The Worm in a Big Fat Apple

February 02, 2018:

Batman learns the Joker has been busy in New York, and goes to take him down…. and ends up in the middle of pure Gotham exported Gang War.

Abandoned circus, New York City


NPCs: A horde of Joker henchmen, a horde of Syndicate henchmen



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

THE SCENE: An old, creepy, abandoned circus in the rough part of town. And by 'abandoned,' we positively mean 'fixer-upper.'

OBSERVATIONS: It's just up Joker's alley to find the biggest scene in show business to take over. Well, it was the biggest scene. Ten or so years ago. But then, he's always had an eye for these kinds of things. Right now, the big top is banging, and all sorts of paper trails point to a great revival of the old bombast of the old school. The spotlights and calliope music might in fact even be a sign. As well as the huge crowd that's been assembled.

"Hurry hurry hurry, step right up and get your tickets right now!" Sawed Off declares, a very short clown thug wielding a shotgun and shooting it off periodically. "Come see the big show that's about to begin!"

Of course, in the interest of not seeing more ham than Thanksgiving dinner, the Joker seems to have gotten himself a captive audience under the big top tonight. Well, one part of the captive audience is his people—that is, literally a bunch of thugs who are being paid (?) to sit and watch the show. And another set of thugs who are being paid to handle the merchandise. That is, a bunch of dogs, hyenas, elephants, and the crown and glory of the show over which the Joker is very glad to preside: A giant, charge-laden cage, filled with lions.

The lions are all wearing sophisticated collars. And are painted up to look excessively happy.
Side note: They're actually quite annoyed right now.

Hopefully, the Joker has just what they need, in the form of a line of hostages. Right over the cage. Which he is all too happy to start pushing in at any time. "Come one, come all, see the amazingwhat's your name kid? Ah, it doesn't matterBLONDIE MCGEE as she takes her death-defying leap into the lion cage, primed for a miraculous escape from no less than three separate restraints! …hopefully she does better than the other guy did in test. Hoo!"

He glares offstage.
Someone hits the APPLAUSE sign.
The thugs applaud him mightily.


This was -NOT- how Alice had planned to spend her evening. The car had just gotten new tires and for one to blow was just frustrating, but not anything that would really mess up her day. Being hit on the head and knocked out on the other hand? That sort of thing just begs for the big old stamps in red of, 'Bad Day'. Maybe even in capitol letters.

When she had awoke she was bound tight and the headache from being hit, and the pain, was already fading. There were others bound up in the cage with her and in the distance she can hear the bad carnival music. "It'll be all right, folks," Alice says as she grunted, getting to her feet. Of course that meant she 'volunteered' to go first. Works for her.

Now she dangled from a rope above a cage filled with some right pissed off, and probably very hungry, lions. Green eyes took in the crowd of thugs, the weaponry, and the faces with extreme distaste. All she had was herself and the ridiculous red sequin cocktail dress with red fishnets and matching tophat. And heels. She hated heels. And of course her hands were tied behind her back, ankles bound by chains, and her upper arms bound tight to her chest. The restraints were easy, her sweat becoming acidic and burning at the ropes on her wrists and arms. The burns on her skin didn't bother her so much as the idea of being eaten alive.

"SHIT!" She shouted as the rope suddenly gave and she fell, undignified, into the pit and landed on a pile of straw at the center of a group of hungry big cats. "Nice kitties," She says as her blood hits the air. But instead of giving off the smell of prey, it carries lion pheromones. Female, pride, fellow cat. It is enough to confuse them at least.


There are some patterns the Joker falls into without prompting, and those are the first Batman checked when he was informed through his camera network the Joker had arrived in New York.

With the Batcarrier brought back up to be parked in New York, the stealth Batmobile (or Stealthmobile, as coined by Spoiler) is nearby and hidden, Batman himself already having been in the circus for some time, doing silent recon.

Lions in a cage.

At least it isn't sharks. His shark repellent still needs work.

Nonetheless, he's kept to the shadows, his batsuit coated for smell for the animals as he investigates all the angles. A stealthy infiltration is called for on this… hopefully he can take down some of the thugs before the Joker gets bored.

Then, Alice drops into the pit.

If Batman were the sort to show frustration, there'd be a /massive/ rolling of eyes behind those red eye lenses right now.

Instead, Batman goes to work. Batarangs are thrown at the lights, sending the big top into darkness… and his night vision is activated as he grapnels to upwards, working on getting into position to Batclaw Alice out of the pit.


Yeah…sadly, this was not going to be a place where people can enjoy anything. well…minus the Joker.

Having already taken up defensive positions around the area, Red Hood and his Shanghai Syndicate gang have already placed themselves strategically…and in great number with MANY things that help other things go boom. So, to start things off, up on the high rise is Red Hood. Dressed in his battle armor made most certainly out of Kevlar and other highly resistant materials…and of course, the red hood helmet itself. Two high tech pistols rest in his hands as he looks down.

"Boys and Girls! Yep! lookin' at you bitch!" he points at the clown before he smiles. "Now, then, this show is being interrupted by your regularly scheduled broadcast…" he smiles behind his mask as he stands up, ready to turn this into a blood bath.

Then the bat arrives.

"Nice. The Bat and the Clown in one place? must be my lucky day." he knows his strategies? curious. Regardless, a simple whistle and doors are burst open as the Shanghai Syndicate infiltrate.

"Consider this a declaration of war." Gang war.


The Joker is in the middle of enjoying the festivities, and potentially thinking about arming another one of the hostages and throwing him in too to see who gets eaten first, by the time he's interrupted. From his raised platform over the lion's cage in the center ring, he rubs the side of his head as he looks up at the Red Hood, causing his hat to tilt ominously. "You know, kid, even past your atrocious ability to steal someone's style, you're really starting to get my goat. Wait. Get my lion, I guess. Heh. Heh. Heh."

His eyes widen abruptly as the lights are put out one by one, plunging the stadium into an ablated darkness. There's still some lights outside, you see, giving it the appearance of a dim twilight. Even so, the Joker is forced to comment. "Okay, which one of you didn't pay the electric bill?" he accuses his audience, to which he receives a gathering of aggrieved stares. He hasn't seen the Batman yet, obviously. But he opens a hand and waves it effusively, straightening his purple jacket with the opposite, in a flourish befitting a man of his stature. That is, a man who always dresses like the ringmaster.

"Well, you heard Fishbowl. It's war coming up in today's show! Step right up, and let the games begin!"
Ominous silence.
"…Good help is so hard to find these days…A TELEVISION TO THE FIRST ONE WHO BRINGS ME THE FAT RED PIMPLEHEAD ON A STICK." More silence. "….It'll be a plasma!!" Now we're getting somewhere. Havoc starts breaking out among the thugs in the audience, while some of the — how do you say — more quality of Joker's henchmen start moving in.

In the lion cage, Alice finds herself in a little red dress and a big red predicament. While the Joker lions are pretty confused about the relationship status of the new arrival in their cage, this will only buy her some time as several of them begin to fight one another for dominance. Potentially right over her, as well. While no one is directly trying to eat her, woe betide her if the lions manage to sort out the pecking order while she's still roped and chained.

In the meantime, the Joker has taken the opportunity in the dark to produce his pistol, and is in the process of screwing a comically large silencer on it. "Get the dogs!" he barks, and in a moment of crushing savvy and situational awareness, mutters to himself. "Looks like the acrobats are going on stage a little early for this show…" Get it?

Ha. HA. Ha. Ha…


An English woman only can sound so refined with her accent when she is cursing up a storm fit for a drunken Harlem brawl. But that is what happens when the lights go out. "Why the F* do they always F*ing take out the God be damned F***ing lights!" Is just one bit of her tirade. The lions growl and Alice rolls to the side as one decides to pounce on where she was. The ropes have deteriorated enough that she is able to squirm wrists and arms free. The shackles on her ankles however…

"Lions…why did it have to be lions?" Alice growls as she moves to put her back against the cage as the lions slowly begin to stalk her in the dark. Hands free she spits on them, rubbing the spittle all over her hands and then quickly the rest of her body. Quickly she begins to smell like rotting meat or corpses. The smell is horrific and it even is making her struggle not to gag, but it has the effect of driving the lions to the other side of the cage.

The shackles are still a problem. Not to mention the sound of battle beginning in the darkness around her. "I knew things were going too well," She mutters to herself in her crisp English accent as she spits on the metal, saliva becoming sulfuric acid and beginning to slowly each through the links connecting her feet. At least it's dark and the only ones who would see or notice are those with night vision. "JOKER! Shut your yab, no one thinks it's cute!" She shouts in irritation, eyeing the lions as her eyes adjust to the dark.


Then, Batman launches his forearm grapnel via neural command into the 'rooftop' of the circus, and swings by the pit, one of his utility belt grapple guns switched to Batclaw mode as he aims and grabs Alice with it.

Unfortunately, this action also faintly puts him in the Jokers and Red Hoods line of sight, stealth being thrown out the window with his action.

No matter, he can meld back into the shadows to grabs the hostages. The two gangs going to town will have to wait, Batman was adamant about keeping some Bat presence back in Gotham… so he's without backup on this one.

Since the swing only takes a moment, Batman releases Alice onto a platform, while Batman releases himself right after, diving back behind the audience stands, giving the two a precious a second to fire his way.


When the fighting breaks out, according to Red's hearing, he can't help but chuckle as he just sits there on that high rise, watching the chaos. He thinks to himself that he can kill the bat and the clown in one showing….wouldn't that be a treat.

Though he sees Alice just chillin' there in the cage, and looks like he's about to go get her…until the bat interferes. Betting the girl will move before the claw can get to her, Red actually hops down into the pit! Effectively unloading into the lions to put an end to their aggressive night permanently, he'd attempt to snag Alice!

Could be a nice bargaining chip later…or just simply do something nice.

Get there when you get there!


"Hey!!" the ringmaster snaps at his hostage.
"Don't you give me any of your across-the-pond sass, Fancy Feast," the clown counters.
"That's THE Joker, to you. THE, being short for 'The One And Only!'"

The problem here is, as the situation devolves into a genuine fracas below, with Joker clowns and Syndicate thugs opening fire in all directions and generally just making a ruckus, it leaves the Joker to manage things up above. Which is turning out to be quite the complicated garrison. "I have to admit, I wasn't expecting quite so much company," the Joker giggles warmly, before less seeing and more getting a profound sense of muscle-headed brooding somewhere above him, which leads him to wing his gun after the black blur, squeezing off a silenced round—


One of the platforms just disappeared in a bout of high penetration, high explosive round fire. It might not even be a recognizable bullet that got shot at Batman just now, judging from the wood splinters falling to the sands below and the fact that the Joker has pretty amazing balance to keep standing from the shot. Who the hell was he expecting to show up today? That's not a silencer at all..

To be fair, 'Shhhh. It's Wabbit-Hunting Season' is painted across the side of the barrel. So there's that.

"And me in only my Sunday best," the Joker complains. "Does it come with the city? Who ARE your tailors," he asks in annoyance. Right before turning his attention to Red Hood below, who just dropped into his Lion Cage. He grins. Wide.

The problem is, spraying a lion with bullets doesn't immediately kill all 400+ lbs of it. While it certainly staggers the first, second and third, the only thing Red Hood is doing is producing a lot of noise and fire letting the Joker line up a shot on his helmet with that cartoonishly overpowered pistol. Look out above. BOOM!!

It also allows him to depress a switch inside of his jacket, while everyone else is occupied with saving the girl, who seems to actually be doing quite well in fending off the lions and also saving herself. At least, right up until Joker pulls the switch, and detonates the collars that the painted lions are wearing.

The canisters underneath the collars blow, along with the charges on the bars on the cage. The cage begins to fill with an ominous green gas, engulfing the big cats, even as they roar and choke, with the Red Hood forced to deal with them and the fact that the Joker is currently shooting at him.

More importantly, have you ever heard lions gasping for breath in the wild?
Right now, it sounds more like they're chuffing. A little bit like… laughing.
The gas, while noxious, isn't lethal.
….Uh oh.


Alice is snared by the Bat and doesn't struggle. Instead she braces herself for the rough landing, palming one of the batarangs so she has something to defend herself with. A flash of red in the dark has her turning to frown down into the pit after Red Hood. Then there is the sound of the gun and the death cries of the lions. "No!" She falls down onto her knees over the pit, staring down in shock and horror at Red Hood. "It wasn't their fault!" She yells at him, flinging the Batarang at HIM instead of holding on to it.

The surprising part isn't her throwing something at the young man. But the fact that she throws it as well if not a little better than Batman himself might. She's been tossing vials and other items for accuracy for over a century after all. Then she flattens to the platform as gunfire sprays over her head. "Shit," She says and rolls to the side away from the muzzle flashes.

Then her platform is tilting and she is sliding towards one end. So she reaches up and pulls off the ridiculous heels and flings them in the direction of the Joker's voice and vague shape of the villain, using that huge muzzle flare for direction. "Heels give you back problems, asshole!" She shouts at him, before rolling and tumbling into the pit below. As she enters the gas cloud the green turns to white vapor as her very touch transforms the cloud to harmless steam. While she is tempted to make a snide comment, she keeps her mouth closed and runs for the bars to pull herself in a vault out of the pit.


The shot from the Jokers comically oversized hand cannon has Batman doing another series of mental calculations as he watches the bullet go by, before his grapnel is launched to the platform with the hostages. Seriously, why does he have a makeshift Desert Eagle tonight? To be fair, Batmans new armor matrix is pretty sturdy, and it'd take a pretty high caliber round to do more than just bounce off and give him a bruise.

Then, silently, in the middle of the chaos, he starts to undo hostage bindings with batarangs and acidic coatings, trying to keep out of sight and stealthy as the two gangs fight it out. "Stay in place… we'll go all at once so he doesn't shoot this way." Batman whispers to them.

He'll do crowd control in a moment.


Red Hood seems to tilt his head barely out of the way of Alice throwing a batarang at him. and THIS right here is why he isn't a hero. "Someone's ungrateful….they were just trying to eat you. Fuck it, whatever." he says then under his breath, inaudible. He starts to unload on Joker's gang though, taking out quite a few of them with a small smile.

"Where you at clown?! Ollie ollie oxen-bitch!" he calls out in taunts to the Joker, though this is all an elegant ruse. "More importantly…where'd -he- run off to…" he mutters grimly as he looks for Batman.


Then, the clown prince of crime is beaned with a set of high heels. Hey, no re-gifting! At that point, she barks after him, something about heels giving you back problems. The Joker grins, less than innocently.
"Not from where my lions were standing."

Of course, the Joker is having a grand old time right now, stepping onto one of the falling separated bars from the cage as the strut tips, giving him a very smooth-looking and graceful way to grab onto a nearby line and swing away from the center ring. It gives him a certain kind of pirate-style laissez faire, as the clown prince opens fire on Red Hood in reply to his taunting. This time, unlike the previous round, he has no chance of hitting the Red Hood in full motion from his line, and really all it does is increase his swingtime, and kick up a plume of exposed sand in the explosion.

He can't SEE Batman, so he's not really invested in trying to make his life fun just yet, and is more concerned about the woman who just dove into his Joker Vapor. Or, what was supposed to be his Joker Gas. Joker mist is just not as compelling. Though it is certainly more refreshing. He frowns, mid-swing.
"The kind of women my dear old daddy always warned me about…"

However, once the gas is dissipated, a gigantic beast comes flying over Alice's head just as she falls out of the way. At which point, she will start to realize the chemical compositions of what the Joker just tried to blow into the cage. Mostly because the lions have already taken their effective dose. What was mistaken as death cries was actually staccato roars from dying lions. The key operating word being dying and not dead. Pheromones are not of anywhere near as much effectiveness against a cat who is literally hallucinating and riddled with bullets, the beasts cutting through what's left of the now-ineffective gas, roaring with laughter as they literally try to cut anything in half that presents itself, escaping their confines in relatively short order. Thugs, Jokers, Red Hoods, Sequin-Wearing Biochemists.

Kind of puts it in perspective why the Joker's starting to make his way outta here, doesn't it?


"Boy, you don't shoot the animal because of the abuse of the owner!" Alice shouts back at Red Hood as she pole-leaps out of the cage. Then she lands and rolls with a grunt, coming up with a gun from a downed clown. As she does she is pinned beneath a snarling lion. There is rapid fire from the gun in her hands even as she places a hand on the beasts throat, straining against crazy lion. "Bad…kitty!" She grunts out and pulls off one more shot as her own powers convert the cats blood chemical balance back into balance and then filled with enough of the chems of euthanasia to take down an elephant. The lion was already dead, now it simply slumped down atop her.

"HO GOD!" Alice grunts out as hundreds of pounds of lion pin her. (I did not think that out!) O o Alice thinks worriedly as the weight begins to crush her tiny form. Steroids, angel dust, and adrenaline are pumped into her own bloodstream. And a horrible growling roar sounds from beneath the lion…or maybe from the lion? It doesn't sound like the lion…


It's at this point a batarang comes out of nowhere and hits the beast about to pounce on Alice and Red hood… and enough electricity tazes through it to down a large elephant.

Then, Batman gives to the hostages, "I'll clear the path, follow behind when it's safe."

Time to go to work.

Suddenly, there's the sound of batarangs hitting guns and going through hands as thugs start to scream in pain, and bones crunch as Batman starts to dismantle the gang skirmish from the hostages to the exit. He's quick, semi-silent, and brutally effective as he navigates the chaos… the occasional sound bouncing from his armor with a grunt.

Normally, Batman wouldn't even consider going this quickly and risking serious injury, but there's way too many variables to keep the hostages in place safely.

It so happens Batmans rampage also occasionally makes him visible through the darkness, coming into the twilight to put the hurt on both sides of the war. He's amazingly quick, as always though… so you have to be actively keeping track to score a serious hit.


Red Hood looks at the beast flying right at him, but thankfully Batman's interference helps him! Then he looks around at all the chaos…hell, even as Alice gets pinned down, he just looks at her. "aaaand that's what I was trying to avoid. Have fun with that." He turns then…scorn him once.

But he's actually a nice guy. He drags the Lion off of her after he hops on down from where he was.

Then the Joker is firing bullets at him like you wouldn't believe! He dodges it effortlessly, since Joker isn't exactly using his natural skill known as 'aiming'. But hey, it is what it is! Actually, he takes a moment to aim…and tries to put a bullet in Joker's shoulder. Batman gets a look….but since he just helped out RH, he gets a ten second head start. He starts to head for the Joker actually…

He has a bone to pick with him.

With a crowbar.


If one were going to pick an animal to fight a lion…they wouldn't generally pick a butterfly. Yet as the little glowing gold light-form flutters its wings and draws near? The lion's body crackles with lighting, but as the electricity is about to arc down into the pinned woman? The creature is simply lifted away weightlessly. Another butterfly, then another, until the swarm of golden lights fade and in their wake the blonde witch in her gown is kneeling next to the drug and adrenaline filled woman, tilting her head to the side. "Even I am wondering, how you found yourself pinned under a lion in this city." Batman, Red Hood and the clown? They all get a look, but the Witch was here to return a favor among other things. The 'Hostage' was her first priority.


A body goes flying across the ring, cut in half by an angry lion.

Of the three lions remaining (not counting the two already dealt with, one that was caught full frontal by the initial spray from Red Hood and the second by euthanasia) mayhem is spreading rapidly, with nobodies on likely all sides trying to shoot the beasts before they catch a piece of them. The beasts are massive and apex aggressive, toothy maws twisted and raised in rictus parody of a grin, which would normally be unrecognizable if they hadn't been garishly spray-painted to emphasize the fact beforehand. Inhuman sounds accompany both lion and victim alike as people get torn to shreds.

Luckily, there's so many targets around, after the initial heroes move out of ground zero, there's not a lot of reason for the crazed lions to attack them. just yet, really. So if you don't mind the sound of lions crunching bone, you'll be just fine.

Oh wait, that's not a lion, that's Batman.
Actually, speaking of elephants, there is a real live one running around here somewhere. Might want to watch out to take care not offending it.

Suppressing a deep desire to mix it up in the flashes of brief fists and fury, the Joker turns out to be quite a hard target to hit for the Red Hood when he is swinging on a line, with much more experience than usual in evading a beating when it comes home to roost. Landing neatly on a platform over the stands below, the Joker makes a great show, cackling the whole way as the Red Hood stalks after him. With a flourish, the clown raises the gun at him and… click. Click. Damn.

"Isn't that always the way?" the Joker opines, tucking the gun into the back of his pants for another day. "Oh well, it's just about time for the last curtain call…" he notes to himself with a touch of irony, taking off his top hat. With a deep, deep bow to his gathered audience, and new arrivals, he throws his hat over the field.

"Goodbye everyone! I would dearly love to play longer, it's been loads of laughs, but I have a date with Dr. Doolittle at ten. Try not to miss me too much.."

As the top hat spins, chambers inside intermix.
"…And have fun singing in the rain."

The explosion from the hat is cataclysmic, sending white plumes of chemical through the air, and colorful streamers to boot. Acid rains down in an area saturation between the Joker and the man with the crowbar fetish. More accurately, acid rains down in an area saturation ON the man with the crowbar fetish. Well. Him and the guys and girls nearest him. Things will be getting ugly quite fast. Just in time for the Joker to make an exit, stage right.
"Get the dogs on the truck!" He snaps to his closest men, then in a total 180 of attitude, he waves at the cloud of acid descending on the heroes. That's a mess that's gonna need cleaning up. "Ta~ … I'll miss you all."

"Actually, I probably really won't."



"Oohhh, hallucinations, great," Alice moans as she rolls slowly to look at the Witchdoctor. No pain though so only when she realizes she is gasping for air does she realize something is wrong

A hand comes from her side dark red. "Oh that's not good," She says before a violent coughing fit leaves her sprawled and helpless on the floor. Thankfully as the acid touches her skin it changes to water. Others are not so lucky. Seems Alice has several ventilation holes from Joker?s hapless not-aiming.


The path clear, Batman beckons the hostages out. He's scouting the perimeter and has the Batmobile and Batdrones to be sure the area outside is clear… and is already moving to take down thugs coming this way to try to block them, with the sounds of more batarangs and bone crunching.

Then, he's heading inside, to find Alice, Red Hood, and the Joker. With Red Hood and Joker about to go at it, he has /just/ enough time to take out a general acid neutralizer pellet and toss it over to Red Hood, but it won't get there in time for a few seconds… during which the acid bath will hit Red Hood if he doesn't have his own means of dealing with it.

Now then, Alice.

His grapnel is fired at the pit as he moves to administer medical aid, dealing with the wounds as she lays there. Auto pressure dressings and other technological medical miracles get to work. For the few seconds it takes for his supplies to get Alice stabilized, Batman is keeping up with crowd control, pulling Alice off into a corner away from the gunfire when he's not dealing with thugs trying to murder him.

The lions? They're next.


Red Hood watches Joker Escape and he curses under his breath. "Damn it!" he says then, aaaaand he had a crowbar and everything!

Damn clowns.

Regardless, he turns his head to see Batman throwing some acid neutralizer at him as Red seems to be in the direct line of fire for a friendly acid bath. Shiiiiiiit. Either way, Red Hood is prepared by any manner of things. Thank you Batman for that lesson, which was painfully learned.

Red drops some pellets of acid neutralization before Batman's arrives to also lend a hand. A look being given to the Dark Knight by the Red Hood. "Heh…still saving my ass, huh?" he says loud enough to be audible…letting Batman's gears turn as to who he is.

That road will culminate one day.

Seeing his target had escaped, he shouts to his boys. "Time to pull out! Let's head back boys." he starts to walk off then, towards the exit…blatantly. But of course he has a plan!

who wouldn't?


The medical supplies that Batman comes grapneling over with? They're certainly handy. If the man tries to stabilize Alice? Well, the Witch is already moving to do just that. She -was- a doctor after all. "Not a hallucination," she smiles, reaching a hand to touch the other woman's forehead. "Just a favor returned. You are not permitted to die, especially until we have spoken about something." When the Bat comes closer, the Witch herself doesn't seem to be bothered by the acid, but it was indeed fading down to water as it got near them. Magic or Alice's tricks? It was hard to be sure. "Pass those here," she directs, holding her hands out for the supplies. "Throw things at me later if you wish, but I can handle this. Perhaps if you'd deal with the people shooting at us or the beasts? I will keep her safe."

With that said, the Witch moves to get to work. Medicine and magic, the two are in perfect tandem with Alyse.


As Witchdoctor comes out of pretty much nowhere, Batmans red eye lenses stare at her for all of a second as he registers and assesses the situation, "I have a more elaborate setup nearby, I'll bring her there once this situation is dealt with." Then, he's using his grapnel gun to launch into the air… and turning in place as his right forearm is aimed for the perimeter of the big top… and he gives himself just enough of a twirl to give spacing as he neurally fires smoke pellets into the remaining crowd.

The entire outer area is completely gassed in smoke, before he releases the grapnel and dives head first into the nearest thug… starting to take apart those remaining with that same brutal efficiency, his eye lenses particle vision giving him perfect clarify, compared to the goons on both sides.


Red Hood is pretty much out of there once he makes sure that -most- of his people are out of there. Buuuuut he has one more thing to do. He turns his head to the Dark Knight as he fights off a few goons….but Red Hood makes a crack shot.

Drawing out his pistol, he fires so perfectly that the bullet flies over Batman's head and it hits a crook right in the shoulder…because he knows how much Bats dislikes killing. If Batman looked at Red, he looks right at the Bat.

"Now we're even." because he knows Batman tried to help him with the acid problem….then?

He turns to leave, the smoke helping to cover his trail.


Alyse had already been standing there when Batman had arrived, but her appearance to remove the Lion earlier had certainly been out of nowhere. While the Bat had lept back into the fray. Red Hood's gunshot has her looking up, but neither she nor the man in black was shot. The Jester was long gone, so her attention falls back to her patient. "I'm sure you do," the surgeon sorceress nods. "But there is no sense in waiting and I have seen the Hall's facilities. We will be there." With that, the woman waves her hand and both she and Alice are engulfed by those same butterfly lights before vanishing, teleporting their way to the Hall of Justice's medbay.


Fortunately, Batman is too busy with cleanup to give a retort to Witchdoctor… and when his electrical batarangs -tuned for lions- hit the surviving lions, he's got the entire mess under control, finally.

The entire incident was far too chaotic for his liking. He had contingencies for people showing up, but he was far too slow to stop a full fledged gang war, exported right out of Gotham.

All immediate threats neutralized, Batman grapnels his way out of the Big Top, and over to his Batmobile. Setting it to stealth mode, he gets out of the area, heading back to the Batcarrier.

The entire fight happened within a few minutes… so the police arrive for the aftermath about two minutes after Batmans exit. He does, at least, drop a 'helpful' note of what happened with the NYPD.

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