Best Advice? Bring Hope

January 27, 2018:

Ozymandias has returned and visits the Watchtower. Green Lantern gives him a brief update of the Red Lantern issue.


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Mentions: Superman, Wonder Woman, Red Lanterns, Syn, Martian Manhunter, Kyle Rayner


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Fade In…

Hal Jordan is on monitor duty, 24 hours of being the guy in the Watchtower currently. Generally he doesn't mind one bit. He missed Earth, years away had him longing to be home but after the Holidays, with the weather and everything else he's rather all right with being up here alone, occupied with the Magnus bots and random inquiry calls from planeside.

Feet propped up on a console, ankles overlapped a chair is bent back supporting his weight as he eats at a bowl of green grapes, the 3D holographic projection in the center point of the room cycling through various locations on the planet itself. Tracking crisis points, threats, local law enforcement bands and frequencies of crime fighters, military and authorized government channels. It's a day off for him really.

It is not like he can go chase after Martian Manhunter and just rush the center of Empire of Tears. No, that's one big waiting game there and it requires a lot of faith coupled with monumental restraint.

The end of fiscal year followed by the blackout and blizzard has taking a lot of Ozymandias' free time, but he knows he has probably save more lives with his company during this period than anything he could have done in costume. Yet his curse never allows his to remain out of action for long, so like an addict looking for his next fix his return to the Tower to see what it going on.

Ozymandias peers around the building, "You know I still could probably speak to Mister Washington about getting some more Umoja personnel to handle monitoring duties. It has been awhile he coughed up people to be vetted. I think he is still returning my calls.

Ozymandias walks over to one of the computers on the far side of the room. "I was trying to develop a training program about these Red Lanterns, but I must confess I haven't been doing my homework on the subject."

There is a woman's digitized voice announcing the arrival of Ozymandias. A small string of his codename and designated number coding.

"Thats one I haven't heard in a bit." Hal regards, a grape crushing between his teeth and swallowed, the black mask seated on the bridge of his nose and around his eyes turned to acknowledge the man, "Welcome aboard the SS Boredom."

"I think this is just some sort of insisted tradition, shows dedication to duty or something, I dunno. I think you'd have to run that by Wonder Woman."

Feet drop to the ground and he offers the bowl of grapes, if none are taken he will set it aside.

"Expect they're a lot like a Green Lantern, what Number 2 (Rayner) and I have exhibited with just less constructs, self-control, goodwill and uh brains, they're berserkers and their powers don't always manifest the same. One guys pits bloody fire vomit and the next one can create instant red mini stars with a thought. They're weird, weird, bad and best in small numbers or not at all."

"Our best options were Power Girl who was one for a while and Martian Manhunter. As Peej has gone rather quiet since the ordeal we're waiting to hear back from our big green mole."

Ozymandias turns to the screen and types something into the computer, "Various powers make making a common strategy." Ozymandias peers down at the grapes and says, "I never eat in costume. I think if I am still doing this costume thing in twenty years I might change to a costume that allows me to eat." Ozymandias quickly snaps his fingers enthusiastically "Oh, and one of the costumes that allow me to change in a blink of eye. You have no idea how long it take me to get this dress and check my weapons before going out, but I digress.

Ozymandis furrows his brow a bit. "How any weaknesses that can be exploited?

"I really don't." Green Lantern agrees, his is will activated and conjured up in a fashion thats much easier.

"They're dumb?" Hal offers with a grin, they're not though. They're just rage focused, entirely. "Soothing music, bed time lullaby, puppies… honestly I don't know. Conflict, violence, anger, rage those are hard things to work around when you're in direct confrontation with someone. A fueling power with a lot of energy behind it."

"The best success we have had is beating them senseless or our Blue Friend's aid. I'd have to go through special channels to reach that sort of assist…"

"We installed Martian Manhunter in their ranks. Outside of Batman at the time he was our best option to replace the Guardians infiltrator that was discovered. Someone else is inside of the Reds at least, someone in their roster of ugly is feeding us limited warnings of when they move. Its been helpful."

"I have face many hordes in my time, and even been a part of one or two. It has always been my experience they are always brief infernos. Sure they do massive damage when they are around, but they burn out very quickly." Ozymandias nods his head slowly and turns back to the computer screen. "How are separating them from their rings, and what exactly how does a Blue Lantern help?" Ozymandias taps his right foot on the ground as he listens to this information, his mind searching for an effective strategy.
"I have face many hordes in my time, and even been a part of one or two. It has always been my experience they are always brief infernos. Sure they do massive damage when they are around, but they burn out very quickly." Ozymandias nods his head slowly and turns back to the computer screen. "How are separating them from their rings, and what exactly how does a Blue Lantern help?"

Ozymandias taps his right foot on the ground as he listens to this information, his mind searching for an effective strategy.
"Their leadership, Atrocitus, Bleez, a few others I cannot recall the names of are not mindless berserkers or hordes, I guess I should mention that. They're still capable of though, not such nugget headed rage monkeys as the rest. I mean still full of fire and fury but… yeah, they're smart."
"You cannot separate them without killing them. We have one specialist through Green Number 2 who has learned how to surgically remove the ring but its a lot of effort, takes time, is slow and still dangerous. A Blue, well, the only blue I suppose.. Saint Walker, great Hope. From the information we've allowed to be released anyone who reads the League data nodes knows the Greens like myself use willpower to direct our abilities, call on cosmic energy, blah blah, well the Blue, their fuel is Hope, that big word that Superman is standing under in the massive blanket that hangs off the Hall of Justice."

"I make it sound like it's multiple but it's just one guy, the Blue, one thats worth a damn at least and he is off in a sector far far away… but you get it yeah? Emotional spectrums empower these." A tinktink tap of his ring on the nearby table.

"I have fascinating how creatures in words so far away from us would allow for the creating of beings that if they walked among us in my early days, we would call them angels, demons, wise-men and saints." Ozymandias peers down at the 3-d hologram of the Earth, "I guess I should not be too fascinated by the idea, I mean I used to stare up the stars, and now I stand in a station that orbits the Earth, and have venture to places like Apokolips.

Ozymandias taps his foot, "So we can remove the rings, but it will kill them. So we are looking for to defeat the Red Lanterns with saving as many as possible. "
"We're the Justice League, right? We want to defeat without murdering when we can. Even the Guardians have an instituted and strict Code 8." Hal explains, "Never willingly take the life another living creature unless all other options have been exhausted."
"Puts us in a bind because the Reds don't have that same consideration."

Hal presses a hip against the same kiosk he just tapped on getting cozy but also being lazy enough to need a lean, arms folding over his chest as he absorbs the wonder Ozymandias is expressing, "Tip of the iceberg, thats the saying right? You'd be amazed at whats out there. I feel you though, I remember imaging my fathers flying would take him too high one day and he'd float off to space, maybe go meet some aliens and bring me home some better brothers." A grin. It's bitter-sweet but its present.

"My father used to carve wooden figurines of the gods." Ozymandias nods his head slowly, "I have actually met most of them, and realize that some are not necessary gods. They are just beings with incredible power." Ozymandis raises his arms in a shrug. "I just wanted to know how to handle them. Sometime when there is no other option, we must always keep everything on the table. I can do any option, but I prefer not to kill beings that I controlled by their rage."

Ozymandias furrows his brow, "Some of Ma'at and Ma'at herself wanted to do the same to me, not too long ago." Ozymandias smirks, "Beside I found there are very few creatures, I think are worthy of death these days. I should be the judge of such a thing, there are very few beings that have personally killed so many people as myself…..

Ozymandias walks over aver to the bowl of grapes, "But that is not a skill set that the Justice League asks of me." Ozymandias laughs. "I think you keep me around to have someone turn off the lights in this place in 5 million years."

"Yeah, it's a mindblowing experience, I was never big on to stories of gods and stuff, Greek mythology, Egyptians… all that. You don't think about it much, then suddenly you're in a team with guys like Superman, Wonder Woman, you… " Hal Jordan shrugs, his shoulders bouncing and arms remain overlapped.

"Oh, you met Syn yet either? Shes an Asgardian that J'onn has been hauling around up here, don't know if shes being considered for membership or this is his own way of keeping an eye on her."

"A God or a Valkyrie, both, I dunno. But, they're not and they are? I've met cultures out there, like ours, lots of them that have that same misguidance, I think it ties to that whole thing of us always looking to the stars, wanting to believe in more." A quiet regard of that, "Heck, some planets even think Lanterns are Gods, Demons and Angels. We are most definitely not."

"Yeah… killing is very much frowned upon," Hal intones, studying Ozy, dudes kind of dark at times.
"Some one has to keep the lights on and eventually, yeah, close the chapter? Who better than the resident immortal."

"But… I suppose when you end up against the Reds. Just, do what you have to and don't feed in to the emotions, they can inspire them, bring out rage. You just have to contain, remain calm, go Zen and do what we do. Protect, serve and save."

Hal grins, "Bring Hope."

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