Carl's Reasonably Priced Shoestore

January 26, 2018:

Scott takes Rogue and Lorna to investigate a sign of a potential Mutant-trouble near a strip mall in upstate new york.


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It's been several days since the hostage situation with the X-Men and the Brotherhood was resolved, minor instance in the grand scope of world troubles such as Genosha, the city spanning blizzard and Stark's blackout, or war overseas but for the local news, it's a thing. A positive twist to it was that the X-Men arrived and were showed working hand in hand with the DEO and NYPD in the apprehension of the assailants.

Chenango County - Golconda upstate. Less than 2,000 people in it. Scott Summers is pulling over to the side of the road, drawing up to a stretch of street lining mini-malls, "So, we're clear we are not here to shop." The sports sedan drawing to a complete stop and he opens his door stepping out, civilian wear, a hooded jacket, jeans, brown nice shoes, red ruby shades and gloves, its still very cold out.

"We're scouting this… uh… " Scott draws his phone up again, looking at it and the GPS, down to up again. "Strip mall… "
"I guess look busy but… don't be?" It's quaint, well kept with brick sides, walls and large open glassy store fronts. Not cheap but not inexpensive either, suburbia to upper.

"Head on a swivel but pick a store… " Scott thrusts his hands in to his pockets.

Rogue is seated in the back behind the passenger's chair and she's dressed in a white/red flannel that was tied up around her stomach and left unbuttoned over a tanktop. Over that she has on her leahter bomber jacket and some blue jeans with a silver buckled belt and leather boots on her feet. On Rogue's head is a rumped up old straw cowboy hat with the sides rolled up and a couple feathers on the hat's ribbon. Her hair is down, brown / white framing her face and head and she's humming a song mostly to herself.

"This place has that sweet cheap shoe store. I'mma go in there." She said, right after Scott said they weren't here to shop.

A grin is sent up to him then and she huffs out a heavy sigh, ready to get out of the car when the others do.

Lorna was sick of being coddled in Genosha. Enough that Pietro's digs about it had irritated her that she'd gone marching to the Mansion and demanded to do anything. Of course, when she'd said that, she'd meant something more.. violent in nature. But here she was, at a mall.. Her lips thinned into a purse, green lipstick rubbing against each lip in irritation. But she didn't argue. What would be the point? She had asked to do anything.

Still, Lorna rolled her eyes at Scott as she got out of the car, sighing as she stepped out after Rogue. She was dressed in bundles of winter weather gear. A black, puffy jacket, white woolen knit hair perched on her head and a pair of knee high black leather boots completed the look over skinny jeans.

"Where's the shoe store, Rogue? I'll come with." She drawled. "Or are we supposed to split up in horror movie style and wait to be picked off one by one?" She mused. Her humor dark as she lofted an eyebrow upwards.
"I can practically hear you rolling your eyes at the back of my head." Scott remarks, it's a tilted tone, dry amusement in it. It's a familiar action anymore, Lorna's eye rolls his direction have become sport.

"Shoes, neat." The man feigns following after them, "I suppose we're worse off if we don't look like customers, just pick a pair or three Rogue, belated happy birthday." He mumbles, behind those glossy shades hes looking down the length of the mall, shoes, clothes, infant attire, video games, guns, sports, a barber, more clothes… nothing outlandish yet. No odd stares. No big billboards saying WEHATEMUTANTS and then he sees the fliers, pamphlets lining the walls with #mutantmenace #theright #friendsofhumanity… most blaring of all is a white symbol on the wall, a modified 'cross', one that mutants anywhere will recognize - Purifiers - it has been two years since the X-Men had a hand in putting them down, four almost five months ago since the last known Deacon was executed in Genosha by his own companions.
"I guess we know why we're here now." The door is grabbed and held open to the shoe store.

Rogue looked back at Lorna after the other got out of the car with her, she gave her friend a big grin. "Its right over there." She pointed a gloved hand down toward the store. "Its got a little bit'a everything, but its kinda western slanted… But they buy all kindsa shoes, so its like where all those thieves at the bowlin' alley come t'sell the shoes they took outta the cubbies." Was she kidding? Its hard to tell with her sometimes.

At Scott Rogue would then look, while walking backward and facing both he and Lorna. Her head shook back and forth, white strands of hair blowing across her face underneath the cowboy hat in the cold winter winds. "Oh no… no sir… if yuo're buyin' me somethin' it ain't comin' from no cheap shoe store. Its gotta be HUGE." She motioned with her gloved hands to elaborate her words. "Anjd… EXPENSIVE." More hand motions in wide circles in front of her.

Holding her grin she turned when he opened the door, then she looked down to see the sign of Purifiers and her nose just wrinkled and her expression just got all unpleased. "Gross!" She said as she stepped on into the shoe store anyway.

A chuckle followed Rogue's directive and the green haired mutant glanced in the direction of the store. "Cool, might get some new sandals then for Genosha. It's too hot there for boots all the damn time.." She muttered and smirked, looking back at Scott as he mentioned knowing the eye rolls were there.

Still, Lorna eyed the store filled with baby stuffs and scowled darkly in its direction. As if the very existence of it was mocking her, or implicating her in being a bad mother.. all for a child that wasn't even born yet. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Darcy had already set up a proto-nursery. That was still hard for her to fathom as a thing.

Still, green eyes darted around as Scott's steps hitched at the sight of the various plastered fliers, pamphlets and … large white symbol painted on the wall. Her expression turned cold only for the briefest of moments, before rage flitted over her lips, to the narrowing of her eyes and the furrowing of her brows.

Her hands curled tightly at her sides and she seemed rooted to the spot for a breath, two…
Lorna has reconnected.
Lorna has partially disconnected.
It's a casual fixture, an ornament some may even overlook. Just full sight hidden there. For a time these had spread across the United States like wildfire, back in the 90s when bigotry, hatred, intolerance and a new sort of 'racism' swept the nation like a new fad, during the earlier days of discover, isolation and explotation to straight worldwide acknowledgement of the mutator gene, situated neatly on the 23rd sexual chromosome, the X-Gene had been unearthed. Mankind now had an enemy they could separate entirely from one another and focus down. Horrible times for early mutants, a confusing span where metahumans, aliens in hiding and just about anything 'unknown' was at the mercy of humanity

The X-Men and Charles Xavier's dream rose out of this, above this, aimed to change the tide and opposite of that the Brotherhood, vengeful, righteous, angry, well, those were the 'earlier' days, the Purifiers, the hate groups, the Friends of Humanity movement. They were birthed. Then, within twenty almost thirty years things flipped, we enter the now or the then… Scott can't say, it's starting to all feel like one massive Deja Vu trip anymore. He is zoning out when Rogue talks about the shoes, large, expensive, "Huh? Oh yeah, whatever you want." He mumbles, it's warm inside the store. Outside isn't horrible as the center of New York is, the snow not as high, winds not as harsh, cold not as bone jarring. It could 'almost' be a nice day.

A man in his mid to late 40s is on the ground, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and sweating down the front of his shirt, his dark brown hair combed off to one side sloppily, hes tall and once upon a time might have been a soldier or football player, he doesn't turn around to look at them, instead putting something in a shoebox, "Welcome to Golconda shoes, look around and I'll be right with you." Mumbling under his breath he continues what he is. It is ordinary enough in here at least.

Scott drops back to stand by the door, looking out the wide 'window' that is the front, letting the ladies explore the isles.

Rogue could tell her team mates were kind of distracted and thinking about other things, things that seemed to make them both a bit frowny and such… then again, people in this group tend to always be thinking about those kinds of things. "We need Christmas to come back. It seems t'be the only time'a year people are smilin' instead'a… reversin' that."

She waved to the store clerk, added in a big friendly smile too, then walked toward where the boots. "Sandals are there." Rogue pointed out for Lorna to the shelf on the next aisle over.

Rogue picked up a right-boot that was almost knee-high but not quite, had a cowboy cut to it… but was a bit more urban than western in style.

Rogue gave a glance over at Scott. She let a slow grin roll across her lips. "They got some'a those shoes with little blinkin' lights in'em… I'll buy ya some'a those if ya wanna rock'em, Handsome." She teased their Leader, cause she always did!

Lorna was practically thrumming with anger at the Flyers still and it almost looked as if she would go back and rip them off and into shreds. She had grown so used to being on edge in Genosha, that the suburban mall felt alien to her. That life went on when so much wrong happened around it felt like a personal insult.

Only Rogue's comment about sandals drew her back to the present and she sighed. "Right… sandals.." She muttered, picking a pair up at random and slapping them down on the floor to try them on.

"Halloween had a lot of smiles." Scott corrects Rogue, a look in at the store then back outside.
"Christmas was kind of a mess, of course Alex showed up. That was nice." He adds, the comment from Rogue about the glowy shoes gets a short lived smile, "Pass."

"What sort of meatsacks did you drop on me today, God?" The store clerk can be heard muttering before he turns aound fully, his eyes drifting from Lorna to Rogue and back again, a quiet whisper of, "I take it all back." From the down expression to a large smile he hurries over towards the two, "Ladies, is there anything at all I can help you with? ANything at all?"
Scott doesn't get a single glance from the man, he's fine with that, used to it when hes out with his teammates. Most of them, they're graced with the good genetics that mutant kind offers, heathier bones, denser more efficient muscles, just a general level of fit thats one step above flatscans, most often but not always.

It's obviously a location that inspires a certain sense of bad vibes, ill intent…. but theres more. It's not Lorna that senses it either, no, it's the small life inside of her, a discomfort that has it moving inside of her more actively than usual.

Rogue was gliding her way down an aisle of boots and just kind of giving all the footwear an ocular patdown after the others just boredly wander off to do their own thing. She and Lorna are pretty much in the same spot, just on different sides of athe shelves though… when Creeper McStoreCreeper approaches and speaks up.

Rogue looks over at him, lifts her left hand up and tips her hat back some so she can peer over at the man with her green eyes. "Just browsin' your fine good t'day, Shopkeep." She says to him with a broadening grin.

"Plannin' on doin' more hiking this year though, so I was hopin' t'get some boots just for that sort'a affair. If ya got any outdoorsy type stuff."

Lorna glanced up at the clerk as he approached, her eyebrows crinkled as she kicked off her boots and hopping on one foot to peel off a sock to slip her feet into the sandal. At least it was a black leather, strappy thing. "I'm good, thanks." She muttered her voice dry and clearly wanting to not be bothered.

As her stomach clenched, her hand pressing against her lower abdomen and she frowned. Her eyebrows pinched and she looked around warily. Her breathing tight and shallow as her skin turned grey.
There is no definitive source to where the discomfort is. An ominous presence thats causing pressure. Not at the moment at least. This is perhaps why the X-Men were directed to this particular little 'village.

"Browse all you like. You are just stunning, Ma'am, absolutely stunning. Your friend over there with the green hair, she okay?" He questions, a frown developing on the man's wrinkled features.

Scott's focus has drawn away from anything but Lorna moving over near her, "You're not looking well." He whispers, his hand settling supportive-like upon her shoulder, "Maybe we should go or at least get you some water."
"Sir, water anywhere here?"

The clerk is lifting his chin up high as if hes trying to peer down and in to Scott and Lorna, as though it helps him to see more by being taller, a hand rising up to clutch the shelf beside him and Rogue, a blink, another and he looks at the brunette, "Hiking? Just the thing… a shame its so cold out you know. This weather, sure kills the fun of my job."

"Creep." Scott mutters, the question for water apparently ignored when he was asking for it. Blatantly.

Rogue was well aweare of the 'creep' status that this guy had going on and she played off of it by mirrior his stance with hand on the shelf, doing the exact same thing… just back at him. She grinned at him. "Well now, ain't that a kind compliment." She commented. "You're clearly sweet as can be." She'd butter up the store clerk before giving a glance over to Scott and Lorna.

"Her?" She said, indicating Lorna… not lowering her voice at all. "Why that there is Polaris. She's a good friend'a mine. She's one'a the most dangerous women in the world… So don't you go makin' any unwarranted advances on her, she'll drop ya on your hindquarters faster than you say 'Oh Crap! My Butt's Gettin Kicked!'."

Rogue laughed over-exaggeratedly, even adding in a snort to puncuate the nerdy laugh.

"Ahhh…. nah, but for realsies. Hikin' boots. Gotta get my climber's butt goin' on this summer, ya feel me?!" She reached out and gave the store-clerk a hard slap on his chest with the back of her gloved knuckles.

Yeah, Rogue's crazy.

Lorna shook her head as Scott came over, her head bowed as she made to sit on the bench for trying on shoes. "I'm fine. Just.. just something isn't agreeing with me.. I think.. " She breathed, her hand never lifted from her middle. Her eyebrows pinched tightly, as she tried to measure her breathing slowly.

As Scott leaned forward, she pushed the hair from her face. "Something isn't.. isn't right.. the baby…" She breathed, swallowing hard as her powers started to prickle at the tips of her fingers.

"Po.. Polaris?" The man says, a suspicious look passing across his features but then Rogue's southern drawl has him smiling like a dope, "Thats a weird name, the green hair too, she some sort of gothic? Drop me? Thats funny." A readjustment so hes stooped forward over the shoe rack, openly leering at the mutant woman, "What about you, whats your name or should I make one up? I'm Carl. Senior manager here." A proud declaration. "Climbers butt? Well, ha, hah, hah, you're doing okay there if I do say so myself! Hah… " The man's cheeks go red as a ripe tomato, one of those people who blushes incredibly dark.

Scott is close enough and leaning with am arm around Lorna's shoulder he nods his head, "Lets get you out to the car, this like… " He stops what hes saying to see the 'crackle' of power, a low hiss escaping him, "Not here, Polaris. We don't know what we're up against yet."

"Going to take her on outside, maybe fresh air will help her belly out."

A dismissive wave of one hand from Carl, "Yeah pal, you do that. Have a nice day, come again." His tone just unfeeling, hes got his eyes on the prize of course.

Rogue couldn't hear Lorna's voice so she missed the sickness part and the general uneasiness that the green haired gal was feeling on the other aisle over. Rogue was just playing around with the creepy storeguy. "Nah, her hair's green cause she's really eager for Saint Patty's day comin' up. Crazy kid its her favorite holiday." The southern girl smirked then. "And yeah, we're teachers at a school not too far from here… She's Polaris, I'm Rogue…" She slowly nodded her head toward him.

"Yep, we're all named after ugly ass cars. Its pretty messed up really, right? Nissan Rogue is like a minivan? I don't look like a minivan! It ain't fair. I should be like a hot rod or some such!"

A heavy sigh was exhaled and Rogue watched Scott move to help Lorna, heard him speak up about going out to the car. She nodded and looked back at the Storeguy. "Carl, you're a downright shmoozer, lemme tell ya." A big grin was givne to the guy.

"So whats with all those fliers and such outside'a your store? For some kind fucked up cult?" She had to ask, had to press it.

Lorna wrinkled her nose at Scott's words about her powers and she shivered faintly under his arm. "It's not me." She hissed, shoving her hands into her pockets. Her hands curled into fists as she tried to slow her breathing, in through her nose and out her mouth.

"I can't stop it." Her eyes squeezed shut, and her features screwed up like she might sneeze. Even as Scott ushered her out of the store and into the cold, crisp air outside, leaning heavily against him as she tried to stifle the sensation of her powers building up defensively to something she couldn't sense. Much less see.
"Oh, you are hot rod, Rogue." The man goes for it, "Whats a guy like me got to do to take you for a ride?" Painful and Scott cannot even hear it.

"My mother told me I got all the charm in the family." He informs Rogue, hes cheesing it up now. This babe digs him.

"The fliers? Local church puts them up every week. Got a new reverend, he is real big on the registration act, used to be a Marine, got folks real fired up now." He stops talking when he realizes she has ccalled it a fucked up cult, "Now that just aint polite, words like that shouldnt come out of a pretty lady like you."

"Going to have to." Scott says a little more harshly than he intends, hes just in a hurry, supporting her weight against his chest he walks her briskly towards the car. Realizing full well there are people gathered, a couple men standing outside of the gunshop, one with a ballcap the other a beanie another outside of the barbershop, staring at them both, scissors in his hands held backwards, palmed handle, blades jutted out. These are not polite stares. Nosy and this particular section of this town? Apparently doesn't like strangers. Not ones with funny hair and fancy cars. They're talking to eachother in clipped hushing dialogue, heads together.

"I need to get Rogue out here, we're aborting for now. Just keep calm, i"ll be right back." Scott gives the gawkers one look then strides quick and long legged towards the shoes store.

Rogue just shook her head at the ride-part that the man said. "Wrap yourself up in rubber." Rogue quietly commented while looking away and back at some boots on the shelf.

She looked back at him when he spoke of how she shouldn't say things like that. "Ya know what, Carl? You're probably right. I'll go home and shove a bar'a soap right inta my mouth!" She grinned at him then. "But first!" Rogue took a step around Ol' Carl and started to hum as she went for the front of tahe store.

"I'm gonna go get me one'a thom there fliers and go check out on this Church thing. New Reverend, ya say? Maybe he's a looker… needs himself some Angels in his Flock."

Rogue saw Scott coming back toward the store while she had her back to Carl and was walking toward the front of it.

Lorna kept her eyes shut, even as she stumbled her way to the car. Her head pounding as all the metal in the area sang in her senses. It was beyond what she normally felt, it was as if she was clutching a live wire inside her, boosting everything to levels she wasn't used to controlling. She doubled over against the car, one hand closing tightly against the handle, the other pressed against her stomach as she groaned. A whimpered no, no, no.. escaped her lips as Scott took off to get Rogue.

Lorna felt sick, as if by holding everything back, everything in, that she might come apart at the seams. Green eyes flitted open to glance blurrily at the slowly gathering crowd beyond. A small curse trailing from her lips as she struggled to try to climb into the car without bending the metal frame beneath her fingers.
"Rubber? Heck thats a lot of rubber to cover this much man. You're one of /those/ types? My pa would flip in his grave. Which, a lil freaky, sign me up. Solomon said everything in moderation is fine after all!" Carl is just a swell guy.

"Oh, dirty girl." The soap comment and hes turning around to watch her, "Yourea leaving? I am not off work for another three hours . Can we meet again?"

Scott swings the door open in front of Rogue, "We have to go. Right now… " There is an assertiveness to his voice, hes rushing them. "Once we're out of city limits you fly her back to the lab immediately. Somethings seriously off… " Theres a strange concern in Summers, it's for the infant.

The two men that were in front of the gunshop are not anymore, they're actually closing the distance between themselves and Scott's car through the parking lot, "Hey, lady, whats your problem?" One shouts. "You need some help?"

Scott turns around, attention off of Rogue look at the two men now between them and the car that has Lorna scrambling to get inside, "Shit."

Rogue looks back over her shoulder at the Storeclerk. "Oh you bet we will, Carl's Junior." She said back at him with a grin before the little door-alarm went off (an electronic monkey that slaps plastic symbols together).

Her green eyes studied Scott's covered-own and then she looked outside and saw the guys going toward the car where Lorna was. "Well, shit." Rogue muttered…

Dedicated steps took her outside and a second later?

One of those coin operated electronic horse riding things for kids gets thrown across the parking let to go rolling end over end right behind the two men.

Rogue threw it of course. Then she shouts at them. "Run guys! There's a gas leak inside this reasonably priced Shoe store!" She had her gloved hands up against her lips to shout-better and then she pointed back at the store and started to frantically run away from it.

Breathing was becoming difficult as the power build up inside Lorna, metal screaming in her senses even when she closed her eyes. Her panic at the slipping of her control only seemed to increase the spike. Just as much as her anger at the fliers had possibly triggered it. She wasn't sure. Other than it was almost built up to a painful degre.

The metal of the door handle twisted beneath her grip. The metal lurching to her hand before she'd managed to pry it open. A small indent growing in the door as she leaned against it.

Then came the humans. Her green eyes alighted on them, and she hissed a breath, forcing herself from the bowed and bent position as she watched them through slitted eyes that practically glowed with the electric green of her gift. Her hands now illumined just as much. Her hair started to ruffle in the magnetic fields that slithered and twisted and bubbled up around her.

The metal on them sang in her senes and her hand lurched upwards, "Stay away from me." She choked out, breathing hard.

Then came the flying chunk of coin operated horse between the green haired magnokinetic and the two men. It was shocking, surprising enough to gain a flicker of attention from Lorna. Enough to briefly jar the panic and seething rage that was building up in her form and posture. A breath. Two. It was all she had.
More doors open. The atmosphere around them darker, unwelcoming. This is at least a familiar sensation for Scott, it's timed almost perfectly that Rogue's "shit" synchs. He'd give that some attention, a smile, a laugh but no…

The collide and slide of that horse shoots up some sparks, noise and one of the men doesn't dodge it, it bumps in to him and takes him in a clumsy teetering topple backwards, the other man isn't paying it any mind at all, his eyes are wide in true actual horror as hes watching Lorna, the glow of her eyes, he swears he is seeing it, his hair is standing up under his ballcap? along his arms and on the back of his neck, his belt, buckles, wallet clip, knife… they're tugging? rattling on him.
'Stay away from me' to the man it sounds like she just hissed, a devil in the flesh, a real, true to life MUTANT. It strangles his throat, hes seen TV seen Superman flying around, Captain America hugging kids, mutants, the comercials, but never seen one in person. "Yo… you're one of t… you're a m-mmutant." He whispers, fear. Thats what it is. There is genuine fear in this small town. At this year? It's not that secluded, not that cut off from the rest of New York. This fear shouldn't be so strong, should it?

Scott is running, "Come on!" He says to Rogue, leaping over that horse and the man scrambling to get up on the frosty pavement. Its not that Rogue hit him hard, no, hes just… out of shape and not very graceful. "Hang in there, Lorna. " The car engine fires on, a key in Scott's palm depressed, the sports sedan snarling awake, lights flickering. That is her fault. The battery is brand new!

Rogue watched the going-ons of Lorna's struggle to keep her cool and she watched the reaction of the two men reactiong after watching Lorna's struggle to keep her cool.

When the one of them is downed by the thrown horsey she winced. "Seven ten split… why do I always get the dreaded split…"
Shecott ran past her and she glanced over at him, followed him with her eyes while he ran to the car and hopped over the poor horsey who'd spilled a bunch of quarters onto the pavement.

"Oh, they're some'a the Churchies. Figures…"

Rogue jogged toward them, she pulled her hat off the top of her head and looked right at them. "Don't pay no attention t'her!" She shouted at the men. "I'm the witch!" She pointed a gloved hand at her head. "Look at my hair! Only a witch would ever wear a hairstyle like this! Right?" Rogue then hissed at them as she went to get into their car.

"I'm a witch! A mutant witch!" And she hissed again, then looked over at Lorna. "Come on, we're goin' home. I'll fly ya there as soon as we get some distance from this place."

Green eyes slammed shut as the fearful words escaped the man's lips. Her lips pulled into a snarl, silent as she listed forward, one hand pressed against her middle the other still spread out before her. Her gaze fell on the trembling man, even as she stood there panting for air as if she were running a marathon. In a way, she felt as if she were.

Words were hard, but she could sense the weapons on him, every inch of metal, every thrum of snapses and nerves. It was on a level she wasn't used to. Wasn't prepared for. And it spread, out and out, and out.

Nearby car alarms howeled, lights in the stores sparked and burst. The street lamps turned on and too burst in the parking lot around them. Her control was slipping, and slipping fast. Even as Scott slammed the key into the ignition and turned the car over. Even as Rogue came rushing over to her.

Her teeth grit together, grinding as Lorna held back a pained sound at the back of her throat. "Take the power. Now." She ground out. "It's too much."
Car alarms, street lights, the floresence inside windows of shops, metallic around them rattles, the noise a clattering, like electrical locusts of steel have just flown in to town, drowning out noise beyoond what Lorna's powers are generating, suddenly the fear of the apocalypse becomes very real for the spectators, the gawkers, the man immediately in front of Lorna wets himself, turns and runs, falling climbing only to collide in to the solidity that is Rogue, rebounding off of her, she says witch, mutant witch, hes already swallowing his own heart. The man on the ground is covering his face, folding his arms over his head as if hes ready to flinch away from any assaults Rogue may dish out on him or the sky…

"Lorna! LORNA!" Scott shouts, slamming his fist on his steering wheel, hes moving over towards her, glad that his visor is made of materials that are non-ferrous materials otherwise this would be added insanity. He's moving to get in closer, he barely hears the request to Rogue, not enough to decipher it, "You need to relax, think of Marcos, your kid, the innocent people here, look at their faces… "

Rogue was seated beside Lorna, she could hear the request from the woman and it made her eyes go large. "I can't do that." Rogue said to her. "That'll … that'll kill your baby, Lorna." She wasn't entirely sure about it, but the odds were pretty good that putting the mother into a coma, would likely do bad harm toward the child also since they were still quite connected.

Rogue looked back over her shoulder and then ahead again to Scott.

"I can fly." She told him. "I can pick her up and fly the resta the way, back to Jean and Hank and get her medical attention."

Lorna's eyes slammed shut as Scott shouted her name, moving was bad, her head spun as the world remained lit up in outlines of magnetic fields. She tried to focus on her breathing, it wasn't helping as her grip on her powers continued to slip with an aching lurch. Even as Rogue refused the request for her to just knock her out. Lorna wasn't sure if it was right or wrong, if it would hurt the baby or not. She didn't know and the panic it set off left the ground rumbling as pipes below and electrical wires started to roll beneath the pavement.

A groan escaped Lorna and she bent double, her breath leaving her in a great hiss between her teeth. She either needed to let go, or calm down; and calming down, as her own panic spiraled and boosted the feeling of impending doom, wasn't going to be easy.

Whatever Rogue was going to do, had to be done soon. As even on the far side of the parking lot there came a crunching scream of metal. As cars started to cave inwards from the roof down under the magnetic pressures that were building up in the area all too quickly.
"Fly. Go." Scott says, "I'll be fine just get her out of here." He looks around them at the people, the stares, it's the beginning again, years ago, steps backwards for the X-Men and Cyclops feels his insides clench, as cars begin to compact in, crumpling with invisible force people who have gathered let out cries of alarm, some running while others point, hands cover mouths…

Rogue's gloved hands went around Lorna, the second Scott gave her the okay, she had the door open and the pathway cleared… she braced the green haired one up against her covered body and was out like a bullet out of a gun.

It was cold, blasts of cold winter winds hitting them both, but at least Rogue was fairly warm to be held up against!

Altitude was being gained at a stupidly rapid pace and the two X-Women were off the ground and up into the silent sky within moments, headed back toward hom.

"You're gonna be fine, Lorna-loo." Rogue said to her. "We ain't gonna let nothin' happen to you or your little bun."

Lorna couldn't process the snap movement that was Rogue snatching her up in her arms and pulling her into the air. It was just in time, as the magnetic fields around the green haired magnokinetic snapped and buckled. At least in the air, there was nothing for her to pull on. Nothing for her to destroy. It was in the nick of time, a few seconds too slow, a few hundred feet less in altitude and things would've gone far, far worse.

Though as they floated in the air, Lorna's sagged against Rogue, shivering in the air as the power-surge seemed to exhausted itself and was gone all too quickly.

Green lipsticked lips tugged into a weak smile, exhaustion thick in her limbs. Lorna squinted as she tilted her head back. "Guess you didn't get those shoes.. sorry." Her voice sounding gravely, even to her own ears.
Scott isn't about to remain the last one standing there alone at a possible fearful and angry mob, no, hes already on foot and jogging away from the immediate scene, going for low profile until he can get to public transport or call one of the team, maybe someones near… He has the worst luck with cars. Insurance is not going to believe this one…

Rogue heard Lorna's words and it just made a big smile go over Rogue as the two of them soared through a whispy-white cloud's underbelly. "Don't you worry about me'n shoes… I'm about t'bust the wall out in my closet, just t'take over Logan's and then throw all his stuff out onta the lawn, so I can have more shoe space anyhow." She teased, or did she…?

They were high high up above the ground, the view was enough to see all the plots of land and the roads that interwave between them. "Almost there, sugah. Don't fret a bit."

The two would move on a descent course now with the sight of Breakstone Lake and the dot of the mansion growing larger.

Lorna's figure drooped faintly, and it was clear that her own powers were not helping in the least in keeping either of them in the air. Their flight entirely in Rogue's firm grip as they glided through clouds and cold air. The green haired woman looked down, frowning as she swallowed a lump in the back of her throat. Even as they neared the glimpse of the mansion that loomed large and nearer and nearer.

"Fret? Me? Pfft.. No way.." She drawled, her voice carrying a muted tone that belied just how much she was 'fretting' inside.


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