Lab Tests

January 30, 2018:

Lorna goes to Muir Island to figure out what's wrong with her powers.

Muir Island, Moira's lab


NPCs: Moira MacTaggert

Mentions: Magneto, Blink, Magik, Wolfsbane, Charles Xavier, Phoenix, Madrox


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Through Association with the Resources Control Executive, MI-14 and the X-Men, Moira's Research Complex the world reknowned Mutant Research Center has become home to all manner of para/extra-normal cases; Inhumans, Mutants, Warpies and even an Atlantean. It makes portions of the MRC entertaining, loud, colorful… it's also put a pressure on the staff and bolstered their numbers. Generous sorts from the United States based National Metahuman Research Foundation/NMRF has volunteered numbers, it's been accepted in small allowances only due to 'need' not at all out of trust. After the attack from Apocalypse's Dark Riders Moira MacTaggert has been incredibly careful.

The rain beating down is crossed heavily with winds, the glossy surface of the MRC looks more like colonists habitat one would see on Mars than the Scotland craggy coasts. The inside much more impressive, the Blackbird has been landed here for less than an hour.

With or without Lorna, Scott Summers had already made flight preparations to do a routine trip, supplies from and to the X-Men's Westchester location, to Muir Island, back and around from even Genosha. Mundane and nothing important for the most part, specialized compounds and medical supplies tailored to mutants and much of what many of the mutates on Genosha might require as ongoing research in to reversing a lot of the Genegineer Doctor Moreau's forced modifications.

Done with the initial unloading Scott and Alex have been invited to join Moira in one of the labs for some coffee and a small talk. Pleasantries are out of the way and they're in a quiet comfortable lull with the woman, a tap of his fingertip along the rim of the coffee cup.
"I do appreciate delivery of the body armor, Scott."
"Our pleasure, Moira. Can't go wrong with it, it'll help out some of your trainees." Whats he talking about? The X-Men's suits are not just body armor but also environmental suits capable of defending against a lot of small arms fire and even energy, usually special tailored for the mutant, meta or gifted it's assigned to, those particular modifications can be by Moira's talented staff. Small number, enough to help out her special cases and those that might end up in the line up of X-Men at some point.

"How is my daughter?" Doctor MacTaggert questions casually.
"Well as far as I know." Scott admits he has seen very little of Rahne but he knows shes around.


Lorna had looked and looked for Scott after having taken off, she felt bad about having left as she had. It just took her a while to get over that, and with some healthy cajoling from Rahne, Marcos and Clarice, Lorna had agreed to go. Though once she'd finally convinced herself to go, she'd gone without Marcos. And at Clarice's promise of a portal, rather than the Blackbird. (She'd finally found someone that told her Scott had gone on regardless).

The portal opened with a blur of purple and pink light and the green haired mutant stumbled her way into the very room where Scott, Alex, and Lorna sat.

The portal snapped shut behind her and the magnokinetic blinked, and colored faintly. "Uhm.. Blink said she'd get me here.. Uh.. Hi .. Scott.." She bit her lower lip, dragging it between her teeth.


For his part, Alex is simply… Well, happy is a stretch, he's been withdrawn and morose for the better part of a week, but at least Alex is fairly engaged to be out of the classroom or the Danger Room and away from the snow for a time. Windy rain isn't a huge improvement, however.

"Oh? I didn't know your daughter was with us. One of my students, maybe?" Alex says 'us' and 'my' students. She'd have to be pretty young, right? Then distracting portal is distracting.

With well-honed combat reflexes, he blinks and stares. "What."


Moira's chair falls backwards bounced from underneath her at the sudden arrival, her hand going over the purple sweater covering her chest. Surprise, alarm, the expected there.

Scott's numbed to a lot of this over the years, Kurt, a brief time Nocturne, Illyana a massive factor, he lifts his cup up protectively and looks over with caution, red visor glowing as a precaution much in the same manner he's keeping his drink safe.
"Lorna." Scott offers as soon as she is making herself known. "Glad you got here somehow." The man's tone much less warm and comforting as the drink hes defending.

"Lorna Dane." Moira MacTaggert issues past her lips now that shes breathing again, "Lady of the hour." She says with a slow forming smile, to Alex's question, she nods, "Rahne. My foster daughter."
"Join us m'dear?" The redheads accent less thick than it was years ago but still healthy and there.


Lorna cleared her throat with a cough, dragging her darkly painted nails through her hair with a grimace. "Sorry, sorry.." She didn't look all that sorry as she glanced to Alex and then to Scott, just vaguely uncomfortable. "I should've called… ahead.." she shifted her weight on her feet, hands shoved into a pair of skinny jeans.

Green eyes flickered toward Moira and she stepped toward the other woman, an awkward smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she made her way over to sit.

"Rahne kind of convinced me that I should come.. and also she says hi." She pulled up a chair, glancing toward Alex. Well. This was just going to be peachy.


"Oh yeah? I was a foster kid. Got to grow up in Hawaii in the end, so definitely lucked out on the climate side of the situation." Alex offers a quick grin with his small talk before shutting up to allow things to transition toward whatever the business at hand may be.

He glances back at Lorna and offers a faint smile, looking no more nor less burned out than when they bumped into one another recently. He's managed to find time to shave off the scruff, at least.


A tap of a nail to her glasses and Moira speaks, "Arthur, bring me folder EL-3L and an extra coffee if you would please."

Scott looks at Alex as Lorna seats herself, "Yeah, you could have ended up in Nebraska or Illinois."

"Lorna, we're likely not going to be here long enough to stay through Moira's tests. You'll have to find a way through Blink or Illyana to get out of here unless Moira has an option."

"I do if she really needs it but thats not a concern for the moment."

The door opens up and a young man with dark hair and the faint growings of a mustache walks in with a folder and a cup in hand. That cup set down in front of Lorna and the folder handed over to Moira, who just motions with a nod back to Lorna also, it's a file on her and clipped to the front is a questionaire. A pen clasped to the top also.

"Here you go." He says quietly before shuffling back out.
"You're a gem, Arthur, dear." The youth grins and vanishes.


Lorna patted down her packet, pulling out a thick, flip phone from her pocket and setting it on the table. "Yeah.. Clarice said she'd give me a portal back if I called her whenever I needed it." She shrugged weakly, looking vaguely off at the talk of how long the tests might go. Of course, then there was coffee and she wrapped her hands around it, tugging it closely as she sipped at the hot drink.

Green eyes lingering on Moira with a faint furrow of her brow.

Not for the last time, perhaps, Lorna is cursing the fact she was impatient and didn't wait for Marcos to come along too.


Alex keeps most of the confusion from his face, and restrains himself from asking about Clarice. No sense in outing himself as more of a newbie than he already has. He can't help but needle Lorna a bit, though: "Extensive testing day out on the rocky windswept coasts of Muir, hey?"

"Don't try to tell me Scott doesn't know how to plan a vacation, again." He nods knowingly to Lorna. This is certainly helping.


"I'm the best. Ask Jean some time but then, could factor in on some of the reasons she talks very little to me these days." Savage Land, always a fun trip to plan for. Discovered within the more recent years by the world at large it's become a hotspot of debate, SHIELD currently in control of the borders to it but that doesn't mean the X-Men haven't had their two and a half visits already.

"This times a lot less rainy. So its a pleasant day."

"That an attempt at humor, Scott?" Moira headshakes, "Fill that out where you can, Lorna. Once you're finished we'll step in to my lab and get these tests going. I've already been updated on your incident the other day." Yeah, Scott can be a busy-body where he finds it is required.
"Anything you wish to share with me can help of course."

Scott leans back in his chair, one ankle resting over opposing knee.


Lorna glanced at Alex from over the edge of the cup, a faint twitch of her lips following his joke. "Right out of a Sci-fi novel, right, Alex?" She drawled, leaning forward to take the offered folder with the list of questions attached. She glanced it over briefly, pursing her lips together.

Though a glance was spared for both of the Summer's brothers in turn again.

"Eh, Jean'll talk to you again Scott when you stop wearing socks with sandals to Genosha." She joked right back, clicking the pen and scribbling a few things out on the sheet of paper, trying and failing to hide how uncomfortable she was sitting there. By how many things she didn't know the answers to or wasn't entirely sure on.

Lorna thought about sharing the other incidents. The smaller ones. Where she'd bent lamp posts in surprise in Genosha. Where she'd dropped a boxcutter suddenly.. but didn't. She wasn't used to sharing such things, and even then.. She didn't particularly want to admit to Scott just how bad off her control was.


"Now -that- is the kind of thing growing up in Nebraska or Illinois gets you thinking is a good idea." Socks and sandals, indeed, the beach kid snorts. For the most part, though, Alex has decided to stick with keeping to himself and fidgeting a bit.

Talk about Power Incidents resulting in Extensive Testing don't sit all that comfortably with a guy who up until recently really did not have a great of control over whether or not he would plasma explode.


"I have never done this." Scott says defensively, "Rumors. Sick ones made up by you harpies just to keep us men humbled." A final drink of his coffee and he taps the side with a fingertip.

"I am sure, Scott. The Professor? How is he?"

"Ibiza last I knew. Again. He's staying busy and away, I'm not exactly sure where his head is at lately." It's true and its worrisome for more than just Cyclops. The man's immersed himself in travel and left everything in regards to the X-Men, the School on their shoulders. Fortunately they're capable of tackling it, they have been groomed for as much.

"I think we'll let you fly this time, Alex. At least until we hit North Africa." Scott grins.


Lorna glanced to Alex, sighing softly as she watched him. She knew that look, knew his own issues with his powers. It was one of the reasons why she'd admitted to him what was going on. She glanced back down at the paper, checking off a few boxes as she read it over. Her lips pursing together tightly as she finished off the page and set the whole thing down, sliding it toward Moira.

The talk of the Professor had her pursing her lips together, finding it odd that the man that had been so present for her high school career seemed to have utterly abandoned the school. Much like her father had abandoned the Brotherhood for a time. So strange that both men seemed so similar and yet so different.

"I'm done.. I guess.."


Alex's eyes widen by a significant margin. "Fly?" Huh, now there's a thing that didn't filter into his awareness of having the potential for happening. "Huh," he observes.

"Conditional: This means I get to tell any potential… ah," Lorna gets a sidelong glance. "…acquaintances I make on whatever road trip Logan's planning that I'm a jet pilot. And I'll give 'em your number for confirmation." Sometimes Alex is insecure enough that being blonde, blue-eyed, and square jawed just isn't quite enough to approach backwater bar women. Gotta be a jet pilot, too.


"You want to have women, ones you pick up or may pick up in seedy bars call your big brother to back your fighter pilot stories?" Scott stares, well, hes always staring but that red 'beam' past visor sits directly on Alex's face, he's straight faced as hes been outside of brief grins then sprouts another quick one, "Of course. It sounds like fun."

Pushing to a stand Scott shoves his chair back, "Besides, father would be amused. The two of us actually flying a plane instead of just pretending to."

"We should go and let Doctor MacTaggert and Lorna get on with their check up. I'm curious to the results, if its anythiing you're inclined to share, Lorna." Scott makes sure to add.

"Deliveries to be made, wingman backstories to hammer out and North African anti-air batteries to avoid." That last part added in for Alex's benefit of course.

Moira gives them both a smile, shes warmed to see the two of them together but the talk of the Professor gives an opening for a crease to appear on her brow, between painted on arches. "Goodbye, boys. Be safe."
"Lorna, first door on the right, come on in when you're ready." She takes up the paperwork, the file, even the pen and shoves it under her arm walking off to give them all a moment. Professional mode time.


Lorna exhaled a breath, a brow rising at Alex's comments about being a pilot and she rolled her eyes faintly. But even that faint hint of humor died as Scott rose to stand and depart, to leave her here alone. Her grip on the coffee faltered slightly, splashing slightly as she caught herself and cursed softly, licking it off the back of her hand.

She rose half way, forcing a smile. "Well, happy skies then.. I guess. Have fun.." She glanced toward Moira as the woman spoke of heading down the hall and her chest constricted.

"Yeah.. yeah.. okay.. right.. first door on the right."


It is rather routine, the questions Moira asks of Lorna once shes in there, family history largely skipped over and filled to a point that MacTaggert is already aware. The room, cold, sparse, medical equipment but 'extra', added machines that are large, they look like modern day torture devices covered in digital lightings, displays, screens and pads.

"Strip, climb in. Put your hand in that. Stop breathing. Look this way. Look that way." All very expected phrases. "This is going to be uncomfortable. This will be cold." Etc etc.

Perhaps an hour later, the final machine the large one where she is strapped in completely, stomach being projected on to a 3D imagery and Moria's face in a piece of googles that extend out of a console, turning knobs here and there, the light shes bathed in is warm, over colorful and she can see all manner of microbiological parts of her body enlarged, shown off. Even isolation of her mutant gene and something else. Something that doesn't quite match up. It's side by side with it.

Moira has been talkative throughout this, encouraging but once that was pulled in to full visual shes gone silent. "Hrm, I'm sorry but I will ask for more bloodwork before we're done for the night but we're almost there, dear. Just a few ticks more."

"Do you see it? This is you on the left, this is your child on the right."


Lorna was jumpy to say the least, and several times, things would bend, things would shake or tremble in relation to just how nervous Lorna was. The talking helped, the distraction of it. The fact that Rahne trusted Moira helped a little bit, when Lorna thought about it. Mostly the magnkinetic was quiet, thinking about how much she desperately wished someone else was there with her.

She hated labs. Hated being tested. Even though she knew it was necessary.

The last part had Lorna trying to keep her breathing calm, even. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Out again. She focused on that, so much so that she was surprised when Moira mentioned needing more bloodwork, the green haired woman couldn't help but twitch unhappily.

As Moira continued though, Lorna's brows furrowed as she glanced at the picture. She couldn't make heads or tails of the image. Even as Moira told her what it was. "And? Is it.. is it healthy?" Her voice trembled faintly, "Is something wrong with it?"


+MEET: Eclipse has arrived via +meet.


"Healthy absolutely. Wrong with it, that depends on who you want the opinion of. If you're asking me, nothing at all. Another of nature's great mysteries but there is something aberrant… peculiar." Moira thrusts her hands in to her labcoat and walks back and forth in front of Lorna, who suspended up in that machine can watch her, theres been a dizzying lightshow involved with some of the projected appendages, each a different coloration or type of focusing but it creates a gridwork of sensory, scans and projections that allows for MAD SCIENCE levels of analysis. Charles likely guilty of sparing some Shi'ar secrets at some point in time along with Lorna's own father's past contributions, mechanical-wise he was the best of the three of them. Still is to this day.

"There is only one other person I have ever seen with similar, your child is too new and underdeveloped at this point to get a full understanding or back any theories tonight is presenting me, at least for now. But there is a striking resemblence to Jamie Madrox, rudely I found the young man to be a sort of genetic throwback, a blur or hiccup in the typical expectations of mutants, third generations are proving to be something entirely new, more diverse. Your father, would say evolved. Considering further you and the father are both mutants. "
The woman trails off and looks at the displays again, quiet once more as if shes sorting her thoughts. Or just giving Lorna some time to absorb it all.


Lorna's brows furrowed, staring at the bright projection uncomfortably. She shifted, her hands curling and uncurling as she listened with an attentive ear. 'Aberrant' had her throat tightening, worry strong and fastly clenching her gut. It was hard, to choke off the worry before it got to fear, before she let her emotions run wild. In a lab with delicate machinery and electronics all around, one of her 'incidents' could ruin a whole lot of otherwise fragile equipment.

Even if part of her wanted to see it crushed.

"I don't understand.." She blinked, staring at the projection and then looking to Moira. She had no idea what was up with Jamie, why he'd even be mentioned. She didn't know about his powers being any different than the next mutant.

"What do you mean, exactly? Is it.. is it the baby that's making my powers … off?"


Marcos was there the whole time, standing a smal ways from Lorna and Moira so the doctor can do her work. A small sigh of worry from him when he hears that the baby may be a little…abbherant. He approaches Lorna then, giving her a look like he's there when she needs him, before he looks to the doctor.

"What do you mean, like Jamie?" Marcos asks almost in conjunction with Lorna, his arms crossed as he looks at the doctor….fairly hungry for answers.

"Given, I know Jamie's a special guy, but..why is our kid similar?" he asks her curiuosly, as she didn't exactly explain that part.


"What I am going to tell you can be quiet scary. So, as you know most mutants do not develop or exhibit powers until puberty, some not even until after that. The gift just one day usually inspired by great stress, trauma or some form of mental to physiological stimuli. Your child, is already showing a fully developed potential to use it's mutant powers."
Moira is not moving back and forth anymore, she is looking at Polaris, "The thesis I read, buried now, lost in some library in London and coming to mind now only because of this instance, talked about a belief that all unborn mutant infants can potentially awaken, which would classify them as a sort of changeling, I know, a romantic notion. The writer of this was from a different time, I assume when stories of Dracula and faeries were the rave with literature… "

Moira's brows arch again, high in the center it makes her look haughty, "I suppose in an around the tree and back again way, yes, the baby is likely the culprit here, it's making its presence known and showing us how very little we know about mutants. You come from a powerful line, I know next to nothing about the father, but what I do know about /yours/." She lifts her hands out of her labcoat pockets and waves them each way, "it is a scary situation, I know, there is potential if your baby is manifesting so young that its showing in its way through your own gifts, there is also the possibility that this could be very dangerous to both of you. If its powers are lets say, superhumanly strong or a atmospheric manipulator or a pyrotechnic, you may be in great danger but nature does not come without it's insurances, its failsafes, and us mothers are impressive creatures. I worry less honestly for you than I do those around you."

Moira has almost forgotten that Marcos entered, maybe lost in her own work and dialogue or this moment in time, perhaps it is simply just late but a second one arriving through Blink's teleportation and joining them is not an unheard thing for sure.

"A genetic variance to a degree we're still discovering what truly he is in a line up alongside his own kind. When he is being favorable enough to let us. To say he is 'like' Jamie though is saying a moose is the same as a cow. He is simply my closest reference, the requested bloodwork and some exchange with my peers in this subject will yield more. Your child though, it may very well fall under a new classification, one that /since/ Jamie, I have yet encountered." The woman sighs, her fingers smoothing over her cheek and jawline. Smudging make up earlier applied.


Lorna glanced at Marcos, exhaling a breath, her brows furrowed as they had been. She swallowed a hard lump that had formed in her throat as she listened, and her father's words came back to haunt her. 'Your powers manifested early, well beyond anything expected… Some children may even manifest as early as in the womb..'

"My powers manifested when I was three." She whispered, her voice soft. As she stared at the projection.

Her father had to have suspected. When she's said she felt the child.

Green eyes flickered back to Moira, and she shifted in the machine.

"..My siblings, my half-siblings.. I don't know when they manifested…" She continued to speak softly, and shifted uncomfortably in the machine once more.

"Can.. can I get out of this now? Please?"


Marcos sighs a moment as he hears Moira's words….he and Lorna's kid could have manifested powers -that- fast? wow…."My powers manifested when I was young too…though.." he looks to Lorna then, clearly a little shaken that she could be placed in danger due to the child.

But he takes a breath, moving up to Lorna to lift a hand to hold hers, looking then to Moira. "Help me get her out of the machine." he says as if asking nicely first -before- he considers blasting it to pieces. "Well…we always said the kid would be special." he tries to make light of the situation with humor…though he is very serious.


A button by the console Moira is near depresses and the appendages and harness holding Lorna aloft releases allowing her the ability to climb down easily.
"Early, incredibly. Not something that is considered a standard, the younger and younger manifestations of mutants showing powers is alarming and also, could ultimately be leading to your own child. Marvel at the idea that future generations begin to exhibit powers while in womb." It's a thing to fathom, on multiple levels. None of them good as far as the doctor is concerned.

"May I see your arm?" A small handheld white 'taser' looking object held up, she'll not wait though a simple lean past Marco's and a light 'prick' to Lorna's shoulder, blood fills it quickly with a pull. She shakes it as if that will allow her to see in to the liquid, to see its secrets. "Thats all I require of you. Scott did inform me two of those uniforms out front were meant for you and Marcos also. Form fitted it will change with your stages of pregnancy, the protection offered is important I assume as you apparently insist on staying in Genosha with your father." Choice words Moira has there but she refrains from them.
"Special, yes." Moira repeats after Marcos.


Lorna's hands were chilly when Marcos reached up for her hand. She shifted again as the machinery lowered down to the ground and she climbed out, shivering faintly as she looked down at her still flat stomach. Her free hand pressed against it, swallowing hard again as she got up. "But most mutations aren't that strong.. less than one percent are supposed to be on mine or Marcos' levels.." She glanced to Marcos, giving his hand a squeeze.

Then Moira was coming over and pressed the white thing against her arm to draw more blood. She winced, and a small 'ow' escaped her as Moira drew it back. She looked uncomfortable with the idea of leaving anything behind, her DNA, her blood. She'd had too many stories of her father's in her ear about human labs and tests. Though Moira was at least kindly and trusted by the X-men. That had to be enough.

"I have my own suit already.." She muttered, pursing her lips in faint annoyance. Though Marcos was damn well going to get the new one.


Marcos gave her hands a warm squeeze, letting the warmth help her out from the cold…though when she returned the squeeze, he smiled. THis situation certainly held him in deep concern…But alas, he comforts Lorna until she is released from her metallic prison. Giving a raised brow kind of look to Moira as she drew blood from Lorna, he seemed to have his attention lifted when Moira mentions suits.

"Oh…I get a suit?" of course he gets a suit! Marcos felt giddy like a little boy dreaming of heroes. Regardless, he smiles to her. "Thanks. Though Lorna has a suit, we'll take one just to have an extra on hand." because you must -always- be prepared!


"Is that so?" Moira asks about reference to how strong they may or may not be. "We're working with a twenty year publicized discovery, there is a lot we do not yet know."
"The strength of your mutations in relation to the rest of known mutants is largely unimportant in this matter, you could both simply be able to change the color of your skin and the variables still leave so much in question. We'll do what we can in the meanwhile to determine more that can be of use, priority concern is the safety of your child and it's mother." She smiles, finally some warmth in the woman.

"Take them or don't. They were offered by Scott and I simply carried on his request. It would appear the man's more inclined to give politeness your way through a proxy." A curious look at that intended more for Lorna than Marcosbefore she tucks the blood sample in to her labcoat with her hands, "Curious as I am about that. It is also not my business, I am going to go run some more tests and I'll get with you about the results as soon as I know anything more."
A card is produced from her other pocket, held between two fingers and handed to Marcos, "Email, number, add me and send me your information so I can contact both of you."


Lorna shifted and shrugged as she leaned against Marcos, her hand holding onto his as if it were a life line. The warmth of his person a welcome comfort after being in the cold machine for however long. "I mention the strength.. based only on what my father said. With the incident and how much could go bad.. what would you recommend?" She pursed her lips together.

"If this is what happens with third generation mutants.. then maybe the rest of the population won't be as bad off if their powers are.. uhm.. less destructive.." She shrugged, and pushed her hair back behind an ear, watching Moira with her blood sample closely.

"Marcos can give you the information. I don't keep electronics on me that often. I tend to fry them. Not much point if my powers … are wonky."


Marcos happily wraps his arms around Lorna as she clings to him, smiling to her softly as his body heat does it's work. When Moira arrives and produces a card, Marcos takes it and looks it over..completely. a habit of his, not that he didn't trust the good doctor.

"Thanks. We'll let you know if we need any help. and we'll be on standby when you have something for us." a kind smile from him then before he looks to Lorna, fingers combing through her hair. "Heh…maybe."

His attention returns to Moira when Lorna asks her question, as if curious to know the answer himself.


"Short of locking you away in a room with only padded walls for companionship until your child is born? Nothing. Just exercise caution, stay away from large crowds, keep clear of any hazardous situations, avoid alcohol, some wine may not hurt here and there, don't quit exercising, avoid cheese, no smoking and take your vitamins." Moira apparently possess a sense of humor in that tired exterior.
"Be mindful too, do your very best to gauge your child's mood."

"Wonky, they will be for some time. Possibly even after you have delivered. Lets simply hope for the best and remember, nothing about this is normal, nothing can be anticipated so expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

"It is late, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and despite my eagerness to put what you've given me under more scopes, I am useless in less than fifteen minutes, also quite cranky." And very soon incredibly drunk. Moira is no slouch on the alcohol department these days.

That card a simple MRC business card, Doctor Moira MacTaggert and the location, plus number to the desk, her number and emails. Nothing fancy.

"Have a good night the both of you and… good luck."

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