Birthday Dinner

January 25, 2018:

Piotr is kind enough to track Rogue down and ask her out to dinner to celebrate her 26th birthday and get a chance to catch up with one another.



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Pete has been busy at work out in his studio for the last few weeks. Between classes and whatever this series he's been working on, he's been slightly detached from the coming and goings of others. It's only when he surfaces to teach a class that he overhears about Rogue's birthday. He missed drinks out at Harry's, the traditional birthday celebration when they are not in space, hell, the Savage Land or trying not to die. And so he's decided to make it up to her, and to get out of the mansion for a little while wouldn't hurt him either.

The restaurant in the bronx is not that far from Yankee Stadium, a bar and grill with the requisite kitsch on the walls, all Yankees or baseball themed of course. It's not a fancy place, and Pete is dressed casually in jeans, untucked white button up shirt with a down jacket now hanging by the door. Seated at a hightop table with Rogue, Pete peruses the menu.

"I trust you had a fun night out last night? I apologize again for it slipping my mind…"

Rogue was a big fan of these kinds of restaurants and when they stepped in she was just smiling as she looked around and then over at him…

Rogue's been pretty busyin that she hasn't been doing much of anythingshe took a leave of absence from teaching after the events on Genosha and she's been entirely reclusive and keeping to herself. She's been there for X-Men training and missions, sure, but when away from that? She's been hiding in her room or going out to get drunk and do what Rogue does, flirt with men and break hearts.

When Pete asked her out for this dinner though, she'd gotten all sappy and teary eyed about it cause it was so sweet of him to do, no one else did anything for her except say the basic 'Happy Birthday' so it was nice to have the big guy reach out.

"You're sweet as hell, Petey, ya knwo that?" Rogue says to him, here and now, in the restaurant. She puts her leather bomber jacket on the back of a chair and then sets her butt down upon it, having a green/black plaid shirt on and a black tanktop on beneath that, simple blue jeans and leather boots… gloves on her hands.

The southern belle smiles over the table at him as she swipes her dark brown ponytail back behind her shoulders, her face framed by snow-white bangs. "Ain't heard much from ya lately? Whats been goin' down in your world?"

Peter gives her a quizzical look and half smile when she mentions him being sweet. He literally would do this for any of his teammates and he hadn't given the offer a second thought. He accepts the compliment though and says "Da. Of course, but we go way back. It is the least I can do."

When the waitress comes he order a beer and two shots of vodka, one for each of them. He doesn't ask first, but it's her birthday.

"Me? I have been … caught up in my latest work actually. I was not expecting it, but I think I'm going to be quite happy with it."

He then looks at her for a little while before sheepishly admitting, "Unless you heard about my disastrous date with Rachel. Well, not disastrous, but maybe a litle embarassing."

Rogue put her elbows on the edge of the table and then folded her gloved hands together to rest her pointed chin on the top of her interlaced fingers. She stared across the table at him while he ordered the drinks and she gave a little nod of appreciation and agreement in the selection and then laughed softly at what he said there-after.

"I ain't heard'a word about that." She responds. "Nobody tells me nothin' though, so I ain't too shocked that I haven't heard nothin'." Her hands came down then and she reached out for the ice water to lift it up for a sip between her red hued lips.

"What happened?" She asked him then, setting the water down again. "I mean, cause now? I gotta know." She said further, showing a playful grin at him.

Pete has been operating under the impression that everyone was aware of it. Granted, that might be because of one awkward conversation with Scott. He is blushing a bit, at the fact that he is the one to have brought up the topic but well, no going back now. He clears his throat, and is grateful to see the drinks appear.

"First shots, and then I tell horrible embarrassing story." He raises the shot glass and adds, "Then you do." And without letting her think about that, he throws that back.

Barely showing any effect from the shot he starts his story. "It was nothing. Well, it should have been. I asked Rachel out.." He smiles a bit and looks off to the side, does he have to explain why? That's obvious right? Yes, he can skip that part. "We had flirted a bit… I think. And so I met her at a fancy art gala to try and I don't now. Impress her? Seem sophisticated? That was a mistake." He punctuates that with a sip of his beer.

Rogue doesn't know Rachel, not even slightly… Rachel may have been around but the two of them hadn't ever crossed paths as of yet.

A grin was shown to the idea of an embarrassing story-off based around the consumption of alcohol. "We might be here awhile, if thats the case." She said in her smokey voice with a slight shake of her head. She watched him take the first plunge and then listened to what he had to say.

Rogue's shoulders shrugged inside of her upper shirt. "If ya gotta impress someone by tryin' t'be something that ya ain't, then that person's probably not right for ya, Petey…. Less they find it cute or endeering anyway. If she did? Well then, thats good, cause it is both'a those things… least it is in my book."

Her gloved right hand pulled a shot over toward herself. "So you goin'ta ask her out again? Or, I mean, somethin' more official?"

"Nyet, I'm not done. Almost though, it was admittedly not a very long date." Pete grins at his own foreshadowing. He does admit "But I appreciate the advice", which he means since she knows that she is genuinely trying to be helpful. "But it was like I was on a date with my sister. Well, not my sister, Rachel isn't that much like Illyana. But rather someone who is a sister. Rachel thankfully called it off and we decided not to try that again."

He takes a big gulp of beer and then feels the need to explain. "It would not be that embarrassing except Scott knew about it ahead of time and cut off a danger room when he heard." He smiles at this too. The story isn't really all that embarrassing, it's more that the thought of other people telling it.

Rogue had to let out a soft laugh when the part about Peter's sister came up. "I've met your sister… She's definitely ONE of a kind." A big grin was shown then. "Ain't no other girl out there quite like the Heavy Metal Illyana Rasputin." She said it with a lot of love and pride, she liked Illyana… even if she didn't understand nearly anything about her or what she did / does. She was on another level from the team's bruiser / muscle, the Mississippi native sharing drinks with Piotr here and now.

"Well, I'm sorry it didn't work out. I don't know much about Rachel, so I can't give any real insight on her… Which is probably my own doin'. I've been a bit withdrawn lately." She said then, her mood souring a bit so she reached down and tossed the shot back, downing it and drinking it like an expert… the white bangs framing her face waved around a bit, one of them draping across her nose causing her to have to swipe it away.

She smiled at him then. "Tastey."

Pete's smile at his sister is very genuine and not at all guarded. "I believe she would take that as a very large compliment." He momentarily returns to browsing through the menu.

He shakes his head at the concern. "I'm not worried about it not working out. I agree it was probably for the best. It is hard to .. navigate relationships on the team." Pete's had a few. Usually they were muuuuch quieter, for obvious reasons.

"I didn't want to bring it up, but .. how are you? I have heard Genosha was hard on you. But I did not want to pry. Perhaps a couple more drinks and you tell me about it?"

As the waitress comes by Pete orders the largest burger on the menu and another beer. He is careful not to stare at her or make her feel like he's interrogating her.

Rogue didn't need to look at the mneu, she already knew what she wanted… she wasn't a heavy eater so she was just going to get 'kid food' as she called it. A basket of fries and chicken fingers… easy to eat with a fork and classic 'bar food' which she was most comfortable with… which is why she liked places like this.

"Only relationship goin' on right now that I know about is good ol' Lorna and her thing with Marcos. I'm happy for'em too, but i"ve kinda been avoidin' it." She showed a little grin. "Maybe I'm jealous, I dunno."

Rogue reached for the beer and took a sip from it after she heard the bit about Genosha, she shook her head then and set the beer down.

"I killed folks on that cursed Island, Petey." She responds. "Thats why I don't wanna go back there… I lost my cool, and I killed people who had captured Scott'n I. Scott's the only one who saw what happened too, but, you know how he is.. he doesn't deal with emotions that well."

Pete smiles at the talk of Lorna and Marcos. "Da, and goodness knows they get enough of us telling them what they should and shouldn't be doing in their relationship." He almost sounds like he feels bad about that.

He sets down his own beer to hear her tell the story. Scott hasn't shared details, just a vague brief that it was rough for Rogue on Genosha. He keeps his shock to a minimum, just a widening of his eyes. He grimaces a bit and says "Rogue, I'm so sorry. I did not know." He waits a bit before trying to lighten it up with, "I'm surprised Scott was not more of a help in dealing with a painful emotional issue." A smile creeps across his face as he says it.

"I understand how hard that is." Pete's had to kill before. Had to, isn't quite right maybe. Chose to. "But, situations are different. I don't want to pretend they are. Would you like to talk about it?" He catches himself reaching out to hold her hand, before sheepishly putting it back down.

Rogue smiled softly at what he said and she saw his hand reach out and then retreact. She put her gloved hand out to press it over his then and there to show she saw the gesture and appreciated it. "I'm doin' fine, Big Guy." She told him. "I'm tough, I can take it… Its just, ya know… ya think about it at night. In those dark times when you're stuck between awake and asleep. The faces, the situations… they kinda come rushin' back and draggin' all the emotions up with'em when they do."

Rogue nodded her head once at him. "Thats the shitty part, thats the part that has me sweatin' through my sheets at night and tossin'n'turnin' until I just get up and go pace around my room, or get back on athe borin' ass internet t'try'n find anything' t'take my mind off'a it."

She sipped the beer again and shook her head. "Scott's a peach, I love'im, but he's busy… So, so busy…"

Almost always in concerned older brother mode, Piotr smiles softly at the hand on his. He gives her a skeptical look at the part about her being tough. "Rogue, I understand you are as tough as me in a fight. But we can't all be Logan when it comes to dealing with difficult situations." Goodness knows Pete can't shake off those hard decisions the same way that Logan … or Illyana, can. He of course doesn't name his sister as that would be a bit weird.

"I know you are not the only one kept up at night. And you are always free to wake me up.." Feeling like he just suggested something improper he clarifies just a touch too quickly. "To talk." Why he would feel the need to clarify that with Rogue is probably more related to the situation with Rachel than her really.

"I would expect Jean or the Professor might be of more help than Scott when you are ready to talk. But if you are planning to drink then you must get Logan and I." Pete still hasn't had a good talk with Old Man Logan, and it's kind of hard for him to wrap his head around the fact that it's not the Logan he knew for so long. So he deals with it, by not dealing with it.

Rogue drew her hands back and then lifted her beer with it for another sip. She shook her hand after setting it down and pulled her gloves off of her hands now… leaving them all dangerously exposed and such.

"Thats the thing, Pete." She said at him, glancing away at a family who was leaving the restaurant… She then looked back over at him. "Logan'n me… the, younger one that is. We were kind've a 'thing' when he vanished." She took a second to bite down on her lowerlip and her green eyes glanced down at the top of the table. "So its just been hard for me t'go around this, 'Old Man' version'a him that just popped up outta the ground like a gopher."

She glanced back up at him and smirked softly. "Jean and the Professor don't got time for my problems, they got way bigger stuff goin' on all the time."

He tries not to watch her hand too carefully, making a concentrated effort to keep his eyes on her face when she moves her hand. Though he does allow a questioning arch of his brow.

At the revelation about Rogue and Logan though, both of his eyebrows raise. "Boizhe moi. I did not know. I apologize, here I am as big jerk telling you to go out drinking with this other Logan. I.." He shakes his head a bit. "I apologize. That must be awful."

The food comes which thankfully gives Pete a little respite from having just stepped in it. He finishes his first beer and confesses, "In truth it's been strange for me. Being back at the mansion of course feels like home, but without Kurt and Logan, it also feels…" He looks off to the side as if trying to find the proper word hidden among the memorabilia on the walls. "Isolating." It's not lonely, there are plenty of people around. But not having those he's closest too, that he's spent much of his adult life with at the mansion with has been more challenging than he expected.

"Jean would make time. Even if we were being hunted by sentinels night and day. You know this." He chides her gently, not pushing too hard.

Rogue sat up straight when the Server arrived with their meals and she just gave a grin to Piotr until the person left. "It wasn't anything super hot'n heavy, ya know. We just had an opportunity arise, and we were kinda… ya know… feelin' things out. Then he went and vanished on us like a fart in the wind. And now we got this old guy?" Rogue just furrowed her dark eyebrows and shook her head back and forth. "ITs weird, is all, Petey, ya know?"

A fork was picked up off of the napkin and she used it to stab a few fries… Rogue was used to eating without her hands that she used utensils almost all the time.

"And yeah, I know Jean is alway sthere, I just got this… over reliance on keepin' things bottled up. Which is why I think Logan'n I kind of got along in some ways. We both got bad tempers, ya know?"

"I will admit, even by our interesting standards that would fall in the weird category." He takes in her description of the relationship and only narrows his eyes slightly at the description of the opportunity. Obviously he knows her powers and what that means in terms of relationships, but he doesn't question it. He munches on his burger while he talks, making appreciative mmm-hmmms, both in agreement with her and in enjoyment of his food.

"I am aware of both of your tempers yes. I believe you are the only teammate to have slapped me before." Years ago if true, and then probably not really in anger. "Has this older Logan any idea how he's here? Or why? And, is it related to our Logan being … not here?" No one has really clarified Logan's situation, he's just accepted something came up until now.

Rogue wasn't very bashful about the bedroom, its partially why Scott refers to her as 'Trouble'. She just grinned at Peter if he showed evne the slightest bit of discomfort at the topic of discussion, cause she was just kind of devilish like that.

Her pale green eyes lowered then down to the basket of fries and fingerfoods that she wasn't using her fingers to eat and her shoulders shrugged in that green/black shirt again.

"I stopped askin' him questions months ago, cause he didn't have a single damn answer. I tried t'rally a mission t'go find out Logan, but." She shakes her head side to side. "He's gone. Like a couple'a other people are gone too. Nancy was another…" Rogue put a french fry in her mouth and looked back up at Piotr. "She could nullify our mutations just by bein' around us… I stuck pretty close t'her before she vanished too." She flahsed another faint grin then sipped her beer once more.

"I'm twenty six, Petey. I'm just… ya know, gettin' old and I don't wanna become a creepy old cat lady someday."

Most people are comfortable flirting and talking about bedroom activities by the time they are Pete's age, he's still kind of dopey about it.

"I'm sorry." He empathizes with her at how frustrating that must be to not have any answers AND have to deal with an aged version who is of little help on top of it. "But, this is hardly the first time he has taken off. Or any of us. I mean, the more considerate ones like me explain." He again tries to make light of it, but truly Logan is much more secretive than the average X-Man.

"You are not going to be old and alone. You have maybe more obstacles than some, but I am sure you will find someone. Or maybe yet another Logan will drop out of the sky for you? Apparently they do that now?"

At that last part, Rogue had to laugh… it was genuinely funny afterall. Her head shooke side tfo side and her white bangs waved about against her cheeks and chin. "Oh no… I'm done with Logan's. They come'n go like the McRib sandwich, and I don't need that kinda instability in my life." She grinned big over at Peter.

"But you're right, we do tend t'bounce out on each other… I'd be lyin' if I said I haven't been thinkin' about doing it myself lately. But Scott, he caught on, came t'me the other night to tell me not t'do it." She glanced down at the food in front of her.

"Guess he saw it, that 'I'mma bout to peace outta here' look." Her eyes went back up to Piotr and she smiled at him. "You're sweet, Pete. I know I saw it all the time, and you've heard it probably a billion other times ontop'a that, but… hell, its rare. So its gotta be said."

Glad to have made her smile he allows himself a big sip of beer. He doesn't quite get the McRib reference but figures out the jist of it. He shrugs and says "We have a difficult job. We are under immense pressure. And no one thinks less of an X-Man if they need to take a break."

He watches her and tries to suss out if he thinks she should take a break or not. Was it good that Scott talked her out of it? Maybe? It's hard to tell. "I am glad Scott noticed. But, if you do need some time Rogue, it is okay. Tell him. Or I will. But, if you want to be here, you know we are always glad to have you."

Sweet. Yea, Pete does get that a lot. It briefly crosses his mind that it was nice Rachel viewed him not as a sweet older brother but how did Illyana put it? Right, a steak to a starving woman. But he accepts the compliment, "I appreciate that. This is my family now, not just Illyana. But you know this."

While he spoke, she took another drink of her beer and had it about half-done. "I wouldn't really know where t'go, t'be honest." She told him. "Thats why I didn't just up'n run for it t'begin with. I'd like t'go somewhere far off, like Paris or Italy… but, thats pretty pricey and I just bought a car this past spring." Rogue glanced away then. "Wow, almost a year ago now I guess… shoot, the time really flies."

Her green eyes went back to him, she smiled at him again. "But you're right. This is the family we all need, which is why I also listened t'Scott and I chose t'stay. For now." A little grin played over her red lips then.

"Sick'a my rambling's yet, Mister Big?" She asked him in that sultry and southern way of hers.

Piotr tries to imagine Rogue in Europe and his normally prodigious visualization prowess just fails him. He tilts his head and says "I think I figured you for more of a road trip girl."

"Hardly." is the answer to the question about him being sick of her. "But, I believe we should maybe do one more shot before we move on? Dessert is best from a French bakery down the street. It is not Paris, but with a couple shots of wodka, it feels pretty close."

Rogue picked up one of the fries from her basket and lifted it up to place it between her lips as she gave him a silly little grin. After a second she glanced down, then up again at him.

"Monsieur Colossus. Je suis une belle fleur partout o je vais. Ici, ln'importe'o. Je suis toujours un bon moment." And she said those words in flawless French accented voice, as that wAS her teaching position with Xavier's afterall.

Rogue winked at him then and reached her right hand out for her beer once more. "I'm ready for more shots and head when you are, Sweet Cheeks." And she grinned a little again.


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