Demon Bear: Help Sought

January 23, 2018:

Dani speaks with Emery, Brightwind does too. The Soul-Seeker agrees to help with the finale battle with the Bear


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When the call about meeting up was received, there was silence and soft sigh and just the message. 'Look for teh beacon' With some coordinates. When someone has as much money as Emery does, it is easy for them to rent or acquire properties far away from the muss and fuss. There is a small hike through some trees and then a clearing with a cottage of some sort, there is a light in the window, his black Charger parked in front and covered with tarp.

And then there is a large fire illuminating the clearing. Some logs around it as there's a pot of stew hanging from an old fashion set up over a smaller side fire. There is also a mount of snow packed together high enough to be pedastal like, on which rests a very large silver platter and stacked on it are apples. Lots of apples of all colors, and carrots, and even some citrus fruit.

The Butler himself is settled on the step near the door, wearing a thick woolen coat, a dark green scarf, dark jeans, sturdy boots and a dark green knit beanie as he idly toys with a knife, flipping it over and around his hand, twirling it and catching it and reversing it as he waits.

Snow. For those that love the winter wonderland the last few weeks have been crazy.

Now it's worse.

Moonstar knows she has to finish this. They have to finish this. She knows now not to do this alone. Not again. Not like last time.

As such, she's begun the task of pulling together a hunting party. With Emery at the top of her list.

When the coordinates are received the woman gears up for the terrible weather outside. Hat, scarf, gloves, coat, heavy clothes and boots. While Brightwind feels the cold it's nowhere near what a typical horse would feel. His constitution is such that he can survive in this terrible winter.

The flight is short. Well, shorter, thanks to the speed the Asgardian steed can travel at. With the coordinates fast approaching Dani focuses her eyes upon the ground. A beacon he said - and there it is. A wash of fire against the swirling snow, against the bitter cold, and with a silent communication to Brightwind the two drop.

It's almost stealthy with how they land, thanks to the white snow and Brightwind's white coat, but the sound of something heavy landing solidly within the clearing can be heard. Seen too thanks to Dani's dark clothing. Then both winged-horse and woman turn toward the front of the small cottage. For now they keep their distance, as the black-haired woman raises one hand upward. "Emery." She calls out, pitching her voice loud enough to carry across the way. It's also not lost on her that he flips some sort of weapon. The glint of metal caught by keen eyes.

There is a pause as Emery gets to his feet, squinting at the sky for a moment. Is that? Yep. His dark gaze follows the descent of the two, a hint of a smile and shake of his head in something akin to lingering disbelief.

The knife is flipped and slipped back up his sleeve as he approaches the two, bowing deeply to them both. "My lord Brightwind and Mistress Moonstar." He sweeps an arm towards the smaller cooking fire, the offering of Pegasus treats, and then the larger fire. "I know the woods are lovely, fecking cold, dark and deep but after all, I did 'ave a promise to keep. Come, partake in me supper. I've a good stew on, some goodies for your handome friend here, and some coffee inside waiting to be drunk."

The titles Emery bestows on the two are met with similar reactions.

From Brightwind an amused snort, from Dani an echo of that same sort of sound, but lighter. "Woods don't scare me." States the black-haired woman in regards to his explanation for the meeting place, her words holding a note of truth to them, even with all that's occurred in such a setting.

With his gesture, however, Dani does go to where he indicates. Toward that cooking fire and the larger one, and the plate of treats for Brightwind. Upon seeing that plate Brightwind gives his head a happy toss and then he's trotting neatly over to it.

Dani is a touch slower, her steps moving to take her a hair closer to Emery, her gaze upon his face. "I never got a chance to thank you." She begins, her words heavy, her expression tight. "For helping me find my way home. For helping both of us find our way home." Because Brightwind was just as loss and hearing what Dani says, the pegasus shifts his attention from the food and back to the two humans.

"Well I'm glad. The city is what should scare ye. New York City is mad right now, power's out and everybody runnin' around like headless hends." Emery shrugs a shoulder as he nods towards the fire again. There is a pause however, as he listens to the worlds of gratitude, taking a step back.

He just gives a small bow before vanishing inside the cottage for a moment with a thick quilt over one arm and a couple of thermoses tucked under his other. "Lets get you settled, have a seat and I'll get this draped over yet and then here…" He offers a thermos. He can't avoid it but he does offer after a moment. "No need to thank me, luv. It had to be done, and I wasn't gonna let ye stay like that."

Dark eyes watch the man once again bow and then enter the cottage. When he returns he'll find her in the same spot as when he left.

She stands there a dark shadow until he's near again and speaking. At the offered thermos Dani automatically accepts it, even as she waves aside the offer of a quilt. "The cold doesn't bother me." She states, "Keep them for yourself." She adds, before she quiets at those last words of his.

There's an emotion felt with what he says and which might be seen in her eyes, in the flare of her nostrils, as she inhales sharply. "You saved my life -" States the Cheyenne, "And Brightwind's. There is every need to thank you." She continues and by the time she's finished saying her words the two will find Brightwind back at their sides.

Those blue eyes of the winged-horse's focuses first on Dani before they shift to Emery, and when the horse's gaze fall upon the man magic suddenly flares.

It's a brute-force sort of thing, reaching outward to establish a connection from winged-horse to man - a pseudo psychic-link fueled by magic. When that pathway establishes the sounds around Emery fade. The sights too. Everything turns flat and oddly quiet. There's an echoing quality to the world like one sits within a large cavern.

Time nearly stands still - except for the Man and the Asgardian Steed. Looking at Brightwind there's an aura about him, a brightness, a white light. It's seen within his eyes too, albeit a luminescent blue. « Soul-Seeker. » Speaks the winged-horse, his mental voice deep and heavily flavored with a seriousness that no horse ever had. « There is now a debt owed between us. »

There's a soft 'ahhh' and the quilt is just lowered to rest on a log with a small smile. "Very well, never know." He toys with his own thermos for a moment, unscrewing and screwing back on the lid. "If I couldn't have…If I wasn't able to help ye. I probably would've tried to make sure it couldn't use ye anymore. Not like this." He admits softly after a moment. There is a curious look to Brightwind at his inclusion.

The last time he had an experience like this, he had been on some type of South American mushroom and the Irishman's body tenses for a moment before exhaling softly as he stares at Brighwind. "Ye watch over someone wit' a good soul and a willin' spirit." A tilt of his head. "A debt?"

« Her spirit is strong, her soul bright.» Agrees the Asgardian, even as the wind blows, the fire crackles though at incremental rates as the two talk.

« And a debt, yes. It is we who owe you so much. » Brightwind says, « We were lost in a dark place. A terrible place. » Remarks the horse, a vague shake of its maned head given, « You brought us back. We will not forget and we will pay our debt back to you. »

For Dani she too is moving at an infinitely slower speed, her attention upon Emery when the world paused. Slowly, so slowly, her gaze begins to turn toward Brightwind in reaction to the winged-horse trotting over. Unaware in this particular moment that he's speaking to Emery. Or that time has changed for the two.

The Irishman listens closely, head cocking to the side and he agrees with a quiet hum. Emery doesn't quite toe the ground or blush but he offers a hand to Brightwind and bows his head. "It is my duty to lead people into the light. This time, it was just in a different direction." There's a wry smile that fades at the solemnity of the steeds noble words. "Do me a favor then? Kick this pretty woman over here next time she decides to take on a demonic entity that eats souls? Not hard enough to hurt her but just to keep her from runnin' off." He winks.

« I am glad it was in the other direction. » Remarks the winged-horse and when that hand is offered to the horse, he can't help but extend his neck to whuffle those outstretched fingers.

Then the solemn note that is indeed held within this particular conversation bleeds slightly away at Emery's next words. Horses, typically, can't laugh. Brightwind is no different but connected as the two are there's the faint sound of it. At the peripherals of this conversation and while that laughter might be heard, Brightwind replies. « I will try. My rider is stubborn and while we are bonded, it is not a full bond. We do not always hear one another, especially when things are knowingly hidden. »

With one last dip of its great head, the stallion says, « Thank you, Soul-Seeker. »

Then, like a rubberband snapped, time reasserts itself. That connection fades and the world returns to normal. The flames crackle, the wind blows and Dani looks to Brightwind, before her gaze turns back to Emery.

"I wouldn't have expected anything less." She states, referring to his comment previously about making certain she wouldn't have stayed the Bear's slave. "It's what I would have done if I were in your shoes." And while there's a faintly quizzical look turned to Brightwind for a moment, it's clear that Dani didn't catch their sidebar.

As such, she continues to talk, "And I think we'll need your services again soon. The rest of the souls must be released. Returned for those that have bodies and those that don't sent onward to the afterlife. Where they belong."

"That's wimmen for ye." Emery offers with a soft smile and a sense of knowing. There are figments of memories that swirl and bang at the walls of his mind but he represses them. He knows all about stubborn women. He knows all about losing them as well and he nods his head, returning that dip from stallion with a bow of his own.

Then everything snaps back into real time and he sways a bit, looking around himself and then back to Moonstar.

An eyebrow quirks as he catches up to what she's saying with a couple of blinks and a nod. "Of course ye would." He tucks a hand in his pocket before moving towards the cooking fire, to check on the stew. "The rest of the souls? How many does the greedy bugger 'ave now? And who…is in control of him or keepin' control of tings to make sure they don't fester and grow darkened beyond hope?"

An amused look might be seen from Brightwind, for a moment at least, then he's back at that plate full of edibles.

Intelligent he may be, but he likes treats just like anyone else does.

When Emery sways, Dani automatically raises a hand upward, intending to steady him if he needs it. "You okay?" She asks, concern coloring her voice, seen in her eyes, "We can go inside?" She offers, though when he moves to check the stew she likewise follows. His question about souls, the number and who controls what earns a grimace. "Six last I knew of. I can't say if its gathered more since I've been gone. I imagine it likely has. It's the souls that gave it its power. The more it has the more powerful it is." She explains, though perhaps that's not really needed. Not with Emery being what he is.

"As for control - the Wolf and the Bird are in control." And while she knows the Wolf's name is Bucky and the Bird's is Jane, Dani still subconsciously calls them by their beasts. That's enough to earn a vague head-turn from Brightwind.

"There's a plan -" She adds, "Forming. We think we have a way to track it, we just need to get everyone together, then once that occurs we hit it, pull the souls free, then destroy it."

Emery waves a hand vaguely when the inquiry about his state of being comes. "In a bit, mebbe." He glances towards the door of the cottage before he's kneeling down to start ladling hot stew into bowls. Upon closer reflection, there's bread that's been hallowed out resting in the slightly larger bowls and the soup is going into the bread bowl. "Aye, it gets too many, it would be hard to tell which one was whi-"

Everything screetches to a halt as he straightens up with a bowl, just staring at Dani for a while. "Teh fuc-fudge ye just say?" Buhlink. "A soulless assasin that's almost as old as me and his almost supernaturally genius wee little girlfriend have control over the Reaping equivalent of a nuclear football?" Buhlink. "They dun know anyting about souls or the process or the danger or the concequences. They screw up or get careless or let it loose to collect more 'power'."

He has to cut himself off as his eyes look up towards the heavens and he closes them. "Okay. A plan. How many of teh souls beyond my former nanny's do we know have actual bodies or consiousnesses to be pulled into and how many of them need to actually be released into their next life? And is there a plan to release the souls and make sure they end up goin' in the right direction. We need a catalyst or a shepherd crook so to speak to guide them in the right direction and the last man I knew that could do somethin' like that, had an ability and transferred it to like a sword…or spear…"

Dani watches the man ladle the stew into the bread bowls and when he trips over his tongue to not swear in front of her the woman allows a small smile to twitch the corner of her lips upward.

Though that smile soon fades at the rest of what Emery says. A heaviness lines her features as she steps closer to the fire, the cooking food and the Soul-Seeker. Soul-Keeper even. "They may not know the ins and outs as you do - " Or Dani, though her knowledge of souls isn't as vast as Emery's, "But they're both smart. Jane even more so. She'll figure it out. Or figure out how to warp the Bear's abilities and powers into whatever they both want." Though the question of what they want hasn't been said and if Dani knows she doesn't say.

His last questions brings Dani back to attention back to the conversation at hand. "WE have three bodies for three souls. The other souls need to be released to their next lifetimes. The wheel needs to turn -" She murmurs, her voice momentarily hallowing out with sadness before she tucks that emotion behind a mask. "We have a catalyst, well several, you, me and a sacred arrow. There's a sword too, a soulsword, that a friend will wield. I think with those powerful artifiacts sand our abilities we'll be able to rescue the souls in question." Then she snorts, "That explanation makes it sound so easy, but it's going to be dangerous Emery and you have a daughter … "

Emery turns to offer the bowl with the breadbowl and spoon to Dani with a tilt of his head. He's listening though, eyes narrowing from time to time and he chuckles softlly. "That's the problem, they will learn how to use the abilities and powers like tools, instead of treatin' them as sacred burdens." The Irishman just pokes at his own breadbowl with a rather somber expression.

He nods slowly. Okay, bodies. Release to final destinations. His eyebrows raise slightly as he's listed as a catalyst and he clears his throat. "And do we 'ave somethin' to deal with teh wee nightmare birdie and the big bad wolf?" The mention of his daugher just makes him blink. "If we do not do this…me daughter is in danger." Its plan and simple to him.

Sacred burdens. That brings a nod from Dani, she understands just what he says, both as a Cheyenne woman and also as Valkyrie.

That bowl of soup is accepted and for a simple moment Moonstar enjoys the warmth it bleeds into her hands and the smell that reaches her nose.

Before she takes a bite, however, she says, "Yes, tools. It doesn't matter how sacred, those powers will be used and I'm afraid not for the good of this world."

His mention of the bird and the wolf brings a grimace to her feature, "To take them totally out of the equation? No. To perhaps defeat them, yes. I believe -" Because she doesn't know for certain, "The arrow will cut them off from the majority of the power of the Bear. Once that happens I think we'll have a fighting chance." She stresses that last word, a chance, then it's onward to the mention of his daughter again. "True enough. Everyone is in danger, the world even, but I don't want to take her father away from her. Life is hard enough - without your parents it's even harder."

"Trust me luv, I know. I never met me da and me ma was a nun. I saw her almost everyday, but never was allowed to call her mum." Emery offeres softly, stirring his tea slowly. "But what I am, what I can do…it is only a matter of time before whoever controls teh bear realizes the threat. I'll never 'ave any peace. I'll be distracted. I will not be able to protect me daughter from the people who want to see if she's like me and trigger that ability in her so they can breed a new generation of 'em. To be used like I was, as a tool."

He stares down at the bowl of soup for a moment, his vision blurring so he only sees red in the liquid and then it fading back to reality as he shrugs a shoulder. "Its a complicated situation. Also, the souls within that bear, need to go free. Its only right."

His mention of his own parents and never meeting them earns an understanding look from Danielle Moonstar.

She understands the pain of not having your parents, though she likewise understands that she had it mostly good. She knew both of her parents for years before they were taken away. That's enough to bring her closer to Emery, to reach out and offer a light touch upon his arm, if he allows it. To show support and understanding in that touch of hers.

"I agree." She states quietly, "The Bear and the Wolf and the Bird would look for you. They know what you're capable of and they'd want to destroy the threat that your powers are to them. I'm sorry."

The mention of his daughter and the people that are looking to potentially use her earns a harsh look from Dani. "When this is over you need to tell me who these people are. I owe you and if I can find a way to help keep them away from you and your family I will. I've resources that you may or may not have."

And while she agrees with his last statement, about doing what's right, she doesn't necessarily remark upon it. Not yet.

Emery allows the touch to his arm, moving a hand to rest on it gently and then dropping his hand as he sighs softly. "Oi, dun be sorry. It wasnae yer fault." Then he shakes his head slowly, laughing a bit. "Ye know, I once thought I was too old for this, but now I'm glad I'm over 100 so that this type of shite doesn't scare me like it should."

He quirks an eyebrow. "When this is over, we're goin' to have a large dinner. All teh food. And just veg out for a few hours. Mebbe days. Then we'll talk about me daughter's future. Deal?" He winks and then worries his bottom lip for a moment. "We pull this off. Does it free the kind souls who helped me pull ye out?

She squeezes his arm then when he drops his hand, she drops hers too.

However, at his remark about being a hundred years old? That brings a sharpening to Dani's gaze - oh she knew he was different, powered even, but so old? Not so much. While the surprise still lingers within her, she can't quite stop the light jest of, "You look pretty good for your age. Very spry." There's a hint of white teeth as she smiles, though perhaps it's lost in the snow that flurries around the two.

The positivity about succeeding in their quest and vegging for days to come earns a brief laugh from the Cheyenne. "Beer too. So much beer. I owe you all a beer, or whatever you drink. Vodka isn't such a bad thing either. And deal - after this is over. After we've survived and rested and had the hangover to prove it."

The last question though, it pulls some of the humor out of Dani's face. Solemnity resides there now, as she looks at the Soul-Seeker. "Yes. Yes, I think it will and when they're free I'll take them over to the otherside. It's the least a daughter can do for her parents. And I'll get a chance to say goodbye. A real goodbye this time."

"Aww, thank ye luv. But dun go runnin' about tellin' everybody. They don't let me use a senior citizen discount because it just won't grey?" Emery gestures towards his head with a playful roll of his eyes. "And it'll be whiskey. Delicious…whiskey. But I'll take a beer. Basically anyting with alcohol in it, I'll drink it. Its in me DNA."

Then at that last point his expression softens and he studies Dani thoughtfully for a moment, bowing his head respectufllly. "Then, my dear. We'll make sure ye get your proper goodbye."

There's nothing wrong with whiskey in Dani's eyes, but first -

"Yes." She agrees where it concerns her parents and Brightwind brings his head up from the platter of foodstuffs to look at the two. There's a quiet whicker of acknowledgment from him before he too dips his head slightly, much like Emery.

And while Dani's expression still holds a vaguely hollow look to it, that emotion doesn't necessarily bleed into her voice. Not when she shifts away from the subject of her parents. "We'll be striking out soon, once we have everyone and thing in place. I can't express how grateful I am for this Emery, especially after everything."

"/Thank you/." Again she'll reach out to give his arm a touch, a squeeze, to make certain he knows just how much she understands what she's asking for.

"Now, you mentioned whiskey … I wouldn't mind a drink right now."

"Well, ye know how to get in touch with me. Give me a call. Make sure ye loop in that crazy bastard Mercer. He's got some expertise we're gonna need to deal wit' the Bird and the Wolf until we get souls where they need to be." The hand on his arm get another rest of his own hand over it as he meets her gaze, a promise and an unspoken oath in his own dark gaze. Then Emery is reaching into an breast pocket to pull out a ornate metal flask and he laughs softly, offering it with a small nod. "How'd ye know I was packing?" Cuz Duh. He's always got alcohol on him somewhere. And probably always will.

The mention of Mercer causes Dani to actually wince. Clearly she remembers Owen Mercer and clearly it left a lasting impression.

But she nods and says, "I will. Hopefully he won't shoot me first."

And much like him there's a promise in Dani's eyes too. In her touch. This will end. They will finish the Bear and they will free the souls.

When he pulls the flask out she laughs softly, "Just a hunch she adds and like that Dani reaches for the liquor. You can't go wrong with booze or food or both at the same time it seems. Especially when a battle is so close at hand.

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