Upgrading or Downgrading?

February 04, 2018:

Monet comes to investigate Scott's invite to Xavier's and runs into Lorna instead.



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Looking around upon her arrival, Monet had opted to take an actual vehicle to the location rather than cheat. She didn't want to give away too much and as such a motorcycle is parked outside by the curb. The massive building has her eyes taking in the entire thing, looking at the windows and walls of it. Noticing that there's not a lot of people moving around at the moment given the fact it is a Sunday. She hmms softly to herself as she wonders if anyone lives here or if it is strictly a school. Either way, she was invited so she moves on up to the front door and idly pushes it open when it appears to be a sort of public-ish entrance. She looks around upon walking inside, eyes gazing left and right before she looks at the card given to her by Scott Summers and idly considers it.

The girl, dressed in one of her designer outfits, this one being that of leather pants, a light black shirt that appears to be a crop/tank top under a black leather jacket. She clears her throat upon entering and seems to gaze around looking for someone who might greet new comers/visitors.


Lorna was back in Westchester for a brief stop over to pick up more packes. The trouble with online orders, was that no one shipped to Genosha. And with good reason. So wedding things, baby things, and general 'I-need-this-things' were delivered to the mansion and that meant regular stops back home as it were. The green haired mutant had stopped off int the kitchens, making herself a cup of coffee. Her sleep schedule off wildly with the difference in time zones between the two countries.

At least it was no longer the magical blizzard of a Demon Bear outside.

Even so, the woman was bundled up. A black sweater, long in the sleeves and pinned up the arms with various studs of metal clung to her. Along with a pair of battered skinny jeans and steel toed boots. Lorna idly walked down the hall from the kitchen toward the rec room, meaning to plop down in front of the tv for a bit when she spotted the new comer in the doorway. A green eyebrow hooked upwards, as she slowed her walk.



A tilt of her head at the green haired woman and then she shrugs a little at the sight, "Not exactly." She holds up the card and states, "A guy named Scott said that I should come check this place out." She nods her head. She saunters in with an ease that says she belongs whereever she goes, a confidence that tends to make people get overlooked in secure areas and yet a beauty that catches the eye. She offers the card to Lorna as if in way of ID and sure enough it is one of those cards Scott Summers is sometimes giving away to the mutant crowd. She then arches a well manicured brow, "I thought I'd drop by when it might not be so busy to see things. See if the place might be worth even looking into. Looks more like a mansion than a school though, so far."


Lorna looked down at the card, not even bothering to take it once the woman mentioned Scott. That earned an eyeroll as Lorna sipped at her hot mug of coffee. "Yeah he does that." She offered her voice dry.

"It was a mansion once upon a time, converted over as needed over the years. There's more upstairs and what not." She shrugged lightly, a small rise and fall of her shoulders.

"My name's Lorna." Another sip of her coffee followed a measured look of green eyes over the new comer. Whoever she was, Lorna was fast coming to judge Scott's lady friends first Betsy, now this one. If only Lorna knew that Scott hung out around Emma from time to time, the green haired mutant would well and truly have a new set of jokes to make.

"I went to school here several years ago. Mostly it's for the high school and younger crowd. Though I know they're working on college classes.."


"Working on them?" She asks and then hmms, "And he made it sound like you were were the best scchool." She idly flips the card along her fingers and back into her pocket before shrugging, "Guess it can't hurt to check it out but if he is pulling a fast one just to get me here, then I'm not gonna stick around." SHe nods her head, "I came here because he claimed there'd be something for me." She nods her head and looks back at Lorna, "So, Lorna, right? I'm Monet St. Croix. I imagine if you went here then you can tell me a bit more about the worth. I mean, I'm going to Columbia University right now so not sure jumping over to a 'working on it' style school is my best bet."


Another shrug, and another slow and measured sip of her coffee as Lorna listened to the woman, Monet's, words. "Check out whatever if Scott has invited you. I don't live here anymore. Haven't for sometime. I just stop in to annoy people. I take online classes for my graduate studies. I don't know exactly what's on offer here as far as other stuff goes." A faint curve of her lips followed.

"Still, it's a good place to be if you want to learn more about your powers or train. There's always that on top of the usual academics." She exhaled a breath and gestured to the hall.

"If you want, the coffee pot is still hot. And we can talk some more if you want. I'd rather not be stuck standing in the front entrance way. It's a bit chilly for my tastes." She drawled.


A nod and a shrug, "Sure, I can go for some coffee." She looks back and then states, "Not really used to caring about the cold." She then gestures for Lorna to lead the way and walks with her, "I suppose a test of my abilities is always nice, I just am not sure of what Scott has said." She nods her head, "He claims a lot of things and it sounds really good." She looks to Lorna, "And you know what they say about things that are too good to be true." She nods her head and looks forward.


Lorna led the way back to the kitchen, passing a few younger kids rushing by with sodas and bags of chips on their way to watch something or other in the rec room down the hallway. She avoided them expertly, and continued down the hall at a leisurely pace. "I've been living in Genosha. It's tropical. To come back here and deal with the cold is sort of a shock to the system." She smiled thinly as she sipped at her coffee.

"And you can believe Scott. The man is a terrible liar and is far too honest for his own good. Stick in the mud and all that." Her voice warmed and it was heart felt teasing in her tone. "He's sort of big brother to most people here in one way or another. Lectures. Chiding. He cares." She offered simply as she came into the kitchen and made her way over to pluck free another mug and fill it with coffee, getting down the cream and sugar as well to set it out on the counter. She leaned a hip against it, sipping at her own.

"So really, it depends on what you're looking for. Academics wise, they're pretty solid for the most part. Loads of PhD's around here. But also, you can be yourself. Powers and all."


A look at Lorna, she hmms and then takes the mug and adds a couple of sugars before adding coffee. She takes a sip and leans against the counter herself before saying, "Well, I'm often myself." She shrugs and looks over, "I just keep the powers things to a minimum in order to avoid too many stares." She chuckles and nods her head as she takes a sip of her coffee, "But I need to have the best." She nods her head, "Or close to it. I don't want to just come over here to have less then what I was getting at Columbia. It's important." SHe nods her head and then looks intot he coffee, as if searching for answers, "I guess I'll see what Scott has to say for himself and what he can show me of these classes then." She looks toward the rec room area where the kids had ran off to and then back at her, "Do people live here then? Not just go to school here?"


Lorna shrugged, and made to settle on a bar stool. "I'm not a hard sell for this place. I love it, it'll always be home.. But I'm not interested in moving back in after having graduated from here." She crossed her legs, leaning back and thinking.

"You'd better talk to Scott or Jean if you want a hard sell on why you should come, honestly. They work here after all." She sipped at her coffee, and considered Monet, arching a green brow at 'I need the best' comment. Beyond that however, she didn't remark on it.

The last part had her nodding though, and a spoof floated over to her grasp as she added more sugar to the coffee and stirred it with a twirl of her finger. "Yeah. We end up with a lot of kids that have no where else to go. Those that are obvious mutants. Or their parents kicked them out. Lot of that out there. So plenty of kids live here full time. Even over vacations. Most of the teachers do as well."


A nod and then she looks back over at Lorna a moment before saying, "I See." She then nods and sips the coffee. She eyes it a moment before shrugging and stating, "I guess I'll just have to try to catch Scott when he is around." She nods her head, "To learn more about that. I do like some of the extracurricular ideas that he has offered as an option." She chuckles and nods her head, "I don't think I've ever had a chance to really cut loose before and that might be a fun way to see." She idly looks at a bit of hair and hmms as she looks then to the mirror ed bit of the fridge and looks herself over.

She hmms a little and smiles before saying, "I just hope that he can offer what he says he is. I'd rather have not gotten my hopes up for nothing." She looks back at Lorna, "I believe now that he is telling the truth, but even those that tell the truth may not realize the reality of things." She nods again idly, "We'll see." She considers Lorna, "So, you came and went from here. What do you do? I imagine having green hair isn't your main power."


Lorna gestured at the spoon that twirled under her hand in the mug, a light glow of crackling green energy at her finger tips. "Like I said, I graduated and went to college for a time. Finished most of my under grad for Geo-physics before a bunch of mutant hating flatscans chased me out. Came back here for a time.. and ended up going to Mutant Town for a little while. I went to Genosha fairly recently." When Magneto had called for mutants to come to him. To build a mutant homeland. The UN had declared him ruler of the island. And then left Genosha to burn under civil war for the past several months.

It was still an improvement to the previous regime.

She sipped at her coffee again, waving her hand and settling the spoon back into the sink under her powers' direction. "I come back from time to time to visit and pick up packages. No one ships to Genosha."


Looking at the spoon, she hmms and states, "Interesting." She nods her head and then shrugs before saying, "Well, I didn't know it was as complicated as all that." She chuckles and nods her head, "Still a neat power to have. Telekinesis or something like that?" She asks and nods her head before taking another sip of coffee and putting the mug down idly, "I'm something of a psychic." She shrugs, "More really." She grins, "Though not really a lot I can do like that to show off, at least not without causing, a scene." She chuckles and nods her head.


Lorna smirked faintly. "Magnokinetic." She offered over the lip of her own coffee mug as she raised it to her lips to sip at. As if that would explain everything. And to most people it did. After all, Magneto was infamous. Most people knew what magnetism could do just from his attacks alone.

Still she shrugged, and leaned back, "It can be useful." She added thoughtfully, a brow rising at Monet's words.

"Well, this is the place for telepaths, telekinetics, and psychics… That much is true. There's a lot of 'em here." She shrugged and considered Monet again, "What do you mean, causing a scene? Because I know some that have rather explosive talents around here that don't draw all that much attention anymore."


A smile as she nods at Lorna, "I can imagine." She then takes up her coffee again before saying, "Well, to really show what I can do…" She considers a moment and then looks to the side before saying, "Well, I'd possibly do damage and that doesn't really make the best first impression." SHe nods her head as she grins, "Not really around here to do that until I'm ready." She then takes a sip again and nods her head, "I like showing off but not if it's gonna make a bad taste."


Lorna shrugged and rolled her eyes, "There's a lake out back, if you want. There are a few people that blast out that way for target practice. You should take a look sometime." She sipped at her coffee. Then gestured with a sweep of her mug.

"No bad tastes if you destroy things, promise. I wrecked a fridge right after my senior year here. Course there was a big fight with my ex-boyfriend at the time. He blew it up after I'd crushed it. So, don't worry all that much about destruction. This place gets attacked and rebuilt at least once a month." Laughter in her voice as she spoke about it. She was joking, right? Maybe.

"My point is, don't worry about that part. No one here will judge you."


A hmm and then she looks at the fridge before looking to the spoon that she used to stir her coffee. She picks it back up and then looks at Lorna before nodding, "Well, perhaps then just a tiny thing. Not a full show but it'll do fine if you don't mind keeping things quiet till I'm ready to move in." She looks up at Lorna from the spoon, "If I decide to move in."

She then idly lifts her legs up off of the ground. Literaly lifts her legs up and floats there about a foot off of the ground and raises up a foot or two. She looks at hte spoon she's holding and then idly folds it in half as if it were made of paper. She then places the folded spoon into the palm of her hand and closes her hand into a fist. When she opens up her hand, the spoon is barely recognizable, having been crushed into a rather bumpy, holy ball like lump of metal. She then turns to put it on the counter.

She nods to it, "Not very hard for me to do. Like crushing up a ball of paper." She sips her coffee and puts her feet back down.


Lorna watched, leaning forward as she eyed the woman as she floated and a grin flashed over the green haired woman's expression. "Awesome. Not all that flashy in the least." She smirked and held out her own hand, the lump of metal flew to her grip and spun melting down into a perfect sphere. She arched a brow and the metal reformed into the spoon it had once been.

"All the flatware here is cheap stuff. Too many teenagers around. I figured out how to turn it into whatever I wanted when I was sixteen." She bounced the newly formed spoon in the air and it sailed back to the drawer where it belonged.

"But seriously? Your powers look pretty damn useful."


A blink as she watches and Monet hmms, "That's pretty amazing…" She cuts herself off and then takes a breath, nodding, "Yeah, I imagine you'd have to know how ot deal with that." She then grins a little, "And yeah, there is more to it." She nods her head, "Fast, strong, tough…" She looks over at Lorna and just projects thoughts toward her, not trying to invade, simply trying to give her the thought of her voice, <…and more.> Her lips not moving.

She then shrugs and then looks forward, "That isn't flashy." She gestures toward the spoon, "But if I were to really show you what I can do…" She chuckles, "I could destroy the fridge, too."


Lorna blinked at the projected thoughts, but didn't seem to freak out. Rather she chuckled over the rim of her empty mug and set it on the counter beside her. "You'll fit right in then, if you want. It sounds like you won the lottery in terms of useful powers." She paused and considered.

"If this place doesn't work out you know.. Genosha always needs help. I know that honestly isn't the sort of place most people would think of.. It is a war-zone. And a lot of comforts aren't present.." She pursed her lips together, trying how best to frame it.

"But people there need the help. And there are still Sentinels to deal with, among other factions that want mutants and mutates there dead. It's an ongoing struggle." She reached to pour herself another cup of coffee. A sigh pulling from her lips.


A smile, a bit of a smug one at that, hits Monet's face as she hears what Lorna says and then she nods, "Yeah." She shrugs, "And Genosha?" She looks over and takes in a breath before letting it out slow. She considers that a moment and then says, "I…don't know." She states fairly simply and then nods her head, "I mean, I get what you're saying but…"

She looks over to the woman and then looks forward. Monet frowns before saying, "…look I gotta finish my degrees and I'm not really keen on a lot of roughing it." SHe nods her head, "But if you do end up needing help…" She looks to the side, "I mean, for me." She considers, "It's north of Madagascar right? That'd be roughly 9000 miles from here?"


Lorna shrugged, as if she didn't care either way and sipped at her mug of coffee. She wasn't roughing it, not by a long shot. Lorna was holed up in Magneto's newest fortress. Living a rather luxurious life compared to those that had been born and raised there. Shortages of food didn't impact her. Hell, her father cooked for her most nights when he had time.

How many people on the planet could say that the infamous Magneto had cooked them dinner and were still alive? Lorna was willing to bet the list was short.

"It's an offer. But yes, you're right in terms of where it is. I'm working to help rebuild the island. Currently, there's hopes to have it under control in the next month or so. Another year and there are hopes to have secured and rebuilt most of the major points of infastructure that are most needed." She sighed softly.

"But that's all it is.. Hope. And it needs muscle." She bit off the part of the X-men, those that trained here and were part of the team. She wasn't sure about Monet.


Looking over at Lorna and then back at her coffee, "Ok, well…" She grabs a slip of paoper and a pen and writes down her number. She passes it to Lorna and eyes her, "Don't just call me for kicks." She nods her head, "But if you need some help sometime, big help…let me know. If it's important." She nods her head and then looks at her coffee and shrugs, "I could probably be there in 3…maybe 3 and a half hours." SHe shrugs, "Depending on weather." She nods again and then licks her lips, "Just like I said, important stuff only." She looks over and eyes her carefully, "Got it?"


Lorna took the slip of paper, read it over and tucked it into the back pocket of her jeans. It was funny almost, how Pietro had said the same. Three hours and he could be back in Genosha. That he could come help if he was absolutely needed. How strange, that it seemed Lorna was gathering a small group of people that offered help on emergencies. Pietro, Tony Stark, and now Monet.

How strange. When a few months ago Lorna wanted only to keep her head down and avoid everything that smacked of responsibility and the lime light.

Priorities change.

She nodded and settled back on her stool. "I'll keep it in mind. I have a burner phone set aside for emergency calls. I have a tendancy to fry the more delicate electronics if they don't have something to back up against my electro-magnetic powers."


Nodding, the girl simply takes down the rest of her coffee and says, "WEll, I'm going to get going." She nods her head, "I looked, it looks like this isn't just some show." She shrugs, "I'll come back when Scott is about." She looks over at Lorna, "Stay safe and all that. I'll be around." She then looks toward the exit, "Nice speaking to you, I suppose." She nods her head and continues on her way.

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