to change that for the positive."

Carol smiles at Thor's gentle and well-intentioned mangling of her name, apparently not off-put by that at all; she's heard worse. "I'd say a tour of our facilities given by Diana is an event to be reckoned with." she offers the Asgardian, and she isn't even poking fun at anyone. She's just in a warm, humorous mood. "My fight was good, Diana. Thanks for asking. I'm just glad that incident at the airfield turned out to be as minor as it was. Always better when there are no injuries amongst the civilians." That said, she just generally invites herself along on the tour. Why not?
"I don't think they believed I am who I say I am," Thor says, with frustration, gesturing with a broad hand back at the desk. So crazy!

"They did claim to have replied to my messages before. My Top of Laps has reported no such messages," Thor asserts, firmly. Clearly miscommunication, though whose end it is on may be unclear now.

"Such things can be arranged, though I am unsure when our next feast may be," Thor says, thinking about it, practical. He shrugs and lets that go, though. "An airfield incident?" Thor questions Carol, curiously. "Congratulations on protecting the civilians, then. Did your machines malfunction?"

Diana was more than happy to have Carol along on the stroll through JL facility. She first lead them all toward the museum area that was filled with relics recovered from around Earth and places beyond the pull of Earth's gravitation.

"Carol, you are a gift from the gods, with how you protect others and carry yourself in public. I am humbled to have you here amongst us in the League yet still today." She'd say to the other woman, showing a sincere and warm smile to her.

At Thor she'd look and nod once to. "I am sure the machines functioned perfectly. Otherwise things probably would have a sour finale and report." She'd show a little grin to the God then. "I will make sure that those at the front desk, know that you are who you say you are. We are honored to have you here, Thor… You are welcome any time."

She would pause her walking for a moment to regard him. "In fact, if you find yourself in need of a place to be… Do consider this an option, we could all learn a great deal from everything you have experienced in your own endeavors."

"Well, the machines had a problem. Light mid-air collision due to a radar malfunction. They wanted to land, but they were having hydraulic issues, and couldn't be sure of their landing gear." Carol gladly explains. "I went out because I could get there fast, was strong enough to carry the things down if needed, and know aircraft mechanics enough to have a chance to help fix things in flight if necessary." Which is exactly how things turned out. All is well, and that's great!

"Thanks, Diana. I really appreciate you saying that. I mean, let's be honest. I'm a gift from a Kree magic wishing machine. You are the gift from the gods, well, goddesses, but you knew what I meant. And I'm honored every day to work with the people here in the League." Carol extends her hand to the big blonde Asgardian prince. "And I'd be honored to work with you as well, Thor."
"I would think it rude to presume entrance to be a part of your ranks without invitation," Thor says, playfully similar to what Diana said when she described coming to a feast. But he seems very pleased, flattered maybe. But not shy. Hardly! "I am pleased my prior acts have spoken for me so positively in your eyes," Thor says in his grand, loud way, as if automatically making sure nobody in earshot is left out of what he's saying. So inclusive.

"As gods and goddesses have so bestowed favor upon the success of your group of Justice, I would as well," Thor proclaims, accepting Carol's hand with a strong grasp of forearm, warrior style. "I wish to help more than I have done up until now, but need the information, the directon of where and when forces of darkness need to be smited."

Diana would start to lead their path again through the facility, she'd take them out of the museum and further down through the hall until they arrived at doorways into a training center where people were able to spar and fight against high-tech machines that could even create holographic enemies to do battle with.

Diana smiled over to Carol's kind words and to Thor as well. "We have faced a lot of adversity of late… We have been forced to fight foes of great power, and terrible intentions. 'Red Lanterns' are what they refer to themselves as… and they possess more power than any such enemies should ever. So yes, I am quite sure that everyone within the League would be quite happy to have you there to help us, Sir Thor."

Carol most studiously does not guffaw at 'Sir Thor'. Nope. Not gonna do it. But dang, it's not easy to hold that one back. "Yeah, the Reds are not nice folks. All the power of a Green Lantern, with none of the self-control, and ten times the angry. Not nice folks at all." That's Carol's estimate of them. Thankfully, she herself is capable of distancing herself from her anger; it's not easy facing those jerks, but she can do it. "If you're looking for an invite, Thor, somebody hand me a pen. I'll sketch one out right quick for you." Because Carol doesn't much do the 'hesitation' thing. Right to the point.
"Would you mind if I looked in on your training room?" Thor asks, derailing the tour, it appears, by his interest in the facility in front of them. If given rein, he'll walk in there and look around at the machines and training zones while they talk. He'll touch things, such as the rope along the edge of a safety spar square.

While he does this he listens, and turns his head back with a dynamic firm scowl that brings a stern, powerful force to Thor suddenly. "Red Lanterns. Yes. Would you have resources available to aid in studying these dark opponents further? Do we know what their goal is, or is it only destructive rage?" Thor asks. It is a mix of cool sternness and readiness for a possible fight.

"Also, you may address me as 'Thor' if it please you, Diana," Thor adds, to the 'sir'.

Diana nods her head once to what Carol said in summation of the Red Lanterns. "Very much so." She agreed before looking toward Thor and smiling again to motion into the training center with her left hand. "By all means." She says back and offers naother little nod to the lack of such a formal title for him.

"Hal Jordan, is our resident expert on the… culture… behind these monsters. And I do not lightly toss that word around, but after the things I have seen from them, I knwo that it is is an appropriate descriptor in this case."

A little grin was shown at Carol's sketched out invite commentary. "If that helps too, then yes of course."

Carol follows Thor and Diana into the training room, and does her best to explain the different zones, settings, training robots, etc. "The best part about this is the chance to practice teamwork, learning the timing and talents of your allies before you're in the heart of battle. That's why I like spending time here." she offers.

"As Diana says, talking to Hal is the quickest way to learn more about the Red Lanterns. But if you like, you can always do it the hard way." And what is that, one might wonder? Well, Captain Marvel doesn't leave one hanging long. "We could just run out and mix it up with a couple, assuming we can manage to locate one or two out there somewhere away from a civilian population." Because their rage is enough they do not hesitate to endanger those civilians when they can.
"I see no need for written contracts! My word is my bond, is it not yours as well?" Thor demands, but not in a harsh way. Carol and Thor can have a 'who is more direct' contest. "But I understand the need for some to have such thing to reference, to calm worries," he relents. "Forgive me, there is a lean to those of magical contracts that I am less trustful of, and it reminded me."

Thor skims a hand slowly along one of the machines, listening to Carol speak of team training.

"Indeed, a team must practice hard and often, to develop bonds of trust to last into times when they must count on each other in a single instant, or all is lost," Thor observes. "I should like very much to do both: to speak to the expert, and also to try my hammer on one such enemy."

"I… do not think we should go pick fights with any Red Lantern groups." Diana said then toward Carol's suggestion. "At least not without a solid plan of approach in place. We're still waiting on word from J'onn as to the nature of his intel gathered on his mission."

Her blue eyes went to Thor then and she dipped her pointed chin once in a nod at him. "We will not thrust any contracts your way… We simply will hope for the best when it comes to asking you to help us with these kinds of problems. There are few out there, afterall, we could seek out who would be more qualified."

Diana reached out to the console beside her and she pressed a button on the display… which caused a holographic enemy to appear in the center of the sparring ring. A giant ten foot tall robot with saw blades for hands and laser blasters for eyeballs.

"Our, techs, have very creative minds for what they design us to train against."

Carol only seems mildly disappointed, as if her plan was more humor than real intent. But she really did want to go find some red lanterns and pound on them. Carol may be smart and a good soldier, but she is at her best punching her problems til they fall unconscious. "She's right. The training equipment here is really top notch. It stands up to Diana, to me, and to Kal." A pretty serious array of heavy hitters in that list. Thor shouldn't be too much of a problem, with the possible exception of the lightning. Maybe.
Thor looks surprised. "No need to 'hope for the best;' I will be ready to help to protect the innocents of Midgard," Thor says immediately. "Was this J'onn due back recently, and is missing?" Thor asks, following up on Diana's description, and seizing on reasons to go to action, by all appearances.

"Indeed? Most of my past training requires no equipment: only space, and proper combatants, trainers. It is part of the training to learn to control power, so as to only use the force necessary. …Your equipment is in no danger from me, for I would not unleash godly powers upon it, nor any training partner, unduly." Meaning, he will respect their stuff.

Diana didn't give the killer robot trainer any orders so it was just standing there in idle-mode. She regarded Carol with a little hint of a grin at the compliment toward the equipment on-site here… But then she looks to Thor and the grin darkens some.

"He is… gone past the time we had hoped to hear from him. In truth though, we knew the mission would be a dangerous one and we had no true timeframe established to have him report back to us. But it has grown to an uncomfortable length." She frowned for a second or so.

"Time to act accordingly is coming, a strike from us is… the only logical next move. So in that regard, Thor…" She looked to Carol and then back to the Asgardian Prince. "We would very much love to have you at our sides."

"She's right. We really would." Carol opines, then she pauses and turns her head, left hand lifting to press to her ear. Then she glances back. "Sorry to you both. It seems my day job is calling and they need me." She pauses, extending her arm again to Thor. "I hope you do join us. It was good to see you." She offers a smile and a nod to Diana. "Take care, Princess. Call me if you need me." And with that, Captain Marvel is off.


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