At What Cost?

January 28, 2018:

Marcos and Lorna talk about her powers going out of control, and it goes roughly.



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Light streamed in the early morning, a lazy morning, as life went in Genosha. Lorna was up already, moving around in the suite of rooms that her father had given her when they'd moved to the Spire. It was all cream colored, and dark woods. A variation of the same motif Magneto had chosen for his study.

Lorna had been gone the previous day to Westchester, and had come back looking more than a little panicked. But she didn't share what had occured. Merely played card games with Darcy as the human woman had forced Lorna to sit down and eat something.

Lorna and Marcos had effectively 'made up', but there was a new coolness in her movements. A new distance that had started to form. She was there, affectionate, and just as passionate a lover, but there was a fragile sort of lack of something. And it was hard to put to words.

Lorna made her way to the sitting room, the door soundlessly swinging open as she stepped out of the bedroom to the other room with only a creak of wooden floor boards.


Marcos had been sitting there reading a book, clearly awaiting Lorna's return. He knew something was….different. While they had made up, Marcos knew the trust between them had virtually died. and it was his doing. So he takes a deep breath, and when she enters, he walks out of the room to greet her.

"Welcome back. Safe trip?" he asks her, looking her over virtually everywhere because you just never know. He reached for one of her hands, looking at her with a soft smile. "I missed you, Lorna. Come, sit down and tell me about it."

He would return to his seat then, watching the news on the television…which Marcos had fixed up because Lorna kinda fried it.


Lorna frowned faintly at the sound of the TV in the background. Signal in Genosha was spotty at best, though Magneto certainly ensured a steady signal for the Spire.. Lorna often fried the connections when she was pissed. Marcos' entry had her glancing up from kicking off her boots, as he came over and took her by the hand to tug her back to sit down.

"Not much to talk about." She offered, though she moved along with his movements to settle down beside him.

"Darcy is calling the baby 'The Little Lodestone'," She drawled light enough in voice, arching a green eyebrow upwards as she inhaled a deep breath and released it.

"Scott might be a bit pissed… though.. about stuff.." She grumbled. She knew if she didn't speak to what had happened, someone would tell Marcos. It was only a matter of time.


Marcos smiles softly to her, claiming her hand and intertwining his fingers with his own. "Hm, fair enough. Thought I'd ask anyway." he looks her right in the eyes then, deep affection apparent. He does laugh a little bit at Darcy's apparent naming of their child.

"HAH! Lodestone. Well, I wouldn't put it beneath Darcy to call it that." He moves their hands to her stomach, love still in his eyes. "…do you think it'll look more like you, or me?" he teases her softly.

"I think he's always secretly pissed of…but..what kind of stuff?" and there's the trust game. or simply necessity. "…you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."


Lorna smiled as Marcos laughed about the nickname. She loved the nickname in all honesty, finding it adorable and apt given all the trouble the little thing had caused for her already. Even as he moved their woven hands to the small rise of her stomach, it wasn't particularly obvious. A slow progression, the slope of her waist was changing, her hips widening ever so faintly.

"I dunno. My family has a dominant trait it seems of hair colors changing. We might end up with a kid with strange colored hair." She mused faintly.

Her smile dropped though as she considered what to tell Marcos. She became quiet for a long time, almost as if she wouldn't speak at all.

"…We were investigating a mall.. There were some Purifier fliers and signs up.. I.. I dunno what happened, Marcos." She sighed once more. "I went from being pissed to suddenly feeling sick to my stomach and losing control of my powers. Scott thinks it's the baby."


Marcos listened to her closely as she describes that their child may have a weird hair color, but he says one thing in response, despite his smile. "and we won't make them hide it either. You look beautiful with green hair." he compliments her. "…I wonder if they'll have blue hair maybe? or even orange?" he considers the possibility with a big smile.

"Ah….that explains that." he says then for a moment, looking forward, his hand feeling the skin of her stomach while still entangled with her own hand. "It could be the child…if it is because of that, be very careful Lorna." he looks at her with concern then, before looking ahead.

"Well…least life stays exciting right?" he says trying to get her to smile again.


Lorna shrugged, "Maybe? But we've got white hair and green hair in my family tree. Pietro, has white, my father has white.. we thought his hair changed when he manifested as mine did. As it was some kind of a magnetic reaction. I dunno. Pietro isn't like that.." She sighed heavily, even his compliments about her hair wasn't enough to gain a smile. She just looked concerned.

His words about the baby, his concern, had her features twisting. Her lips pursed and her hands closed tightly over his own. "I didn't have control over it. It was beyond what my powers are Marcos. Careful doesn't mean all that much.. But so long as I'm here, Magneto can stop anything else from happening." Her gaze lurched up to his features.

"Scott wanted me to take the Blackbird to see Moira MacTaggert.. a doctor. About the baby. I just.. I can't get into another plane, Marcos. Not with my powers .. being problematic.. and I don't want to be poked and prodded as a test subject." She hissed.


Marcos chuckles a little bit as she contemplated the color of hair that their child may have…because LOrna's family just has a history of interesting hair colors. Regardless, he's quite serious as he sees that he may not be able to get Lorna out of her own head.

"I know, Lorna..I know. Some reason it just helps me feel better." he says with a nervous laughter, his hand gripping hers tightly in response to her grip tightening over his.

"Then we won't take the blackbird. Can we enlist Illyana to lend a hand?" he knows how her mother died, so he definitely won't push the issue of plane flights.


Lorna leaned against him, settling her head on his shoulder. "Scott doesn't think it's good for the baby for me to continue to go through Limbo." She muttered, it was a fair point, but for Lorna she trusted Illyana and that was that. If something horrible was going to happen by taking her unborn child through Limbo? She figured the blonde would have said something before.

A grimace pulled at her lips and she ran her thumb over his hands. "Do you think I should see the doctor?"


Marcos leaned against Lorna, his head resting on her own as he takes a small breath. "hm…that makes things complicated. But if there was a problem, Illyana would have told you. She's one of our best friends." he says then with a soft smile. Though when asked about if she should go to a doctor, he grabs her hand then in deep love.

"I don't know. But…if the child may be putting you in danger, or even vice versa…I think, for the sake of knowing, we should go." yes, he said we. He's not leaving her side again willingly or without necessity.

His fingers intertwined with hers further as she rubbed a thumb on his hand, his own thumb rubbing hers.


Lorna closed her eyes as she listened to his voice, that calming sound. Marcos was home. Marcos was that warm feeling of safety and comfort. A sigh escaped her and she lifted her head from his shoulder. "I don't like the idea of anyone poking and prodding.. and running tests.. Marcos. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like a science experiment." Her lips twisted and her grip on his hands remained tight and unyielding. She was scared. Scared of the unknown.

Even if Moira was a good friend of the X-men and was completely trusted. The idea, creeped her out.


Marcos nods a few times as he eventually wraps his arm around her to hold her close as he looked her in the eyes, stealing a kiss from her. "Lorna…I'm with you every step of the way. If you don't feel comfortable, then we won't do it. I merely suggest that we do because I think it'd be smart." he grabs her hand with the same strength that she grabs his. "Hey…" another kiss stolen.

"Don't be afraid of the unknown."


Lorna returned the kiss with a strained sort of manner. Her hands untangled from his to frame his face, and she leaned forward, pushing for more, as if to seal away the panic that built inside her.

She leaned away, breathless. Her chest rose and fell as she leaned her forehead against his, her eyes screwed up as she struggled for words.

"What are we going to do if I lose control, Marcos? Completely? If I'm away from Magneto.. who could stop me? How? Without harming the baby?"


Marcos hums into her kisses, surprised that she chased him for more after they broke away. his arms wrap around Lorna's form to hold her close to him as they kissed, and once it ended, Marcos found his forehead against Lorna's…a perfect place for it to be.

"You won't." he says confidently. "I have faith in you Lorna..I trust you. I will make sure you don't lose control." he promises her, looking her in the eyes. "Trust me." a kindness then as he took a breath, happy in her loving embrace.


Lorna broke away from Marcos' embrace as he spoke the words 'trust me'.

‘Trust me’

She pursed her lips together, turning away from him as she made to get up and off the couch. "You couldn't do anything to stop me if I lost control Marcos. You wouldn't be able to stop me. You wouldn't be able to prevent me from destroying everything in a mile radius. What could you do?" She sneered, her lips twisting in anger. Fear.

"Scott couldn't do anything. Rogue had to fly me a mile into the air to keep me from destroying everything."


Marcos seems surprised as she ripped away from him and started to get pissy with him. His eyes narrowed. "Who ever said I'd be alone? Have you so easily lost trust of your allies?" he bites back, eyes looking right into hers. "We -will- find a way. Even if you don't think we will. Sure as hell wouldn't be the first time we did the unthinkable."


Lorna crossed her arms around her waist, her lips thinned as she paced, looking back to Marcos. "I destroyed cars, and almost took out a whole shopping mall." She exhaled a trembling breath. "I crushed a hospital bed. It could have gone so much worse Marcos! I could've brought down most of the Mansion. And what can be done then?" She twisted around, looking at him. And it was clear just how much of her anger was growing from panic. From fear. From a deep set loathing at herself. Her shoulders trembled faintly. And it was clear she was driving herself to that tipping point once more.

"Rogue refused to use her powers on me, worried it would hurt the baby Marcos. Who else would refuse to shut me down? At what cost?"


Marcos just looked her in the eyes, but when he sees her starting to panic from deep seated fear and anxiety, he rose to his feet and put his hands on her shoulders, he said nothing…until he pulled her into his arms, wrapping those arms around her to hug her. "Lorna…you are much braver than that. Stop worrying." is all he says then, knowing that he can calm her down, attempting to pull her back from that breaking point from which she could never return from.

"No matter what happens…we'll get through it together."


Lorna sagged against him, heavily, her arms reflexively tightening around him. She breathed in the smell of him as her features buried against his shirt. "I felt everything far beyond what I normally could, Marcos. I felt the wires, the electricity, the metal.. I could feel it all." She whispered against him. "It was unlike anything I've ever sensed. And it was all at once."

What she didn’t say, was that it had been heady. Beyond the fear, beyond the panic.. It had been so much more…

Her head lifted and she inhaled, and slowly exhaled once more. The panic lessened, the little knot of fear loosening inside her.

A weak smile tugged at her lips, her eyebrows furrowing. "You're crazy for putting up with me, you know that, right?" She whispered, a hand rising to press against his cheek.


Marcos keeps his arms wrapped tightly around her, hearing her words with a small nod of his head before she lifts her head to look at him, his eyes looking at her as he keeps her in that loving embrace.

"I know I am…but I wouldn't have it any other way." he smiles warmly to her, his head leaning forward so his lips can touch hers. "I love you. I meant it then, and I mean it now. I'm with you to the end of the line."

Then the warmest smile is given to her.


Lorna sighed softly, brushing her thumb over the stubble of his cheek. "I'll go to the Doctor's.. and talk to Scott." She whispered, discomfort in her voice as she looked down under that warm and loving gaze.

"I'm not going to like it, but .." She sigh. "I'll do it." She grabbed his hands, squeezing them gently in her own.

"I can't… I can't be a danger to others and still be able to work on making Genosha the future.."


Marcos nods a few times to her then as he caresses her scalp, fingers combing through her hair. "I'll be with you." he says as he agrees that they should both go to see Mactaggert. "Thank you for playing it safe…you can get back at me later."

a kindness in his tone as his fingers laced with hers, his eyes looking into her own as he snuck a kiss. "I love you, Lorna. After the appointment, we'll come right back."


Lorna sighed heavily, but smiled as she leaned against his hands as he smoothed them against her scalp. She closed her eyes briefly, swallowing a thickness that formed in the back of her throat. She kissed him back, blindly, and a weak, crooked, smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Marcos knew why she'd panicked so much over getting into the Blackbird. He understood, her panic and fear. Despite it all, at least he understood her..

They had that.

"I love you too." She murmured softly.

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