Pillow Forts and Chinese Food

February 01, 2018:

A blanket fort was built and torn down. Marcos brings Chinese take out.

X-mansion rec room


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It was early afternoon at the mansion, and kids there scattered about playing around the mansion or tucked away in their room as teenagers were wont to do. But classes were over and it was before dinner time. Marcos and Lorna had come back from Genosha, and not too long after their arrival, Lorna had wandered into the rec room and curled up on a couch. Lorna had begged Marcos if he couldn't please, please, please get some Chinese take out. Something missed in Genosha. When she'd dozed off when he'd gone to order the food.

It was very little time in which a number of students the younger students had pitched a rather large looking pillow fort around the dozing magnokinetic. It was all rather impressively built up around Lorna, and and the green haired woman woke up to be suddenly surrounded by pillows and blankets strewn everywhere.


Having returned with Lorna safe and sound, Marcos had set her on the couch so that she'd be comfortable..you know, give his pregnant fiance a beautiful place to rest. Though as she pleads with him to get Chinese take out, he gives a soft nod and leaves right quick to do so!

….then he returns to find her in an elaborate pillow fort.

Well…he has to give it to her, she was really creative when it came to building surprisingly sturdy forts. He started his approach then, though givenn, it'd take him about exactly a minute for him to get there…considering that he wouldn't really be able to stop anyone trying to play pranks on her or anything…his hands were full!


CRUNCH. The sound of Illyana Rasputin biting into a hard, dark green apple comes from the door of the rec room. The blonde demoness isn't sure what made her pause and stick her head inside the room, but now she's seen the pillow fort she's… intrigued.

Stepping into the room, she moves soundlessly despite her heavy boots, glancing left and right as she locates the students hanging around the room and making eye contact with each of them. Those she trusts to have half a brain, she raises a finger to her lips as she looks at them. Those she doesn't… she just glares at them threateningly, assuming they'll get the message.

Reaching Fort Lorna, Illyana crouches down by the head end and speaks in a soft and dreadful whisper… "Buried alive…"

There is, of course, an unholy grin on her face as she says it.


Moments after Illyana's entered the rec room to find Lorna, the pillow fort, and others milling about, Wolfsbane steps into the doorway. Surely she picked up the Limbo Queen's scent, though she may not be as familiar with it since it's been a while since they last saw each other, even after she recently returned from Scotland. Same with Dani, and there's been trouble going on with her.

She's got nothing to chew on, hands empty, but a claw-tipped one comes up to rest against the wall. She opens her mouth as if to say something or call out a warning, but..instead she just arches a brow in confusion at what's before her.


End of Classes Day Alex wanders into the Rec still in his Mister Summers uniform. No tie, today. That was a terrible, terrible experiment at looking professional resulting in the unprofessional look of tugging at his neck all day while trying to talk. Seriously, burn all the ties.

Making a beeline for one of the preferred comfy chairs, he drops into a sit with graceless whumpf. Spotting a familiar student across the way, he grins, "All ready for tomorrow's test, right?" Uncomfortable student stammering ensues, though Alex's attention has already drifted curiously over to Illy's activities.


Nate has been dividing his time between Mutant (Snow) Town and Genosha the last week. Now the weather is back to just awful cold, instead of evil awful cold, repairs in the District X are going quickly. In great measure due to the generous donation to certain charities of a mysterious benefactor.

Which Nate knows is a blonde whose name starts with E. But it is supposed to be a big secret. Evil reputation to keep.

Definitely returning to Genosha tonight, but first checking up on people. Which brings him up to the rec room. "Hey Alex," he says when he spots his 'uncle' and… pillow fort being assaulted by the Russian Menace? He just has to see this.


The few giggles from the younger students were easily ignored as they had been for however long they had been going on. Kids playing. Whatever. Of course, then came Illyana's whisper. Lorna flailed her with hands outwards, trying to swat at whatever that was around her. A blanket, and several pillows upturning and collapsing the whole of the structure as she sat up, and unceremoniously tumbled off the couch with a THUMP.

A yelp followed and Lorna sat up blurrily, green hair a tangled mess around her as she looked up and glared at Illyana.

A snarl pulled at her lips, and with a grasp of a pillow beside her, Lorna was trying to smack Illyana back.


Eclipse blinked softly as he sees Lorna flailing about…no doubt a cause directly from Illyana. Approaching the two young ladies, Marcos just shakes his head. "I leave for fifteen minutes and you two are already trying to psyche each other out…" he laughs then, smiling warmly to Illyana. "Heya Illy. Long time no see."

He sets the chinese food down on the table before he takes a seat by Lorna. "whoa…this is comfortable." he smiles softly, reclining then to let people take chinese food howeveer they like. there's enough there for multiple people.

"So! what all did I miss?"


Well, that worked out better than Illyana could possibly have hoped!

First the flailing, which was so violent that Illyana had to duck a pillow as Lorna sent it flying across the room. Then the yelp, which really was everything she could have wished for. And honestly, the glare is just the cherry on top.

On one knee beside the sofa, an arm resting comfortably on her drawn-up leg, Illyana grins back at the disarrayed form of Lorna and, very deliberately, takes another bite of her apple. CRUNCH.

Of course, Illyana doesn't get it all her own way. Her eyes widen as she sees the pillow coming her way, and gets her free arm up barely in time to fend it off. "Someone's cranky when they wake up." She observes, and scrambles up to her feet before Lorna can rain down any more pillow-related vengeance upon her. At least without getting off the couch, anyway.

Taking a step back, Illyana's eyes sweep across the room, stopping first on Marcos. "You made it back alive, then?" She remarks conversationally, letting her eyes slide back to Lorna before she decides, "Good." Nodding to Alex and Nate, still feeling a little smug about Lorna's reaction, Illyana's gaze finally comes across Rahne in the doorway. And stops.

Her blonde head tilts to one side. "It's a good likeness, but the leather outfit is a dead giveaway. Who are you, and what have you done with Rahne Sinclair?" She's smirking as she asks the question, apparently not having had her fill of fun just yet.


"Hey!" Alex calls back to Nate with some genuine enthusiasm to counter his brooding trend, "Already got in a handful of hours downstairs so far this week. Scott put in this… Oh, some kind of swarming creepy alien bug thing drill for me." He flashes a crooked grin, "Think it's supposed to be scary or distracting or something, but right in my wheelhouse. Let 'em swarm, and I can just go FWOOM!" he makes little explosion pantomimes with his hands.

"Get … fairly precise control after a few hours of it, to be honest. I mean, as much as 'control' can be used to describe exploding. Next waitress that gets too handsy with me better watch the hell out." He's probably kidding.

As Lorna flails and retaliates, Alex looks back to that particular scene. Then to food. Chinese again? So much veggies. Nah. Gotta WORK, anyway. With a brief struggle against comfy chairedness, he stands back up, "Anway, need to get back to work, all. Have a good evening." Tonight, smaller single targets. Uh-oh.


"Illyana, I'm no' so sure tha's a good id…" Wolfsbane cuts herself off as Lorna reacts to the whispered words somewhat predictably, though it probably could have been worse than a sudden pillow fight.

That she so casually addresses Illyana outright after months away is one thing, but she's keeping herself parked closer to the door in case of any need of going 'scram.' She's also looking to avoid the whole pillow fight, assuming it even gets going.

With Chinese food, students, and others around the rec room, it's certainly on the crowded side. It's not too crowded, however, for Illyana to make her notice of the wolfen woman. "Excuse me? I'm Rahne," she says, just what a fake might be expected to say.


Nate snickers at Lorna's reaction. Although most of his attention is on the food. As usual he has been skipping meals. Too busy with one thing or another. It takes a few seconds to register Alex comments.

"Ah, finally you got into the Danger Room. Good. Man, I have been unable to run even a sim since New Year. But I had plenty of real action in Genosha." He finds a seat near the couch, trying to keep away from potential flying pillows.

And spots Rahne by the door, offering the readhead a brief smile. "Friend of yours, Illy?" He asks.


Lorna huffed, scowling at Illyana and shoving her hair back as she got up and settled back on the couch. She drew her knees up, and propped her chin up on them, muttering under her breath. "When you're pregnant and puking up at all hours then yeah. You wake up cranky." She growled, and grabbed a box of lo mein and jabbed a fork into it.

She snuggled up beside Marcos, green eyes flickering around the room and noting Alex's departure. She swallowed thickly, then glanced toward Nate.

"I need some red wine. Moira said I can have a glass from time to time."


Marcos wrapped an arm around Lorna as he munched on his General Tsao's Chicken. mmmmmmm delicious! especially with that sauce…wait, what was happneing? oh right, Lorna was getting grouchy with Yana. "..well, to be fair…you also were being creepy." he waves his fork at Yana. looking at you!

Regardless, he watches Alex leave with a small tilt of his head, before he gives a little kiss to Lorna's cheek. Then his attention falls on Nate. "Hey Nate. What's up?" he smiles then. Then, his attention falls on Rahne…someone he's never met before.

"Hey there." he says with a kind smile.


Heartfelt though it might be, Lorna's scowl doesn't seem to be having the desired effect on Illyana, who just wrinkles her nose in probably not entirely feigned distaste. "Another reason for me to stick with not getting knocked up." Illyana puts in, favouring both Lorna and Marcos with a smile as she says it. Marcos' accusation is accepted, considered, and then Illyana just shrugs. He doesn't know her well enough yet if he doesn't expect occasional creepy.

Glancing back to Nate, Illyana answers his question. "The real one is." Illyana replies, before frowning slightly as if she's running back over some memories. "Probably, anyway." She seems like she's going to ignore Rahne's protestation that she's not some impostor entirely, but then she finally gives the Scottish werewolf a sidelong look and a crooked smile. "OK, I give in. Nate Grey, Rahne Sinclair. Who I wouldn't have expected to turn up wearing THAT." She nods at the redhead's leather ensemble.


Wolfsbane's mouth opens, then shuts firmly at Illyana's efforts to carry on the game with her and the others around. Rahne always did fall for the pranks, the tricks, and if one thing holds steady it's that. "I told ye I.." Again with the cutting off when Illyana relents, just as she's beginning to cross her arms in defiance and rising annoyance. Friends? Probably? Maybe?


She stands aside for anyone to leave who needs to, but her attention remains mainly on Lorna, Illyana, Nate, and Marcos. "I found it a' a place back home an' I ended up liking it, so there," she tells Illyana as if she's sticking it to her in some way. Look at the fur on the bare arms! Of course for those who know her - and Lorna's already seen it - it's not just the bare skin, but the material and the style that's a departure from the old.

"Anyway..hullo." This is to both Nate and Marcos, though she adds to Lorna, "Ye're back from Muir? Did it go well?"


"Hi, Rahne," greets Nate. No comments about her attire, he hangs out with Illyana and Rachel, he has seen everything by now. Including things that can't be unseen.

"Moira said that? I guess we should get you a glass, hmm?" Glance to Marcus. Hey, boyfriend duties! No? Alright. "I am going to raid the Professor minibar, I am sure I have seen something suitable," he offers, standing up. "See you guys in ten minutes. Nice to meet you, Ranhe."


Lorna huffed a breath as she scowled at Illyana from over her lo mein, even as she wiggled closer to settle beside Marcos' figure. He earned a faint glance as he kissed her cheek and she dug into the food he'd brought. Illyana's words though had her nose wrinkling. "I didn't particularly plan on it. You know. But you know what they say, expect the unexpected and what not." She drawled, stabbing the lo mein again with her fork.

A glance was spared for Rahne and the scowl lessened. "I think you look great, the leather is practical." She sighed as Rahne asked after how Muir island went and she shifted uncomfortably besides Marcos. Let him answer. She didn't want to.

Even as Nate got up with the promise of fetching red wine, she only perked up slightly from her hunch over her Chinese food.


Marcos smiles softly to Rahne. "Nice to meet you, Rahne. I'm Marcos."

He gave her a little wave before looking at Yana. Locking eyes with her as she seemingly considers at him before she shrugs! He shrugs too! Guess they see eye to eye that Illyana can just be creepy sometimes. Comes with the territory of being a Hell lord.

He looks at Lorna as she just snuggles into him further, his arms wrapping entirely around her before he looks to answer the question asked to her.

"It went…alright. Few things we have to look forward to, but nothing wrong with the child." he smiles then. "Healthy as healthy can be.


Illyana's eyebrows vanish into her bangs when Rahne takes a stand on her fashion choices. This is new and faintly surprising. When Lorna chips in with her assessment Illyana decides to bow to the inevitable. "That's me told." She says lightly.

After all, she's outnumbered three to one when it comes to people glaring, scowling, or otherwise directing unfriendly looks toward her. And Nate even managed to escape before she could add herself to the wine order.

Finding an empty chair, Illyana perches herself on the arm, leaving her feet dangling, and listens to Marcos' report on the state of their spawn. Her eyes narrow slightly at 'alright', but 'healthy' gets an amiable nod that's apparently genuine. "So. With that worry out of the way…" She asks, "When's the wedding?" Maybe she hasn't quite given up on causing trouble yet.


Wolfsbane nods slowly to the general assessment of things as related by Marcos, and while it seems low on specifics - something she doesn't push for further details on - the fact all is apparently well seems good enough for now. "Well, I'm happy tae hear tha'." Then comes another snrfling sort of snort out of her as she forces herself not to comment on the wedding thing. If anyone knows how religious she's been, one might guess at the chiding she was close to giving.

But, no. Instead, Illyana is the focus of her continued ire..or something less than that, her chin tilting upward slightly. "I'm 21 noo, Illyana. Everyone always tells me I need tae grow up, an'..well, I'm trying tae. This was a big step for me, tae be honest." Illyana would certainly know. She makes no move for the food, however.


Lorna elbowed Marcos lightly, "You left out the part where the kid is definitely a mutant and likely the cause of many head aches to come." She glanced toward Illyana and Rahne, shifting on the couch as she settled more firmly back against her fiance.

"I had to put up with feeling like a lab rat under a microscope for a few hours.." She rolled her eyes at that, and shrugged at Illyana's words.

"I dunno… With Genosha being at war and unsecure?" She stabbed her lo mein again. "I dunno. I wanted to have it sometime in February, before I start to.. uhm.. have issues fitting into a dress actually." She colored faintly at that, and coughed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. A glance passed toward Rahne. Oh yeah. Lecture. Mmmm. She hadn't been given that lecture yet.


Marcos grunts when Lorna elbows him right in the side! "ow…" he says more playfully than anything, giving her the -smallest- nudge possible as if to return the flirtations. Regardless, he looks over to Wolfsbane with a small chuckle, shaking his head juuuust a little bit. "Well, it is what it is."

Then a look to Illyana, chuckling at Lorna's words in response to her question, before he adds his own input. "February initially…and those plans are, to my knowlege, still holding." he smiles to her warmly.


Some things don't change. Leather outfit or not, Rahne Sinclair is still going to get irritated by Illyana's sense of humour. That should probably be reassuring, in some way. Illyana glances over at Rahne and spreads her hands. "I never said I didn't like it." Illyana says, as if Rahne's irritation really doesn't bother her, but then adds after half a second's hesitation. "And who cares what I think, anyway? Only what you want matters." Illyana smirks. "I'd tell you it looks good on you, but you'd probably go and change." Anything the demoness likes can't be good, right?

"February." Illyana says with a nod. "Kill Zealot, bring peace to Genosha, and do it all without annoying Mags too much. You're not giving us a lot of time, but we'll have to make it happen." Illyana grins. This is her trying to be helpful for her friends. "I'm not getting involved in the colour wars over the bridesmaids' dresses." She adds warningly. "You're on your own there."


"I'd have been surprised if ye didn't like it," Wolfsbane remarks to Illyana, shaking her head whether in amusement or otherwise. Her expression remains on the stern and stony side, as if she's trying to keep an emotion or two bottled up inside.

It slips just enough for her to say to Lorna, "Only a few hours? Lady Moira let ye off light, then. An' I'm glad tae hear ye'll be getting married sooner rather than later. It's th' best thing for th' three o' ye." There. She did the lecture part without going too far with it, didn't she?

That covered, she points a wagging finger in Illyana's direction. "Ye're right. Whit I want is whit matters for me. It's comfortable, an' it works for me nae matter which form I'm in, an'..it's no' trashy like some things I've seen people in."

On that note, she spins on bare feet for the door, turning away with a wave. "But I feel like getting oot for a wee bit. I'll be roaming th' grounds." No 'it's so great to see ye again, Illyana,' but at least there was no open hostility, no growling. That's good, yes?


Lorna seemed content to not bump Marcos again, even as he nudged her lightly back. She arched a green eyebrow, looking at him as she slurped a noodle off her fork. "Initially we weren't planning to rush things." She drawled, "Then well, surprise." She shrugged and glanced backt Illyana.

"I don't care what Magneto thinks, things have to get done. I don't have the luxury of not to.." She sighed, and eyed her fork, her lips twisting briefly. Then her gaze was settling on Rahne. A faint twitch of her lips following the mini-lecture.

"She let me off because she got tired I think. She took extra samples and gave us her card." She glanced at the pile of Chinese food still out and shrugged, offering a wave toward Rahne.

"We'll have to hit up a Ren Fair sometime. See you around, Rahne."


Marcos nods a few times to Rahne as she appears to take off. "Nice meeting you, Sinclair. Perhaps we'll all speak again soon yeah?" he smiles in a friendly manner before he looks at Lorna with a smile. "Is what it is." he shrugs softly, before he looks at Illyana. "…I don't know if we can count on Magneto being patient with us all the time. Far as I'm concerned, we'll get it done with or without his help." he says pretty independently.

Regardless, he rests his head back, having long finished his food, and closes his eyes. It's been a long day for Diaz.


Illyana waits until Rahne has her back to her and is stalking away before she raises a hand and gives an ironic little wave. A slightly pained look touches her face when Lorna mentions a Ren Fair, but Rahne doesn't seem to take offence.

Illyana would lay money on that not being the outcome if she had said that, but she dismisses the thought quickly enough.

As the other two talk about not sparing Magneto's feelings, a quick grin pulls at Illyana's lips. "Still living dangerously." She slips down from her perch on the chair arm. "Let me know when you need me." She says, calling a portal into existence beside her, and pausing halfway in. "I meant what I said about the dresses." She adds with a mischievous smirk, and then vanishes.


Lorna leaned against Marcos as she finished off what she wanted of the Chinese food and set it aside. A look was shot in Illyana's direction as the woman summoned a portal. "Yeah, well, better than living in a padded room for the next seven months." She sighed and waved to Illyana as the woman too departed.

A contented sound escaped her throat as she snuggled up against her fiance, resting her head against his shoulder.

"'M cold." She mumbled, yawning again.

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