Another Burned Down Amusement Park?

February 03, 2018:

Firefly shows up to spout some crazy and a whole lot of flaming explosions all over Gotham's Amusement Mile. Owen is offended at the thought of yet another burned out amusement park in Gotham.

Amusement Mile

A somewhat creepy amusement park in Gotham, even though it's fairly new.


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Fade In…

Cold. Lonely. Dreary. That's the heart of a firebug far removed from the flames. And tonight, Amusement Mile's ghostly voices of missing children and happy parents call to Firefly. The dark places of Gotham have so many places for those haunts to hide, and they require resurrection. A candle needs to be lit to see through the dark.

The first alert is from the mainland of Gotham, near the island. A huge pillar of flame rises out of an explosion in the heart of a carousel, lighting up the cool spring night. A boom follows a moment later, of demolitions setting off a controlled explosion meant to be a signal to Gotham City. A pillar of fire to follow through the dark, for the children of Israel.

Firefly's madness shows him the lightning sparks of the gods within the embers swirling insight the backdraft, each one a testament and a name.


A night out. A sober night out. Owen has left his apartment in search of a night that doesn't include his usual vices. It's just a theory but Owen's assuming that maybe trying something as ridiculous as being healthy will help him recover his speed faster. He's nearly back to full 'health' as it were, but needing a distraction to keep him away from drug and drink he finds himself at the amusement park instead.

Pills and drink are exchanged for chili dogs and fried dough. Darts and pool are swapped for carnival games that pose little challenge to Owen's practiced throws. So with a ridiculous amount of horrible junk food in his belly and a giant pink panda under his arm Owen makes his way through the crowds. His stomach gurgles and complains and he grumpily shoves past a family to throw up into a nearby garbage can. It goes on for a while.

"Ughck. Six chili dogs is too many."

*BOOM* The fire and explosion catch his attention and he at first assumes it's a new attraction. Owen's excitement fades though when the screaming and panicking crowd rushes towards him. He looks with consternation at the source of the explosions and slowly starts making his way towards the explosions, parting the rushing crowds with an annoyed command.



The screams of merrymakers and the roar of the flames mix through Firefly's earpieces on the sides of his helmet, creating the low echo of God himself talking to him. He sees the angels dancing in the flames as they roar from the center of the burning carousel, and from the backdraft, he emerges with a blast of his rocket jet, shooting forth from the towering inferno.

Firefly lands atop a rollercoaster, announcing his landing with a blast of his flamethrower in front of him as he swoops through the rushing fire wet napalm and lands on the other side. His treaded boots slam into the rail, and he turns about, watching the chaos from his perch.

His wings spread behind him as the inhumanly suited man begins walking along the highest precipice of the rollercoaster, long arcs of napalm fire bursting out of his flamethrower as he nonchalantly lights the rollercoaster's base pillars on fire.

There is no laughter, no madness, no anger, merely communion with his inner light.


Of course. Of course I designed a self-igniting throwing dagger and carry it on me at all times, it's super useful! Except for when I probably have to take stop a psychopathic firebug. Is that Mick? No. He never had rocket boots or wings. Good ol' Heatwave usually just stayed on the ground with his gun. Well, at least I have a few other tricks on me, even without my costume and gear. Owen runs his mental list of boomerangs that he carries on him and of course a nice ice boomerang is nowhere on that list.

When Firefly appears up on the rollercoaster, Owen stops running and does his best to stand still in the midst of the screaming fleeing crowd. Finally unable to deal with how annoying these people fleeing terrified for their lives are being, Owen leaps up onto a garbage can, swings around a pole and up onto the top of a snack shack. The smell of chili dogs below causes him to wince inwardly, but he does his best to focus.

"Yo Pyro! How bout you lay off burning down the one happy place in all of Gotham? Gotham sucks enough without yet another half-burned abandonded theme park!"

Seriously there are a surprising amount of those in Gotham. This at least answers the question of where they all come from.


Firefly slowly turns to look at the man jumping atop the snack shack, his black eyepieces zooming in on Owen through the waving rivulets of hot air.

After a brief moment to contemplate, Firefly accepts the challenge. He squeezes his fingers into the depressor on his left palm butt, and goes shooting up into the air with a jet of fire behind him, his wings spread. He sails through the sky and arcs over the fairground, before his engine cuts for a brief moment. He swings about to kick his legs forward, before his jetpack produces a resonating sputter with each click of Firefly's fingers, before he's on a funhouse, higher than the shack, before Owen.

"Hello, traveler," comes a grating voice through Firefly's mask, distorted by the helmet. "You look like you need your burden removed."

And then, a wave of flamethrower at Owen's feet, from Owen's left to his right, shooting out of the flamethrower with a long stream of napalm.


"And you look like a dumbass, but I wasn't going to say anything."

Owen jumps back with a backflip to avoid the spray of fire. He pulls a razor boomerang and throws it with deadly speed and aim, but not to hurt or maim Firefly, instead to cut the hose feeding the flame thrower. Yes, that will probably leak very flammable fluid if it works, but oh well, seemed like a good idea to Owen when he made the throw.

Now standing much closer to the edge of the now burning roof, Owen pulls a knife from his boot. He only has two more boomerangs on him unless that razor boomerang is successful in cutting the line and returning to him. But he's starting to become rather fond of the knife too.

"So let me guess. You're just the type of guy who wants to watch the world burn? You have a burning desire to create something hot? Yadda yadda flame and or fire puns?"


The razor boomerang slices through the feed hose attaching the flamethrower to Firefly's tanks on his back, and napalm jelly gushes in all directions. Firefly quickly reaches about with a pivot and hits the disengage switch on his tank, after dropping his weapon, and jettisons the tank. He kicks it away, before returning his attention to Owen.

"You belittle me?" his voice dirges as he walks forward, pulling a grenade off his belt. "I am a prophet," he moans in psychotic ecstasy with a rising fervor to his voice, hitting his jet switch and bursting upwards into the air.

There's a plink as he thumbs the pin off his grenade, and he soars over Owen with a long lunge, throwing his grenade to the ground before landing on the other side with his back to Owen.

"The angels speak through pain!"


"OHHHH! You're that kind of crazy!"

Owen catches his returning boomerang out of the air a little too pleased that his ploy worked. He spins the knife idly as the flame-enthralled man approaches, ready to launch a slightly more injurious attack should he need to. He stops smiling though when he sees Firefly pull a grenade off his belt. That's not good.

"Okay prophet. Did you forget to take your pills?"

Owen considers trying to get rid of the grenade but even with his speed, it's unlikely that he could stop it from hurting anyone in the area. He figures it's best if the grenade blows up on top of the snack shack, while the people are still trying to flee on the ground. But it's also best, if he isn't there as well. He jumps off the roof and rolls a little ways.

Popping back up Owen throws his dagger at Firefly's leg, the thigh specifically. It's a fast throw, much faster than normally possible, but Owen's speed is back thankfully.

"In that case, call me Gabriel cause I'm 'bout to bring the pain bitch!"


The dagger hits Firefly in the back of the leg, causing him to buckle forwards to an unsteady knee. He hunches forward, feeling the scream of sharp metal in the sensitive flesh, his body tremoring. Then, with a primal scream that is turned into a cacophonous roar through his helmet, he surges back to his feet. He turns about, favoring one side, and pulls a grenade from his hip, instead of the standard line along his belt.

"You cannot hold back the fury of God forever, traveler," is all he says, before he pulls the pin with his left hand and rolls the grenade forward, then blasting up into the sky with a swan's flight backwards.

The grenade, meanwhile, explodes in a cloud full of noxious blister agent.



The first explosion on the roof at least warned the fleeing citizens to avoid this area. That and the man who seemed to be causing all the trouble was here. Thankfully that means that Owen is mostly alone by the time the second grenade is launched. He uses his speed to take cover, but when there is no 'explosion' he comes out from behind the building's corner. Gas? That's not good.

"God can fuck me on his own without your damn help, you moron."

Owen may still be cracking jokes, but chances are that gas is bad news bears. When Firefly takes off, Owen's only acknowledgement of it is to reach out his hand and recall the blade stuck in his thigh. It returns to his hand, sliding easily out of Firefly's leg. But now Owen has to do his best to get people safely out of range of whatever that gas is. Well technically he doesn't have to, but it's a damn amusement park! For whatever reason those odd heroic urges kick in and Owen starts to super speed people away from the gas, in the process incurring some of the burns and blisters. Too bad he wasn't a proper speedster he could like tornado arms it away… oh well.

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