Go Fish

January 27, 2018:

Darcy and Lorna have a chat about her powers, the baby and play cards.

Genosha, Lorna's chambers


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With the boxes unpacked, Darcy moves into the suite with a tray of foodstuffs from her baby-approved list, and two new items for Lorna to try, just to see if Lodestone'll let her have it. She'd slipped off, back to Westchester, for a few hours yesterday, to pick up some things and to get some wifi to send emails and pictures, but now she's back.

"So, I was thinking we could lounge around and play cards or something," she says as she makes her way over.


Lorna looked up from whatever it was she'd been reading. It wasn't as if the TV worked here yet, much less the spotty internet. It was sometimes up, sometimes not. So the green haired woman was forced to read. This was some thick looking college textbooks. Theories in Physical Sciences. She too had been to Westchester yesterday.. of course, that had ended with slipping through the portal in the basement while Scott readied the Blackbird. Determined to bring her to Moira for tests.

Lorna had refused to get in a plane, with her powers acting up, and with her past experience with planes and people that couldn't fly under their own power? She wasn't interested in risking it again.

Yet while here in Genosha, her powers had been fine. No strange occurances. No leaps of sudden anger and fear making things break or bend unintentionally. She had been quiet and had kept to herself for most of the day, curled up on the cream colored sofa her father had doubtlessly ordered when the Spire had been finished and furnished. All of the furniture was far too fancy for Lorna's tastes.

"Sure. Cards can't hurt." She offered, shutting the book with a thick plop of paper against paper.


"And munchies," Darcy adds, settling the tray down with Lodestone approved food things closer to Lorna than the unknown items. The deck of cards is pulled from its box and shuffled.

"How ya feeling?"


Lorna shifted forward, grabbing a piece of toast, it had been safe in the past, and slathered with jam and peanut butter. She shrugged, and grabbed some iced tea as well. All safe. All boring. At least she'd keep it down. "Thanks Darcy." She murmured, sipping at her drink as she shifted forward to look at the deck of cards.

"What are we playing?" She asked with a loft of her eyebrow. Her voice had been softer, she'd been more withdrawn. Worried. Since she'd gotten back from Westchester.


It's that worry that has Darcy worried. She's done as much research as she could while she had wifi service over there, but it wasn't enough and she had no real answers for her friend. Not in the baby department, not in the political department. The best she had was a text from her SO telling her to consider herself out of bubble gum.

At least Darcy knew that SOMEONE in SHIELD had her back for what she was doing. It meant that MAYBE she'd still have a job when she got home.

"I was thinking either Egyptian Rat Screw or Blackjack, because I suck at poker."


Lorna shrugged, lightly as she sipped at her ice tea and nibbled at the edge of the toast. Scott had known where to get answers. But some part of Lorna had been scared, terrified that it was the baby causing her have power fluctuations on the level that almost had her taking out a strip mall of Purifiers. She hadn't cared too much about that part in retrospect. But the fact that she'd been unable to control how her powers had just… bubbled to the surface? That had scared her.

Almost as much as the thought of someone poking around at her to try to figure out what was wrong.

At least here in Genosha, her father was here. And Magneto could clamp down on her powers at anytime. Stop her from losing control, and no hurt the baby.

In her book, that was a good enough solution.

"I dunno how to play either of those."


"Rat Screw's a game of speed and visual recognition. We each get half the deck,and then put cards down face up one at a time. If there's a pair, first person to slap their hand down on the pile takes the whole thing. Face card, and we have to hope to put down another face card or the other person gets the pile. The objective is the get all the cards," Darcy explains her favorite college card game.


Lorna frowned faintly, "It sounds like Slap-Jack. Where you get half the deck, we each put a card down. Highest card number wins. If there's a Jack, the first person to slap it, gets to keep him. I think.." Her brows furrowed. "Or we keep putting cards down till one of us puts down a Jack. I don't remember.. I played it a lot in elementary school." She mused and shrugged.

"Either one is fine with me, I guess. Though Rat Screw's might be hard to keep from knocking over food." She teased, "Why not Go Fish?"


"I can move the tray, ya know!" Darcy retorts, sticking a tongue out. Slap Jack does sound like Rat's Screw, and so Darcy nods. Something like that.

"And Go Fish is more fun with more people. Though it's like Poker in that there's some bluffing involved and I suck at that."


Lorna smiled faintly at Darcy as the woman offered to move the tray and stuck her tongue out. "Well, what if I want to keep eating? Go Fish lets me keep eating and not have to put down my ice tea and toast." The smile warmed into a grin as she sipped at said tea and Darcy complained about sucking at poker.

"I have a pretty damn good poker face if I have to. I beat Alex all the time back in High School." Her smile faded somewhat as she mentioned the younger Summer's brother. "I hope he's alright.. I haven't seen him since Nate screamed out that I was 'preggers' in front of him." She grumbled.


"I'm still kicking Nate's ass for that," Darcy retorts, relenting to Lorna about the card game and dealing out for Go Fish.

"I swear to Jesus, that boy has the self-preservation of a lemming…. common sense of one too," she adds, reaching to the try to collect a small thing to munch on.

"I'll keep an eye out for Alex though, if you want me to?" is offered along with Lorna's hand of cards.


Lorna nodded, and sighed, picking up the cards as Darcy dealt them out. "Yeah, well, it's not really his fault. It's mine for waiting so long to tell Alex. I should've… said something sooner. I just.. I didn't want to hurt him. He doesn't know about the wedding.. and I just.." Her expression crumbled.

"He was my first love, and the man of a lot of firsts. He matters to me. Even if we broke up on a rather sour note. I mean.. I care. I want him to be happy. I'll always have feelings for him. And he's just so.." Fragile? Sensitive? A Summers?

"I asked Scott to keep an eye on him. More eyes can't hurt at least." She wrinkled her nose up again.

"Though Scott will likely just come off as being too much of an overprotective big-brother.."


"First loves are always important," replies Darcy, voice soft, wistful. It's not typical for the brash, loud, often highly inappropriate human woman.

"I'll smack Nate and make sure Alex is alright without coming off as the over protective big brother," Darcy states with a wink.

"Got any fours?"


Lorna grimaced, faintly, knowing that Darcy meant Pietro. Her brother. That had been on the island and now knew that Magneto was his father.. who had gone back to New York. Despite her best efforts to keep him on the island where he'd be safe and out of the limelight. Away from his war to hurt others. It was a failure on her part that she took personally.

Still, a huff of a breath, and Lorna passed over a four to Darcy.

"Thanks. I appreciate it." She looked down at her hand held back a sigh.

"Scott wants me to get tests done.. for the baby.."


Darcy did mean Pietro. Young and bright, full of life, mercurial and eager to please, as quick with a joke and a smile as he was with his hands. She hasn't run into this Pietro. Just the one in that weird alternate dimension. It had left her saying her silent but rather final farewells to the Pietro she had known… and cementing the world of hate she had for Apocalypse for having taken that young man from her life.

Darcy was a better person for having known him.

Four taken, Darcy sorts her hand.

"Sounds reasonable. Moose had to go to the doctor every weeks when she was a pasta sauce."


Lorna's grimace didn't lift as she looked up at Darcy. "Got any twos?" She asked, arching a brow as she shifted her grip on her hand and finished off her toast, clapping off crumbs onto her jeans.

"And I really don't want to.. The.. I.. I don't want to be poked and prodded." The green haired woman looked vaguely uncomfortable with admitting that. "He wanted to take me to see Moira." Her lips thinned as she spoke and she shifted on the couch.

"My powers went.. bad yesterday when Scott, Rogue and I went into town.."


[Darcy Lewis rolls 2 on 1d2.]


Darcy hands over a two, green eyes looking through her cards with a thoughtful purse of lips.

"Got any Queens? and Is Moira a doctor that knows anything about mutants?" Darcy asks, skipping the 'powers went bad yesterday' for the moment. That's not as important as some other things.


Lorna grinned as she took the two Darcy slid her way and tucked it away. Darcy's question for the Queen had Lorna shaking her head as she gestured to the deck. "Go fish." She pursed her lips together again though in thought as she peered at her hand. "Got any eights?"

When it comes to Moira thought, the green haired mutant shrugged once more. "I dunno. She's pretty good with mutant genetics, and is pretty close with the X-men. I just.. I don't know. It sounds lame. I just don't want anyone near me poking and prodding.. testing things about the baby. It makes me uncomfortable. The way Scott asked if it was the baby that caused things to go.. wrong.. I didn't like it…"


"Then don't go," Darcy says as if it were that simple. She reaches out to take a card from the desk and resort her hand.

"And I'm kicking Scott's ass too. Whatever is going down with your powers isn't Lodey's fault. Your body is changing, yes, but it's not like your whelps sitting in your tummy going 'I wonder how I can make life harder on Mom today!'. No, I'm pretty sure the only thing going on in Lode's head right now is… 'today, imma make a kidney!" The eight she drew and the one in her hand gets handed over.


Lorna frowned faintly, and set her hand aside to grab a piece of sliced apple and sip at her tea again. "Well, obviously, I didn't go. I came back here. I was in the medbay getting tests run to make sure I was okay.. and he was going to get the Blackbird and take me. While he went off for that, I came through the portal. Which he definitely doesn't want me using, either." She muttered.

"He lectures out of love, still annoying.. But I mean.. I don't think he's wrong, Darcy." Her brows furrowed as she spoke.

"I could feel the .. I dunno, the baby. More yesterday. We saw a bunch of Purifier fliers at the mall. And I was just.. pissed and.. I could feel the baby. It was like.. you know you can hear in another room someone playing the radio. But it's not so loud? Yesterday.. it was like I was in front of a speaker with the volume turned on high. It was … it was bad."


"Baby is reacting to you sensing danger maybe? Feeling in danger? Maybe that's what it is. Lodestone wants you safe so he..she… they will be safe. I remember Moose talking about it. Said it was her own super power. She once reaches over and smacked food out of my hand before I took a bite because it smelled bad. I swear to God, I was fresh out of practice and stink to high heaven, but no. Moose insisted that the hotdog smelled rancid and I wasn't going to be allowed to eat it. Maybe it's like that… only… with more Oomf?"


Lorna grimaced, reaching up to scratch her head in consideration of what Darcy said. She shrugged, the card game forgotten for the moment and she settled her hands on the flat of her stomach. "Maybe. Maybe it's just something that happens.. I'm a second generation mutant. I dunno. My powers manifested when I was there. That wasn't entirely normal.. Maybe it's my body reacting, or my powers reacting on a new level because I'm pregnant. A survival thing, you know? Like a way to help ensure that the baby is born?" She arched a brow upwards, hesitantly.

Her hands raising to press against her temples. "I should talk to Magneto. Maybe he might know something. At the very least, he could maybe teach me how to handle power spikes. I've never had that level of power before Darcy.. I could sense everything metal or running on electricity .. for.. hell, a mile at least.."

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