Red Lightning

January 23, 2018:

Professor Zoom visits Stark Tower, collects a few things and menaces more than a few heroes. And Owen.

Stark Tower


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Posessed and blown up a little bit all in one day, its owner lost for awhile, things are just now starting to get back to normalish. Well slightly more normalish.

SHIELD still maintians a presence just to help with security, and for once Tony Stark doesn't complain about it.


Mostly he lets Pepper and Sally deal with it. He has more important stuff to do. Which is why he's up in the top floors of the Tower. Doing something extremely important.


Well he's not at least drinking alone. So that's something. "This is super important." He says to no one in perticular. "Very important yup." He's not quite sloshed, more pleasently buzzed. "See, everyone is yelling at me about building too many suits so really should just build one more. Right? Right. But first I have to do this very important thing…"

Set up in this perticular lab is a long table that looks almost like an operating table. On said table is a familiar to some drone. The base is on treads, and really the bot itself is only a single three pronged manipulator arm on treads. Lying there as Stark looks it over with a serious look on his face.

"I gotta fix my buddy."

Yes he means the robot.

"Which means no making him blow up or anything. I need the casing right, his circuits were friend by an EMP but I should be able to get the AI core out and fix the body…" Is he talking to himself or a guest?

…its hard to tell with Stark.


The first sign anything was amiss was the sonic boom outside the tower.

It knocked out the SHIELD presence, and blew out most of the unshielded (get it?) electronics in the security there, with Professor Zoom collecting weapons and commgear that wasn't destroyed as he went by. Anyone in the vicinity would see a red streak of lightning as it zipped into Stark Tower proper.

Then the real fun started.

Professor Zoom took a high speed tour of the facility, from bottom, to top. Tony Stark would notice a red streak of electricity flow around his lab for a split second, before it stopped… and a blurred man in a yellow friction suit with brightly glowing red eyes appears in the entryway. His distorted baritone voice is dripping with malice, "Well well… non of the history books said you were a drinker, but you learn something new everyday."


"Yes! You should totally build one more. I mean we wasted like … six?"

See? Tony's not drinking alone. Owen is there. He is likewise drinking, but really that almost goes with out saying. He goes on to elaborate, "I mean thankfully explosions, acid, gravity and electric shocks all worked when you're not in 'em. But, you should totally have had countermeasures for at least two of those."

Most people who work for Tony are very respectful and careful with anything that could be construed as criticism. Thankfully Owen doesn't work for Tony because he's really not good at keeping his mouth shut. He does give Tony some space with Dummy though, keeping his distance.

"I'm sure you'll have him back on his treads in-.. " Zoom's appearance cuts him off. "Hunh. Changed yer color scheme buddy?" At least he has red eyes, and not like black magically dancing shadows, right? Right? Wait history books? GAH! Stupid time travelers! Can we go back to demons?


It's not everyday Superman and Green Lantern loiter around New York airspace, today, one such instance. The Spacecop and the Last Son of Krypton are hovering above a Jack & Rocket's Burger, meals in hand munching away.
"I'm telling you I seen it, dude has an entire crate of them. Like, hes got a problem, a serious sweet tooth junky problem. Next month we will have to put him on a treadmill… we can't have some tubby Martian flying around with us, he ruins the cool guy poses." Hal Jordan jokes around biting in to a few fries. Idle talk. It's allover the place between the two men as they take a quick breather between patrolling the streets for anomalies and crisis alert surrounding the horrible snow storm that just doesn't want to let go.


"No, I don't want inny 'elp! well, not like that, no. Just tell the Green space law man that the yellow suit man is 'ere. At the Stark Monument!" Astrae huff into the phone, "What ya mean it ain' t a monument?! it looks like one even if it has been damaged. Eh, I don't care just tell 'em." And with that she puts the odd phone away and stares, "Damned things." Her brogue extra high with her ire as she races into the building with pistol and hammer in hand.

Her eyes glance upward and she frowns, "Now what would he be doin' here." She hmms and starts up. luckily the SHIELD agents are all distracted by the strange emp to even stop her at the moment, "And why's he have to head up so 'igh."


Superman was already flying overhead throughout New York City, that S-shield on his chest and Kryptonian garb of the house of El heralding the arrival of arguably one of the worlds most popular superheroes. He seems to just be cruising as he heads back to Metropolis…when he runs into Green Lantern. taking the time to 'bro talk' as human say, they both happily enjoy burghers before he turns his head imediately at the sound of Tony possibly having some trouble. "Iron man is in danger." he says then, standing up and jetting off! "Come on!" it certainly wouldn't take him long to get to Tony's house, hovering as he looks at all present.

A look to Tony then "You alright?"


"Huh? The AI couldn't use all the coutermeasures or adapt to the situation. Oh that'll be useful later." This is towards Owen as he starts to carefully open up Dummy's carapace to get out the systems inside. "There was some counters, but it looks like the AI was stretching itself thin trying to control all of them. I'm glad, between Tank, Heartbreaker, and Romeo they could technically take out an entire battalion of armored vehicles."


Alarms go off as Stark looks up and starts to curse a blue streak. In multiple languages. Enough to make anyone blush as his eyes flicker up towards the screen. And a blurred man is suddenly standing in the room with them.

"First off." The inventor says as he stands away from the casing of his robot and folds his arms over his chest. "I /really/ hate time travel. And dimentional shifts and reordering the universe. All that sucks, so I'm already in a bad mood. Second off none of those were actual suits, those were older drones. So yeah. Congrats. You broke obsolete robots."

SHIELD agents downstairs? They are a bit dumbfounded by what just happened. So all it takes for Astrae to get upstairs is flashing badges and then she's on her way up to the tower.

Superman and Hal of course have the more direct course. Coming to the windows of the lab complex.

"I don't know," Stark calls over his shoulder to the Boy Scout of the Justice League. "He's just showed up and made vagely threatening noises at me so far. JARVIS who is thi—" He stops and a look of pin comes across the wounded inventor's face for a moment. Then its shaken off. "SIRIN who is this?"

"Not on the books, sir!" The perky AI calls. Before there is a burst of static and the perky tone changes to a sardonic and sarcastic one. "He sounds evil though. You should shoot him."

A pause from Stark. "You know, this version of you is starting to grow on me."


"Makes sense. I'm guessing demon bears aren't quite up to snuff on using tech, last I knew it's puppets were still shooting wooden arrows and biting people. But mostly it failed cause it pissed off Jones. Woulda thought a super smart AI would have a 'Dont f**k with Jessica Jones' subroutine as one of the first things it learned… Even drunked idiots like me know that one."

Yes, Owen is still continuing his chat with Tony, even after a yellow version of his former nemesis showed up and 'evil'ed in their direction. He's also mentally taking stock of what weapons he has on him (few) and where his normal weapons are located (far away). But there is something close by, and it does need a good field testing.

"Oooh I do like her. She's kinda spicy." Owen agrees with Stark with his sentiments on the AI. He throws down the rest of his drink and casually crosses the lab, ostensibly to get a refill, trying to mentally calculate how fast he is versus this yellow flash.


"That was painfully evident the second I took a look at them. They're very primitive compared to the Kree technology I've dealt with." Professor Zoom replies. Hal and Superman are noted as arriving, but so far, Professor Zoom doesn't pay them much mind. He isn't here for them.

Owen gets a look, though. "This world is just full of surprises. Timeline displaced? my condolences." He sarcastically quips, before he zips right over in front of Tony, looking him right in the eyes, "You usually represent some of the most advanced technology on the planet, as a baseline. You're further along compared to your typical counterparts. I already took apart a suit coming up here, so you can just as well not deny it."

Then, he zips right up to superman, those red eyes looking at the boy scouts own, then to Hal, before he zooms back to the center, "You people are just as arrogant here as you always are."


Step, step, step, leap, leap, leap. Astrae grinds her teeth a little, "Couldn't just fight at ground level now can we?" She says to no one in particular as she clears another floor and another. She is no speedster but she is faster than any normal human at least. Finally she hits the right floor and takes a breath. She shakes her head and states," 'e said no killin' but there has gotta be an exception after all those stairs." She then rushes down, following what she believes to be his trail and finally comes in and states, "There ya are ya damned blur. Step away from tha-" She looks at Hal and then Superman before blinking, "Oye, you lot come in blue and red, too? Shouldn't you stick to a theme or a uniform?" She looks Superman over again, "Can't complain about the tights part though."


"What? How the hell do you even know that?" Thats a quick conversation cut off and in a glowing trail of emerald he is following the Man of Steel just as a call patches through, one of the Hall of Justice dispatchers giving him a brief recording of Astrea's message, having to halt himself mid-flight to listen, he's playing wingman to Supes after all. He can give himself some breathing moments.
"Her again and… don't say, Stark… " Coincidences, a whole world of them.

Tail-end of it all he's joining only to catch sight of this Yellow Speedster, not at all the attitude, demeanor or cheery warmth he is used to with these types, "I… whats the situation?" A look around at what and who is present, a quick enviromental update. "First time I get to see this place and it looks like this?" A tad on the side of overconfident. Acknowledgement from those masked white eyes drifts over Owen, Tony Stark and Astrea if she is present at this point.


Superman blinks at Tony when he admits that he has no idea who the man in the yellow suit is, before Superman's attentions fall on Professor Zoom. His eyes on the speedster as if he can track where he's going for the most part, before Astrea speaks and -almost- distracts him. Regardless, Superman keeps his eyes on Zoom. "Who are you?" he asks the speedster then. "You remind me like the flash in terms of your abilities."


"You can call me Professor Zoom." Superman gets in reply. "I'm here to make sure you fools can't destroy your earth with your arrogance." Then, he starts to run around the lab. Faster. faster. /Faster/, until even superman has a hard time keeping up. He's easily going nearly as fast as the Flash at top speed in the room, and red electricity is being thrown around behind him in a trail…

A trail that arcs around and starts to short out everything in sight. Those without supersenses like superman are buffeted around by the vortex starting to form as he runs, and those who near the edge are in serious danger of electrocution.


"Everyone is a critic!" Tony throws up his hands as both Thawne and Hal comment on his house. A glance towards the green man in the window. "I just kinda had to blow it up to save the city. Come back in a few weeks."

A pause.

"Bring her," This with a smirk towards Astrea. "I like accents!"

Then back towards Thawne as he sips over. "I'll take that as a compliment." His voice dry as a dead riverbed.

Then a glance towards Owen and a smirk. "Are you time displaced? Now that's funny." A beatpause. "Alright. I'll keep SIRIN how she is, just for you."

"Do I get a say in this?" SIRIN's sardonic voice cuts in.

"Sometimes." Tony replies as he looks back towards Eobard. "So yeah, you do look kinda like Flash. Or Impulse. Or Quicksilver." A pause. "Wait no not Quicksilver, not quite enough arrogance for that one. So…you got a name?"

Bravado, thy name is Tony Stark.

Of course then Zoom gives his name and Tony snorts a touch of laughter. Just before the speedster starts to create a vortex. Of…lightning…great…

"SIRIN!" He shouts. "Activate failsafe systems! Owen and…whoever you are!" A wave at Astrea. "Floor panels in black!" Which should at least prevent them from getting fatally shocked.


"Timeline displaced? I'm not… what?! Shut yer face! You're timeline displaced.. or… what?" Yea, Owen has no idea where or when he's from and that obviously throws off his normally quite good trash talking game.

As if in answer to Superman's question, Owen goes for "I'm gonna guess it's a future Flash? What did someone kill your girlfriend and you decided to run back to the past to murder a buncha people cause you got the sads?" Owen has a surprising amount of history with Flash, and has even seen an alternate timeline or two because of the speedster, but never a yellow one.

Once Zoom starts to run, Owen speeds up enough to be able to get one shot off. He picks up and loads the most diabolic weapon known to man kind. That's right folks, Pie-zooka is coming out for her debut. He knows that actually hitting Zoom at that speed is a ridiculous concept. But fire he does. An actual pie is launched towards the forming vortex and Owen barely has time to chuckle before it explodes. Maybe the explosion will hit Zoom, but the real aim? Mess up the floor. Seriously it's ridiculous how many times tripping the Flash or making the floor slippery works.


"I feel like I am the only guy who is clueless here. As usual." Even with the help of Astrea phoning him in and Superman's super-senses. The vortex beginning to form has Hal issuing a quick , "On it!" a thrust out of his hand and a bright flash emits, an iglo of transparent emeralds begins to form in the center of the room, it's a protective dome over those who are there and in need.

"Did he just say I could come back later? I could always use another crashpad!" He shouts above the beginning crackle-wooshing sounds as best he can, voice carrying on JL comms also.

"Professor Zoom? What a stupid name. I cannot wait to introduce you to our frie…. " Focus Hal. This guys /fast/ as hell and people might be in need of help here.


A glance over at Tony and Astrae's eyes give him a questioning look before she blinks at Zoom. She stares at him till he vanishes and she immediately does a cartwheel towards the center of the room. As she comes up her pistol is left on the floor and what comes up in its place is a blunderbuss. She holds the longer barreled weapon out in one hand and growls.

"Always 'ated the fast ones." Astrae shakes her head as she simply aims the large spread weapon down one side of the room waits for what she believes to be the right moment and fires as the magically created shell goes off with a heavy blast that barely makes her flinch. For her trouble she takes a nasty shock and is thrown back into Hal's shield just after it closes and lay's inside of it wincing and smoking.


Superman looks around at Zoom starts to run around in circles over and over and over again, before Superman starts having a hard time keeping track of him…before he takes a deep breath and blows out of his mouth a -powerful- gust of wind as if to try and knock zoom down.

"That's enough! If you're going to attack us, at least start making more sense." he says fairly calmly despite his authoritative presence.


"Oh, a Positive Speed Force user. /Delicious/." Professor gives in a malicious tone as he runs… though only he can hear himself.

Then, Superman tries to literally blow him down… but it's too late.

Professor Zoom already achieved his goal… and everyone watches as a /massive/ burst of lightning is literally /thrown/ at Owen, sending him flying across the room, red electricity arcing over his form as he's cooked by the Negative Speed Force.

Then, Professor Zoom zips around the wall, to the side, sidestepping around Supermans gust, before he literally stops in front of Superman, and snaps his finger.

/BOOM/ the entire room is hit by a sonic boom powerful enough to knock Superman and Hal against a wall… and the others off their feet, if they're not agile enough to take it.

"I don't answer to you, in any universe, you arrogant alien."

With that, Professor Zoom runs out of the lab, red streak trailing behind him as he goes down below to the vault he's after, and starts to phase through it.


I'm flying! Wait no, not the good kind. Damn it. Owen's thoughts are fast enough to realize what's happening as he is is sent sailing across a workbench and slamming into a wall. He hit hard and is slow to roll over and start to get back up. His recovery is further delayed by the sonic boom. After a little while, he manages to stand and attempts to speed blur, to get his bearings and shake off the hit like he normally does and… nothing.

"Wha the fuu-…."

He doesn't have a quip for this. His powers are just not there. He's never had performance issues before in a fight, how embarrassing. He places a hand out in front of his face and waves it before his eyes, blinking slowly.


Sonic boom? Hurled bodies? Yep he is one of them.
"Got them. Get him." Hal manages to encourage Clark between bracing his forearms up and colliding with one of Stark's wall mountings, that autoshield in full use as it absorbs impact and keeps him from getting turned in to mush. The iglo keeping Astrea safe starts to project out 'snowmen' of see-through green that form up like protective suits; Owen a target for this and Stark as well. They can move of course, not be in them and it takes focus to maintain them so they're quite stationary.


"Huh, solid energy…" Tony Stark is facinated with the sudden green energy dome that forms around the room…but not facinated enough to miss the fact that the lady just got tagged by lightning, and then a second massive bolt crashes into Owen.

"Dundee you ok?!" He calls towards the other speedster and starts to go towards a tech bench for something…and…suddenly snowman.

Which means he doesn't have to go flying due to sonic boom IN HIS LAB.

Tables and inventions fly everywhere and Dummy falls off the table, clattering onto the floor.

"Man. Not only is Zoom a /stupid/ name I /really/ hate him now!" Stark declares. "SIRIN! Where?"

"The vault, sir!"

"Superguy!" No ne never actually calls his name right. "You herd the AI. Go after him!" Pause. "Just try not to break /too/ many walls?"

A further pause. "If she…" He nods towards Astrea. "Needs a medkit, got one of the good ones in that fallen table there." A longer pause. "…and sure. Yeah. Totally got a crashpad."

…no he never stops talking.


Phasing through the vault is easy enough; Professor Zoom just has to go around the main door, through the wall, and get through the lesser reinforcement. A quick search of the room, and he's find the material and parts he's looking for… putting them into the backpack he's designed just for the occasion."

Then, he stands there, and waits… pulling out a control pad for the moment Superman inevitably arrives, his finger on a switch. He remains blurred, his eyes glowing bright, and red lightning arcing all over his form as he sits there.


Superman seems to only slide backwards a little bit at the sonic boom, having taken far bigger hits from far stronger foes before, he just shakes his head, his sensory perception leaving him stunned somewhat. "Heh…yeah, -I'm- the arrogant one." he shakes his head after the speedster before he jets off as if to catch up with Zoom! But then, in slow motion, Superman has an idea of what Zoom may be trying to do. Flash did this to him once as a prank…perhaps Zoom intends for Superman to go straight through him? Regardless, he immediately comes to a stop and unleashes his heat vision aimed for Zooms chest!


Twitching and rocking, Astrae groans where she is and slowly she pushes up, "Beasts… :eats were in the shop, we'll all be beasts someday." She pushes up with her hands and slowly shakes her head, "No, not today." Her eyes take on an odd red glow and an almost odd shimmer of red forms around her. Any near enough would feel the temperature drop about ten degrees as she breathes out a visible and seemingly icy breathe as she stands up.

The red fades as she stands up completely and puts her blunderbuss away. She then takes several steps toward her pistol and snatches it up, "Which way did he go?" She then seems to almost tilt her head and look down, "Oh, right." Astrae then starts off, only showing a small wince in her eyes.


"Nuh uh uh. Bad boy scout." The distorted voice of Professor Zoom intones, before he zooms behind Superman, and hits the button.

"Now you've done it. I just had to hit this button and activate the four bombs powerful enough to level New York, silly me." Then, he tosses the pad onto the floor. "Me, or tens of thousands dead? I'm sure you'll make the /right call/." Professor Zoom grins, his tone sarcastic and malicious, as he phases back through the wall… and starts to run again, getting out of New York and heading for the western seaboard. Superman can certainly follow… or he can try to find the bombs.

And no, he never did say how long the heroes had to find them.


Zoom vanishing from immediate sight in lightning and blurs has those protective fields slowly dissolving, pixelating in to nothingness. Not that they're all safe but sustained maintenance requires more focus and will. "Right, yeah, beasts, Astrea, I am sorry I doubted you about the scary speedsterman but the League has this. You want to help out hang with Mister Stark and his intern. They might need your help."

"Wait, you're the guy right? or is that the other rich guy who is has the fancy flying super suits?"

"Superman, you bag that clown yet?" The JLA comms being questioned. Though, likely the Kryptonian can hear him without it. If he's listening and not hyper-focused on the bad guy.


Stark thumps down on the floor, sprawled out for a moment as he stares up at the ceiliing. "I hate speedsters." He says conversationally as he slowly sits up. Everything still hurts. Even with a day or so in his own medical facilities he still hurts. "You League people have a powerful telepath? That usually is the best way to stop a speedster." He calls towards Hal as he takes time to make sure all of his parts are still working corectly. He's bleeding from a half dozen places at this point, mostly ripped open previous wounds as he props himself up against a fallen table.

"Astrea?" A glance at Hal a moment. "Right gonna guess thats her name. Astrea! Jetpacks and hoverboards in the cabinet next to the far door. Just grab whatever and put it back where you found it."

His head thumps against the table. "Yeah. Thats me. Rich guy, fancy flying suits, slightly regretting the public identity right now."

A beatpause. "Dundee?" This towards Owen. "You dead?"


"Intern?!" Yea, that snaps Owen out of it. He flips off Hal, complete with the extra large glowy green middle finger of the armor if that is still up.

He grumbles to himself as he walks across the lab to find out if there is still a bottle somewhere that wasn't broken in the carnage. Oh sure, there's apparently bombs in the city that need to be defused but screw it, he needs a drink. He quirks an eyebrow at Astrea now, especially as the temperature seems to drop. "What are you..?"

Interrupted by Tony, he says "Not dead, but apparently I just lost my mojo. Rather Banana Flash just ate my powers. Time traveling dick." And what was that about Owen being time displaced?! Why is this month happening?! "I'm gonna be like those old people and never spend another winter in the city after this."


Superman seems to frown at Zoom, though he says nothing. "Heh…he says it's -our- arrogance that destroys everything? right…" he shakes his head then before he taps into comms. "Speedster out of hell activated four bombs, or so he said with enough power to level the entire city. Start looking!" he says then as he uses his X-ray vision to try and find the bombs…if there even are any.

"Hal…get barry when you can. Seems like this is in his neck of the woods."


Looking at Hal, Astrae's eyes are hard as she states, "Even if I die, I will stop this Zoom." She then blinks as something below shifts and she growls, "He's gone." She shakes her head and then blinks at Tony.

"What in the 'ell is a jotpack or a hoover board? "


"Oh don't encourage her." Hal quips at Stark the gesture from Owen gets a grin but it's Superman's update that has him exhaling, "You sure he isn't bluffing?"

"Our telepath is a little busy right now, Mr. Man. " A Red Lanterns off planet ordeal and all. "We need to find four bombs ASAP apparently. I don't have time to chit-chat as much as I want to…. "

"Not exactly sure what we're looking for, we have nothing to go off of. We know anything about this guys supply or techskills or … we're blind, man, straight up blind!" Hopefully the speedster is bluffing or someone here has a brilliant idea. It's got to be fast though as Hal is about to shoot off and start scanning the city everyway he can for a huge list of 'what ifs'.


There are, indeed, bombs…. and they aren't even lead shielded… one of them is at the top of the Empire State Buildings roof, in obvious view, and obviously not from around here. The technology sticks out like a sore thumb as alien… or simply far more advanced than common Earth technology. Are there /four/ bombs? The only way to be sure is to search the entire city.

If nothing else, it certainly looks like Professor Zoom is from an era far in advance of this one.

Professor Zoom himself? He's gone. Somewhere in Ohio by now.


"Banana Flash," Tony still hurts everywhere but he can't help but smirk. "SIRIN tag this new Speedster as 'Banana Flash'. Mark him as hostile and dangerous, upload to HOMER and SHIELD systems." The inventor is a petty man at heart. However he peers at something from SIRIN. And a groan.

"Also retask satalites to scan for explosives in the greater New York area. Get the word out to SHIELD and the Avengers and the Titans. Especially the Titans, they have Impulse that can run it."

One eyebrow crooks up towards Astrea though. "…what no one had Back to the Future where you're from?" A beatpause. "Or when. I mean this seems the time for time displacement. Flying assist gadgets, thats what jetpacks and hoverboards are."

"Owen help me up would ya?" He adds. "As long as you're not dead, I can't feel my legs. That's likely bad."

He draws a deep breath. "And its Stark, Greenbean." This towards Hal. "Call me Stark, or Tony. Mr. Man just sounds weird."


"Bombs? Well someone wants to speed me over to one, I can disarm. I've built a frick ton of 'em." Owen adds a little quieter, "Seriously a disturbing amount of bombs."

He is still nonchalantly searching for that bottle. It's got to be around here somewhere. Normally he might be more inclined to go run and actually help, maybe, but no speed means he's kind of stuck here.

"Stark. They're prolly networked. If we can find one, we could" Here he complies with helping Tony to his feet, instead of just looking around for the alcohol. ".. find the rest."


The Green Lantern is already up and making a overly bright exit in his haste to hunt for explosives, the last thing out of him is, "Greenbean?" No rebuttal just that and he's streaking off to snare up and escort any bombs he may find in to the troposphere and beyond. Quick way to dismantle one at least, a protective encasement around it the whole time. Hopefully in their own ways the others have the rest, Lanterns are definitely not speedsters and while on Earth, capable of only so much 'flight-safe' speeds.

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