What Trouble Siblings Bring

January 23, 2018:

Pietro and Lorna have some sibling bonding time, especially over their father.



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The sun had begun to sink on the horizon not too long ago. Polaris was exhausted emotionally, having to deal with her half-siblings, the awkward reunion of the family had not gone as Lorna had hoped in the least. Still, rooms had been given and Lorna was outside once more in the balmy night air doing what she could: setting up supplies, organizing those that needed them, fixing metal pipes, electrical wires, and other metal structures that people brought to her.

Or she to them, so long as it was in the shadow of Magneto's newest building.

Along behind her came Frenzy, her Acolyte bodyguard. The woman was professional, and kept a few steps away from Lorna to give her the illusion of having privacy. Even if she glowered at some of the mutates that came up to Lorna from time to time. The mutant refugees that had answered Magneto's call by and large were those that had no shelter at all. And Lorna took it upon herself to help them settle as much as she could (limited resources and the alike).

The green haired mutant had rid herself of the more formal green armor she'd worn before. Now down to a simple black tank-top and beaten up cargo pants.


Though perhaps it would have suited the paranoia of the twins to have immediately left Genosha after the awkward meeting, they consented to stay temporarily, for whatever strange reason. Perhaps Pietro was still exhausted from getting here in the first place — he'd certainly seemed more sedate than usual in the earlier meeting — or perhaps his sister wanted to take a more comprehensive read of the island before departing.

Whatever the reason, they don't share with their half-sister. They are polite, and thank her for the accommodations, and quickly cloister themselves away.

It took Pietro a while to trust leaving Wanda alone, even in their rooms, but eventually — after a thorough search of the quarters for any funny business — he took to investigating Genosha himself. And he was more than suited for such a task. He might not have the energy back to run across oceans, but he can flit around Hammer Bay easily enough. Overall, he saw a place that was not ready to support a mutant society yet — but which was obviously in the midst of a hard fight to get there.

He is returning from his walk now. Not at speed — he does not want to attract too much attention — but at a swift walk, beelining straight back towards the quarters assigned to him and his sister. He notices Lorna in his path, but that doesn't appear to deter him.

"There is a lot of work still to be done here," he says, in fact, because he's jerk enough to just start making judgments instead.


Lorna jumped in surprise as Pietro came up behind her, and down the road, a few recently fixed street lamp (still lacking light but were at least standing up straight) bent in half in her shock. She winced, her eyes going wide before she twisted around to face her half brother. "Geeze, do you take pleasure in making obvious remarks or something?" She concentrated, stretching her arms out and righting the bent poles once more.

She exhaled a breath, frowning at him and waving Frenzy's furious look. "He's fine. He's not trying to kill me. I promise." She muttered toward the Acolyte woman that wasn't look at all patient.

"Also I've got bodyguards here, so uhm they're jumpy." She drawled.


Pietro tsks lightly as Lorna jumps, bending those lamps in her shock. He leans slightly to the right, looking past her at the twisted metal. "Believe me, I took no pleasure in making that particular observation. I'd have been much happier with an observation that you are almost finished," he says, his voice arch. "Do you always bend things in half whenever you get a little surprised? That seems dangerous."

He folds his arms, shooting Frenzy a somewhat wary glance as the tall woman glowers at him. His blue eyes look her up and down, even as Lorna assures he's not trying to kill her. "I wouldn't be much of an assassin if this was how I chose to try killing her, would I?" he adds, very unnecessarily.

His gaze turns back to Lorna as she tells him she's got bodyguards. They're jumpy. Pietro rolls his eyes. "I noticed," he says. He looks supremely unconcerned about it. "That our father's idea?" There is a spite to the way he says it that implies he's really not come to terms with that at all, despite stating it aloud.


Lorna pursed her lips and shook her head. "No. That.. that doesn't happen." Her brows furrowed and she looked down at her hands, a frown marring her lips as she flexed them and scowled. Green eyes lifted up to Pietro and she shifted on her feet. "I've been training since I was in high school. My powers don't flucutate like that anymore. They haven't for years. I mean.. when I'm pissed off maybe.. but.." She scowled and exhaled a breath.

Then gestured toward Pietro. "Frenzy this is .. my half brother. Quicksliver. I'm sure you'll all be alerted to him and the Scarlet Witch soon enough." She sighed even as Frenzy looked mildly mollified at that news and stepped back, alert once more. Her gaze returned to Pietro and Lorna pursed her lips together.

"And yeah, she was father's idea after I got captured by Zealot. He's a mutate that wants all the foreginers off the island. He's got an empathetic tie to the island. And he's stupid powerful. He tried to use me to get Magneto to leave. Obviously that didn't work."


Pietro looks expressionlessly on at Lorna as she admits that such fluctuations in her power shouldn't happen anymore. The gloss of memory comes and goes in his eyes, the young man perhaps thinking back over the many years he had to protect his twin sister from the fluctuations of her own powers. The many years he had to protect the world from Wanda's shaky powers. His gaze follows hers to her hands, before he shakes his head. "Either I piss you off just by existing," he says, "or you have a problem you need to solve. Control is everything with powers like ours."

Endless mansplaining. Is this what it's like to have an older brother?

Introduced, for the first time in any kind of formal way, as Lorna's half-brother, Pietro's own mouth thins. He's still trying to get used to that. "Alerted in what context, I wonder," he ruminates, mostly to himself. "I suppose that's for Magneto to decide… as he's decided plenty of other things in the past."

His eyes narrow slightly, as Lorna speaks again of the troubles of the island. About how Zealot's attempt to use Lorna to force Magneto to leave didn't work. "Well," he says, "he's not exactly known for compromising his goals for anything." Especially not his children. There is a bitter note to his voice, the bitterness of a young man realizing that if all this is true… he was not searched for, for decades.


Lorna shook her head, looking confused as she looked at her hands. "I'll talk to Magneto and see. He's had these powers longer than I have. And yeah, I know, duties and responsibilities with such levels of power. Blah blah blah. I've been lectured that since I was in high school. Thanks." She muttered dryly, if anyone alive could answer her problem in regards to her powers, it had to be him. She sighed and raked a hand through her hair, shifting her stance as she glanced back at the lamps she'd have to have another close look over later.

"As far as being told, who knows? I showed up and within hours everyone knew. Even though I'd rather wished he hadn't shared it.." She muttered and rolled her eyes, green eyed gaze swinging back to Pietro once more as she crossed her arms. She eyed him up and down and then sighed, her shoulders slumping again.

"Guess you'll figure it out sooner or later. The X-men rescued me. The Acolytes were behind them by a few minutes. I have ties to them, and before you get all pissy. I'll have you know, they raised me when our father chose to leave me with a foster family. Who would rather I wasn't a mental case with magnetic powers and green hair." She held up and finger as she spoke, and then let it drop.


I'll talk to Magneto, Lorna says, of her powers. Pietro probably shouldn't, but he can't help himself: "Maybe he'll tell you one whole truth this time. One can hope." Her grousing at his nagging about control just draws a smug, "You're welcome."

His mood dampens noticeably, however, when she says that within hours of her arrival, everyone knew their relation. "Likely because it was expedient in some way," he judges, cynical.

He goes mercifully quiet — at least for a few moments — when Lorna reveals her ties to the X-Men. Pietro snorts in obvious dismissal, but he doesn't seem about to 'get pissy,' as she puts it. "If you like hanging out with a bunch of human-appeasers, that's not my affair," he shrugs. "They serve a purpose for cases like you — sanctuary and instruction — though they are fooling themselves if they think the humans will agree to peace."

His mood sours further as she mentions more of her past. "At least he graduated to 'leaving you with a foster family,'" Pietro says, a little shortly. "Keeps your narrative simpler, doesn't it? If what he said was true, then… the woman we called mother was not our mother. Our mother ran from him, decades ago." He shakes his head. "Where did she end up," he says, mostly to himself, "to account for that missing time?"

He glances at Lorna. The sharp regard of his blue eyes is disorientingly familiar, after so many weeks being pinned by Magneto's same stare. "You know I used to idolize him?" he says, a little distantly. "Just as a figurehead. The one mutant who stood up and fought back against the humans. Then he left us…" His expression twists wryly. "For the second time, it seems."


Lorna rolled her shoulders back, and with them her green eyes skyward. She started to walk down toward the lamp posts, carrying the conversation as she went. She'd better straighten things out now rather than later after all. She stopped at the base of the nearest one and worked to straighten it with care, her hands held out in front of her and up as she folded the bent metal back to its more up right position with a metallic sound.

"You know, you're just as bad as he is. With lies of omission or lies within the whole 'it's true from a certain point of view' crap." She shot back after a while, thinking as she shifted, her hands settling on her hips.

"He didn't leave me with anyone. As far as I'm aware, he appeared at the crash site when my powers manifested because he could sense the magnetic disruption. Same as how I can sense where he is, or magnetic North." She snorted and rolled her eyes. "He showed up, according to him, had my memories erased and left. Medical reports and other investigations are how I can confirm that he didn't stick around. I ended up in foster care with a bunch of humans. They raised me, dyed my hair and tried to get me to ignore that part where I'm a mutant." She shrugged once more, and shifted her weight.

"Then the Professor found me, or someone. I don't really remember at this point. And I got enrolled at the school there. I don't agree with the ideals or believe in the dream there. I haven't for some time. It's not.. realistic. And I hate hiding who I am.. I hate being ashamed of who I am and who my father is. Everyone there has always mistrusted me on some level because of it." She sighed heavily, and moved onto the next lamp post.

"He's good at leaving people." She muttered, her lips twisting as she continued to work on reshaping the lamp post. "I don't think he's very good at staying. For forming relationships with anyone.." She glanced toward him. "But I would've given anything to have him look at me the way he looked at you and Wanda. The way he breathed the idea.. the very concept of having a son when I mentioned you." She snorted and shook her head. "And from his story.. regardless of what the hell happened.. your mother he actually loved. And was married to.. I'm just some kid he had with some married woman he knocked up."


Just as bad as he is. That's a heavy accusation. "Well," Pietro says, affronted, "excuse me for not telling the full flat-out truth to a stranger. The kind of life Wanda and I have had, if we trust we wind up dead." He shakes his head. "You came, very suddenly, into my life and told me of all things… that you thought we might all be related. And to Magneto, of all people — "

His shoulders tense, in a defensive sort of gesture. "It was a lot. I was protecting us. Anyway — you know the truth now." As if that made up for it. "Or as much as there is to know."

Her clarifications on her origins keep him silent, for a time, his blue eyes watching her. "You know, Lorna," he says, at the close of it, "saying he chose to leave you in foster care, is quite different from saying that he abandoned you so that you would wind up in foster care. Yet no more than what I did. Told you vague things, until I trusted you enough for the full picture." He's really just being stubborn at this point to not let it go, but he's clearly not about to just accept being told he's as bad a liar as Magneto, and it's a requirement of any pair of siblings to argue about pointless minutiae at least for a little while.

A few things get him to relent, however. The first is her admission she finds the ideals and dream of the Institute unrealistic. "Sensible," he says. "All I've ever seen humans do is spit on them when they offer their hands."

The second thing that relents him is what Lorna admits about her feelings on these recent revelations. He watches her, vaguely troubled, as she repairs the lamp posts she bent earlier. "I don't know," he says eventually. "Do you want to be wanted by someone like him?" Not entirely a fair question. Pietro wouldn't even be able to answer it himself, were it aimed at him. So many sons cannot escape the shadow or legacy of their father, no matter how little said father might have been in their life.


Lorna glanced at him, lowering her out stretched arms as she fixed the last of the lamp posts and glanced back to him, pushing her brilliantly green hair from her face. She arched an eyebrow upwards in his direction. "When I spoke to you, it was after Wanda split my head in two and combed through literally everything I knew about you two. And you still didn't trust me? I call bullshit on either your faith in Wanda, or your ability to tell the truth. Pick." She challenged, and folded her arms, tilting her chin up. Because he was taller. By at least a head or or so. It was annoying.

"I knew way less than you, other than you were violent and angry. Yet that didn't stop me from trying to reach out to you." She added after a beat and then sighed and shook her head.

And then she started to pace again, seeming filled with a restless sort of energy as they spoke. She couldn't seem to stay still for the moment. "I hate how much humans fear and are disgusted by us. How much they hate us. We should've have to take the blows and let them kill us off one by one. Push into Ghettos and kill us off in prisons.." She shook her head. "But saying that, trying to do something about that? It made the people I grew up with uncomfortable. They look at me and see Magneto. They always have. I've been blamed for his actions for years." She held back the urge to sigh.

"I hate him for that too… but I dunno. I just wish that I had a father… that actually cared.."


"Don't," Pietro snaps, his voice suddenly arctic, "question my faith in my sister." His temper up, his expression hard, his resemblance to their father jumps out in harsh relief.

A moment passes, and the tension in his stance tremors — and falls slack again. Pietro's mouth thins, and his shoulders lift in a shrug. "So call bullshit on my honesty, then. If you want. I'd still have done the same thing. I had to know if there was anything to what you were saying," he says, apparently taking full responsibility for that mental rifling Lorna suffered. It was, after all, his order. "And even knowing that…" He could say he didn't know her motive. But that would be a lie, also. "Habits die hard," he eventually says, instead. "We've lived this long because I never trusted anyone."

He looks down at her. Makes sure, in fact, to pointedly look down. He seems to have an instinct for how to annoy her worse. "What we saw," he eventually admits, which might ameliorate the annoyance, "is why we're here at all." It's a minor peace offering. An admission that what he saw was enough to give all this a chance.

He watches as she starts to pace. It is an unusual sight; typically he is the one lost in constant, restless movement. Her words about being seen as Magneto, as being compared to him just for not believing fully in Xavier's dream, seem portentous. "That," he says dryly, "sounds like their problem. Most people learn the common sense to divorce someone from the actions of their relatives, quite early in life."

I wish that I had a father that actually cared…

"Unfortunately," he says, "what we have Magneto."


Lorna crossed her arms, looking upwards at Pietro with a tilt to her head and a faint smirk on her lips even as his expression and mood darkened. "She's my sister too you know, and you've got two sisters now. So you're gonna have to be more specific in the future." She shot back, and huffed a breath as he waved away his lies with a front of habit. She looked unconvinced and shrugged, letting her arms fall back to her sides.

Of course then he was looking down at her, entirely literally, and her smirk fell off as she wrinkled her nose.

Moving onwards, she fell silent for a long time, at least until he commented about the unfortunately they had Magneto. She snorted at that, a hint of a smile returning to her face. "Yes, one of the world's most wanted terrorists, murderer of thousands, viewed as super villain and, or, savior of mutant kind. Mmm, yep. That's our dad. Joy of joys." She muttered and looked up at the Spire that Magneto had fashioned into his new 'palace' stand in. She wrinkled her nose. And once more lapsed into silence, walking onwards. She shoved her hands into her pockets, considering.

"I don't want to see you or Wanda captured and put into some kind of a prison. And right now.. the X-men, the Avengers.. a whole mess of people very much want to do that to you guys.. And I made a promise to a friend, a very good friend.. that knew.. I dunno.. another you. She loved him.. and … geeze.." She dragged a hand over her features as she bit back a sigh.

"Never mind…"


She's my sister too, Lorna says. Pietro frowns like the thought hadn't occurred to him, a possessive look flickering in his eyes. He doesn't seem keen on sharing. It comes and goes quickly, leaving him to shrug the idea away. "Two sisters, twice the trouble," he grumbles. "Well, I am used to only having had one."

A silence descends as they walk onward. The mental reconfiguration required to add other blood family to what has, for years, only been himself and Wanda, is clearly a monumental task. Especially when one of the members is… well, everything Lorna says about him in that one succinct list. Oddly, Pietro continues to say nothing after she finishes her sarcastic remark, and the way he looks at the Spire doesn't quite carry the distaste that Lorna expresses. There is almost a sense of wistfulness to him: a young man, oppressed all his life, forced to run and hide and live in the gutters of society as a nobody despite his superior powers and genetic gifts, suddenly given some blood tie to someone who is very, very relevant.

There's some allure. But all he says aloud is, "Whatever the case… he isn't nobody."

He's distracted from his contemplation of the Spire by Lorna's expression of concern. If anything, news that a whole bunch of people are after them just makes him smirk. "Between the two of us," he shrugs, "there's little enough to worry about. I don't see options. Either we run that risk, or we sit and do nothing. I refuse the latter."

Talk of 'another you,' however, goes over his head. Pietro glances askance at her, skeptical, but lets it go when she drops it. "Besides," he says archly, "this place is meant to become an untouchable mutant paradise, isn't it? We'll just come here if it gets hot." Judging from his tone of voice, he's probably just being an ass.


Lorna's lips twitched faintly in amusement as he mentioned that having two sisters meant twice the trouble. "Trouble is the point of siblings. If they don't cause you endless amounts of annoyance and trouble.. then what's the point?" She mused, and then looked thoughtful. "At least, that's what I've noticed or been told. I haven't had siblings before.. so that's a new thing." She glanced down as they walked. Her pace slowing as people got out of her way on the street. It just happened, people knew her and knew she was Magneto's daughter. Pietro? Pietro was something new to consider.

"I've never been good at doing nothing. It drives me up the wall. Especially when I know I can do something. I get so angry these days, a hint of combat, anything.. and no one lets me do anything. There were these new .. spider-robot things.. that attacked last week. I got shoved around and told to get down. I almost lost it.." She muttered, and shook her head. Frustration clear in her voice.

"And yes, I know Genosha here is a small island.. I do want to do more…" She grimaced, and glanced at her half brother, considering.

"I don't know.. if there's anything to find.. But I have a list of locations of where there are SHIELD warehouses. They might have already moved the supplies.. but there are medical, emergency supplies, and survival gear.."


Trouble is the point of siblings, Lorna says… or so she is told. She hasn't had any before. "Welcome to it," Pietro says, unsympathetically. "Wanda caused me my share." He says it crossly, in a way that makes obvious he doesn't mean the serious things… not the burden of hiding a powerful and unstable sister, nor the hard work that was being responsible for them both after their mother died. No, it's clear he means stupid things, like Wanda taking too long in the bathroom, or Wanda taking the last cookie when he didn't tell her she could, or Wanda running off to fly over cliff edges to test out some new facet of her powers, and simultaneously give him a heart attack.

He shakes off the thought… especially when Lorna starts to talk more seriously. The frustration in her voice at not being allowed to do anything, at being restrained, turns his head curiously. "So you have our father's powers," he says, in a slow let-me-get-this-straight, "and no one lets you do anything."

He rolls his eyes. "Seems like a waste. I wouldn't tell you to get down and stay out of it. Out there, our kind… they need everyone willing to stand up and fight for them. Genosha is a start, but… why should we have to settle for a solution that's no different than another ghetto? Why get politely out of the way of humankind? We should be allowed to live where we want. Even our father said he'd get back to the rest of the world after he's done here."

The offer of information on SHIELD warehouses takes him by surprise, even then. He tilts his head at her, considering. "We could use that information," he says. "If only to see what we can get to distribute to the people."


Lorna nodded, and smiled faintly at Pietro's 'welcome to siblinghood'. She had seen siblings, Scott and Alex. Insufferable as the Summers boys were sometimes, to eachother, they leaned so much on one another as well. She had forever been on the outside. Alone. With no one to share in her life experiences, good or bad, on the same level as a sibling.

At his question as to her powers though she nodded, "Yeah. We have more or less the same powers.." She reached up to drag her hands through her hair, slowing to a stop to lean back against a wall of some recently rebuilt structure. "No one wants me to push myself, or my powers, since I found out I was pregnant. And considering it was Zealot that broke the news.. while trying to use it against Magneto.." She rolled her eyes.

But then as he spoke of the world beyond she shifted her weight and pushed off the wall, considering him. "I don't disagree that mutants around the world deserve better.. But there has to be a start. Not like a Ghetto.. but, a place where we can show the world just what we're capable of. A power base. A place to build our kind's confidence, and safety…" She pursed her lips in thought again. Falling silent for a moment and then she nodded about the intel she'd pass along.

"It's weeks old, but you might be able to get something out of it at least."


It is hard to say whether the twins might finally be siblings to Lorna of the type she wants. Siblings to share life experiences, blood ties, and the burden of being related to Magneto, of all people. It has always been the two of them, together, and it is hard to change set ways. But the possibility is stronger than it was months ago, when Pietro was still guarded and hostile against someone he perceived as a total stranger.

He was not lying, at least, about his utmost faith in Wanda. What she sees with her witch's sight is absolute truth to him, and that more than anything convinced him to give any of this a chance.

He frowns a little as she reiterates no one wants her to push herself. "Seems an outmoded way of thinking to me," he shrugs. "It's not like you'll break in a thousand pieces if a strong wind blows on you. Though if Magneto is as old as he claims, should we be surprised he, at the least, thinks like an old man? Down to the old-fashioned obsession with having sons?"

As far as the intel… Pietro doesn't seem concerned about the age of the information. "I can check the sites and verify or rule them out, quickly enough," he says. Boasts, actually. His vanity about his powers is obvious. "Minutes. An hour, at most. It's not a significant hurdle."

He sobers as she argues for the necessity of Genosha, however. A sigh escapes him, the young man pushing a hand through his white hair. "I'll see, Lorna," he finally concedes, "what I can spare to doing here. It took me three hours to come here from New York. It's not like it's hard for me to go back and forth, and the Atlantic is a pleasure to run at night." He grimaces. "It's simply a bit tiring, and my priority has to be the registration laws."

He glances off, unerringly, in the direction of his twin. "I'll talk to Wanda."


Lorna nodded as they walked once more, and a hint of a smile played on her lips as he spoke of Magneto having old-fashioned sensibilities. "Yeah, you can say that. And he is that old. He survived the Holocaust when he was a teenager. He.. talked to me about that. When he first told me that he was my father. He and I went out to dinner and he answered questions about .. my family." Her brows furrowed as she looked down.

"His mother died in the camps, as did his father. And he mentioned a sister once.. Her name was Ruth.. I think. She didn't make it either.. It might be that he cares about family.. but at the same time can't stand to get attached and lose it again.. Earlier was the first I'd heard of .. of his other daughter that he lost.." She pursed her lips together and she felt her throat constrict faintly at the loss of an aunt she'd never know.

"But it's his ties to the magnetic fields, some how. I don't understand it. But I know it's there. I have the same.. connection. Sort of. I guess that means I'll live to be old and look far younger than I am as well.." She muttered and shrugged.

"But yes.. He's got old fashioned tastes. Music, furniture, clothes.. and apparently in treating me like a wilting flower from time to time. The Acolytes might've pushed him. I was captured by Zealot and used against them. It made them look weak or something.." She trailed off and shrugged, glancing back to Pietro as he spoke of the trip between Genosha to the mainland.

"Maybe we can arrange emergency transport, something that you two can get to, to get here. If something goes wrong and you can't manage to bring her and yourself…"


Pietro listens as Lorna reveals more about Magneto. Their father. He's still not used to that. Hearing Magneto was a survivor of the Holocaust, that he was a teenager then, just reminds Pietro of the strange time gap between when Magda must have fled her husband, and the year he and Wanda were actually born.

What happened, in that intervening time? Was Magda taken by aliens? Were they in a fridge somewhere…? With how insane the world is at times, nothing seems outside the realm of possibility.

"If he told you that much about family just because you asked," he points out, "maybe he cares." But there's a wariness to his demeanor that is, perhaps, justified… Magneto has his reputation, after all. Are kind gestures from him really what they seem? It's impossible to tell. "For me, it just brings up more questions…"

He looks, briefly, uncomfortable. "For him, too. I know he wants to speak to Wanda and I, but…" He doesn't finish, but it's obvious the prospect is daunting.

He shakes his head. "Well," he clears his throat. "We could set up something like that, I guess. Though my powers don't really 'go wrong.'" Except for when they do. But Pietro isn't known for being terribly aware of his potential failings.


Lorna shrugged weakly, "I don't know if it means he cares. I have to assume that everything he does has a second meaning. Another reason behind it. I know it's not entirely fair.. but he's always been that sort of man. At least that's what I have been told to assume. To not trust him. Which falls in line with his own words that he will always put family second to his own political aspirations.." She pursed her lips and fell silent.

"I get that it's hard to share about painful shit. Trust me. I just.. It's been built up for a few weeks. I guess. I'd rather share with you. Someone that hasn't known me and will judge me based on how I was years ago.. or think I'm going to become some.. crazy ball of magnetic power that will wreck everything. I dunno, I guess that doesn't make much sense at all." Her steps slowed to a stop as he said he'd consider preparing for things to go wrong.

"I just assume everything will go wrong when it's at the worst moment. Better to prepare for it, if you can."


"I think it is entirely fair," is Pietro's opinion on their father's duplicity. "That's all he's ever shown the world, all people have ever said about him. All he ever said about himself. His behavior shows it out, too." He shakes his head. "Anyone would be stupid to trust what he says, or assume there's no ulterior motive."

Yet again, there is that vague wistfulness in his eyes that belies his sharp words. It's a mirror of Lorna's own feelings of hope: for family, for meaning, for somebody to care.

A blink of those blue eyes, and it passes. He spends a few moments, uncharacteristically, in thought before he speaks again. "I think he buried most of his family decades ago," he finally says. "Whatever we are to him now… it's less than the crusade he put his life into."

Her admission she'd rather talk to him — someone who won't judge, who won't think she'll become some crazy magnetic dictator — pauses him in his walk, his gaze turning towards her. "Well, I'm not likely to think that you're going to go crazy just because you're related to Magneto, no," he says dryly, "given that now apparently I'd be impugning myself too." He doesn't mention Wanda. Wanda and crazy is a sore spot for him.

He glances back, again, in the direction of their rooms. It's been too long. He itches to check on her… especially at the remark that things can always go wrong at the worst moment. "That is something you can always count on," he says grimly. "That said, best I let you get back to work. Time isn't infinite." No matter how much it might seem to be, for someone who lives it a millisecond at a time.


Lorna's relief, that Pietro understood that combination of judging her, no their father, for his actions and words over the years; just what everyone else had said. But in that look, that look that was so very blue like Magneto's.. There were those complicated feelings. Those same twists and knots that held hope and wistfulness for a family as well.

But he was more than able to understand that worry she'd share. "Well.. yeah. That's pretty much it." If only she'd shared her own struggles with being dubbed 'crazy'.. perhaps she could find yet more company to commiserate over.

But that went unsaid.

As he mentioned her return to work she glanced around and nodded. "Yeah, well the only work that they let me do these days. Something near the Spire and within the little bubble of 'safety' that Zealot hasn't attacked. Though I was told someone tried to attack with a plastic knife the other day.." She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Take care, and.." She trailed off, what, give my regards to Wanda? The half-sister that sort of scares me?

"Be safe." She finished lamely.


It is a strange dissonance, to look into a face so like their father's, and yet find a potential peer looking back. Pietro is, physically, a younger and slighter copy of Magneto… but whether he is a copy all the way through remains to be seen.

At the least, he seems more able to understand Lorna than Magneto. Her worries, her fears, her burden as the child of someone feared and reviled by the world. His understanding of that, and their shared sentiments towards their father, ensure that much. He is still transparently cautious of her, but at least he's no longer outright hostile.

Mention of the plastic knife draws a roll of Pietro's eyes. "Severe threat to the state. No wonder you're under house arrest."

The thought amuses him transparently; there's a smirk hovering about his mouth as he turns away, one that doesn't drop when she tells him to be safe. "Me? Nothing to worry about," he says, smirk widening, before he demonstrates why by kicking up into high speed, vanishing from sight with a snap of wind.

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