Hostage Situation

January 23, 2018:

The X-Men are called to stop a rumored Brotherhood-related hostage situation.


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Turbulent times to be a mutant. It's been a work in progress for the X-Men for over 10 years to encourage the dream Charles Xavier has fostered, encouraged and thrown out as hopeful propaganda, promise and motivation for the world. Unity. Peace. Understanding. Those grand ideals that embody the X-Men's core virtues…

Idealism and talk is not always enough. The Brotherhood has made a point to announce they still exist, loud, clear and aggressive. They've attacked politicians, celebrities, the wealthy and mass groups of civilians. The X-Men are needed.

"We're there." X-Van? No. Close enough as they're all arriving in unmarked sedans, clothing casual to uniform. Cyclops is a known mutant, a known X-Man and underneath his hoodie is that uniform, the cowl down showing his wild brunette mess of hair falling around the golden visor slit with red energy, no brief for the others. He just told them to 'suit up' and informed Alex he was coming.

Manhattan, a project area. An entire apartment complex is surrounded by NYPD and DEO deployed units even a SHIELD SUV sits parked to one side, the armored units of the DEO remain back, holding the front line while the NYPD gives assistance. It's the arrival of Scott and those with him that a SHIELD rep in a suit with lamenated badge approaches, flanked by an official looking Knightwatch Trooper of the DEO in a uniform.

Lights flash and strobe over the apartment, this is a away more official approach than Scott / Cyclops would prefer but it's also last minute and a requested appearance directly. "Gentleman." The elder Summers extends, "You rang?"

"Yes we did, Mister Summers. "
"Cyclops, thanks."
"Cyclops, we have a mutant issue and… our regional chief said we should play nice with you and see what your team can accomplish."

"Brotherhood guys, confirmed, four inside. They have hostages and uh… theyre hostile, loud and probably on something, maybe drunk."

Rogue stepped out of one of the cars, the wedge heels of her thigh-high tall boots touching down onto the concrete. She was in uniform, an all-black X-Men uniform with some of her own touches such as the boots and her brown leather bomber jacket. Once outside of the car she slipped her gloved hands into her jacket's hand warmers and walked casually, slyly, forward… close enough to listen to Cyclops and the Feds, but over enough so she could easily look at the building.

"Sounds like a party inside then." Commented the southern belle after hearing the brief rundown. "I say we just smoke'em with gas grenades and I'll run'in, snap all their necks and then we can all head out t'the mall, get ourselves some good eats." Her smokey voice was accented by a grin toward her team mates.

To his credit, Alex has NOT packed his things and disappeared since returning from his latest trip to Genosha, but he has been fairly quiet and subdued. He was bound to find out about Lorna's pregnancy sooner or later, though neither of the two were prepared for Nate to just deliver the information via unscheduled blurting. He suspects Scott roped him in as a distraction.

He already had his containment suit slash uniform on beneath his street clothes, anyway, despite getting a bit more confidence in going without it for longer periods of time.

Ending up in Manhattan has his anxiety levels up. Even Rogue's "Barge in and Snap Necks" plan involves more finesse than he's usually capable of. Glancing to Scott, "Just your average everyday binge drinking terroristic hostage situation, huh?"

Psylocke is not in one of the sedans, nor shaking hands and 'kissing babies' (so gross.. spi-up smell).

From the rooftop there is a shadow that casts a 'Red Flag' in the sweep of belt around her waist, the loose fabric a formation of a flag that is definitely not White in this call. From above, violet eyes watch the rest of the teams arrival below, her chin dipping in an unseen nod, burrowing her chin into the neck of her trench coat. The wind above is far more sharp and cuts against her features, making a corner of eyes water in the extreme chill - be it the circumstance or the weather - Both.

«"I am going in from above. This /soiree/ is about to get so much more fun."» The British acent seeps into the minds of the other X-Men if allowed, a mental poke UP! to Psylocke's position before she steps back and the rooftop door dents around the locking mechanism, a blade wedged into the crevice to anchor it open with a wide swing.

«"I got the heads, dearies, you got the necks?"»

The DEO official begins to talk and almost protectively Scott puts himself between the man's line of sight and Alex. Less attention to who is with him the better and it's a subconscious thing. Protective older brother moment.

"Understood, we'll handle it and we appreciate your regional commander taking this course, it's a good ste…"

The man he is speaking to shakes his head, "Look, just deal with it before I blow this entire building and everyone inside to high hell. We got enough problems without more racist bullshit."

A tight smile from Scott and he looks over his shoulder at Havok and Rogue, "No neck snapping." Thoughts carry with that, loud, meant to keep Betsy informed too.

«Do you have us t-linked? Good. No killing, I repeat. Psy, you need to find and separate them from the hostages. Once you have a clear visual we're going in. Rogue you head up immediately and back Psylocke. Havok and I will be right up, keep us monitored on their locations at all times.

Lucky enough for Betsy's positioning she doesn't have to descend too far, the top three floors is where the Brotherhood is holed up. She can sense their minds or at least three of them, the fourth is a hard read, static and messy. Two of them are inebriated. It takes active focus to seek this out and not easy even for good telepaths to manage while multitasking of course… save for exceptions. The structure is inside not low income but close, expected higher up apartments, usual home living but walls have been 'bulldozed' by the large body of one of the mutants, trampled down and smashed to find occupants, round them up and put them in groups of two on the second highest and third highest floor. Watched over by two Brotherhood members on each.

"WE CAN SEE YOU!" A Loud scream, a high one that bounces off all the walls, its not electronic. Its a beaked man with his head out the window, "I CAN SEE YOU ALL! You people make me sick… sick, filthy flatscans, genetic wastes… the past! WE ARE EVOLUTION!" Yeah, drunk. His voice is also stupid levels of loud. Volume ranges that normal voices should not be able to attain. "We are the future…. We are Bro… BROTHERHOOOD!!"

Rogue looked over to Havok and gave him a slight smile after Scott told them all 'no murdering'. She then looked up toward the roof when she was told to go support Psylocke. "She's so nimble!" Rogue commented. "God, I admire the hell outta her." And with that said, the girl witht he white/brown hair cleared her throat and shot up into the sky!

A couple seconds later and her wedge-heeled boots touched down on the ledge of the building and she vanished over it, dropping down onto the roof.

Rogue jaunted across the roof toward the entry way and would TRY to catch up to Betsy, if that were even remotely possible.

Grimacing upward at the screeching mutant, Alex gives his head a shake, then returns his attention to Scott with an arched eyebrow. Havok. It's going to take some getting used to. Fitting enough, yes, and more importantly a reminder to exercise caution. As Rogue rockets upward, he comments, "They're -both- pretty damned admirable, really."

Taking a deep breath to settle his nerves, he nods to Scott, "OK, right behind you."

Internally, Alex maintains 'Don't Destroy the Building' as a high priority.

«"But extra crispy sounds sooo…"» Cfinge at the loud prattle the beaked one prattles in slurrs out the window.

«"Aye/Aye//…"» Although Cyclopse and Havok would not see the gesture, once Rogue come into the stairwell that heads to the level of the Kentucky (Fried) Brotherhood, the snap-salute ends in a smal wave towards Rogue. ".. Captain, My Captain." Spoken to Rogue. That woman admired Psylocke's nimble, and vice versa she is not the brick /shite/ House, Rogue is. Rogue is gestures in the fall of salute to lead them in, while in the moment of remaining in the shadows, Psylockes eyes FLASH! and from the halo around her features. «"Link already established. Fourth hard to detect, but the three…"» Havok, Cyclopse, Rogue all get the dirctions, flickers of broken VHS visuals fed through innebriated minds…

… and the sight of the hostages crowded in corners of the spaces, piled and wide eyed at their captors.

A glance to Rogue as the Wings fold away from her features, leaving them in shadows as she waits for that Breaking Moment of entry! "We're X-Men, we're all admirable." A hair flip to peel the length of deep purple hair from her shoulders that her thrench coat is slipping from to crumple behind 'tabi'd' feet.


"They are." Scott agrees, "I think they're having fun." The man doesn't smile though, instead the front door is shoved open and he's racing up stairs, two-three at a time.

«Separate the hostages from them. I don't care how, just get everyone to a safe distance."

Close now and only a floor above the 'Squawker' and his bulky armor plated comrade they can hear them talking to one another now, slurred, angry and clipped.
"Can I throw one out the window?"
"No, leave them alone. For now. We need more cameras here, you wanna be famous? Wanna be a real Brotherhood baller? This is how we do it. STick to the plan Dozer."
"Fine, fine, you got this Fellhook, whatever." Mutant names. It's a fad. Shed your humanity entirely and embrace one!

Below them is the 'static' emanating mutant and another. It's quieter, closer to Scott and Alex on their upward ascent. Blind still to it Scott pauses on the stairwell and looks up, "We need a plan. We have to be quick though, surprise is probably our best approach here. How about it, bro? Any suggestions?"

Once she caught up with Purple Rain she just grinned at the other when her eyes did that flashy thing. "So pretty." She said with a sighing lament there-after. "I got shafted on my mutation, I'll say that t'my grave." A grin was held onto while the Southerner tucked her hands back into her pockets and just -walked- through the building.

"Hostages." Rogue muttered, looking around as she'd lead them on inside and descend down toward where she hoped to find them. She didn't seem all that concerned, she wasn't being loud by any means, just walk and appearing quite casual. It was likely the exact opposite of what Scott Summers would do.

Rogue popped the stairwell door open at the sound of voices on that floor and she peaked her head inside… hoping to find where the captives were, let alone the hostiles. "Candygram!" Rogue announced herself with.

Who, me? Havok blinks a few times, leaning against the wall of the stairwell and looking upward, "Well. What's our best flashbang type option? Betsy'd probably be pretty disorienting, but then we'd risk drunk ugly and stupid flailing around and confused with fragile hostages around." He gives his head a shake, "Anything I try's probably too hot for hostages to handle, and bad for the building stability anyway."

Offering a crooked grin as he talks himself out of idea after idea, "Rogue's idea is becoming more appealing. It's chaotic, draws attention to itself, and gives 'em a clear threat to pay attention to rather than disoriented flailing." He nods after a bit more thought, "Yeah, think Rogue's got my vote for the distraction. I can help hostages get clear, since playing with plasma indoors is a no-no." His eyebrows arch upward hopefully, though he adds, "What's your actual experience idea?"

"You underestimate yourse—" Psylocke cuts verbal exchange off when Rogue turns and strides for the door with her murmur of affirming the visual Psylocke fed them all.


Psylocke was behind Rogue, but when the door cracks and her southern 'Belle' voice echoes the call to draw attention of the Brotherhood members upon that level, the Assassin is gone, the hall behind Rogue that much more empty, dark, and cold.

«"Now!"» Rogue may have cracked the door and /peeked/ within, but there is a burst of the frame in a *crack* that draws Psylocke into the room with a drop, a grip of thighs around the throat of one of the Brotherhood members, dragging him to the ground as she kneels over him and a flare of fist! to protrude a far less harmful blade towards his skull, putting herself in the place between hostages and Brotherhood while narrowed gaze flicks back to watch Rogues own approach at the 'Front'.

«"This one likes… tootsie rolls?"» Brow /slow-ly/ takes a hike upon forehead..

Once she caught up with Purple Rain she just grinned at the other when her eyes did that flashy thing. "So pretty." She said with a sighing lament there-after. "I got shafted on my mutation, I'll say that t'my grave." A grin was held onto while the Southerner tucked her hands back into her pockets and just -walked- through the building.

"Hostages." Rogue muttered, looking around as she'd lead them on inside and descend down toward where she hoped to find them. She didn't seem all that concerned, she wasn't being loud by any means, just walk and appearing quite casual. It was likely the exact opposite of what Scott Summers would do.

Rogue popped the stairwell door open at the sound of voices on that floor and she peaked her head inside… hoping to find where the captives were, let alone the hostiles. "Candygram!" Rogue announced herself with.

Candygram? Dozer and Fellhook both turn to look at the voices source. It's a fast inhale and the beaked mutant is wrapped in an scissorhook of Psylocke's thighs, a pink psi-fire spike jabbing in to his brain and his wide round eyes roll up.

The hostages on this floor? Immediately to Rogue's right, against the wall opposite of where Dozer, Psylocke and Fellhook are currently. The metal armed big man has to take a moment to understand what is happening, first Rogue's announce of their presence, then Psylocke like some ninja surprise is taking his comrade down.

"Uh, … uh Fellhook wha… " Run or fight? Dozer sucks it up and picks fight, both of his hands suddenly clap forward in a pound together, metal palms SLAM together with a painful thunderclap and sparks, the next thing is a loud WOOSH of air and hostages start to slap against the wall weightlessly, Fellhook and Psylocke will be throw and debris, carpets, lamps, smashed couches, electrical outlets, they all pop, flare, erupt and windows on the entire floor shatter outwards, exploding out to shower glittering shards across the Manhattan streets.

"Havok… " Cyclops begins, "We move now!" He says, Psylocke motion has that inspiration as does the sound thats suddenly erupting from above. He knows this is a serious risk taking someone as unpolished as his brother along but this is a sink or swim situation, the man has to start learning somewhere, he didnt have the calculated exposure they were afforded by Charles tutoring once upon a time. The door kicks in and Cyclops throws himself on to his shoulder, sliding a little ways, "HAVOK! Hostages at ten o clock, both targets clear and to our seven thirty." Whats that mean? Flashbang. Right? Now or never…

Rogue glanced over her shoulder to see that Betsy wasn't behind her in the stairwell, then she heard the commotion inside the room and she saw the Purple Ninja doing her thing which made the Southern gal grin big. She threw open the door and took a step in to lean agains the doorframe and watch.

Rogue looked over to the Brotherhood member who was still standing after Psylocke's attack. "Ain't she somethin'?" She told the man in the organization that she, herself, used to be apart of.

When HE did his fancy handtrick though, Rogue pushed off of the doorframe and shook her head… watching the destruction. "Not cool." She told him whilst walking toward him, her green eyes going to his face.

"Ya know what t'morrow is?" She asked Thunderclap-guy. "Its my birthday. Hows about you come on over here'n give me a big birthday smooch?"

A second later and Rogue would leap at him with the full force of her flight power behind her, intending to slam herself into him!

The Spike drives into Fellhooks temple, and simultaneously The world behind Psylocke and her own "distraction" with Rogue, ripples in a richter that even bears an echo.

A bass-line ripple that shakes the level of the building complex in a manner that (could) blow windows out in the surmounting pressure! Thus, why Rogue drew eyes, drew memories? perhaps! But the thrust of echo through the atomic confliction between Dozer and Psylocke with Fellhook in her grasp… one that lifted him by his collar just before that FORCE Dozer pushes in the slam of palms casts them both through furnishing and into old drywall with a harsh crack, piled over in couch, tables, La-Z-Boy, a lamp (the bulb shattering to filter through the cracks of the 'Heap').

Behind the force of 'Shoved Aside' conflict there is that of Rogue's own surprisebuttsec—-!!

Yeah… this complex is about to be condemned in the next 15… minutes?
A tall apartment complex in Manhattan near the projects, earlier it was barricaded off when four metahumans declaring themselves members of the Brotherhood were chased inside, their next step was gathering hostages in the top floors. The DEO and NYPD have jointly cordoned off the area around the apartment complex. Under advisement from a DEO higher-ranking the X-Men were contacted to handle the situation, Scott Summers and his team arrived no more than five minutes ago. The conflict taking place on the top three floors of the many storied apartment.

From the stairwell Havok and Cyclops tried to ascend and breach the same time as Psylocke and Rogue went in through the top, the update for the X-Men instantly appearing on their 'X-App' as an alert. Request for assembly out but action doesn't allow for hesitation, Cyclops already has the mission underway…

When Havok busts in behind Cyclops, eager to be a member, ready to join the fight and pushed forward by adrenaline not away, hes a Summers after all… it's stars. a blaring swirling miasma of color, sparks, flashes, spirals, vertigo all at once. The final thing he'll remember seeing is a woman with a hood over her face reaching up and looking right at him with two eyes that look like supernovas, balls of light in a hood of darkness framed in curly blonde hair.
To Cyclops he sees his brother rush in, chest boiling forth with a glow and then hes stumbling, swatting at the air like some confused kitten being shown string for the first time then hes faceplanting. The mutant gift of that Brotherhood member incapacitating him and she pulls her hood back up, turning away to begin vomiting loudly.
No hesitation from Cyclops and he rolls to a knee, a red lance sparks out of his visor and he launches the woman in a 'walloping' slap of optic projected blast across the apartment floor. "I lost one of mine and Havok is down!" Scott shouts in to the X-Men's earpieces, with Betsy down like she is that Psi-link up is a fail option.

Dozer looks pleased with himself as Psylocke and Fellhook go pinwheeling through the air together to collide in a crush of limbs along with that wall hugging cluster of hostages. A grin given at Rogue, "Happy birthday, bitch." He says, rather amped up and mouthy feeling now. Theres something exhilirating about being able to use your powers freely and seeing it cause this much mayhem, he never before got to unleash like this. Reveling in his own 'badassery' he is suddenly releasing a loud 'UNFGHHH" as the Southern Belle collides roughly in to him, lifting him off his feet and carrying him through the air on a Rogue propelled trip straight in to the wall, possibly even through it if Rogue wants to exert more strength.
Reflexively Dozer's metal hands wrap around Rogue's forearms and he starts to squirm and struggle, he is strong. Just about as strong as her if not the same she'll gauge from the clutch alone.

Rogue collided with the big guy and she pushed him backward at extreme speeds right up against the wall! NOT through it, cause Scott told her not to kill anyone…

Once she had him back against the wall the two of them were grapping, she had her hands shoving him backward. "That ain't no way t'talk t'a lady!" She growled at him, her gloved hands going up his shoulders to grasp onto his throat!

"You're all kindsa riled up!" Rogue said further then, flashing a grin at him as her voice pitch lowered. "I like that in a man." And then she brought her strength-enhanced knee up to collide it into his crotch with unforgiving care toward what it might do to his manly jibblets!

[Exterior: Manhattan - New York City - Skyscrapers Abound]

A column of ice suddenly materializes from the narrow space between two buildings stopping just taller than the buildings on either side. Atop the frigid platform, Robert Drake half-hops out of the leg of his trousers depositing civilian clothes upon the pillar as rapidly as he can. He pauses just long enough to procure a small ear-piece from somewhere within the in-seam of his pocket which he thrusts in his ear and taps twice and the 'X' insignia of the device lights a pale blue.

With a thumb he swipes away the 'X-Alert' on his phone while still walking out of his socks and memorizes the layout of streets between his position and the source.

"Cyclops," he begins skin blush-red and then ashen white, "Iceman is on his way." As flesh-and-bone freezes to ice he thrusts a hand outward and a chute of ice appears at the top of the pillar a single well-rehearsed motion simultaneously perfecting an almost frictionless connection between himself and the slide and bending forward like a speed-skater as Bobby Drake takes advantage of the height to gain momentum and rapidly traverse the cityscape.

[Exterior: Manthattan - Apartment Building]

Heat. Heat. Heat. No Heat.

Not fully certain what all is occurring the Iceman assesses the thermal energy present in the apartment building. Skating in a loop-de-loop he assesses a point that seems relatively free of body heat. The window-and-surrounding wall frost over..

..the Iceman's slide connects to the seal two-tenths-of a second before Iceman does. The wall-and-window shatter as his physical form takes on mass from the moisture in the surrounding air. He's inside the building.

"I'm in. Three from the top. West side," there is a cracking sound as his brow narrows forcing the ice to reshape itself, "Which way?" He asks, still needing direction the thousandth time into a situation like this.

Almost simultaneously he thinks he hears the tell-tale sound of optic force, "Cyclops?" He starts for the hallway, size increased by about five percent. Mass at least three times that.

"You're a floor above, Rogue and Psylocke, Iceman." Cyclops says in to the mic, hes turning in circles looking left to right for the other member of the Brotherhood. Swiveling on a heel. Its quiet and the people, the hostages are motioned to start leaving down the stairs. "Go, go." He says, being mindful of his brother's unconscious from giving it a cautionary glance before he is suddenly reeling, knocked in a stagger and a spin. The strike coming from nowhere? His cheek swelling immediately and bloodied. He's a skilled man when it comes to blindfighting, he knows what to look for but none of that… was apparent. Just impact.

Dozer back against the wall feels it crumbling around him, its cracking and buckling outwards with their close range grip on grip, "You dont look like no lady." The guy gruffly challenges, his steeth like his arms are made of metal. Sort of like jaws from the Bond movies.

The sudden collision with his groin gets an OOF and his body bucks up at the hips, rises up and hits back down, hard and flat. Rogue just kneed a metallic flat surface that gave no yield beyond his body weight's reply to her superhuman strength, "Heheh, coach said always wear your cup." Then his head rams forward, locking down on Rogue's arms to try and headbutt her with the force of a speeding Mack truck in the face.

Betsy is down, around her the forms of those hostages and Fellhook begin to move, the beakfaced mutant rising up to his knees clutching his head, "You moron, Dozer. Same team." He rasps and starts to stumble upright, his head hurting, blaring with pain, he should be down after the psychic spike but Betsy, will gradually realize someone has been shielding their minds, there is a fifth presence in there, someone, a potent telepath… enforcing their wills. Hardening them enough they're resilent to a point and dedicated. It's subtle, barely felt. Whoever it is is trying to remain hidden.

Rogue wasn't aware of Iceman's arrival upstairs and she wasn't sure what Betsy was getting herself up to, she was all-in on her fight with the Colossus-Douchebag!

When her knee hit nothing she just huffed out a shocked exhale and then a grid spread across her red lips at the man… her white bangs laying around the sides of her face. "So I take it you're not very popular with the ladies, being that you're a Ken Doll down there?" She started to laugh at him— and then she got headbutted!

Rogue went flying backward, landing on her butt and sliding across the room back into a wall, causing the drywall to buckle and break around her!

"Ow." She could be heard saying from her prone position on the floor. "R-rude…" She added in a long groan while rolling back over onto her knees.

'You're a floor above, Rogue and Psylocke, Iceman.'

Reflexively, Iceman looks down at his feet but quickly moves his gave outward and around assessing the ambient thermal signatures in the floor below him.

People moving. People going to stairs. People getting headbutted.

The floor shimmers slickly as a veil of condensation rolls through the air like a fog as warm air hits cold. Skating seems more natural, faster, as increased mass glides across the impossibly slick with a preternatural speed. He drops to his knees and continues to slide until 'just above' Colossus-Douchebag.

'Bobby,' he reflects back upon the teachines of his bald and one-eyed mentors, 'Freeze them. Don't fight them.'

He puts his palms to the floor.


A chill is momentarily detectible across the ceiling above and within fractions of a section a layer of frost appears and a pair of indistinct icy-structures, ice-tentacles?, materialize and begin to ensnare Rogue's foe. The limitations of ice force it to be somewhat rigid but the flexibility of Iceman's powers allows it to regenerate quite rapidly under duress.

White noise..

The mental connection goes blank.

A moment as if they will need to:

Defib applied and when Fallhook rises her eyes slowly open, a flutter of lashes to clear her vision.. Disbelief, or recovery?

How is he standing, talking, functioni—-

The floor beneath her goes frigid as the Comm's take over whewre her own mind went /down/ with her like a Cruise Ship. Disney style.

Bobby? Iceman? Where has he been all this time? Seconds? Months? No matter, her cheek rises from the flooring layering in frost as the impacts between Rogue and Dozer are just that: Reaping while the structure around them is dispelling fragments awaiting the Nuke to go off.

"Bloody pillock…" Muttered towards Fallhook as she pushes to all fours and the furnishing falls around her, but in a slow posture of all fours Psylocke is moving and a sweep of leg extends to take him out at achilles!

«"There's another, be aware, I cannot locate…!"» Bobby is not verbally acknowledged, but of he has his 'channels' open mentally, he can feel the knock and hear her warning before Psylocke is moving to throw Fallhook at Dozer to slow the altercation with Rogue while she rises to a stand and dusts drywall off her palms.

Round Two? Maybe?

Dozer lets out a loud guffaw at his 'ruse' not that it was intended and then the jab at his lovelife has him frowning, not quite a Colossus, hes more 'junkyard' metal around the arms and face, skin shows on shoulders, arms, parts of his chest and legs. Heavy steel wrapped around other parts, as Rogue just discovered.
"We're the new wave of badasses. The Brotherhood chose us and we rep that shit." It's a confused look up at the sudden chill, eyes open in disbelief when tendrils of frost and ice begin to rope around his upperbody, "WAGH! I'm not in to this bro! QUIT IT" He is strong enough the hold will require some exertion, he is starting to crack the ice of it, yanking at it but it remains.

Fellhook is facing Rogue, Dozer and the ice constructs coming from the ceiling, "Stop squirming!" He demands and opens his beak wide, a loud SCREEEEEEEE that hits ears, ice, glasses and sensitive things start to shatter, splinter and then it cuts off, aims up and rips a line through the ceiling above, a soundwave blast focused in to a point is short lived and hes on his backside with an UNF and a crack Psylocke's legsweep taking him back down again, he forgot about her! Mistake.

Downstairs Cyclops own fight continues, hes bloodied, one arm hangs limp and hes firing off short range blasts trying to corner his hidden attacker in one area. It's calculated, its continious and intentional but its also a painful experience as the X-Man keeps taking hits, getting invisible hits lacerating his body, knocked back and forth. At least Alex is being ignored and safe on the ground in his mutant power induced sleepstate. Cylops hopes it is just sleep at least…

Rogue pushed herself back up onto her thigh-high-heeled boots and then turned around to face the Junkyard-Colossus-Douchebag that was ensared by Iceman's glistening wet cold icey tentacle arms. Rogue just started walking toward her foe, with every additional footstep coming faster than the last one.

"Thank you, Robert!" She said to Iceman, before she entered into a sprint at Dozer and then cocked her right fist back and went to deliver a powerful jab right at the man's nose while he was locked-in-place by the ice!

She'd follow this up by a series of left-right combos, unrelenting in her pummeling of the man's face if at all possible! She was vicious, even more-so lately than she ever used to be too… pint up anger, abound.

Robert Drake has been accustomed to receiving telepathic directives from the time he was old enough to shave. The Iceman is therefore aware of Psylocke's warning while unconsciously guarded against more than tele-communication.

As the fracas downstairs continues he is able to keep the fetters present with mildly distracted effort, "Uhm," his voice is cool and crackles as the vibration of his icy vocal cords shears and reforms their structure as he looks around, "I see. Lots of heat but—."


Incredibly weakened from the ice the floor shatters and the outer-layers of Iceman's for fracture apart as ice, ceiling, and X-Man come cascading down into the floor above. Bobby's hands go to his ears as a matter of reflex the regenerative nature of his form sparing him from permanent damage but till vulnerable to the confusion of the burst and the effort it takes to unconsciously mend the intricate portions of his inner-ear. His outer-layers seem to recover much quicker.

Within a second or two Iceman starts to stand, hands still over his ears, "WHAT?!" he screams at Rogue, and stumble-whirls around to see Psylocke handling working her magic. With pained hesitation he takes a hand from his left-side of his head a spray of mist rapidly creating a fixture of ice across her SCREEE-ing mouth and a couple of inches down her throat but not her nose - or the rest of her - as he puts his hand back to the side of his head as if afraid there will be more screaming.

"WHERE IS CYClops.." his voice drops in volume at the end of his sentence, "What's going on?!" Confused, he just got an X-Alert has no idea why people are fighting and this is evident; or it would be if you were a Yeti or telepath.

«"Cyclopse is….."» Real names?

Let him burst a vessel, the building and structure is crumbling on the frame around them, and when Iceman descends, taking the ear-drum shattering vocals into his own hands, Psylocke is rising with a tilted rattle of her head that sweeps fingers into lobes.

Icman handles the drum-shattering SCREE-…ing? A fist to the throat in frozen proportions should do that justice!

While Rogue is pile-driving Dozer backwards, Psylocke is drawing up to approach from behind with a draw of swords as her mind fully reconnects through the static. «"Iceman, floor! Below!"» Psy does not know the condition of Cyclopse, but mental connection is reconnecting and as Rogue is driving Dozer back and pivotal slam seeks to send him into an over-frozen surface and shatter him into below so they can join Cyclopse and Havok in their battle as well with the 5th..

The Haze Psylocke is still trying to shake off..

Nevermind the fact they may just 'Turbulence!' through a level… or so…

One-two? Three four? Dozer's head is side to side, held on only by his neck that is extended full out to keep it attached at the beatdown Rogue is delivering him. He's starting to see up and down at the same time, aware of the ceiling with one eye that is breaking away to drop an Iceman on their level and downwards, his boots and Rogue's! It's a slow fall that has him releasing a quiet "Oh mama… " Then he sprawls out, arms wide. KO'd the second to last hit Rogue delivered to him, her final hit just added punishment that had him entirely floppy, yielding limply to all impact.

Ice garbled on, Fellhook panics and claws at it, breathing not entirely cut off but on the ground, panick persists but lasts only briefly, Fellhook like Dozer are both incapacitated. An end to that violcen at least.

Cyclops is still engaged in trying to pocket his opponent, it's no easy thing when they cannot be seen and do not move close or give clue to their location, he at least has them backed to one side of the apartment floor.
[OOC] Alex Summers says, "Nah, think Cyke mentioned it and I just rolled with. All is well. :D"

'Iceman. Floor. Below.'

"Ok. Ladies First."

Icy hands glide downward across frozen cheeks as palms leave ear-canals, "Going down." Fingers curl with demonstrative affliction and the space between them is filled with ice mutating the ends of his arms into a pair of giant pincers. Their reach extends outward making his seem awkwardly long as they plunge into the floor the temperature flash-freezing wood, metal, and insulation as the pincers plunge deep and then rip upward ripping a great gash in the floor.

So much for freezing instead of fighting. He'll be shaking off the particulate for a moment before he can join the others below.

Rogue timed her response about the question of where Scott was to her punches."I." Punch. "Don't." Another Punch. "Know!" And it was that last punch that finished the Dozer-Doucher off and sne thim down through the floor thanks to the help of the others! Rogue fell a few feet herself, she squealed in shock at it and then activated her flying power and brought her left leg up bent-at-the-knee while her right one was extended downward. She looked up at her team mates and huffed… covered in drywall dust and ice shards.

A second later and she looked around. "Are the hostages okay?" She had to ask, flying up into the air again to look around the room.

"Where's Scott at?" Oh god, first names!

Psylocke used the opening ripped into the feeble framework as her point to put them.. f
On the level with Cyclops! A downfall of wood, plaster, and ice shards fall like glass around them, an arm lifting, palm splaying fingers to keep them shielded from any downfall with a Barrier that archs over them and sheds the weight with a *flick* like Psylocke is dusting her shoulders off, though the image relayed is All of them doing the same as the stasis of falling debris embeds into walls and flooring away from the fallen X-Men so they had time to rise.

As far as Psylocke can mentally show is the 'Meerkat' pack of hostages staring down through the hole in the floor to the X-Men below, huddled… Maybe…

«"Feel so dirty now,"» Shoulder-dust. «"Even at below freezing."» A nod to Iceman as she searches Rogue over and pivots to find Havok and Cyke. «"Be alert.."» Betsy's tone falls flat, as nostrils flare and she slowly pivots to about-face…

A shower of ice fragments, flash frozen wood, piping and floor from above litters the space between a very battered Cyclops and his opponent, fortunately nothing lands on Alex or crushes his slumbering form.
Although this attacker is invisible to Scott a heat signature is present, the glowy mass of a humanoid body near but far enough away from close reach to confuse senses, Psylocke can also if she attempts to 'sense' the fourth of the Brotherhood.

A turn of his head and Cyclops spits out a wad of blood, it pelts the floorboards near him in a thick 'pbfat', "About time." He says to the trio of X-Men.
"Somewhere to the immediate right of you, Rogue." The flying woman being the closest though it is unlikely she can see the invisible fighter either.

"Cover him if you would, Psylocke."

"We have one left… he is tricky." Or she. Scott isn't sure. Also not one… there is another, just not anywhere near them. A fifth mind has been present, one that was granting these Brotherhood goons extra psychic defense but as it stands only Betsy is aware of that, she likely felt it when she 'stabbed' Fellhook in the brain-minds-eye earlier.

It's only after he ripped up the floor he was clear on the repercussions. He swears under his breath, likely somewhat audible over coms, and immediately regrets the assessment he will receive later.

An ice-slide extends between the floor-ceiling and the room where everyone else is and Bobby glides downward, "Sorry," he admits reaching outward mid-way down the slide and expelling a churning torrent of crystalline vapor that seems to buffet harmlessly off a nearby wall, "Not sorry." As his feet hit the ground he turns raising his other hand for a moment before dropping them both. For several seconds Iceman seems to be very intent on freezing a wall - that's only growing slightly frosty.

Outside, the wintery mixture seems to ripple through the atmosphere and dissipate.

Further away, the cryokinetic manifestations freeze the floor and then rapidly begin to crawl up the heat signature. Without requisite super-strength or some Kitty Pryde immateriality this will not go well for biologicals.

Distantly, The icy mixture rolls up and then away then revealing a glistening icy structure, roughly humanoid in shape, which has been constructed shoulders down leaving only a head (or perhaps nothing given the invisibility) protruding from the top which is then surrounded by a BIG GLOBE of ice for air, "He needs to breathe, right?" Bobby asks, careless about gender accuracy to those in the room only some of whom might have telepathic clarity, "I mean, if he keeps fighting back and I freeze his head that will probably be - awkward for all of us?"

You hear that, psychic invisible person not anywhere in the building?

Rogue was hovering there in the hole in the floor and she heard the voice to her right to see Scott. She glided her way silently over toward him and then came to land down beside him, her eyes scanning around. "Who beat you up?" She asked him with a big grin on her lips. "I got headbutted." She lifted her right hand up and pointed a gloved finger at her forehead. "Right here." She told their fearless leader.

Rogue watched Bobby zip by then and her head shook right to left. "Everyone haves powers that're more fun than mine." She huffed again, apparently on a 'kick' about that this evening as she's brought it up a couple of times now.

"I think the hostages are okay though… I mean, they totally look pissed off and freaked out, but they'll be alright."

Psylocke is not at ease, easily seen as shoulders roll back, her swords crossed just behid the parted plant of feet, a diamond in formation of posture, hold, and stance, her eyes slowly trailing along each of her Teammates, but her foot is placed just before Alex per Cyclops' request, a tip of sword planting just before the fallen brethren, her eyes casting low to him, lips thinning…

"No one needs to breathe," Psylocke states to Bobby as she captures the tracing of shadows beside Rogue while she explains to Cyclops the 'damages' to her person. "Throat punch, 4 o' clock…" Psylocke states to Rogue just before ice possibly has descended down the shadows throat while in Iceman's grasp!

"Never trust what they say." A few steps forward and she skims over Cyke, opening the comm to the Med Bay of the Bunker. "Two beds." Beat. "And an ice pack for Rogue's… Boo-boo." A small tilt of lips as she steps away from her true /desitre/, that flare around her fist fading before she crouches beside Alex, fimgers sliding to feel for pulse.

A lift of chin in affirmation of health.

The sudden onset of cold and formation of it wrapping up around the obscured fighter begins to reveal the person, elongated limbs that reach out almost twice it's body length explain how its been pummeling Scott and the man's not able to pin it down. The invisibility shedding to reveal a rubbery skinned humanoid, a frizzy mass of red hair and pale skin, panic spreading, "C-c-ccold stop…" A plea.

Cyclops sastified straightens up, pay no mind to the bloody knuckles of the inviso-clown that just beat the piss out of him. "A headbutt? Thats it?" A huff but hes not upset, he looks to each of the X-Men after observing the stupidly long arms of his opponent, "Huh… "

"We're clear, lets escort the host…. "

Scott is interrupted by a voice, a disembodied one, melodic and taunting, not actually heard so much as 'transmitted' to their minds, "Oh poo. I was hoping this would have lasted longer, next time we'll have some real fun. Buh bye, X-Men!" the impression of a telepathic 'smooch' is 'projected' in to their minds, a flash like image only, the mind reading it however but its lips.

Without a hitch that foreign telepath withdraws entirely and Scott picks up talking again, "So… lets escort the hostages out. Let the DEO take over and put on a show, we'll do our own investigation and find out who else was in on this. As clearly, this was not random." They're experts in this sort of thing, the X-Men by and large have experience under their belt, "Rogue, if you'd collect Havok please… " He says casually, striding down the stairwell behind the people they just rescued, DEO Armored units will start to close in and take the Brotherhood members in to custody.


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