Different Worlds

January 18, 2018:

Astrea arrives in New York City, to the bewilderment of Gwen and Hal.

Lower Manhattan


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The blizzard Manhattan just went through was fierce and taxing. Now, Manhattan is still freezing and there are flurries that fall, but it is nothing like the intense snowdrifts that paralyzed almost the entire city.

However, New York is New York and once some of the sidewalks and roads are clear, determined people decided it was fine to venture forth again and go about their business. Some of that snow lays in huge drifts against old buildings, gathering dirt and garbage. The rest of it has turned to ice and sludge.

Gwen Stacy has her long blonde hair tucked up under a thick wool hat. Her jacket is puffy and her gloves are knitted. She is, honest to goodness, helping an old lady cross the road and get to her apartment, a bag of groceries tucked under her arm.

As they pass the alleyway next to the woman's building, Gwen nods a few times, allowing Mrs. Stein to talk her ear off. "And then, well, it was lucky we had candles! You kids don't know anything about candles these days, do you? Without the light on your phones you wouldn't know what to do wtih yourselves! But I knew candles would come in handy again one day, and boy ever did it! We almost ran through the stock! I'll have to go buy some more."

Gwen gives the woman a smile, walking slowly with her to make sure she doesn't fall. "I'd be glad to go get those for you, if you'd like, Mrs. Stein."


For those that can find or pick up on such things, for a moment there's a flash of pure magical energy in the alleyway. Gwen might have even noticed a strange flash of light for a brief moment down there. The world for Astrea had changed and what she had seen prior to being deposited here had her pistol in her hand while her long strange hammer like rod was in her right hand. The strangely dressed figure, dressed for winter though it was more like dressed for winter circa 1896.

The weapon in her hand appeared to have some kind of strange blade tucked against the haft of the weapon leaving a flattened back of the blade exposed to give it a hammer or perhaps club like appearance. In her left hand is a pistol that was reminiscent of flintlocks, long barreled. A break barrel design, made to be snapped open to be reloaded with a single shell. Across her back is a good ol' fashion blunderbuss.

The figure turns quickly in a tight circle, eyes dancing left and right as the pistol is pointed at shadows and walls while the weapon is held defensively. She finally hears the honk of a horn down the alleyway and whips her gun in that direction to stare out as people pass slowly by and so do the strange carriages.

Slowly she slides the weapons away, the pistol at her left and the hammer to her right. Slowly, she starts walking toward the exit of the alleyway just in time to see Gwen and the old lady nearby. As she is watching them, walking out, a man comes walking up behind Astrea with his headphones on and nearly bumps into her. That is until Astrea suddenly whips around, pistol pulled into her hand with lightning quickness. The pistol is aimed right at the man's head who comes to a complete halt and nearly falls on his butt.

"Yo, uh, I ain't go no money mister…ma'am? Honest!" The man pleads as he puts both hands up and goes stock still.


Gwen keeps up with Mrs. Stein and by keeping up, that means slowing down. A snail's pace. Molasses going uphill. Really, could this old woman move any slower? A part of her feels terrible about thinking these things. And the other part of her urges the old woman to move faster.

A lot of that dissipates as soon as the flash of light happens. Gwen's senses are a little wonky on this earth, but she has started to get the hang of how they are different here. Either way, it is hard to ignore the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck rising right before the flash and the surge of magical energy.

"Mrs. Stein," Gwen tells the woman, "Hold onto this stop sign. I'll be right back." The stop sign is just around the corner from the alleyway. Putting the older woman there and setting her grocery's down in the driest areas she can find, she sprints forward, almost literally skidding to a stop as she sees Astrea pull a gun on the man in front of her.

"Woah, WOAH, let's just be cool here. Okay? No need for violence!"


Whipping her right hand out, the strange weapon is in her hand in a practiced motion. She flicks it hard and the hammer like back whips around the haft to reveal a wicked blade. She holds it out toward Gwen and stares at her while the pistol remains on the man. She looks back at the man before looking back at Gwen, "What manner of beast…?" She asks of no one in particular as she looks from one to the other before taking a step back toward the alleyway and relative safety of such, "Who are ye?" She asks of the man and then of Gwen, "What part of the City is this? Can ye speak or has your mind left ya? This is no night for the healthy to be out."

The voice has a celtic lilt to it, though it isn't quite right. It's almost as if it were older than anything used today. It has a distinctly feminine sound either way. The man who she has the pistol on looks at Gwen in confusion and then back to Astrea, staring at her in fear and confusion. "If your wits are about ya still, you can find sanctuary in the chapel. Avoid the main roads."


Code 43. Anomalous Signature Detected.
The Power Ring chimes to the Green Lantern. Curiously he hefts his hand up, the emerald shine illuminates the clouds around him, New York below is very dark. Covered in thick low blizzard inspiring clouds.

The Lantern himself? Above them. Playing Justice League hall monitor and creating the occasional light show in the night sky, it's an attempt on his part to seek a solution to the issue despite Doctor Strange saying he would be seeing to it. Someones got to be out there playing rescue and relief with what New York is going through and communications are wonky, disturbed by storm and supernatural darkness.

"Finally." A word to no one, just the chill winds and hes descending surroudned in a glowing nimbus of light towards the source his ring 'pinged'. It will take several minutes for Hal Jordan to reach them. The white wash of New York skies getting a new illumation to them as he closes in… lucky for the green-on-black uniformed flyboy he's free of the cold's touch, the vacuum of space much worse.


Gwen puts her hands up as Astrea points a strange weapon at her. "Uh, I'm a human? A very cold, very confused human." She looks at the man next to her and attempts to edge herself in front of him.

"You're in Lower Manhattan." She glances about at the street and then at the woman in front of her. "I mean, it's bad, but not as bad as a few days ago. And definitely no reason to be robbing people. Or, you know, whatever it is you are doing." Her head tilts just slightly as she says that she should find shelter in a chapel. "Ummm…"

The descent of Hal Jordan, for the moment, is not noticed. Her eyes are specifically on the woman in front of her and trying to make sure that she doesn't decide to put holes into this random stranger. "What is it we'd be seeking sanctuary from? The snow?"


The only thing visible about the woman is her eyes and the area around it as she stares at Gwen, "Lower Manhattan?" She asks and then consideres that a moment before she notices some kind of odd green glow out of the corner of her eye. She turns quicklky and looks in the direction of it. She quickly jumps back, clearing easily 8 to 10 feet with that backwards jump and she looks to Gwen and the man, "Ye must hide from the beasts lest ya become one yourself!" She then aims her pistol skyward toward Hal.

She whips her weapon again and it folds back into the hammer like shape it was in before as she aims the pistol, "Run now, don't look back." She then calls out toward Hal and plants the hammer against hte ground. A hand reaches into a pocket on her jacket and then she pulls out…what appears to be a rock? She then throws the rock right at Hal with enough force to sting as she then snatches back up her weapon, "Come on then!" She doesn't look away from him as she says, "I'll keep its attention, just move."


Green Lantern's attention is not on them. He's facing the wrong direction as he hits street level, hovering a good two meters off the ground with his right arm extended, that green glowing rock on his fist shining with a projected Star Trek like 'beam' , scanning for the source thats no longer there. At least it's residual. To him they're just more crazy New Yorkers hanging out on the snowy avenue.

"Hrm, again, just off like that… " It's sudden, a snap spark of green and the autoshield flares up to deflect the rock but it make's Hal's head snap forward, a defensive posture overcoming him as fists rise up, the green aura around him expanding outwards to make him light up like some jade flame.
"What the hell?! Who did that!??"


Okay, something is very off here. While Gwen Stacy is not a native to this dimension, she certainly recognizes a Green Lantern when they make their entrance. However, Astrea? She doesn't. Interesting. The accent, the weapons, the talking about beasts…she must not be from around here. And from not around here, she doesn't just mean someone from South Dakota visiting to see the Empire State Building.

"I'm good! I'm not going to become a beast!" she assures Astrea. As she leaps backward, there is a lift of her eyebrow. Okay then. When she's told to move, she does indeed. Instead of running away, she rushes forward, putting herself forward to try and shove Astrea a bit off balance - but not trying to knock her completely off her feet.

"There's…uh…" she calls up to Hal, "A misunderstanding! We're all fine here!" Pause. "How are you?"


Looking to Hal, the woman keeps her weapons trained on him. She begins to stalk forward carefully and move to the right slowly to get into a more open space. As she does she starts to say, "Show your true form, beast. I'm prepa-ACK!" She is hit and stumbles a step to the right and even as she does she whips her pistol back toward Gwen and then stares at her, "What are ya doin' girl?!" She then looks over to Hal and then back at her, "What nonsense are you talkin'? Have ya been lost to the blood?" She then looks over at Hal and then back to her, "Get out o' here before ya get yourself killed!"

What Gwen might have noticed when she hit the slight figure, it was like trying to shove a linebacker, not a slight girl. The girl's body having an incredible level of strength for her size. And even when she is shoved, she recovers rather quickly though now seeming far more unsure of herself.


Gwen's voice and he's snapping to their direction, attention fully on them. "Fine? You don't look fine and what the is she ranting about? New York. Holy shit." He looks around them, almost ignoring the two women as the weapons are aimed around, usually hes not one to find much concern in Earthly munitions, not unless they're magical, supertech or 'other' not that he knowws what sort of weapons Astraea possesses, hes just outright assuming in his natural hubris.
That green scan drifts along the nearest buildings wall, starting to waver towards the 'dimensional hopper'
"Behave would you two nutjobs. The Justice League is here and you can both move along, calm down and for the love of Pete get indoors so you don't freeze to death." Authority voice! Hes good at it even when he's being a dimwit.


Gwen, herself, is a slight figure and is hard to move. In fact, it's hard for her to push herself against Astrea as every other part of her wishes to avoid the collision. Her instinct is to duck and dodge. However, she remains completely between Hal and Astrea. "I don't think this is where you think it is. Where are you from?" Gwen asks.

She's the daughter of a very good detective and she is a pretty perceptive. It helps that she might have gone something very similar awhile ago. She hisses, "That guy up there isn't a beast, he's part of the law." She's trying to help, but she is also trying to not be stabbed or shot by a disoriented and determined woman.

Hal's commands are met with a frown and she turns slightly. "Hey! Nutjobs is a totally offensive term!" Authority voice automatically brings out the petulant voice in Gwen Stacy. "We're just walking here! Right Mrs. Stein?!"

"What?" Mrs. Stein's faint voice is heard around the corner, still holding onto the stop sign.


Squinting at Hal, she stares a moment, "Justice…league?" She then looks over at Gwen and then states, "Where I'm from is no longer relevant. The City of Blood…that's where I reside now. As…do you?" She then looks around slowly, the snow and darkness not giving her a great view of the buildings and city at large. The buildings do look different from what she can see, but this wasn't the first time she had been somewhere strange.

The woman slowly eases up on her tension and then looks over toward Hal, "You needn't worry about the cold and I, we're long time friends." SHe then looks over toward Gwen again before saying, "Since when does the law walk the streets?" She then looks to Hal, "Or fly?" She shifts her foot slightly before looking in the direction of the old woman. She clears her throat before pointing to the odd green beam, "Cease your magics now, Lawman. I do not trust them nor you." She steps back from the beam and from Gwen as she states, "I need a minute…to think."

Her eyes continue to scan around the area as she takes in the city and her weapons stay in hand but for now they are lowered. Her hands keeping the grip but at least a portion of the tension is out of her.


Their conversation is utterly ignored by Hal because, yeah, they're 'mundies' as far as he is concerned until a closer look at Astrae and the residual scanning stops entirely where they are.
"Cosplaying at this hour?" He questions, Gwen's tone distracts him enough to give her a longer look, "If you're sensitive. Lighten up, gorgeous, I'm not here for anything but to make sure no scary bogeymen crawledout of this strom and… lady, whats with the sign?"

Hal lands upon his own two feet and is walking closer to the women, "So… yeah." He trails off. Highly confused, "You can drop the Nerd Speak, lady. I am in no mood to join in on your silly D and D nonsense." Unless shes the source, thats… possible he supposes. He is still half-assedly paying them mind, its like hes expecting something to spring out and gobble them all up but nothing is happening.
Ring glitch? No way.


"Yes, a group of people who defend the Earth against threats, yadda yadda yadda." Gwen frowns as she tries to ensure that no more misunderstandings happen. That is, of course, a pipe dream. An eyebrow is raised. "Well, there's also cops which definitely walk the streets here to make sure order is maintained. Not sure if any of them fly. I mean, simply thinking in large numbers at least one of them might. It'd be statistically weird if none of them had anything weird about them." As Astrea steps back, she does not attempt to follow. "Yup!" Think all you'd like!"

To Hal, she frowns. "There's nothing wrong with Nerd Speak or D and D!" she tells him with a sniff. "I bet my Level 16 Warlock could totally end you."


"D and D?" She asks and then looks at Gwen with confusion in her eyes, "Nerd speak? What madness are you going on about?" Her left hand twitches on the pistol in her right hand, if one could call that monster a pistol. Her head whips around to Hal and she raises the weapon toward him, "I don't fully trust you, Lawman." She nods her head, "I know what it is you are but you are most certainly not human." SHe nods again before looking over to Gwen and then back at him, "Ye both talk strangely. I'm not sure of this place or if ya might simply be going mad yourselves but do not test me." She looks back at Hal more directly, "I know not of this Dee and Dee, but I kow that which I speak is not nonsense. If ye are truly of the law then ya know what a Hunter is and know that this endless night will not end till I do me job."


"God, the really cute ones are always so damn weird." The ever professional Jordan complains, yet, to his recollection this is the very first time hes ever been told a level 16 Warlock would take him down. It's… entertaining. "And seriously? There is /everything/ wrong with Nerd Speak and D and D."
The domino mask across his nose obscures some of his expression and the all white eyes leave Gwen to settle on Astrea and her strange garb, possible weapons and tone. "You probably shouldn't trust me. I am a very bad man." He's joking, a smile that appears might convey that but hes now, giving more critical attention to her.

"You're not horsing around about this are you? But then, Warlocks, Hunters, levels… geezus. Someone call Batman, I'm sure that freak is a level 9 billion Dracula and would fit right in with you silly… " He stops himself, he can hear Diana's chiding tone. Do not degenerate women to pet names like 'Babe or Chick' they do not like that. It is demeaning, offensive and a bunch of other Justice League frowned on bad PR.


Gwen looks to Astrea. Where she's from doesn't even have D and D? The outfit and the hat informs a bit more of that decision and she frowns. Okay, this starts to make sense. "We're not testing and we're not talking nonsense. Promise." There's a focused look as she finally asks, "What is your job?"

Hal is given a pointed gloved hand. "That is only because you have never played. I know that just because you want to call in Batman." The Batman she knows is very different from the on in this reality, she has learned. Immediately she, tailors her response. "Batman's a Min Max player, Green! He'd tank the campaign. There's no such thing as a level 9 billion." She sighs, hand reaching up to rub at her forehead. "Don't try and diss us if you don't know the language! Geez!"


Staring at Hal, she adjusts the pistol on him and then states, "You are a mad man." She then nods her head before her gaze goes to Gwen and then back to Hal before saying, "Who is this man bat? He surely sounds like a beast." She then looks to Gwen and states, "Do you know of this Bat that is like a man?" She then looks back to Hal carefully, "I am a Hunter. Paleblood." She nods her head, "I am capable of dealing with such a beast if you know where it is you should call it or lead me to it." She nods her head. She takes a breath that slips from her mouth in a mist against the cold through the cloth at her mouth. She slides the pistol away and then the weapon into a holster on each hip. She looks to the pair, "Truly neither of you are beasts if you haven't succumbed to frenzy by now." She looks around, "If things like Man Bats roam these streets then I would say it is still not safe. You should get to safety." She then looks at Hal, "Lawman, you should stay leery."


"Oh but you really really are." The Green Lantern's tone taunts Gwen, the ring lets out a sparkle shine then dims down. His arms fold over his uniform clad chest. "If you're asking me on a nerd date," He pushes at Gwen, "It's a maybe." Shes not and he knows it but that usually stops them. No added conversation with Batman and no, he has no clue what language it is they speak. Even his rings translator is failing him in it.

"Put that down." He warns Astrea stopping with any further warning as she holsters them, pay attention Hal, "Okay, I'm starting to grok this." He sighs, a long drawn out one, "Let me guess…. your red shoes took you to the wrong place?" He glances casually over at Gwen, curiously studying her before giving a deeper more intent scrutiny to Astea, the ring glitch is getting even less likely. Everything she says sounds like absolute madness but then… this entire encounter has him reliving walking in to his kid brothers room and kicking a Dungeon Quest board game allover just to be a brother and uphold tradition. Lovely nostalgia.


Gwen glares at Hal at everything he says and does. "Ugh, a typical Paladin." Gwen rolls her eyes. Toward Astrea, she attempts to keep a protective stance. However, beyond them is the faint found of a woman falling onto groceries.

Gwen straightens. "I've got to go."

"Glen!" The old woman's voice cries out in panic and worry.

"Coming Mrs. Stein!" She looks to Astrea and Hal Jordan with mistrust and worry. "My names Gwen. Gwen Stacy," she tells Astrea. "We can talk another day if you wish." To Hal Jordan, she gives a raised eyebrow. And then she makes off to help the woman she left previously.


Looking after Gwen as she leaves, she stares for a moment and then she whips around to start up the street, "You needn't worry ya-self, Lawman." She nods her head, "I will monitor the streets until the night is over." She nods her head, "As I have for this long and as I will continue." She then looks back at him briefly, "I know not what nonsense ye speak of when it comes to red shoes but what brought me here would give your nightmares nightmares." She then starts down the street, looking around as she moves, "Find cover from the night and huddle with your family if ye're havin' one."


"What did she just call me? A Paraquin? Whats that, some sort of bird or a dolphin? Damnit, will no one speak English here!?" Gwen is quick to escape, the fiesty blond despite being a confusing mess to the Lantern gets a grin and a headshake in her quick departure.
Astrea on the other hand is still getting that frowned, masked, 'what the heck' hero glare, "Just… hold up, this… I hate this part of the job," Hal produces a card from what could be thin air. It's not though, he quick swiped it out of a fold at his hip. "This has a number on it, a location, it's associated with the League, please, when you stop doing whatever it is you're doing and come back to reality, call the number. They'll he… " Nightmares, nightmares. Why is he bothering. Coffee is a must right now, maybe something stronger. "A nightmare is Kilowag in his birthday suit, lady, you got nothing to worry about. Just, please, take that card, call the number and don't do anything super insane out here. You'll end up in the nuthouse the way you're talking."

"Note to self. Stop talking to people and stick to the heroic stuff also find out from Wonder Woman or Superman what our approach to possible time and or dimensional travelers is." If this is an actual thing and they weren't playing a LARP he stumbled in to orrrrr…. screwy brained pranksters…

A flash of 'green' and Hal is skybound again.


Looking back at him, she takes the card he gives her and stares at it. She looks back at him in confusion, her eyes glancing over the card again. She then hears what he says and looks up startled. She's even more startled as he flies off. She looks back at the card, "Call this number?" She looks at it carefully before looking back up at him, "Call it? Do I just yell it?"

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