A STAR visit

January 25, 2018:

In the wake of a worldwide series of robberies, Professor Zoom visits Tony Stark… as himself, getting a read on the man.

Stark Industries - New York City

[ Stark Industries - New York City ]-------——+
Rising high into the skyline with the name of it's Lord and Master for all to see, the Stark Industries Tower is the most visible component of the Stark Industries complex centered in Midtown Manhattan. Manufacturing, office space, power generation and even some inventory is housed in the tower and its associated subelevels. It also contains guest housing and, at the top, the penthouse suite that is the domain of the Main Man himself, at least, when he's not at his Malibu home.


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Fade In…

Stark Tower is obviously not at it's best, but that hasn't stopped the Director of S.T.A.R labs from calling Mr. Stark and requesting an interview with one of their employees.

Eobard Stevenson has been an intern for a while. Recently promoted to full time research scientist, he's a member of the supernormal division; specifically, the Speed Force team. The incident in Stark Tower with Professor Zoom has been on the official channels by now, and they're sending over some of their best to look into the matter.

Stepping up to the top levels, Eobard is wearing what can only be described as a clash of eras; modern sleekness, combined with the 90s, to produce a business suit that gives the man a definite air of eccentricity. on his right hand is a golden decorative ring, while his face and ears have a few scars to them, his blonde hair cropped just so to try and hide some of the ear work.


When the Director of STAR Labs calls? They don't get Tony Stark. Because no one gets Tony Stark. They get the CEO of Stark Enterprises, who then makes an appointment for Tony, who of course doesn't look at it and stays busy in his lab making things instead of getting ready for a proper interview like he should.

It happens a lot.

Which is why when the elevator dings annd Eobard is let off the first thing he hears, over the smooth sounds of some kind of music(ZZ Ward to be precice) is said Stark's voice. "What do you mean my 2:30 appoinntment is here?"

Dresed in blue jeans, t-shirt of AC/DC, and a pair of converse he doesn't look like one of the greatest inventors of his age. The lab isn't one of the secure ones though, they knew better than to send someone new up to one of those. There is still bits and bobs of tech lying around on workbenches as Stark turns towards the elevator. Closing the doors on the lab to peer towards the newcomer.

"So!" A pause as the bright light of the ARC reactor in his chest shines though his t-shirt. "I apparently have an appointment."

"Mind the mess, I just blew everything up last week."


"You don't say." Eobard quips to Tony as he places his right hand into his pants pockets… his left kept on the briefcase as he walks slowly, casually, in.

Eobard has a smooth baritone, one that wouldn't be out of place in front of a camera, and one that has a… distinct accent to it that Eobard is working on practicing out of his voice. "I'm Eobard Stevenson, Mr. Stark. Researcher for STAR Labs. I'm on one of the supernormal teams." As he steps foward, Eobards gets within arm range, and offers a handshake. "A pleasure to meet you, if you don't mind me saying."

Eobards smile actually reaches his eyes.


Stark limps closer and as he does so, its a fairly easy thing to get a look at his injuries. Bandanges cover his arms, pad out under the cloth of the t-shirt. Cuts and scrapes cover his face and neck and there is a soft whirr from a leg brace on his right leg. One that seems to be aleivating the weight indicating something might happen to be broken there.

Still at least comes forwards. Glances down to look at the hand. "Er…don't like shaking hands. Or taking things from people. Just a thing…"

And he whistles softly.

A tiny little drone buzzes forwards from around the corner. A round ball with a sensor eye and a little manipulator arm on the bottom of it. Said arm extends and /that/ does shake Eobard's hand.

"Thats why I build things." Stark says with a smirk. "…most people would call me crazy, but since I'm rich they call me eccentric instead. Come on in…Eobard huh? That's what? Some old european name?"

He waves them towards a little office that seems, well…fairly clear of things. Long table, a few chairs. All look comfortable and sleekly modern.

"So! What can I do for STAR Labs Mister Eobard Stevenson?"


As the drone comes around, Eobard gives it a squinting, curious look, before he looks back to Tony. "Everyone has their own process, Mr. Stark." He does take the drones hand, and shake it, just to get a feel for it… before he turns around and gives a look over the lab. "This new Speedster with the yellow suit has many around the world understandably concerned, and there are various agencies coming to us for answers. Besides that electrical storm in Metropolis, the visit to your tower is this mans first real showing, far as we can tell. So!"

Eobard puts the briefcase down on an empty table, "I've been asked to do some checkup on what happened, and to do a test run for a bit of equipment we've been developing." He opens the briefcase, then takes out some sort of weird looking device, allowing Tony to look at it, "This, Mr. Stark, is what we hope is a Speed Force detector. By all accounts, he was here for a few minutes. I'm hoping we can manage to piece together events, and maybe find out more about him. I believe you had him tagged as 'Banana Flash' in the databases?" Eobard sounds amused by that.


"In mine, SHEILDS, Titans, League, basicly anyone I could get to after he showed up yes." The engineer replies as he leans against the table, arms crossed over his chest as he watches just what comes out of the briefcase. As he does so he pulls a pair of half-rim glasses out of a pocket to slip them on.

"SIRIN, gimme a rundown would you? And load up the video feed from that meeting for Eobard so he can see it." There is a shrug. "I mean its a lot of him acting arrogant while saying we were arrogant and telling us he's from the future." He says with a glance up at the man from STAR Labs.

"So, how does a Speed Force detector work? And what is Speed Force? Other dimentional energy I'm assuming. Though every Speedster doesn't use it."


"Some of it is classified beyond my pay grade, I'm afraid, but what I can tell you is that the Speed Force is what most of the Speedster sorts get their ability from." Eobard starts to speak as the device is put to the side, and a laptop is pulled out next. He boots it up, before he takes the device and starts to wave it around, pressing a button so a screen on the front turns on.

"Thanks to some Justice League consultations, we've been able to at least isolate the frequency of energy that manifests in our reality. Far as we can tell, this energy is entirely the byproduct of Speed Force use in the human body… and that energy comes in on a molecular level. Beyond that, I'm afraid I can't discuss it." The detector hasn't beeped at all yet, so Eobard frowns just slightly. The video has been playing in the background though, and Eobard points to it, "That room will likely have the most concentrated energy, from the sheer amount of energy he's expending in that. Is there a chance we can go there? There isn't enough residual in this area to even kick up a kobric nest." Eobard inquires.


Stark seems to stare at the device for awhile, head tilted to the side slightly. Apparenty satisified with what he sees he shrugs slightly. "Some of them just do time mnaipulation instead of this Speed Force thing." A beatpause. "Man you have to come up with a better name for it. Its got no zing."

"Frequency of energy in this reality. So the frequency of the energies from other realities are different. That makes sense…" Maybe he knew that already, maybe he didn't, its hard to tell with Stark. However at the request he shrugs once again and stands easily.

"SIRIN clear the lab of all the fun stuff. Make it at least presentable." He calls as he starts towards the elevators.

"Yes, sir! Should be ready by the time you get up there." The peppy voice of the AI comes quickly enough. Following by the more sardonic side. "I wasn't programmed to be a maid, sir."

"You would look so cute in the little dress though." Quips Stark back towards the intelligence as he waves his guest back towards the elevators. "Its a few stories up, the windows blew out so its even more of a mess there. Don't hold it against me."

Arriving at the floor in question he wasn't kidding. Clear plating of some kind holds the wind out at least, but the seal isn't perfect so the tempeture is colder. There is defintally more of a mess, but anything that seemed sensitive is long sense put away. More of the little round drones buzz about cleaning up here and there but Stark waves forwards. "Have at."


As he waves the device about, "I'll be sure to let my supervisor know that the name is terrible." Eobard grins at the joke, before there's a slight ping as he starts to enter the room. "Not a lot, but there's definitely something. By comparison to the Flash, there should be a lot more to read, though…"

Eobard frowns, his eyes blinking, before he looks left, then right. Then, Eobard looks to Tony, "The only explanation for this is that we're not picking up this new Speed Force user, but rather someone else. We're dealing with a whole new spectrum." Eobard informs Tony, "Do you have visitors who use a Speed Force?"


"I have a lot of visitors," Tony supplies most…not…helpfully. "But yeah. Maybe. Not that I've ever had a long in-depth chat about them and the origin of their power suites." The engineer replies with a smirk. One that fades though as he looks at the device and the fact that is defintally not detecting any type of…well…Flash level of power.

"Huh." A pause. "Tweak the gage then." He says as he peers towards the machine. "He said he was from a different time, might be from a different Earth. Frequency might be different enough that its throwing the stick off." He nods towards the device.


"Probably." Eobard concedes, before he takes a screwdriver, pulling off the back, and he starts to 'tweak' something within. He obviously know what he's doing though, because he replaces the back just as quickly, and waves it again.


"Ok. General detection, then trial and error time…" Eobard says, mostly to himself, before he repeats the same process… then waves it, and suddenly the thing is /lighting up/.

"Ok. I just set this to do general detection of extra-dimensional energy that we know isn't on our reality. Either you have technology in the tower that can bring energy from other dimensions in here, or we're detecting the residue from the lightning this new Speedster produces. By all accounts from testing with the Flash, it fades back to where it came from in about a week."

Eobard looks to Tony, "The problem now, will be to eliminate redundant possibilities."


"I have had gods, aliens, a dimensional portal, and a half dozen other things that might have extra-dimensional energy in them. So yeah…that might be kicking off that. Not to mention the demonic magic that tried to eat the tower." Stark shakes his head. "And now I need to get the tower warded. Ah well, good thing I blew it up since I need to renovate."

He pauses a moment. "But, judging from the reaction it might be that guy. I mean its pretty strong here, and most of that other stuff happened on other floors. So next question of course, is there a way to see this energy? Visualise it so you could trace where he's going?"


"So a dimensional nexus, more or less." Eobard sighs, "Well, at least I know this will be very complicated, now." He muses, before he hits a switch, waves it around some, then turns it off. "It's a possibility we're exploring. Science is just starting to catch up to the reality of dimensional theory, though." Eobard goes to settle his briefcase down on a table then, sets the device into it, and starts to type. "It's a start to begin the process of elimination, at least."


"More or less, what can I say. My Tower is popular. Comes from being one of the few people that can fly around and doesn't feel like wearing a mask about it." The inventor doesn't seem bothered by it. He has long sence come to terms with the fact that the cat in his case is well and truly out of the bag. "So what can I do to help speed things up then? I mean I know enough dimensional theory to be dangerous." He means that literally. "And know other people that might be a bit more specific in the field."


"Right now? Nothing. This is a matter of irising the known and unknowns and assigning values first… and I can't do that properly until I get this back to the lab." Eobard stops typing then, and closes the briefcase, "AIs -while useful- can only operate within their programming."

He takes the briefcase, and turns around to regard Tony, before he takes out a business card, and hands it over. "That's my card for the lab. Refer your experts to me there, and I'll be happy to discuss this with them within my limit." Then, he smiles, "if you can peel yourself away from the labs here, I might even be able to get you a guest pass for the lab yourself, if you'd like a visit."


"Huh," Stark taps a finger against the table, now fixed from where it was overturned in the fight. "Alright then…and don't knock my AIs."

"It is ok, sir! We don't have feelings!" SIRIN's voice cuts in cheerfully as Tony rolls his eyes.

"Anyway, yeah. I might drop by. Espicially since now this tower is going to take some time to fix back up after everything happened. You prepare for everything, and then…bam. Demon magic." A shake of his head. "Its always the last thing you expect right?"

The little drone takes the card and passes it to Tony before he nods. "Sounds like a plan. Meanwhile I'm sure you won't mind if I poke into all this Speed Force theory stuff on my own right?


"Not like we could stop you if we wanted to, right? I'd be happy to cooperate within the guidelines my bosses allow." Eobard notes, before he looks to the drone, and gives it a couple pats. Looks like Eobard is a drone fan. Then, he gives Tony a nod. "My number is on there. I'm the resident Speed Force specialist on the team, so don't bother talking to anyone else for that specific subject." Then, he heads for the elevator, "I'll see you later, Mr. Stark."


"See ya around then, Eobard." Tony Stark is casual as ever, raising a hand to wave towards him as he watches the other man step towards the elevator. "I'm sure I'll need to give you a call for something or other." He adds.

The drone? It does a barrel roll. Because its learned thats was good drones do.

One of Tony's more unique ones has been teaching him.

"Just be careful if Banana Flash comes to visit STAR Labs."


"He hasn't hit any of our satellite facilities so far, but we haven't inventoried this week yet. With the news lately, I'm actually going to insist we do that." Eobard gives as he turns around on the elevator, giving Tony a nod and a smile as the doors close.

"Very… informative." Eobard says on the elevator to himself. As he goes down, the background anger from being in the same room as Tony Stark has him squint slightly. "I have work to do…"

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