A Friendly Spar

January 31, 2018:

Black Bolt and Caitlin Fairchild decide to have a fun spar!

Training Level - Titans Tower - New York City

Above the operations level of the Tower is the training level,
where the Titans can hone their physical abilities and teamwork.
The gymnasium has a full variety of modern exercise equipment, with
options for normal human as well as superhuman levels of strength; quite
deliberately, the gym has been designed to accommodate the likes of Superboy
or Wonder Girl without getting demolished. Naturally, it has shower and
changing facilities attached.
Also on this level is the experimental 'Mud Room,' a project of Red
Robin's. Using material with a similar composition to the villain Clayface,
the Mud Room is able to create a variety of extremely realistic training
scenarios using information already present in the Tower computer, including
the profiles and abilities of various villains and heroes. The Mud Room has
variable difficulty levels, and is designed to adapt to its users through
simple learning programs in order to provide a better challenge. However, it
has safeguards in place to prevent it from inflicting more than minor harm
to its users. Probably.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Superboy, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel


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Fade In…

Caitlin is definitely putting the workout equipment to good use. The big ginger wears yoga pants in grey and an eye-searingly pink tank top, with an iPod and headphones running up from a band on her left arm. She's using the heaviest of equipment, inside the massive steel structure that supports the complex machinery that gives people like her (or Conner, really) the ability to push it to the limit.

Caitlin steps up to the squat rack, getting her shoulders underneath the transfer bar, and takes two quick breaths. The entire Tower shudders as she disengages the safety mechanisms, and steel groans as springs transfer weight to her back. The readout behind her quickly climbs up to 103 tones, and her face flushes red with the effort. She takes two more short breaths, then drops her hips in a clean, smooth squat, and then two more repetitions. The Tower creaks and groans, but holds, and she steps back to let the locks take the weight off her back again once her set is done.


Blackagar had no idea what all that clanging and banging that was sounding like a national anthem was coming from. Then, it doesn't take long for the Silent King to end up in the training room…a place where the Titans can hone their skills or increase their strength with intense work. He sees Caitlin in her eye catching gear, and while he's always found Caitlin extremely attractive, his attraction is of the purest source.

Meaning, he finds himself attracted to her mind, not her body.

so he seems to watch as she manages to pull off a rather extraordinary set of squats with that much weight on her shoulders. Blackagar could match it, but it'd take alot more out of him than it ever would for Caitlin. Eventually, Black Bolt knocks on the wall softly to get her attention, the man giving her the warmest smile and the lightest wave.


Caitlin's mid-set when Blackagar knocks on the wall, and glances at him— she offers a strangled little smile, huffing. "Sorry. Last set, then you can have it" she grunts and drops two more reps, then the third on verrrry shaky legs but she clears the rack and sets the bars in place. Everything goes CLANG and locks up, and she reaches for a towel and pulls it across her shoulders and mops at her brow. Her hair's pulled back out of the way, and she pats a little damp from her brow.

"All yours," she tells Blackagar, stepping aside. She reaches for a gallon water bottle and uncaps it, knocking back most of two pints of protein shake in a few gulps. Her smile at Blackgar is companionably friendly, and she tugs her earbuds away. "What's up? Did you need something?" she inquires, one brow lifting.


Blackagar still looks fairly impressed at the effort she put into it, nodding a few times despite the shakiness of herl egs. When she puts that bar down, he can feel the building shake. But thankfully, the Tower is meant for soooo much more than that.

Though when she invites him to take the squat rack, he approaches with a smile to her, recalling that she permitted him to speak with her telepathically…because speaking with his actual voice would be -very- bad for Caitlin and New York in general.

«I have no need for anything. Though with the sounds of metal against metal, I figure I would investigate. Though seeing as I am here, if you wish, would you train with me? I fear my combatativ skills will weaken, and I will find myself unusable by the Team.» a soft smile then. Humble as it is. Regardless, he puts the bar on his shoulders, and while he takes a moment to breath, he lifts up that excess of 100 tons on his shoulders, and he performs about one set of four before he puts the bar down, steady and strong. Needed to see if he could still do it.

EIther way, his attention returns to Caitlin. «That is quite heavy.» he states then with a happy smile.


"Hundred tons," Caitlin says, looking mildly impressed (and a little put out) that Blackagar so easily presses the weight. It's certainly at the upper limits of her hard-honed abilities. She lifts her brows as his question, and shrugs one shoulder. "Uh… sure, I'm game for a little sparring. I've never fought with an Atillan before," she warns him, stepping to the large training area. It's set up to manage superhuman impacts, and she removes her iPod and tosses it on the bench carelessly. She makes sure her ponytail is back up out of the way. "But I guess you don't need me to go super easy on you, right?" she inquires, pulling an arm across her chest to stretch her deltoid.


Believe it orn ot….that was extremely difficult for Black Bolt to do…hence why he only did one set, given that his usual standard lifting weight for sets is about 75-80 tons. it pretty much drained him for a few moments. Though he can still dance with Caitlin in terms of a fight. He just hides his fatigue -really- well.

Entering a fighting stance, he lets his tiredness shine as he smiles to her. «Do not feel such, Fairchild. Your strength is far superior to my own.» he compliments her, knowing superiority in a field when he sees it. «By all means, Caitlin. If you wish, do not hold back.» he removes his tailcoat to reveal his incredible physique.

Every muscle was oustanding…defined and outlined. Like he put in all the intensive work it takes to get to the absolute peak. But even then, there's room to dig for improvement. Clearly he did this for better flexibility and movement in combat, and not to show off. he gives her a humble smile as he focuses on her.


Caitlin knuckles up in a low, open stance. It's very, very hard to get a read on her style— she fights with a false lead that turns into a facing stance with a twist of one foot, her shoulders turning, squaring, canting away. It's a disturbingly fluid fighting technique for someone as big as she is, and as strong, and speaks to a high degree of training that emphasizes mobility and technique over slugging it out toe-to-toe.

She doesn't provide any clear openings or avenues of attack, but doesn't press forward, either, giving Blackagar a chance to get his feet under him.


Blackagar reads her stance…or attempts to. Her stance isn't one he's really seen before, but the time she allows him to ensure that he's ready allows him to recover his fatigue as well. offering her a grateful smile, he suddenly lunges forward while holding his stance, powerful punches and kicks being aimed for her chest and legs, respectively.

Clearly he's testing the waters of her skill before he -really- tries to fight her.


Caitlin's a somewhat defensive-oriented fighter, that's obvious at first glance. She's quick, faster than one might expect, and she doesn't falter under the flurry of blows being launched at her. The blows to her chest she blocks with her arms, absorbing the strong impacts with a *grunt* of exertion as one foot fetches against her ribs. Her legs, tired as they are, take a pounding without a word of complaint. She's clearly pretty accustomed to people trying to sweep her feet out and she parries by jamming up the strikes at her lower body.

She bides her time, waiting for one good opportunity, then lashes out with a short palm-push instead of a full punch aimed at the inside of Blackagar's shoulder. It's more designed to make space than actually hurt him, because she doesn't set her feet into the ground to really give her the leverage necessary.


Blackagar watches as his blows impact her and watches forther as she attempts to play a solid defense. Which partially works. He keeps after her lik a boxer, albeit in a martial arts stance. he throws blow after blow to overwhelm her defense….until she throws out that palm, which he blocks pretty easily with his forearm, but the strength behind it causes him to slide backwards.

However, he simply leaps back into the fray with a spinning kick! aimed right for her shoulder.


If Blackagar was wondering when, if, and how Caitlin would go on the aggressive— well, it turns out she's a hesitant kicker, and at best a fairly middling boxer. But that flying kick lashes up and out, and he hits Caitlin so hard that she abruptly twists and flies through the air— except she's still hanging onto his leg.

Caitlin, it appears, is a /grappler/.

She hits the mat hard enough to make the ground shake, and her legs slither up around Blackgar's thigh and pelvis, ankles locking. With a look of dreadful concentration she loops her arms into a crushing noose and pins his toes behind her shoulder, and starts bowing her spine backwards to put pressure onto the joint.


As Blackagar realizes she swung with the momentum of his kick, only for her to still be holding right onto him. Those long legs wrapping right around Blackagar's form as she pulls on his ankle. While there are no -real- forms of exit out of this hold, Black BOlt has a level of endurance that is quite incredible.

He follows her momentum as she wrenches his ankle, managing to overpower for a split second, before he falls right onto his back.

Thus is he forced to use some of his actual power. Lightning seems to arc around him before with a wise twist of his hips, he wrenches himself free and he's back onto his feet. Though his leg is a little worse for wear.

«Not bad at all.» he smiles to her softly before he bows…then he absolutely bomb rushes her with incredible superhuman speed and strength, trying to batter her defenses.


Caitlin kips up to her feet smoothly, alighting right on her toes and brushing her palms. She flashes a tight, breathless grin at Blackagar's praise. "Thanks," she says. "Diana taught me most of it." Then, her eyes open wide and Blackagar's launching himself at her with a truly monumental effort, and Caitlin covers her head between her fists, rolls her shoulders, and tries to roll with the punches.

She takes a few solid hits, looking overwhelmed again for a few moments, then suddenly explodes out in a countermotion with her arms reaching for Blackagar's tricep and the back of his neck. It's a Greek maneuver— well, one that's a few thousand years old, anyway, but there's a reason they're called the classics. Simple and effective. She uses one elbow to jam up his attacks, keeps his other arm from swinging freely, and starts launching heavy strikes with her kneecap at Blackagar. The extra leverage from her grip on his neck allows her to really get her muscles into the blow, clearly making use of her superior strength instead of struggling for leverage.


Black Bolt assumes this Diana is the Wonder Woman he hears so much about. With that said, Black Bolt knows he needs to fight smart, not hard. He looks surprised when he manages to overwhelm Caitlin for even a mere moment at all before she begins her counterattack. Back of his neck grabbed, Blackagar seems at her mercy.

Though his arm is utterly trapped, he takes a hard hit from her knee and it almost knocks the wind right out of him. The next strike is grabbed to a complte stop by Blackagar's hand. and-

Whoa, that leg is way too muscular. It's kinda hot.

Back to the task at hand. He attempts to shove her knee hard to the floor to knock her off balance, then deliver a hard shot right to her shoulder as if to release her grip on his neck. Time to hopefully break free!


Caitlin's iron grip leaves welts on the back of Blackagar's neck as her grip is forcibly pushed away. She pivots and steps sideways, arms crossing and moving in a scissor motion. She's trying to negotiate the grip on his tricep into a chicken wing, pulling Blackagar's arm behind his back so she can lock down another one of her strange wrestling holds. Her feet shift in anticipation— if she can just get his wrist behind his hipbone, she'll likely sit down and ratchet down that hold with everything she's got. But she's a little too aggressive, telegraphing how badly she wants that joint lock, and her center of gravity gets a little too high.


Blackagar is impressed. Where on earth did this woman learn how to grapple? While Blackagar can keep up rather admirably, he doesn't have the exquisite training that Caitlin has in this particular field, so what he needs to do is get distance. Thankfully, her aggression is used to his advantage. As she hooks his arm, he simply trwists counter clockwise with her pull, causing him to seemingly 'twirl' out of her hold..and instead tries to kick her right in the gut hard enough to knock her into the back wall to get some distance.

now to get the blood flowing again into his leg and arm…because WOW she has a grip.


Catlin goes flying, off balance and off her feet. She hits the far wall, hard, and grunts with the impact. She blinks in suprise at the hard blow, though she looks otherwise unbothered by the impact of her shoulders against the wall.

It's her turn to put on the speed, and she drops almost like a footballer ready for the snap, then launches forward at Blackagar like some kind of ginger juggernaut. She's fast, much faster than she has any right to be, and closes the twenty-foot gap in a split second. She launches herself forward and aims her shoulder at his stomach, arms reaching out to try and wrap around his waist as she aims a textbook speartackle at his midsection.m


Black Bolt notices her stance and enters a similar one of his own, like the way an MMA fighter would crouch to avoid a double-leg takedown….before she charges at him like a speed demon and despite him taking the blow hard, he manages to stick his footing….though his feet literally smash against the ground. His arms wrap around her waist as he attempts to throw her aside…though her momentum makes that really difficult… until eventually?

He smashes really hard into the wall. Ow.


Caitlin and Blackagar dance around— she's too low to be thrown effectively, but he's got his weight back enough to make it difficult to really pull his center of gravity around and really sink in the takedown. After a dancing, swaying few steps, Caitlin pauses, then taps Blackagar's leg.

"Okay, I quit," she says, laughing. She disentangles herself from Blackagar slowly. "No good way out of that without causing some property damage. That was good!" she tells him, catching her breath fairly quickly. "I thought for sure I had that chickenwing locked down, you got out of that really smoothly!"


Blackagar and Caitlin struggle surprisingly evenly! The two forces between them so strong that it becomes a stand still. Regardless, when she taps his leg, a movement he was about to do except to her upper back, the releases her and the two look eye to eye…well mostly. Caitlin had a little on him in terms of height…heck, she had a little on -everyone-.

«Beat me by only a second…» he says as to her quitting the bout. A warm smile crosses his features as he stands up straight and brushes himself off. «For a few moments, you ahd me beaten and…as you say, 'dead to rights'. Forgive me if that use is incorrect…human dialect is still strange.» he shrugs then. But his smile remains!

«I thank you for your compliments. Your defense is mighty and intimidating…it took quite a bit to even crack it.» A small smile on his face then as he bows lightly. Though Caitlin can still get in a sucker punch or another action to catch him off guard. «I believe it's all in the momentum.»


"Well… Carol says it's better to tap out than get to the point where someone gets hurt," Caitlin says, pinking a little around her ears at his praise. "We would have hit the point of property damage. I couldn't fight it clean enough to avoid breaking some stuff. And that's not really good training, at that point!"

She sticks a hand out at Blackagar. "But thanks for the bout, Blackagar," she says, flashing an ebullient smile. "Not a lot of people can stick it out in the ring with me. Conner, /maybe/. You're a lot stronger than you look!"


Black Bolt nods softly to Caitlin as she speaks of 'Carol's' advice. «Wise words from no doubt a wise woman.» he nods to her softly. Though when she sticks out a hand to him, he smiles warmly to her, and extends a hand to give hers a solid shake.

«Thank you for the bout. I feared my combat training would be dimininshed if I did not ask for a spar with you…I thank you for your high praise, but I believe the Superboy has yet to reach his potential.» a faith in Connor maybe? Regardless, he chuckles softly.

«I merely had good teachers. You are far stronger than I.» he remains -humble-. Excellent character of a King.


"Thanks for taking it easy on me," Caitlin tells Blackgar, clearly not one to be immodest. "I'm sure they've trained you pretty hard back in Attilan. I just get by on guts and enthusiasm!" she says, before laughing easily.

"Listen— I'm gonna take off. Gotta hit the showers and head to work. But thanks, Blackagar. Anytime you want a sparring partner, just lemme know, okay?" she inquires, moving to gather up her iPod and headphones.


Blackagar nods softly to Caitlin, though a silent chuckle is given in response to him totally 'taking it easy' on the woman. Honestly, he was lucky to get each inch of ground and he knows it. But he'll take it in stride, a soft smile is offered to her then. «Heart is the greatest weapon anyone can have.»

Then, as she offers that he can steal her as a training partner, he gives her a bright smile. He really was beautiful with that smile…maybe one of the reasons he's king for all we know. «Many thanks, Caitlin. and Likewise…if you ever wish to spar or talk, simply say the word. Safe travels.» a kindness in his voice.

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