Emerald Towers

January 25, 2018:

Hal Jordan and Diana Prince go to Stark Tower to speak with the wizard himself! Tony Stark gives Hal a new job and Diana just kind of hangs around and acts awesome.

Stark Tower


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Downtime for the Justice League? Whats that consist of? Hal Jordan trying to impress Diana Prince with the wonders of frozen recently blacked out New York. A city in motion again and frankly, mostly thing shes already seen before.

Gloved hands shoved in to pockets, collar of a bomber jacket up around his jaw and puffs of cold air blasting out, "One more stop and we're good to hit the diner, I told you about." Look, the foot of Stark Tower and soon inside, being waved past and up to the higher levels, he doesn't exactly expect to speak with Mr. Stark himself but HR, a hiring specialist, anyone. A polished off resume was already sent in, his last work with Starrware Labs outlined more so than 'Insurance Agent', the job position he is aiming for tailored more for the whole, I like to fly things fast and blow them up avenue.

Inside the elevator, along with Diana a boot scuffs back and forth, "Fancy. You know the idea I got for this came after that Banana Bandit guy attacked here the other day, did you read Superman's notes?" They're alone for the moment, floor one, floor ten, floor seventeen… up and and up.
"Close to the source. Plus, if this guy is really Iron Man, maybe we can't go wrong in seeing if hes League material."

Being that its a mild day in the city today, Diana is wearing but a black leather jacket and a black tshirt on beneath that, some dark grey jeans and a pair of black heeled shooes. Her hair is tied back, she has gold hoop earrings dangling from the lobes of her ears and she reaches a hand up to her temple to pull a pair of sunglasses off of her blue eyes once they reach the building.

"Mmm hmmm!" Diana said, her blue eyes coming down from the skyrise high above to look over at Hal. A smile spread across her red hued lips. "It is a building, you were right." The Princess would start to walk toward the front doorways, mixing in with the other pedestrians coming and going, though she was tall and stood out wherever she went.

Once inside the elevator, Diana leaned back in a corner of it and put her hands onto the railings, her blue eyes scanned around it while she listneed to Ha.

"I have not read the notes, no." She said in her thickly accented voice. "But if he defeated someone named the 'Banana Bandit' then I cannot see a world where he does not fit into the Justice League."

A second later and the Amazonian was grinning.

The elevator itself is a super fancy, super slick affair. Glassed in on one side to show off the view as the riders go up and up and up. Smooth as silk and quiet as a whisper. In fact the only odd thing about the elevator is a hastiy set plug, and lock over the button to the 16th floor.

A note hangs from it.


…its fine.

Up and up and up it goes. Till the view of the city is truly breathtaking. Laid out below the pair the entirity of New York City. Of course the two /can/ fly so its likely not quite as impactful as it is to those who don't have that option. Its about now that Hal might realise they are /way/ higher than HR has any right to be housed.

And then the elevator stops and the silver doors slide easily open. What is revealed is…a hallway. The right side glassed in with a view of a lab. A man works there, not the tallest of men, but Tony Stark makes up for it in his personality. One that is at the moment humming along to the steely strains of ZZ Ward as he seems to work on a…well…old robot.

This isn't his main lab, no super-tech, no suits in evidence, but the old robot on treads is out of place in and among the hi-tech of the rest of the lab. Its not even humanoid, its just a manipulator arm on treads really. Boxy, simple, and ugly.

Yet Tony Stark is carefully working on it. Removing plates, replacing wires, at least till he hears the elevator.

Looking up the man himself is dressed in an AC/DC t-shirt, jeans, and converse. Bandages cover his arms and torso, nicks, cuts, and bruises marr his face and neck. His eyes though? Those are bright and sharp as ever as he wipes his hands on a rag and ambles over to the door.

Which reveals he's limping, with a leg brace wrapped around his left leg.

The door to the lab wooshes open though and the inveterte inventor stands there looking at the pair of them a moment. "Well! Welcome to Stark Tower you two," A slight smirk on his face. "HR is a bit busy, since you know. I blew everything here up to prevent New York from being blow up. So I gave them a month off. Hal right?" Then a glance at Diana. "And you Miss Prince need no introductions. Miss? Ambassador? Or…how does that work for a title?"

"Its… yeah… a building." Hal visibly deflates at Diana's humor, though a smile persists.

"You haven't? I don't think that was the guys real name. It was Zoom, a speedster but Banana Flash sounds so much better… wait, did I say Bandit? No. It was Banana Flash, my bad."

The sign is prodded, "Funny." Yeah right, the Hulk? At the halt of the elevator ride Hal is stepping out, hands peeling free of his pockets to reveal warm woolen fingerless glovesunder that jacket, slacks and dress shoes don't match but then, Hal's idea of functional and looking nice blurs often.

"Guess we're here." Obviously with the greeting from Tony Stark himself, thats not expected, "Yeah, Hal, Hal Jordan." A hand extended out towards the man, he lets Di introduce herself. "I suppose you have a lot on sick call right now, probably why so many openings are showing up. No hazard pay?"

Diana's eyes turned to Hal and she grinned back at him while the elevator rose. "Flash?" She said, slowly nodding and letting her eyes wander away again… a joke forming inside of her head, clearly. "I believe that 'Banana Bandits' is a male dance club, not too far from here. We can go to -that- after this, rather than some smelly old diner." She grinned back at him then, playfully of course.

Her blue eyes went to the note from the Hulk about the same time that Hal indicated it and she grinned. "He must get sleepy, being that big and smashy."

When their elevator arrived to the proper floor, she tucked her sunglasses into the collar of her tshirt by a limb and then followed after Hal.

Upon arriving in Tony's lab, her eyes fell across the billionaire philanthropist playboy and when he spoke to her, she would bow her head gently. "Diana, is the only title I have ever desired and the one I have known the longest." She said back to him, a warm smile then appearing upon her lips.

"Diana it is then," Stark replies with a grin. "Didn't think I'd ever get to meet you. Since most amazons I've seen tend to disapprove of me. They are not the minority in that." The inventor replies with a grin before he glances towards Hal again. That extended hand.

However instead of shaking it he lobs something towards the pilot. A perfectly worked model of a jet fighter plane. Beautiful. Sleek. Wings faded back and aerodynamic. Minimal intakes, not a traditional fighter jet and nothing that any military seems to have come out with. Flush weapon hardpoints for energy weapons it looks like on first inspection, and the balance of the little model is almost perfect.

"Alright Hal, off the top of your head how many Gees of force you think you could pull off that thing if it was full size. Without snapping the wings off or melting anything on the fuselage?"
Hal is not at all able to respond to Diana about the 'Banana Bandits' real name and where they might be located only capable of giving her a sharp look. An amused flash of dark brown eyes and then they're in a social exchange with one of the richest men in the world.

"You meet many, Amazons, Mister Stark?" Hal teases, then is distracted by the tossed object, hand swiping it from the air with a practiced reflex one gets from being a joystick jockey, video games and actual jets alike.

The model is admired, Hal's almost got a lusty look as he turns it over in his fingers, "Ferris won't like seeing this thing take flight. You're teasing me, man." It's held up and he looks down the length of it, "And thats a loaded question, this is a toy." He grins, immediately thinking he is being tested. The model turns over and over, "Now you give me the real specs… I'll tell you how fast I plan on making something like this go just to see if I can make it melt in to a ball of burning skyslag."

Diana was about to ask the very same question to the very same man (Tony) when Hal asks it for her, she looks from Tony… to Hal… back to Tony. "There are others of us out and about… though we are very few." She said with a sly grin that faded rather quickly.

Diana's eyes would then move about hte lab and she'd start to walk around casually while the two boys started to focus on their boy-talk. She put her eyes down on the robot that Stark had seemingly been working on, letting them scan over it… inspect it closely with those sparkling blues.

"I have a jet." Diana then said to them both. "It is invisible, and it can go into space." She looked up at Tony. "Does that one…" She asked, her pointed chin dipping a litle. "… do those things, Mister Stark?" She asked. Its possible that the Princess was teasing, or just playing around, but its possible she wasn't. She can be hard to read sometimes.

But then a sudden grin showed up and she looked away from the two of them to turn around and go inspect something else in the lab, with her back to them now.

There is a wicked grin from Tony when he Hal calls it a toy. "No no no, that's a model." He snaps his fingers a moment and a holographic screen blooms to life near Hal. "SIRIN? Show him the toy."

"Of course, sir!" A cheerful, peppy, vaguely slavicly accented voice is piped in. "My name is SIRIN!" She introduces herself. "One of Mister Stark's AIs. I was built as flight assistant for this toy!" And on screen appears a full size version of the plane in Hal's hands.

Repulsor engines. Flight speed estimated in the hypersonic range. Mach 15 or close to that. Weapon systems are marked as classified but there is a lot of lines there. Variable wing systems. Reflective stealth systems. Top of the line super-tech.

"Thats the Mark 1," He says nodding to the screen. "I was up to the Mark 3 before everything exploded on me. And SHIELD took my usual test pilot, so I need a new one."

A flash of a grin then. "And no, I don't meet many Amazons." A flash of a grin. "So this is my lucky day." A glance over towards Diana. "Mine can't quite go /full/ invisible. But the stealth systems are excellent, and with a booster system it could breach the atmosphere. Gimme a year I might be able to put something transatmospheric together."

The lab itself is…well…a mess. Like most inventors Stark's orginasation methods are all his own and change with his mood. So there is bits and pieces of high-tech gadgets lying everywhere.

All execpt that one table with the robot. There he has everything ordered. Carefully laid out with the upmost attention to detail. It means something to him, this old little robot, so far removed from the supertech that he is known for.

"I've seen it!" Hal says with a chuckle, a look at Diana and then Tony, probably not so wise of him to be so upfront about his familiarity with the Diana the Amazonian of Paradise Island but then, he's already had his brother accused of being the Green Lantern in the past, theres a reason his family stays on the West Coast in Coast City and he's out here, trying to keep roots down in the Tri-Cities.

"I think you know what I mean… " SIRIN? He recalls him saying that 'name' when Zoom attacked, he had no clue what it was then and doesn't now, until the disembodied voice joins them.
A whistle escapes Hal Jordan, "This thing might be sexier than you, Princess." He's walking around the projection, "The Mark-1 hit close to Mach 15? You know, the X-15 did that, I never got to touch it. They skipped right over me… this, frankly, makes me want to pay you to let me play with it."
Diana knows there is hardly a quarter to Hal's name, the man had to use pocket change to buy them a hotdog the other day but his pride and his constant attempts to impress her allow for no aid.

"Seriously, sign me on. You got puppies like this you want to make soar and blaze, I'm your guy." Hal does his best not to sound desparate here.

Diana looked back over her shoulder at the two men and she showed a smile. "I have no doubt that you will accomplish that, Mister Stark." She said to him before turning back to the screen she was looking at.

When the show of the jet came up, and the voice of the A.I. spoke loud and clear, Diana adjusted herself to regard this view now. "Interesting…" She muttered.

A moment later and she'd turn to look to Hal giving him a litlte smile. "I do not know how valuable my personal recommendation is, Mister Stark." She looked to Tony then. "But I came here, with Mister Jordan, to tell you.. that you will not find a beter pilot than him. If you want your Jet tested properly, then he is the ace for your craft's cockpit."

She'd look away again then as she wandered a little more, slow steps, blue eyes scanning about and her black ponytail waving around gently behind her head.

"Not much manuverability at that speed of course…SIRIN?" Tony calls a command to the AI. "Show him would you?"

The holoimage shows the entire aircraft shifting. Wings slipping back and aligning more with the body of the craft to becommen stubby little points, better to keep their shape at that speed. The nose becomes more blunt as shielding is deployed around specific heat points.

"You loose manuverability, but you'll be faster than almost anything in the sky in that." Stark adds with a grin. "I mean I built the Mark 1 with a specific purpose, but I can't stop tinkering." He says with a shake of his head.

"Its a curse."

A flash of a grin over towards Diana now. "You've not heard of my AIs? I thought most people knew about them. SIRIN is the only…functional one right now."

That voice comes back, this time though its more sardonic and sarcastic. "I heard that pause, sir."

A shake of his head in some amusement. "But well…the recomendation of an amazon princess comes pretty high up on the chart. I have to admit that was at least /part/ of why I wanted to meet you both personally. Besides the everyone is out for a month." A grin at that. "So I suppose you're hired Hal, I can call you Hal right?" He'll do it even if he can't. Just watch him.

The amazon's eyes scan the room, the technology there on display only a fraction of what the man is obviously capable of. None of his ARC reactors are on display, none of his suits. This is just a secondary lab, and still its full of wonders.

And oddities.

Like a glowing teamaker. Or a little round drone practicing barrel rolls through a hoop. He's pretty good at it. The little round ball with stubby 'wings' holding miniature repulsor engines 'waves' one little wing towards Diana in greeting as she wonders close.

There is a flash of a grin though. "Diana, you really shouldn't encourage me. I don't need any. Encouragement is how I accidently get declared a god by extra-dimensional creatures."

"It's enough. I'm astronaut qualified if you want to get technical, the Karman Line was one of my first great conquests as a young man." Another wide grin, white teeth showing this time and he spares a look at Diana.

"She's a beauty, Stark. I'm already writing up vows in my head."

The Amazon's praise has him just shy of embarassed, "Thanks, I didn't bring you here to sell me though… " That might be a lie. Hal's a show off after all and who better to have at your side?

"Hired? Like that? Yeah, call me Hal. What do I sign?"

The comment about extra-dimensional gods has Jordan clearing his throat, struggling hard to pretend hes just 'Joe Average'. Stark has connections though, Hal's not the best at keeping himself 'secret' and over the recent years has grown even sloppier. Maybe the man already knows.

Diana's eyes did wander across the various projects in this 'secondary' lab and at the little thing that waved to her? She got a big smile and lifted her hand up to wave gently back to it.

She listened to the two boys behind her and she would pivot then on her heels to look back to Tony. "You sit atop a sparkling towre in the heart of one of the greatest cities that mankind has ever created. You tinker with remarkable power and use it to build amazing things… including…" Diana looked over to where that SIRIN! A.I. had been putting on its display.

"Life itself. A new kind of life, at least to the people of Earth." Her blue eyes went back to Tony and she had a faint smile tugging at the corner of her red painted lips. "Perhaps you are a god, Mister Stark."

And then she looked to Hal. "Does this mean you are buying me dinner?" She asked, lofting her arching black eyebrow after her left eye at him.

"Yeah sure, hired. Bam." Tony replies towards Hal with a grin. "Stop on the tenth floor on the way down. They'll give you all the paperwork." A pause. "The /tenth/ not the 16th. Don't go there. Please." A pause. "I'm still trying to figure out how to UnHulk Hulk, but at least he likes pizza, beer, and smashing drones I send him."

A sigh before he smirks, he notes the akward cough from Hal, the slight shuffling. "You do know that my AIs have started doing biometric scans of visitors right? Just. You know. Saying. After the last…I don't know…two dozen break ins."

But then Diana is saying something again and he turns to listen to her. There is a dry chuckle. "I sure don't feel like a god right now."

He hurts. Everywhere. Hurts and exausted. Yet he still felt her should be here to talk to these two.

"Pepper says people shouldn't feed my ego, it makes me think I can do anything and thats not always a great idea." He at least is aware enough of himself to realise that much.

Though at the question towards Hal he nudges the pilot lightly in the ribs. "This is where you say, yes." His voice a stage whisper. A pause. "I mean I'll forward ya an advance."

"Princess, you're going to turn this man in to a egomaniac talking like that." If he isn't already, Hal has his suspicions, Pepper probably could more than confirm this.
A single nod, "Yeah, we seen the BEWARE sign on our way up. Thought maybe it was a gag."

"Biometric, huh?" Play dumb. Good at it. Then he just sighs, "Got it. I mean, I get what you're saying here." He doesn't admit to it outright but theres confirmation enough in there, it'll be a day eventually.

"You're too short for godhood anyways, no offense, bossman." Hal tests it out. The nudge to his ribs gets him looking over, "I don't think I am capable of telling her no. Nah, no advance needed. I got this." There is still a twenty folded in his pocket somewhere. Hal thinks. Headline… Dine and Dash by Wonder Woman!

"Yeah, we got a night ahead of us still. I'll hit the tenth floor on our way out and I'm looking forward to breaking as many of your toys you want to let me test out."

Diana showed a big grin to Tony's words while she walked over to her League-partner and she took hold of his arm and then raised her other hand to put her forefinger against her red lips. "Shhhhh, stupid. I just got you an advance on your paycheck. Stroking egos is the way to job success." Diana then lowered her hand to her side and offered a smile to Tony.

"I would very much like to extend an invitation toward you and whomever you would like to bring with you, to a dinner at the Themysciran Embassy. I know that you are quite busy though, so we can arrange the time later… but I hope that it is soon."

She'd pause then and add further. "And thank you for this experience today, it has been enlightening to see behind the curtain of your wonderous creations here."

"My ego is pretty sizeable so its a pretty easy target I know," Stark admits before he laughs and shakes his head. "Why do you think I build the suits? Gives me like an extra foot and a half or so. Depending on the build." The man replies with a grin as he steps back to let the pair back onto the elevator.

A pause. A shake of his head. "And naw, not a gag. But I can fix it." He adds with a smirk again before glancing towards Diana. "And I might take you up on that offer. Even if you might regret it." Mischief in his eyes. "I hope its soon too, as for the experiance. Come by for a visit anytime, either of you. Just…gimme a week to clean up. And put out some magic wards, and anti-Banana traps."

"Banana traps… " Hal laughs, "Prep the city with 'em. That dudes not the sort to just be done yet… " Elevator doors closing and he looks at Diana, "Stop kissing dudes ass, you're going to make his AI jealous. We got enough problems right now."

He is joking, hands again finding his pockets as he prepares for the cold outside. It's just waiting…

Diana got a big grin at the Batman comment but since Hal was chattering she let the response end with just a raise of her right hand and a wave with the long fingers. When the elevator doors closed and Hal spoke to her like that, she did a double take at him-to the doors-and then back to him. "How dare you speak to a Princess like that." She said, mocking emotions of being upset.

Diana would step forward then and start pushing random buttons on whatever elevator control panel was present on the wall. "Where is the emergency stop on this thing, I have to disembark and return to Mister Stark's butt, my lips have not finished their ''ass'' kissing." She said that curse word, which was EXTRAordinarily rare for her all while continuing to push random buttons on the display screen.

"Oh, we're going to the roof now. How exciting!"

"It is ok Mister Jorden!" SIRIN's voice pipes up. So peppy and perky as the elevator closes. "I don't have feelings!"

The doors slide closed as Diana just starts to hit random buttons. Stark just slowly smirks and shakes his head.

"Sir? They are headed to the roof access now…should I reroute the elevator?" SIRIN asks of the engineer. Stark thinks on it for a long moment.

"…naw. Let em have fun. I mean I just got an invite to an Amazon Embassy." A beatpause. "See if Emma's free sometime."

"Sir," That sardonic voice of the AI is back. "You're just asking for it now."

"I know, ain't it great."

"Oh, geez H double hockey sticks!" Hal lurches from the voice of SIRIN as Diana goes 'David the Android' from Prometheus on the elevator. He's getting good at his PUBLIC language lately.
"The roof? It's going to be freezing tits u… right, language. Diana, quit it! You know what I meant… " Voice drowned out as the fade.


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