January 26, 2018:

A scientist from Wayne Enterprises is targeted by Professor Zoom, and the Justice League puts him in one of their most secure facilities; the Safe Room.

The man can phase through walls, though… so it's up to the heroes themselves to keep him out of the bunker.

The Safe Room, formerly Fort Tilden

A renovated four section safehouse, the Safe Room has been built to be State of the Art for witness or target protection.


NPCs: Doctor Sylvester Miller


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Doctor Sylvester Miller. For some reason this man has the attention of Professor Zoom. He's been in Justice League custody by consent for the last three days, and buried into a remodeled Fort Tilden in New York State.

Originally designed for an Axis invasion, Batman has been rebuilding the location from the ground up in semi-secret as a protective fortress for civilians.

With airtight organization, an underground, reinforced bunker has been hallowed out and created specifically to make it as difficult as possible to get to a subject, and Miller is now in the 'safe room', now in enough protection to rival even the latest of SHIELD.

The problem with that though… is this place can only account for so much, and for a Speedster capable of phasing through walls, the 'safe room' is only a speed bump, now.

So, the call is put out. A radial set of energy and motion detectors is built around, and all the way down to the bottom of the Safe Room, with the entire complex now replaced with robotic servitors to handle basic functions. Professor Zoom has proven in the released video he's willing to kill after all, and Batman refuses to expose people to that risk.

There are four separate layers to the Safe Room, going downward at a slope, until a giant fortress cylinder goes straight down at the end. Each section can be put on individual lockdown, with the main reactor shielded in Section three.

Now, comes the wait., the bunker entrance built into the hill is quiet.

For now.


Alyse…wasn't exactly a member of the League. Hell, Batman had a rather annoying habit of trying to detain the Witch every time she set foot in Gotham. But while she wasn't a costumed heroine, she was certainly the curious sort and after sheltering Astrea for a few days she'd come to wonder about this 'Zoom' that had repeatedly come up. She'd offered to lend a hand, after all wasn't it better to have magic on one's side?

Wrapped in her gown that looked more like she'd stepped out of a ballroom than being prepared for battle, the woman absently traces her fingertips over the walls of the facility. All this metal might stop muscle, but it likely wouldn't stop her…and she'd seen what a speedster could do up close when she'd fought another turned Horseman. Assuming she'd be permitted close to the Doctor, the Witch gently offers the man a reassuring touch on the wrist that not-so-subtly leaves a small glowing butterfly-shaped mark on his forearm. "Speed to match speed is all well and good," she purrs, "But sometimes one should take their time."


A League alert. Level not world or galactic but enough to warrant at least two Justice League members to make a show, Jordan is ever present while Earth-based, the Red Lantern crisis still a hurry up and wait ordeal as Martian Manhunter maintains his undercover status.
A green nimbus, a pop and a pop as air wooshes in to fill two rapid vacuums in the atmosphere where the Green Lantern hop-skipped after slowing down to a hover. It is not uncommon for the League to enlist prospectives, Alyse and Astrea for instance, local heroes, willing champions, they're always given the option to assist. It's the 'EveryDamnHero' group as it is, a collection of all those willing to uphold the Justice, Hope, Peace ideals the team itself rallies behind. It is outside of Fort Tilden that they're facing the outer gate, anyone who needed a ride got one from the Lantern's drawn emerald constructs, round pods that will open up and release them now that they have stable ground. "Looks like the place!" He says enthusiastically, hes excited. It beats general patrol and saving people off ledges.


Wonder Woman had gone with Hal on this outing, she kept up with him just fine and arrived beside with a dark blue hooded robe on over her armored body. Sword, shield, javelin on her back… Diana peers out from beneath her cowl and looks over to the others that are with them.

"What do we know so far?" Diana asked, her gaze landing on Hal specifically then. She remained airborne, hovering off the ground with her armored boots appearing out the bottom of her long dark robe.


One of the newer members of this universe, Astrea really is having trouble fitting in given where she was from. However, one thing she knows is that this Zoom person is a monster. He might wear the guise of a human but he acts like a mad beast. At least as far as she is concerned. She has offered to help if not simply for the fact that she's got some useful skills, but mainly because she can sense the man. She has established he is not of this universe. Like her, he isn't from around here and she knows he doesn't belong. When the green pod opens up, she looks back at Hal and nods softly, reaching up to adjust her hat.

She looks at others here before looking over to Diana and blinks. She tilts her head at her before saying, "I am Astrea, I do not believe we have met." She nods her head before looking around again, though she seems slightly distracted. She frowns, "This Zoom is definitely not within range at this time." She nods her head, "I don't sense his presence."


One moment, it's quiet. Then, the sound of metal being trashed, wrecked, and crashing as Professor Zoom dismantles the obvious sensors in a big circle is heard. Some simply fall apart, others are tossed around… while more are thrown clear for hundreds of feet from the sheer kinetic force. Anyone trying to keep up with the destruction will see a red streak of lightning tearing down the perimeter sensors at /incredible/ speed.

Astrea can definitely feel his presence now.

Then everyone sees him.

Professor Zoom zips to about a quarter block out from the entrance, a fairly large trail of red lightning streaks around and over to him, before it starts to simply arc around him, toasting the grass below… his blurred, distorted visage showing his yellow friction suit and red, glowing eyes… but nothing in detail. "Looks like the Justice Fools got smart." The voice is distorted as well. Unless someone starts to attack him though, he remains in place. "I'll give you one chance; I want the man you have down there. Give him over, and I won't tear any of you apart." Professor Zoom delivers in ultimatum.


Witchdoctor had actually encountered the Flash before…but it felt like a lifetime ago. Zoom's arrival was certainly something…different in itself. The glowing eyes, the distorted voice, they're certainly unnerving enough. She'd opened her mouth to speak to Hal and Diana, perhaps to ask or answer questions herself or maybe to make her own introductions…but time was rather quickly up.

A glance to Astrea and the Witch gives a soft chuckle. "I believe he is in range now." Snapping her fingers, her clothing shifts and warps from her 'Witch' gown to the shorter skirted and more 'practical' outfit she'd preferred for combat. Her eyes shift over towards the Warrior, the Huntress and the Green Enforcer, but the witch herself? She takes a step back and folds her hands. She would wait on the actions of others before she attempted to fight. The narrower space limited her options somewhat, and she didn't even know if 'Zoom' wanted the man alive.


"Not a lot of information yet just the alert. I'm not sure who is at the monitor womb but they're not being very talkative." Maybe they're asleep? A nod is given to Astrea in acknowledgment to hers and then the comment, introducing herself to Diana, a wide grin appears across the Green Lantern's features under that black mask. "This is a true moment in history. The first person I have ever witnessed ask who the hell Wonder Woman is."
Jokingly and in his general cavalier attitude the Lantern is clapping one hand in to the other. He has not seen Alyce just yet but the chaotic and noisy thrashing of metal and debris has an automatic green dome forming up around anyone in close proximity, washing over them in a translucent haze until it settles, peeling away as Zoom reveals himself.
"Well well, it's Banana Flash."
"The man down there, he is staying where he is and you, are under arrest." Hal fires back, now he sees the Witchdoctor, "So, no more racing around like a spastic cartoon bird."

The Green Lantern's ring flashes, a shadow falls over where Zoom is standing and what looks like a massive cup is dropping.


Diana's blue eyes went to Astrea and she dipped her chin lightly to the woman. She parted her lips "I am—" Hal cut her off and she glared over at him, then reached over to slap his shoulder with the back of her leather half-gloved hand.

Eyes BACK onto Astrea and she removed. "I am Diana Prince, though many refer to me as Wonder Woman…" She then lowered her voice into a near whisper. "I prefer Diana, however." A small smile and a nod was given then to the Witchdoctor as well.

Diana then looked to the person whom Hal just labeled as 'Banana Flash' and she narrowed her eyes, her dark brows lowering some. "Thats him?" She asked quietly.

A heavy sigh escaped between her lips. "Great…"


Looking over at Diana, she nods her head before blinking, "Incoming." Her weapons are drawn and she looks to the Witch before back to the man himself, "Yes, yes." She then adjusts the mask like scarf she has on over her rather formal (for the year 1890) outfit a little. Her hat is already in place and her weapons at her side as she cocks back the long barreled pistol. Hal is already acting and she speaks up carefully as she raises her pistol, "Do not think you can keep escaping me, Zoom." She looks up, "Eventually, I always get my prey." And she's aiming but not…at Zoom? She's instead waiting, her eyes half-lidded as other senses start to lock on to Zoom and she prepares to use her inhuman agility and reflexes combined with that ability to sense Zoom to try to target him, though his speed will still make it difficult as she tries to predict his movements.


Then, he simply isn't there anymore.

That massive cup meets toasted ground, and red lightning passes by the group, along with a /massive/ wave of wind from the friction. They see Professor Zoom for a split second at the door… before he zips right back out… and starts to run near mach 20, becoming nothing more than a red streaking blur as suddenly Green Lantern starts to have massive bursts of red lightning tossed at him in rapid succession.

Everyone else has the time to notice the fairly advanced looking device on the entry door… with a timer of two seconds on it.


Well, there was no point in throwing lightning at a man that seemed to be comprised of it or at least generating it, so she'd have to resort to a different tactic. The air around the group warps a little, flickering gold as she tries to mitigate the shockwave of someone going from zero to 'Mach 'Crazy'' in a single instant before her eyes begin to glow and a silvery aura envelops her hand. Thrusting her palm forwards, the Witch hurls the impossibly cold energy bolt towards Zoom in a horizontal arc. It was almost certainly a futile effort. Her eyes do pick up on the timer a moment later, but she had focused on the active threat first. "Crap," she comments, turning back towards the device a little too late. Hopefully one of the others had seen it quicker.


Electricity? Sudden abrupt and in a speed that should be anticipated, a jerk of the ring's auto-defenses, yanking Jordan to the left then right only to have him showed in an explosion of sparks as one hits, colors warp with his green fields and ozone burns, its a loud harsh clapclapclap of pounds and sparkling flares bouncing off of the Green Lantern, an almost strobe like effect of colors and the intergalactic cop/Leaguer disappears in brilliant disco light shower including dark murky smokes screen, the stench is impressive, the air tastes… coppery now.


Diana shoots forward when the lightning blasts start being flung upward toward her team mates, and she lands on the ground where her hypersensitive vision was tracking their source. She tosses off her dark blue robe and has her bracers come up in a hard strike that sends a massive burst of kinetic energy toward their seemingly very powerful foe!


The fight is on and she has to dodge lightning herself as well. Astrea quickly rushes to the right and continues to try to track the path of Eobard with her senses. He moves so amazingly fast and she isn't really aiming at him but trying to aim ahead of him. She keeps moving, racing about to try to hold her own against wind and lightning only to suddenly turn and fire right toward she thinks he is going. She then blinks back at Diana as she notes the massive burst and stares a moment at the sheer power.


The thing about being a Speedster with the ability to operate on a level capable of taking advantage of that speed is that everything around you is much slower.

So, when the ice blast and Wonder Woman both send out a wave of different forms of energy that he can't simply dodge around… Professor Zoom is forced to retreat temporarily while he waits for both to dissipate, since he'll have to be careful running along that iced ground now. Astrea /almost/ gets a hit, but the sudden course change has her shot going wild.

It does give him a front row seat for the explosion, though.

As Green Lantern is knocked around by the red lightning bolts: /BOOM/, the shockwave is hard enough to send the unprepared off their feet. People like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern can probably just grit their teeth and bear it… but the heroes weren't the targets.

The door was.

The main explosion went inwards, a /massive/ fireball tears right through the front of the entry. Reinforced Titanium is shattered with a hole from the breaching charge… with a jet of fire going into the facility proper.

Professor Zoom zips on top of the roof, then. "My name, is Professor Zoom." That distorted voice corrects.


There's a curse from the Witch's lips, it seemed none of the others had managed to react to the charge any faster than her. Still, she still have the 'insurance' of her little 'mark'. Perhaps it would buy them time? The some fireball forced outwards surges towards Alyse, but she raises her hands and the flames simply part around her like a river hitting a large stone. "This is…less than encouraging," she comments aloud before she hurls another arctic blast towards Zoom at his position on the roof. Without the right preparation this wasn't exactly a fight she was quite suited for, but she'd make the attempt none the less.


The speed inspired BOOM tosses Green Lantern in a tumble, end over end. Charred and tattered several of the 'bolts' managed to break barriers, one eye is squinted in a half torn mask and his shoulder is exposed. A half-dome of green forms up before him like an incomplete turtle shell facing the fighting, the sensation of being 'quick-bolted' a numbness in toes and fingertips, "I'm okay." He says in case Wonder Woman or anyone else is pulling attention away from the villain. They have to keep on him and alert, any hesitation with a speedster, especially one that doesn't play by the 'hero rules' could mean death.

Green Lantern just needs a sec.


The explosive blast toward the bunker's entrance was not exactly something that the Justice League was just going to stand-by and let a man do, no matter how adorable his villain name was!

With fireballs launching up toward him when he boldly declared his name, Diana's left hand went down toward her hip and she pulled her gilded lasso from its resting place. When her hand wrapped around it, the lasso came to life with a brilliant bright golden glow and using the Fireballs to hopefully help dictate the direction that the 'Professor' was going to dodge too, the Lasso of Truth would be snapped out to try to ensnare the man in the divine twine's unbreakable grip!

Hal's condition… would be worried about later!


Diving down and to the side, Astrea would do a roll and then flip away for a moment. She would land on her feet, more or less, and then look back to where he was. She was tougher and stronger than her size but no where near as much as the others. She watches Professor Zoom for a moment and then starts racing toward the area where he is again. She flips open her pistol and then with some focus her weapon seems to refill as she then begins to sight him in again.


"Oh, that's /adorable/." Professor Zoom gives with amusement as Diana goes for her lasso. Then, when the fireballs are being thrown at him… instead of being forced to dodge one way or another, he snaps his fingers, creating a sonic boom that sends it off course… and gives him enough room to sidestep the lassos initial attempt. The ice blast has him zipping back behind the hill though… and sidestepping another two lasso attempts.

Then, Professor Zoom moves out of sight… before a red streak comes around the hill, along the wall… and Professor Zoom streaks into the facility.

"Alert, intruder detected, activating section one countermeasures."

Down the hallway, one of the wall sections collapses to narrow, and a massive electrical charge forms between them, possibly blocking the way for the moment, since Professor Zoom gives a malicious laugh when he stops in front of it, "Oh, no. You've stopped me." the mockery in that distorted voice echoing through the halls.


Green Lantern is flying again, after Zoom and Astrea in to the passageway, Wonder Woman no way going to miss out on more of a fight hes not concerned about her following or where she'll enter from, eyes on the speedster, his ring is glowing, battery levels being projected in his mask and hes letting it produce a fired out strobe of light, a radar that will bound around inside, multiwave length and meant mostly to ping Zoom, "Always with the running."


With her lasso grasping motions avoided, Diana whirled the golden rope back around her body and then ran after the others when Zoom went into the bunker. She moved along side Hal and looked over to him for a moment.

"He does not seem like a banana to me." She commented to the Green Lantern in her thick Greek accent. "Suggestions? How was he stopped before" She asked before she looked ahead toward Astrea and seemed to have no issues with the running part of this.


Astrea was fast, not as fast as others mind you but she was fast. Further, she seemed to show no signs of tiring at this point. She looks at the narrowing hallway and looks down it, "Ya might be actin' cocky now…but look where ye are at." She states in her brogue and then whips her blunderbuss around and tilts her head as she pulls the trigger, "Tight space, big blast." She unleashes the magically enhanced shell that sends out a big scatter of mystical quicksilver style pellets filling the hallway toward the man and then blinks, "Eh…he hasn't exactly been stopped at all yet…"


As the blast goes down the hallway, Professor Zoom actually goes /back/ towards the four… and it soon becomes apparent why.

As the pellets go down the hallway, he isn't dodging them… so much as /picking them out of the air/, that red streak going this way and that for a couple seconds.

Then, he turns them right around, effectively firing Astreas' gun right back at the group.


Diana was right there with the others, observing and watching as they rushed after the would-be-criminal.

When she observed his motions (she could see fast motions on a different level than the average person) she anticipated his return-assault and when it came barreling down the hallway it came to meet her…

Diana lunged herself in front of the others and she planted her armor booted feet right in the way of the danger! With SHIELD RAISED the incoming assault returned by this 'Professor Zoom' was intercepted by pure Amazonian forged metal and the powerful blast was absorbed/deflected and summarily negated!

Diana raised her head up above the shield and peered over it… she was angry, and she was tired of this man and his silly games.


The rings autoshields are protecting Hal but Diana is already in motion, a protective counter from the woman and the Green Lantern swings his arm out wide, a massive club appears mid-air and slams the opening left above Wonder Woman, crashing through one wall and then clubbing upwards, swung with enough force and momentum it's fast, a blur, not quite a 'Flash' though. It gives something to be dodged and if Zoom is sloppy or misses a step… it should hurt.


Preparing to dodge quickly, Astrea blinks as she sees Diana show up with a shield and block all of her shot. She stares before looking over toward Eobard and frowns, "Ye just aren't tryin' to play fair at all, are ya?" She then slides the blunderbuss away and whips out her weapon, "Alright then." She watches as Green Law Space Man tries to send a club after the guy. She hmms before whipping around her own club like weapon and looking to him, "Come on then, speedy. Lets see if I can keep up with ya."


Then, something unexpected happens.

Those walls that popped out to emit that blanket of electricity? Professor Zoom runs right /into/ it…. and after a few seconds, comes out the other end. "See you later, Justice Fools." With that, he zooms down into the facility proper.

"Alert, intruder detected, activating section two countermeasures."

There are some explosions that rock the facility, the lighting dimming lightly up top.

"Alert, intruder detected, activating section three countermeasures."


"This place sounds like it is coming down… " Hal says, not even having time to give a proper retort to Zoom as the man darts off again, "We need… " Not saying it as the facility trembles green support pillars begin to manifest around them, lining the halls. He'll maintain them while they're present at least.

"Last time he ran because Superman showed. If we can distract him enough you should be able to tag his ass Wonder Woman, I've seen you move." A look over at Astrea, "Having fun yet? Because I am not. I could exert some massive energy but that'll put me under… wouldn't be a good idea if I failed." Defenseless or relying on your team for protection, never a solid plan of action in Hal's opinion.


Diana's eyes went up when the automated security messages started to flare up inside of the bunker.

She looked then to Astrea and to Hal. "I am confident that I can get him. I just need to spend a little more time facing off against him to learn his tendencies. Quick ones, like him, often have such fiercely strong behavioral patterns that they give away those patterns quite easily, if… you have the time to learn them, see them. And that is the hardest part, having said time."

Diana would press forward though, hoping to get just that, another opportunity to face the speedy Zoom.


Looking over at Hal, Astrea grins behind her mask, "Actually, kinda am." She nods her head, "Never faced something like this before." She nods her head and then rushes forward, shaking her head, "I can try to distract him but I doubt I can do much without keeping him in a tight space."


Another series of explosions. Then, the lights go dark… with red emergencies coming online from the backup.

"Warning, main reactor overload in two minutes. Warning, main reactor ovvvvv-" The facility announcer dies as well. Professor Zoom is apparently tearing the engineering section apart. Both Green Lantern and Wonder Woman know that this place going critical will take out a good few miles around it. Luckily, shutting down the reactor is simple enough.

Then, the red streak comes back… and Professor Zoom goes back through the group… and right into Witchdoctor, who gets carried by sheer momentum in front of the man as he pummels the woman at superspeed.

She stops just outside the doorway, looking visibly bruised. Who knows what sort of injuries she has.

Professor Zoom himself runs out of the area. Astrea can't sense him after a second.

He's gone.


"You're nuts." Hal says to Astrea, there's a faint tilt up at the corners of his mouth. Expression still very serious, "Exactly, all that hot Amazon warrior stuff you just said, Princess. We line him up and you…. " A new alarm, new alerts. Time is not exactly stacked in their favor. Not at all. Not against Zoom as it stands, he was prepared or familiar with the Tilden and time, is on the man's side, ironically.

"I'm going in." No slow response for Hal on that, just serious and firm resolve, as soon as it says "Overload in two Minutes" the Lantern is an emerald tracer, Zoom goes one way and hes going past him, he'd love to be fast enough to even give the man the bird but hes got a reactor to try and disable before miles around them becomes a wasteland.


Deactivating reactors wasn't exactly an Amazonian training lesson that was instilled in her by generations of her sisters/aunts or mother…. So when Hal 'zooms' in she just watches as he goes.

She catches 'sight' of the Professor leaving the building though as that advanced vision of hers doesn't make her quite so easily bypassed as the average person.

Diana moves to check on Witchdoctor though, if this Banana Flash character had truly run off… then so be it, they'd catch him another day… she wanted to make sure that those here and now, were safe and sound.


Looking to Hal, Astrea shrugs, "That I might be." She then looks over toward the building and hmms, "I'm not real sure about a lot of what ya do, I don't really think that sounds all that excitin'." She nods her head as she then turns her gaze to the area where the red streak just went by and chases after Diana only giving Hal a wave as he goes to deal with all that tech stuff.

Once out, she stares at the woman and then at Diana before saying, "I think she might be ok…" She then looks back, "But if this place does what I think it's about to do…we need to be away." She nods her head and then takes a breath, "Fast."


Green Lantern can get to the engineering section quickly enough. When he gets there, the massive destruction of the machinery is all around him, and it isn't clear if he did it himself, or with explosives. Maybe Batman can tell the difference. As he gets to the reactor room, the simple shutdown command is given. Normally, the announcement would go through the facility, but that was wrecked, too.

Witchdoctor will need some time to heal; getting hit by a Speedster at full speed would break the bones of most people… and she's no exception. Most of the damage seems to just be bruising, though. She'll live.

For now though, the Justice League has managed to ward off Professor Zoom from taking his prize. A combination of distraction and called in reinforcements means Professor Zoom is out of time, and he can't very well carry Sylvester out through all the sections with the traps still in play.

Professor Zoom has been thwarted this time… for now, at the cost of a good portion of the Safe Room facility.

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