No Mo Gris-Gris

January 03, 2018:

Returning to the 'undercity' alone Sara encounters some issues.


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Fade In…

Undercity New York Somewhere…

Whats worse than a hangover? Coming to under piles of corpses obviously.
The stench, the sudden onset of memory of what transpired, the recollection of pain and screams, the knowledge that zero control existed long enough to end not just one life but multiple…

Sara Pezzini in an attempt to be the Arm of the Law and Lady Justice herself has made such a mistake. The dark underground passageway once before traversed remained unlit, dark, deeper than before to yet unexplored portions of that subway network. It also remained as dangerous as before, perhaps more so as it erupted in violence and the Witchblade itself responded.

The creature, that dark thing that threatened them did so again and then of it's own power forced the creatures to attack Detective Pezzini. It escaped further in but those left behind did not.

"You should have waited for us." A simple chide from Ripclaw as he plucks through the remains of those present, dropping one out of the way to another. "Their leader is not present. There is markings here also and somehow I am guessing you were overlooked by another group." A point up, towards the wall. Deep red eyes can see it in poor illumination but they may not be able to, a blasted chunk of walling, a wing and only a wing hangs. A spire of ice stabbed through it, spread out along it. Formed there as if some out of place ice sculpture. A third party or is it forth now?

Ripclaw is covered in a woolen jacket with a hoodie, his hair falling out around it and his claws visible out of the ends of the red on black checkered coat limbs. A crunch of his boot on something glass and he kneels to observe it, not glass, more ice shards.

Lara had gone home to research the area and get a better lay of the land, so to speak, and she'd geared-up for something… she wasn't entirely sure what. But when she returned with Ripclaw, she was wearing a black jacket, black gloves, dark grey cargo pants and some hefty black leather boots. Her hair was held down by a black wool cap and she had a harness over her jacket that had several pouches and pockets on it filled with supplies.

Lara flicked a flashlight on, attached it to the black harness on her torso and then looked around and sighed softly.

She may have researched the area a bit, but it left her no closer to really understand what was happening down here. So she observed, looked about and kept her hand close to the gun that was strapped to her right thigh.

Lucia might not be an expected presence, at least… to some of those present. Thin and pale, in a wool sweater that looks like it lost a fight to a lawnmower and a pair of dusty black jeans… at first glance Lucia hardly looks like someone that belongs in such a place except, maybe, as one of the former 'residents'.

She lacks anything overt in the way of weapons, or so much as a flashlight, but that left eye is red under the right lighting, and despite trailing along late to this odd gathering seems… less concerned than might be otherwise appropriate at the carnage despite the way she folds her arms about her as if to avoid touching anything.

Sara wanted no more suffering, and while she backed out of the burrow the first time, it is all she could smell, even as her heel scuffed and scraped rubber sole to coax the 'Darkling' Sphynx-like beastie from the challenge that sparked a light in eyes'….

"Leave… If you return, you DIE…"
??"Let my children go!"//

But all Sara could smell was decay, suffering, a thing that 'watcher' Darkling wanted to Eat, and even if it -is- a Darkling it seemed infantile to her… And perhaps also needs protected.

Sara had spent a night of pie with Lara - The Tomb Raider.

Jackie - The Familial Darkness.

Ripclaw - The Justicar.
The Angelus…. A warrior dead upon this doorstep and crossed like a(Un)Welcome Mat.

So when bones are re-approached it is in a silence that has Flak coating beneath the blouse, padding thighs beneath denim, her badge hanging from a chain around her neck, the shoulder holster of dual-wield invisible beneath the leather jacket until she drops into the Gathering of Cannibal Corpses, the safeties *click* off/on…

A lightshow of firefight and gnashing teeth!

Grimacing one hand grips a throat and the Witchblade activates when sharpened canines bury into her shoulder clad in leather and tear!

A scream and there is an onslaught of those 'Corpses', but in the shadows, many eyes light up within the shadows as tendrils spire upward and tiny responses come in rabid cacophony!

Robert doesn't talk much what he does outside of direct corporate-eco-terrorism plots against Cyberdata with his fellow body chopped, mutilated, memory and life taken fellow ex SHOCs like Exergy, Velocity, Ballistic and Neuromancer but this is in part some of it. A vigilante and apparently some warden of the 'worlds beyond' a coven member underneath Doctor Strange that acts on behalf of keeping one universe safe from overlapping with another.

Incoming calls from NYPD Detectives to cell phones, encrypted and cycled to cellphones through the Cyberdata security systems usually don't go by name. Thats an easy one to perk Lucia's interest should she, Corben or Chip McNally monitor such things. Which they often do.

As such, Ripclaw isn't opposed to bringing his usual comrades along he just doesn't get incredibly vocal about it. A grin at Lara, partial visible in the lack of illumination, "We're back and this time it's not me getting my hands dirty." Someone is keeping score.

"It is safe to say we're too late for the action."

They are. it has been several hours since whatever transpired here happened. This is the aftermath and then some. A quick skirmish, Witchblade attacked, responded, something or some party of 'others' joined in, the 'Cannibals' lost and their leader fled wounded further in to the darkness and inner catacombs. Lara can tell from the lay out that the ones who engaged after didn't press, their fighting lasted minutes but for them likely felt like hours and they retreated through another entryway beyond the trains section, east to where they are now. It was messy.

The visibility of Sara is limited but shes here. At least alive and they just have to completely drag her free of the dead bodies, Sara is under them reliving the last seconds of the fight in her mid. Tracking skills and a general idea of layout even in the dark should pinpoint her…

Lara moved past Ripclaw and straight to where the barely visible Sara was. "What the hell." Lara uttered. "We said we would come back at this organized and together as a group…" She uttered on her way past the carnage that littered the chamber. She'd seen it, she'd already caught a few clues as to what had happened here, but her concern was with Sara.

"How badly are you hurt?" Lara asked the Detective, trying to get to her. She'd pause to look back to Robert. "Is there any signs of more of them around?" She'd ask him next, going out on a limb that his senses were greater than hers based on what she'd learned of him in their short time together.

Lucia's apparently quite content to stay at the back of the proverbial pack, it's of minimal effort to her to reach out to find what passes for electrical in the place and infest it with her own kind of problem, but it seems that she's content to hang back for Lara and Ripclaw to try and free Sara from the pile. She's content to remain an unknown for now, silent little smudge of darkness acting… well, at least like some kind of look-out for the others, even if she does so while standing with awkward disjointedness and more questions writ on her face than are presently uttered.

Limbs akimbo, not in a manner of luscious to those who do not find such lining a 'feast' of more than eyes where sinew is stretched over bone in a manner of emaciation, not Fitness.

A hand clad in a gauntlet thrusts through and reaches to catch that of Ripclaw's grip, the human formation into Lara's, peeling the Detective from visceral remains while eyes remain lowered and over the remains of attire that are coated in blood and sinew of remnants that… She did not even cause.

Maybe you were right…
Maybe I was wrong…

Sara won't admit shit.

Instead a piece of slag is peeled from the catch upon naked holster and slapped in a *flick* towards the sub-walls with a SLAP, and a /slither/ of descent…

Lucia is given a narrow of eyes once another movement is spotted, the 'meatloaf' covered muzzle lofted to aim her way in defense, despite a sl-iiiddee- over /slag/ to brace footing and focus.

"I live," A pause and a half-cocked grin to Lara and Ripclaw.

But in over my head… I know better… now… The look shifted between the two says it all as she smears empty hand over her face and slaps the /slag/ across the floor and her boots!

"You and you alone." Ripclaw confirms as Sara rights herself. That offered hand retracts as he sweeps it out past the far North Eastern end of the cavern, "Maybe that way but unlikely any of these around us." He steps back, toeing around the fallen to give a more open view of Lucia to Sara and Lara and likewise, "This is a friend of mind, she works with me and is an expert in all things technological." Maybe overstating and at the same time under simplifying but it works. Shes the one who coined his spiritual connectivity as a 'supernatural wifi'.

Ignoring the carnage he steps away from the large pile and Sara's gore, leaving her more to Lara to tend to, "Lingering here is pointless." He says with a huff, his teeth showing, "The creature fled and is being hunted down or they're all gone so far away it would be useless to pursue tonight. We lost our first lead…. "

Lara was relieved to see Sara was… still Sara. She even exhaled softly upon the realization that the other woman wasn't overly harmed. "Why did you come down here alone?" She asked her though, before turning back toward Robert and his new companion.

"A pleasure to meet you… I wish it were under…" Lara's eyes scanned around the hellish display about them. "Under better circumstances." She'd add that with a darker and more grim tone to her British flavored voice.

Her brown eyes settled onto Ripclaw again. "They fled, I believe." She pointed to the south. "That direction. It would be rather handy to have the assistance of another magician like the last that was with us previously… should we wish to pursue this endeavor any further."

Lucia's pale eyes track the muzzle of the gun aimed her way, not without concern, but with the pause of someone who isn't… exactly a stranger to having guns pointed at them, offering the barest kind of nod for Robert's introduction and Lara's words with a tight kind of smile, "I've infected the lines. It's…. not efficient, but if there's a signal… I'll find it." she offers quietly, watching Sara to make sure she's not likely to be shot before she slips off, "I'll be on comms." added mutedly as an aside. Ancy, perhaps, who knows, the dark haired girl choosing to slip away ghostlike once more.

It's not exactly the most homey place, very little trappings here say these 'cannibals' clung to a lot of humanity, at least that which didn't fill their bellies. As Lara is helping Sara stand somewhat upright she'll feel something roll under a foot. a crunch of bone or wood and at her foot is a T shaped object, closer inspection reveals it's a doll, gnarly hair and features, a hat. Authentic work there and not some kids toy but a portion of what might have been a shrine.

The No Mo. A specialized trinket, a Voodoo doll. New Orleans originating. Further rummaging reveals more, even a gris-gris bag. Lara Croft will recognize such things.

"No, we need to get her out of here and work try to figure things out together." Robert cannot exactly critique Sara too much in this as well, he killed an Angelus Warrior the other night just to find this place.

No response from Sara as shes obviously in a minor state of shock and trying to collect herself he takes his jacket off and puts it around her shoulders, "Lets get her topside and somewhere warmer. "
Lucia gets a nod, "I'll see you when I return."

"We are still down our lead. Further now even." The pale man manages to add, leaving the helping Sara walk to Lara as they return up the way they came. The idea of warmth in this supernatural blizzard is laugh worthy.

Lara crouched to find the doll and the other strange items… she held them in hand and visually inspected each one, turning them over and running many thoughts through her mind about what on earth these items were and why on earth they were down here to begin with…

It lead the tomb raider to being a bit distracted when she heard Ripclaw's voice. So much so that several seconds passed by before she looked over and up at him from where she was crouching. "Mmm?" She replied. "Oh, yes." Lara would rise up, taking the items with her in either hand. "Nothing about this place makes sense yet." The archaeologist would mutter aloud while she would go with the others to leave the place once again. "Every time I come down here, another mystery presents itself…"

Lara was an only child, they often talked to themselves!

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