HoM: Hub One

January 31, 2018:

Batman, Red Hood, and the Sensation family work to deal with the aftermath of the prison massacre, with round the clock rescue efforts in the middle of a crackdown

Hub One, Luna

A hallowed out Lunar Base, this small but elaborate complex serves as the headquarters of The Bat Liberation Army.


NPCs: Resistance fighters



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Hub One. Resistance HQ.

Built over the course of years, and starting from a main chamber, construction for this fairly elaborate base on Luna started when it became clear to Batman that the human alliance was going to lose the war. In the end, only discreet boom tube use made this place remotely possible.

Half stolen alien technology, and half human technology, Hub One now serves as the headquarters for Batmans resistance cell: The Bat liberation army.

It's been a couple days since the raid on the New York state prison, with the mission ending on a case A: the House of M calling down the hammer and killing all the humans who were primary rescuees. A mystic had done it… and it was clear the Regime had made it a prior order to do it.

Nonetheless, they did break out a cell block of troublemaking mutants. They were wild cards Batman deemed a secondary objective.

Now, news has filtered through the boom tube dead drops of humans being rounded up for 'being in league with the terrorists'. Most people in human districts in the cities have nothing to do with any resistance cells… so that's news to the army.

It does mean, however, that Batman has been doing operations to pull affected civilians out of the way of sentinel raids via boom tube.

The base itself is usually quiet, save for a skeleton crew; Batman doesn't have nearly as much manpower as he needs to both do operations and keep Hub One operational… yet, but they do what they can.

Today, the artificial gravity generators are in need of maintenance, so sections of the base are a bit wonky as Batman sits at the main monitoring station. Reception out on Luna is delayed, but only by a half hour at most, usually. Priority messages are done via boom tube.


Sensation arrives with Kendra trailing behind. The teen is just a bit shorter than her already petite mom and is chewing bubble gum, hands in her pockets as she looks around. "Whoa!" She says as she has an extra bounce through one section. "Hmmmm, that's not normal," They'd been up here a few times now. Alice glanced back at her daughter as she simply used the bounce to hurry along.

"Well I'm sure if you wanted to stay and play engineer you should ask," Alice says as she presses the button to head into the monitoring station. "Oi, got your message. We were just getting back, so good timing. What's up?" She asks as she sets her helmet on a display bank before flopping into a seat.

Kendra, having already asked dozens upon dozens of questions, and watched and peered at all the controls, comes in and heads straight for the gravitational monitoring systems. "Mmmmmm…I think the magnetizing system's calibration is off. Want me to fix it?" She asks hopefully, beaming a cheeky smile at Batman.


Jason was already working on those gravity generators, taking a towel to wipe at his brow. While he wasn't directly involved with the prison raid (simply wasn't his turn to go), he did play a role in making sure the teams were well co-ordinated. He has his helmet off, though he kept his high tech armor on and his armored leather jacket as he played toolbox.

A look up to Sensation as she starts to spak louder, chuckling a little bit. "I'm already on it!!" he shouts up, sparks coming from where he is as he performs such a precise form of work. Jason's got this. Nothing's blown up yet that he's worked on…maybe he's a lucky charm!

In truth, he was a little grouchy today…he didn't like hearing that humans were being slaughtered for whatever reason.


With resources at a minimum on the base itself to keep operational supplies going at a decent rate, the storage depots on Hub One were at shortage levels as well; No one but Batman knows how this place is funded, but he did at least take great pains to make it as self-sufficient as possible.

Batman has his helmet on, as usual; he doesn't give his real identity to just anyone… but /everyone/ knows he was the leader for one of the most successful commando units in the human-mutant war. Earning a reputation as the Blood Knight, Batman is a backbone on more than one mission, with Deathstrokes team recovering from the prison fiasco. His voice scrambler is in full effect, "We have reports on the Tokyo human district being raided, with an estimate of about an hour before they get to the end of their sweep. We can't help those in the initial wave with the sentinels in place, but we can get those near the edges without too much issue if we're quiet. I want your team on it. You have five minutes to get into the tube chamber, and 45 to get refugees." Batman gives in response to Sensation, never once looking away from his monitor as he watches a video of one of the 'roundups'.

Then, he pulls out a datachip, and offers it. Again, without looking away, "This is short notice, but I have a group over in Seattle that need backup for an extraction, so you're it."


"I can see if Nuke can get to one or the other, he's still on the ground," Alice says as she glances at Kendra. The teen smiles down at Jason, blushing red, and waves before her head pops up to look over at Batman. The mission laid out leech her smile away and she sighs.

"See ya later," She says to Jason before strolling to take the chip and heading to her mother. The girl is a walking data-reader and she is quiet as she takes in all the data on the chip. Alice glances from Kendra to the open access panel in which Jason is working and back again, one brow raised. But leaves it be to look back at Batman.


Jason pulls away from his work with a breath. "Okay, that should last us a few more days until those tools arrive from sector 7." he looks up to Bats and gives him a thumbs up, before he looks to Kendra, giving the young lady a little wink before she runs off. With skill in his athleticism, Red easily makes it back to the group.

In the mutant-human wars, Jason Todd was actually amongst the most decorated and infamous fighters. Leading a squadron known as 'The Red Legion', Red Hood came to be born, due to how he would always wear a red hood into battle…supposedly it's red because it's bathed in the blood of his enemies. Real classic. While he never reached the fame of Batman or his platoon, his worthiness is not something to dismiss. Not even close.

"We goin' to Seattle?" he asks then, looking at Alice before looking to Batman, giving him a nod. He was always itching for action nowadays….


"No. The team going to Seattle is already there. The Tokyo sweep is an immediate priority; we had no warning at all of the sweep, so we need to send people who can be quick and dirty. I'd go myself, but this isn't a discreet mission. Expect mutant resistance." Batman gives in reply to Alice, before he stands, his cape curling around his body as those red eye lenses look from Alice to Kendra, then, he looks to Jason. "If Seattle Beta calls in for help, you'll be going. I'd go myself, but the crackdown means we're getting random attacks everywhere." Then, Batman gives a shrug, "Enough of this, we'll probably have recruits coming in sooner or later." Then. he looks back to Alice, "I'm going to need you right after you're done. I have a possible angle on the anti-mutant gas."


Sensation purses her lips as Kendra's eyes clear and she nods her head. "Oookay then," She says and passes it to her mother, who slots it into a space on the side of her helmet. The data begins downloading to her mobile computer system. Then Kendra leans back and fiddles with one of her braids that frame her face. "I'll go put my gear on," She says, ducking out and picking up the duffle she had dropped by the door.

Alice frowns in thought at the mention of the gas. "Yeah, I've been thinking about that since you mentioned it. I think I may have found a vector, but I need to run it through some computer tests." She pauses with a frown, "This would be a huge help, but you still have the sentinel problem."


Jason nods a few times to the Bat, with Red hopping off of his little perch to stand up straight, his arms crossing. "Alright." is all he says then as Batman gives Alice the rundown of something he may have on the anti-mutant gas. "..Did you finally figure it out?" he asks the Blood Knight curiously.

Regardless, his eyes lock on Kendra and he gives her a little smile, before his yes are back on Alice and Batman. "Alright, I'll prepare." he cracks his neck then as he moves over to the nearby depot…one of Red's stashes where he hides all of his weapons juuuuust in case.

be prepared…something that the Bat has told him time and time again.


"That's a materials problem. The stuff they use on it doesn't follow conventional armor techniques, and I can't get a sample of it. Catch-22." Batman notes to Alice, "Which means our best chance of finding a weapon against them is finding one of their factories and doing a raid, until we get new intel that gives us a different angle." Batman gives in reply. Those things are seriously guarded, and everyone in the resistance knows… which means Batman isn't chancing destroying his baby without much better odds. "Standard procedure allies for now; you see a sentinel, don't even try. Run."

Then, Batman looks over to Jason, and shakes his head. "It's a matter of resources. This stuff need to be able to disable or kill, depending on need… but I just don't have the lab equipment to make it work. I've had to piggyback on old government attempts for a jumpstart, but it isn't enough. The DNA we've got from operations is just too specialized to make a general aerosol. We need a rosetta stone."


Sensation purses her lips as she listens to Batman and Jason talk. "You have it. Standing right here. I have a fully functioning, up to date lab. I have to make my own stuff somehow. And I don't have," She pauses and considers a moment, "Twelve PhDs for nothing." She quirks a smile and shrugs, "I'm here to help. Let me help. But after I go help some refugees," And she hops to her feet, pulling her helmet on.

As it clicks in place Kendra comes back in wearing her specialty coveralls and utility belt. Her own mask is a bit of alien tech, a helmet that folds out from a metallic headband she wears. "I'm ready," Kendra says, pausing to look over at Jason getting ready. "Is Red coming too?" She asks. Alice snorts and shakes her head, turning to head for the boom tube. "Anything else?"


Jason was loading his weapons as Batman spoke to him, something that certainly wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Regardless, he looks over at Kendra when she asks if he's coming and he just gives her a little smile. He doesn't answer her though, keeping his eyes between Batman and Alice.

"Twelve PhD's that you've used to help us keep this moon station in tact. I mean, I can keep us on our feet, sure, but you're just better at it than I am." That…may or may not be true. Jason was a genius when it came to this stuff…likely him just being humble. Regardless!

He puts his gloves on and holds his red and black high tech helmet in his hand, looking at Batman. "Alright, just say the word and I'm gone." he winks at Bats as he gets ready to move out. He liked -attempting- to make Batman smile.

It never happens.

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