You Have No Choice

January 30, 2018:

Choices have been taken, and made for Soranik Natu and Hal Jordan.

(Soranik Natu emitted by Starfire)
Sides are picked, joined - braced for.

A drifting asteroid near the M'Brai System



NPCs: Yellow Lanterns, Dalor

Mentions: Kyle Rayner

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Fade In…

A drifting asteroid near the M'Brai System, a border between Sector 2814 and 2813. Once upon a time this was 'home' away from home. It wasn't many years ago that Green Lantern ' Hal Jordan ' had been exiled here, ignorance, too much of an Earthling, several reasons.

It's drifting here that Hal slides his hand up over is face, fingers spread over the green mask there, rubbing it as if he's in thought, the sustained energy dome doesn't mark his asteroid anymore, no, just the living capsule. Empty of most things, a picture of Carol Ferris, some magazines, a radio thats dead, he isn't exactly sure how he managed it. Being 'home' has made him soft again.

It's as Hal floats there, staring at the location that a voice 'nearby' pipes up, "Haloa, Hal Jordan of Earth."

The Lantern of 2814 doesn't have to turn around to know who it is, "Dalor of Timron."

"Yes, brother of the verdant, how can I assist you? It has been a long time since we intersected pathways." Dalor says.

"It has, I was just checking on my old place. Theres a beacon in there… " Hal says cautiously. "Someone put it there."

"It was not me. I like you showed to investigate such things with my own eyes."

"Not you, not me. Didn't just hit me, got you too… "

Dalor adds, "A trap for us, this would not be illogical an assumption right now, my fellow ring-wielder."

"Yeah… two for one. " Good thing the Interceptor is hidden near by.

"Not the case…" A voice, perhaps familiar to -Hal- at least resounds through the space between as a single Yellow beacon streaks through a warp and stops hovering just above ground, not yet touching down.

Soranik Natu, Once Green Lantern, until she went to say a 'Bitter Sweet' goodbye to her father…
… Her Ring returned, she did not.

Now in that Yellow Lantern attire, the sigil over chest, her eyes even changed to a black sclera with yellow iris' casting similar glow. But below, the markings of her status, her 'Birth'-place begin the scrawl, and the wavering smile on Soranik's lips is familiar and true (despite swell upon jaw), and the 'Suit' change.

"I was reached out to…" A pause and Soranik reaches to her sides, palms open and out-turned, fingers splayed, that Yellow Ring flashing. "I do not feel that this issue is one to be handled alone."

Soranik's smile then shifts to Dalor, unknown Green Lantern, but to bear witness…

Behind that single streak that Soranik had caused, a tracer of faded Yellow, Over a dozen more come through and stop just outside of the surface, not fanned out - drawn together. "We are not alone in this, and my hands are needed." curl of fingers and her smile fades a bit as she looks back to Hal from Dalor. "Or was I told wrong?"
"Incoming Hal of Earth!" Dalor says in alarm in his voice, a green wave of energy manifesting in a large fan out behind his fist.

Jordan is braced as well until Soranik is near enough, that distance between them all closed very quickly. "Soranik."

"Sinestro's daughter-kin?" Dalor questions, "I am confused. She is following closely within her fathers striding marks."

"Yeah, she's also the other Lantern of 2814's ace in the hole." Hal frowns, "You set the beacon off?" A look from the Korugarian. The man's fist rises up and closes, easing off Dalor. "Just stand down for now."

"This is opposite my best of judgement." Dalor says with warning, "You are to remain on this side of the asteroid that floats between our sectors>" The pink skinned Green warns Soranik.

"We got this, Dalor. Just ease off for a few. Go sit on the Asteroid and talk some calming breaths."

"Breathing deeply? It is standarded to race and build, friend Hal, that makes no to very small amounts of sense."

"Figure of speech, just go calm down and let me talk to her."

"Yes, as you say, this time. I am not without a distance between you and I."

Dolar drifts away slowly and Hal gives Soranik a long look, making it obvious he's looking over the yellow attired, "Reached out to, by Rayner, yeah? Not me. We're working together through him. What's the plan here, Soranik?"

Dalor is regarded carefully, Soranik's outspread arms fall to her side and with it, like wings folded, she descends to the surface while the other former Sinestro Corps hover behind, but their wary gazes are ones of similar confusion, and yet…

"Hal…" Soranik speaks his name upon an exhale, even if he looks to her with 'derision', making her want to look away and concede to one of Higher Rank.

But not right now, and she has to be Both!

With Dolar's drift apart, one of the Yellow Lanterns breaks from the orbital congression to linger in alignment, but not close the same gap between them.

"… Do not assume on my behalf, those mistakes have already been made.." A step forward and there is a bridge - gapped between them, Soranik lowering her head to cast Dark strands of choppy hair over her face. Not short cropped as it once was, let loose moreso as she has not bother Iolande for her 'Salon', in some time.

"Yes, Ky —- Rayner… of 2814 came to me, but only after I healed him the first time, the second and now… Is my own choosing." A pause as those dark eyes of solar in abyss rise to Hal. "He does not even know I set the beacon, this is not between Us."

That final word almost laid another blow to match one on her jaw but she tilts her head and with a light twist of clasped hands her Yellow Ring slowly slides along finger until the image flickers and violet eyes stare at Hal - a memory fro years past, the Sinestro Suit disintegrating in a digitalization while those behind Soranik murmur and then begin to raise their tones.

".. It's between… Us." The ring drops back onto Soranik's finger with a slow and then… sudden push, putting it all back, the former Sinestro Members watching intently.

"We do not wish for Atrocitus' rule to be the only, and I do not wish to try to heal those I… Once worked beside, and fail. So," A pause and her hand, without the Ring, extends to Hal. "Let me and my people come in this fight."

Not a question, but in her eyes, as they reform… Perhaps..

"Friend Hal of Earth, I am most uncomfortable." Dolar says. His ring glowing as his yellow lined eyes rush from one staring Yellow Lantern to the next, he is letting Jordan speak but he is also remaining wary. "It makes me wonder greatly what troubles your sector is facing in these dire times for surely."

"You really don't want to know, Dalor." Hal replies, a deep frown is worn on his features, that green mask over his eyes knotted between brows.

"Are these the ones who want to fight with you? What about Arkillo?" A turn of his head just enough to regard those around them, there is no love lost between Hal Jordan and any of the Yellows. If anything he's likely to fight them as any Red.

"Rayner's got a big soft spot for you and this entire alliance, you can say this doesn't pertain to him right now but it does. He is the only damn reason we are not mopping the stars and planets with your sorry faces." The man's voice raises, his finger jutting out to actually point out and direct not just at Soranik but past them. No love lost. That's outlined loudly right now.

"I'm listening though."

Dalor lets out a "Wow ee." At Hal, "Friend Hal, you are going to get us minced most aggressively. Numbers are not on our side."

"That just makes it exciting, Dalor. Live a little."

"Living a lot is more my plan. Not a little."

Hal's cutting words, mincing nothing in their passage save the 'deeper rooted' emotions kept wrapped in chain and anchored in the pits of a Davey Jones. Despite the near desire to rise the tides of said Depths, Soranik lifts her chin and takes a step to take the pathe between herself and 'Her' Lanterns as they right in their hover over the asteroid and begin to fall into a 'Line' tht would seem more battle ready than clustered for a peace treaty, the one who broke off to follow Dalor is drawing closer…

Soranik holds up the hand bearing the ring as the other remains extended towards Hal in wait.

Arkillo: The reason her jaw is lightly swollen and is darker shades of red in bruising. She fought for this, proving a point to Her 'Kilowog'. "Why don't you let him know, Hal." Dark lips peel back into a smile that frames the ivory of teeth, she is used to this, although it has been almost 2 years since she has experienced it first hand.

.. Hole(ry). (Hal Style -tm-)

For a moment it almost broke her, but now with the loft of her chin and the remaining offer of her hand she answers. "This is the Yellow Lantern Corps, those who no longer follow in Sinestro's belief as I have shown them, there are other ways, and despite our differences forged in the past - they are not Our forging under the new realization." Soranik's head tilts, and her eyes shift from Hal to Dalor, over the stars beyond them, around the hemisphere of the asteroid.

"Is … Rayner the reason, Hal? I do not see him here, nor did he warn you as I did not tell him I was doing this. I do not see him protecting me right now," A deep breath in as the tension hunching her shoulders falls, but does not lower. her. hand.

"We do not need Arkillo and his, as we all want to live, "a lot"." A glance to Dalor, his Fear something palpable, but all remain unmoving, no pulse save that of this place and those here.

"I don't let him know because it's not a 2813 issue. It's a 2814 issue." For now. Unless Kyle, the Justice League and Hal fails.
A stubborn thrust of his jaw and Hal stares white eyes over each of those Lanterns again, a noise escapes him. "Yellow Lantern Corps, not Sinestro Corps?" He floats down so he is more on eye level with Soranik, staring at her face, "You know what I mean, I'm not Kyle, I have no soft and hopeful belief in anything that side of the fence. You don't need his protection either, not from me." The man admits that much, he's not about to start swinging on her or the others.
"Besides, it looks like Arkillo already gave you a hell of a shiner."
Dolar lets out a loud, "FRIEND HAL! THAT was most in appropriate and rude. Dare not say such things so carelessly."


Another sound from Dalor, a long swallow, "Soranik Natu of Korugar, your father, once great as he was turned mighty evil, respect come and lost. You do not deserve such words of these things. I apologize on my verdant brother's behalf, he is often brutish in his ways as is common of Earthlings." A bow, one hand over his chest.

Jordan just sighs, his shoulders sag, "Just, nevermind. Soranik, I get it. I know what you're trying to express here. I'm… I already told Kyle you're his responsibility. I just didn't expect you to show or that you would have anyone with you. I am guessing this is your way of asking for permission to sling your asses on around in my sector?"

"But against Atrocitus, and the fact that he has a Mar—-," A draw back, a thinning of those ebony lips and Soranik is staring at Hal, even as Dalor pipes up to chide him for the words 'shiner'.

"I don't think it means what he thinks it means…" A sidelong glance towards Hal as she turns in gratitude towards Dalor. "My thanks for your defense, Dalor, as well as your kind words. @814, right?!" A roll of her eyes back towards Hal as she tilts slightly his way, whispering. "I admit, I am curious." What it means… That is.

Though when Hal lowers and she fully takes him in, that small moment of a smile is waning and then gone, looking from him to her Lanterns, a hand rising to gesture them down to the same level as herself and Hal.

"I have 3 other medics that have worked with me and will lend a hand in med bay… You have one of those set up and sterile I do hope." Her look to him is serious, all business. Soranik may have reluctantly been thrust into this path, but she carries this as well as she can… With that Will she has always had as well.

"The rest are willing to undergo the command of the one designated to lead this 'Gil'dishpan (worm S***) drop' of a battle." A clear of her throat and she tilts her head. "I am my own responsibility, and I am theirs. So are you accepting the alliance?"

No, not /asking permission/, at all.

"He has a what?" Hal is staring again, appearance looking as hard as he had earlier when he was half-challenging her 'team'.

"It doesn't. Just let him think what he will, not important right now. Plus considering the amount of offense he's taking… I don't want to know." The man says, "You need to finish your sentence though, Atrocitus has a…. " Maybe Soranik is intentionally skirting the question, the drop. If she knows about Martian Manhunter than Kyle Rayner has told them more than they need to know or they have already witnessed J'onn in his red state.

"You also want us to house you?" Jordan laughs now, maybe her continued questions and talking has worked now to make him forget the Mar- thing. "That's rich. I guess I know a place, the Mars outpost can hold you all up for a limited time, you don't enter any closer than Mar's orbit towards any of the planets closer without an escort, you will be watched and yeah, we really don't have a choice and neither do you I figure because, you're going to need us for Arkillo when he redoubles his effort to wipe your ass out. That's the catch here, huh?"

Dalor has turns his back to Soranik and Jordan at least, hovering a little ways away with his arms over his chest and looking indignant. Though still prepared should something go wrong here.

"I AM the Ace In the Hole. Hal." Soranik states his way as he tries to get a bead on exactly what she meant/ said with 'Mar—-' "Marigolds are pretty, but they bloom in all shades of fire, and do not smell nice." Soranik states as she turns from Hal, the same direction of Dalor, his back to her and Hal both, but likely facing the fanning of her Lanterns.

How did Soranik know of Marigolds?

A walk in New York, enjoying //Lah-tays, dodging yellow 'Cabs', and this Window Shopping that seemed an utter waste of time until she saw in the reflection -
Kyle is smiling.//

"You should smile Hal, as we do not require room and board, nor a place aside from clearance," The pause is pregnant, a long still as her hand bearing the ring rises and a flash emits from it, a rebound from one to the next as if Space Tennis became a game, but as the velocity picks up from one to the next it is yet another beacon that opens a spatial stillness into a suction tube. "For our ship."

The 'Twilight' Ship appears, the pilot, and co-pilot shadows in the tiny slats of openings for governing as the ship settles from Yellow burnout into one of a faded green, to blue, too… Cloaked in darkness of the backdrop of Space.

"We have a place to sleep and live, Jordan of 2814, we just need ample medical facilities for… Our people." Soranik peers at Hal through the split of growing out black hair, her smile is feeble at first as her hand lifts once more. "Atrocitus has an ass kicking coming to him." Yep, Soranik has visited Earth.

Near-whispered. "Now, agree.." A shift of gaze to the Yellow Lanterns hovering in wait.

"Dalor, witness, then join us for drinks, friend."

A face of metal and flesh shall speak of the secrets.
Fear will rise.
Willpower will gather.
And a war of light will unleash the truth behind the power of the ring.

Hal doesn't at all appear inclined to smile, especially at the woman's riddle. /Kyle/.

"I'm doing my very best to be optimistic Soranik." Jordan says, the appearance of her ship has Dalor drifting in a full turn, his own frown plastered across his features.
"This is troubling on many levels, Hal of Earth."

"I know Dalor, just be glad it's not your sector that's got to deal with it." The Green Lantern of 2814 replies tightly to his 2813 neighbor. Damn, Kyle. When did they flip like this? Then again, when are they not.

There is a sudden slow smile that appears for Hal, a fondness for the younger Lantern. No, he has played this in much the same fashion Jordan would have.

"I misunderstood, you came ready for the Holidays. This ship, it stays here, it doesn't go any further in either direction and a medical lab, I'll see if I can gain you entrance, but this will be for our Marigold and that alone. Nothing else and you're going to be on your best behavior and it will be only you, Soranik. Your ex-Sinestro Yellow Liberation goonies remain here, with this ship on that rock." He points at his old asteroid home, "And do not leave this zone until we call you in." It's then that the Green Lantern extends his hand and shakes it to the daughter of his archnemesis, a slow up down pump.

"The Lanterns of 2814 and 2813 will rotate in our monitoring of you and drinks… that is going to be a pass. I have a thing to do that might get me killed."

"Jordan, I will have to report this before long. Protocol dictates I can give you ten days at most, giving additional to accommodate for travel but…" Dalor says a noise of disapproval at the handshake joining his words.

"Do whatever, Dalor. I'm already in hotwater. Just yeah, please, ten days."

"Soranik, well played and remember what I said, stay here. We're going to have another talk soon."

No more from Jordan, just a green laser shot through space and a warp portal out, he is gone, flung to the far side of the Milky Way..

Dalor looks over at Soranik then to her companions, "Holau, not-Sinestro-Corps Yellows Lanterns, very pleasings, remain on this side of the asteroid. NOT that side." He indicates with pointing gestures, "Thanks to you all and many welcomes to… our sectors." Blink. Blink. This is why he always warns the new ones to think twice about being too eager to work alongside Earthlings.

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