Prison Break

January 28, 2018:

HoM: A band of human rebels act to try to rescue the human prisoners in the Maximum security prison in New York. SHIELD operatives of the Red Guard fight back. Emits by Polaris for Pulse and NPC's

New York, Upstate


NPCs: Pulse, Wardens, Assorted Guards, Resistance Fighters

Mentions: Magneto, Pietro


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Fade In…


The humans that had been caught were locked away in a maximum security prison. Pending a trial and doubtless charges of treason against the state, among a long, long list of other various charges. Mutant and powered guardsmen, rife with abuse and torment. Low quality beds and blankets, food, and other assorted supplies. More humans came out in body-bags than left from serving time.

And the bulk of the inmates were in fact, human.

Magneto had heard his eldest son and heir rumblings and the public cry for the newly captured terrorist's lives. As a result, he'd sent a select few of his Red Guard to inspect the prison in New York. Logan and those he chose for the assignment were sent to inspect, and report on the security of the prison.

The head warden greeted Wolverine's team with all the menial bowing and scraping of a man that suddenly gained his superior's eyes unexpectedly. No one wanted the House of M's oversight on them directly. Much less a jail with a particularly brutal reputation for corruption and abuse of power. Though, that was typical these days. Despite Human Rights groups that were increasingly found tied to 'extremist' groups and were slowly losing political power over the years.


Logan walked briskly in front of his team, expecting them to keep up. He had been to this New York maximum-security prison many times, over the years as serving Magneto's Red Guard. He had been given specific instruction to investigate the sites security. It was a concern that this facility would be a prime target for attack. It was currently hugely in the public's attention after all. Yet it was hard to say which side would do the attacking. Nevertheless, it remained important that the prison was kept secure.

Logan cut straight through the prison, ignoring a few whispers from some of the guards, to the head warden. He watches as the man before him bowed in rather clumsy way. It was a rather unimpressive display. Still Logan decided to play nice, for now.


"Alpha team, you have a go."

The green light is given from Batman to Deathstroke's people, who have been placed just outside the prison complex, hidden. Given explosives and some of the best equipment the resistance currently has, Alpha team is meant to be the big, flashy hammer to keep the prison defenders occupied.

Ten seconds later, "Beta team, you have a go." Batman orders, "let's make this fast."

Beta team is the infiltration team… meant to go into the basement proper via boom tube to crack the walls wide open… or signal for boom tube extraction; whichever works by their best judgment.

Batman himself is laying low on a hill nearby, wearing camo and using high-powered binoculars to monitor the situation.

Batman is known as the public leader of the resistance, and a veteran of the human-mutant war, having led his own commando unit through it and coming out mostly intact. His Warsuit has been given some upgrades from his parents fortune… and his right arm boasts some impressive built-in guns and utility itself… with a pre-war sniper rifle next to him, waiting to be used.


It seemed simple enough for Alyse, the 'Gold Blood' Witch had lived a life muzzled and tormented for what she could do, used as little more than a weapon until her rather violent escape. Another universe away time, circumstance and training had fostered a woman of compassion. This woman? She was a Witch, but she was no doctor. Mutant or not, her feelings were just the same as many who'd aligned themselves with the house of M and so the blonde woman had joined up with Magneto's cause to ensure she never found herself under the boot of a Homo Sapien again.

Wrapped in a figure-hugging uniform of the Red Guard complete with the holstered sidearm, the woman's response to the harsh surroundings of the prison might be taken as unnerving: she was humming to herself faintly as they walked. Following along behind Logan, she'd yet to speak up to anyone an instead let her gaze sweep over the task of 'inspecting'.


+MEET: Alice has arrived via +meet.


Deathstroke stares at the gates of the prison though a pair of lenses, then nods once to himself, thinking back to the mission requirements. He hates working with the Rich Boy, entitled little jumped up shit that he is… but he does offer the most interesting jobs. Besides. Sometimes you do a thing for more reasons then because you're bored. "Baker." he says into the comms unit, there's a radio squawk that is Baker's way of confirming he's on comms, "Bring it down." he says before turning to look at the other two members of his team and nodding once.

There's a shaking in the very ground around the prison, dust rains from the ceiling inside and a few minor cracks appear near the corners of one a few of the rooms. Outside at the gates, the scene is chaos. The earth erupts skyward, the gates of the prison themselves twisting and turning inward, screaming as metal grinds against metal and concrete walls crumble under the sudden loss of foundation. Deathstroke grins beneath his mask, a bearing of his teeth as Sandman's careful infiltration of the ground soil has paid off and a thirty foot tall vaguely man shaped sandy creature is starting to pull itself together, seemingly from the bits of broken wall and earth that it just destroyed, it's maw opened in a silent scream.

Blood splatters a wall as Slade drops tower guards corpse nonchalantly, flicking his wrist to clean the knife, "Thank you for the drop off Cloak, now go. We'll need you waiting in the wings for evac, and tell our friend to be patient. I'll need him later." the shadow that had formed in the tower a moment ago nods its head silently and vanishes in on itself, leaving Deathstroke alone to watch Sandman begin the distraction to the distraction. Good. It'll buy him time. He shucks a pair of .45s and smiles under the mask. Time to go to work.

Far away. Far. Far. FAR away, Cloak reappears and places a calming hand on the shoulder of Slade's Plan B. The man just sighs and nods, "I know, I know. Be patient." he sounds anything but.


Inside her helmet Alice chewed her gun in thought, eyeing the sensor readout of her suit, crouching near the rest of Beta team. Roger, B-man She says briefly, putting a hand to the bolero of gas canisters she had prepared for this evening. Each one had knockout gas in it. Enough for a room or hallway. And it would clear quickly to boot, 20 seconds and the gas would settle and so would the people inside. Other containers of various chemicals and plain water were strapped all over her body. Vials of this, vials of that, and the specially constructed water pistols, full and ready, at each hip and the super soaker across her back. Each could hold anything from liquid nitrogen to certain acids, being reinforced with a special plasticized ceramic polymer.

Each of Beta team had been offered stimulation before things begun; stimulants and steroids to improve strength and reaction time. Every edge they could get was probably good. Prisons were never fun to assault.

As the boom tube deposited her form into the basement she rolled with catlike grace and quiet for the nearest object of cover. Scanners already reading the room for heat signatures, chemical traces, and environmental readouts. **I'm in* She said over comms, though she couldn't be heard through the helmet. The speaker was off and special stealth technology made sure she was as quiet as possible.


For her part, Astrea was something of an anomaly. A scientist from the Human-Mutant war wanted revenge. She was to be his revenge. She volunteered for it. Having been given a disease that would soon take her life from a vindictive mutant, she disliked them. He had access to some rather terrifying otherworldly 'blood' that he knew could heal almost anything, at a price. He had unleashed a few experimental monsters on to the population that the people in charge had to put down but he got away. However, now, he is gone. Killed but not before his final experiment got away. Astrea was that very experiment and the first time that his work hadn't created a true monster…though that isn't entirely untrue. Now, she has joined up with Batman and the unique woman moves with him as she slides the large caliber pistol from her hip and slips free the odd baton as well.

She adjusts the odd scarf like mask over her face and pulls down the hat she has chosen above the tight body armor. The mask hides a breathing apparatus and she simply nods to Alice as she sends power through her weapon from her powers to empower the ammunition inside. Once she is in, moving with Alice, Astrea takes in a deep breath and closes her eyes. She lets Alice do all the talking as she shifts her weapon in hand before looking up and preparing to move.


The prison's alarms went into overdrive, sirens blaring with the first measure of attack that sounded and rocked the foundations. Trained guards went into gear, cells locked down with energy beams flickering over the regular cell bars. This was a maximum security prison, and as a result, had the tech to back it up.

Over the intercom system a computerized voice sounded, telling prisoners to remain in their cells.

Cell blocks shut down with force fields and steel doors that required passcodes and scans from the Warden or his top guards. The warden, for his part jumped, and over his com started barking orders in a panicked rush. His eyes snapping back toward Logan's figure worried as he strode for the next locked door and pressed his thumb against the scanner and typed in several numbers into the keypad. The door swung open and he looked back to Logan and his team.

"The terrorist are in cell-block 45-A. Upper floors. The most secured inner cells." He supplied. "This way… sir."


*K-THUNK - FFFFSSSSSSHHHHhhhhhhhhhh* The canister is lobbed down the hallway of cell blocks. The gas spraying out at high velocity to quickly fill the hall and cells. It's a good thing Beta team brought respirators. All but one guard falls within a couple seconds of the gass hitting them, the area filling with the sound of people falling to the floor.

Alice was hired to help get people out. While excessive force was authorized, she didn't kill people willy nilly. There was too much death in the world. She snapped her gum before throwing a glass vial at the other guard. It broke against his chest, acid immediately beginning to hiss and steam on his clothing. A distraction perfect for Astrea to take advantage of.

They've locked it down. She reports. A quick tap on her wrist controls boosting her signal. The little titanium-enforced antennae on her helmet click up. The bubblegum popped in her mouth as she chewed her nerves away. The door was going to be an annoyance, but one they had planned for.


"Copy. Activate countermeasures and go radio silent Beta. Emergencies only. B-Man out." Batman replies, before he taps the man next to him, before he picks up the sniper rifle, plugs the suppressor on, then aims down range.

"Quadrant four guard tower." Batman barks, getting rough spotting information, before Batman takes his shot… aiming right for the guard skulls for headshots.

He continues along the walls, then into the parts of the facility he can see, taking headshots as he goes.

"Alpha, B-Man. Overwatch in place. Over."


Logan's ears rang with the sounds of the alarms. The sound of alarms like these would bother a normal human's, but for those with super senses, such as Logan and others in his team, it was a whole other level. He watched as the head warden ran to open a door, and beckon Logan and his team.

Before following the warden, Logan makes radio contact with the external team controlling the sentinels placed outside. "Are you guys asleep; how did you allow an attack? Somebody, do a thermal scan on the facility, and make it snappy! The rest of you keep an eye out for escapees, and arrest them with extreme prejudice."

Logan turned to his team and made a quick mental count of his team's numbers. He then motioned for his team to follow. He turns back around and runs up to the door the warden opened.


Frankly, Astrea didn't care about killing but was in the position to try to prove that she was better than the people here. She watches as the gas falls and as the guards move. Alice is doing a great job of taking out her share and the acid chested one gets a baton to the face before she turns and quickly sidekicks another in the chest. Her movement is smooth and quick, inhuman even as she whips her gun around to the side of another one's face and she brings the barrel up to aim right into the eye of a fourth. The guard stares down it, eyes wide before suddenly the barrel, not a bullet, whips forward to slam into his eye and blacken it. That and removing his ability to stay conscious for the moment. As he falls she looks back to Alice and nods before moving forward as the man falls and catching him.


"Allow? Aw c'mon boss. Don't be like that." A young blonde mutant responded over the comms, Pulse, a mutant with the power to shut down systems—be it powers, or electronic systems. And he was behind the pilot seat of the closest Sentinel.. And he'd also been flirting with a local guardswoman over the other channel. It was what he did.

Still, with a few jabs of the buttons, he had an outread of the facility. "We've got two strike teams it looks like, one in the basement, another at the front gates. They're downing the poor suckers down there like it's a keg party. Do you want me to shut down them down, or are you going to handle it personally?" He knew his boss. Logan didn't get to see action all that much anymore, a rare skirmish here or there that was getting rarer. One of the reasons he was sure that command had sent their squad out to New York in the first place.

The other Sentinel of course wasted little time in waiting for orders, piloted by another mutant, and was already making to engage the gate crashers.


Sensation moves down the hall after Astrea and zip ties the downed guards as she does, removing their weapons as she goes. When she gets to the last man she zip ties his hands in front of him. Not a bad looking fellow, fast asleep from the gas, but that quickly changes as she shoves him against the wall by the keypad. One touch wakes him up and another one floods his system with sodium barbital.

"Hello love, tell me the passcodes and whose hand I need to use," The speaker purrs in his ear as she keeps a good grip on the back of his head via hair with one hand. Beneath the mask she smiles with a certain glee, watching the guard's eyes dilate wide when the drug kicks in. "That's it, happy feelings. All is good. How do we open the door?"


Deathstroke thumbs back the slides on the .45s, checking for the flash of brass, then rolls his eyes in his mask, "Who needs overwatch." he mutters under his breath before coming out of the tower at a sprint, the .45's barking. "Sandman!" he barks into his comms knowing it's only a matter of time, "Sentinel duty!" His shots are timed with the guards own rifle shots aimed at the giant sand creature, so that the sounds of his guns won't give his presence away until it's to late. Before the Sentinel's begin to realize they have problems, Batman and Deathstroke have managed to rid the wall and towers of life, leaving Slade alone with the high ground. He slides the smoking pistols back into their holsters at his thighs and shrugs free the pair of AT4-CS he's been carrying with him all the while. He takes a knee as he slings the weapon up to his shoulder, primes the sight with his thumb, letting the retical pop up, and then turns to point the anti tank missile at the window to the warden's office.

Then he waits. Patiently.

The instant the warden's door begins to move Slade presses the trigger, letting the backfire on the rocket smoke the air behind as the weapon sends it's projectile straight into the warden's office, "Boom." Deathstroke the Terminator says softly a fraction of a second before a fireball meant to destroy a tank punches through the 'bullet proof' glass and incinerates the office's interior. He drops the expended weapons and plucks up the second, hitting it's sights up and turning on his knee to sight in on the door the guards use to rush the yard in case of a riot or escape attempt. This time he waits for at least a half dozen men or mutants to exit before the rocket fires into the doorway making Jackson Pollock paintings out of once living beings.

He tosses that spent weapon aside as well and stands, slinging a Kriss Vector down into his hand, and snapping the stock out to tuck against his shoulder, "This is to easy. I thought you said they'd have something challenging." he quips into the comms, using the SMG to pick off any of the guards in the yard that survived the rocket with carefully aimed rounds through their eyes. Ladies and gentleman, someone has let the weapon of mass destruction off its leash.


Once all visible enemy personnel had their skulls vacated, Batman set the rifle down… and got to work.

Pulling out his extended grapnel gun from his utility belt, the Blood Knight launched a line into the trees nearby, before setting his cape to rigid glider mode, and set off into the sky… heading for the facility proper.

Eventually, the grapnel gets him to the outer walls, where he already picked off guards… and pulls the carbine off his back as he joins the festivities, his cape going flexible again as the black and red suited Blood Knight comes into play close up, starting to fire at anyone coming out, "They're just waking up, give them a few seconds." Batman replies to Deathstroke.


"Ah, Pulse. You heard me!" Logan responds over communications. "OK, you deal with basement team. We'll deal with the guys at the front gates." He continues to run after the warden, allowing the warden to open the doors a head of him.

Suddenly, there's an explosion somewhere within the prison. "Fuck!" Logan turns to the warden, "I believe that came from down by your office." Logan stops and turns to his team. "You guys follow the warden to the front gates. I'm going to go deal with who ever brought bloody rocket launcher in here." With that he runs in a different direction.

Logan runs down towards the sounds of explosions and gunfire. It doesn't take him long before closes on his target area.

He turns a corner and… "Slade!" He unsheathes his claws. Snikt! Then pounces at Deathstroke with a roar.


The poor guard that Sensation had captured, lulled in her grip, his head rolling to the side in a vague sort of gesture toward a fallen guard. "'Imm.." He slurred, "S'codes.. codes.. four-four-" Another slur that sounded like it might have been eight? Or a two? Maybe? The guy wasn't particularly articulate after being knocked about and drugged.

The sentinel that hadn't waited for orders engaged Sandman with a rapid fire-movement. Hardly one that make much of a battle for long. Maybe a minute, two, more could be expected out of the fight. Time was running out.

Pulse, for all his goofy grins and the alike, was cursing as his sensors picked up on the loss of life along with each explosion that followed. "Going for the basement team, sir!" He moved, the giant robot with sharp movements, as it plowed through the side of the prison where the readings of the invaders could be found. "Back up arriving in T-minus three minutes."

Time was short for the rebels and would be heroes of the human prisoners.

Meanwhile the Warden nodded nervously, but seemed to grow some kind of a spine, one made of sharp metal prongs peeling out of his back. The man's jawline thickened as did his knuckles. "The front gates it is."


Deathstroke finishes the last of the guards and tosses the Vector aside as well, most of its ammunition spent. He steps over a corpse and pulls the bastard sword free of its sheath over his shoulder, "Yeah, you said that last time and all I got was some third rate firestar-" he stops as he hears a familiar voice and the sound of his own snarl comes over the comms before they're cut off, "James!" he growls as he spins on the ball of his foot and twists, gripping Logan's arm to assist in adding to the mutant's diving forward momentum, throwing him over Deathstroke's shoulder with added umph. The scream of Adamantium claws on Nth metal wrenches the air and Slade jerks his head to the side as sparks fly from his helmet which now sports a trio of deep scratches across it's black eyeless half.

"I promised you I'd kill you." Slade says to the other man as he spins to square against the Wolverine and his helm snaps open, folding away from his face, showing the eye patch and the trio of twisting scars running down his cheek. He slides his feet across the stone, his second hand coming up to grip the hilt of the large blade right along the first, "I keep my promises." and he surges forward.


With Deathstroke busy, Batman takes the opportunity to jump down into the facility proper and head inside, strapping his carbine to his back as the shotgun built into his right arm is deployed.

As two guards turn the corner /BAM BAM/ Batman splatters the two all over the wall behind them. He's not interested in the small fry, but rather finding a computer access terminal… and plugging his decryption module equipped laptop in to start hacking security.

His goal is to attempt shut down on the facilities security measures… and open the prison cells remotely, if he can.

Especially the ones with the most guard presence, and those personnel Batman is after. He'll open the rest later. If he can't do it remotely… he works through what he needs to open them normally or with a hack.


One more adjustment to the chemistry of the Guard's brain, her bare hands stroking his cheek. Adrenaline, just enough to make him lucid, begins flowing through his system. Behind her comes another form, about the same height as Sensation, with a half mask and respirator. She pulls the respirator off and says, "I got it, mom," She says before she blows across the surface of the door, giving it life and malleability that it wouldn't otherwise have.

The door groans metallicity as it pulls itself, liquid like, away from the seal. As it comes to a stop, the door opened, the metal hardens up again. "That takes the fun out of it," Sensation says, though there is pride in her voice. A hand pats the guards cheek, "Night, love. Back to sleep," She says, reversing her effect and sending him back to sleep.

The young girl pokes her head out the door and frowns. "Gimme a canister," She says to her mom, and is handed one. Pulling the respirator back up she tosses the canister down the hall, taking out more guards and prisoners. The team moves out into the hall, Alice pulling out what schematics they have available for the place and whatever intel on their target.

"This way," She says, moving in the direction of their target. The fourth of their team follows a ways behind, sauntering even, and not seeming to really care either way if they are seen. He is armed to the teeth with guns, grenades, and a duffel bag of ammo. A black baklava and camo suit are all her wears along with his respirator.


One more adjustment to the chemistry of the Guard's brain, her bare hands stroking his cheek. Adrenaline, just enough to make him lucid, begins flowing through his system. Behind her comes another form, about the same height as Sensation, with a half mask and respirator. She pulls the respirator off and says, "I got it, mom," She says before she blows across the surface of the door, giving it life and malleability that it wouldn't otherwise have.

The door groans metallicity as it pulls itself, liquid like, away from the seal. As it comes to a stop, the door opened, the metal hardens up again. "That takes the fun out of it," Sensation says, though there is pride in her voice. A hand pats the guards cheek, "Night, love. Back to sleep," She says, reversing her effect and sending him back to sleep.

Then walls are exploding and Sensation dives, pushing Kendra out of the way and into the hall. Of course there are more guards in the hallway and she tosses out another canister. It starts spewing gas. Through the smoke comes the fourth member of their team. He is dressed all in black with a respirator and baklava over his face. He is covered with weaponry and a duffel bag across his back holds more. "Oh snap!" He says and pulls a flash grenade off his belt, tossing it at the mutant-driven sentinel before diving for the hall as well.


The witch had disappeared after the fighting had started, but she'd been commanded to follow Logan and she would have. Like good soldiers, the rebel terrorists had taken advantage of Deathstroke and Logan being locked in combat to try and rush past the melee to get deeper into the base. They'd made it through the door and into the prison proper, but the incursion had rapidly been followed by the sounds of panic, gunfire and then bloody screaming that echoed throughout much of the prison. Beyond that door? The smell of boiled blood and death wafts as the Witch steps in, her form spattered with a few stray droplets of red.

"Guns?" She purrs, "How dull. Humans are so limited…" The sounds of swirling air and crackling energy follow her as a small pack of humanoid shaped beings, constructs of air, fire and metal move behind her. She had her orders directly from the Prince himself and now the cells ran red with the leftovers of her action. "Such effort for a rescue…and noone left to save."


The witch had disappeared after the fighting had started, but she'd been commanded to follow Logan and she would have. By the time the rescue team had made it deep enough into the prison, they'd be greeted by the sounds of panic and bloody screaming that echoed throughout much of the prison, seemingly from multiple directions at once. Beyond the doors? The smell of boiled blood and death wafts as the Witch walks the halls, her form spattered with a few stray droplets of red.

"Guns?" She purrs at the sound of the shotgun blasts deeper in, "How dull. Humans are so limited…" The sounds of swirling air and crackling energy follow her as a small pack of humanoid shaped beings, constructs of air, fire and metal move behind her. She had her orders directly from the Prince himself and now the cells ran red with the leftovers of her action. "Such effort for a rescue…and noone left to save."


Pulse grinned as his eyes lit up, sensing the system of powers that the invaders in the basement had, and making to shut them down. "Surrender now with your hands up." He called through the intercom, almost giddy to be fighting using the giant robot. So rare it was that he got to use his powers in conjunction with the Sentinel. Too often the giant-mechanical-robot was used to round up simple humans.

Today, it was something more.

The grenade didn't do much, considering the length of the Sentinel's arm and armored plating as it swept through the corridor of the basement, trashing cells and likely killing those inside. The cost of life alone was going to be astounding.

The systems were all localized at the computer Batman accessed. A safety measure that was likely only over-ridden completely by the warden's office—which had been blown up by now.

Still, he was able to access camera feeds from his computer, and at least open the cells and doors on his block.


Logan lands and uses his momentum to roll forward, before plunging his claws into the floor for a quick turn. The tug on his arm burns like hell, but his grimaces through the pain. He looks at the damage that he managed to do to Deathstroke's suit. "Yeah, well better men have tried and failed miserably." From his crouched position he charges at the man before him. Logan's shoulder makes contact with Slade's waist, knocking him to the floor. But not before Slade's sword catches him in shoulder.

Logan winces in pain as the blade pierces his flesh. Blood is drawn from the wound. However, it quickly heals. He stands over Slade, and places a boot on the mans chest. "Surrender!"


And Batman does so. The bloody screams paid no mind; the brutal ridiculousness of the Magnus regime was well known to him by now, and the Blood Knight was at war. He would see this mission complete.

Taking his laptop back, he pulls out his silenced pistol now, and makes his way into the ventilation systems, his AR eye lenses giving him a PIP approximation of where he was on the schematics.

Batman would traverse the facility silently, using that silenced pistol to take down guards as he went… or his own hands and fists, silently snapping necks as he went in search of the computer access terminal for the blocks he sought… and hacked them too, opening them before the murdering psychopaths got to them first.


Deathstroke twists with the impact and with a graceful flick of his wrist manages to get the edge of his blade to slice along Wolverine's shoulder as he's hit, twisting it against the joint trying, but unsuccessful in severing the tendons. Close. Damn. He grunts as the foot lands on his chest, and he grins up at Logan, "There are no men better at this then me." he says as he spins the sword in a tight circle over his chest, the blade running towards the back of Logan's foot where the achilles tendon runs.


A shudder runs through Astrea's body as she feels something off and states, "Well, that's not normal." She then looks up at the sentinel and considers, "He must…" She then shrugs. Now instead of being just above human in potential, she's just human…with a lot of skills and weapons. She whips forward a cylinder strapped to her back and aims it at the sentinel and states, "Let's not and say we did." She then pulls the trigger. What shoots out is a good ol' fashion rocket from the launcher and she then tosses it to the side and looks to Sensation, "I'll see what I can do." She rolls a shoulder, "Just focus on the mission."

She then looks back at Pulse in his armor as she already is getting to moving and whipping back up her pistol. She has to abandon her baton to hold the massive pistol with both hands when she fires it, her strength slightly reduced and making her unable to one hand the powerful thing. Each shot aimed for perceived weaknesses within the armor that she can try to see.


"Well that didn't work. Let's try these!" The black clad man, known as Nuke, says as he throws a magnetized gadget at the sentinel. It seeks to attach itself to the mechanism. When they attach Nuke hits a button on wrist control, setting off surges of high voltage electricity through whatever they are touching. One is usually enough, but this is a Sentinel. "Running time, ladies!" He calls gleefully over the comms, diving dexterously out of the way of some falling wall and pulling a sleek Lahti L-39, an anti-tank rifle, over his shoulder. Then proceeds to lay down cover fire with Astrea.

Sensation grabs the back of Kenda's armored jacket and gets them running. Small and dexterous the two beat feet, with mother in the lead. As they move to get away from the Sentinel Alice can feel her sense of her internal balance fading. She curses and speeds up, using half a century of special agent training to take out guards that the sleep gas doesn't take out. Occasionally Kenda or herself have to resort to their pistols.


The blade swings around and servers the Achilles tendon of the foot that Logan was balanced on. The foot now weaker, causes Logan to fall over away from Slade. He uses the momentum to roll away, out of Deathstroke's reach. It's not long before the tendon is healed, and he is back up on his feet. He feels a slight annoyance at leaving himself open like that. "OK, time to put you of your misery once and for all." He grins. "Looks like another child is going to have to grow up without a father."


The shot from the rocket was more than enough to cause blowback to send the Sentinel at least staggering back a few feet. Though when the smoke cleared, the massive armored robot was still very much intact and undamaged. "Surrender, for the last time, Sapiens." Pulse called over the comms. Without further orders from Logan, Pulse continued onwards with his mission objective.

Deal with the intruders.

Bullets pinged off the armor, and it seemed unphased. Even as the massive fist plunged back into the basement from another angle, the other hand doing much the same to try to capture the human invaders inside and releasing a loud sonic blast from the fist. A deafening sound meant to drive humans to the ground by use of non-lethal means.

Of course then the electric mechanism jammed that immediately, giving the humans times to flee deeper into the prison. The electricity cut out though, as Pulse turned his attention on it. The system that ran the mechanism cutting out. And he was soon chasing after the basement group again.

Batman, the Blood-Knight, wouldn't have much space in the ventilation system. Not for long, not long enough. Though it by-passed enough of the blockades to get him to the next computer terminal port. Specifically one that connected to cell-block 45-A where the human prisoners were supposed to be.

The alarms had long since shut down. Though lights flashed on and off. And the distant sound of further destruction could be heard on the opposite side of the prison. More Sentinels had arrived as Pulse had promised they would.


Unfortunately for the rescuers, the 'murdering psychopaths' had magic and time on their side. The opening of cell doors means little to dead men. Clicking her tongue as the 'Knight' rounds the corner, the Witch seems to have 'sensed' him through his stealth. Mystic abilities tended to throw a wrench in traditional techniques of infiltration. "Poor thing," she smiles, a giggle bubbling in her throat as her monsterous elementals start to move forward menacingly. "The terrorist's punishment was accelerated thanks to your little…" a pause, there's an almost flirtatious tone to her voice as she taunts the Rebels, "vigorous incursion. You can have them back…if you brought a mop and bucket."


Deathstroke rolls back the instant Logan's off balance, and it's in that instant he shows exactly how much has changed since last they met. Up, he's already in motion, and even as Logan's lips spread to make his quip, the Vector's firing in full auto mode, emptying the few remaining rounds in it's magazine, the tight grouping centered on the mutants um… twig and berries. Moving faster than any ordinary man can, the sword dips and darts twice, it's length and width and obvious weight apparently no hindrance to Slade using it with the speed and precision of a rapier, it's tip darting out, first for Logan's eye, then a quick flick meant to open his neck clear to the spine. The twin sword strikes happen before the last shell casing has hit the ground.

Slade growls, his teeth bared at the mutant across from him, "Agreed." he says simply, "I figured I killed at least thirty of your useless kind today, pretty good odds one or two of them had kids." he flicks out with the blade again, trying to open Wolverine's belly, "But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I mean, at your age getting it up has to be a challenge, much less actually finding a woman willing to risk the hair balls required to lay with you long enough to get knocked up."


Kendra was the one who made all the lovely gadgets her mother and Nuke wore tonight. An exceptionally brilliant child, she simply had a knack for it. So as they got a short lead on the Sentinel she shoves a titanium tripwire into the wall, a mechanism drilling into the wall to secure an anchor. The other side of the wire has the same. Lastly she tosses down an emp mine on both sides of the hallway. One giant foot is likely to step on it or another.

"GET DOWN!" Sensation shouted, shoving her daughter down as a hail of bullets pelted her battle suit. Grunting from pain she shoves the young girl with a canister further down the hall, getting to her feet and turning with both paintball pistols up and aimed. "You won't like this," She says as Pulse comes around the corner. Alice has been practicing with guns for well over a century. She is a shot like you wouldn't believe and she trains her modified gun on the 'head' of the Sentinel as Pulse comes around the corner. Semi-Auto fire spits out goblets of hydrochloric and fluoroantimonic acid, the latter being the strongest stuff earth has to offer.


Batman's dealt with magic before. Knock out their concentration, and they can't do a thing.

So, while Witchdoctor was busy monologuing, Batman tossed numerous electrical batarangs at her immediately, forcing the mystic to dodge /way/ out of the way, or be disabled in a huge electrical field.

Meanwhile, he's talking into the transceiver, "Case A. Repeat, Case A. Switch to plan B." Batman gives into the transceiver. Case A was discussed beforehand, telling the teams that the regime murdered the prisoners rather than let them be rescued. Instead, they're getting out the secondary targets. Meanwhile, Batman was taking the grapnel and running route to where beta team was, since there's a good chance they were still radio silent.

Along the way, he works out which cell blocks have the most likely recruits, and goes to hack those cell blocks open, too.


Kendra was the one who made all the lovely gadgets her mother and Nuke wore tonight. An exceptionally brilliant child, she simply had a knack for it. So as they got a short lead on the Sentinel she shoves a titanium tripwire into the wall, a mechanism drilling into the wall to secure an anchor. The other side of the wire has the same. Lastly she it to an emp mine. Once that arm hits the wire the pulses will head out about fifty feet in all directions with a high intensity EMP directed in the Sentinel's direction

"GET DOWN!" Sensation shouted, shoving her daughter down as a hail of bullets pelted her battle suit from a group of Guards further up the hall. Grunting from pain she shoves the young girl with a canister behind her. Getting to her feet and turning with both paintball pistols up and aimed. "You won't like this," She says the men come further down the corridor. Alice has been practicing with guns for well over a century. She is a shot like you wouldn't believe and she trains her modified gun on the 'head' of the Sentinel as Pulse comes around the corner. Semi-Auto fire spits out goblets of hydrochloric and fluoroantimonic acid, the latter being the strongest stuff earth has to offer. The men are in for a horrendous death, no doubt similar to the one given by the heartless owners and operators of this place. She was done being nice.


The wounds are hardly an issue for Logan, but it's enough to put him into a berserker rage. In a berserker rage, Logan's thoughts are not his own. Therefore, the animal inside is unleashed. Anyone tempting to deliberately put Logan into a berserker rage, is either incredibly brave or incredibly foolish.

Logan strikes at Deathstrike repeatedly. Left. Right. Left. Right. Each time getting closer and closer to the man in front of him. Each time he unleashes a growl. Most people would get tired from swinging so many times so quickly, however, he healing factor gives him superhuman stamina. In this state, Logan is a force to reckoned with.


Trying to play defense, Astrea feels a bullet ping off of the armor she is wearing. She growls a little at the fact that the Sentinel took the rocket like a champ and kept going. She, as well, has to keep going. S he looks over at Sensation as they move and states, "We need to exit, yesterday." She nods her head, "We also need bigger guns." She then dives and rolls as a giant mechanical hand plunges into the area she just was and rolls to her feet. She looks back and sighs, "Wonderful." She then looks forward and states, "I'm not even sure my speed and bullets would do much here."


Batman's interruption with electrical Batarangs is simply parried by the lightning Elemental that had already moved forwards, the humanoid creature stepping into the path and seeming to swell from the extra voltage while the Witch herself just clicks her tongue. "Rude." she says simply before turning away as her creatures race after the fleeing bat, spewing lightning, flames and fragmented metal after the man. Around them, the sounds of battle ring out, but the woman simply begins to stride the other way, her footsteps echoing through the bloody cells before fading as she disappears in a rush of golden butterfly-shaped lights. Her mission was complete after all.


Slapping two explosive charges to each side, Batman collapses the corridor he's racing down, stopping -or at least slowing down- his pursuers with an explosion that can be felt throughout the facility.

"B-Man to all units, commence extraction. Secondary objective complete." Batman gives over the radio. Beta may or may not have heard him.

Once he rounds the corner, Batman tosses yet more explosive charges where the sentinel arm is coming from, collapsing that way, too. "We're done, here. When you were delayed, I assumed you were compromised. Get to the boom tube site."


Sensation had no problem with the guards around her at least, and was able to make it deeper still into the prison. Enough that it was pointless to try to shove giant robot arms further down the halls after them without pulling off the first few floors of the prison itself.

Pulse cursed, and backed the giant robot out of the basement, leaning away and shouting out orders to the other Sentinel robots that had arrived.

"Dammit, they're on the west side of the complex. I can't reach them. I've got reading that there are more escapees in the upper levels. We have permission to level the cell block. I repeat. We have permission to level the cell block."

The other Sentinels moved to carry out the orders, ripping off the roof and chasing after the fleeing prisoners. A great many being crushed in the process. Though at least a dozen or more seemed able to get out under their own power or sheer luck alone.


Humming to himself behind a pile of rubble Nuke sticks the remote detonator in his C4 and then pulls out what looks like a gel sticker, long and rectangular. He attaches one to each side of the stick and pulls off the sheet to expose the high-grade glue. Then with an expert through he tosses it towards the back of the Sentinels neck. "GOOSE! I MEAN DUCK!" He shouts, giving Astrea time to get behind a wall or some kind of cover before pressing the button.

*SPLAT* *SIZZLE* *HISS* And then the screams as flesh and muscle is eaten away on the guards pinning Sensation and Kendra. One way was a Sentinel, the other more anti-human guards. Then the hallway collapses as Batman comes through, almost on top of Sensation and Kendra. The comm suddenly clicks back on, ** WATCH IT! We kind of have a big ass robot between use and the tube, B-Man. **

Sensation may be a mercenary, but the cold-hearted killing of the people running this facility sickened even her. Jaded old her. Instead of heading for the tube the two turn to follow after the Blood Knight. As they run Kendra unsnaps a covering on each shoulder. Unravelling from it are two thin ribbons of metal that behave like they're simple fabric and respond to Kendra's will. They were diamond-edged and made of titanium, easily able to slice through numerous metals and flesh with fair ease. Things were getting bad if she released her steel ribbons.


Deathstroke can keep up with Logan, in speed, in strength, and stamina, all of it. The one thing he was never /quite/ certain about what if he was /good/ enough to take the Wolverine one on one. Slade Wilson has been at war for nearly fifty years, unending rolling combat, one day to the next. Inarguably he's the greatest soldier the US Government has ever produced, even Rogers only did the one war before retiring. But The Wolverine? He's been at this longer than even Deathstroke. Frankly… he's better.

When he's James… or Logan. Not when he's like this. When he's like this, he's an animal, and animal's don't plan. Slade, plans.

He dips and rolls, dodging of blocking as he can, watching as slivers of promethium are shaved from his blade, the adamantium claws of his foe one of the few substances on earth that can actually do harm to his blade. He tries not to focus on it, instead, he blocks twice and goes for a dodge, one that causes a flash of pain as claws dig shallow furrows into his thigh, but at least he controlled where the mutant moved. He ducks, feeling the air as claws whip over his head, then turns, squinting as sparks spray from the front of his armor as claws slice along it. He moves, one careful step at a time, positioning, leading, guiding, trading drops of blood and ruined gear for just a couple more feet in the right direction. Until finally, it's all in place.

Which is when it all goes wrong. Moving into the final position, Slade breathes heavily, watching as Logan's eye grows back inside the socket, watches as the pink scar over his throat fades away and vanishes before his very eye, and he snears. And he slips. His boot fails to find purchase in the brain matter of one of the downed guards he or Batman shot early in the fight, and that single instant of recovery, of his trying to get his footing once more, Logan strikes.

He can taste the blood as claws sink through the Nth metal armor and one knicks a lung, the other digging through ribs and muscle tissue to pin him to the ground. He screams, blood splattering from his lips up into Logan's face above him as the pair wrestle in the dirt. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Slade still grins, because for all of this, he still knows something Logan doesn't. He reaches up and grips Logan's wrist, the one set of claws that have not yet decided, the pair of them fighting over it, the blades trembling just over Slade's heart, "My Joey had a beautiful voice," he gurgles up at the mutant, "he could sing like an angel." he coughs more blood and grins, smearing pink across his teeth, "Plan B?" he asks into the comms, "Yeah boss?" "Do it." Far far far far away, almost two whole miles in fact, a young man stares into a scope that's actually lined up with a mirror showing the whole of the prison yard. The young man grins wide, takes a deep breath, lets it out slow as he speaks the only word in the world that means anything to him. "Bullseye." and the .50 adamantium round leaves the rifle's barrel hurting for Wolverine's face. Travel time at that distance? 4 seconds. It's the second longest four seconds of Slade Wilson's life. "I'm a man of my word. Joey says hi." he growls up into Logan's face as the claws they've been fighting for start to slowly sink through his armor and into his chest.


"A mystic killed the prisoners, turned them into blood smears. No due process, no mercy. Then they wonder why the war is still going." Batman grunts as he reaches a big enough room, then types something into his wrist-comp.

Suddenly, the boom tube is opened in front of them in an explosion of light and sound.

"Go. I need to make sure Alpha gets out."

With that, Batmans clicking his transceiver, "Alpha, B-Man. Do you need tube extraction, or will original plan work?"


Looking at Sensation and then at Batman, Astrea frowns and shakes her head before turning and heading toward the boom tube, "Careful." She calls back to him and then frowns after hearing what happened. She thinks back to terrible effect the disease had on others. How it had killed her parents and nearly killed her. She licks her lips softly and then goes into the boomtube regretting not being able to do more.


Logan of course does not pay attention to the orders Slade gives over comms. If he was in the right mind he might have. He might have then heard the bullet soaring through the air. As a result, he might have managed to do something about it. But as it was he wasn't in the right mind, he was the animal. So therefore, he was none the wiser when the adamantium bullet strikes him in the side of the face. In the temple to be precise. He barely felt anything, before the bullet penetrated his skull and embedded in his brain. Then he is out like a light, and collapses on top of Deathstroke.


The Sentinels finally secured the front gate, collecting escapees and detaining as much of the Sandman as they could after the fight had dragged onto the point that the powered man was down and out. It would seem he missed the Boom Tube.

The remaining Sentinels as commanded by Pulse, made to put the whole area on lock down. No one got in or out. Though by now there was at least one helicopter flying toward the scene, news crews no doubt, wanting to know why there were so many Sentinels called to the maximum security prison.

The body count had been high, and with human terrorists having gotten away? Someone was going to be in trouble.


Nuke, Astrea, did you come back on comms? You out? Sensation says over comms. Kendra rushes through into the boom tube with no urging needed. She is only a few years into this mercenary life. Her mother, however, hesitates and worries about her team and Batman. Never to leave anyone behind herself.

** Hey sweetcakes, miss me? ** The coy Nuke says over comms, having lept into the tube just before Batman repositioned it. Sensation breathes a sigh of relief at the snarky voice. She'd beat her husband later. Then she turns and heads into the tube after her daughter.


Deathstroke grunts as the adamantium boned mutant collapses on him, and only his weakening grip on the mutant's wrist keeps him from being impaled through the heart. He shifts the claws to the side, wincing as they gouge deep furrows through his side, and he prays it missed his kidney. He hates growing back kidneys, they take /days/. "Cloak." he says into the comms, eyeing the hole in the side of Logan's head, "Emergency medical evac. See if you can grab Baker too. We're done here."

There's a folding of shadow and space over him and Tyrone's features appear, worried and somewhat blurry. Cloak reaches down and lifts Wolverine, wincing slightly when he hears the claws squelch out of his boss's body, and he starts to apologize, but Slade's out cold, blood leaking from his lips. Tossing Logan aside Cloak floats over and there's a shimmer of shadow and darkness and the pair of them are gone, leaving Wolverine alone with a very large hole in the side of his head. Far far far far away Bullseye stands, the modified rifle resting against his shoulder as Cloak appears, a wobbly and clearly injured Simon Baker next to him and what looks like the corpse of Slade Wilson in his arms. He eyes Bullseye and Lester just nods, tapping the comms, "Alpha, this is Bravo four. Bravo is oscar mike, Bravo one is down, heavy damage, Bravo 3 too. You need us again, you'd best wait a week. Bravo one is gonna have words for you…." and then they vanish from the rooftop in another shimmer of shadow and darkness, Lester looking up at Tyrone, "Be honest," he says grinning maniacally, "was a helluva shot, right?"

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