Between Land and Sea

January 23, 2018:

Magneto and Arthur discuss an alliance between Genosha and Atlantis



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Genosha's rolling grassy plains drop into rather attractive beachfronts, with the weather this side of the world it's even beautiful right now, warm, nice breeze. Strong eough to allow Magneto's purple cloak to ruffle and flutter, his helmet containing the white mane of hair as blue eyes stare out over the ocean's rippling surface, one would almost think he was in full attire out on a picnic, even a basket of food has been brought, a quiet woman in Acolyte's attire holding it in the background near a parked 'hover limo', it is armored of course, it looks like it could drive through bombarded streets of Bagalia on the worst of days but, also luxurious, really in regards to the Master of Magnetism unnecessary. Polaris is present, this is to some extent a small father-daughter outing as well as a meet with one of the world's more prominent figureheads, the King of Atlantis or one of them.

Aquatic politics are quite mercurial and ever changing as the tides… It's a wait, the only guards that Magnus brought with him remain over a hill half a klik away, they're scouts and a forward unit, not really intended for the Atlanteans but other enemies that reside on and off Genosha who dare wish to stage attacks, there was already a failed assassination attempt last night. A plastic knife… insulting.


Lorna had been distracted to say the least. Wedding plans, baby plans, concerned friends and family, the newest discovery of Pietro and Wanda being her siblings… somehow. And on top of it all, helping to rebuild Genosha around Magneto's strong hold as well as helping to secure the island's borders. This could check several of the need to be done boxes on Lorna's 'to do list'.

The diplomatic situation with the Atlanteans needed to be solved, preferably before there was any angry flooding that happened.

The green haired magnokinetic was dressed in what was fast becoming her 'formal' Polaris attire. A dark green bodysuit, layered with metal down to the fibers in a sort of armored manner. Slashed sleeves that hung from her shoulders to her wrists and a pair of knee high boots of an ever darker shade of green.

It was an ever changing work in progress, but given the climate of Genosha, it was better to have some cut backs for the material so she didn't pass out from the heat or humidity.

She stood next to her father, her lips pursed and her arms hanging loosely at her sides as she squinted out at the beach ahead. Lorna glanced impatiently at her father, shifting her weight as she waited.


"You're usually known for more fanfare then this." Arthur's voice carries over the crashing of the waves even as his head crests them, blond hair matted down over a dull matte gray circlet. He walks from the sea without any visible effort, as if the push and pull of the waves were no more a hindrance to him then the open air to normal men. Behind him a tall lean brunette walks, her face ringed in a clearly oceanic themed style of half helm, her body covered in armor that glints wetly in the light, layers and varying shades of gray. Arthur wears armor of his own, golden and green it shares a color pallet with his usual 'hero' get up, but this is clearly designed as a 'head of state' get up more than a 'lets go fight aliens' get up. Tula comes to a stop two paces away while her liege comes to a stop in front of Magneto, the butt of his trident thudding into the sand.


"Am I now?" Magneto muses as Arthur makes his appearance, the brunette given a respectful nod as is Arthur, "Welcome to my island, the free land of Genosha." He extends. A sidelong look given to Polaris as he speaks in a rather monotone yet cordial tone, polite and apparently he's in a decent mood after time spent with his 'children', things in Genosha are all so far working according to design.

"I find this suitable, unless you expected a carpet and more fanfare? If so, well, this meeting might need rescheduled."


Lorna smiled faintly at Arthur and at Tula, though she didn't give into the desire to wave as much as she wanted. "Hello," She murmured simply, what else could she say? She wasn't particularly good at this whole official diplomatic thing yet. She was learning.. She enjoyed the chats she'd had so far with Aquaman, and had high hopes for something positive getting done. Though, given Magneto, it could go either way.. She glanced at her father, arching a brow at the comment about carpet and rescheduling.

"We're sort of in a war zone still.." She offered dryly, a glance spared toward the horizon beyond with a faint furrowing of her brows.


Aquaman quirks a brow, "You invade press conferences to monologue at an alarming rate." he points out, "I expected more cameras. Glad to be disappointed." he looks around at the beach and offers Lorna a small warm smile, "Hey you." he greets. His attention then returns to Magneto, "I've never been much for frivolities, always feels like I'm wasting time instead of doing something productive." he looks around the beach, "Shall we begin?"
"I have in the past. Yes, where required. This time, no, the only witnesses we need are those of us gathered and our own accounting."


Magneto doesn't deny this and motions to the woman with the basket, "Wine?" He offers before he studies Lorna, notes the exchange of familiarity between Atlanteans and his daughter before a forced smile appears, "By all means. Like my daughter said, we are in a warzone, time is of the essence."

There is a slow fold of his arms across his maroon encased chest, the metal enshrouding the Atlanteans is given a light 'sensitivity' ping, no more than a counting of presence, curious. There is no apparent fear in this man for those before him and that much is evident. Respect might exist somewhere, an aged species, an offshoot of humanity like themselves, an evolved race… yes, there are many similarities.

Lorna couldn't help the twitch of her lips at Arthur's comment about her father invading press conferences or his usual desire for media attention. He wasn't wrong by any stretch of the imagination. She'd heard plenty of the jokes about her father being a bit of a drama queen over the years. The thought made her need to stifle a faint laugh, and she glanced down, and adjusted her weight upon her feet to hide it.

The wine got a slight lingering glance and Lorna grimaced, she wished she could have some wine. Anything really. Especially with the way her days went in Genosha. It was utterly unfair.

Still she held her tongue and watched, she didn't have anything in particular to add, and it was a rather important discussion. How or if, Genosha could ally with Atlantis rather than go to war..


The Atlanteans wear no metal. Their armor is apparently crafted from organic substances unseen on the surface world, even Tula's knife at her belt doesn't ping as metal. The trident on the other hand does, but when pinged, it literally pings, a faint glow emanating from it's surface and the golden weapon glinting more fiercely in the light. Arthur eyes the weapon, then eyes Magneto, his expression remaining flat.

He decides he's tired of waiting, "My people demand justice for mine that Genosha has harmed. It's been suggested I sink the island which seems entirely to three millennia ago for me."
"I see." Magneto says low, quietly, looking at Arthur still,"Where do you feel you need to take it? Upon us or the Genoshans who still inhabit this land? Many of them now under my protection."

A look over at Lorna then back to Aquaman, "Your suggestion would be unwise and misdirected. You're speaking to those who have likewise been wronged by these… humans. I would prefer we remain on good terms or at the very least, neutral."


Lorna cleared her throat as her father looked her way. "Father, I suggested we work together to handle Zealot and his followers. Many of them still regard the old regime as better, or correct. Or at the very least, sympathize with it. Zealot himself said that he thought the experiments were for the betterment of all Genosha." She arched a green eyebrow upwards, glancing at Arthur and then back to Magneto once more.

"There are also a number of people from that regime that escaped and will go unpunished. I don't see why we can't work together to ensure that they don't continue their experiments elsewhere…" She offered softly, measuredly. She had thought over the various ways that they could kill two birds with one stone, in a manner of speaking. Genosha's enemies by and large were the ones that the Atlanteans wanted..


Aquaman's smile is slow at Magneto's words, "Unless you've grown gills, my people do not care how you differentiate yourselves. They don't understand the concept of separate nations, or continents. You're all surface dwellers living on islands to us." he points out, "/You/ may think your differences matter, but to Atlantis they do not. Genosha vivisected my people, mutants then kept them hidden away under the guise of medical care here on the surface. In the air. So then should I seek vengeance upon Genosha for the torture, or mutants for the kidnapping and imprisonment?" he asks, lifting his hands in an approximation of a pair of scales, "Or are you going to tell me that you've divided yourselves into even smaller groups and somehow as self proclaimed leader of the mutants you choose not to take responsibility for the actions of /some/ mutants?" he shakes his head, "Of course, this would be only months after another mutant polluted my oceans with his pyramidal lab filled with a bioweapon that then infected some of my people turning them into mad killing machines."

Arthur shakes his head, "The surface world has spent a great deal of time heaping suffering upon Atlantis as of late, there are questions about why we've not returned the favor by removing various coastal cities, and then," he waves an arm, "along comes Genosha. The perfect analogue for two birds one stone." he eyes Magneto, "The only thing I would have to do to earn the undying loyalty and respect of my people would be to rip the foundations of this island apart, fill the waters around it with every predator of the deep, and wait to watch the seas boil red under the feeding frenzy. I am not here to explain to you why I will or will not declare war, I am here to give you the opportunity to give me a reason /not/ to." all his bluster and arrogance from a moment ago is gone, his having shown it for the act it was. "My people will go to war with yours with or without me unless we can offer them a good alternative. I am not here to negotiate peace with you. I am here trying to /save/ you from genocide." Because he's Aquaman and not Namor.


"The betterment of all Genosha." Magneto echoes Lorna's words, his lips now tilt, rise just at the creases, "A proven ignorance, the betterment of Genosha is already underway and it is guided by my hand… our hand." He meets Polaris eyes, Zealot, a sour taste floods the aged mutant's mouth at the name and it's attachments, a maniacal fool, a fanatic, the worst kind.

"There are those of us with gills, fins, scales, we are the gamut of evolutionary excellence in all of its many forms." Erik assuress Arthur, still calm, even soft spoken in his current state though he is very square shouldered, chin lifted high, helmet fearsome in it's settle upon his scalp.

"How old are you, Arthur of Atlantis?" Magneto inquires.

"You speak of a man that holds those centuries as if personal experience. Yet, I doubt you truly know what suffering is."

"Your people's woes are predated. Your presence on this earth is overlooked because you hide below the ocean waves unwilling to rise even above the scum that litters it's surface, that is not our doing. That is your own."

"Genoshan's tyrants are no longer, their loyalists are scattered to the far end of the island and hidden throughout our ratholes, gutters and refuse. You would find yourself pitted against no lesser adversary like you assume if you give in to the fears and whims of an old testaments barbarism. Your people, like their fears and wounds are an old era, you, so young, you should be doing the proper thing and ushering them forward, in to the light, in to a world without mankind at the helm and beside creatures of a kindred spirit, mutants. Not this… "
A glove sweeps out wide, slashes through the air and billions of grains of sand rumble, quake and bounce, scattering about like pop-rocks in fizz only much more grandiose.

"Let us speak on the level, flatly, ruler to ruler…. do not make me an enemy, my daughter speaks rather highly of you, when she wishes to speak of such things, that gives me some modicum of immediate respect for you, but posturing, displays, threats, they are unnecessary, take hold of your people. wipe out the northern beaches of Genosha and everything over the mountains. There in lies the Regime of Genoshans responsible for whatever crime you believe was done upon you in times past. This here, this Genosha you see before you." The green grass, the rolling plans and the cities that dot it past farmland, "This is not mankind, we are not your enemy, this is the future, you're saving nothing, do you understand? We are our own salvation. We survivors. Give your people that morsel I offer or tell them we are prepared for war, we are already embroiled in one as is, what more do we have to fight against to make our home our own?" It is apparent, words, trite, stabbing and all have stricken past the good mood Magneto was carrying around.

"You are no saviour here. I am." Magneto says boldly, confidently and his eyes crackle with electromagnetic energy.

Lorna rolled her eyes, at both leader's words. She'd heard it all before and her lips thinned into a sour, fine line of white. She folded her arms over her middle, biting her tongue as first Arthur and then Magneto started in on their posturing, proud, and rather long winded threats. She held out for all of a breath, two, before she pinched the bridge of her nose and glowered at her father. He was not helping. Not at all. She could've brokered a treaty and been done with it. No war. No threats. Everyone happy.

Finally, she cleared her throat. "We don't want a war though, I think I can say that for everyone present." She stressed the words as she looked between Magneto to Arthur and back. "Both of our people have struggled with not being understood and being belittled in the past and present. We've both suffered mistreatment at the hands of the previous regime here. We have no reason to be enemies, when we can both benefit from taking out the Magistrates that remain on the island. They deserve whatever end comes to them for their actions. No one here would argue otherwise. Correct?" She hitched a green eyebrow upwards.


Aquaman eyes Magneto and he almost smiles, "I wasn't threatening you." he says simply, "I've been saving the world from beings that devour dimensions since I was sixteen years old Erik, I don't do threats. I've heard them all said better from things far scarier then you or me." he thumps the trident into the beach and a chair made of sand rises and he lowers himself into it, sprawling a little bit, "I was making a point. /If/ I wanted to secure my throne, all I would have to do is declare war, kill you all. Whether or not I /could/," he shrugs, "I /wouldn't/. I am not Atuma, I am not Namor, I don't relish conflict." he rubs at his eyes with an armored thumb and forefinger.

eyes Erik, "I've studied you, I've read the histories, the intelligence reports. You, of all people, know what a single nation can do when it is motivated by hate and ignorance.


Aquaman eyes Magneto and he almost smiles, "I wasn't threatening you." he says simply, "I've been saving the world from beings that devour dimensions since I was sixteen years old Erik, I don't do threats. I've heard them all said better from things far scarier then you or me." he thumps the trident into the beach and a chair made of sand rises and he lowers himself into it, sprawling a little bit, "I was making a point. /If/ I wanted to secure my throne, all I would have to do is declare war, kill you all. Whether or not I /could/," he shrugs, "I /wouldn't/. I am not Atuma, I am not Namor, I don't relish conflict." he rubs at his eyes with an armored thumb and forefinger.

He eyes Erik, "I've studied you, I've read the histories, the intelligence reports. You, of all people, know what a single nation can do when it is motivated by hate and ignorance. I was playing the role expected of me as a means of making a point. I figured you'd understand theatrics when you saw it. I may have overestimated your ability to see past your expectations. You want to save your people?" he asks, "Fine. Help me stop a war before it begins. Because I have millions of soldiers who want nothing more than for me to call the power of the First King and sink another island, and I'd really rather not. I mean," he makes a face, "can you /imagine/ the judgemental stare Superman would give me? You have no idea. He does Guilt Face like a disappointed grandmother, just… brutal."


"You are correct, my dear." Magneto confirms. His tone though not as 'light' or soft as it was before not without a calm and reason to it, he is by default a man of theatrics. Everything about him says such, it's a weapon, a psychological tool.

"Good, for I have not threatened you either, Arthur of Atlantis." An easy, casual reply, eyes peeling energy off to go blue once more, vibrant and colorful with residual.

"I am sure your people can settle for a tsunami that wipes out tens of thousands in their bloodlust, no?" Cold that. He is not joking in it though, "Blame your generals if you're concerned about Superman. A soft man like him doesn't understand necessity, a man like him is no ruler that must shoulder the burden of so many, where in, once more, you and I are alike."
"Consider, this action will work to both of our favor, my enemies are no more, sunken low and not by my hand but by yours, who in turn get their vengeance. Two birds with one stone."

A curious look from Lorna to Arthur then back again, he is studying their mannerisms, the blaise attitude towards the exchange his daughter exhibited and the obvious closeness. Something begins to stir in his mind. Shrewd, sharp gears turning slowly…


Lorna exhaled a breath as some manner of an agreement came out of the deal. Glad at least, that both seemed to have stepped down from proud, powerful, men trope. Her arms dropped as she listened to some manner of a agreement being hammered out. A look of relief fluttering over her features. It would take out a good portion of Genosha's enemies. Leaving them a shorter time span to strengthen the borders.

And she wanted, no needed, time to rebuild Genosha for her child's sake. All of which couldn't occur soon enough to the green haired mutant.

"Then, we are in agreement?" She offered softer this time, her eyebrows lofting upwards as she considered both her father and Arthur.


Aquaman's eyes flash, "I am not a leader, I am a King. I do not pass my decisions off on others so that they may carry the weight of my failures or successes. If you're not strong enough to carry the weight of the crown, don't put it on." pointedly, he's wearing one. "I wasn't thinking of a tsunami, its been done before and there's a chance of survival. I was thinking of just cutting the island in half. You said the North half was a problem, yes? Do you have a latitude you'd like me to split it on?" he sounds conversational, as if ripping the island in half was just a matter of cutting on the dotted line. It's hard to tell if he's kidding.

He eyes Lorna, "We have the shaping of one." he admits, "Though a lasting one?" he shakes his head, "This is not the sort of thing concluded in a single chat, it is the fate of nations. But," he eyes Magneto, "I think it is a good start."


"Not quite yet." Magneto says, "The literal corrective, it amuses me. Shall I further compact my speech so we can attempt some accord without the useless fringes, Arthur of Atlantis?"

"There will be no cutting of the island. You will not harm the foundation or the mass itself, a cleanse, a wash, even an attack em mass. For all I care you can rain down urchins but this 'severing' anything from Genosha is not to happen." A long exhale from Magnus, if it is a joke it is lost on the helmet clad mutant.

"It is a start at the very least."

"And the shaping of one? Indeed. I will not bar such a thing, if anything I wish to encourage it. Alliances are required in the future I foresee of our world. Atlantis and Genosha would do well to begin a pact, one that embodies the nations hosting nonhumans… Atlanteans, extranormales, mutants, metahumans, inhumans… " Maybe they're seeing it now. The spark in the man's eyes. "I say we begin talks of spearheading such an arrangement, a formal recognized wartime treatise."
"A new age that does not include mankind making decisions for it's betters."


Lorna blinked at the mention of cutting the island in half, unsure or perhaps unwilling to consider whether or not he was serious about destroying a good chunk of perfectly useful land. Course, land didn't matter all that much to his people.. She smiled faintly though as Arthur glanced her way and confirmed at least, that it was a start. A rocky start, as most things regarding her father were, but it was something.

Whatever sneaking thoughts her father had in regards to her friendliness with Arthur was utterly lost to her and she listened to her father's continued monologue on about the importance of such an alliance.

"It's a good start then. And hopefully, after the war is settled, we can speak of possible trade. I know your people have little interest in steel, but there must be something we can offer once


Genosha is rebuilt. We'll need countries and peoples that are willing to trade with us."
Aquaman pushes himself to his feet, "On that we shall have to agree to disagree, I am as much man as Atlantean, and I have seen nothing to tell me either is better then the other. I would settle for a time when all peoples were simply seen as equals and treated with the respect each was due." he holds out his hand and the trident slides into it, "But yes, it does, if nothing else, give hope for the future."

At the talk of trade he merely smiles, "Atlantis has been entirely self sufficient for millenia. I'm not sure what the surface could offer us, but I will ask around, perhaps my people will think of something. If nothing else, a cultural exchange couldn't hurt." the sand chair falls apart back into the beach. "Until next time when we begin the boring part of these talks?" meaning the details.
The continued monologue ceases Magneto feels has said enough to convey his intentions, stance and direction clearly enough at this point. "A shame. Man and Atlantean, very well." A thoughtful silence, "Yes, I tire of this, you are welcome to enjoy our lunch and the wine. It was brought for you after all, a gift."

"At least my disappointment in this is only slight. I will have a written proposal delivered to your servants and we can begin official exchange. At least we will have a truce in one regard, as for the Northern Regime… I will withdraw my people from the outposts over the next 72 hours, after that you are free to exact your vengeance. See to it that you destroy no land beyond repair or claim it with your ocean sorcery."

"Lorna, please entertain our guests and meet with me later."
"There is much we have still to discuss." The limo is left behind as is it's driver and that Acolyte guard, Magneto ascends and floats away, back towards Hammer Bay.


Lorna sighed heavily as her father wrapped up and left her in charge of wrapping up the assorted guests once more. First with Pietro and Wanda, now Arthur. She was not growing fond of her father leaving her to handle the social niceties that were goodbyes. For a man so very good at leaving in a dramatic fashion, he was terrible it would seem, at saying goodbye.

Green eyes flickered away from her father's departing figure back to Arthur and she offered a sympathetic glance. "Sorry about that. At least take the wine. I'm far too tempted to steal a glass. And I'm told that's a very bad idea." She drawled.

Tula walks over and accepts the bottle for Arthur, standing near Lorna as she does so. She looks at the woman for a long moment, her expression almost sad, then turns to go, following her King back into the waves. Arthur stops waist deep in the ocean and glances over his shoulder, a hand coming up to offer a small wave before he disappears from sight beneath the froth of a wave.

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