The Princess and the Captain

January 30, 2018:

HoM: Marcos awakens in another version of the world, and knows something is wrong.



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The world was ruled by mutants and those with powers. The capital of most of the world, as well as the center of wealth and power, was Genosha. The island citadel of House Magnus, ruled by King Magnus and his children. SHIELD headquarters were the flying fortresses, though the Red Guard, Magnusa particular enforcing arm of SHIELD, lived and served the palace proper.

These were the elite, the powerful, the ones that proved their loyalty and power time and again. (Even if there were tiny tracking chips implanted at the base of their skulls.) They were trusted to guard, and protect the royal family and carry out their orders.

Marcos Diaz had served well and long in the House of Magnus, carrying a distinguished and famed reputation. He served in the mutant wars when Magneto called to arms, and with his aid, the House of Magnus was able to better bring to heel the Southern American countries through his network within the Cartels there.

Despite the fact that head married a human, Carmen Guerra during that time, the two were years separated. Carmen stayed in Colombia, Marcos, to Genosha. A divorce parted them soon after.

It was in one of handful of battles over the years, head managed to save the life of Magnus’s youngest daughter, Princess Lorna Dane. A few plastic explosives planted in beneath a parade route had collapsed the subways beneath the streets in New York once. The two had been trapped beneath rubble and cement. And a relationship had formed.

All of this and more intimate details of this life would blurr over Marcosa waking mind, feeling dream-like and insubstantial compared to what he knew would be true.

A creak of the mattress would wake him, the feeling of a body rising and the ruffle of clothing. The very same Princess he knew, Lorna, got up rising and bending to pick up discarded clothes. Long green hair cascaded down her back in an emerald tumble, and she glanced back at him with a faint smirk. “Well, that was fun, Captain Diaz.” She drawled, “But I have to go handle cake orders for the gala next week.”


Marcos awakened next to Lorna…though he believed for a few moments that this world was real..and the other was a dream. He looked upon the form of Lorna attempting to put her clothes back on as she tries to head out. "It was. Maybe next time we can have dinner first? I make a mean cuisine." He teases her softly as he rolls out of bed to put his pants back on as get out of bed, looking at Lorna dreamily. "Need help, Princess?" Says Captain Diaz before he pauses in his step, an immediate awareness taking place in his mind that was completely unfamiliar with this place….

This wasn't real.

He looked around then…he had the memories of both worlds, his eyes scanning about the area as if to put his thoughts into order.

"…weird." He murmurs to himself.


Lorna glanced back at him, a silken halter top of purple hooked into place and she smirked at him. "I'm sure it would be lovely, but you know my schedule better than most. Dinners are always a formal affair with my father." She drawled lightly, bending to slip into a skirt with a thigh high slit. The material a matching silk of purple hue, embroidered with gold and silver all over.

"The last time you helped me get dressed, I was late to the opening of the Nue Mutant Art Exhibit. No, you can keep your hands to yourself this time." She teased, leaning forward to press a kiss to his cheek.


Marcos was brought out of his gaze by Lorna's voice, smiling to her warmly as she admits that dinners are for formal affairs that more often than not involve her father. He remembers being afraid of Magneto, despite never having a reason to die to the strong comraderie between them. A chuckle for Lorna when she kissed his cheek.

His forehead touched hers, looking right into her eyes with a soft sigh. "I'll miss you….see you tonight?" He asked her curiously. Definitely wasn't hard to see that Marcos was in love with Lorna…

Maybe he can ask Magneto to ask a favor….


Marcos was brought out of his gaze by Lorna's voice, smiling to her warmly as she admits that dinners are for formal affairs that more often than not involve her father. He remembers being afraid of Magneto, despite never having a reason to die to the strong comraderie between them. A chuckle for Lorna when she kissed his cheek.

His forehead touched hers, looking right into her eyes with a soft sigh. "I'll miss you….see you tonight?" He asked her curiously. Definitely wasn't hard to see that Marcos was in love with Lorna…

Maybe he can ask Magneto for a favor….


Lorna patted his cheek, smiled and turned away with a flick of her long green hair back over her shoulder. "Doubt it, I think you'll be too busy. A bunch of humans raided that prison in New York. Lot of good people dead. My brother wants to have an announcement and push for an emergency council meeting. He wants Sapien town raided for rebels. I think you'll have your Red Guard duties to handle. Seems pretty bad." She made a sympathetic sound at the back of her throat.

"And I've got a list of would be suitors to handle. Father wants my thoughts on it by the end of the week." A twitch of a smile at that. The list, as it was referred to, came and went over time. Magneto had been trying to cajole Pietro and Lorna both for some time into arranged marriages. Without much success, but it was increasingly clear the older King wasn't always going to push it off.

"Maybe in a few days, when our schedules are free."


Marcos looks at Lorna for a moment before he remembers this is a correct news statement…he received multiple reports of that situation, known foes like Batman and Deathstroke had raided the facility.

On the other hand, Marcos never liked Pietro because he's kind of an asshole. But he was still the crown prince, as it were. Marcos nods a few times then, chuckling to her softly.

His hand caressed her long green locks, fingers massaging her scalp…but he seemed to visibly frown when she speaks of going through a list of suitors.


"…what? I mean, arn't we..?" Then he just looks severely confused and troubled, standing up for a moment as things become clearer. "I need air." It looks like he was having a mild panic attack. Uncharacteristic of him, given his fame for his unshakable courage and resolve.



Lorna busied herself with putting on her heels, fixing her hair and earrings. All to make sure that no one would notice just what she'd been up to after breakfast and before lunch.

It was routine at this point, sneaking away from a less pressing duty to find a way to steal some time with Eclipse for a time. It had been going on for years at this point, it wasn't new. And had never developed beyond that. She's taken great pains to avoid having anyone know or find out. She had a reputation to maintain, she if she wanted any more power? She had to remain the perfect little princess of House Magnus. Unlike others in her household.

Still, Marcos' voice had her turning back to him, arching an eyebrow upwards. "Hmm?" A smile curved at her lips, and she rolled her shoulders back as she adjusted the thick gold bangle at her wrist. "Are you okay? I hope I didn't surprise you about your orders.. you should know them already."


Marcos and Lorna's little affair was something he also worked hard to keep quiet. Even if she didn't love him, and this was just an infatuated fling, Marcos felt strongly…though as Lorna asked him if he was find and if he knew his orders, he nods. "I know my orders…" though on the question of if he was okay, he shook his head.

"I don't know….have…" he looks to Lorna. "Do you feel like…strange? Like this shouldn't be here?" He asks curiously, gesturing to the room.


Lorna's brow furrowed ever so slightly at his expression, her head tilting to the side. "Uh.. what do you mean, strange? What shouldn't be here?" She smiled faintly, if not confusedly, looking around as he gestured to the world at large.

"Are you okay? Something go wrong your last mission or something?" She reached out for his shoulder, concern etched on her expression.

"You can tell me, I won't laugh. I promise."


Marcos looked at her…he didn't know if he was losing his mind, or if this was a real problem. Just the other day, he and Lorna were talking about what color hair their kid might have…but then he wakes up here.

Her touch comforted him more than she'll ever know. He looked her in the eyes then. "I don't even know how to explain it…but….this world…may not be real. I have memories of another life…a place and time different from this one…I know I sound batshit crazy." He looks completely beside himself. "In that world….you and I were.." He doesn't go further. She already might think he's bonkers…

But Marcos has never lied or kept things from her.


Lorna frowned faintly, letting her hand fall away as she watched him. "Did you get hit with a psonic attack? Because, Marcos that's uh.. a little far fetched. You know?" She didn't say crazy. Didn't remark on how scarily similar it was to her older sister's ramblings in the tower. No one spoke of Wanda. No one.

"Go visit the SHIELD head quarters. They can help with things like that. You need to take care of yourself. Okay? I'll make sure the orders get there. Take some time off. Go fishing." She smiled faintly, a hooded worried look in her green eyes.

She didn't laugh, didn't scorn him. But was worried about his mental health.


Marcos listened to her words as she spoke, but he shook his head "No…no this was as clear to me as you are now it was…I don't know, but I need answers. I can't…" He takes a deep breath. Compose yourself Diaz. You didn't brave every terror in the war just to break now.

When SHIELD is mentioned, Marcos looks opposed. "No…they'd put me in a cage and tell me to lie down. Nothing will get done." He runs a hand through his hair. "Yeah…yeah maybe I just need a day..but it was all so..perfectly clear." He looks at Lorna then.

"I lived a life there, Lorna…I remember it all. What's crazier?" He speaks softly. "We were engaged. Child on the way..we lived at s mansion in WestChester part time..while also living here, in Genosha." That adds some gravity.

"Lorna…I'm not crazy…but I -need- to know the truth. If this place is real…what happened..I.." He stops talking.

"I've said too much, more than you should concern yourself with…apologies Princess." And he moves as if to claim his armies jacket befitting of his station.


Lorna blinked repeatedly, staring at Marcos in shock as he spoke about some strange 'other world'. Her mouth fell open at his tale and she couldn't help but gape at the oddness of it all. How bizarre it was. She shut her mouth as he said he wasn't crazy, she see took a step back as he corrected himself.

She was definitely going to report him. Perhaps she'd been too cruel in keeping their affair for as long as she had. Perhaps the balance had been too much for him. Possibly, he'd been hit by some telepath and just didn't want to admit how scrambled he'd been. Either way, out of compassion, she believed.. She was going to give word to his director.

She smiled though, tucking her hands behind her back. "You're fine, Captain. Take what time you need. The palace will still be here when you get back from your vacation. Go somewhere nice." She smiled once more, waved and made to leave.


Marcos knew she was going to report him…she wasn't the woman he knew. He puts on his coat as he looks around their room once more…in case he doesn't see it again. Though when she calls him Captain, he shakes his head. "It's Marcos…I'm not even sure what that title means for me until I figure this out." He walks before stopping at the door. He pondered telling her the name of the unborn child…the name only they could ever know. But he sighs shakily.

"somewhere nice…collect my thoughts.." and he leaves Lorna before she leaves the room, taking an opposite turn from her.

What the Fuck was going on?!

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