Well That's Weird

January 20, 2018:

While unpacking, Lorna discovers that her powers are acting up strangely.

Genosha, the Spire


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In Lorna's rooms, which it was now a down right suite of rooms, were all the packages from the Mansion. It was easier to get them lugged up the Spire of Magneto's newest built stronghold. In her sitting room she collapsed into a rather plush looking chair and throwing her head back with a heavy sigh. There were piles of boxes to be unloaded and piles of bags to sort.

Yet the green haired mutant looked content to not get up and move anytime soon. She had been unable to handle the whipped cream on top of the hot chocolate, and had spent the night over at the mansion as a result. Word had been very carefully sent ahead to Genosha, so as to not worry anyone further than they already.

"Darcy. I think this kid wants me to eat nothing but veggies and boring food. Well.. Chinese food was apparently okay.." She muttered, wrinkling her nose.


"Veggies are healthy. Chinese food is too, if you stay away from greasy sex in your mouth potstickers and eggrolls," says Darcy, sitting on the floor. She's cross legged, tablet on a thing, box cutter in one hand. WHile Lorna is too happy not to open a box or move any more, for Darcy inventory like this is what SHE DOES! She is in her element.

Also part of Darcy's wrangle-people: tracking foods that do and do not make Lodestone unhappy. It's a growing list, being cross-referenced so that just the right nomnoms can be procured at whatever hour.

"Besides. Eating brocolli flourets always makes me think I am Godzilla," Darcy adds, setting the box cutter down now that box number who the fuck is even counting oh right Darcy is counting to mime having TRex arms and a snarly face and big pointy teeth.

"RAR! I arm Gawrziwwa! Nommtree!! Rawnomnomnomonmnom," she declares emphatically bringing a hand half way to her mouth and bending her upper body down to meet her hand and miming eating a tree… er brocolli flouret… like a TRex would.. if TRexes were, ya know, herbavoires.


Lorna snorted and rolled her eyes sitting up and perching on the edge of couch. "My baby had better not show up to be Godzilla." She shook her head and tried to hide a laugh.

With a wave of her hand a knife zoomed over to her grip and then settled carefully to cutting open boxes. Her other hand settled on her lower abdomen and she frowned, her brows furrowing minutely. She stopped and the knife dropped as she pulled her focus away from the boxes and held her hand out before her.

"Darcy.. uhh how much do you know about mutant babies affecting their mothers?" She blinked, looking vaguely discomforted as she got up and flexed her hands out before her.


"If that's the only to get him to eat his brocoli?" Darcy asks, arms falling back down. With a grin she reaches to collect the box cutter only for it to zip away. Darcy watches, because sharp objects and mothers, but whe nnothing seems immediately amiss, she says nothing and instead moves to pull over a freshly cut open box to unpack and catalogue.

KNife dropped, Darcy blinks and looks over.

"UMm…. I'm right on top of that, Rose," she says while moving over. Kniffe scooted away first, Darcy brought her tablet over to key in a reminder to research that the moment she was back in NYC for some wifi.

"Whacha feeling?"


Lorna sat back down, her hands closed around her middle as she sat thinking. "I.." She frowned, her brows furrowing in concentration. "I dunno. It's weird. It doesn't hurt.. or anything. I can feel the baby still. It's fine.. it's just.. My powers felt.." She shook her head again and stretched out her hand in front of her. The coloration was off in her mind's eye. The polarity was shifted, altered.

"Do you know what you see when you have two magnets near each other and the iron filings do that whole spreading out thing? It's like.. I can feel my powers just shifting. I don't get it. I don't know what it means.." Green eyes lifted as she glanced toward Darcy.

"My powers are changed.. altered.. I don't know. It's sort of freaking me out."


Seeing her friend clearly upset and worried, Darcy moved to settle at Lorna's side. Lower lip chewed on for a moment, Darcy tucks a lock that fell from her messy bun back behind an ear before hazarding an opinion.

"Well… I… I could give you this awesome story about aliens and parasites and butterflies or somethign stupid that I heard my wife go on about… but I've got to be honest. I have no fucking clue," Darcy says, shoulders slumping a bit before she rallies and moves to put an around about Lorna's shoulders.

"I'll finish up here and head back State-side, get wifi, pick up somethings at Goodwill, and see if I can find something out about this on Google or somthing, okay?"


Lorna nodded and heaved a great sigh. "Yeah, I just.. my powers weren't doing what I wanted them to do. It was wrong.. different.. I don't know Darcy. Earlier I got surprised by someone coming up behind me and I broke a few lamp posts down the way. That hasn't happened in years." She exhaled a breath.

"And with all this baby stuff.. I just.. I guess I just thought. What's if its the baby? What if it's messing with my powers some how? It's possible, right? My father said that mutants can awaken in the womb.. he said it was extremely rare.." She lowered her head slightly, staring at her hands as she flexed them again and turned them over before her. As if she could feel the pull and ebb of the magnetic fields around them better by doing that. But nothing happened. There was nothing. Just two strange instances of her powers feeling and acting… off..

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